The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1973 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1973
Page 12
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IMt WAttMPOftT FACTS FutMtt. T.ta«. t»»ge» Wotor Quality... Levee policy in doubf HUORPORT - Diacuaakm Mtlrthrt IQ tmmrucUon of adjacent to * •ecupied a major i of tlw council meeting City Manager Bill taM the council he ltan WM a poUcy In pnMMttm building 1m from the toe of a "1 stitt think w« had it," PMninitoa exptairwd. "but «• «mt dear back to recorda •I Hurricane Carta and could Mt flail it." tie added that he *•» sure that anyone eaamrucUng anything on the levee must have a cwtnctural agreement with Ihednmagc district This agnemcnt protects the draiaatr district from having to pay tor removal of such property should that be U Council... (Continued from Page t > fellow councilman to retoaaider their action He further suggested that a formal study that was made •one two years ago, prior to the proposing <rf the iU-fatcd band baue which would have financed a. new (400.00) city necessary for improvement, repaint, etc., to l«veea. Councilman N, C. Mickey Jr. expressed the • opinion that "they should stay away from the levees until the flood gates are installed." To which Councilman Clifton Slaughter pointed out that the city now has no jurisdiction over such construction. "I can't sec what concern this Is of the council," Councilman C. M. Thvriot Interjected To which the cltv manager replied. "If the Corps of Engineen comes in IS years from now and says the leve* has to be rate«d. it will be up to the city to buy the property." "The committment has been made for flood gates," Tberiot wki. "and we should have faiih in it." Slaughter then stated be believed that the Corps o( Engineers or the Velasco Drainage District should be able to provide the needed information on easement After further discussion. Slaughter said he felt the flood gait) system is a reality and "w* should luav* permits to the discretion of the building inspector." But Hickry was adamant in his belief that the council should have the ftnal say on permits for cofutmtitx) adjacent lo a levee Question of the council's authority to »ci such a policy was brcught up by Councilman K J. Fwtos Jr However. Councilman Itkkey persisted In the opinion that the property adjacent to the should be treated as iin FntteU said he did not toUnd this week to make a motion concerned with withdrawing the previous adkw to set up a construction fund, but that be did plan to bring it up again after his colleagues had more time to think about it. The new study should be made, FrmeU said, partially due to the fact that there are now three men on the council who were not sitting there when the previous study was made and presented to ccuncil. FntteU also said that there are "a couple oi roads and a •ewer project" that be'd tike to see attended to before a city building. He mentioned widening and paving of the remaining sections of Oyster Creek and Plantation Drives As to the city hall, he said. r I'm not arguiag the need, but it's such a big expenditure I'd like to see us aU look at it carefully again. Councilmen George Gabriles. one of the new members, countered. "The fact that we voted to allocate the money doesn't mean we should not look at it and it doesn't imply to me any other projects are being put aside." He added that it was his practice to (idly look into any proposal he backed. The approval for a reserve fund had specified that S1M.M0 of the COO.OOO could HBW from the new Dow Industrial District allotment Md the other IW.OOO from Federal Revenue Sharing Punk. Most of this money, it was emphasized, would not actually be available to the dty before July, 1974. so it could not accurately be said that the city was "putting back" this amount. A further stipulation accompanying the motion was that the construction of a city hall was dependent on a favorable vote by the people. Mayor Roy Vining explained that this would be, in effect, a straw vote which be admitted was proposed "to avoid criticism." The calling of a vixr on a budget matter bad drawn fire from Mrs. Helen Holmberg in the audience and several councilmen agreed with her that it was one of their duties as elected offtcub — to approve llw budget- Councilman Tyler Baker said that if there had not been the previous decisive vote on the city ball bonds, be did not fed the council would have agreed to a vote on budgeting construction funds now At the time of the bond defeat, a tax tracmw* would hare bcren needed to finance the bonds. Now. with revenue sharing. Industrial Dutnct and city sales us money all to be coming in. no tax hike b contemplated This. Councilman Vick Vickers Mid, could make a dif ferenc* in public sentiment. It was also brought up that the offshore development r*xw contemplated puts the ne*d for a r*rw building in a new light. Mayor Vuung uud he felt the csty was "jiai before the most tremendous icrawth w«'ve ever seen" and that present city hall facihb« are "outmoded and outdated." Angleton meeting * ANGL£TON — The dtviizon of federal revenue sharing funds will be the subject of a public hearing by the City- Council at 7 p m today Ideas brought out at the public hearing will bt discussed in a special meeting at 7:30 Items already under consideration by the council include drainage. the extension of West Uve Oak Street and refuse collection bags I* »<*»•*••**» u»»* • Finally. Slaughter He adtitvl Out tve dtx* not MV how adding to thtf present building or putting up temporary >hacks can b* avutdvd Councilman Freddt* Brown said. "We will be negligent U we deo'l awv* forward " Wtwn th* nsjyor *tked for a show of haai* i< to how many would be willing to work on a fertrtilutti *tudy group, only Kruxell raawd his band BUI P-crry <ukcd from th* what the wording bf «s a »traw vote bj!!ot. but Vmlng laid planning ***n't that far commented, "ll'» stuff bhe this thai has caused us to lot* business to othw towns In the awa!" And Hklkey awwercd. "w» hav« no guarantee ««'U g«t flood gates "I am witting to gamble," Councilman Slaughter retort td At thia |x*nl, acting city attorney Philip C twfbcurrow Jr., asked if anyone had cwremllrd with the drainage district on the questions which were concvtning UM> council II appeared tint w> an* had; however, the discussion continued (or tome time bfiort the cwascU owred to instruct th* city manager to obtain (root th« drainage dfsim-t complete inform* tkm concerning easements, cwalrwtfcw. He , on Lbe k-cre system to *.»! whirr* a new wa* on lh« council'* prvxtty tut UBC« (>«• erju'M bad appear Mi on the celling In In* vote woutcj actually txr "I'm behind you i! you're not ipnrificjliy Ulkinj; jt»xit 5hr city puUce." Perr> wiid, tvitmog lo the city hall pUcsi that had b«t> drawn up poor to ihe bond «cte !o the (rcr,; on the Culf tuV cf the buiMtrg jnd th«r Uct thjt this had txvt\ crttKttrd M ui»ull4bl« lor a oxitUl csty *nth lot* oi trr*» and bamcane- prtxw Th* library while icem«di4t<iy with th* fact thd! the »y«ar old air conditioner **» apparently "ckad." hod come HUNT HARDWARE J« t.AU.UN ;i..:VSS LINED HATER HEATER J 59 OKUVKKV FRKK H \HH.\vn SKKVHt; M .\ K K S T II H 3W HMNTAT10N PKIVK LAKE JACKSON lunai F riedrich it's put together better! ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS COST LESS TO OPERATE .Precision Engineering Means Cooling Prr llorwpowrr! .Quieter! .Lower Operating Coal! .Belter Air DUu-ibuUon! .New Decorator Fronts JIZEI 4joo tru to n.300 ITU IN STOCK-IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION • • • aa • «/. • = * m m * 'J I • • • » *Jlk uffto INSTALL IT VOUHSILFI (Continued from Pagt U them, Thai means more rituem ant public official* will haw to speak out, I told lh«tn that wv've ft>t a lot lo dean up, wptciaUy when it cones to the ftraiom - th*r»'* a lot o( pollution to work with, I know llwy can't da it ovtrntght, but they've got to start (km* wnMhmg " "I want to know who potkea thepuUirter**" »l*aik*d And th« TWy» replied thai it dm*. AUo tp«aktrtg wai Latt CartwrtghJ, r«t»r«Mtiiing th* Citu«r« .Survival Cammitt*«, who i4id the ted th* mwrting had bwsn worthwhile "We're hopeful and think ««'r« making head**)." tho tdid »«t toU the TWQK «»lt that IVMerta County haft a« Influx erf neariy a murtrr o< ptu.» tome , at! needing ct*«n (artwrtgbt wm told tiy th« agency that every rjffort will te mad* to make thi> Krttitw tutiable for ewiact m.-r«attona) HMVU by 197* XUn Cartwright later wwl that h«r ortaniiattoi) *»» pleaied with th* amt felt that th* Teia« Water Qwliiy fkuurd i»)<* is piayuig twil with u» " jift* rwi<(d later that Boi> IWI. TWUH Mall presiding at the , <wtpha«l<e<t that «ut«d that they ewlutue to lUmlel Hill, hearing* suiwrvt** both fiver* t-iwnmrt lor tho board, who Arnold atom iitatj* rttersrts* und M the Nter that «r«am to having r«*«tvfd»i» air mail «taii*litrd» fur the 1*0 rim* nfweial detivft jr letter frwn would m* t* latan up « tit* |JL«| r'luUy (r«m J Alvin Council meets tonight ALVIN — Ann*t»ti»n let a rMuMkm approval of plait «»d of aUomtion of Mjuifxiwnt t^ federal rw«nuv «Jwft»g fiwte The eoun«)l aU* will will highlight a lengthy looighi by th* Altta City will take Tti* «nd effem by fe*d KUd« Ih already "At Chyrch «ad King* at *a * j) With the curtHfmftyw of j*4du*.'k 'Jin o(f short termmai fur »up«f«iftk«f* trtngirtg Ut cfviV o*l> »f;< (rrttctn) an infhci of ».«» to W.CKU m«jr* {wufi* b» sf* !0 >*««/•» Sve In ti th« liitirt I Uu i.'aim llut ffe» U ci;t«r m«t,K»t* to TV *ta> Wtl] h*«tr ftfkjtKHS *jit»r v»(i.;<t at '"fe last lew . 'AJwn told It teo**d ttk* about (our y*an to wait, Mr*. Mary K Hi***l et*naw«**d, "71* who)* itog might («1I down in lour ytar»'" up c«a»iruct*Mt * bond ianue mijtltf bo fttLulite. Vuucfc **ld, use* U vnuuM be pun.uW* lu tuuoew vuth boetjs wttfceui A Ut incrmvr &j<* Und, tfora w* *U1 M ** to UM th* Hf aj.:w . ns * .''"*' and the Sin MJ fuiaiS»rt, ,Wf». t ti l.'itha. a ttwtv »'.U iu«« !•) t« A us tftc *w»H«st o' fa* jjjr «!d C»T* cue(;uit MM * ift* S*:»w«, r<c4k«Mf» tat <n«*?i3!ttatt ; A!iet i,^ tfirt 8t«f»r,3ifiJ 4a4 6<*.!rH ? 1 * in JUfe'ft. <;I>fj4i!'.»5C: ^l,Vi AfS cf »p*4 1 tojt . Mr t CtuuUe SU. ,\ fhMtki f'-*rite*Tt»<* *^-' Robert t Franklin or Georfe 0. Franklin tt*. ; fit i faint it film Who needs serious money? Just starting exit? \txj need serious money. r«ga account r <J A? &( payday, at . F»««{X)'t. BBAZOSPORT SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION

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