Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 20, 1955 · Page 12
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 12

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1955
Page 12
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Brenlnr Telegwpli— Dixon, Illinois 12 Friday, May zu, iyoo Argentina Deputies Vote End to Catholic Support BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (IV-Atl«Jtina'» Peron-d ominated Chamber of Deputiei gave overwhelming approval Thursday night to the President'* demand to end Roman Catholicism aa the state religion. In the first formal atep toward amending the constitution, the lower house voted 121-12 for the government-backed propoaal. Tha anti-Peronista Radical block was the only opposition. The bill calls for election of a national convention to change the nation's basic law. Goe* To Senate The hill now goes to the Senate, where Peronistas hold all 34 seats —and then to the President for signature. The deputies' session, climaxing two days of debate on the crucial issue, wound up with boisterous demonstrations both in the chamber and outside. Deputies Dounded on their desks and shouted "Peron! Peron!" Out side several hundred Catholic youths paraded toward the Capi wspaperBRCHIVE8 tol, chorusing "Argentina is Cath- and "ivong me unnst tne king" until police dispersed them. Earlier in the evening thousands of Catholics packed the metropolitan cathedral and 70 other churchea in Buenos Aires for evening masses. Officially they were observing the Feast of the Ascer.- But the unusual numoer oi evening masses made apparent the church authorities intended a de monstration of support. End To Aid Removal from the constitution of references to the church would ;pell the end of all financial aid to church school and discontinuance of the small salaries paid from government funds to cardinals, bishops and other churchmen. The Senate already has passed a bill canceling the tax exemption of churches and religious bodies. Both House and Senate al«o have approved a bill to end Catholic religious education in public schools. Peron has been carrying- on open battle with the church m ^ 0 Of. a o.nuln. Prlgld.lral) Tjfow would you like to drive in movie-L± house coolness—stay fresh and unwilled no matter what the outside temperature reaches? That's what you do when you boss a beauty like this one—and dial the cooling comfort you want with Buick's Airconditioner. Cooled, filtered outside air comes flooding into the car's interior. In a matter of minutes, it's cooled down to the temperature you want — even though the car has been standing under the summer sun for hours. And it stays cool, even in slow*moving traffic mainly Catholic country since last November. He has accused some members of the clergy of seeking-to undermine his regime Since November. 41 priests nave been •rested, but many were later re leased. The church has denied the gov-mment charges and Vatican tgans have accused Peron of dictatorial tactics. Use of asphalt for road paving ias increased in the United States iom about half a million tons m L919 to 11 million tons in 1954. • 3 Ho,f m*'m*m HALF GALLON I F \ • li«it.4H»...l, ICECREAM 5 # 15 flavors , B a 216 RIVER ST., DIXON, ILL. |'h, ' jjy Report Chinese Reds Have 800 Planes 'Ready9 By SPENCER MOOSA TAIPEI. Formosa <J>— The chief cf Nationalist China's air force to-Gay leported the Chinese Reds have 800 combat planes within a 600-mile radius of Formosa. Gen. (Tiger) Wang Shu-mmg said the Red air units include M1G15S and some MIG17 jets. and IL2gs. The TU2 is a twin engine bomber. The IL23 is a twin-jet bomber. Shanghai and Nanking are Tiong the bases in the 600-nule radium from which Communist s could attack Okinawa and the Philippines, as well as For- , Wang said at a news con- He said the Reds were building four moie new airfields and improving old ones on the mainland opposite Formosa. The Communists are capable of launching air attacks against Formosa any time they choose, he Large-scale air ia<d eveicises. jecially ordered by President Chiang Kai-shek who apparently does not feel the public is fully to tne danger oi air attacx. were staged today for 2 hours arci mnutes throughout Formosa. and the strategic Pescadores 40 les off the west coast. on a hot and breezeless day when the outside air seems to be almost at oven heat. But that's not all. Inside air, no matter how smoke-filled it may be, is continually replenished by the Airconditioner with a fresh supply of filtered outside air — and that's pure bliss. Even when cooling is not needed, Buick's Airconditioner is a blessing and a joy. It lets you ride in clean and quiet comfort with windows closed on dusty, windy and rainy days. It's a year-round boon— and well worth its first and only cost. So why not look into this marvel — and especially into the car it goes with? British Labor Drags in H-Bomb In Tottering Try to Beat Tories By TOM A. CL'LLEN LONDON — America is being dragged by the long hair into the British Socialists' campaign for the general elections on May 26. The nuclear bomb tests 6,000 miles away in Nevada have suddenly become the central issue in the British Labor party s bid to return to power. Stop the H-bomb tests, will produce freak babies." Labor party candidates are telling the voters, who will elect 830 members of Parliament next month. The Labor party is. of course, lef erring to the genetic effects of nuclear radiation. Its campaign, nowever. is cutting very ntue ii_e with Britons, who realize that they have been exposed to less than a chest X-ray dose of radiation as a result of the Nevada tests. That the Labor party can hold out little more than the prospect of deformed children :o voters is a measure of its bankiuptcy of ideas in the opinion o£ obseivers. Meanwhile, with three years of rising employment and prosperity behind it the Tory party is going to the counti y full of confidence. This will be the voters' first op-poitumty to approve the new team of Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden. Foreign Secretary Harold Macnullan and Chancellor of the Exchequer R. A. Butler. SWAP PHOTOS For SCHOOL CHILDREN We Will Take Your Picture in Our Studio and Produce 1 Q ZV-y x 3i/> Inch Gloss $1 00 1 O Photos— Total Price 1 SATURDAY, MAY 21st — 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. No Appointment Needed HOMER 8. SCHILDBERG, STUDIO 209 Peoria Ave. — Dixon, 111. •KB AM WtlT WICK WKl • ZEIEN BUICK COMPANY 10§ N. GALENA AVENUE DIAL 2-0151 DIXON, ILLINOIS With "Invest in Success" as their slogan, the Tories atand to win a majority of from 50 to 100 seats in the House of Commons. The latter figure is indicated by the latest Gallup poll, which gives the Tories a four-point lead over their oppo- Aa majority of Britons expect a Tory victory according to the poll, and even among Labor supporters less than half anticipate success. A surpnstng feature of the poll is that 73 per cent of those questioned appiove of Sir Anthony Eden as prime minister. This con-tiasts strikingly with the Gallup poll of last January, which showed onlv 52 per cent favoring Sir Winston Chui chill as PM. Television will play an lmpoi-tant role in the general elections, with both major parues having already scheduled programs. But hei e again the Tories will have the Clement Attlee. leadei of the Labor opposition, makes a diab figure alongside the handsome and glamoious Eden. But Labor is hoping to ietne\e itself somewhat by starring peppery Hugh Gait-skell. party treasurer, in at least But election panic has seized the British Broadcasting Corporation. So scared aie its chiefs of treading on political coins that they have cancelled a thriller series — because the sleuth mentions a Communist. Other cancelled programs include two one-hour features to commemorate VE Day, because the voices of Eden and Attlee, le-corded 10 years ago, are heaid in them. A play, "Jig for a Gipsy," has been killed because a gipsy in it foiecasts the result of an elec- Ybu can make it plenty cool in the Hottest-Setting Buick in History For this year's Buick is the most phenomenally successful Buick of all time. Styled to daring new boldness, powered to new record levels, sparked to spectacular performance by the whip-quick getaway and bettered gas mileage of Variable Pitch Dynaflowf— Buick today is soaring in sales as never before — moving more firmly than ever into the tight circle of America's best sellers. Come see us this week and we'll quote you prices that are making nobody but our competition hot under the collar. " Optional at t\tra cost oi all 4 Doer Sedan < and Rttiera Models. TDir.af.r-u- Drue is standard on Roadma^ier, optional at extra cost Thrill of the year is Buick POSTER PUZZLE IN LONDON May 26 srcnrral election nears. doesn't seem to be able to vention of foimer Govemor-Gen-eial Rajagopalachan of India, to tell the voteis of Giavesend to elect Sir Richaid Acland. Acland. an ex-Labor MP. is running as an independent on a platform to outlaw the manufacture of the H- One of the Tories' chief worries is that 500.000 Britons will be away Jet planes have been improved so much that if you can see them in flight they're obsolete. «Mut stiimns this British i E\en with hi« handy sho\el, he dig the conflicting claims. from home on holiday during election week. Most of the holiday-makers they believe, would have voted Ton, and hotelieis on the continent confirm that most of their Maj reservations are from Britons in the higher income brack- U. of L Trustees Now Will Permit Political Speeches URBANA, 111 (.?! — The University of Illinois Board of Trustees decided Thursday that candidates for piesiaent and \ice president of the United States will be the only political speakers allowed to make speeches on the university campuj between now and 1956. In the past the university has had a rule that no political speeches could be given on tne Yours Is Waiting in Today's Want Ads! Chances are, the very home you want at the price you want to pay is listed in the Real Estate section of today's Want Ads! So why not turn to the Classified Pages NOW and look these values over? 0 PHONE 21111 For Want Ad Taker READ AND USE THE WANT ADS Just Received! 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