The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 31, 1916 · Page 8
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 8

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1916
Page 8
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TTT-""sri?" XHU CHILLICOTHZ DAILY CONSTITUTION TUESDAY, OCT. 31, 1916. WENZEL'S The next time you want Comfort and Improved Form See our Miss Gamble--a graduated cor- seuer. Miss Gamble knows corsets, knows women, spent 12 years in hospital. To be fitted by Miss Gamble means a pleasure and satisfaction that you will appreciate. ALL FITTINGS FREE. Come in and talk over your corset troubles.. WENZEL'S Right now 30 odds and ends of high priced corsets at $1.98. See our SERGE DRESSES and COATS. TJ. S_ PlilVATISS CCXMIMEN'JD- ED KOU THTCIIi B l t A V K l l Y . Washington, Oct. 31.--First Sergeant Roswell Wimins and Corporal . Joseph G. Glowin of the marine corps have been commended by the a c t i n g O.VB KU.VDflED AXD SEX TEACtCBRS ATTENDED TUB MEETING J H E R B LAS AVE ed that we most heartily favor a new state constitution. Be .it f u r t h e r 'resolved t h a t this constitution be f r a m e d 'by a convention of n o n - p a r t i san delegates. G. Resolved that we heartily commend tile efficient a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , oi C o u n t y Superintendent J. M. Gallatin, and hereby pledge our loyal support in carrying out those measure which tend to the b e t t e r m e n t of our c o u n t y school system. 7. Whereas the more efficiently oui County Superintendent p e r f o r m s the duties of his oflico, the greater h i ; expenses become: Be it resolved that he be allowed traveling expenses in addition to his salary; and that he b e / p r o v i d a d with such assistance a£-- will bake it possible for him to ren- | cler more effective supervision turnout the rural districts. S. Resolved that we earnestly request the Representative of Living, j ston County to support in our state j legislature the resolutions concern- I ing the adoptifin of a new constitu- I tion and traveling expenses and as- jsistance for C o u n t y Superintendents Signed J Stephen Blackhurst, E. A § Sparling, Maude I-Iaines Cox, Katherine Frankeu, Mabel ,Cranmer. Consider the Mothers Health after childbirth by taking necessary precautions before the- trying ,orrleal, by using "Mother's Friend" to assist nature in p r e p a r i n g her for the physical change. A*. ' ^ External Remedy for Expectant Mother's Friend" for m a n y years has been tlie means of Airing relief to thousimds of mothers. It is :ui external remedy with, unexcelled merits, nncl should lie in the liomc of every cspticLnnt mother. Druejrist si'l] it. .end for l'ri-o book on Motherhood. Address The Bradfleld {.emulator Co., 20ii Lam:u- Bids., Atlanta Ga FRANK B. N O R M A N SAM M. JARVIS Norman Jarvis HOME F.MBALMERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS Day Phone 417 Night Phones 153 - 569 EMPIRE Steam Heated TO- S O l U X T I K J G A J j J L V V I C X T I L A T K H TRIANGLE FILM CORPORATION --presents-- O B Tl I X J O H JV S O V aiul M A E M A R S 11 -III- Oue h u n d r e d arid sixty teachers out of 161 in the county attended the meeting of the association held secretary of tne nary and awarded | i n tMs c i t y last Thursday, Friday x,, medals o^f- honor and $100 in cash ; and ' Saturday. The f o l l o w i n g reso- for the valor they displayed in the , i ut ioiis -were unanimously a d o p t e d : battle of Guayacanes, in the D o m i n i We, the members ol" the Comruii- tee on Resolutions, s u b m i t the following £or your aproval: 1. Resolved t h a t we, the m e m b e r s of the Livingston County Association t h a n k the ministers, speakers, leach| ers and school c h i l d r e n , who contrib' u t e d in any way to the success of the association; also that we express o u r a p p r e c i a t i o n to the teachers of the Chillicothe school system for refresh. l merits served on Friday evening 2. Resolved that the State lias sustained a great loss in the d e a t h of Superintendent" Howard A G-ass. 3. Resolved that we commend those districts of our c o u n t y that have adopted free text - books; arid that we f u r t h e r recommend that the remaining districts consider the speedy a d o p t i o n of the Free Text. Book system. v 4. Realizing- the value of the Parent-Teacher organizations in those neighborhoods where they exist, 'be it resolved that we recommend tlie o r . i ganization of such association thru- out our country. I FOR SALE OR RENT--5 room h o u s e ; 5 whereas the present oonstitu- 'in good condition. Apply to P a t r o l - j tjoa Jg no longer a d e ( J l i a f e to t t e man J. W. Hicks. Jl-J present needs of the state due t o ! the great economic and social cliang. es, and as under the present consti- can republic, on July 3. Corporal G l o w i n was commended because, in a running fight, he con- ·tinued to fire a machine gun until he "was "wounded* the second time and | had to be dragged to the rear. Ser- geant "\Vinans then rushed up the gun to an exposed position, the announcement of the award states, and "cooly" opened fire. When it j a m med, he stood up and repaired it under fire, the announcement adds. They vv'ere exposed to a heavy fire in "which seven men were wounded I and one killed near them_ Electrician W. P. Haynes also was commended for having saved a shipmate in Alaska ivhen they were overturned in 3 FOR SALE--Good Ford car In good condition, at Chillicothe Motor Co 31-3 ' * PERSONAL AND LOCAL « « S £ ' S S e . j : . ' S 3 « S S S ' 8 » Miss "Leah Anderson is v i s i t i n g rel. atives in Lock Springs. C. B. Fordyce arrived h o m e Tues- clay m o r n i n g f r o m Moberly. Mrs. F. M Barnes nnd daughter, Edith returned today irom an extended visit to Colorado Springs. Colorado. Mrs. Earl Chapman and little daughter, of near Cnula, are in the city the guests of the C. B. Fordyce f a m i l y on Herri man St_ ) Mr. and Mrs J. W". Botts r e t u r n e d [ last night from a visit with their daughter, Mrs. James P. Henderson, and f a m i l y , Kansas City. Miss Margaret McGowan of Kansas City, a member of the Missouri Writers' Guild, who has -been a t t e n d ing the week end party at the John Mil'bank- home, went to Longvlew Monday where she will be a guest of Miss Mildred Lawson for sevora days. "THE PRICE of POWER" FIVE ACTS Personally Directed by :i)AVII \V. «lIlFITrTJI "~ --ALSO-ROSCOS ARBUCKLE and MABEL NORMAND IN A BIG T H R E E ACT KEYSTONE COMEDY " T H B B R ] G H T li I G H T S " S T O C K T O N ' S O R C H E S T R A PRICES 5 and 1O Cents Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. COMING- TOMORROW-- T O M O R R O W N I G H T -- D O H O T H Y B 15 B X A K 11 in one oi' Fox Ucst I'lnys or the Se:isou " S 1? O II T J i r G " B I j O O l " Ttich Hill township Notice. Meeting for members of Farmers j Mutual Ins. Co. at McCormick school house on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 1st. Everybody welcome. Roy O. Byrd. Motlicrs and "\Vivcs_ Of«tliis country--those who after months and even years of s u f f e r i n g : have been restored to healih and strength by that good old-fashioned root and herb remedy, Lydia. E. Pink.- ham's Vegetable Compound--are the ones who have spread the good news of health restored, until today there is hardlj- a town so small that the women who suffer f r o m Cemale ailments do not depend u p o n Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetabye Compound tc restore health. --at- 5 per cent Interest. Prior Payment Privileges Gill ( NdrLh Side Square ' Public Sale Having decided to q u i t [ a r m i n g I w 11 sell'at Public Auction at ray tarm 1 1-2 m i l e s n o r t h ot C h i l l i c o t h o and 1 mile south and 1-2 mile east 05! O l i v e Branch Church, on" Monday, Nov. 6 12 M E A D HOIISKS A X I ) JILT/ES 12 2 Gray Mares, !} years oid, well matched, in foal by jack; 2 gray Fil- leys, Z years o l d ; 1 gray gelding 2 jears old; 1 gray gelding 1 year old: 1 gray Filley, 1 year o l d ; 1 Black Hcrse, 9 years o l d ; 1 brown horse 0 years o l d ; 1 bay Filley, 2 years old, road bred; sucking Mare colt; 1 sucking Horse Mule Colt. §f'''I'"''· 8 H E A D OF CAXXM; 8 1 red cow, S years old; 1 red cow, 7years old; 1 black cow, 7 years old; 1 roan cow, 7 years old. These cows are all good milkers and will be fresh between now and the first of March; 2 h e i f e r calves; 1 steer calf, 1 b u l l calf. 19--HEAD I H J U O O JEHSI5Y HOGS 19 1 brood Sow; 10 shoals, wt. about 150 Ibs.; 2 boars; 6 pigs. HIPJVEJDCXTS, HAUXKSS, HAY GIIAI.V AXD FEED: 1 wagon; 1 low wagon w i t h fhifc rack; 1 spring wagon; 1 John Deere Sulkey R i d i n g Plow; Disc Harrow; smoothing harrow, l o - f t ; corn planter; sulkey rake; drag rak'e; r i d i n g cultivator; walking plow; Lister: f i v e shovel p l o w ; single shovel plow; diamond plow; 1 saddle; 2 sets Work Horse; 1 bob sled; 1 G-horse John Deere engine, good as new; l l _ i n . Ohio ensilage cutter, good as new; power feed grinder; huzx saw; corn sheller; g r i n d s t o n e ; DeLava] cream separator, No. 12;.30-gal. iron kettle; 14 ft. l a d d e r ; S stands bees; 1 incubator; some fence posts; some native l u m b e r , some stove w o o d ; some potatoes About 250 b u . corn; some oaLs; about 1 load of sheaf oats; 4 tons of Clover Hay; 6 tons of Clover anil timothy hay; 4 tons of baled hay; 5 tons of oat Straw, b a l e d ; about 30 tons of'ensilage. OHTOKE.VS--6 don Single Comb Brown Leghorn hens and pullets;"s cockerels; 2 cloy.. R h o d e Island Reds. I AM ALSO OVKK'UXG MY FARM OP SO Acres FOR SA.LK OK REXT TjHiicli Served on Ground by Tjmlies ol! Olive Urimeli Church - TKWMS MADE KXOWX OX HAY Ol? SAM3. SIjAK TO COMMEXC13 AT 1O A. M. A. W. CIES, .Auctioneer. M. E. CONWAY, Clerk J. H. G ALL ATIN.Owner F.A. Meinershagen Son Funeral Directors ^ '3.\tf"~--.- ' ' -'' New Way Licensed Embalmers , Day Phone 397 Night .301 Wilson or Hughes? The Rexall Straw vote will tell you. See it. Clark's Pharmacy. 30-3 LIVE STOCK MARKET. HIT United I*re»M.)/ Kansas City, Mo., Oct. -31.--Cattle receipts 2 2 , 0 0 0 ; market steady. Steers $9.75 to $11; cows and heifers $4.50 to ? 9 . 2 5 ; stackers and feeders $5.75 to $ 8 . 0 0 ; calves S 6 . 0 U to $10.50. · Hogs 2 2 , 0 0 0 , market 5c to 10c lower. Bulk of of sa.los ? 0 . 7 0 to $10 05; heavy $9.95 to $10.10; medium' $ 9 . S O to $10.10; light $9.50 to $10. ! Sheep 14,000-; market strong. Lambs $10.40 to $11.00; ewes $ 0 . 5 0 to $7.35; stoclcers and feeders $5,50 to $9.75. Produce MnrlvOt. Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co., SOI Locust street, ChiU licothe, Mo.: Hens, 14 l-2c, springs 16 1-2 cocks Sc; ducKs 9c; geese EC; eggs 2 S c ; butter fat, 34. BOljLES « ROGEKS. Dealers in Hides, Tallow, "Wool, Furs, - Beesvrnx and Feathers. Salt Cured Hides, flat ......... 21 % Part Cured Hides ............ -OV 3 Sreen Hides Bulls "and Glues ". Deacons .......... $1.50 Skunks ................ 25c to 50c Horse Hides No. 1, full mane .and tail ................ 56.50 j Horse, Hides-. ...? ........... 3 -°° j Pony Hides ................ 3 -°° | No. 1 Tallow ................ So .No. 2 Tallow ......... - ....... | C 1° % at value t o $2.00 THH PIONEER. rROTHTCB BXJYEKS OP CHIM/ICOTTrE. SWIFT COMPASS" ALWAYS PAY" HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Tomorrow's Market. HENS 14 SPRINGS 16 cox ,. s TURKEYS IS DUX F. F.. F S GEESE F. F. F 6 P: S. BUTTER . . . '. 2 5 % EGGS 2S CREAM 34 Seat Sale Opens Monday, Oct. 30th Personal Direction of J. A. DARNABY- A gigantic Fun Feast such as has never before been planned by ^j TM any organization at any time or place TWO NIGHTS :dnes.- Thurs With a host of pretty girls, and handsome beans in a series of spectacular, esthetic dances and singing choruses, rivaling in artistic chsrm and grace rhe most pretentious New York production 2 100 People Special Scenic Effects Elaborate Wardrobe NOTE-Those who secure from an Elk, previous to Monday, Oct. 30, a ticket, they will be given preference of location if presented at Chillicothe Music Shop, Monday, Oct. 30, at 9 a. m. Remember no tickets will be laid aside for anyone under any circumstances. Prices 50c, 75c and $1.00 . " Try a Constitution Want Aa. iNEWSPAPERl MEWSPAPERI

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