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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1859
Page 2
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THE B4IL1: ARemuksible rHgtfnguiahed [Her, delivered • to the BuoWng- *£ . . *S . 'Vi . . a-t *«fc. "i hlmshire, ia wofoh several very important rhiohfwe were told.practls. " [LanglifcrJ IpKereit Ithough the-oheervatloji wag members of Em-ope, and significant language was employed in reference to other matters, not 7 jtiwfto* of Judge i>onglai, ftrid-' declared Orttfta own, M well «sil^rmp«thies of *1I v Ow frteJrfi of freedom, would be witk those 1 who followed the g*Uant lead of the "Little * -Giant," little thought we then that U would now be found employed In misrepresenting " the position of those who follow the gallant le»d of the "Little Giant" If any one bad predicted to the gallant General, .when he made that avowal of his friendship for the Little Giant, that he wonld, wtthhv- elerim months, be found traducing Mm,.'he wonld; have indignantly exclaimed, in thfrlanguaga of - Harael, "ft* thy servant • dog, that he should; r owntanat, s It is of ihe utmost importance that the people of this ooontry should comprehend wtat con- ;V ' The •Sentinel quotes from the N. T. Conaner- cial AdvtrKier, and the Jf. Y. Tribune, to •'prore that the efforts mad* to restore a better «tate of feeling between Judge Douglas and the : Administration, have failed in consequence of "•drioes received from Wisconsin, .that the Donglu party is moving here, and that the democracy of this State will send a Douglas delegation to the 'Charleston Convention."— And, again, that "a movement ia now making to unite the North, and South, irrespective of the Administration, with Ennter for President, and Douglas for Vioe-President, giving the latter the track for 1864. If Douglas will accede, it is supposed this combination can be easily made." And to all this tbe Sentinel adds that it is "the Intention to pack the next Democratic State Convention with Douglas men, so as to secure a Douglas delegation to Charleston, is now openly avowed, and measure* to secure this result are in active progress." It will require no "packing'' to secure a delegation of that kind to the Charleston Convention, and we do not believe that there are fifty democrats in the State who would attempt to prevent the election of such a delegation, even were it among the possibilities to do it. In vfict the honor of being a delegate for such a purpose will be so strongly covett«d as to ore- ate more strife in the convention than the nomination of candidates for State officers.— But we have still further and later intelligence from Washington, which is just as reliable as diGonwf .things;' Ky Tionorabte Mead, the member for Buckingham, in introducing this question of an European war, and the proba. bleoon8eo;aenoes-,tothis country" of such an event, dlUtedinrtcb. pn the conduct of Austria^ I am>ot here to vindicate the conduct of Ana-' tria, bat at the same time I wonld venture to : observe that, in steering our course at the' present jnoment, we must not allow ourselves; -tobeinflnenoedbyany prejudice iO r passion^ with regard to the conduct of foreign powers' to their subjects. [Cheers.] The conduct of ^ft-ustnato her own subjects maybe open to criticism ; but the conduct of other Powers to their subjects may also be liable to comments, and we shall not either on the one hand preserve peace or on the other prosecute war with 'effect if We allow ourselves to be drawn away from the merits of the point before n. byj the relations which subsist between foreign governments and their subjects. — [Cheers.] There is no doubt that the condition of Italy has led to the present position of Jlffairs. [Loud Cheers.] With tho exception of that; part which belonged to Austria, Italy was divided, among a number of petty princes whose administration, generally, speaking was deplorable, and who persevered in that administration, because they knew that from great reasons of State, Austria, in onjer to preserve order in the Peninsula, wonld always interfere if there were -any dination or insurrection. domestic insubor Some years back (hat which the Sentinel attaches to much importance to. The last New York Tribvnr received here makes the following announcement, under its Washington date, of Monday, 16th inst: Jndge Douglas is still here, but will soon go to New Orleans on tmainess, and thence to Chicago. Trustworthy information states that the present movement of the democracy of New York looks toward a concentration of her delegates on Doogla&,andan abandonment of Mr. Buchanan, after using him as Gen. Pierce was used at Cincinnati. Now this if *• trustworthy information," and, of course, snpercedes everything which hat preceded it. As it is well-known that Mr. Buchanan will not permit his name to be used by the Charleston Convention, it is difficult to conceive how they will manage to abandon him. The secret of the SentinePv deep solicitude for the cause of the Administration was slightly developed when it indicated its preference for Seward, who would rather run for President against some other candidate than Douglas. In 1856, Seward wished the republican nomination in the event of Gen. Pierce being re-nominated by the democrats. The democrats were then too obstinate to accommodate him, and he will find them no less BO in 1860. "Success is duty.," says Banks, and the democracy will not be wholly Unmindful of tlial duty in setabti»£ _ ^^aiaa^** tu i uu against William H Seward. cue of those petty States, with admirable spirit determined to emancipate itself from this condition. Sardinia, to her honor, laid some foundation at least of public freedom, f Hear hear.] L ' Sardinia showed on many occasions lhat she was animated by a desire to raise herself in the respect of mankimd, and to follow those intelligent principles of government, which are now generally accepted. But, unfortunately, the ambition of a State naturally develops itself with its consciousness of superior excellence, and as Sardinia felt her superiority to the other petty States of Italy which remained in their insignificant position, she naturally felt that she was more capable of governing Italy with effect than her rivals, and she took that course which clearly indicated a desire to occupy a more important position in Italy than under treaties she is entitled to, or at present occupies. This places her to n certain degree in rivalry to Austria, but as it was impossible for Sardinia really to compete in military strength with one of the greatest Powers of Europe, she looked to the countenance and support of an ally who rivals in force ol arms and in the valor and skill of his troops, any- "•tiiiniT tr~}iitf*}i Anofvi'j /»•>« w.«-^v,3»..., i* ^—— —-~p— j •**»• JvOfSmUCff no BVIMB W»T« i* W4M an attempt to create a prejudice against France and *u8»la, and that appeanrjto'me probably too deep » design to be true—whether ft was* great Btock-jobblng manoBOTre-^and for tbe credit jotTiamajB nature I trust there is no foundation for thatjuBploion—or whether it be, asl fear lathe BaturafandWrrectsjolntion, that it was to create at the moment of tbe general electios a prejudice against JJer Majesty's Ministers—all these conjectures I must have for your better judgment to 'determine. Possibly time may reveal the mystery. IBOtAKD LOOKS TO AMBBIOA. Gentlemen, we hear a great deal of the bal- anc* of natter, of the importance of snsUininjf certain barriers in Europe, and i many other 1 axioms, il! of which to a certain degree are •true, and which may fora certata time continue to prevail. But let me take "this opportunity of Impressing upon yon that the day is doming.' {fit has not already come, when the question of the balance of power cannot be confined'to Europe alone. Since the time when that doctrine obtained, great communi- 'ties have risen in another hemisphere, who Will not permit the balance of power to be limited to Europe. Ton have OH the ether side of tbe Atlantic vigorous and powerful communities, who will no longer submit to your cir- onmscribed theory of authority. .The Australian colonies, though now in their youth, but ia the yorrtlr of giants, have already, as. it were, thrown their colossal shadow over Europe. And it is for old Europe 2 lament that she is exhausting her energies and her resources jn these wars. I could wish that she wonld rather prepare, for that awful competition wWoh in coming times she must encounter. I would rather see France and Germany fcnd Bussja dovelope their resources, improve their agrionltal'e, increase their population, and cultivate the arts of life, social and scientific, instead of wasting their strength, risking their stability, and sinking when the era to which I have referred arrives, by thoir own mismanagement and want of pn science, into au inferior and exhausted position. Remember always tha( Eugland.thongh she Is bottfid to Europe by tradition, by affection by great similarity of habit.s and all those ties which time alone on cr.-ata and consecrate 1* not a ra«re Power of tht- Old World. Her ge- ograpUical position, h t , laws, her language With the , T , Baltitho-e Sun sayai afforded "Th« administration -. '•'. f* ? fully alive to thw.ehaoees now afforded for l£e acquisition of Cuba, and OMjEarppe»n, diplomacy-.wfll he at onoe^i. reeled t< > that end, and not without some hope ttat it will be effective before the termination ofthe nart«essfon,of Coagttn. _.'':"•' v """"" ' — j r - k ingontof hl^ window one lum. mer evening, Lather saw on a tret at hand a little blFd making brief and easy deposition for the njghfs rest, "ioojc," said he, "how that little fellow preaches faith to us all. He takes hold of his twig, tuck* his head unfler BUSINESS CARDS. CHANDLER & HICKCOX, Attorneys &Ounflellora at Law NO. ^ 9 KNEEL AND BLOCK, I SJILWATJKSE. i sUniT oaaimun, [aprls] JAJOB nctoox. , V. OKO88. u H. L CROSS ic PAUR1SH, , ATTORNEYS & COONSELLORS AT LAW. No. IV, Albany B«ildiBir, MILWAUKEE, .apl WlflCONSIN- his wing|, mnd think for him. goes to sleep, leaving God to JLs FIGHT.—Last week, Guard Wilson and f»Murpbey,» to Black river boys, got badly pdnnded by old man Crandall and hla two boys, living neu Bristol The fight was over a a lot of shingles, which it was claimed had been made out of lots stolen from Weston and Doot. Gibson, by Crandall and ha boys. Wilson and Murphey were felled to |he groand with clubs, and badly beaten. Complaint Was made ageinst Crandall and boys on Saturday. •Tbe old man and one boy Were fined $28 each and the other boy $ld. The old man paid his fine; the; boys aae now in our city jail. and religion, oonaeot ber as New World as with the Old. much And although Poat Marten Violating Law. tbe Snb.Treamrr It is reported that among the charges preferred against the late Post Master at Detroit, and the present Post Master at Chicago, were the following 1st. The taking of false vouchers which was proved by showing that the clerks in some instances, receipted for more money than they received. 2nd. The paying of government dral - iu Bank bills instead of com. We learn that these charges were proven •gainst O'Flynn, late P. M. at Detroit, and that the administration thereupon removed him from office. It is gratifying to witness this disposition on the part ol the present administration to rebuke an unlawful practise which we have good reason to believ», has heretofore prevailed to a great extent, throughout the northwest at least. When John Hahn was prosecuted for embezzling money in the Milwaukee Post Office, he revealed the fact that a receipt for just twice the amount of money paid him, was taken at this office, and subsequent investigation developed the fact that it was forwarded to Washington as a voucher by the Post Master. The payment of Government drafts in bank bills was practiced by that same Post Master. Both of these violations of law were well known by the late administration, which, instead of censuring theperpetrator of the crimes was reported to censure the person who exposed Mm. The present Post Master General is doubtless admonished by the deficit in tbe revenue of his department to look after the "pure men," and if he perseveres, may yet succeed in restoring the Department to a healthy condition. In this work he will, of course, have the good wishes of the outsiders and "cor- Tnptionists." It is best to require a compliance with the law as it exists, until it is either changed or repealed. Knpir.Notblqg The Sentinel accuses us of quoting "the Boston Courier and other know nothing printg in Massachusetts to traduce Carl Sohurz."— We presume that the Sentinel is well aware of the past and present political standing of the Boston Courier. When' Webster lived it was » Whig organof the Webster stripe. Since his daa.*nd the demise of the whig party, it has opposed both wpuhUcan-Araericanism mad American-republicardsm know nothingjsm, and, like Ohoate, has followed "tbe flag and kept step to the music of the Union.*' It looked upon the performance «fCarl Bchun as absurd and preposterous in the snperhitive degree, and what sane man oonldregard it in any other, light? Theresul of thedertion, wiicli le was despatohed to i^nenoe, illustrates more folly than language can express «, the folly of flwse who sent tMsipecfawn of fuuttioismdown toMaauchn- eettaon emission of snch importance, and thing which Austrii can produce. You see, therefore_that from the rivalries and jealousies of France and Austria, how dangerous a condition of affairs has been brought about. At the beginning of this year, the Empe.or of the words »tth which you am familiar, publicly announced to Europe that the relations between Austria and France were no longer strictly of an amicable character. It was not difficult to discover that the cause -of that rising misunderstanding between France and Austria was the condition of Italy, which these two great powers, viewed from different points, aad with different purposes, it was evident, therefore, that if that misnaderstand- Ing was permitted to remain, «nr might in all probability ensue. THI REPORTED FRENCH XBEATIK8 WITH BfSSIA AKD DBBMARK. It is said that it was unfortunate that before Lord Cowley arrived at Paris, Russia should have interfered with the proposition of a Congress. It is said that this prevented p«ace,and that it was the result of a deep design on the part of Russia Well, gentlemen, experience teaches me—and I hare had a good deal of experience—that men, howvi-er exalted their places, are not always so profound or adroit as the world imagines.them. I do not think that tbe conduct of Russia was the offspring of any deep policy or was prompted i/y any spirit of finesse. | Cheers 1 The fact is, I believe the Em peri, r of the French was desirous of peace provided he could obtain peace with honor, provide! he could hare it with a diplomatic trruuipU, and could have done something for the Italian.", which would have been in one way a check ed lustre to hiis own authority. And as he had no confidence that the mission of Lord Cowley —or rather visit I should call it, since it had no official character—would be successful, he seized upon the proposition which Russia made for a formal meeting of the great powers, knowing that, if a Congress were agreed to, it would be an assemblage of great important;.- and weight which would prove his influence in Europe and which wonld lead to the results which he desired. I can account for Russia making that proposition, because it ig never agreeable to & Power of the greatest rank to see the affairs of tlie world settled as they would have been by England, France and Austria, It was, of course, pleasing to the pride of Russia, and I have no doubt her proposal may be accounted for in that way It wonld have been impossible for me to make these observations a few days ago, because the country was informed on authority, which, though anonymous, was of that bouncing character that no one dared say " No" to it—that a secret treaty had been formed between France and Russia—that their fleets were to be united for the destruction of our maritime supremacy and for the partition of Europe Of course then the observations which 1 have mad* would not have been listened to even upon these hustings, where I have always been received with BO much indnlgenee. I can give you no information as to the quarter from which or by what means these enormous statements were made. They have, I believe, ruined many virtuous families In this country • they have shaken credit in every nation • but this I can assure yon, that there is not the slightest tittle of foundation for those state, ments. [Loud cheers.] There is no treaty ex. isting between France and Russia, there is no secret treaty between France and Russia, there is no secret convention existing between France and Russia. [Loud cheers.] There is between France and Russia what may be called an engagement, which they were not bound in any way to communicate to this country, but which was commuicated to this country voluntarily, some time ago, by the French Minister ofForeign Affairs. (Cheers 1 It amounted simply to this, that in case of a war between France and Austria, Russia should assemble an army of observation on her German frontier. Russia has as much right to assemble an army of observation on her German frontier as England has to send as she is about to send, a commanding fleet to vhe Mediterranean. [Loud cheers-] Both may be, probably ere, means to maintain peace rather than to make war. [Cheers ] But I have further to acquaint yon that we have felt it our duty not only to request and to receive those communications from the Government of France and Russia, but we have gone even beyond this, and have asked the Russian Government what perhaps, according to thestrict- ness of diplomatic etiquette we were not justified in asking, but which we asked in the confidence of a power that always acts with frankness and straightforwardness to wards her allies,—we have asked the Russian Gnvcrn. meut whether, in case of a war between France she has occupied not only ati eminent but, I am bold to say, the nuut eminent position among European nations lor ages, still, if ever Europo, by her shortsightedness farls into an inferior and exhausted*-,for England there will remain an illustrious future. We are bound to the coniinuntti.~< of the New World and those great Stales which our own planting and colonizing energies Inve created, by ties and by interests which will sustain our power and enable us lo play as irreat a part in the times yet to come as we do in these dayi, and as we have done in the past. And therefor* now that Europe ig on tlm eve of war I gav it is for Europe, not for Eugland, that my heart sinks. And this 1 hope, lhat it Will be by the influence of England that the unhappy struu- gle which has just opeii-il may be one of short duration . that it may !*• limited to its range, and local in its character, and that alter some brief encounters of arms Ijoth France and Austria may feel that it wouM be well by the influence of those who liar, not been seduced by their political passions, tu terminate the strife and sscure at the sama tiiiNi the bettej- government of Italy and the pb-iwe of the world. Fire Department Notice. THE several Fire Companies, comprising the Milwaukee Fire .Department, will meet on Main street, betw.en Wlscon«l« and^ai^aHp Michigan Street*, on Monday, Ha; 23d, at 1 o'clock p. H , for feneral Inspection and review. °"»yl4 _. THOS. II. KVISTOH, Chief knglneer. NEW JltKNILH . Aunt Judr*s Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In the Ban Beam. fanny, the Flower Girl. Dncle Jack Die Fault Killer, tor salt br TKKRY t CLEAVER, maylt, __ _ it' (ail Water it. a. o. UTAH ....... f .................. JAS . a. jEHinra. . Byan & JenldnA, <JOUNSKL.L,OKS AT L.AW, Mi T^IIEI.L'S IIANK. Corner East Waltf and Michigan «£»., njtotM..umja.i. oooia..smt£o*c.oin>urr Elrnore, O rooks &, Gridley, Attorney! at Law, OWICE, NO. 0, MARTIN'S ni,O< K. MILWAUKM!. [dee31]..'......WISCONSIN. PKCKIIAJTI * BLOODCOOU, ATTORNEYS & COONSELLORS AT LAW, Arcade Balding, 173 fait Water tt., IfOtcatttet. O. W. PaoMiM, formerly 1 gsjofjuxa i COLT .Albany, I fmcra BKXJDOOOD. New York. | t. BLOODQOOO Is D. 8. Court Commissioner an,I c'om- Olssfoner for several state*. no»l»-J6m B. L. PALMES .JOUHDA 8T1 al. PA I MKK & M'i'AKK, Attorneys & Counsellor! at Law. ff~ Offlce, No. 1, Mitchell's New Bank Building, cor- j*f of Michigan and East Water streets, Milwaukee, janio D.A.J. arfein w.aBaBAsi I'PHAIfl ft CiHAHAn, Atlo-nejrs tt Law and Solicitor] In Chancery. No. 1 Wisconsin street, Milwaukee. janl-: DISSOLUTION. T BE partnership nnder the flrm anil style of John- ion A Oo , In the Milan* business (1 llartcon. Is Ibis d»y Ji-Boive.J i,y mutual consent. The boots and accounts art placet! In the hands of Charle* U. Ltrra- bf c, ud he only Is authorized to settk up the business OH AS. H. LABOAaUKK, ALKXABDEK HARHEK, WM. JOUN80M. Horlcon. IJay 5, 18S9. / i PARK & VAN miV/RiT Attorney! arid Counsellors at Law. 8TKVSNS roiXT, ...w'lSCONSJH, Will practice In the rarloos Courts of the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Wisconsin, and wilt fiulifullr attend to UI business Intrusted to u, r»mittaocea |.i-r,ai ( ,llj a see. Lund Warrants lorat<-<l in <elrcte<l Ian !• <••< tliose at a distance. aviREXoza: llrrssn A SoHarru, Backers, SteTeos Piint. 1. R. Baajtrann, Ksq., Milwmk-t. Lrrrm. A Riita, Milwaukee. BJLEXAI A BOOTH. -• MATTOOKSI 4 Daaaov, Ohhmgo. HOD. J Carol, Ottawa, 111. Irts ______ SPECIAL NOTICES. TATHAWAY &TELDENJ BA.NKINO, Land and Collection UILWATJKKX. mhl» IU.O4JK, STRAW p r-: it G K\ TBE fiUEAT ENGLISH 1UU1EDV. SIR JAMKS <H,ARKE'S Celebrated Female PiU*. Prepared from a prescription of Mir ./. CVal- Af. /) M Phytricinn Extraordinary to thf (fufr-n Tliij In valuable medicine ia unfailing m the cu.-c of til thote painful and dangemn* Jineoaea tu wturh iv r>- male cooslitutiuo s subject. It mo.UriU-i »|) et.-eas tad removes ill abstraction*, ami * jpwJy .-ur- m\y be relied on. TO HAHUjril J.AI>l*;s It K pecnliarty "ailed. It will, ID A short,tim.-, hring .,,•> the moothJy perto<I with regularity Each bottle, price OOP Dollar, bt»»rs thp 007-mm.T. Stamp of Qreat Britain, to prevent rounti-r^its 7V*« PUto Hhould ru>t be t,tlft>n by fxinalt* <f-inn v /*!,. Than can !>«• ANY HTHKR II KKCIIANT^ TI,,, .VI .- ,l«r ,f t , ...,!,. OODS . . I «.W M£ Piirrha«<-ii v rnK w K - : mv will cs.vr ,:uy ,nv i i i ,i i: ;< ». M- ON.N I< '.NNI- J«'NM- ., ,. are rur« to briny an J/wciirrki^ QM (A*y are *«/<•. In aJI cases oj Nervous and 3pin* the Back and Limbs, Painrue mi ih.< tattoo of the Heart. Uyit^nrs, and vlll effect & cure vtien ail oth^r m^-a (tough a [wiwt-rfUl mn^ly, l, no t met, antimony, or »oy UHDK hurtful Vhich ihoald be carefully prr-irrvoil >-»le Aifent for thv United f*l*i. • <\'i I JOB MOSKS. _1.»i,. [ r N. a. -$1,00 »i)iHip.)fll»u''-' tUmp* --! oriEfcl A«cnt, will Iniur- * '"(lie, •< jills, by relnrn mull. ~0f »Alr> by l.flKKN 0 M I : A I u Hal., iJ 23 A \ I HOTE1.S, &.C. a AVISO purchased the enslrf Interrst of Hessrs. Juhlisnn tt llnrprr in their Mill, It ill herralUr CHARLES u. LARRAUEK. Union of the Democracy. In many States wher- .lirisions exist in the democratic party, mov.nuents are Iwiug niada for the restoration of harmony and good will. If these efforts art- put forth in good faith, with a sincere desire lo l.riug ahout BO deiira- hlc an end, there can h,. little doubt that they will succeed, for the concessions required of either aide are uot thos.- of conviction, but of personal differences. Tlie principles of the democratic party have I e-a too long cherished and too often proclaimed to leave any room for wide variance of opinicm as to what they really are. The platform laid down by the Cincitm.v.; Convention is broad and strong enough for all Union men at the North and the South, the East and the HVs:, to stauJ oo and a<-t "Aether iu future. Uu the views and mi isur».< -mbodied in that avowal of purposes aud sealiro»nt. the national democracy won the brilliant victory of 1K1H, and standing substantially ou the samp ground now, we car/ jro into the earnest and exciting caiapaigu of 1860, which now rapidly draws near, and acain oome out triumphant. Bui there must be no interpolation at the false nnj odlcnu theory of intervention by Congress for the protection of slavery in territori.-s, an.l theprohi- bilk/u «f »U lucal l%-^l B \iU.lou except such ai has a tendency lo extend, strengthen and consolidate that local institution. The Charleston convention promptly and indignantly repudiate lhat tnst, or iu nominations might far b»-tt«T not be made, for whoever sanctions such a revolting issue, ia doomed in advance to an ignominious and deserved defeat. It is time lo talk plain on IhU subjent, and let the feelings »nd resolution of the people have a strong and unmistakeable utterance through the press. No one objects to those necessary modifications of policy which naturally grow out of the progress of the nation in wealth, greatness arid power but a radical and essential change of first principles can never be permitted for the sake of pacifying a few turbulent, fiery and rash demagogues, whose opposition is'more beneficial than their aid. Let us remain where we are—firmly planted on the fair and just doctrines of non-intervention—heal the disunion in our ranks collect and organize our scattered forces, and once more go into the warm and arduous contest that lies b t 'ore us, not lar in the future, under the bann - of the Constitution and the Onion. Our poiu. , of agreement being far more nume^ roos and vastly more Important than our points of divergence, we can Well afford to leave all miii>"-qnrations to be settled after the conflict has been brought to a close. We have a young, ambitions, rigorous, and new party to contend with for the sceptre ol empire, and nothing but an unbroken front can ever enable us to succeed.— Watcrtmm Dem. be ruo by myself. HorScoD, May 1. 186» Jauieit A Mwain, Or TUK LATK FIRM OF MAQ1K & WWAIN, WILL remain at in* old staod where h« wfll be pleased u, ireleninr th-jpalrpa> o! the eitablislimect. &pr!2-<jlf I)K. H. K N APF. K ecenily ol N. V-.toay Wconxultrd at Im room No.&, Jiewhlll Uouse, MUwaukee, the nr»t of ctcrj uiuuth, commencing Movrmber 1st, m rejjarj to all Ji». eases, wblcb lie treats witli unpreceOenl^tl succos. Hi cures chronic cases ol disease*, winch have been pro. nounced Incurable by the sieUloal fatuuj S ener»ll. sucti as Mertous and Nearaltlc Affections, Uisrwes ol Women, all forms ol Scrofula, ilyspepan., Onoslq.auo^ Sian Diseases, Cancerous aod TuUcreulous AUecuou^ including Paliuouarjr UousuiupUun, Ubcuinalum. Par. alyils, K|.ilt|.»v, tUraittrnl und luurruiiuenl ferert U«e diseases ul >JluMr«n, *c. Au. tlie ^rrlls and uiosl ol tlte sutl<rni^d i.f clnl.l UirUi art- removed by early consuilatiun^ ttetncajbcr, that tbe Doctor does not promise to cure Ml Slises oT DII.-S.K-I. While all dlsrucs »re curatile, il lakeu lu seasuo, all stages are nou Vour ca»^ may bf curable Lllls week, DOI urlt — lo-d»y, t,.,t to-Uiorrow. Uenrr Uie danger ol Jelay. sepl^9 fejy Dr. liii»|.|j will he at nis itoom«, Newhall Uouse from Monday 1.0011, June 13. ti, till rtejuesday noon, June ISlh. Uuusultatiuu r^sa. Ornci ..a tu« l.i''u..s»s tt *!IL» »i 1.11 R. R. tjn ., i aljl»lutee, April ii, laS-J. f N OTIUK IS hrrrby flrcn, that s (Devtiog ol ihr Hu«:li hoi ers ol tlaa Comp.nj. lor the choice <•{ s Uo»M ol directors of said Couip^ny, will be lieid ou the Ijul tVeiJiH-«Ja^, bem k ' tlie ilu, Juj O f .«., urjt, at ui* (.[lice i'l Uic Com). Any iu tlie titj ol .Milwmukev. I-.IMVAIIU II W11AL1.NU, (iec'y JNl>. A. Attornev aad ROOM NO. MILWAUKEE, Is Commissioner for N. T, Prnn and Iowa. U*iUd SkiU* ami ( Circuit ( 'tntrt ( je6 SAVAOfc:, JU.. Conncellor at Law 6 ALBANY BLOCK Ohi i>mmi>tiri,ni*T. 1 t.:t«i. u i s H < > r ii v notfic is i.01 i>, H U1OS. near Fast Mf«l»r itr-^i T'.» L. wan c'UiiMnihe.l in Ivfct, in.I '..i* N-.M. .. the same proprietor, wh.» tmn this ><-,-.a-i«i bis acknowledgment to till rrien.H .in.i in.- their patrnnaife fur jii man y y.* continuance -of LOeir K m.I !.»• contains many ru<. rurnistieil with <i<iv< furl. There »re %.. In.asp n.iw v %<-un;, i ALBANY RESTAURANT •*-»*-• *sKmw* KUKNi I l,rvt. ^lt ow. a. maKwuTHn .... NEW LAW Ueorne A. Stark weather (late of Oo.>|M;ritown, N has this daj entered into partnership with n i John 0. Starkweather. Taey will _pr».-l,, • i , a,, IrtctOonrt of the D 8 an.l In i/, r i^viral L. ui thliBute. J. 0. 8. Is Commissioner of Deeds for all the States W Office—fo State Bunk Dull.linic. East W«i,r jyis OUSTAV VON DKIi'lsCIt ATTO&NIY AND OOUNSCLLOB AT LAW. Os-FiOE—Empire Block, Ml EMI W,ler rt >M ./ j/.n-i \sr l.j-4- . lly 1 1 1 V A IT , JANK.^VILLK SI'Lfc.NDIL H J I i • I TtL vis re.--i.lly I" .1 ;n i \ J. V Attorney Office In Mitchell's Bank waukee, Wisconsin. V. PI, %TTO. & Counsellor at Law Buil.l.nn Ueasra /LOYLl ! Tli^ SltfSsrs. V \ •e^t*m c.mni.ry tcrl.uiK, in.I n.i . Hyalt U'.ua,- « I. W . No •., »I,| jaulT " L"iiK SIMON I.K rOI KNF.I.I Oil. ATIOHM \ AND NOTARY PCRI.IC. Orrioi— 121Vg krapire HI. ,-k, Kasl W»t, , ,ire»t, M.|. waukee, Wis. t . >i HOOKi-.K di Sl'ANUl.MiKKCi. kUonicys A. fouii.xrMor- al Law. I-ST Of,r f , .V,,,. 3^-4, .I.'-.,, I!,.. »,.,,, ^,.,r 4T I. AY*. DIN J4TKH • JU9L Ui I I 1 N \ K W K \ h \ v MM.II v > O • S ,\ \ i;r J • l" JIH -pl.^i « Lh Ui.- • tt \ ST F II s 1 > l> ). OHAHi-SS & CO. C IIA:;, an 1 B.- yL'KNn.S a»on ilreru, a Cu., cf.fDer uf Kasl Wat Milwaukee, « HC..I.SID haie r Cit 7 of Unwmukee, in lar B r imall f.irrel«. nluiUiu^ lots iu e»er/ W »r J of. I. i'( all «i»es aoJ pncm, (or uusiuex i.r resident aim oo *HJIJ terms. Also, small VATUI ul frucu i I., t ^l acres. Dear Die Ciljr, tor Kanlenlon | uri^.ci Al, o ercrsi UionianJ. o( acres of the t,ti\. farming l»n,l, 10 a In quantities to suit an>- uetnai-d. JIIAKLf UUK.NTIN A CO. . Opposite the Nr»l.i!l ll,,ui.- M.i**.is.rr * ,«. n. o". Houeu. K -pigaraoKiia janlS-dlj K. -I- KAKW Kl .1.. Attorney and Counsellor at Law Offlct — Ao. », Jvnwu £/<M-4, KANT U A T K H <* T 1C I. I T , MJLWaCKEr, . .[ir,,iA| .. . » I.*>cnN.*is ll»SV I >*W Tr»» A M i £< I I K PUnPRIK OHIO C 1H1-- Ur»i..| U Tl O > 1) - t M .» SI t \ • 'l i ;, „ ., ATAWBA BRANUY, A CE TK Jons w. CAST . • <;A it v ,v I'KA'i i, »ttnrney« nuu I oitrstrl lor» m Inxv, Office In Yoonw'i B 1 ,-k, Corntr M ..n a:-, ] W , coasln street, M1LWAOKEE, Mrii .13m WISCONSIN MIM«.;KJ,J .AN ^s. ^ni .{ Pu , atnl iti* • i VVlscu UNION Qeplianta BatblnK «n India. Beyond the dhobj, In cleaner water bv com- pirison, a bery of elephants are enjojinK their VVIiihTKKN — ANU* i»cou«iit Mate Telegraph. lifflct, frrt IttiKOrrnl Bloftc, J/i/,,,i u J,« Conucutlous with all Lini-* East. '11IIK WuconslD State Lines mn from Milwaukee to A LaOrooe, Fond du Lac and Waupun, on Rajlroad Koines. Also from Milwaukee to Janesyille. Madison, Watertown aod Prairie du Ghi.o. ataliom si all important Intermediate points. tfr OlUce hours from 81. M. lo B t M roayl4-dtf ______ A. « E3.LKB, A^nu HAIti: L-ilANCe To MAKE .TIO'VI;!. A Desirable Eating !J 0 \ue for Kale. O THER ami more Important business calling me soiuh this »«asou, I offer for sale my Eallnir Honse corner of Barclay * Florida ttretts, dose by the Lake' Shore Depot The location is one of tba best In the city—everything about the premises Is In appl. pi. order, aod a wuje man can here DnU a chance lo get Into a gooJ paying bu*lDes. rlsht along. The property consists of a dwelling aad an eating house, and will be sold very cheap. Rncjulre on the premlaea at once of Milwaukee, May 13, 1&&D. "wiioTTi Chase & Bradley, PAl'KK AND KA<» DKA1.KK a »s \VKST u A i STK I b r. MILWAUKEE, . . .ttl.-CO.--.HIN • WTLUAM8 a. sr>DW«r -inptirted hqaors, au.l .1 .f |.rrf^. I ; iur K'aml^ncy. Crimti. C..I"-. I^D^I .r i. • Nil KAMI I.V Slfijl I.D I'.K rt K flail Trice, « I,.' .1 IVr o morning bath. And they do enjoy it indeed I See thow they roll away like so many nro- poisea, nght ander the flood, and leave their mahouts shouting and groping with their feet tor the unstable black islands which after a time rise op above the surfaced Look at the great jets they blow up over their hooks, and listen to the deep breath of pleasure or the sbnll flourish of delight with which they lie down on the sand, while their attendants kneak them all over. These great creatures are so sagacious, so sensitive to kindness that even in tneir wild state I cannot feel any sympathy for those who delight in killing them and call it "sport." But these elephants, fond as I am of them, are, it must be admitted, dangerous playmates, lu our camp there were no less than nine " koonies " or "murderers"— beasts which have killed 'their SA1.K PAPER WAREHOUSE Hanlord, Blackmarrafc Co., (LATBBAEaiSON, OAHFOBD & OO.) OonnecteJ with H AKKISON, HANFOKL) & CO., MANDPAOTCRERB, ODYABOffA FALLX, ^. OfffO. H AVE opened at 5 Albany Block, Michigan street, op poslte SelrhaJl Bouse, a large stock oj Boot, yean, Cbcw, Colored aud Knvtlmt* rnr>*r* AUo, Ledger Pafert, flat (£,,?%,£? ' /'oi«, Letter and JfaU Papert, Whlck will be told rerj low. OonsUnt additions wll be made to thestock to meet the wants of the trade. &- Prlntert and others are Invited to call aod ei- amine our stock and prices. aprl« Itoduav, Auction and Commission Merchants, LAND AGENTS AND MONFY UKOKER.-< IVO. 19 \VISCO-\SI\ MTMEET, TT^TLL Jlre J>articolar attention u> the ialr a! Furnl tf lure. Dry »oj e».rr Jescrlftlon of Mer- i-handlze, st their 8*le rt>om or in any part of thr Cur or Oonnty. t& Liberal alTances on co nslgoments, an u prompt retams ms>de. N. B.—Bonds, Notes and Mortgages negotiated i Janll Mli.WAUKKK liAZAAH. C, DELORME&OUENTIN 159 Soft Water Strtft, NBXT OOOR TO MESSRS. BRADFORD ERG'S. wroarns ist DS-ILSE.I n fancy Goods, Toys, Willow Ware and Taokee Notion t Also, Embroidery Goods and Zephyr Worsted, my*) 1. I. M-oaiTB s. r»sn> WALL PAPKH J. J. IflcGRATII AL C O., 21 WISCONSIN STREET, nrroama, TBOLBaaLsi axo acTAit. nsui^as [> Paper Hanginga, Window Shades, &c. Oompetent workmen sent to all parti of the City an,I Oonntry for Decorating and Paper Hanging In all its brmches.sJI work warrante.1. fehlS ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Commission MBKGHANTS. Proprietors of the LARGE ELEVATOR WAHEIIOI SE, At the terminus of the Milwaukee * Mississippi and tht Milwaukee, Watertown 1 Baraboo Valley Railroads. ~^~' Liberal advances made on property la store, or " ' octSS-dtf 141 Kaat W .%u conain, wh*r w^rd th-rir ii By ruling i *iip.i:nt.-.l J f k Y I.ACJKK % > I) II BKI-;K S I I. I, I A K 11 I.">(> F.ojkl \Vin ( -r si A VARIKTW of Disftes pr-i.»r-.l Lunches or ^ap(>ers, ennsisL.nrf . i UKATX. KAKDI.NK8, PIl.'KLKH rij* Uuslcal SolertainmeDl every Satur J mttttance free. J. H, COROES& CO K O It M, r.-.-! W h o i e a a Q- r o c <s ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. n . .11 1: A c i^ K A *• o > ; SUiN Oh 1 1 1 K BIG KED KETTLE ! DEALER* IN Stoves. Sheet Iron. Tin. Hardware Iron. Tin. — AND— IMPLE.MK,\T>, \\.{. \ \ I W OULD respectrull; Inform their for shipment to Kwt«rti Market*. and Germanj, they haveOTtered into anv engagement to declare War againsl Germany.— And we have received froin the Enssian Government tbe most explicit and mostoneantvo- caldectatfttton that no engagement of the MndeidsU or erer has been asked. So mnch then, for the secret treaties, so much for the secret conventions, so mnch for the secret engagements between France and Bussf a, direot- E^« B i?-? e . de9tructfonof ^98 1 * n d. Yon's^ <*T»Jblo!iC!*rl Schurx is w|iofly devoid, to 'be •UOSMfnL sueK republican or- Ad. T^f^' 5°!f _. n f e .«»y " fe that a coantry ^ d n ° l deoid e^n heat and passion. .JSS. 1 ™ I!?. -^ me t *J M ™» also an; that there secret treaty between JJtonUrk with the same purpose. Erery tie ohject of t£at VM.-that t dinavian nary should, probably be united ; to that of Enssia aad France, in order to destroy the rapremacy of England,' Well.Ve have made inquiries of in* Oowt of Denmark.— Denmark is our natural ally and friend, and I anfbonnd to ssy a Power which has on all occasions of late exhibited the utmost friendliness and confidence towards England. And J ty for thru pabllolv ***** that thfl«ttTnollbe shadow of. lbn dation for that statement (cheers,) and that if we ever hare to nail ,mahout^ or other attendants. One hoge criminal, with a gpeckled forehead and proboscis is gnflty of the murder of no less than three unfortunate natives. The magnificent wild monster, which beloneed to Sir Hugh Wheeler was carried off by the Sana, and was delivered np to as by the Rnjah of Farrackabad died a few days a«o, immediately after carrying some officers to church. _ He was a fine, courageous creature, and his trunk and forehead bore marks of- the claws of more than onn tiger which had chare- ed him, and then been trampled to pulp by his ponderous feet His " weakness'' w-as fine French rolls, which he swallowed as an alderman would take Cookie's p,llg ; and the twinkle of his eye, as be gulped the loaf down, and gave a gentle sigh out of his proboscis, proclaimed the Sybarite. I used to take great delectation In observing the creatures at the bath In the river which flows by oar camp. They camo down ia files trnmpet ing gaily in anticipation of the treat, and, floundering in the waters of the Goonitee, likei so many portly Brazellers enjoying the pea soup.of Ostend. Each takes a long, deep drink, putting bis proboscis into the water, and then discharging the contents of it, when filled by suction, into his cavernous maw. Having thus filled np a wrinkle or two in his side, he deposits himself bodily in the stream, so that one side Hes but of water and'the tip of hta proboscis is kept above the surface for the air. On this exposed island, the mahouts labor diligently, washing the beast and, rubbing him with bard brashes, cleaning hit eara, kneading and shampolng him, with tfce Ttocli. yderm emits little sqtieak* of saUefaotion. When one tide is done, WiV elephant tijrns on tbe other side, and he is very angry indeed U he does not gut his full share ofnunipalatibns. —Wiaitm^Xiuteilj'eorfetpondenf fima. India. ' ' NOTICE- THE INSPECTOR OF FIIR, A PPOINTB6 by the Common Council of the Cltj of Mllwaokee, In porroance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March U, 1859, hereby glyes notice that he Is now furnished with the proper weights and brands for the due performance of the duties of his offlce By the said "Act" It Is made the doty of all persons dealing In Ks6 to give notice to the Inspector to haTe the same duly Inspected and branded before packing Mr. Smith trill be found at the New Warehouse'of Messrs. John Furlong t Son, South Water st.. Walker's Point, where al) notices are requested to be left Milwaukee, M&y 7, ISM. maylO JOHN SMITH, Inspector. GO2J .ttaUKIfr'F'.s SAI.K. [New* 8TATB Of WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Connty. | Alonio Potter, against .. Jonathan Taylor, IchaboJ Smith, The Faraers* ami Millers' Bank, and George W. Peckhun. Foreolosnre. : I N virtue of and pursuant to » judgment rendered In >kld Court, In lie afore entitled aoyon, dated October S, 1858,1 Shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, stt tbe Past-Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, Use 2d day of July, 1859, at the hoar of 2 r ;M., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises or to mnch thereof as may be necessary to ralseithe amount of said Judgment, Interests and costs, together *H6 the Mpenses of sale, to wit: "Lot Dumber: Uo [2J, In block numbered eighty- seven [87J, In the Fourth Ward of Che Olty ol Milwaukee, <Io the Oonnty of Milwaukee aad State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April 1,18B9. BBon*qaD*»ji A. J. LANGWORTHV, Pl'ffii A«*ys. 'j . SheriBMII. Oo.,WU. aprl-Sm-IlnSv O. PriSTF.K & CO. Manufacturers and Dealers In Leather, Fluding*, Hide*, Ac. 14* Bait Waur street, Mllwaoiee, Wi«. Cash paid for Hides, Pelts, Wool. *c. John Architect, BLOCK, JUNKAU Is prepared lo Tarnish (tans for all kinds of bull.llnin at the thortest notice. J. 8. MS "«">. REFERENCES : jbm H. W. THWAITO, 0. B. Di»ro«TB m, Lono 3. Maci, 0- JOTO. feb20 A. D. LORD afc CQ'S., MARBLE WORKS Corner Spring and Third ttrtett, MILWAUMK .......................... WISCONSIN T HB subscribers ezeeuU all kinds of Marble Work for Buildings, Tiling for floors and erery descrlp- tloq of 803] SHERIFFS SALE. [New* out, whd'was lately Appointed! omtente,*.h^i"nOt accepted the'offloe,/tod probably wfll not, - 8TATK;OF WI8CON8JN, 1 01rcttItOomt,,MJlwankee Oount7. f Luclen Buttles, Executor of the last will and testament of Joel Battles, deceased, ElJMbelh Greenfield, widow of Adolpfa Greenfield, dr- oeased, Louis Aner and William Olander. Voreclpsqre.' I , • JN Tlrtue of anil pursuant to » Judgment rendered ID ^*8^tf£SV^^£$fc EFfVSSP&P*-^* *$* ***£ MS^atthehoj docrlbed mo; majrbenece merest and owlf. "tot m Ward of MARBLE We have ID our warerooms MAKBL.B MANTL.KS WORK.). Of e»ery deaertpUon constantly on hand, at prici ranglnK from $14 and upwards. MONOHENT8 AMD 8TATOABT of all kinds executed at the shortest notice. oo A. H. LORD* CHARLES R. DIALIB I DomesUc Eichaage and Specie. T HE highest rates paid for all kinds of GoUand 311- Ter Ofrtn and Bullion. , \«t9r.u.o! that day? the foUowfil premlsM, or 10 : roach iber'eof aj aise the amount of said judgment, together with the expenses ot sale, tlxteen (Ii :,-JB«oi , Plaintiff's Ai aptlJmllnZw pi Wisconsin. gfeS*S.«W«*A In block one tron- " t«i thi-SeCOTid ee, Oojunty of Mil; lit. 1869. ) l icau J>4 suconuBodiki roosu strewU „ canstantly for sale at the lowest prices. As) I make dealing In Specie and Exchange my entire and excluslre builnesi, I am able to glT« my customers an advantage orer current figures. List of price* will be furnished at my offlce. : NO. 68 WISCONSIN 8TBRET, Onder the Baptist Church, nearly opposite the Uustosi Boon. marS4-d8m R. A. CLIFFORDS GBJUAT .OENTBAf, OAGCERRCAN ..!••: , AND . EiNE ART LQALLERY, |; 171 Eatt Water Strtet. B lVTHCr .secured the artatanee of the oldest and „ "52* exp«lanced operator In the West. at. llaw- kena, (whosejkill In his department to well known to many of theoUhteMof Milwaukee,)! am now prepared toofjrtplta pobllc erery desirable style of Pictures S??liS*?.!???«?* t »J 0 ' w . r *««* « nd "Muted ,« 111 0 "»«>»UWl PiatJIERsUH BUtm, W4Ur MrM ^ t«**ntf known u frir»n.| < *;v pablic gcneriity, that Uiey hav» 'jn-n-.j i ;t. »O€ WIST WATER STRKET for the i&le of the ibora nameil irticlt?i, iot;-t Tich 8PADK8, dHOVlOtf. &AKX>, !i"rC.-, 4nd Agricuiturfcl 1mpit-menu ^nt-ruiy, ia v:.\ sort3 of SHEET IRON V\O TINN K Us* \\ «n etc. etc. elc Stovoi put ap to order. ^9 ao.ifln^. U1CPAIRING of all kinds, aotl every fort r>f wo Our line puoctuiily »tt«niled to. %9' OrtJeri left will be at (.ended Ui without \e\*< Ugl9 MtAULK M Mt EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY — 1HD— M A C HIN K W o J i K •rsjKTON A- NEItCMTIIf, Pr,,,n-t.>, Now. 2tt«, -J<»8, 3OO, :H»-J and .lu l W KMT VVATKK STHr-h Two Dlockj below the L» Cross* S 8. i ai \ 73 » 4 I A I \ \ I K I . \ I • STEAM ENGINES, 0BI8T* SAW MILLS, LINE gHAITlNG, UILL(iEAB.lNO, HOKSKl'OWtRjj' PILB DRIVING MACHINES * ,».„ BWDQE, RAILROAD and STEAMBOAT CASTINGS 1EON COLUMJia, for Building!, and erery variety nf Job Work In th. beat manner, and on the most liberal terms The attention of Mlll-osrnera and owners *r Wai«. Power, 19 particularly called to the 'TUTT1.K WATKK WHKKI. As being by far the most powerful, Jurab!-e in.I e.-u- nomjcal Wbeel ever InTented—not liable to KPI am n\ order, not affecte.l or backwater, ami usinif ic»< wattr In proportion to the power produced than *nv ether Wheel In the market. A descriptive circular for warded upon application, free-of charge. jan3T-dlw \ I I M?;, .-LU . .N?.: f ViiS'J V K w »i r- I C \ l \ i C O M K, AND S E ! A / V V_/ K.NshKf <- '( >t '10OI) ,:.- ,. , \\ \ S I I I NK --•»».press i. > if /. JEWELRY Of Latest Styles, at •-. B. VAN € O T T ' K . Cor.Kiust Water and Witconrtn strut*. H»Tlng lately disposed of most of my former >tock, 1 the Kastern Markets Styles and Patterns, fhlch hare been Imported and manufactured since the ut panic. I hive also purchased a large itock ol ladies' and Gentlemen's Watches, With movements as the moat superior tu the American public. uovSi) '»«• ""jself In searching at GREAT Tbe best asaortment of the finest Watcocsi, .Silver Ware, Jewblrr KANQY an.l M Mill. Hour aJw.y, on „„,,, HDMN * MoaBT-S. G V KN I ^h ..... H v ..... n MS. r-.l> s \ i .MI >.N 1UOIOK <J_ 60 .i MAl'L.K S-, ui I' M. 44 1". K KCEIVKU liy llril i,r >prT U. vil rru * UROSBY'3. O. <.. J A V I ( 01 O flup^ »PrZ .|iilllty, 1 :tlllt h N KW VorkllHla flnur, ,t. im , HI )„! , n ihi. illy at , NS ,t UKUHUY'S. .., , „ .,',;-,tt', sl ,vs SMOKKl) ll C 11U1CK SmukeU il», I, but •^^.-~* ^ t. f il.

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