The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1971 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1971
Page 6
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;C;Hffi,ttftA20$POtit FACtS, Frceport, Tesns, Tuesday, November23, W\, Page 6 BEAUTY CARE MAKES EVERY WOMAN QUEEN AT SHENE'S BEAUTY QUEEN Every woman is a queen at Shenc's Beauty Queen in Brazosport Village Shopping Center. Shene Lancaster, owner-manager, has been serving the women of Brazosport with professional hair care for nearly to years now, Mrs. Lancaster is pictured ns she practices her art on a client. She feels that each woman's beauty can be enhanced by a hair styling personal to her—and therefore makes personal hair styling the specialty of her house. Operators at Shene's are 1-ce Summars, with 33 years of practice, Gludvs Ray, Doris Griffin, and Dell Sanders. You'll find them friendly and courteous. In addition to caring personally for your hair, Shene's offers complete beauty parlor service. Permnnents, manicures nnd domiciles are available. For customers wishing to enhance their natural endowments, there is a large selection of synthetic wigs. They're reasonable in price, convenient to own. and particularly welcome when a gala party falls on the evening you've been sailing or golfing all day. Appointments for career women are made to suit their hours. There is plenty of parking. Hair dryers arc air- conditioned. Shene's Beauty Queen is open six days a week. To make your appointment, dial 2*74941. Check This Page Each Tuesday For Valuable Services Business & Industrial Review ANTENNAS fronU17.95 to 1 49.00 ALL 82 I CHANNELS Mod. CB-34 19 EhK.MK.NTS 8I7 >'• GULF BLVD. TV K BLVD. niKKl'OHT BOULEVARD CAFE 24 Hour Service - Air Conditioned Specializing in Seafood, Steaks and Mexican Food.., or select from a variety on our menu. Irene Nixon, Mgr. 910 N. GULF BLVD. 233-3252 igpfflrowwifrSPM J^^^m-flo^ For Your AIR CONDITION SERVICE & Repairs CALL US TODAY! SOLO AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE Enjoy Beautiful HAWAII 7-DAY. s-MTK VACATION' IN HK.U'TUTL HAWAII. Round trip by Ik an ill 747 ami hotel arcomodationfc $299.00 IJKl'AHT IIOrSTON JANUARY 15 FO« FUOIHEB INFORMA1ION. COHttCI BRAZOSPORT TRAVEL . SERVICE 1724 Bramsport Blvd. 233-5246 265-4549 167 Main, Clute iAVEi MOHtT I8ING to Wi NO SKKVICK CIIAKCe Weittrn Auto As$ociite Store F.A.SWANN 22 WKST HHOAU STHEKT FREEPORT, TEXAS SiilJ M-tiiti^ (In- i'.ni/uspui( .\rt-a after 21 >i-ar» willi uiii- ul llit- laini'M .Sporting gwids iincnloiics in tin- i'ouiil>. \r« simk ;»(Jdi-d in u|| ilc|i;nt- ( ! < ! Are you getting the Business? If you ha\ i* a dullness or tinier to offer »h) not Irt everyone knuw? No mailer how large or small your hu»inri.k, you loo ran profit from regular advertising. NE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS" fiSjS- l'«ed Cat Outlet lor Nm Car Ueater* ^' SUPERIOR Motor Company JJaauMi Johiteou BROWN'S IVTO sius W K. i'liinuiimi ltd tlule 26i-5t6t 'lluril In gH tu- Kiik) Tu Oral Hilh!' HOMI-: OK (I.KAN. I)KI'KM>AKI.K I'SKO — CABS W Vtpl. UJi<l. a3-5Hfl • v Sewing the best in ; SIAFOQD! / .SliJJ M-rtutg w» uJ^iit Suiurgai-lwrd and «w Iftiffvt dailv. - BRAZOSWOOO PROTECTION .SYSTEMS ftwt«4rM:fc« (Cry M***-'*" H Al.AHM SVSTKMS * 1-Ofksiuilh t Safi-s Opened & Hepairetl BP COLLEGE REGENTS -- • ato-donce WHAZOSPOHT COM.KC.K lonrd of Hegcnls mcl Monday nlghl with one member, Dr. J. A. Stewart, absent. Also at- emllnu were staff member*, iwo gursts. «nd n reporter. INVOCATION wns given by IX V. Collins. i\U. VOTING was unanimous. SKVKKAl. LRTTKHS. mi»l n connect ton with UK- recent open house ami Ihe related special llruiusport Facts section, were called to the [ward's attention, as were some regarding government aid Tor students from low- Income families. Dr. J It .Iflck.vm. cullege president, said ul the latter Dial It remained to be seen if anything results from bringing this to the nutter of officials. "We do have their attention." he said. SOIMIOMOKK Class President tlrenda Schacfer was introduced and Dr. Jackson commented fnvufiibly on the quality of the student officer!) and the student body a* a whole He cited The Facts' editorial Mtirtd.ty, saying that the seriousness with which the local college students are tackling their slwliw reflects tretid noted In the ( As ihe current jtiudeiii of- fivers, UT. Jucksun »aid, "We couldn't be more plea.***! with tfurm il we'd chosen them ourselves." HID of the W H Curtin Co, of Houston on 103 item* of chemistry equipment was accepted. Or Jnctxm said It came to (3.776 and ur<u the only one of the four bids received that included all item* wvdcd HOOKSTOKK report for the year ending June 30 showed s net gain of H.&15 and W.US for the vending machine operation*. A transfer erf H2S was nude to the Scholarship Fund and JI7< »«il for em- ploye benefits, leaving a nt-l gain on I be**- auxiliary activities of W.4H>, Dr. Jackson wit) that due to the bookstore's being located in an area originally planned for student activities, Ihe space limits stock mostly to necessary textbooks He also commented that since most of the profits had Uvn put back into inventory, the bookstore had not shown a large profit but was about what had been expected and should be up next yrar HOOM UTILIZATION and enrollment reports showed that the 2,300 enrollment is resulting in more than to percent usage of the lecture type classroom;.. II was suggested that wlien the 1972 fall enrollment Is known, a thorough analysis of additional space needs should be made. A SKI.K-.STUUY a* retired by the Southern Association was authorized in a resolution This institutional study is required for continued ac- MITCHUM GOING HOME BEACON THEATRE "-O crcdllntlon, Motion Wai msilc by Dr. B. H, Mnysc, TflK PUNT KUNt) Budget for 197I-7J wns npprovctl. cnrrvlnit nil fiihih fownni from the current such bu<igcl. Total nmwml to be brought fonsnrtl Is *3,6S1,990. I'OLICV AMRMI.MKNTS to clarify requirements for the associate degrees In arts nml sciences were approved with fliwl action due In December. AUDIT HKI'OHT as Sllb- mllliHl by J. E, Wablon C»>A was accepted on motion by J. 1.. Wilson. Walston corn- mwHlinl lh«> Ixwnl nwl staff saying that "It's amaiing how much you gel done on so little money. I'm pruud of it ns n cltiten and n taji|xiyer " Selection of the auditing firm lor next year was scheduled (or IXxcmUr on Dr. Jackson's suggestion. KINANCIAI. UKI'OUT ami bllb for Oclol>cr were approved, THKTAX KOUJitobeUMrd for next year were discua»«d after Dr. W. D. iViclwUwi introduced lite subject, asking if the Hra/osporl School District, whorw roll* lu»r been used by the cotltgi?. is going to uae UK- nov figure* Arrived at bv liriitoria County. Diseuttton resulltnl in u motion by SV'll»on Ihjt rrpr«.tKiitailve» u( the ik'ttoul Distrkl be invited to meet with KrgenO In iH-cemburr to explore the »ub)«t furthifr ,M KM UK ll,S| 111- in Ihe Southern Hrjjlwul Council for Community Cptlegr* *ill be considered further upon receipt of additional in formation that Or. Jackson wa.-i mpK-stetJ (o o6(ain MAJOII ITKMS remaining to be completed by the contractor were revit-vned by Or, Jack-wn, who lt«ted thrar it« ttx- fountain, air conditioning and heating, and waterproofing of *omc area* ComutUnU are due in to j(ivr advkf on all threr protitewv*. he said IMt'UUVKMK.VTS and additipm in eight are** wrrr discuvMHl by Dr Jackson, who w«l he wit a.tktng for reaction ralht-r than action at (hit time Tlie areas he j>u£j(extrd were due coittkkralion in eluded enckwUng piay area. air conditioning ft thrre bin. adding floor rovrrtrtKa in the fine art.* area, placing drainpipe* where needed. putting in morr ehxlrkal swilrhct. u^ing acoustical raatrrul in three chtMraonu, draping the faculty offVcts* for privacy, and ddding to the don't buy a color TV Until you see B demonstration o Insta-Matic. COLOR TUNING »> MOTOROLA "works in a drawer." color TV \OMWTTffHQOfSITL jtfl Aulom»Ue«»x t)«)«oc«l hi va lntfn»ilx, contfut, brlghtntff , evin *cUv«l«i WM §ulom»Uc Hot tuning. Mo4«l WTtMO«» 21"pitiur» ^sr 4 t 1 "* ^ ~ ? tl ^ PriimElwrt »l •319" it- D<« «.«««, PRESCOTT'S "ftfurti *u»WIw« WciSoU OM>*r lw » TMM." W C COUNCIL By KMMA KI.UOTT at-a-glance AUJOl.'UN.MKNT «*» at B:4S pin 'Jesus Freaks' urged to visit their families HOl'STON lAI'l Mern UT» rrf ihe youthful Children of (iod movement will be urged to visit their families over the holiday period to counter charge* they are being hold in the group'* colonies agninxt their will*, a member of the fundamenlalui group said here Monday Parents ol te<?n ngcr» and young adults who live In the colonies of the so-called "Jesus Freaks" have charged that leaders of Ihe organization hold some mysterious power over their children and don't allow them to leave WR8T tmUMMA - The City Council bud n regular session Monday night with A. J. Urban. Ernwl Kitchen, Al Rosen, and Mayor C, B, Gilbert in their places. Also present were City Ally, Hall W. Grlgg», City Mgr, E. D. Purlin, and City Secy, Wilma Tielke, along with tome 12 visitors and two reporters. Visitors Included several members of the llratoria City Council. INVOCATION was given by I'nrtin, Al.1. VOTING was unanimous, MINUTKS of previous meeting were read am) approved. 8ANITAHV l.ANUKIU. equipment bid» were opened, with bi<h ranging from KS.3T3 to W2.J91, Three companies submitted bids. Both Council* dt*cusx«d all bids thoroughly, separately and together Urtuoria Council would like to arrive at a cash fauU pur- for all equipment. rather than go Ihe dlrect-lentc rmite, They (mid they have the money, We»i Columbia Council ton the tame feeling except (hat It does not have Ihe money. However, a special session will be held next week with both Councils participating, hoping to arrive at a cash agreement, thus saving a «um in interest, West Columbia Council hope* 10 be able to borrow Ihe money Company r«l*rr*«i- (alive* were told they \»<HiM bf adtiMtlttl? later dale at to Itw ultimate <lcci*nxi of tin- two council* II IDS ott a m*» police car were a law opwcd, with Carroll Motor Co hid of M.SttJ drawing Up of plap for propo»*«l fire and police station, did not mwt Uw ~ Councll'i approval. Mayor « Ollberl will contact Jaeo for further explanation of thu ameunt. THU TK.XA8 HIOHWAV HKIT, wbmltttd plans lor Mayor Gilbert'* llgnalure. giving Wwl Columbia ad VBIUT fln«h light* for slgn«l« ahead, em ail four approaches to inteim-lloiM uf j|lg»iwi»>i, Si ami M. A WiOKNINO of Farm Hoail i»l frwn 8, Uth SI to Highway 3«. with lo.ftel of it»P»Mll and crushes! rock on HDwr Hide, will be done in the very near future, I'srlin i OH? »urrwtffldtMj iiiuttun it writ, muiMl Kitchen J.U'ti Cumlrac-lian Co l«. bill fur 11,129 as two ptt cent vt low bid im'ImW us Ihrit HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS rWA'/OSJ'tWT MONUAV: IU>*1'1T.\1. Mr* J V. U'arolyn K » Kbej. A«*k»«B Mr* II N tOtto K * Miller, t.4*c J*el*Wi Mn> S 1. tMiMrrd I.-' Mearw, r'rrvt»«< Mr» t» 11 tllrlw t.erl Mtdtfell. Ufcc .VI rv U I Mrs II i liotrtl Huwtdwl t.k*i'a». «1«lr Me* J A s Marilyn J :• Mr» T II sKarrn I, ' KiwUtnl**-. \S(,tKTtlNHASnt HY St'NtlAV MtliNUAV; ,\nnir (Irtt W ilium;*. OSPHO STOPS RUST BUY IT AT HUNT'S PINT •QUART- GALLON HUNT HARDWARE 248 Plantation Dr. Lak* Jock ion Scout News .xv: Cub '* NoirmbcT mrvlu Uwl fur CuliOv4,»Jrr T A. •»(« rrrnvrj fvn »<•« itr tun nvany yrar-* ot JKUv c P (uriDnK tlw ftnt omrf to Wtttl* tUrtMt. IWx-dt »r«1 JlokJ ,\trmi l*o«nl for VVoll, tloijrr Wain IVnn«-r, t>j»>«i 1*0 SiJrcr Arrww J'wnu lot Hear, (>ulcJoor*m.»n A*jrtl. and Tommy Muftton, Wrb«-|o» Award DEER PROCESSING 3-BROTHeRS A WO-Vr^UI with the firm of H«*» Twry. delinquent (ax collecting firm ^ in Austin, was tabled fw turtlxr »tu4)f A IX -THAfMlU totaled *l DM- bndfitl mtf m H^ti Culumbla will h^vr thr radutur r»l«i««l and all «rtrw» rrjMirt ix**»*ary to t* m l!wj.l wwkllnS Oftkf Cwtncti uWktnJ (hi* (iucfti«r "till tu-J WHWJOB foir r<rs»t WHY ISN'T THE BOTTLE FULL? RESPECT NEVER ABUSE, DRUGS HAPPINESS IS BANKING WITH FIRST STATE BANK U's a warm feeling knowing you're financially secure. One way we make people happy is by offering them tHome Improvement Loans • Savings Accounts tCar Loans tPersonal Loans tSavings Certificates • Mortgage loans •Checking Accounts asj pi»oi*u<» MM

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