Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 22, 1938 · Page 7
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 7

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1938
Page 7
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MAIDEN EFFORT Samuel Hopkins Adams 0 Samutl Hopkins Adami WNU Service THE STOKX CHAPTER I--Kelsey Hare, young architect cunva!rs(.in£ (torn a breakdown, mccls Mm tin Hoimi-s. s l r u y f l m s author. In a storm on a lake near Moldavia. N. Y., and laier settles dov. n \utli him at his estate. IJotmesholm. Finding Holmes studying a ncusp.ipcr picture of a Park avenue debutante. Kelsey learns that a story by Holmes has Ijcen rejected in a SI5.000 contest run by Hurity HJctures. A Leon Snydackcr. president, for a novel suitable for plcturlza- llon. In which the u i n n e r of a Mystery Beauty contest will star. Kclscy buys the manuscript from Holmes and rents his house. One of the conditions of the deal Js that Kelsey adopt Holmes' pen name. "Tern- p.'eton Sales." Alter Holmes departs on a trip, a telegram arrives for Sayles which Kelsey leaves unopened. Glunk. odd man servant places the debutante's picture on the n i a n t t l on top of the telegram. *_n/ir- IE.FV ii--i tic rut Kjwtr/iuc van atrat- lens. at breakfast with their niece Marlon, arc horrified to find her picture tn the paper as one uf ten remaining contestants for the Purity Pictures a\\ard, and learn that Liggett Morse, admirer, has entered Marlon's picture on a be: After threats of being taken abroad until (he "scandal" dies down. Marlon decides adventurously to go through w i t h t h e contest. CHAPTER III--In the offices of A. Leon Snydacker, heir to the Peckett's Persuasive Pills fortune. Marlon finds nine other beau- tics. She mrkes friends ivlth Gloria Glamour. Hip prtu'csslonal beauty contestant. At lunch together, they meet Moby Dlckstcln. Snydackcr's press agent and factotum. Sny- dackcr Is overwhelmed with Marlon's beauty and "class." to which he Is extremely susceptible, repeatedly calls her "Darr- llnc. arul awards her the leading role. refuses to accept without Gloria, and the two girls and Moby plan Immediate departure for the estate of Temple'.on Savlcs. whr Ii to be leadlnc man. CHAPTER IV It was Moby Dickslein's business to know practically everything. What Tie did not know he was expected to have means of finding out. To elucidate Templeton Sayles, Esq.. of Moldavia, N. Y., was his present task. For this purpose he telephoned Jefferson Mackintosh, the literary agent. No; Mackintosh has never heard the name. But he had a prospective client from Moldavia coming in within a couple of days He would ask this Martin Holmes to call up Purity Pictures on arrival. Glad to do it. As Marne and Gloria spent most of the few days following their first call being shunted about the PuriU Pictures offices, from hurried official to worried official, all of whom were preoccupied, mysterious, and totally uninformative, it was not surprising that they should be in Moby Dickstein's quarters when the call came from the Mackintosh 'Agency. Mr. Holmes of Moldavia on the phone. "Let me talk to him," said Gloria. Thereupon the inventive Mr. Holmes, at the other end, was interested in hearing dainty accents (for Gloria was being a perfect lady at the moment), put the query: "Mr. Holmes?" "Listening." "You live in Moldavia, don't you?" "Near it." "Do you by any chance happen to be acquainted with a Mr. Sayles of that place?" "Who?" said the amazed Holmes. "Mr. Templeton Sayles." "Do' I happen to be acquainted with Templeton Sayles?" echoed the creator of that romantic figment. "I'll say I--" He broke off abruptly, realizing that this might be thin ice. "Say; who is this?" he inquired cautiously. "You wouldn't know me." "I'd like to." The voice laughed. "How do you know you would?" "Vibrations," said Holmes promptly. "Don't you feel *em?" "Not yet," chuckled the voice "Possibly I might, if I knew you better. But you will be nice and tell me about Mr. Sayles, won't you?" ·'Well, of course I'll be glad to do anything I can. What is it you want to know?" "You do know him, then." "Er--yes. Slightly." "Just where is his estate?." "Esta--Oh, yes; of course; his estate. Were you thinking of going there?" "Why, yes. I want very much tr see Mr. Sayles. V/hat kind of man is he?" "Oh, a perfect hellion," said his creator enthusiastically. "What 1 mean to say is, it depends on what you want to see him about." "Perhaps you'd be good enough to tell me how one reaches the estate by car." "Why, certainly." He gave elaborate and specific directions. "No use asking in the village," he added cunningly. "Mr. Sayles is a queer person. A bit of a snob. Refuses to have anything to do with the villagers. Snoots 'em, in fact. So naturally they don't like him." "Yes; he would be that way," said the voice thoughtfully. "Eh?" said Holmes in surprise. "See here," he went on impulsively. "How would you like me to go along?" "Sweet cheese V crackers!" said the voice, definitely less ladylike. "Have I tapped a Travel Bureau?" "Well, if you don't want my help, that's all right, too. But if it isn't a secret, what you want of Sayles--" "A secret? I should say not! I want to sell him a sewing machine; that's all. Good-by." "Hi! Wait! Miss Whatsaname! .. . No good." He set down the now lifeless, mechanism and sought aid from Jefferson Mackintosh. "Who's that girl I was talking to?" "I haven't the slightest idea." "Well, what's the place?" "Just a client's," replied the agent with the bland smile behind which he secreted his business af- j fairs. ( Three evenings later, the blended , personality of Kelsey Hare-Templeton Sayles sat at the work table of the departed Martin Holmes, engaged upon the rewrite of his friend's unmarketed story. The clock had just struck nine. | Kelsey was struggling with one of thosA. difficult nassaeea in. which the NrWSPAPF.RfllCfilVE® ,,_.» hero's essential noomty oi cnarac- ter was beginning to stick out like a sore thumb, when a sound at the window opposite brought his head up. He distinctly saw a face. It was obscure, but it was unmistakably a face, a feminine face, and a faintly reminiscent face. He rubbed his tired eyes and looked again. The face, still feminine, still alluring, seemed unaccountably to have changed. The face or faces vanished. Glunk presented himself at the door with a deprecatory but anxious visage. The young matt, placing his fingers on his lips in an injunction of silence, motioned urgently in the direction of the outer darkness. Glunk nodded and tiptoed out. He reappeared quickly, exhibiting three fangs in an amiable smile. "Man," said he. "Not unless I'm completely cockeyed." "Gal," suggested Giunk hopefully. "That's more like it. Ask her what she wants." "Gone." His master went outside to verify the report. He thought lit heard repressed laughter behind the hedge. "Who's there?" he called. A ringing voice answered: "Your heroine." This was something new. Did an author's cications come to life and i romantically visit him in the dim watches of the night? If so, there was more to this writing business than he had suspected. A horn blared an impatient summons from the road. Retreating footsteps were audible. He stumbled along through the darkness Two dim lights winked and vanished. A door slammed. "Don't come any farther." "Why not?" "If you do, we'll go, and you won't see us again." "I haven't seen you yet. Not really. To what do I owe the honor ol this visit?" he added in his best manner. "Sounds exactly as Templeton Sayles ought to sound, doesn't it?" put in a' second voice. "Who?" ho asked unthinkingly. "You. We haven't got the wrong bird, have we?" "Oh! No. Of course not," Kelsey hastened to reply, thereby endowing himself with a personality which, for many a troubled day, was to enmesh him like an octopus. "You're sure you're Templeton Sayles?" "I think I may be accepted as an authority on the subject." There was a whispered consultation; then, "Prove it." Inspiration, though unbidden, the favorite claim of Maiden Featherston, hero of "Love Beyond Sin" came to his aid. "I know all about women," he declaimed. "Perfect. Good-night," came back the joyous duet, as the car sped away with a derisive hoot. A vague memory hovered in the air and accompanied the young man into the house. From the mantel smiled the printed face of the girl, labeled by the ribald Holmes, Miss Adelina Ashcan. Was there a likeness? He almost made himself believe it. He picked up the clipping, revealing back of it the yellow envelope of the forgotten message addressed "Templeton Sayles." Well, tor better or for worse, he was Templeton Sayles now. He opened the envelope and read with uncomprehending eyes: Templeton Sayles, Esq. c-u riuniicaiiuiiii, m u i u t i Y i a , IN. X . Must see you at once stop hideous awful unpardonable almost fatal mistake made by accident stop when can you come to Neu York stop will explain all stop wire time of arrival and will have representative meet you at train stop vitally important stop do not fail me. A. Leon Snydnckcr, President Purity Pictures Inc. Recalling a casual remark made by Martin Holmes to the ellcct that, in dealing w i t h motion picture people, you had to Do It Now or not at all, Kelsey again examined the date of the message. Four dnys old. Probably the crisis, whatever it might have been, was nil tu-er by this time. Anyway the thing didn't make sense to him. Thrusting it into a drawer, he returned to his C I R C U L A T E S R A D I A T E S D I R E C T S - - , T Get all 3 with a S U P E R F E X Oil B«**u«* HEATER C OME in and see these marvelous heaters, made by Perfection StoveCompany. They burn low-cost fuel oil, and give clean, steady heat. Cooper Furniture Co. Phone 130 Denton, Md. Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your common cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irritation, you may get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot a Cord to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Creomulslon, which goes right to the seat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen and expel germ-laden phlegm. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, try Creomulslon. Your druggist Is authorized to refund your money If you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Creomulslon is one word, ask for it plainly, see that the name on the bottle Is Creomulslon, and you'll get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) Kelsey again examined the date of the message. contemplation of the portrait. Ho found it more interesting than ,thc message. t Long distance calls from A. Leon Snydacker at the rale of two per hour kept the three voyagers town- bound in Moldavia until late the following afternoon. They then set forth to pay their first formal call upon Templeton Sayles. Moby Dickstein drove like a man on a life-nnd-death errand. The two girls bounced about in the rear scat of the open convertible. At a slippery curve overlooking the lake just short of Holmesholm they skidded into a shallow ditch. Gloria uttered a short, sharp yelp as the car started to tip over but thought bettor of it and righted itself. Something like an echo of her cry sounded near at hand. All three looked about them. There was nothing animate in sight but an animal peacefully grazing under a massive maple. "Maybe that bird was right last night," said Moby Dickstein, "and the place is haw-aw-awnted." The haunt inadvertently coughed. "Why, I do believe it's up that tree," said Marne. "Go and see what's bitir.' him, you girls," directed Moby, "while I look over the car." Marne walked forward a few rods, accompanied by Gloria, advanced to the fence, leaned on the rail, and hailed. There was no answer. The so- called Templeton Sayles was not receiving callers that day, if he could help it. In fact, he had scuttled up the tree, temporarily disturbing a placidly grazing Holstein "grade," upon hearing Moby Dickstein's distant horn, because of a definite indisposition for human companionship. Unhappily, in an unsuccessful attempt to scciet himself more effectively he slipped and made a betraying commotion among the leaves. "Why, I do believe it's our hero," exclaimed Marne. "What arc you doing up there?" "1 came norc on Business," was the still rejoinder, as he slid to the ground. lie was playing for time and searching his soul for a practicable explanation. Moby, %vho hod now succeeded in coaxing the car back upon the roadway, and had been introduced to Kelsey by the girls, addressed his new acquaintance. "You'll pardon my natural curiosity, but do you live in that tree?" "He snys he was there on business," contributed Marne. "What kind of business is lip a tree?" inquired Gloria. "Maybe it's private," suggested Marne. "Not specially." said the tree-sitter. "Then what is the answer? Tell Auntie," encouraged Gloria. "It's a situation in a story I'm working on." "What was the story you were working on?" inquired Gloria, showing polite interest. "It's called 'Love Beyond Sin.' " "Hey?" Moby Diclrslein's chin jerked upward. "You say you're working on it?" "Yes. Why not?" "What d'you mean, workin 1 on it? It's all written, ain't it?" "Not in final form. I'm rewriting it." "For the luvva Mike, what for?" "I'm not satisfied with it yet." "So what?" demanded the puz- :led Moby. "So I'm trying to improve it. Make it better, you know." "I'd say it was good enough if it .vas me. Fifteen thousand smackers worth of Love Beyond Sin'd do ne quite nicely. What d'you think you're shootin' for? Twenty grand?" An expression of such helpless be- .viklcrment overspread the young mnn's ingenuous face that Marne ain interposed. "Wait a minute, Moby. I don't believe he knows what it's all about." "No; I don't believe I do." (To be continued next week) Annapolis - Matapcake Romancokc - Claibornc Ferries "ALL WINTER SCHEDULE-1!C!8 Effective September 20, IMS For Fall Occasions fSSZSs, HALLOWE'EN parties will be more enjoyable if your hairdo reflects the smart fall trend of hail- worn "up." It'-; feminine nnd moiG flattoiintr. 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