The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 11
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SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 1*HE HUTCHINSON NEWS, rAGE ELEVEN. MANY RENEWING WHEAT BUYING Fairly Active Demand in Local Cash Market—First Car of Dark Wheat Received. The first carload of 1923 dark wheat •was rocotved on the Hutchinnon board of trado today. It had a protein tost of 12.25 Tier cent and originated on tho Kinsley braucSi of tho Santa Fe. No BUICB of dnrk wtoeat were reported today. There was a fair demand for -wheat in <the local cash market today. Quality considered sales of hard wheat wore unolKuiKod to a cent higher. Fair demand. It la undei-alood that quite n little ordinary No, ~2 and B hard wheat was sold this morning before the opening, and henco the ealco ivere not posted on tho board. Some buyers who have been out of the mar ket for a lonp time are now picking up a few ears of wheat, each day for oatAido niillt), and it is> believed that should tlie future market* hold Kteady or display a litt.lo Btrenjrth u much better demand would develop on OUT market for wheat. Receipts of .wheat in Hutoliiiiimn today wwo 44 cars, one year ago -29. Secolnts of ivheat In other innrkotH: Ealina 17, Wichita +0, Kansas City J.08, St. Louis 24, Omaha 20, Chicago - 14. Minneapolis 100, lluhith 11 and Winnipeg Sijfi. Salen of whuat today in the local cafh nnirliet (Knits on City battle) were HR follows: 1 ,','ir No. 1! harrl wheat .... 1 c<ir .N\>. 2 hunt wheat .... 'i cava Nu. .1 hard wheat ... 1 cru No. 3 hard wlisat ... 4 i-ari-- No. hnrrt wlv'at ... 1 cu- No. 1 hard wheat RANGE OF OFriONS (Br Ooff* * Cvkmtr) AT CHICAOO. Whu'.. Hlj^h Low . Op «l _ .__ _ . July.. 1.01V4 1.65 lMSi Sept.. 1.02% l.O'U 1.0l<& Doc.. 1.0BU 1.06« 1.00 Corn. July.. Bopt.. Deo.. July.. Sopt.. July.. Sept.. Deo.. .78% .75% .74* .03$ .64(1 MV, .02% .0SJ4 • tiOVfi o«tt. .40tt .40 .Ml -sew. Rye. MM .oa?4 .05% .66% TM »y Y'day 1.02% 1.01% 1.03 ^4 1.02H l.M% ,.1.03H .7SJ4 .70H .76% .76% .63% .63% .60^ .40% .88% .62% .65% .63 .40% .60% AT KANSAS CITY. Wheat. July.. Sept.. Deo.. July.. Sept.. Deo.. Open .93% .!>.-.% .08'.* .77% • 71 >/, HlBh \AIW .9t% .93% .96% .»r,% .89% .88% Corn. .78% .76% .72% .71% .69% .68% .. —Cioaprt^ Today Y'day .04% .96% .90% .77% .71% .69% .92 .84'/. ,98 .77% .71% .18% .11.01 . 1.03 .94 NEW YORK STOCKS. (Reported thin nfternoon by .lamea B Bennett & Co., S0G Iloraliauirh- Wlley building, by wiro from Now York.) 4. r. ... i-iii|.-sl . >l!l[,u A. Opan •Willing Inrllp. . cr, . «3% Cft'H .132% . 13% A. T. ft ; Allied 11> Ane.'.. S-.n. Anai'omlu ("i»pl-"- Ainil. l.ix'Mni.,11' Atkuitli- OnM-IV All!-" .llialinew Amit. Tuhai-vc . Amu. Sinnitra Amn TYh'ldU' Geufrut Aa\th Ittjthtchoni Kt*?'l ]<aMwln l.<WJm»tlvn ... Ilalttmnro 4- Ohio Ry. • ChWr tapper Or.lra! WUW Amu. 4 'a!i (\>rn rvofliu'ta > I'ulin Cane Bugar ...... t*i:t.a Ciawj Ki;«ar Ptd. Ouba-Amn. Sutf^r ('txa-OoUi. CaninllaM I'ai'.l fie 111'. . CruHi.u si*«l K. Y. t'enlial Hy • f'ouden Oil "Vharnllor Motnm Amn. Su-cl Vctimdry •• (Amn. SltH Kdy . M-l'd 4!t!f StiiU-a Sli-ul Willi* Easl<> Oil (li-pAl NorlhM-n I'.y. ... l',.m°ii;l Motors Kollv-SjirtnKtl'-ld KenuiM-tai Voider Chlnu f.ipiwr [•ore Manrn-tt': 1-y. . I.V.dval" SO .'vl Mlspour! l'a< Iflr' Ity. .• Mlwx.lirl ruelfl.-: Ily Klarlanil 'III CfJIf. I'etroliuin MWilln Slata- Wt N'orllfre I'.i'.'ifl" Uy. ••• Protlii.'era ft nefmovs ... l'llllllps VVtruKMim Turn oil ran-Ainil. rrtrolpuni ... Van-Amu. 1'fHroleuin "B' PiuJlfle OH Venn. Ily tiouthyru. Ry. . o. M. & Pt. i'. Ry. O. M. & St. r. Ky. I'M. Hook Inland Ry Hapubllr Iron & Stscl ... V. S. Rubbar '• Amn. Klutar Snuthcrn 1'ai'ifla Ity 80% Binolalr Oil 23% 1J S. Ktcfl Corp 90% T«M Co 41% lltah C'oppar 67% nnlon I'ac-lfli- Hy 128% Viinadluui St«l »5% A mil. Wwlfn 82% We^tltvc.houso KlocVrlo ...... 68 Wabash I'M. "A." 2«% "Wabash Common 8% 140% 165, & Telrgraph 118% t 28 1 42% ...118 ... 43 ... as % ... 11 ... 81% .. . 1!4 ... 10% . .. 40% ... 26% ... 76 . . .145 •-. M% ::: ... 47 • ... ,12% Monday, . . , 67% ••• 84% . . . 68% ... 13% ... aiii ... 82% ... \(\ ... 41 ... 22 ... 13 .. Sl% . . . 31% ... 20 ... 7 41 18% 63% 67% 83% 42 82% 26% 40% 40% 65 CIOHe 97 64% 33!a .36% -131% 13% 3S 141 16% 119% 27 42% 116 42% !6% 20 8.'.% I,. S: N. Ry Moon Motors Erin ll>- Standard of Ind Standard, of Calif Standard of N. J Houston Oil Italy Ily Norfolk & WepU-rn Oavlti Clunui'.'al Atlantic I'onat l.lno Ry. . Invincible Oil Amn. Hide & Leather Pfd. «. 6 O. Ry Curbs. Standard of N. Y Standard of Ky N, Y. OH Southern Oil Tied llank Meslco Arkansas Natural Ooo-lyear Sarulpa Mailaml of Mi.ilu'O Mutual Oil Va» Hum Oil Humble Oil Ohio OH Olrn Il(K:k Pralrlo Oil l'rall-ie TMpo I.lno ("?:tlra Svo. ''uinnvu Total aalc«. 472.100. Total atock pales for week, 6 89% lit 64% 60 82% 62 10% 102% So % 10% 10 38% 68% 80% 21% 10% 63% 6(1 82 61 10% 101% 83% 10% 9Ti 3S 65% 36% 86 10 '4 14% 2^i 82 6 10% 2% 2% 41% 29% 67% cr, 183 38 132% WHEAT PRICES GIVEN A BOOST Black Rust Tales From the Distant Northwest Helped to Do It. m Thirty Ywi Ago Today Many Hutchinson people were EO \ng to the Woria r a Fair mt Chicago, Chicago, Juno 30.—Bullish reports about crop conditions In ttte ^jiorth- weat led to considerably high prices for wheat today in the early dealings. Traces of black rust wore said to be present all the way from Minneapolis to Moorehoad. Minn., In addition to yesterday's discovsry ot ttie pest near Abordeen in -South Dakota, With rainy weath»r tending to Increase tho danger of serious damage from black rust, provious sellers made haste to buy, and the market rapidly advanced. Opening prices, which varied from tin changed 1 'lgureB to %c higher, with Sept. n .02? 8 to -|1.02% and Dec. $1.05'A, wero followed by a sharp general upturn. The close was firm, H4 to l%c net higher, with Sept. $1 .03Mi to J1.0a% and Dee. ,»1.001.4 to $1.00%. Selling'on tho part of houses with eastern connections sent corn and oats down until December corn and September and Decerabor oats touched a now low price rocord for tile season. Tho rallies ensued. After opening unchanged to %c lower, Sept. 74%c to 76 %c, the corn market declined all around and then recovered iu full. The close ivaa unsettled at a range varying from 1c decline to J /ic advance, Sept. 70% {0 7r .%c. Outii started unchanged to %c off. Sept, 36Ho to 3G%c. Later all of the setback wan overcome. Firmness in hog values brought about slight gains In tho provision market. WHEAT HAS FALLEN TO NEW LOW PRICE Bearish Influences of the New York Stock Market Helped it Along. MARKET NOTES Will flfbnon brought the flrert new wheat into the Sylvia mills. It tested [16 pounds to tie bushel and It is ostlnmte»l lo run 15 bushels to the acre. The wlioiU was a nice brown color and good protein lost. It brought 80 cents a bushel. Blllnwood: Wheat oould scarcely look hotter than in this neighborhood. Although thero is a little lo»s from mat it in more than made up by the abundant crop. Everything Is favor 122% I nJile for a big yield. I'M. 10% 40 S4% 75% 143% 02 36% 40 4«% (18 24% (13% 13 30 32 IS 41 21% n H 31% 3«% 18% 7 66% .12% 40% 18 no% 82% 41% 31%. 18 30% 23% 40% 40% 65 84% 98% 23 00% 41% 67 127% *5% 81% 62% 26 8% Chase: Just ao harvest began last week a lot of 1932 wtieat poured into the local market, although tho price was only one ceut above the recent low mark. Lyons: A field of growing wheat was put on Bale . at the C. Br Loutzenholser sale and was bid in by the owner. Farmers could not bo Induced to bid more than $3 an ncro for the crop although it was virtually made ami ready for harvesting. Joe llra-ida ot Tinilum, -Rush ccunty estimates that blaA 'k rust has ruined one-tMrd of tho wheat crop in his neighborhood. New wheat coming Into the Walnut Hills ot Great Head Is testing 69 to GO pounds and tho samples tested for protein were 11 to 11. S, below good milling wbeat. It Is thought that when tho wheat lias become dryer tho protein test will bo higher. Ciottlelb Krnstine, county cor/unls- siouor of Barton county who has out r>70 acres of wtioat estimate?! that Jits crop will average from 10 to 11 butfhoU to tho acm Thero is considerable of wheat acreago In Ford county whidh will run about 20 bushels to the acre. The threatened damage by urasshoppers did not d-ev«lop t Wheat testing 58 to 61 has been sold at the Stafford ©levators. Scarcity of help Is bothering the mercJianbs. Kansas City Cash Prices. Kansas Olty, Juno 30 — WtlBAT— UooeiiUs ICS cars; lc up from yesterday's C 1 O.M 1 H £' bid; No. 2 d-ark hard 11 .01 (if 1.09; No. 3 dark hard $1,010 1.09; No. 2 liuril 95cfl>$l.07; No. 3 hard 9lc@?1.07; No. 2 red $1.01® 1.04; No. 3 red 9nc@51.02. CORN—Unchanged to lc lower; No. 2 white 82c; No. 3 white 81© SIVjc: No. 2 yellow SlMi!3>83c; No. 3 yellow 81i<,i(.''S2c.: No, 2 mixed 81® 82c; No. 3 ni'lxod 80%!!. OATS-^-Unchanged; fair ' demand; No. 2 wbito 42®4Sc; No. 3 white il% @41M>c; No. 2 mixed 42042>-4o. RYE—64(g)05o. BAItL'EY—67 @59c KAFFIR—Jl.GO. BRAN—95®l>8c. SHORTS—$1.35@1.40. Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas City, June 30. —WHEAT— July 94 l 4e asked; Sept. 96',-tc bldr Dec. 99%0 bid. CORN—July 77Uc. bid; Sept. 71%c split asked; Dec. 59H« bid. WALL STREET MARKET. Now York, June 30.—While -»ome improvement occurred in prices ot a tow shares In today's stock market, notably United Stales Alcohol, Davison Chemical, Dupont and Producers and Rolluovs the maju tendency continued downward. Upjted States Steel was one of 2o stock's to establish new low prices for tho year, that stock .huing §old at flfi., Other"' touching new lows incluaM Baldwin, St. Paul preferred, Oreat Northern preferred, American Tiloplione, BMBdior Body, FaiirAmorlcan, California Petroleum and Texas Oohinany. Losses (tanged from 2 to 5 points. Tlie closing was heavy. ^ Sales approximated *60,000 slhares. New York, June 80.—Prices displayed a reactionary trond »t the opening of todny'B stock market with a renowal of Belling proesurs la the rails, stoeU, equipments, motel's and motor accessories. Lossos of a point or more on Initial transactions woro #ustainod by Canadian Pacific, Dela- f Ware and Hudson and 8trom,horg Oftrburetor. United States BUel and Bethlehem, Baldwin and American WooSon yielded fractlpimlly. Mors than a dozen stocks (wtablish- ed new lows for the years, tb« losses ranging from small ti actions to 2 points. Bteel and Tube prefeired advanced 2% to a new high. Foreign exchanges openod Irregulur. New York Money. Now York Juno 30.—Foreign exchanges irregular. Quotations in cents; Great Britain demand 4 ,57 11-16;« cables 4.57%; 60 day bills on banks 4 .67 13-18. France demand, 6.03V4; cables 6.04. Italy demand 4.3SMi- cables 4.39. Belgium demand 6.13; cables 5.13'A. Germany demand '.0005Mi; cables .0005%. , Switzerland demand 17.61%. t'Czecho-Stavakia demand 2.99. Greece demand 2.96. l\>lond demand .0008%. •• Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago, Juno 30—WHEAT—July $1.02%; Sept. $1.03%; Dec. S!.fl6%. CORN—July 7S%c; Sept. 75%c; D<?c. 63 %c. OATS—July 40%c; Sept. 3G!)ic; Dec, 38%c. PORK—Blank. LARD—July $10.72; Sept. $10.97. RIBS—July $8.95; Sept. $9.16. Hutchinson Flour and Feed. (Quoted by Wm. Kelly Milling Co.) WlifcAT—No. 2, new or old, 83c. , FLOUR—per 98 lb. sacks $3.15; 48 lb. sacks, $3.20; 24 lb. sacks. $3.30. GRAHAM—-Per ewt., 10-lb. sacks $3.50. CORNMEAL—per cwt, 10-lb. sack* $3.20. SHORTS—Per Cwt., $1.45. ''BRAN—per cwt., SL20. SC1W5EN1NGS—$1.30. Chicago, June SO.—Al! future deliveries of whoat have fallen this week to a new low .price rocord for the Bea- Bon. The setback Is largely ascribed to tho bearish Influence of tho New York stock nuvrkot. 1-owost prices yet this season wore also reached hy some deliveries of corn and oats. Corn 4% to 4%c off, oats showing % to lc loss and provisions at 25 to 30c decline. t With weather conditions steady, favorable for tho harvesting ot winter wheat and with rains and lower temperatures helping tho growth -of tho spring crop, the wheat market proved unusually 'sensitive to other hear factors Buoh as notable down turns in the i>rlco of securities. Liquidation ot Whoat holdings on the part of himses with eastern connections gave special emphasis to the disturbing general effects of the stock market declines and were offset to only a moderate degree by reports flint within two days 4,000,000 lrushols of future dolivurics of wheat had boon taken by exporters. Favorablo ' weather conditions for tho new corn crop together with4n- dicatlons that the stock of corn here would show an inerenso this week had a bearish influence on the corn market. Oats followed corn. Provisions declined with hogs and grain. SHARP BREAK IN THECATTLE PRICES Trade Was Dull All Throughout the Week,' Killing Steers Showing Least Decline. KanBae City, Mo., June .10.—Thero was a sharp break in most grades ot cattle hero last week, grass cows seeming the hardest to move, although many yearllngB showed aB much loss as cows. Commonest grades killing steers showed least decline. Trade was dull throughout. Cattle receipts wero 41,000, exalusive of 8,000 calves against 30,9t)2 a week ago. Top native steers made $11.00 and a low others $10.6o(8i 10.00. Bulk steers and yearlings sold til $7.75iii> 9.60. Hog prices declined somewhat later in the week after showing an early gain. Receipts were 47,000 compared with 40,411 tho previous week. Demand was best for lights and butchi'i's, underweight hogs selling at considerable discount. Tuesday's best lio;?s cold at $7.26, but on Friday tho top was $C.S0. Sheep prices worked higher while lambs were steady to slightly lower. Receipts totalled 26,000 against 29.089 a week »£o. Best lambs scored $16.2u; bulk $14.26(6'14.76. PRODUCE MARKETS Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, June 30.-—BUTTER— Unchanged'; creamery 43@44c; packing 26c. '' BUTTER FAT—Unchanged, 32c; extra Quality 36c. EGOS—Unchanged; firsts 19c; seconds 17c; selectc-d case lots 27c. POULTRY—Weak; light brollors 26c lower, others unchanged; hens 17c; heavy broilers 34 %c; roosters 10a / Chicago Produce. ! Chicago, June 30.— BUTTBR.-Low- er; creo-mery extras 37 i/ EC; Ktandards 37%c; extra firam 35%®i36%e. . EGOS—Lower; firsts 20%@21c. POULTRY—Alive, higher; fowls 21c; broilers S5@42c; roosters 12c. POTATOES — Slightly weaker; Southern sacked triumphs $2.50@i 3.00; Virginia barrels cobblers $6.75® 6.00. BEEF STEERS WEAK , TO MUCH LOWER Dropped From 25 Cents to $1 Over Yesterday—Hogs 5 to 10 Higher. Kansas City, June 30.—CATTLE— Receipts 600; ciilvea 100; for week: Beef stcorn and yearlings 25c to $1 lower; mosUIy 60c to 76c lower; lop $11.00; better grades she-stock mostly 25c lower; others 60c(ff$l lower; canners steady; cutters mostly 75c lower; bulls steady to 75c lower; calves averaged $1 lower; sto^kors and feeders mostly weak to 35c lower; plain kinds 40(JJ75c off; stork cows ami heifers steady to unevenly lowor; stock calves mostly steady. HOGS—Receipts 1,400; mostly offl 10c higher to packers, auaJlty considered; top $6.80; hulk 176 to 230 pound averages $B.fiBT;uVKfl; bulk of sales $a .5 . r >((f 6.80; packing sows $6.76(11' 6.80. SHEEP—Receipts 800; for week: Lambs stoatfy to 25c tow<*r; top natives $15.25; bulk better grades $1125 MINISTER IS TO TALK A LITTLE Effort Made to Get Him to "Lay Off" of Governor of Oklahoma and Troops. (Tly Th« AMHX 'latcd Pr«B) irenryettn, Okla., June 30.— A full- page .'vtv.'rtly'.'mont whlcii appeared iu both local dally newspapers yesterday afternoon, announcing a lecture by the Ilev. Cornelius Tiowloa. a Hon- ryetta minister, on the situation In Okmulgeo county, resulting In the proclamation of martial law, Is believed responsible for the nnexiwetod orders Issued early today H '-ndlng Company E, 171UU Inf., here from Okmulgeo. The advertisement, which was signed by Ilev. Howies, dw .iai'ed that Okmulgee county ha-d "be-ui imposed tm by a Hfll'-appolntoil ecmntlttoe, the Kovcnvtr and a lawless element." Camped Near City Hall, Tho Dkm-ul ^eo troops arrived herft ®14.75; culls mostly $8.00fi'8.50; j In tho nljtht and camped nc .ir the city sheep 50@76c higher; Tex«rj wotliers i hall. f7.25®8.00; native largely $6.60<'(j>7.25. brooding ewes YOUNG GIRLS Chicago. Chicago, Juno 30.—CATTLR—Re­ ceipts 1,000; market for week moat killing clttSBcs unevenly 2» to ?1 low­ or; lowi 1 !- grades y «arllnR3 showing maximum ilocline3. Many gruH .-i fat cown, 5n to 75c off; bulls lnrgdly hlRlicr; first voiil calvos 2f> cfiv r >0c up; Blocker;, ami feeders 25 to 50c lower; spots more on plain light Htc -okora; extreme top matured stours $lr.'i0; pa:! load long yenrliiiK $ 11.00; few young etotrrs above $10.fiO; w<?eko bulk bouf bi(.o<-rs and yearllngn $8.D0^.10.2&. S11 J'lIO P— Re c e 1 p t a 4,000; compared wl(h wct'k ago good and choice Inmbt! 2i>({t 50c higher; lower grades and nulla steady: sheep steady; closing top na- tlvo lamb?; $15.75; bulk medium and handyweight uvrea xiiOHtly $5.00^.50. HO«K—Kncolpta 8,000; fairly active; bettor Uliid lO ^jjiric higher; others strong to 10c higher; bulk good and choice ItiO to 800 pounds avorag- ©i* $7 .or>^L7 .2it; top $7.25; packing HOWS moatly arounti $6.25; Btrong weight pife '6 up to $6.75; heavyweight hoga $6.f>5(5;7.15; medluxn *6.7&@7.25; light $0 .65e ?T.20. MISSING Opal and Verna Harvey Believed to Have Run Away, Dressed in Boys Clothes. .rumen Stormetit, chief of police, and John Kussoll, Hhorlff or Okmulgeo county, iufornied Adjutant. General Ihiird II. Marldiam by telephone last nlKht that elt 'orta to dlBtfuado the mini- hiter from his intention to aneuli had heen miavailliiK and that they believed their foreoB Hheult! be strength- cued to enable them to prevent th« meetlugK. MAN IS INJURED IN GRADE CROSSING CRASH Rock Island Freight Hits Car South of Motor Plant—Victim Will Recover. I^m-il 0. U'interfi, It Seventh nvonua west, a niaiUer nwehanie i<ir the Morton riHlt Co., was palniully thouffh probatdy not. aeriounly Injured lists nianiliiR- wlien an extra Kork Ialantl Wichita. Wichita. Kan., Juno 30 —HOflS—Re- oolrvts 20(1; 10c higher; top $6.80; bulk »G.20©6.80. CATTLE—Otepelpta 400 including 200 calves; nominal; for week Iu to 25c lower on fat cattle; veal 50c lower; bulls 25e lower; sto^kers slow and dull. PRODUCTION HONORS TO SEVERAL COWS Opal Harvey, 13 and Vonia Harvoy, 11, <|«iuglitcrrt of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Harvey, 724 Sliermau w-cst arc missing and llieir ]>arcnty have enHabHl titc alii of II. 0. Burgoea, head of a local rtotoctlvo agrriic.y in snareliing for I.ho c-hildrou who Wt 'homo rarly t,UU morning during the absence of their luoUier. Thp ftiot tliat two boyft' eults nro mlsiaing Icadw MTS . Harvey to bolieve that tlvrugljla woro hoya'" apparel In j height^raiii^tnK'k" a'i^w" ui ( ]ge' rir this, their second break. She has noosed a »uin, of .money between $5 and $16, which they are presumed to have taken, U ^vas Jjist about a year ago that the&e two young glrla ran away. They j wero caught quickly near Partridge. I They &a1d then they ran away because j tlielr inotilier bad scolded Ihe-m, The IKirents of tho girl a art* anxloue to !hcar from them. EMPORIA TO OBSERVE "CITIZENSHIP WEEK" 17 Liberty Bond*. Pinal prices quoted by the McNaghten Loan company today wore: fty* _ ?10(1.15 }'}*%,. 07.2S l»t «»* n.i 2nd 4U % »»H 4 Jjh /. .- »8 .4 u. a. OoTwamcnt 4U% B8.1T Cotton Market. Nerw YOTIH Jun« 80.— Cotton futures <floMd »t*ady; July 27.0« @27 .07c; October a4.57@24 .61o; Deeembor 24 .03 »«nk Statement. •Ntrw York, June 80.—The actual ocndttlon ot clearinghouse hapks and trtuct oompanlos tor the week shows an exciM> in reserve ot 112,335,120. 'nhts l*,an lucrease ot |4,846 ,17t). <S> <5> >t> <?• -J> <8> <$• * 4> <S> <t> <J' "J> * «• * DUNN'S RgPO'RT. • 4> • * **.<?' <S- <J- <5> -j-' * <?> * <t> * <J> «' <•!> New York, Juno SO.—Dun's report says: The half year ending ha.a been featured $>y a noteworthy expansion of. domestic business but most of the gain was achieved during the first Quarter. WIillo aggregate transactions continue o* large volume, recent •months) have unmistakably brought a contraction ot demand in ditterent channels and the riso ot prices has been cbeclted. Tho change however, 13 not surprising for progress, had been unusually rapid and n maintenance ot record activity In various lines with uninterrupted price advances was scarcely to he expected. Even now, now Bjaitniuma are etill baing established In certain instances, although the general condition is one ot recession in both production and distribution of goods. Such a phase lo natural at tihls time aa tho present situation is marV.od hy some of the characteristics that cannot be attributed to strictly soasonn.1 in- tlueneos. The caution in buying and the disposition to limit committments mainly to actual and well defined rOQUiro- ments following the previous heavy purchasing, reflect tho prevailing spirit o£ conservation and Indicate an under current of uncertainty regarding tie future. Woeldy bank cloarings $6,670,475,000. Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Carl NCIBOD.) •POULTRi'—Hene over 4 lbs, ct».; under 4,lbs. 14 cts.; broilers 1V4 to 2 lbs. 25 cts.; under i\4 20 cts.; sprbigs, 2% lbs. and over, 18 ots.; roosters, 7 cts. RUCKS—-Young, 1.0c; Geese young 10c; turkeys, hens &M lb. and over 20c, young toma 12 lb. and over 20c; okl tonis IScH gulnns, 30c each; plg --l eons, 6c each or 75c a doz.; Molgian Hares 8e. E<K3B—Fresh, candled loss off, cte. dozen, Good Records by All Animals Owned by.County Cow Testing Association. 15 Hutchinson Butterfat. (Quoted by Swilt fc Co.) BUTTER—Creamery, 30@40 ots. . BUTTERFAT—No. 1 34 cts.; No. 2, 31 eta. EOGS—Looso, 15 eta. „, Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Sunflower Produce Co.) •POULTRY: Cocks fcts.; hens 16 ots.; light hens, 14cts.; broilers 25 cts. Leghorns and blacks under IVj Ds., 20 eta. EGGS: 15c dozen. TOO COLD FOR FISHING. Kanaae City Hay. ICansaB CUy, Mo., June 30.—HAY— Rocolpts 38 cars; unchanged. ALFALFA — Cholco $20.50@22.50; No, 1 $18.50@20.00; Standard 116.00® 17.50; No. 2, $11.60©15.50; No. 3 $9.00 011.00. PRAIRIB HAY—No. 1 »19.00#17.00 No. 2 J13.00igil6.00; No. 2 $8.50@12.50; TIMOTHY—No. 1 $20.50; standard «19.50@20.00; No. 2 $1S.60@19.00; NO. 8 »1«.00©18.00. •€LOVER—Mtxed light $20.M; No, |19.00@19.50; No. 2, 16.00©1S,60. Hutchinson Music Instructor Writes of Freeze In Colorado. Prof C. M. Kahenstoek and his fam-. ily are up in the Colorado mountains enjoying their annual vacation at L^el Notre, Colo. Writing of conditions thero be says: "We came over the pass better than ever this yoar. Found the rond* fine, It is so nice and cool out her"; In fact It froze last night. There is so much snow on tlie mountains tills year. The fltrhing in not (food, buU. havo tlie promise of better times ahead. At tho rate wo are going wo will have oaten everything iu tho valley before September. High production honors for an individual cow wore divided in the Reno County Cow Testing Association during the month of Juno. Ono of tho cows owned hy C. A. Stone, who lives near Sterling mado tho greatest buttorfat pcodnejiou record, by producing 67.8 pounds of fat and 1,212 pound ot milk. A cow owned hy Fred McMurray of Harlow won the honors for milk production. Sho gave 57.3 pounds of fat and 1.1)80 pounds of millr. All of the cows in the association mado good records this past month. Thero were 13 COWB wbich produced more than 50 pounds of butterfat, 31 cows produced more than 40 pounds ot fat, and 84 cowa than went above the 30 pound mark. v The A. M. Davis hord of purebred Holstein cows mado the. best herd average last month. The average production of his entire herd here was 41 pounds of fat and 1,206 pouuda of milk. a GRAIN DEALERS HEAR STORM WAS EXTENSIVE DEATHS AND FUNERALS PIONEER WOMAN DIES. Mrs. Jane Laughlln Came to Haven Township Back In 1872. Mrs. Jane Laughlin who came to Haven township in 1872 and homesteaded the tract three and a half miles east of Haven died this week and was burled Thursday. She was survived by her children, Arthur Laughlln of Turon, Simon S. Laugblin of Wichita, Mrs. Margaret Wallace of thlajplaco, Mrs, Roberta Young ot-) Sedgwick and James H. Laughlln of Burrton, and thirteen grandchildren and pus great-graud child. A very severe hail storm was reported to several liutcblnsoii Grain Dealers^ this morning. According to these reports all -wheat and other farm crops were completely destroyed. The storm extended over a territory starting about Hays, Kansas ami going uoutli west, hitting the Hucklln terrl- tory about a mile west of Ilucklin. This strip of country that wan damaged so badly varied in width from flvo to twenty miles. A local grain man who was talking to Kurd reports that farmers in that vicinity are returning pWehforks purchased it few days ago to tho hardware dcalors n.s tho hall destroyed all their wheat and they will not havo any harvest. TLO was driving at the crossing so.ii.tb, of the salt plant about 7:*i;~>. The ear wa.s demolished by the Impact. The injured man was taken to St JSilzaljoth's hospital where eiamilna- thm showed Ills injuries were not serious. He sustained one bad scalp wound and was badly bruised, b«jt otherwise not believed to be hurt. Mr, Winters bad only recently pur- cbaaort t'ho dcinollsbed car and waa •planning to start tornon'ow on a vacation trip to Colorado. RAILROAD NOTES Dumont Smith Among Speakers Accepting Invitation to Aid in Program. Hmporia, Kan., June 30. --Five well- known. IKansans will bo guests of.the Kansas State Teachers College. 10m- .poria, next week a.s speakers on the "citlzens'hlp "week" program which will bo held July 9 to 13. Throo or tho speakers have already accepted nvilatiions to speak on the program. V. Dumont Smith, prominent Hutchinson ntitornoy, will epea.k July 9 on the subject, "Racial Ideals." Governor Jonathan M.-Davis will he tho principal speaker on* July 10 at the annual Governor's Day oercieea. Ilia subject haa mot been anuouncoxl. Justice R. A. Burch of Topoka will speak on the subject "I>aw find PrOKTOfin" July 15. The other two speakers liave not been announced. Buiporla legal and olvrto organizations are cooperating with tbo college in the campaign for "holler cltlswn- ehiip." The Lyon County liar As-soela- tion and tho City Federation of Women's Clubs are taking an active interest In the plan. "Tho purpose of tho plan Is what the naiiBe implies—>to promo'to higher types of citizenship," said President Thomas W. D.iifcher. "Hy choosing Kanaaa men to speak on the programs we hope to >j!\o (be students of tlie scliool a better knowledge of prominent ineu of their own elate." WHISKEY UPSTAIRS AND HE IS CLEARED O. J. ()<;<#, Sunta Fe division HUper- Intcmdwit tram IKHI^O CUy, RIHI A. B. Tmmiin, Snnta iiivlniou I'litfineer, weru hero yomeniay on buylri((;iu. R (K Kr"bl )H, Sutita Fo transportation Inspector anil \V\ H. .Innt ^i, Hanta J r t: »tpnul r.upt -'rviHKH', wont to WrlgfaJt tlila nioniins to JuvuBtifrato tUo wrnrka^e LU i. TO duo to Uio ai.onn iaft night. IT. P. Hartman, Chiof c!«rk nt th* Santa Ko frofMht officft, retunifjil last night from Kan-su^ City whore ho lias hoen ^ttL 'iulinjj an InU -rHtato Ccwii- merco hearing'. Kock iHland cle-rka on the erutlr* division, to tin) immbtir of 0,000, w4SI rocolvo benof 'itB of an increase in , wagon granted n>contIy l>y the Eodcsrai la1>or hoard. Tho liuirouso is retroactive to Juno 1, and the total increase jwr yoar will amount lo around ?173,000 tho f)y;item over. Station employes a?* well aa clerks rocolvo tho henef!* ot Iho tncrease. No eatlmato can ho mado of th» damuKft <lono by rocoru fUH *d-» to tiun MifcTsmiri VacitU: niilnoad, acoordlnjjf to A. II. Webb, division Buperirtondont. It will require at Ioa«t GO days to wlipo out the marks of Uhe high watum in ttila and tin* eoutihcu^tortt Heutloa of the state, ho think». Restaurant Man's Story That He Does Not Use Upper Floor Clears Him of Charge. THE DAILY RECORD Marrtan£ Licenses, O. K. Fuyxett, Hutchinson II. Ualliy. Jfutchlnaon, 2I>. Joo O. Ibaztal, Abbyvillc. ' Mrs. Kvallno \Vllllain9on, "k-gal line." WUihun W. Hchrarlsr, Hi Fayo E. Ituuhf llulchlnson. t'C; Thelina "legat aife"; Hiitchlnoon, tcl,in.son, 18. Fire Works I Our stock of firecrackera, fireworks, torpedoea etc. are stohig fam. Get your supply Early at Tha'Craft Shop. 414 Nortlb Alain. P. O. Ghmnas, Iiropriotor ot tho Bu»y Boo lunch room, who wus nrrcHt- od recently on a hono dry charga iu connection with a ralil mado at ills homo in which a large quantity of swear lu &m and somo booting -whlukdy wero found, was found not guilty yus- terday evening by I'olico Judg.j W. II. B. Benedict. Ml*. Cliumas waa doarod bnciiuse of tne fact that he admitted that lio wa3 trying to get a divorce from his wifu, and that ho had not been In tho upstairs portion of his homo for sometime. That was wliera the nrhliiltey and the mash, were found. Mra. Chumiis, who waa orreatod at the saiuo time, will bo tried in police court tbla afternoon. CITY COMMISSIONERS ARE GOING FISHING A finning contest IF on nnsons' tha oiiy i-.)iHJiVisn:'on6rH. i osr erday l*ur£ f 'onimiHHioner W. b. Uro'.vn i-uunded tho connnhmlon on v-hcliier thoy would liko -to go fishing iuid whon tha n\spon«o "ivu.'j nnaniiiuma lie invito*! i ho commlBHh '.n dowji t».) bin fartu on Uio Ninoaculj in RiviKinun county. •I'FLIOSJ of past prowess in t!n> fishing Jino caiirifvd tho Major 10 put in a eondltlon. "Tho fnUow who him tlia wnaili -Bt catrli will !mvi> to stuinj for u dinner to tho rt,st oi' tt '.ft c^iwd," tbifl " WHH accepted, Tho fUliin^ purty will bo held next week. Fire Crackers! Jkiy your «nj ?j .ll «?.j» of l«\>nrlh of Jtily flrocrno.kwH and ftr^woikci at tlie Crmft Stoop 414 North Marin. SO-U- Women Pastors. Sioux Fulls— South I>aJcota haa two women pft&tt>ra who are nvakina a suo- SO-ltJ^cesji of their rellsftoiw worl^, OUR BUSINESS IS LOANING MONEY We Work nt Our Trade. -ask McNAGHTEN!

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