Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1970 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1970
Page 10
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B-2 Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1970 JACKSON TWtNJ By Alfred And*tola KF.RRV DRAKE HEY THSJOOS MUST'VE OUTlNTHBRHUT HTHfvSSF*-**" 11 * B6TTES?UNPLU6fT OUR OLP ELECT-PC MISSING AND IP 1 KNOW DIMEV HE PCOBABLYLEFtrr SDIMS FUU. BLAST CUT 7HEPE S/ANDArWR FORCED WITH COULDN'T STT ON KWQWW6 IT/.. ACE «Or?*AL cme CLEAN, 6ft IIL HANS HIM HEELS on HIS OWN ' MltALPlAtas..TffAT«y IN iw§ sway ANO JERKEP TAUTAS %»U KWN ttSWASD IT/ /OU WEf?6 SET UP FOR! A tK&GR NECK LEFTY/ Bob Weber DAVID CRANE By GreJg Flessel ')/Trier-Re :MST Zl TH§ goffr OF ~~ BLIP IS GOINQ CARE OF ODRS By George Slxta THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker and Hart BANKS TRYING TO LATELY THERE HAV6NT ANY D6UV6RY MEN COMING „ AROUND- yO By A. LEOKUM WHY DO THE PLANETS ROTATE Around the sunO THB PRIME RATE SITUATION LANCELOT By Coker ft Penn HOWASOCrTTHE .MEATPAUU6 ? WHAT \ „ SAUCE? THE SPAGHETTI tMAPE. LANCE? NOW I WONPEK WHAT LORI HA6- ASAINST TIGER By Bud Blake -THAT HAP 1W6 THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith fEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman f CAPTAIN NEILSON.' OVER HERE.'.. QUICK' WALK SOFTLY.' HOW COME YOU'RE HO.DIM'YOUR HEAD, SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal LAU5HIN6 AT MY JOKES. WINTHBOP By Dick GavalU U£T ME TELL. YOJ Q3WE OF THe APVANT»<3£6 OF BELONGING TO THE ER... ER...*^ OH... /VA 5 , PIO1 <4M-U I'D BETTB2 GO HOME ANPMAKE- UP A UQT Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: DOUG SHOLTS, 11, Sun Prairie, Wise. We can explain what keeps a planet in brbit around the sun. It is quite another thing to explain how this motion started. According to Newton's law of motion, an object that is in motion tends to remain in motion in a straight line — unless it is acted upon by some outside force. So a planet in motion would tend to continue moving in a straight line away from the sun. But there is an outside force that keeps it from doing so. And that force is the sun's gravitation. The result is that a planet keeps in orbit around the sun. But what started the planets in motion in the first place? We still don't have the answer, but there are theories to explain this, and they have to do with the origin of our solar system. One theory (the "planetesimal theory") says that a star passed close to the sun-and pulled away some material from the sun. Some of the material did not fall back. The gravitational pull of the passing star had set the material moving in a curved path. This material became the planets, and the pull of the sun kept them moving in an orbit around the sun. Another theory (the "dust - cloud theory") says that a huge cloud of dust and gas began to contract about 5 billion years. ago. It formed into a ball and began to spin. In time, it flattened into a huge disk. The hot central mass of the disk became ths sun. The outer parts of the dust cloud broke away into swirling masses that eventually condensed as planets. And as planets they continued orbiting around the sun. As we learn more about our solar system, a new theory may emerge that will explain how our solar system was created. FUN TME The Riddle Box 1. What has three feet but can't walk? 2. What is the most difficult train to catch? 3, What should a man know before he tries to teach a dog? ANSWERS 1. A yard. 2. The 12:50, because it is 10 to 1 if you catch it. 3. More than the dog does. Win a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook for Writing About "The Country • I'd Like lo Visit" QUINOY By Ted Shearer What country would you like to visit? Write a short letter about it and you may win a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Entries must be addressed "Country", Tell Me Why, and give your name, age, address (zip code). Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: Spanish, Italian, Chinese. I HAD A PENNY... you UENP A GIRL TWO CENTS? By Carl Anderson FUNNY BUSINESS rue Life Adventures By Roger Bollen HAZARDOUS TRAIT ewe HIM PHOWE NUMBER?, MOST )M<QU)S1-TIVE SOMETHl)s)<S O 1970 Wai; DUney Proiluctioni W«ld Rljhu Rescind Answer to Previous Punlt .'.- -.12-30. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE ACROSS 1 herrings 4Dvtll— r 8 —- poison •12 Form of "to .be" ;. 13 Russian hemp 14 Fetid. 15 Damage 16 Moslem noble 17 Identical 18 Quick blow 20 sleuth 22 Destruction 24 Series of steps 25 American navy (ab.) '26 Enemy ,27 Black •31 Poisoned —— '33 Star in Alpha '.34 Woman adviser SS Weak 36 Operate again 37 Crazy 38 Vat 39 Anesthetic tl EarJy Scot 42 Heaped together 45 Convulsion 46 Caper (coll.) 47 Otiose 49 Male cat 52 Ancient Persian kingdom 53 Joy 54 Uncle Tom's friend 55 Alaskan city 56 Supervisor 57 Flounder DOWN 1 Male sheep 2 Epoch 3 bulletin victim's body 4 Snare 5 That man 6 Catholic in Eastern rite (var.) 7 Part of skin • beneath epidermis 8 Having a beak 9Wings 10 New Zealand timber tree 11 German river 19 Indefinite article 21 Having passages, as a theater 22 Less polite 23 Custom 24 Short-billed rail 26 Makes mock attacks 28 Lined bearing with an alloy 29 Flower 30 Build 32 - details of murder 33 At a distance 37 Interfere 40 Remark to attract attention 41 Greek letter 42 Arabian-gulf 43 Grain sorghum 44 First man 45 Give food to 48 Meadow 5Q Eggs 51 Shak kespear- ean queen SiHO INC- '6 '83UIS •< W '9 'QOaVONYH "t 'WINJJWVr 'I —MMQQ -;dQQ8| 'U-'pflB '01 'aiiSif '6 'MM* '8 '»MYH '$ 'aYAVJi '8 '5 lotirgrlu 4ut>.)

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