The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 10
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fALilS I UN. 1" inc. ri u i.v.fl.i.iv 3 KJ.VI , c w o eal Estate REALTORS SEEK TO BE UTILITY But Must Have Co-operation of Buycra AA Well as Seller D. F. Co« Points Out. Tl F. Coo, Rpirritarv of tho Htm) Iv-'iiU) IU>rml, Imlie.pH Unit tho buyer of i»; oii'Tty, t;itrior city or country, h:it* u flufy ns well as th« HnJIor. "Ono i;;!jsi not hi run o *»t-h «r8 for his own '-M ":-t<-,;. nifn^H, and y( liy Cirwl^Hsnftflrf tn tMiyln^, ho frc'iicrntly, perforca, ti.'c.i it," Haiti Mr. (N>i\ '"pirn <»hjt-*'t <>f this board is to t'-.'i:ihll!-h ar<l jit aixlanlSzo the btiatnoaa >>: :•( dl ffttutM hrokft'n/(«, so that It "*.-j 1J <»!»:«in and )i;*.hl th«> r .'.Mif M Hiiro .'.'( rt '<i<-d of inii.h iMvin 'w at id juir- * risers, to mfiliit.'Uii thn dlpuHy and i •;»»m;!MI !ty of its iimmbarf* tn tbolr i ! i'v in ih»' jMihlic; to oitHlv -iLo and *••. f <iri , <* fair dfalln.;; mnl fotitcT Rood I'-lifw Miiip iiTiioiij' H» miiinlKirs In tboir !• i\ in•• r : j . of buylivK. Hailing, r*>ntlure J ; . ni wi.nm^inK osintu and Umnbin • .»[)'•>' f -borcou; '-.KijitTRto wltJi o :'K ;i!ii7.atloii! J <m jnnttv *rs Of civic [ (i- • • ••'i»!iin"i! t; to l'! or 11 re jir.vt anil AVPII | I. 1 ; to jiroinut.!' <;iii "*h a itye'tp-in i f. I,i>v a :iM adniUitslrntfoii and busbj < >in* 1 in-1 as MmM \>i\>tw± OUT; <• \V'\i:~, f\\r t ,uvny,<- in.lust.ry aivd It-'itii" ; ('•• n..p-tui<, ;md .lttrurt Uu; ib'slvabhi | ;• inn tn which our cuml Itlomi tm-1 iHi, l o v »iiM -«*i ;i ily cn:ird aiul ad- j •".t !)C<- T tlf-» j li I/ 1 ff *..{.-., <if '(Mil Jtt'J, &:id j ,* . ilcviv'", ;tt',Y"r .ii!.c j-nni rfiij /]M>;'l ]':yi'> ' . 'In?; '•.•(}r .;j!.,.!,- ( i )(> improvif our ;)arl , <*> <* ^ * * * <|> <*• -?> • REAL ESTATE BAROMETER. v»> H/ml estate aaloa and ox- r changes a3 roported by tlio real <*• ostate board for the wook und- ^ I lie: June 30: <»> *i' ' Valuation •$> t* City proporty sales, elpht $28,000 <$' ExcbangfiR, throo 4.600 -i> •s> Kunu i>ropor<y, on» 8,000 i> Total . .$4O,G0O i PROPERTY ON IMPROVED STREETS SURE SECURITY BORROWERS ARE CHANGING IDEAS General Tendency Now Toward Loans Reduced Monthly or Semi-Annunlly. l /Ubllr.* 1 \u c >u;;!ry." \ )i".ilt «T IIIIIH Justly j»orve Uio i!'',' 1 i -iwMiuiifwi Mr. Con, "for dm i.i | u )ils i >rofi .'rtri|on nnd rodo [ Any Ini'nu'tion *tJiuso , ubj'-^i'' 1 bim to u review by \ini KIM 1 , buyers, they ar« U'/tns t" ))••]]> >•»'.!, but yon, too, have mi . Mlrjit a duly. Von nnut holy ftn-ni i-fitry on! Lln'ir ld'Ml.-v You must liiv .iiv :\\\ tJi-- oui'di-n upon t.ntirn. l :iv -'i^.it.' h.ii'uj'" > mi buy. luvetrti- y.,r->- CimiiL'ii rf>sp ,Miriihlo sources. Ho iif -r 'in.p pi -f >i (d .->(*inm:ily into an office vji.b tint Knowiny iiiiyt.hltu; atM>ut tHio r< rtli.iiMilty in' that oi 'fb 'M <'onsuU a li-'iif'T, a man In tlio val riiitatv; busl- ro-ri .o-juac -d ivlf.b fb*» bJtflifftft Meals, 'I h:it -.\ i mill 1m prud "iici*, wlBdom and '• ' \. ^nci ^iu.'ii .i .s rnaii'i by stien ni -'.iMH. ai-'.' annniK 1 lu» pojvont- d^.' of wlno and protitabki lnvo;it- J7f»*n(f>." HOUSE SURVEY SHOWS POPULATION INCREASE Ed. Moore saya he knows a man who baa chattKix] Ida mlivd on public \tu- ,t»rtivomenta. Tim man In question was what in known IU a "tight wad." Ihn only thlnK bo looked at w^aa hlfl f;t\' tTWpt, ti" v^f^d ;in<! «orl «*rt against tUl imblk". improvt'in^.nVft. raU- <jd tlin roof when U H.TO was a rnovo- nsoiU to pav*» tho Alrnet bo Hvfd on and holp -d to df>f(>at tin; pavement, of f-.lin Nama Ri'fvntiy ho n *H -di'd «onnt roady inonoy badly In his busihoyM and hi; npl'lbjd lor a loan on hts donoo. Ibi found lifi ronio not yvt as bl|? a bum as ho wuiittrd and li-- would hAto to pay /(. higher ral^ of fntor'-^l tban a fhond of hlfl \vu.» imyiiii;, ar .4 •t*u) frlond hi»d ^o( a iafgor U»an than 1m iv »uld t:ot whiht his houau W.LS tin.' moat valaiLble t »f D IL* two. Ho b**Kan to make * n t \m ] r tw a a to why 1 it; w a. 1 * dlrtf.rinilnuttHl ugain &t. Ho found out thlrt to being a fact. That loan companies arn not uitxloua to lend inonoy on ivsUhMMf; property Uiat U located on dirt strata. Thoy proft'r to bavu t.h<Mr monoy lotuiud on proporty that in lo'.'atod on pa veil st-n-eLn, proporty lo- rj\\tyl w'hMr<; there 1^ all of Llie inodorn lnir>rovomt>ntH, they wi^oly take i .ho et.and that such propurty will always bn wxvrt :h more, t .li .iu proporty luoated whuro Llio only ri ^-.juamttndatioti is that tho tasva aro ^ioi. as hitjh thoy art In mh-or lotx;uli.l.m. Tills man fs kl ('kIns "hlmB <df that h« workud agulusit public (inprovumt'nta FARMERS TODAY"WANT MODERN CONVENIENCES rcdaUvfi to locations, denco uud bu:;IneB8. both for real Herbert Roe Points Out That Hutchinson Must Have Mudo Good Gain in 15 Months. A :turv<n of sinliMJps m*rni .lv* coin- pili'd by O.v .rt'.t- I t .lu 1 u:i.>os«or and ti rump - .' rihoti in ado v. 1th I bo rwurdrt *d the Hi,al K. taio hoavd fdiow MW\*$ lnttireK-t I lit; I' IK-I.H arrountlnK Cor'.-ty rr.^hb'iii'.' buliilin^^ over the city. "It is th<- (jni«-lii;iii.'u of s-.nnu p»*r- fiojiii," said il N. JU>e, liea ^l of tin* *publii :ity cinjuniUoi* of the Uual WsLato I.-.>a : d, "that a varan! houso m^anB That ii I 'anilly hati It-ft the city. That 1 »> nut ol ten itn.i v.aso. It i .-j a fact that In the spring of K'22 Micro woro u l;reat ninny hou ;J t;H In Hutchinson iu u \iad i+'tuiu of repair mid wut'o oecu- I>b -d by m.'cc.-i.sitj', fiUu-u Miirch I. li'22 thero havu benn bulk in h'ulch- iu^m fi Vf hundriHt and t hroe. u<w rosldifiwL'rt. With the u-ddUJon of thuae nuw honii'a lh« h\*$ th*Hlrnltl*» liuusen were left nuot'inipied. There ure about onti hundn ?d and twenty uu- ort:u\>lHtt houstiB in HuiLdiinyon now that can bo connidertHl habitable. Th« hotter hoiuuH aro now hard to find nnd many rviitierft will aKro*? with tho Btatoniout. \\'t> then have had fl vo fcuudrud and threo housea occupied to a net of onrt hundred aud twtmty vacatod. leaviiiK three hundred and thrpis moro liousi^a occupiod try Uutch- in.son ptwipte than on Marca 1, 1922. If wo uvorago four poraona to the •n &aidtMveo w« have fifteen hundred and thirty-two morn pertains 1n Hutch- liiuon than wu luid rirttien moutlia ago. COOL WEATHER CAUSES MORE HOME INQUIRIES Karl Donovan ot tho Dr.novim Rlec- trie Co. In on« of \U>i ufl'tMatt'cl nie.m- l)'ir» of the Jlntcliinsuu U>-AI Instate f*f)ni-(j who kiMU>* In i!lo-i.( tou ^-li -with tli«» 1'armerH on ntN.'Cnmt of his busi- ncw of insvUillinK Do\co I.l?:hl plants .'p 7n »ny of the rutnl hume*. Mr. l>ono\'an hays that inoro nttentlon U ht.'lng i>u!d now to Improving country r.'^liinni;*^^, tnoili-ml/.lnK thorn by Iho r;i.nn(.r, tln'Di for a lon.y tlino pnat. The f!irm'>r of Uiil.iy, at least In thia s.'rtlon of tho ooiintry, lu not aatlsfiod until ho bus all tho moo-mi COUVLMI- b'ncoa of tho city in his home, to niuko It comfortable UIM I nttraotive. "I beltovo," said Mr. Dono%-tt!t, "that il'.irluK the last hair of this yuar wo w!l! eoo i*. big buslnoss lu niL^itirtiliihm rural hornou." About Voting. New York -Dr. S. K. Manlls, head of rural education of Ohio Stato t!nl- vcrsity, believes that no parson fhould bs allowed to vot« until he or nho not ! only 1 R able to read am] wrlto the teng- I Hull lalifiiiaife, but have a well-fe'njuud- I «d kuowiodgo of our Ciovenunuut as ! well. H. 8. Moore of the McNaghten Loan oomiiany Btales that his firm Is having rather a revival of business on city proporty, and tho outstanding feature of this 1 B tho fact that people generally want the type of loan that reduces either monthly or semi-annually. The public. Is beginning to realize the Importance "ut paying off part of the principal n.i they go, and thereby eliminating the necessity of paying or renewing the TuU amount of tho" orlKlunl mortgage at Its exptrallon. The Hulldlng ft Loan and Metropolitan plan at'ems to find a place in the loaning field, and the excellent terms nnd rales of these two plans ure beginning to be understood by tho poo- ple iu general, who waivt to borrow on their homes. Another remarkable feature of the present day loan business Is the fact that there are comparatively few de- linuulncles on Interest or principal payments, and thle ghows a very healthy condition for Hutchinson peoplo anil Hutchinson property. Ileal estate lias been, and will no doubt always be, considered one of the best j and safest investments on the market, and If (here is any type of obligation that a IjomrCv will take care of. It is one on hl\^iotue. .. .j. .:, j. ,;- i. j. i> j- .s- ^> * * * «. " ; •* REAL ESTATE NOTES. <«> -p <S> i, i. .5. ... ,j> * ,;, ^. s> .» ..j- <J, .s> The Hutchinson investment Company reports fhe sale of the hlgih class home -at 218 Cre-sceut lloulevard from Athort Harmon to Charles Peterson. Mr. Peterson will occupy tt as a Home In tihe hear future. A letter recently Tecelved hy a Hutchinson woman from another Hutchinson lady who recently moved to California, reada as follows: "Tho scenery Iwro la perfeot, tlie o'/anato U perl'ec't, tn fact tho natives tell me that everything Is perfect, but still 1 profer to live In Hutchinson and I am coming back." Fifty-Fifty-Rfty. "Tt will be fifty years next March since my rather bought his ftrst piece of real estate in Hutchinson," said E<1. ,M. >;oore, the Ftealtor, "It "was alwut riiW feet on First avenue east In tho 200 block, where MT. White now lives and was part of tho tract. My father paid the big sum of l>0 cents a front foot. After rifty years tt would take at least S50 a front foot to buy tho same prouud without improvements and 1 doubt if that would buy It. Another 50 years will see Hutchinson real estate advance at a greater per cent than this land has. The ad vaueo on laaid In a city of 2 (J,iXH) Is at 1 a greater per cent than a town of ] 500, and E >00 people, ivas about tho j number living 1u Hutchinson 50 years ; ago. Don't say "What do I care : what lau-d Is worth f,0 years from : now," your children will care aud real I estate tree of debt is a mighty (rood : legacy to leave those you love." Albert Tonn, a prominent fanner noar Haven, Kan., has recently installed a Delto Light »la.ut, and la planning to rnako his home absolutely modern, including a fully equipped buthroom. A. El Rowland, who Uvea north and oast of Hutchinson. I» having an electric light plant Installed In his home, A. T. Maupln who lives a nJle oast of tihe city, Is also Installing a Delco plant. Mr. Mmiplu's rural home will then bo equipped with evory modern convenience of the c"!ty home, Including electric fan, vacuum .cleaner, waahlnig maohln«, and full lighting system. Bob Bryant and Charles McNag-h- ton went to 'Nowton and Wlclilta l^-l- day on a business trip. Clyde Faubion of J. N. Bailey & Son luifl recently mavle a trip through Rico County, also Kiowa and 1'ratt Counties. Mr. Faublon says things are looking pretty good through IheSB counties. John Dyck of the firm of Connor & Dyclc thinks that business Is better than normal. There are plenty of buyers for city property In Hutr.hluaon at this time, Mr. Dyck believes, as the conservatii; man se-'s the city property buying at this time is a good investment. Mr. Dyck reports the sale of f'OS East Sherman street to Mr. Staley. This property WHJS owned by Mrs. Shuhert who. In turn, purchased the largo home at. 120 Weal Fifth. Mrs. Shubert realizes the Importunco of West Fifth street and lias purchased this property as an investment. THINKS WIDENING OF FIFTH AVE. WILL PAY Bob Brehm Calls Attention to Number of Accident* Due Nwrrow Thoroughfare. Bob Brehm thinks thai peoplo vrtio have lived In Hutchinson for u Ions time do not realize the importance of main thoroughfares leading into ttio city, such as Fifth Avenue West. '1 was talking with a atranser tihe otfvor -day," said Mr. d'Tehm, "w'ho remarked that ho <1W not understand why 4!lK) rostdents of til^Ia popular street were objecting to widening It. This street Is very narrow, and with the traffic that comes over this road, not wuly to njid -from tho city of HutchttLson, but from tho entire state and clear out Into Colorado, it lias be- coane really damgercus tor all con- corned. Tho "widening of this street would give plenty of rooni for the street cars, for persons to park and for general traffic both east ami west. There have probably been moro accidents on^Tltth West on account or the narrow streets than on any street In vlio city. If thltt street Is widened the residents and owners on IFiRh West should not give up -their wide street for anything, as it not only will make It more safe for them, but will increase their property value many times tho cost of this luin-rowmont." Courts Approve V Municipal Bonds f Our Supply of Firecrackers! f.s (foln« fast. Get . TOUTS early at The Craft Shop. 11-1 North Main. 30-lt W. O Brown of the tlrown Brothena Realty Co. says the prospects are very favorable for a large increase In our population In the City of Hutchinson., in tho veiy near future; Judging by the number Inquiries from people in other parts of the country ALLEGED WIELDER OF "POISON PEN" DENIES CHARGE3 George Maxwell New York—George Maxwell, president of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, pleaded not guilty to tho charge of writing scurrilous letters to Alton A. Hyan. Maxwell r ,et«rned from Europe voluntarily to answer the charge. He furnished $5,000 ba/i fn the New V or i; courts. Her First Wages. N«w Vork— MI SB Ir«a» Donath, owner of the IXmatlt sorrlcs. a correspondence selling system, a tar tod with a wage of %i a week. John '*This cool weather" says Ilrehm of the Uri'tnn Hciliy ionip«i.y, "has been a great Incentive for humo buyers. N'ot only has the city man been active lately, but the farmsr la leokiiig around, getting ready for his f^U home." Tlii'.v roi.ort the sale of the Mary Jk-alty i .-li!.hly located north of 'Ale- dura to .l.ihu W'Ktorrr. '1'hey alho report the :,ale of residence properly at 318 Kajt Heveuth »tru»t, to JudKO Irreme Cos or this city, who fs gniiiK in nialio (liis (lis homo. Miss KUza-beili Illldebrand. a teacher lu the Contra I school, has pur- cliasud the .1. F. N'tchi.ds homy at !>12 Is'orth Maple. Miss Illldeliiand is now oti -4 tour of th,:< uootcrn states, but will IBB UU - here after the first of September. Mr. M. C. Foy of the I'oy Conutruc- t!o:i ooinpany ha-i iiutcliased through 1 the lirobui llcaliy c.uuii.iuy Uu> H. cJ. ' Cook bungalow at 412 Mast Thirteenth street, as an "Investment-, and lias leased tills property to Mr. Aroh Wolf of tho firm of WolMlleliardson- Tliars ure plenty of buyers for city property at this time, BtaU*/ Mr. Jiruhm. The avoroge buyer jnuit ito know, liowever, U»t he tti getting value reculved when lie makes the pur. chaso. Form Vlnllantes. Now Orleans—Louisiana women liave formed tho "Volstead Vlgllau- tt-es" for Uie purpose of aiding prop -Jilliillon enforcement offlcera. , COMES BACK JUST AS SOON AS HE GETS OUT OF THE I HOSPITAL j W.E. HULSE 8 CO. ARCHITECTS Hoks Mu'Idlng HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Sioux Cltjr Dcs Molucs. la. Courts take no chances when specifying the securities in which funds held in trust for widows and orphans may be invested. Onehundred per cent safety is the chief requirement. The fact that Kansas courts repeatedly have approved Kansas municipal bonds as trust fund investments, establishes beyond tho shadow of a doubt the desirability of this class of securities. The non-taxable feature, and tho unquestioned security, in addition to the attractive interest rate, all, combine to make Kansas munici- S al bonds almost as desirable from :ie investors' viewpoint as United States government bonds. TVII /mtif CAJ T or obtlaution write for onr "Monthly Informatinn Clrriititr.'* u-htrh eu-pta?n« m detail imr facilh lies for expert investment pun/uric*. "2\T«ver t/wLoss of a. Cent in ^cincipal orlnterest to any Investor" The Brown-CrummerCo. -INVESTMENT SKCURXT1BS WtGHITW.KAJJSAS. IllllllllllllllllllllllllillH "We want an America of homes, illumined with hope and happiness, where ^mothers, freed from the necessity for long hours of toil beyond their own doors, may preside as befits the hearthstone of American citizenship. We want the cradle of American childhood rocked under conditions so wholesome and so hopeful that no blight may touch it in its development, and we want to provide that no selfish interest, no material necessity, no lack of opportunity shall prevent the gaining of that education'so essential to best Citizenship."—From President Harding's Inaugural Speech. Is a Rented House a Home ? Plan For the Future! Eventually You Will O^n Your Home Why Not Now? 4 Consult a Realtor! Boost for Hutchinson ! n. C. Getter „ D. A. Moors'* Carey Real Estate and I Inv. Co. McNaphten Investment Co. Cos-Thomson Improvement Co. •Ed M. Moors Hutchinson Investment Co. Miller and Eby Ralph Qlascock f:'| Kln| Brothers i Llnooln 8. Davis Ben V. Lamborn Brown Brothers J. N. Ballsy and Bon Conner and Dyck Brehm Realty Co. The Klnkel Aflenoy Fontron Loan and Truat Oe. Hall Abstraot Co, (Affiliated Member.) CONSULT A REALTOR! Hutchinson Real Estate Board

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