The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1971
Page 5
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COMMISSIONERS COURT at-a-glance , #'• STATI FARM INSURANCf if'. FOR INSURANCE CALL HK.VJ -VNtWKW.S U* I H It AJ!OS »•() It T HI, V t) Hril tun tttittll tuVwmfeiw t»fcM 1*1.1 C.I Uril I Ma Mi t*kw*w« C» Utte Inn l»-i wrf C**».««i Co CO.MMIHSIONKUK COIMT met In special »e*»lon Monday with all member* present: County Judge Alton C, Arnold and Commissioner* Dixie Hfown, John (iayle Jr , Henry Jordan, and Joe Hrigancp AI.HO I'HKSKST were several county staff m<mitx*f», abuul 20 vuili/n ami iwu m-* s ACtlONS were Al.l. lll« \ u» well o« the national swurlly and navigutlnn. Dow wishe» to install n brine pf|wllm> across Oyster Creek lite second triplication pertains to H«; Intlullation by Oturle* Kouchcs of ctghl fiiorc Ixwl »ll|« In the Old Illver. A I'LAT of HtighlJi Acrird Sulxfivision In I'd, 3 was accepted lor filing Motion, Jwdiin, u-coiul, IlriKatn-c. TtlltKf: HTHKKTK in Cri-ck*ood K*tali.'s, Hivi»r l>nvc, Itivervivw Clu-le Itlvitrview (,'mirt, wwi- i (jiiu !)«• C'ounty Jl'wd Systirm They will hit fd a* (.'(Minty It'wd and SHi- m »UI JIM.<- fur count) »'inpluir«-ji »,ia {if<?54'(l!i"d ti'; f<-|»r<-M-ft laUvn t/t MrUo}x>UUf! Ulc unlll it t'rM tx- \tlnS </» '.*u Ji"vrj>f of Mutiun Hruoli, IIIK I III: (Otlll at-crptMj st |M)Wfi! ul inme than IH V.fc lor <-iU-f»(iini; a into a subdn isirjii if*t,fd by I- rank A I'lltMIl 'Ai»». iil^r'/iM) o! tlur Vfliisi'O I>fii![iu>;c JisUh ( lu Liv a V, -iin-li JI:J.K- f"«n < 1! 2VJ (}><• 'hiltip.i TjfiV. f'jriii M'>v.iA'i. ifwa (l M-* OWj i!t!(J,lt.-p: r i'\UKi:it Irw bidders on two of four types of striping paint and Kemllne Supply Co, of Krlendnwood appeared low bidder on reflective l)cads. Itlds w«re referred. Motion, CJnyle; swond, Jordan. A, 'I. (I)VKI(T of West Columbia wnji the wily bidder on eonrrcU' pipe. 'f1>e bid was referred. Motion, JJrown; Ht'otwJ, (Jayle AHMdl STKKI. CO, ap \*-utin\ tii \*t (he low bidder l*.-r item uf Kalvaniwtl metal l>ipf over I hi? next bidder, Wyatl l(i<l(i«lr|i?«, al*o of llomlriii The bids were reliTfi-i! Motion, Jordan, twond, (i.ivU- IIKs'l ItlDKwrtxk aWM-aritl tu ini\ mi((i-d l/y Uvaldc Itock Asphalt Tin- linsi was ijlxjut iriuht f-iiU ti»-*w Iliau Vi'hUi/ StiiM-n Irw. 'Hi'- bids werr fi'ti-ttri' MutiuJi. {j;i>-lc, w-f/mid Jvnliti THK HKAXOSFOHT FACTS, Prccport, Tex8*, Tucuday, November 23,1971, Page S Jaycees honor Yard of Month HWKKNV - A Yard of the Month will be recognized by (he Swwny Jayct'M In a project intended in promote brautifkallon throughout the Sweeny area K llnkK with Ihe fiovwnw'n Beautify Texan program. .htyi't'i- Jnrneii Cam) it chairman, and Ihe com- (x'liin/o i» .operated under ruli* drawn i;f/ by the Sv, eeny '•iirdi'ii Club On (he l;i»! Sufvdiiy of the ;i Vard of UK Month. Winners TIMELY QUOTES Uiakc band* will IMS notified the day of selection and a sign In the yard will call attention to the choice. The »fgn will be moved the following month to the new winner, At the annual Jayccc Installation banquet, the winner of the Yard of the Year, chosen from previous winner* of the Yard of the Month choice*, will be honored. A certificate will be awarded. Honorable mention awards will lie given each month, at the discretion of the judge*. I'ubtic notice of the choices will reveal whether the work on an individual yard -Mas done professionally or by the individual, but this won't enter into the ((election. No yard may be chosen two xucccMive months, but may he chosen more than one time each year. Judges will be a Jayccc repreienlative and the previous month's winner. Another judge will be summoned to break a tie. Judging point*, with a maximum 100 score, will be given on thin basin: general appearance and beauty, 35; neatncM, 25; color - planting for year-round beauty other than green, 10; landscape must compliment house design, 10; personal expression (individuality), 20. I-i Oar I, S Atfl^) l'«.*«Jrt f a Or.c T» a t st v r tin i t til H • ur» s i \it mi i\si«\\ !il!!. 1..:') ,t)f.K)l 15 H.I <ti.'i:|.ar"! !o I/H- wi! ! <.^ .1 >».«.»! J.5 » j»f 1«; *;>s n-Jitrmt !« tin- New nursing plan is told II yout wvinifi ateti't iniunnl .xj.niut lovi. iwt'l it linw they should IH.'' AMERICAN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION UKE JACKSON, TEXAS M'-tn.u I;UK;<fi<"', »«-coivJ. l 'A I.It I a;.* .ilwi j|4*jrml Ji.'rt t; (kl«'I f^i f*-!i(.C (^J-'>, Jf'/i :uir!l.<-f I'.o'.h tjsrj*. *<-re ;'-'', M<,t:w.. (if',•'.-. ;»i<3 IK Mill I, (ill jr...! IMi/itnfC ..-;.!...,• !U'J *..- fiit-rntl \M,I I II \ '.!..'.-!,.,!» ROBB7T MfTCHUM GOING HOME BKACOH Wf WOULD LIKE TO SINCERELY THANK OUR PATRONS FOR THEIR BUSINESS AT CLAUDIA'S ON SURFSJDE MIIICM IS NOW f.NDKK .VKW MANAOEMENT SSK \VII.I. BE BACH AT A NEW UJCATION ON IIVVV. X12 IN '72. • ,;:,,,-i t..,-..- r-.^.-..;,! lil M ltd rnss tl',1 ( 'IIUS •!,•• •. - 1 , !i',.'., r: sir..*! H \ II 1C- M V'f I 1(1 \l ( S.' S I Mil I".I II II 11 Mis BRING YOUR FAMILY ALL THE FUN AND EXCrniENT OF QUALITY BILLIARD TABLES FROM LACK'S! S 299 95 CONYEMENT TERMS »'," SUth^X* bed r i..,;. :, ., ,:,; ~. k irfce* Iff op r.ihit c«»it« «i . 2~i" «asp« U.IU, b*o S rf. thiik Etti i.-jii-'tariko lUriner BEEirf Tibfc wish ScEdOxe Hi" SUtjtt-X* bed— Ccanoifol fnt >wn »j;iimt wtrp*4K. MoUtd (fffin rcbbcr ctahiora tod rich wr-J-oyUw blctjd b3!U.-d doth. Acccuoriei sociadc IVi" c«Jt ^anviBe BtlfUa b*&, two 57" cue*, triangle, booUct. TiU. (ritcrn ictl* rtUorU A 1" htiii, i»M run, trUrjio *od tminjcsko booUtt. Abo lintle-eod Jopilo- BilianJ T.blr with Solid-Care H" iWck Vfruiwrd' bed tod Mkronutic * Ixd Irvf!en. .^cnuorin indndt KI of 2 H" ««npe Ulk, two 45" cart, tiiinflf, chiik and uutructioo booUet. U nude o< h%h> qtulity gma tanie cini (or ' !!;,.>! .11 In,I \liSu| ti rrj*.;:.,', :/..i: (!(.!.- •:.., • -.,' •;. '.:,<•••: .-,!.,! .,-!-. .,-„: .- ,,/,!.,!:..:., .,;, ' .,,,. ', <>: :«v!<-r.,i.>^ •• \lljdt li\MI N I <..:!:. ..'. :.' :v ;, ,r, \\,: •-. <,.,>!,• DELIGHTFUL TOYS FOR YOUR YOUNGSTERS! <^\ NOW ONLY 88 NOW ONLY 88 SAVE NOW 00 33 SANK NOW §2477 flaW JU TW» b«u»f> ofienud 4 Kmwr Spin^npb U fun lor Use Siveoo this lt>"ud _ ... , unit train >»t wtth >illaj» whole lamily. Simple and La<A'»! It cun\en» fiwn bgy'a ta billboard leoerio^ tin*. h, un d fvio! OxnoueoJ pi^u,, LQO, cut. VISIT LACK'S WONDERLAND OF TOYS AND SAVE! Presenting KNIT FASHION Collection Oiall « riling tuiitc* will Ideal to>- (or liule bojt, Double boUur Dclwt JUB *rt- rooiputi(iun in xood frtoie. Sunned lioifEU aov»t lop ol oo« aide. Quli nxi «»Kt in ia- dudcJ. l'.i>biw> Show purr I!r.uo>uw1 \ illagc PUr-Doh K< of 4 will be fuo and coottnctiv* for ymir youn<»t«r»! It'i | toy that can bo uacd cute •ad o>«l 6*\a QO U now «; U" Soft Drink a Wei doD by £u«cae. A pcricvt pUyaiat* (of little (itlt. Cornea ia cut* dreu «ad Ku bouk. CEISTEK DIME AT PLANTATION PR,

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