Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 22, 1938 · Page 6
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 6

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1938
Page 6
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Page 6 MELV1N ft JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, October 22, 193S IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL BIG TOP By ED WHEELAN s UN DAY | , CHOOL Lesson By HAROLD L. 1UNDQUIST. D. D. IJean of The Moody Bible Institute of Chlcjgo. © Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for October 23 OUR DAY OF REST LESSON TEXT--Exodus 20:8-11; Luke 13: 10-17. GOLDEN TEXT--Remember the Sabbath day, to keep It holy.--Exodus 20:8. fHAT MIGHT -me AT " BROTHERS' MAMMOTH -i SHOW " /I CrANJE '\ PROMISE: OF BEING- EVEN LARGER THAN AT THE MATINEE' PERFORMAHCE ffl Frank Jay Minify Syndlea S13NOR STILETTO OP THE 0 BIG-TOP'.' TME RINGMASTER 'SlLK'FcDVJLER . GAVE 'CUP- BRAGG. A TOUGH r?AZOREACK . SECRET ORDERS I'M TELUN yew ."DOC - N\V VJIF WENT TO TH* CIRCUS THIS AFTERNOON AtV SHE SEZ THE/ GOT TVl' D4G-- ACT SHE EVER SEED! A BIG ELEPHANT PRETENDS To ATTACK TH' RINGMASTER, AN' MAKES IT SEEM SO DANG REAL THAT FOLKS PuRTV /NEAR OUT O' THEIR SKINS. BY CRACKY I 1 . ...UT BE SU(?E /NO ONE SEES VOU DO IT !! urie or the associate Jnd^rs plinll lie n rrsf- ilrnt nf Bjlil roniity and the two rcmalnltip nssin-liile Judges (hall be rrililn|pff of Moiitsomnry f'niiiity and when Ihe Chief Judgn IR plrctrrl from Montcomrry County one of the associate Juilpes pfnll be « resident of eald JIontKomery County and Ula rcuialiiins two k»soclate Judiuii real dents of I*reilerlck fTnunty. Tn case an} canilldate or candid itea for associate at any Judicial i - l n l l o n held In the sixth circuit cliall receive Fiifllclcnt vofrj to entire Fiich r n n d l i l n t e or candidates to he declared but the election of such c a n d i d a t e or candidates wnuli] cause more associate JuilRes than herein per milted lo reside In any c o u n t y of Bald c i r c u i t , then and In Iliat nvcnt only thai riiidlilato or lhiiM tanilldnti-s, as HIP ran- ni:iy be, residing In snld cnimty In I l i e o r d i r of the \otes receUeil shall lie ilnclarfd elected wliou- election Mullld provide tlie p.'riultted n u m b e r i,t as-ocla(r frnm Rest--how full of meaning that little word is when we recall that it means quiet for the struggling one, calm for the troubled, repose for the weary, tranquillity for the disturbed, cessation of labor for the worn-out one. God in His infinite wisdom saw that without rest man would soon destroy himself, and He made provision for one day in seven when-labor should cease and man should be free for that re-creation of soul and body which should fit him for the labor of the week. Men in their greed have coveted the time God gave for rest and have used it for themselves, and the ragged nerves and broken bodies, .to say nothing of the impoverished spirits of our day, testify that it can be done only at our peril. Our study centers around Scripture passages which have to do with the Jewish Sabbath, but since it was essentially a day of rest, and afforded an opportunity for the worship of God, the principles surrounding it are applicable to our day of rest-the first day of the week, the Lord's Day. I. Why We Keep a Day of Rest (Exod. 20:8-11). 1. God commanded that there should be a day of rest--one out 01 seven--and that should be sufficient to cause His people to "remember" the day "to keep it holy." It is cause for grave concern that Sunday has become a day of swimming, hiking, auto-driving, golfing, and one might go on with the list almost indefinitely.' Many men or women who have had built into their own characters the stalwart virtues nurtured by family attendance at the house of God, have not only forgotten their own need and responsibility but are destroying every vestige of interest in divine worship in the hearts of their children. It is serious business to go astray oneself, but infinitely more serious to mislead one's own children. Notice that the day of rest was to be not only for the family but also for servants and for visitors. The employer who operates his factory or office on Sunday violates this commandment. Note also that the man who is to rest on the seventh day is supposed to work on the six days. Some folk neglect to do both. 2. God's command is strengthened by the divine example (v. 11). We are not able to do all things that God does, but here we are privileged to follow His example. II. How We Keep the Day of Rest (Luke 13:10-17). The incident recorded by Luke does not give us an exhaustive list of things to be done with our day of rest, but it is interesting to nole that our Lord was 1. In the house of God iv. 10). Jesus was in the synagogue. The ^distinguished Apostle Paul never became too great or too good to attend divine worship. We all need to go to church (if it is at all possible for us to do so) to fellowship with others in the things of Christ. Let us have a revival of church attendance, and not only on Sunday mornings, but also on Sunday night and for midweek prayer meeting. ,.2. Alert to the needs of others (vv. 11, 12). It is not indicated that the woman asked to be healed. Jesus saw her need and met it. We can not do what he did, but there are needs that we can meet if we are but alert to see them and willing to help. 3. Active in service (v. 13). In (OB. 1915, Western Newspaper Union.) Horizontal. I--To observe 6--By* (poetic) 7--To faicJtmte 8--All 11--Part of "to b«" / 12--Venetian boat ' 16--Indefinite period oT tlm« IT--Still 1--Kind of diving bird (pi.) 10--Greek Utter for "T" 21--Running contest · 23--Mild «zplatlva 2C--Maiden loved by Zeu 28--Month of Hebrew calendar 27--Rules of conduct 2S--Everything- 19--Bon* 10--French for "the" 31--Bklllg 34--Former Russian ruler 36--Colloquial for agricultural students 37--Eskimo dwelling .40--United Indian federation (abbr.) 42--By way of 41--Indifferent to pain or pleasure 4E--Large moving- vehicle 46--Place In the wall to bold · statue 48--Deep-sea worker SO--Neir.itlve votr El--Equal Vertical. 1--Beverage 3--Obvious 4--Unit of work 6--Start of life t--Anger E--Egps THOMAS M. HARRINGTON and WILLIAM D. GOULD I1RD Solicitors ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF VALUAIJLE Farm Property ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF VALUAIJLE MILL PROPERTY KNOWN AS "Fowling Creek Mill Or Mills" Under and by virtue of the Power of .Siilc contained in a mortgage from C. Victoria Own Butler and Walter O. Butler, her husband, dated March Deen, his wife, to Reconstruction 5, lO.'M, and recorded among the Mort- Finance Corporation dated the 2nc gage Records of Caroline County, duy of December, 1935 and recordet Maryland, in Liber T.C.H., No. 31, [among the Mortgage Records of Car- By vit luo of the power and authority contained in a certain mortgage fioni C. Clarence Dcen and Emma F wife, folio 3, which said mortgage was duly i signed to the undersigned Assignee for the purpose of foreclosure tint! collection, default having occurred therein, the said undersigned Assignee will offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder in front of the Court Mouse in Denton, Caroline County, Marytaml, between the noun? of 2:00 and 4:00 o'clock p. m., on TUESDAY, NOV. 1, 1938 All that fnrm containing 89 acres and 13-1 perches, more or less, situate , in the Eighth Election District of I Caroline County, Maryland, on a pub- RECEIVER'S SALE OF VALUABLE spite of the criticism which He knew would come from the lazy and helpless standers-by, Jesus did the work of God. We may glorify God by being ready--yes anxious--to serve in the church. Our daily work is set aside on the Lord's Day not that we should be indolent, but that we should be free to do the Lord's work. 4. Contending for the faith (w. 14-17). Jesus met the unjust criticism (which, by the way, was leveled at the poor woman because the critic feared Jesus} by a tnas- terly appeal to the law of the Pharisees (w. 15, 16). But He did more than that, for He ably defended the rights of humanity as superior to the formalities of man-made law. The law is always supreme until the Lawgiver comes, and no law can hinder Him by its letter, as He fulfills its spirit. We may not speak as Jesus did, that is to declare what the law is, but we may in His name, and by His grace and power declare the full counsel of God, defend it against its critics and withstand those who while bearing the name of Christian leaders only hinder the work of Christ'(compare III John 9, 10). For such service we need His guidance, His wisdom, His power, and His grace. Personal Property OF THE Goldsboro Bank CONSISTING OF MORTGAGES, J U D G M E N T S , PROMISSORY NOTES, BILLS OF SALE, REAL ESTATE, STOCKS AND BONDS, CHOSES IN ACTION, AND OTHER EVIDENCE OF DEBT By virtue of an order of sale, passed by the Circuit Court for Carp- line County, Maryland, in Equity, in a cause wherein the State of Maryland is complainant, and the Goldsboro Bank, is defendant, No. 294'J Chancery, dated August 16, 1938, the undersigned Receiver will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, at the Court House door, in the town of Denton, Maryland, on TUESDAY, NOV. 1, 1938 beginning at ten o'clock, a. m., all of the remaining assets of the Goldsboro Bank, consisting of notes, judgments, mortgages and real estate practically all of record in Caroline County, Maryland, and all other bills receivable, judgments, choses in action and chattels owing by divers parties to the said Bank, stocks and bonds, bills of sale and accounts. Each of the notes, judgments, mortgages, bills receivable, choses in action and chattels, real estate and stocks and bonds here advertised to be . sold is particularly set out and described in a paper writing or List, a copy of which is on file at the office of the Bank Commissioner of Maryland, Receiver for said Goldsboro Bank, at said Bank Commissioner's office, in Baltimore, Maryland, and at the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Caroline County, Maryland, at Denton, Maryland, and at the office of William J. Rickards, solicitor" for said Receiver, nt Denton, Maryland, where same may be examined and inspected by all interested parties, and full particulars of each item ascertained, said List containing, as to each item to be sold, the name of the debtor, the date and kind of the instrument by which the debt is evidenced and the amount claimed to be owing thereon. All interested persons, including those indebted on any of the items to be sold and all parties that might be interested in the purchase of any of sait 1 items are urged to call and inspect said List, prior to the day of sale which inspection and examination of said List may be made at the said Bank Commissioner's office, in Baltimore, Maryland, or at the office oi the Clerk of Court, Denton, Maryland, or at the office of William J. Rickards, attorney, at Denton, Maryland, upon all business days, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 4:30 P. M. Any item here advertised for sale and itemized on the List above re- 7 -- To shout 8 -- Burrowing animal t lie road lending from Ftiundship- Union Grove rond to Union Grove- Anioricnn Corner rond six miles West of Federalsburg. BEING nil and the same property which was conveyed to the said C. Victoria Deen Butler by deed from W. Brewster Deen and Jessie W. Deen, his wife, dated October 5, 1931, and recorded among the Lnnd Records of said County in Liber T.C.H., No. 92, folio 3;!7. BEING also all and the same property covered by the mortgage first herein mentioned, to which deed and mortgage ;iml the references therein contained reference i.3 hereby made for a moi e particular description of this land. This farm is suitable for cultivation with crops inised in this county and locality. There arc 4C acres suitable for cultivation and the balance woodland. The property is improved by a four-room frame dwelling and annex, barn and numerous other outbuildings. The property will be gold subject to the It-gnl operation and effect of a prior mortgage, the terms of which and the balance duu whereon will be announced at the time and place of sale. 8--Otherwise 10--Personal pronoun 13--Negative 14--Canine 15--Preposition 18--Clothes maker (plural) 20--Pictures Impersonated by people K--Seashore 24--Vexes 31--A second time 32--Location IS--Nickname far Tale 34--Frogllke amphibian 35--Large stream 86--Own (Scotch) 38--To proceed 39--Ocean (abbr.) 41--Distant 43--Timid 44--Part of the mouth 47--Head covering 40--Large tub Solution will appear In next U*ne. notice to Taxpayers I WILL SIT FOR THE PURPOSE OF COLLECTING TAXES on the following days and dates between the hours stated. Pederalsbarg, Saturday, October 1st p. m. till 5 p. m., Covey Williams' Store. American Corner, Thursday, Oct. 6th 1 p. m. till 5 p. m., Sartain's Store. Greensboro, Saturday, October 8tb 1 p. m. till 5:00 p. m., Fire House. Rldgely, Thursday, October 13th 1 p. m. till 5:00 p. m., Mitchell's Store. Preston, Saturday, October 15tb 1 p. m. till 5 p. m., Covey's Store. Hiilsboro, Thursday, October 20th 1 p. m. till 4 p. m,, Thompson's Hardware Store. Henderson, Saturday, October 22nd 1 p. m. till 5 p. m., J. C. Melvin'e Store. This of dee will be closed at 12 o'clock noon on the above dates SHERMAN L. TRIBBITT, · Treasurer of Caroline County. Auditor's Order Nisi W. BREWSTER DEEN, Assign.-c vs. GEORGIANNA CLOUGH, LEMUEL R. CLOUG1I, her husbs.nd TERMS OF SALE S500.00 cash will be required at the time and place of sale, balance upon final ratification of sale by the Circuit Court of said county. Deed :unl title papers at cost of purchaser. Taxes and other charges adjusted to June 30, 11)38. WILLIAM D. GOULD 3RD., James Temple, Auctioneer. Assignee. In The Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 31G9 Chy. Ordered this 19th day of October, 1938, that the Auditor's report, made and filed in the above proceedings, be ratified and confirmed, unless good cause to the contrary bo shown within three weeks from the 22nd day of October 1938, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline County once in each of two successive we;ks before the 31st day of October 1!)38. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY Inlcnding to discontinue Jiousc- I'L-ping unil having no further a;c for the following property, I will sell at mj new bungalow, adjoining Mike Blazu- jak':; place, near Williston, on Denton road, four and one-half miles from town on Monday, October 24, 1938 beginning at 10 a. m. rain or shine HOUSEHOLD GOODS One breakfast set, 1 rocker, 1 cook- tovL-, good as new; 1 2-burner oil stove, 2 alarm clocks, 1 4-piece bcd- ioom suit, good as new; 1 good sewing machine, 2 floor mops, .1 oil lamps, 1 nood radio table, 1 lot of good linoleum, 1 dining room suit, good as new; 1 cabinet radio, At- watc'i- Kent; 1 i)x!2 brussels rug, good a; IIL-W; G small rugs, 2x4, 1 folding- duy bed, good as new; 1 ilow- cr stand, 1 radio and book table, 2 chairs, 1 corner stand, 1 iron bed olinu County in Liber T.C.H. No. 32 folio lid, which said mortgage has buL-n duly assigned to Wesley E Thawley for the purpose of collection and foreclosure (default having oc curred in the covenants and condi lions in said mortgage contained) the und-jrsigned assignee will sell at public auction in front of the Couri House door in the town of Denton Maryland on Tuesday, October 25, 1938 between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. m. the following described property, to wit: ALL of that tract, part of a tract or parcel of land situutu, lying am: being in the Eighth (formerly the Fourth) Election District of Caroline County, Maryland, known as "The Fowling Creek Mill or Mills" said property with the improvements thereon consisting of the mill pond mill dam, flood gates, sluiceway, mill race, thu new grist mill recently erected on the mill site, and said mil situ, which is more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING for the same at the concrete wall on the west side of the flood gate in Fowling Creek Mill Darr and on the south side of the dam ant; running thence with the mill dam north 75 degrees ea ; t 1C perches to the intersection of the county rout leading to American Corner, thenct with the west i-.idu of said road north 3 degrees cast 14 perches to a pine tree \vhich stands between the Mill and the store of said C. Clarence Deen, thence running between eak mill and store due west 14 perches to the west side of the westernmost branch of Fowling Creek, thence with the west iide of said creek in a southerly direction and following the meunderings of i^aid creek, to the place of beginning, containing ONE (1) ACRE and SIXTY-FOUR (G4) SQUARE PERCHES of land, more or less; said mill site and the mill pond and dam covering about THIRTY (30) ACRES of land, more 01 less, and being a part of the property devised unto C. Clarence Deen by his father, William H. Deen, by his Last Will and Testament dated December 31i5t, 1918, and now recorded in Liber J.H.P. No. 11, folio 253, ono of the Will Record Books for Caroline County, Maryland. IMPROVEMENTS The improvements consist of a large new grist mill, fully equipped, and now in operation, together with all appurtenances thereto, as above described. This is one of the finest mills and mill sites on the entire peninsula and offers a rare opportunity to anyone desiring to engage in the milling business. TERMS OF SALE One-third of the purchase price will be required in cash on day of .sale; one-third in six months and balance in twelve months, or all cosh at option of the purchaser, deferred payments, if any, to bear interest from day of sale and to be secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned assignee. Title papers and all documentary stamps at expense of purchaser. WESLEY E. THAWLEY, Assignee. James Temple, Auctioneer. Notice To Creditors This is to give notice that the subscribers, of Caroline County, have ob- complete, new; 1 bedroom table, 1 sut tained from The Orphans' Court for stove, 1 fish aquarium, lot of jars, 1 Caroline County, in Maryland, letters lot of small pillows, 1 pile of good i° ft administration on the personal cri- onk wood, 1 folding chair, 2 5-gallon kegs, 1 lot of good canned fruit of different kinds, 1 lot of tomato bai kets, 1 bird bath. This household property Auditor's Order Nisi. WESLEY E. THAWLEY. and W. BREWSTER DEEN, Assignees JOHN H.'JOHNS, JOSEPHINE JOHNS, his wife tate of WILLIAM E. SYLVESTER late of Caroline county, deceased. AI persons having claims against the sail" deceased are warned to exhibit th fume to the subscriber with the vouch «rs thereof legally authenticated, on - ,, , ...... , - - ...... or before thu 8th day of Apri Dcerc walking plow, 1 54 Sac. walk- j 19I59. or they may otherwise, by law be ing plow, 1 1 -horse plow, 1 walking ' excluded from nil benefit of said es cultivator, 1 new mail box, 2 double .tate. All persons owing this estate an trees, G single trees, 1 axe, 1 hit Jo- 1 required to moke prompt settlement imito baskets, 1 lawn mower, 1 ! Given under our hands this 5th day ·-·pi-inkier, 2 good leather collars, 2 [ of October, 1938. sets chain harness, 2 bridles, 2 hoes, l'J38 PROCLAMATION OF THK GOVERNOR OK M A R Y L A N D PROPOSING Ar.IKNDMKNT.'i TO THK CONSTITUTION OF THE S7ATff WIlKltEAS, at the January cession of th« General Art -mMy of Maryland, held in tiio ye:ir l..;:5, an Act was passed, to wit: Chajit'-r -I-'i^ proposing an amcndnrnt to r txul ScCLion 'M of Article; .'I of ilie ( lu'.itution of the Stale of Maryland, title "Legislative Dcp:u l lmenl,"*uaid section prohibiting the 1 Gcn-jral Asseml/ly front authorizing a luLtury, and providing for Ike Bulbils, ion of said amendment to the qualiJied voters of the .State of Maryland for adoption or rejection; and WIIKREAS, at the January session of the Ci'cnLrul Asstmbly of Maryland, hc'-.l 11 ill-.' yi^r ]'j:!7, r.n Act wa:; p.r.s- cd, to v/it: Cliaptcr 494 proposing to BI iL'iul Section :!1 of Article 4, title "Judiciary Di^arliv/jnt", sub-title "Par t Ill-- Circuit Ccurls", of the Cons'.ituLion cf this State, to provide an additional jud.'ie in thu Second Circuit and to provide for the submiwion of said .".wadmi'nt to thu- qualified voters of this ^tatr for adoption or rejection; and WHEREAS, at the January session of tlio General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1937, an Act was passed, to wa: Chapter D25 proposing an amendment to Article 15 of the Declaration of Rlgl.ts of the Constitution of the btr.te of Maryland, authorizing the General As-cmbly _to impose; taxes on incomes, and providing for the; submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of the Stale of Maryland for .-idoption or re- lows : in v.ords nnd figures as fol- 21. is good as new; used very little. F A R M I N G IMPLEMENTS One 19 Oliver walking plow, 1 John 2 spades, 2 shovels, 1 fork, 8 hives of jbces, 1 brooder i,tovo, 1000 capacity; j l l:ird_ tub, 5 pots (lowers, drinking In The County The Wise Man The wise man is like the druggist's chest, silent but full of virtues; and the blockhead resembles the warrior's drum, noisy but empty.--Sadi the Persian. Answer To Last Week's Cross Word Puzzle B QITIIE ZC33 HCMSE 3Oa Q EJEJE amnans HE LEE3D Ordered this lilth dny of October . 1038, that the Auditor's Report, mmb ferrcd to which may be paid or satis-| and filed in the above proceedings, be factorily disposed of prior to the day ' ratified and confirmed unless good and hour of sale will not be offered cause to the contrary be shown within 1 -- · · » · » · tivtup i* fji/i.i-1 III* V» »JI O ( U l l l l l \ l f l l £ f o u n t a i n s and feeders, 1 hand corn VJIIUUIL v,uuri, ror Caroline shellcr, 1 sled and chain, 1 5-gallon . In Equity. No. ;M78 Chy. ran, 1 l-p;all.n ran, 1 mole trap, box at the public sale. three weeks from the 22ml day of and contents, lot of thinps not mentioned. TERMS OF SALE Cash on day of sale. MICHAEL BLAZEJAK, Owner On the List above referred to each October, 1938, provided a copy of this (William Andrew, Auctioneer item to be sold is numbered, and will order be inserted in some newspaper ! Dorsey Nichols, Clerk. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. G3CE3 SDH Q a EOHBH 331 H;33 3EQQS a una~a ans ^LT: k3£ GUDEfl be offered for sale according to num- printed and published in Caroline ber, but inspection of said List will. County once in each of two successive enable all interested persons to as- weeks before the 31$t day of October certain the particulars of each n u m - . 1938. bercd item, and the items will be of-1 T. CLAYTON HORSEY Clerk feied at public sale by number, and True Copy--Test: ' the description of each given when ~ ~~ and as offered for sale. The above assets will first be offered separately, then in groups, and then as a whole, and will be sold in whichever way the most money can be realized therefor. According to Law, said remaining assets cannot be sold otherwise than without recourse, and without warranty of any kind or character, and subject to the final ratification of | said sale or sales by the Circuit Court for Caroline County, Maryland, in Equity. WARREN F. STERLING, Receiver for the Goldsboro Bank. William J. Rickards, Attorney. A. J. Dhue, Auctioneer. The vacated bungalow property is for rent. Possession at once. MICHAEL BLAZEJAK. Oh.Ohi y Wrong Way! COAXIti CusfaBtorslfBth ADV%RTISIN'3 Sacked 1 food, Service,! Our Business Has Been Built On Prompt And Courteous SERVICE Established Over 27 Years MARY S. COOPER, FRED B. SYLVESTER, Administrators NOTICE TO CREDITORS This is to give notice that the subscribers of Caroline county, have obtained from The Orphan's Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal es tate of ALEX W. FLUHARTY Jatc of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are warned to exhibit the same to thu subscriber, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 22nd day of April 1939, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All persons owing this estate are required to make prompt settlement. Given under our hands this 18th day of October, 1938. ANNIE A. FLUHARTY, WILLIAM J. RICKARDS, Administrators. FuneralDirectors N O T I C E To whom it may concern: Having severed my connections with the Wy-Har Poultry Farm and Wy-Har Farm six years ago, I will not be responsible for any bills contracted by cither concern. W. D. PICKERING. (10-22-31) AN .\C"P to propose un amendment to rc- |,i:il Section \ i of .\rtlc!e 3 of tlie Con- b t i l u l l o u of lne of -Maryland, title piiihll.i'ini; tin' (ieneral '.Uscmlily I r o n uiithnrlzliii; a lottery, and providing for Ilie tulml-.-!iii of said amendment lo thu iii.allflcd ii.lcrs of tlie .Slate of .Mao- land fur adiiptlnii or rejection. Setflou 1. He It eiucted by Ihe Onura Assemliiy of .Mnry!:!iid (tlireu-llflha of ol the inenilH rs i)t eu'.h of the two HOIIKCS concurring, 'i'i .it Sieliim 'M of Article . of tlie Constitution of the State of .Mary land, title "U-^irdatliu Department," pro hltillliiK !»' Assembly from an tuoriziiii; lolti:y K i a n t s lie anil It in herelij repealed If ur.i.pled liy thu legally ijuallflcd volerH nf the t u i l c , as h e r e i n provldeil. b'cc. K. And he It f u r t h e r e'lacled, That iLo ufori f,-iiini; a m e n d m e n t to t'iu Cunslltu- tlun nf the Slate of Mainland shall, ut HIL next en .HUH: x m-ral election for memhcrs of the Hem rjl ABM'itibly of Maryland, iiilimltli-il to the and itnalllled voters of Iliu State f»r their adoption or rejection. In pur. ,i:ince of the directions contained III Arl.cli- I I of the Constitution ot tht Suite nf M a r y l a n d , and ut the said ueiiern! eli'tilon ti:u %ote on the said proposed amendi.ii-iit t o - t l i e Constitution shall lie by h.illi.l, iMiil upon earh hallot there Blmll lie prinleil Ihu Mords: "For Constitutional AmjiidniLiil" nnd "As'alnst CoiiMtllulIoua Ami'iidmci.l," na now proUded Ijy I aw. nnd Immedlal.'ly i i f l c r Mild election due ret u r n s Eliall he made to Hie (iou-rnor of tlie vote for and nihilist proposed niiii'iidnieiit. as diriclt'I ly (aid Konrteenth Article of the Cunsllliillon. unil tuillief proceedings hail In necoiilanee w i t h bald Article H. A p p r o i e i l : Jlny 17, 1USS. CHAl'TKIl «I--1337 AN ACT to amend f-Vcllon 'Jl of Art.cle 4, title "Judlciiry leparlment", sub-title "1'art I I I -- I ' i r c i i l t Courts", of the Con- Btltiillon of lids Male, lo provide nn additional Jild«e in the Scrimil Circuit und In provide for t h e submission of F:ild aineiidiiieiit to the «]L-a!IIU'd volerH of thlH .State for uddptlon or rejection. Suction 1. He It I'liacli d liy Ilia tjcncral As onitily i.J Maryl.iud (three-lift lis of nil [|IL- iiii'iiilierK eketed to each of the t u n Houses umuirriiiKf, That the fiillnwiiii; , ctlnn lie and the nam · Is hereby proposed us nn amendment t" r'.-ctlon 'Jl «if A r t i c l e I, title ".ludii-iaiy U.'piirlinent", mib-lllle -I'.irt III--i.'lrcilt Courts", of the Comitl- l u t l o n of the iitale, und If u d i i p t t d liy Ihe !i;:al :nnl i|iinlilJid \utcr.s thereof an herein provided. It t h a l l hiiperi.eilL' und sinnd In tliu place and stead of Section "t of aald Article -1. Tor each of the said circuits. e»- j tlie eli-lilli, the hjoird. the third and Ihe tu.\th. ihere »h ill l)e a cl..t-f JudKc .11.d two nssoriate jndKen, to l'^' styled Judcea of the Circuit Court, to Iv selected nr uppolntcd c . hcr.-in pruvMed. nnd for i ha Kci-oiul i-lreiill, tlie t h i r d circuit nnd the i i l t t h circuit, tiieru ulutll he a chief Juil^e ,uul three aasnel.ile Judges to liu n t j l e i l judges of Ihe Circuit Cmrt, to he i l i ' U i d or iippolnled us herein provided. Anfl nu two nf said associate Judged, tar nny of thu bald circuits, cicept the t h i r d and ·dxtli circnll.s i.liall. at the lime of their I'lcelioii or appointment or during Ilie term for which they may have lieeii elected or appointed, reuldo In the saiiiL- ciiuiity. If ttvo or mure person)) t-hall lie candldatis f u r as.ioLinte Jmli;e In the -aine i n i i n t y In any of tli. clrcinta. esivpt tliu liilrd und Birth ilreiiitJ, one only In a:d coni't) nlinll lie ilctlared elected v.hit liaj the lilKli- cat uumhcr of votes In the circuit. In ca£c any two candidates for associate Jnil^u In any of the circuits, exrept th' 1 I h l r d and sixtli circuits, residing In the Hume i-ounty -hull have an t i | U U l iiiinilier of v n t i s greater than any other caitdidalcs for asso- ilalo jiiiite In the clii-ult. It nlinll lie the illlty of tlie (Jovernor lo order a new elee- t l u u for line n^ioclato JiulKf) Imt I lie per- ion residing In any other county of the circuit and \\hii has Ihe hlKlie-t n'Muli.T in vutca Bhall lie dvelareil elected. The Bald Jildlfes shall hold not l:-^s tlulli t u o KTIIIH of tiie Circuit Court In each of Ihe ciniiitlt'S cumpoKlii); their respecthe circuits, at tm-li llinen ns uru now or may hercalter lie prescribed lo whU-li Jururs shall Le mni- moned; and In IhotL- counties where only two Bticlt tenim are held, Mvo o i l k r nnd Interined.'nte term:;, la v.'hlch J i i r n r j shall not lie Bummoncd; lliey may alt.-r or 111 the tlni'ja fur linlcIliiK tiny or nil terniH. u n t i l otherwise Jiri-Kerilie.l, and H^iull adopt rules to tiiu end t h a t nil h u x l m s i not r - iiulrlnn UIB Interpiisltton of Ihu jury shall lie, as far us practicable, illspo.»'i) of n: said Intermediate terms. One Judi;e in cadi nf the ahove. clrcnltx, Iiicludini; the K.-ctmd, tlio third nnd bl.ttli i l r e n l l s , slrill eiinsll- lute a itiiorum for th.' transaction of nny liuslness; and I lie *ald JIII]/L-S or a n y ir them m.iy hold terniu of their courts, wliun.'xer In their discretion the ljuslnusa of the severnl eounlle!) renders Hucli terms liLLVssarj'. The a d d i t i o n a l IIN- sociate Jndk'e for tlie third circuit cL-clid | In accuidance w i t h the terms of the ('on- Blilutlonnl Aincndmeiit heretofore :.uli milted and ndopled shall IK H,iliJ-ct In the tame constitutional I'rovlslons. liold hlf olllcu for tlje eame t e r m of jear.i, r.-ivln tlio unme compeiMatlon und ha\e th.- taint powers as arc herein provided fur the other associate Judges In the third circuit. Tlie additional associate JIKIKP for tlie second circuit herein provided for uli.ill lio a resident nf (Veil County. Khali he appointed liy Hi; (ioUTiiiir ,-ifler tile i-xidru- lion of B!T (6) months after t h u adoption of this amendment and shall serve u n t i l Ihe llrst Keueral election for m n n i j TH of the General Ahii-nilily t h a t Blinll he held In snld circuit hiilisciini'nt to the adoption of this amendment, nt wh!cli ck-cllon his successor Blmll lie eleeted liy tin.' jiiaillled voters of Caroline, Cecil, Kent, t.'ueei. Anne'a and Talhot Cnuntles, coi.stltutlnR tha gerund c i r c u i t . Th · .iin:^" s,i a; pointed shall ho niibji'ct to 'the bnme eon- atltutional provlslims, recelM- tin- 1.11111- compensation and have (he'·· pmrers as arc herein provided for tlm other nsso- clata Judges In tin- Ki-i-und circuit, oi:d th · JudKC so elceteil n!m!l lie xnlijet to tur same constitutional pro\lslon, huld lil.-t office for the same term of, r.-re!\e the same compensation, and lint e the same powers ai are In-reln prmld"d for the other saaoclnle Juilce* In the n.-eond circuit. The ·ddltlonnl Juil^-e for llic sl-.Mi clr cult herein provided for -id i-lrei -d Uy t'.M qualined TOtcr* of Prederlefc and Mont- Bomery Countlea at the IMS elictlnn In accordance with llic terms of the Constitutional Amendtui'nt lirrelnfiir m i h n i l l t e d ·nil adopted shall lie mifiject to the pnmp conatltlitlonul provisions, receive the mine compensation and have the unu- puuera as are herein provided for the olh.T n.iio- clate Judges In I ho sixth circuit anil his successor shall be n]i]iolnted nnd/or elected In accordance with the c o n K t l t i i l l u n n l provisions relating lo Judges. The Chief Juilut may be elected from elllicr Frederick or Montgomery Counties, but when the Chief Judga Is alAcfed. from Frederick c f i n n t y nnd the candidate or candl dates an the case may be. rcsbllnp In the n l h c r county, mid not s i m i l a r l y d l g i j u n l l - fii'd. ulio shall liaxe the next hlk'I'i fet n u m - ber of v.Kcs In raid election shall be declared tlccted. If, by rcaton of vucli · l o i i d l l l u n or liy reason of an equal vole f u r two or more candidates a snlDrlcnt n u m b e r of nn-orlatc JiidKcs duly (|iinllllcil as to nalilence as a b o \ c Rot out should unt be eld ted nt nny i-Iectlon In said sixth J i ' d l c l a l circuit, then It Fhall be the duty of the f.'overnor to order n. new election for pilch unllllcil olllce or ofUccs. S 'C. 2. And bo It f i i r t h f r enacted, That tlie nforeKoln;; section hereby proposed as nn aiiieiiilini'in to the Constitution of this S l a t e n'ir.11 he. at the next general election to be hilil In t h i n Slate In the year IMS, siiliinKtid to tlie le^nl and riualllleil voters tlicrcof for their adoption c:* rejection In piir-iimnce of directions contained In Article I I of the Constitution of thin State, nnd tt the said Kcnrral d i c t i o n , the vote on the Kaid proposed aineiidiiient bliall be by Ijal- lot. and upon eacli ballot there shall bo printed llic words 'Tor tlie Constitutional Amendment" and "Against tfie Constitutional Amendment," as now prescribed fcy law, and Immediately after said election, due returns shall lie made to the f.'overnor of the vote fnr and against Bald proposed ·amendment as directed by said Article 11 of the Constitution. A p p r o v e d : -May 18, 19,17. S25-103T AN ACT to propose an amendment lo Article 13 of the Declaration of Hlzlils of the Constitution nf the .State of Maryland. authorizing the (ieneral Assembly to :, ·i.nsc t.-.ics on Incomis, and providing for thu aiibmlsulon of said amendment to thu |ua!llled voters of the State of M a r y l a n d for adoption or rejection. Section 1. lie It cn.iitcd by the d'eneral Afikcmlily of Maryland (three-fifths of all the members of each of the t n o Houses concurring), Thnt the following amendment be nnd the samu U hereby proposed to Article I." of the Declaration of HlBlils of tin- Constitution of the Ktale of Maryland. Ilie same, If adopted liy the legal and ijunll- lied voters of the State, as herein provided, to become Article 15 of the Declaration of nichls of the Constitution of tnc State of Maryland. Art. IS. That the levying of taxes by llic poll U grievous and oppresbl»e and ought lo Ire prohibited; that paupers ought not to Le assessed for the support of the Government: that tliu tJciieral Assembly Khali, liy u n i f o r m rules, provide for separate ab.^cssment of land and classification and sub-clasilllcatlon of Improvements on land and personal property, as H may deem proper: and all taxes thereafter provided to bi lulled by tlie State for the support or the general State Government, and by tin- counties and uy the City of Ilaltltnarc for their rcapecthc purposes, shall lie uniform as to land within the taxing district, and uniform within the class or sub-class of Improvements on land and personal property which the respective t a x i n g powers may have directed to be subjected to the tax levy; yet fines, duties or taxes niny properly and J u s t l y be Imposed, or laid with a political view for thu pood government and licncllt of the community. Taxes may IMS Imposed on Incomes, which may be classllii'il, graduated and progrcsblro and the exemption of a reasonable amount of rncoiiie from taxation may be provided and such taxes may be In lieu of taxes on any class or classes of real or personal property as the General Assembly may determine. Sic. 2. And lie It further enacted. That the aforegoing amendment lo the Declaration of Mights of the Constitution of tue State of Maryland shall, at tlie election to be l.eld In November. 1938. be submitted to the legal and 'luatlHcd voters of Ilie Slate for tlielr adoption or rejection. In pursuance of the directions contained In Article 14 of th« Constitution of the State ot Maryland, and at the said general election tliu vote on the said proposed amend- i icnt to the Constitution shall be liy ballot. upon each ballot there shall be printed lue vturds: "Tor Constitutional Amendment" and "Against Constitutional Amendment", as now provided by law, and 1m mediate!) after said election due returns tliall lie madi! to the Governor of the vote for and against proposed amendment, as directed liy said I'ourti'cutU Article of the Constitution, and further proceedings Lad In accordance' with enld Article 14. Approved: May 18, 1937. NOW. THEREFORE, I, HARRY W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND, in pursuance of the direction contained in Section 1 of Article 14 of the Constitution of Maryland, do hereby order and direct that this proclamation containing a full, true and correct copy of the test of said Chapter 4C3 of the Acts of tlie General Assembly of Maryland of 1935, and said Chapters 494 and 525 of the Acts of the General As- nembly of Maryland of 1937, be published in at least two newspapers in each of the counties of the State where so many may be published arid \yhere not rnora than ono may be published then in that newspaper, and in three newspapers published in tnc City of Baltimore, one of which shall be published in the German language once a week for at least three months next preceding the general election to bo held in thu State of Maryland on Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 1938, nt which election the said proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in form nnd manner prescribed by the General Assembly, to the legal and qualified voters of the State for their adoption or rejection. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND. DONE AT THE CITY OF ANNAPOLIS THIS 20TH DAY OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. HARRY W. NICE By th« Governor E. RAY JONES Secretary «/ Stale. cense until such license «ball have been issued. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted That this Act shall take effect June 1. 1937. Approved: March 22, 1D37. NOW. THEREFORE, I, HARRY W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND, pursuant to the authority and direction contained in Section 5 (a) of Article" 16 of the Constitution of Maryland, do hereby order and direct that this Proclamation containing a full, true and correct copy of Chapter 91 of the the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1037, be published in at tist two newspapers in each of the Counties of the Slate where so many may be published and where not more than one may be published then in that newspaper, and in three newspapers published in the City of Baltimore, one of which shall be published in the German language, in such manner and for such time as is provided in Section 1 of Article 14 of the Constitution of Maryland. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OP MARYLAND. DONE AT THE CITY OF ANNAPOLIS, THIS 20TH DAY OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. IIARRY W. NICE By the Governor/ E. RAY JONES Secretary o/ JS'af*. STATEMENT OF THE Ownership, Management, Etc^ Required by the Act of Congress of August 24, 1S12, and March 3, 1933. af Denton Journal, published weekly at Denton, Maryland, for October 1st, 1938. State of Maryland, County of Caroline, ss. Before me, a notary public in and for the State and county aforesaid, personally appeared Benjamin F. Johnson, who, having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is the business manager of the Denton Journal and that the following is, to the beat of his knowledge and belief,'a true statement of the ownership, management, etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act of August 24, 1912, as amended by the Act of March 3, 1333, embodied in section 537, Postal Laws and Regulations, to wit: 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, and business manager are: Publisher, Melvin Johnson, Inc., Denton, Md. Editor, Benjamin F. Johnson, Denton, Md. Business Manager, Benjamin F. Johnson, Denton, Md. 2. That the owner is: (If owned by a corporation, its name and address must be stated and also immediately thereunder the names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding one per cent, or more of total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, che names and addresses of the individual owners must be given. If own- jd by a firm, company, or other unincorporated concern, its name and address, as well as those of each in- Jividual member, must be given.) Melvin Johnson, Inc., Denton, Md. Benjamin F. Johnson, Denton, Md. Stella D. Johnson, Denton, Md. Estate of Howard Melvin, Denton, Md. 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: (If there are none, so state.) Stella D. Johnson or Benjamin F. Johnson as tenants by the entireties, Denton, Md. 4. That the two paragraphs next ibove, giving the names of the owners, stockholders, and security holders, if any, contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the :ompany but also, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appears ipon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary re- .ation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee Is acting, is given; also that the said two paragraphs contain statements em- iracing affiant's full knowledge and jelief as to the circumstances and con- litions under which stockholders and ·.ecurity holders who do not appear ipon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona fide owner; and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the mid stock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him. BENJAMIN F. JOHNSON, Business Manager. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of October, 1938. (SEAL) GLADYS E. ROE. (My Commission Expires May 1, 1939.) 1938 PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND STATE-WIDE REFERENDUM. WHEREAS, at the January, 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 91, fixing the time within which marriage license may be issued; in words nnd figures as follows: A.V ACT LUlAl'TKlt 111 lo repeal and rc-nact with a mend me n Is Section A of Article Cj of the Annotated Code of Maryland (lM IMItlon). title "Marrlaifcs", to fli the t i m e within which marriage license may lie liisiied. Section" 1. He It enacted liy the General Assembly of Maryland, That Section 0 of Article C! of the Annotated Code of Alary- land (lt)« Kdltlon), tide ".Marrlases". to and It Is hereby repealed and re-enacted with amendments to read as follows: 5. Before the Clerk of any of Hie Courts aforesaid shall Issue- any llccnte he shall rx.imlnc one of the contracting parties to Ihu marriage, under oath, who shall appear personally before the Clerk and make application far Ihe Miiui'. and the Clerk anal] ascertain: first. Jhe full name, of tlje. partics: second, their place of residence; ORDER NISI WM. D. GOULD, 3RD, Assignee vs. JOHN R. HOLLAND tnd MARY E. HOLLAND, his wife fn the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3494 Chy. Ordered this Gth day of October 1938, that the sale of the .property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by WM. D. GOULD, 3RD, Assignee be ratified and confirmed unless cause o the contrary thereof be shown on or Jefore the 8th day of December 1938; provided, a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published -in Caroline County nce in each of four successive weeks oefore the 7th day of November 1938. The report states the amount of sales is $1,000.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY. Clerk. n-iilch facts upon the payment of otic dollar (?t.OO) as nil application fee Hhull bo but o u t In printed form (o lie signed by the person m a k i n g the application, ami no such llceiiKe to marry shall be delivered by the Clerk nnlll after the eiplratlon of 1 urly-elKht (J8I lionrs from the time application Is made tlu-refor: provided, liow- ··i-i.T. t h a t niiy Jiuljru of Hie Circuit Court of the comity In whlcli the application li made or. If made In Itnltlmorc City. ,nny J n dire of tlio Court of Common I'lean. fnr s;.)i)(l nnd milllclent fauna sliowu, may. by nn order In wrltliiR alined by him. authorize the Clerk (o deliver auch Ilctng* nt any time after (lie application therefor It Mhull lio unlawful for the clerks of any f the courts aforesaid to make public the fact of ajL attliUcUloQ t or. M. m.rl lfft J^ NOTICE TO CREDITORS This is to give notice that the subscriber of Caroline County, has obtained from The Orphans' Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters testamentary OH the personal estate of MARION H. DOWNES late of Caroline county, ' deceased. AH persons having claims igainst the said deceased are warned to exhibit the same lo the subscriber with the vouchers thereof legally au- tenticated, on or before the 8th day of April 1939, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All persona owing this estate are required to make prompt settlement Given under my hand this 4th day of October, 1938. HATTIE W. DOWNES, x Executor. IN £V SPA PERI SPA PERI

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