The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 2, 1974 · Page 31
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 31

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1974
Page 31
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TUB BRAKJSPOftT FACTS *** game tfutf BySANWUCTTTSNS •tw NKW YORK (A*» ~ ,s n i B*dcn»m peStfca to OK MBKT « . »•> er the |ime, «qr Bffl wd <t>t( N«iwy Bftytrsky. Wluil tl ^rt. Inrahwi is ttw «*tttate| of 2 , r 4 fatrtn from pafitictaa* by bi| -„ «.; b4tt)n«««. tabor ua!«o«, .. s ,; Ktakers and g«T«ran«nl ^, ,<• employees, in return tor -BKkroon Pefiaes" b ateo .,,,;,. the niuae erf their new book. In i- -^ tt they dMcribe the v{Uak» as •Cio«v *|*clal tatntM (rcNpn; aad v^ Uie heroes «• inaoecBt * '«V cittMB*. who sometime* «.*» £• taw«n wpoB t«*diy sitaatiom ^i and correct tbera. Bill tay* the ^-,,i butimimi af the book came >. «t tonf before the tidal wave of ^4 Walerfale. H But I tbtok now 9# , peeple are gotof to start v-vc- refeuildbif and letUag .».^. everytfatoc together agate. I ^. think they vaat la start doii« t^s , sonetiiiBg about tkeir ^r. goweroaeof* Nancy agree* ^^^t^, «ot sne aoo bcoevdi jjeupic. i^ft i we taiBg to mistral tbe fovnumeat mon sine* 3^, Watergate, Vet, IM only way y , >± thechaafes are gotag tonne j,-; abort, ate tays, is tf people ?*-? orgaabe. ~lt't aiaoat to- «.'* >, ttang to da," she adds, "but A ->»;« does aothkig to terras of ytw '.-«. They both claim moat 5^^,« potitidans start oot with the beat of totcnttom, but (tod that t to order to |et re»«tottad they to play bsJ3 with the ^•- people who dtopease the A-* **»* okssiey. ^e^eo the people who f 3,1 start oat with .the highest of " - people who snpparted then to the betlaatof. It toot ahnrys true." says Nancy, "but it's ' troe often tsmsjh to make it loot abort the rate." Bffl says that became of the snooty factiy tovoived to pottticaJ **^ff*l^^|jflif Aey decided to - 'devote two chapters of the >J tfboek la campaign coo>1 a^'trtboUoos, Usia« vartou •«iw> ctttosarowfld the Maatry Owf trtod*to explain bowiccsjtoto n-*v»ktods at pnflttcil deahr can tsh • s«(athrdy affect the private <*cU dtiatn. "1st the ccBtrtbottajw v*tt chapters we took a disaster ^jr that happcaed to Los Aageles -fii and showed bow tbe tow that «">»^ wwald have prevented it by */*^x£'fC4|uiiiusj betiei controls had been weakened thrasjh tbe <3V-state ks^sUtar*. "- I* "Neat we talked of the ef- ions to chance the tow. agate, -'*• '•' rttatfn ererytjody's atthm to ^b^%. '•ftfttfft^p 1 * contrBMttoaa. The .***> potot," be says, "is thai one wtt» has to |et elected to wto. Bat .•*-T*«l Ihea they begin SMklos] eocaprasBises because the *<4*''tBaMy to so fanpartaal to **^ potties, la that lease a •>»* pottkito is a victim of the '"•* & system. However, I think "*• '-'thafsoMreof a jostifteattoa W fexthaa aoythtof etot. He can say ^.-,* The book was written tor fc*3fttwo reasons. First, beeaase v^vtaey became a part of a •o*s* icocununity, BUI aad Nancy could see the direct effects of -{fritocal potties to their own -«t» ^aei^hborhood; snd second. *?4 becaoae, as poiitical writer (or Hit Lss Aaceses Tteea, BiB WM«bktooo««r total pditta • -oysiaad see the »etha«tes of the , ^^ system for himself. He ,*^ i discussed the coven** with •%»> Nancy, aad they derided to <**}*: write down the ktods of tbtoc* that faon bofatod the pottkal "So we've tried to explain •^»v specifically who we were •w* ulaktofabtut to the book when » **m say spudal totsmt sad "Wa-'wo bJS» down, lanmm sum, InriBit fftr , wlw tovf •• IA* H^lBB^ 'W ^Wr W9f ••^sP V^f nax Others . . '. Ml pf^fy 4P " Wf IpswWiWl^w ^P p^W *ew^^R§. ^^ ATTENTION BARGAIN HUNTERS * 4 LBS. ROUND STEAK * 4 LBS. CHUCK STEAK * 4 LBS. KROGER'S PRO * 4 LBS. FRYER BREAST QUARTERS * 4 LBS. FRYER LEG QUARTERS * 3 LBS. PORK STEAKS * 3 LBS, CENTER PORK CHOPS * 3 LBS. KROGER 12 OZ. WIENERS (4 PKGS.) * 3 LBS. JIMMY DEAN SAUSAGE 32 LBS SELECTED YOUNG BEEF STEAK OUNDo SIRLOIN ROAST i^ *ttf saitm If thti wMcfc *ntittst you to tfw ,',. -T, .', '<" iv'9 4 M • '• - ,!>.* V» H'*»»'*" J> i-'"*"? j§f|ii» US ttf <r Shoulder Steak ..$1.59 us cmotcf.cut * *m*m<>»«ft Whole Rib Eye ,-$2.89 ««t<MIf • UitCff O »CMW Mtf Round Tip *BOOt« Ml«C» »*« Rib Steak ,.$1.59 $1.39 ;AU rv -CUSTOM CUT 6 WRAPWD FREE" T-BONE STEAK $1.39 «»Q««ftmrcTt0V1MMtt*«|t SVMttCUV **«**•«#•** ^^ ^^ CHUCK STEAK .78* nH«a<*i Wiiot o v«ua«n Mt» e«.wft* cut KStQOtstUitcr voussftiMW* ^Bssl Mini •§ ^sslssldr assist ^sssk. am ^a»swasa Janst nVait A Heel O' Round ,.$1.39 CHUCK ROAST -BOC us OfOvt «tt» ix(«Ai«A.v. n»>ovt ^aWssl sw^ssW ^•••Jk asTVJn. ^MF av*** war • **•««****••*** WnF^aW^p »*oain miguo toM»»8 xt »jg««*»_ Insm ^§r ssfW mT Erm ^s»F JPV ejaW •»»••**«»***«*«'•«»* XF ^•P^» ^k«WsW aWslMs> •• Erla, • IMP ^9P««..»» M .,.....,«**«•« ^^ «f .. . Boneless Brisket ^ US. CMOCt Mt* ItAM IMM*S«Mtt$» ShoulderPot Roast iA 1.49 BOMfLtU. CtXMtO HMO*. I Bar S Ham i* $1.69 Smoked Ham 89< STEA ANK PORTION. WATER AD CROWN ROAST HAM KROGER SELECTED YOUNG BEEF STEAKS FAMILY FAX. LARW EMO COCA COU 32 OI. KETCHUP LIMIT t WITH COUKW tV IS OR *»OH£ GOOD AT KROOCR THRU SUN., OCT. 6. 1974. Cat Food BEANS I'f-^sf^ >,& "'' ' '*f> MMd s<tjojr AMI Mr <««rtt timfr jnrt not $1.00 NtbUts Corn C«M-I4«»Mt tomatoes Beam «** wttwn Fruit Cocktail tVAttftf Wolf Chili S*J«*flM*«» *WW\t *%/**«• Pancake Syrup J#0*f«W** . Delaware Punch $1.05 ££$1.00 Hamburger Buns 3S»w-89< •OftOC** ftOUNO CTK Ice Cream c*O<HE* »t»IWOilUllO Danish Roils Longhorn Cheese MiflCHT MATCMtM Cottage Cheese Vegetables MOZ me 89< U*. CHCXCf Mf r OOMCLUS Top Round Steak i«$1.79 U-S.CMXCC Kf f IXTWA Lf AH TKM* MMST Boneless Rump U*. CHOICC MtF Cf WTCH CUT Chuck Arm Steak CHOICC Lean Boiling Beef U4-CMaCf BHf SMALL IMO Boneless Rib Steak U.S.CNCMC{ *« f «ONf LESS ntAn Sirloin Strip Steak US. CHQICf mtf WMOti Round Tip Roast I FAUN (lean Ground Beef Beef Sausage MMOil «AHH*0(D40 Smoked Picnics RAPEFRUIT JUICE r^rpSro^wns^ 4*St$U>0 Telly'Tonuts^ < ^ ^aJ^C Meringue Pie £°* $1.79 I Arriimurn* Oft ' aNN AMON fTlIP COFFEE CAKE s.2-89*! Alka Seltzer ^ ! $1.29 ofe^r**" 0 »» r$l29 *• •' & L. * c * C1 7 O Stnutab •»» >I./T Toothbrushes IDLE SOUP 5 VEGETABLES 4 SWEET PEAS 3 89< £&FFEE 3 » *2.99 (Afresh fruits f THOMPSON Seedless Grapes t* 59< Green Pepper 6 «* $1.00 CMSF Cucumbers 6 *** $1.00 Romaine Lettuce **• 29< CM neslfton* tteMt. t«a^ jNWff* fftoyinsj wls> ajMBje- nnVf ftosj fte njodafll isMflstMl «f frowiBf, Pf"***5** fresh food* ntaku tton ......—*«t-a-»^. «_ aMHsskA CnWM 4ssf jfTWHVifHK W» MHVHr V*MMaT .W» atMdMT fftmsA sayttae you want (hem. Many peaptt don't reafa* that the ssane protrcsa ha« token ptoee to tt» awrxry I0dw*try. and that most pant •stertolt ara«a»hf Osroosjh s modern i^rdeneenttreaa be planted tost aboot aoytto*. On* motor advance has ban the stuisuy (rowtof sf trees and slvubs to cnav. uto«r»-sonM of wtoth can c*tn be ptosttd to the fro«nd with the ptont where (hey dltintegrate as the root stnKtsretafcMbeidwtbnrw eniirsnsBtnt CenOtoertwd ptsfltteMbepsncedawytime The practice of preaartof roots to a bafl wrapped to bnriap has extended (he ptonttoc scnson, too. That prtaaratkN to the norsery keeps the tree or shrab to peak the s>wden center and to year suounful inatsasttoa to yoar yard thnwcbowt a loaf Even bare root ptents CM be planted over a wash longer perM than mort people Cbtok. thanks to new ktods of care to their mtrtartftg and dtstneatton, Ask tor advice at year total garden center. Breakfast ticklers COLLEGE STATION — Breakfast doesn't have to be the sane bortog moat.every eny, aecsvdtog' i 'ss*''Otte k loons "BreaUasttssUfltnportaat to realare energy far the day ahead, b* a Ifwd- breakfast doesnl have to be (he traditional b*c*n. egs>. blacwlts, hsce and mA," SsBy Sprtocer, with the Tesan Agrienllaral Estcasivn Service, said this week- some pratttt food and a rtfanunOrkh (rait. "Soorcn of proleto that an eften onrtocked far brealdast are peannt-batter tout. (averse sandwich, or hard- lisahid eay." she safcl You can oat these -portabto tads'* at the bos stop or even wtose nhng ta school or work. The spectoast mossed the importance of protein at breakfast, becaaae "wtthoat tt energy sags wound to a.m,** Tttmlag to frail, she sect«sled adding sliced peaches, oranges, pineapple [hm* i m metaa bals tn yoat favorite Jnj« ktice -Sttrprw* your family- serve immilhtog a httto dsf- toront tor breakfut." she Mid Hew for knit wear A s»w Work - » per cent cotton and « par cent ptlyoster - is being marketed far knit ontsrwesw. This blend cocabtaM the coenfort, aeathetki and ym (ctmsacs of the aatursl fiber, with rwovery charortcristic* of the tyaihetje. htorttyn 8rwo% Airi«»U«r«l lut Sstviee. cut ****** o'»it Whole Pork Loins %lO»«lCtM[ltlll, UT CUtt Lean Pork Chops tCONCMCAt Sliced Bacon Ends Magicubes **•••**•**••••• yss.5^ WtfKLV $V.ob off tm ntcuvM m»ct of COVIRID CASHIOil I*L> MATUM IMICOUMWVKWTM 70409? MOIAMlMlC kiMKMio« putnt Sliced Bacon Lemons t in,t Lean Sliced Bacon TAtMAOOt Bologna or Wieners HOMtOftCMM Egg Plant Golden Yams STICKS vuatMft *HMIWF* „ •JPnffsinW Js\ *nT ^^^^^^HUHniWBUBI^ 9R TOM ATOM I OH APIS POUTfCS,,. FRESH MIXED MHVE'NSAVE activtdsa. P«»wstg out ff^ ^wv w (_. ^Od "•' w^is the bp«us» al f*rU«ttof Meats «M9tV H*f riftCtl lUKWt Brgunichwtiger Eckrich Sauiag«» fit Pork Link i Corn Do9» CAUFMNIA VAUNCI* aw JUMIO i«69< «$1.49 n.$t*i9 in $1.29

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