The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 20, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1859
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;XL ^ NEWS. ' IA CaoBB TTSMS— FEOM TO* BKHOCBAT.— ThP railroad truck has stood"the "ordeal of IJLWAtMEE NEWS. MORNING, MAY 20, •sTKsn *<>l WO, OK «a80> JBMUT, »«M» WiUniBODW. foi)y Paper, riubliehei! ercty morning, except Monday. Ti i-Wetkly Paper, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. fterkly £«r*r,i«verjr Tuesday morning. TERMS OF DA1LT PAPHL : ftsutjr Paper for one;year, parable in adTsnce... |T,00 TERMS OP TEI-WEKKLYPAPSE. TERMS Of THB WEEKLT PAPBE. About ««ljr oonvfctaara rtigagSrHrTthe stone quarry and building tbe prison wall m«e crockery uswUn the prison consists of tin jrtatedufjj cups, and cheap knives and forks. BATES OF ADVERTISING IN Ten lines, or less, of Nonpareil make a SIMM. . l ""So™ 1 a3S;' '''MSI 1 •«•»»• * m0nth -• ; *•*" i . SS** 1 - -• V° 1 :do. Smonllrs.. 10.0C do. « d <lo. 4 dan do. 3 dan <io. 1 «erk. do. do.: 8,00 8^0 4,00 &,00 About thirty convicts, the ,best workmen,, •re engaged iasnuiiigatone tbiS'the north teiog of the prison. 7 Since our last issue, eleven convicts have beendifoharged open expiration of term and I a"* •;.'*SJoo Tbe '°Pcniogofthestone quarry on the pris- 4So B tto::l!$r ngroUDd8 * iU "» a '«»»•« ^ th» State this -high _water, and isi sound through'but. Pas- sengprs and 'freigh't, "all land at the depot DO t lib. Mississippi; The R a. 1 Co. are busy at work driving piles, to connect by bridge, with the city." The Mississippi reaohed its highest .point last.Tbnraday, ?Jnce» wlen JthMfiLllan about eight inches ; at St. Paul it is reported on the stand; Chippewa and Black rivers are! both fulling. Lumbermen haya been making" "clean rnna' fmn\ tt\o Imad nf I-IA*!* *k. n ^. A .!__._ *_ ** .-May J9th, 1859, 7 a. m oij i.from: Eelott toiJanesTil1e< My irifly Dear P.! 'Ti* jain to fight against truth, which Is my anlyltreapon. WhiTe you meet, doubt, and pl*Djliknw>], pray and act. Tour doubtful tad iselfrdonbte* friendly ways, will ugrer or- •eitnrW my feitb, truth, love and swiftness. I shali-j I will—Iflught kooonqoer. Tetoot - • • - and love, and God, in my poor CITY ADVERTISEMENTS Contract T HR following Is a ichedo'e of lot.', p«' r . s a , i 0 ,, •.nil parcel) of lind In the Srd Ward, of th« citi «J Mjlraukw, tW will re l. tn efitlr<l ,„ ir,., .aoant ,« ojposltf e »cn bj constructing a fewer through block M'MP.FR p.. •"«—«••—••« CITY ADVERTIs, runs'from the head of both these rivers to the ,',"' * U0d ' io "^ poor Mississippi. "'•.-•. •"•"' ':•'••-. olay. .jit any rale, J tell you plainly I shall $lf00 1 do - ' 5W" 8fM»| T n« 'ood used in the prison la of the most substantial Tcind,. and Is served up with as _ . -- - - — — : - - - _ ,, p w an KOUDG8 at L a ng;dOB, I much regularity as is observed at the Newhall House in Milwaukee Fish is serve I upon ADVIUTISIWG AGENTS. Papers <tfO,t Norlhvest, aud-are Ou eLBBivELT avOioritedAgeattinMe JTorOueest/or a nmjrgftty aftkem. OUkrt : ? •»*. *> Cathollc Portion of tbe inmates. NOVELS FOR THE MILLIOH. rising firm of publishers, T. B. Noio* 1-0upp rn ice John Syme ' *° war r who has been in a printing^ offlce^ lew San' 8Wne « o ? d « l " 18es G « d «afce8 my loving friends eleven months, distributed two columns and • J wljo Oppose me go wrong always. You hive ««on..^fag but blunder. Pray show some ° U ^ ° 0t « JCHv FRANCIS E 16 til W " of B Si of W k "X a* _ much as they please' I """"""I '"" •'" uu * « «Joar 0 b-»you do not bnt such a one is an honor to himself, and IP 1 ** °W n| y. Bnd God °ttl/ knows bow mucli ! credit and profit to him whom lie most faith- yon ari-f in yonr closet. What can you do with « of(J Jllrtdle S folly serves. a praying, speaking, writing, active, 1 . The Turners of this city aw to have a c»le- untiring.^ resolute, loving, »rot» man like me bration on the 130, of n.rt month, to whteJ, v on w ^- r . r 00 „_ tn B . , ^ me? they have invltod their brethren fn.mlCilwau- -. *™ ' S to certain victory for love, ' of mi-die k, oru,M,ll r S w* O r w , they have invltod their brethren fn.mlCilwau- -. , ke* and other places. The programme we ex- ' *"" trttll j aud chrfst - Y'«ld then wltb a good ! . m »2^j- J »« peel to pnblish next week. .Tie Turners of grace: fo^ you must fyJeld this I know Lot. 1 42 1*2 1 *'J 8 10 ,,*12 11412 H 4 la 11412 B'ock 16 10 1C 16 16 n 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 IU 16 16 16 16 iloaen. ",00°" 12,00 '-'0,00 8,21 16,41 24,64 12,82 12.SJ 16,43 3,21 o'e 5,43 S46 i«,a; 13,82 .._„.._, .T.I 7 ia, iootf i f • i _ t. T OL, - ., . . L , , "llrl I •••!),r'r ,t \|,, j , j / ,, at. '.'il-»in< n» jchedoi- or int., I D „„. Fl riitiK ,,,n,, .,„ ,.,,.,, , Ward of the cl.y or Milwanec. ih«t will rw !,..„ 1 --in- u , , '" '" ' ; '" r '' •wttMMrdtaf r'"th"oi'"''n" n ^""-^ *""« * «h '*«.!•'-^ ^11 '!,Vh"',',l,i'.' l"f .'„".*" ' ' ""'''"' loUbelng a nLr u c ee by T r'« 0 nT/«»"rTa !l nr\,^r r nu'ia'n'" 1 "V r ' ",' '"",""' " ''' """"•'< ' .' "e^dlrid on IB, m, is follow.. . ! ' '' ''"'"•' ' " ' '• JODN LOCKWOOO FEED Description. 111,66 •i.Cfi 6.66 8,±i Blmk. lla 14!) 149 ISO U7 I1'7 127 IfS'J US •II .• JH1.IHI -6..VI MS :10 N ^ ^ M' Ira.- I W Irsc • ' 44 r: ,>r K (r I, -•, 3 f •• rill I.II- ii<>, *l (t ,j( • iKl B. M POtTEBOT, KBITO*. = teBU* an undertaking, which cannot fail to be beneficial to the wbole reading pomnmnit^.— Record, for of Sir They .._ r Jot, and will probably soon eract a large hall May snccoaa attend them. LA CB.OSSK LIGHT GCA&DS.—This splendid soundingjoratlons. wfll the poinis in my 1. StrjnbBS should be Saxon instead of d ceived , ceived their muskeU, rements, &e , and L U p D t written eaaav ara being drillcrt weekly at Barren's HaH bv 4 y ' COMIRJCT S Kt n L £ til M CITT Coni'Taou.Ka'a OrncK, i , May ]», '59. ( °'t ls "" b < r«elT«l « thh office, un- May 30th, in.t , al 8 o'clock p M., I h ' «"»'"'-"» »«« " jl .YI..I.IU t>o • 16 J 'uili .In ii. IW \ 19s W f . 1'Jl B » if first Lt.R.P.Denker, and ordertv ' of So " of anelo- Th «„ A , i •• > Iht)SW °fd "f 'be spirit —— « nol the armo» .-, ,«"' """ Ch mil y be >ee " » nd « J , office of Wl*,tt 4 chmlrttner. where . nd may be obtUned. H lots i la Ro In block MS, •r'- AilJitioii, T 1 ; i i .i keptb.v C. n. QARWNEK4 CO., nraggliu,it^SpringI norel8 i "O" »n"the-course of publication by I I them, and Which id tn )>0 nnmnlu>oJ ir. •„,.,... THUHOKXTU- S A. k. 74 ^ a Sr. •. 64°a . M. Hewlett, we notice Is in Fort Wfi vne. Wturing to crowded houses In Waupun, tor small chauge, tb«y use Euen's strengthening plasters MCSICAL.—The Hipon Musical Society give a $rand prizp concert on the 7th. AOCOUJTTBD FOB — The reason wheat Is so hiph in this city is because BO many elevatort were built and put in use lam fall and-winter FIR« IK CHICA60.— On the 18th inst. aflrt broke out on South Clark street, ^burning n-veral woodeo tenement houses. Loss (8,000. t President ha* selected Cbarle* Eldridge, of Pond du Lac, in this State, as one of tbe examining hoard of visitors. WE STAJTD CoERiorn.—John F . Potter, M. C. (HosonUr Cass), did not come to Mil- wankee to get our friend Steerer's whig, but to see about establishing a new mall route. CATTLI KILLED —The engine on the afternoon train east, on tbe La Cross* road, struck two cows on the track near Horicon, killing tbe borineg instantly. them, and which is to be completed in twenty •U volumes, «t twenty-fire cents a pi^m, or j to ^" Crossp, and we have many fiv,e dollars for the wbole Th^se volomng an- ; worth - v anii patriotic, who " printed in double column octavo, and t-ach will contain aboni one hundred and twenty- five pages. The «u ire sett of twenty-six volumes will be mailed, free of postage, to any person remitting fiv« dollars to the publishers. This is an opportunity, never before had, for obtaining tbe Waverley Nov«l»entire,at a price within the means of everybody , for it is the cheapest edition ever puli.isbed, and for those who remit Bre dollars, and thus subscribe for the series, secure each; volume lor \P SS than twenty cents. Th B price of the Edinburgh edition, from which thin edition in reprinted, is eeventy-two dollars. Very properly have Peterson & Brothers called this the 'Edition for tbe Million, 1 - for they ought to gel a million of subscribers to it, In this reading nation, and doubtless WI1L Kenilworth, forming the fourth volume of their series of the Waverlej Novels ig published thia day. THI FIAI AT HOKIOON.—We yesterday visited the ruins of the late fire at Horicon, which were still burning. The property destroyed was as follows : Truman Woodford, two saw mills, well fit- Rob't Hughes. Capt. Willson Colwell may Saul »or thejlirasa of Oolinh ol G&tu well feel prcmd of such a company, and we a Almi.l know the company feel proud oftheir Captain taIH . -j_L?, and other officers. The company is^Breditoble d * ^r 1 | /^AJ( mpply tbenuelrei wl'h Bi ma> 20 of Lading at UII-ON ci WOLF RITEB it to be now a settled fact that this road is to be ironed and put in operation at once. L W. Weeks, Esq , of Milwaukee, who was elected President of the Company some time since, but who did not at the time accept, for want of thorough knowledge of the prospects and affairs of the Company nod the feasibilitr and demand for the enterprise, has lieeu of tale in v<-stigaliug ihose aflaira and looking over the ground thoroughly, has from personal inspection of the whole matter formed his conclusions of the absolute demand for such a road, the practicability and chance of accomplishment of the present enterprise, and has for mally accepted of the Presidency and taken hold trith a determination and earnest of a speedy opening ol the road to Winneconne The far-seeing ones of Milwaukee now gee that it will pay, and th« best men of that city have interested themselves in this road with a determination of making it an immediate, success—this it will be.—Jiif,on ft/ar rmpany^^bie ™ W^.-- *»* , f 5 000 ?££?££,££• XTf many young men *• * minhUer is a man, even In A u»«-ri-i J™" d - "i>">«unber«-l Eeu utate, worth »t i,a. t became members. ca, has all tbe rights of a fr« man even in i oe«Hn' u '™£°\], u ,j '"'"" "" "'""Vc",^',, 1 "'" R. R -We Mieve |. h j' rie P nb ' te ''« '«""« «»«« "> -rll. aud print, j ""^ <» «. *•• ± *•- "^Build,^ Hint id;. m,,l ; 0 .„ U *« John Hmith, in newgnauers and Imnks : WOBWS! vtnifii.ti I Lou In Roirer'i | Quarter bk.cka, fa block, I mt> AJ.I'u, N 5u i N tin f. ^ ISt ; 134 K. L'H. I4.4KDINKK Urr I t Dvpartm,. n i. M, .<- medical .<-l ha, e i lo opm.on nn t like John Smith, in newspapers and books, aud to vote when he likes HM |, aj „„ right, being called and sustained by Ao('. or all parties Id advooal* any set of political doctrines in the pulpit: but he has a right, and ,' it Is bis rJoty to di-nouiicc all BJU. and to lift i up his voice by Ihe powers of pulpit, pen and I '" >Ir "< r . lh »'. «n«r >n press agai.,,1 wrong: e. „. slavery ' If be be | a true, wiae. brav« man' !,„ will not preach in England against glav«ry aud Pa«an gods, where they hav,, u,, place, but in India aj, I the southern StstHS. 'Tia useless to and pray againsi idolatry, slavery am M'Oli Hsi | l l»" A ifi-eil mar,, l.arnrd ireiilses ha.r bean »rit- ten, f xplalnmn the orljtin of, >nd claasllylr,/ lh» irorms generated in the human .y,t, m . Scarcely an r topic ,,f d acut* obserratfoD an.I ret phyalctand are 7ery luurh utiject II most tit »ilmltlt,l, I 01 Ihe City ,,f Wii»,nlc '"""''" ' a m. d ""' the of m. re t«d up with late improved machinery §45,. A fire broke out on Monday morning in the kitchen of the Wantom» Hotel, Wanto- ma, but was fortunately discovered in time to save the bouse. 000 S. N Rice S Bro. turning and rake .shop, $3,000. Cyrus Gates, sash, bund and door factor v' $3,600. George H. Beers, planing mill, $1 LITTSBTO "V ' — We call attention to a letter to "V " in another column. The writer hu picked out lots of good work, and naturally thinks be has them where the hair is not <xry lengthy Jt'e readable. fl W .000 EAMSO HOUSE.— Stewart's smiling face i 8tQl visible at tbe eating house at Hartford.— Passengers always stop there fifteen minutes for refreshments, and do ample justice to the good things set before them . BODT F,OUHD.—Testerday the body of one of the unfortunate ladies who were drowned at the time the Eolian was wrecked, was found near the month of Bogus Creek We understand that 810 in gold, two dollars in paper and a ticket to-St Paul,was found in her pocket.— Pepin Independent. Ames, patent tubing machine, gaOO. — & —, chair manufactory just started $1500 Total $44,000. On this whole amount, there was but $1,000 Insurance, in the Hartford In.. Co., of Hartford, Conn. In lavor of Mr. Woodford. The fire broke out about two o'clock in the morning. The braidings covered a little over an acre of ground, were of wood and dry. In two hours from tbe time very tbe - 8tricn>».—Pbuias Schneider, the German, noticed two weeks ago, as being deranged, •ays the Grant County Herald, has been heard from. He wandered toward Wingville, and ia that vidnily committed suicide by banging himself WOETHLESS.—Tbe bills of th* following three Wisconsin banks are entirely worthleis: Bank of tbe West, Madison; Exchange Bank of J. Bell & Co., Milwaukee; and the Bank of Commerce. Milwaukee. The time for the redemption of these notes has expired, and the securities have been returned. Tbe German Service and Sermon ( not on Sunday 22d, but) on Sunday. May 29th, at S 1-2 p. m., in Si Paul's Church. Those German!, and others who can and will aid In the music, meet me Friday 20th and 27th, in St. Paul's Church Vestry Room, at 4 p. m. German papers kindly notice. RICHMOND, Rector. THB SLBEPIKO CASS.— We think the sleeping oars on the La Crosse road, are just the nicest contrivances out. They are free from the dnsl, while tbe other cars arj filled with it The conches are soft as sofas, and a man with a clear conscience can sleep in them even better thsn at home, especially if he have a •eolding wife I There is as much difference in lavor of the sleeping oars, as there is in fa- fire was discovered, the whole of the splendid and valuable property immediately on the water power, was consumed. A sharp little ahower about one o'clock, dampened the roofs ol surrounding buildings, so much that bnt little danger was felt from that source, tbe more at bnt little wind was stirring. The fire doubtless orignatad in the low«r part of the mill. A number of men and boys were fishing with spears and torches, below the dam and about the mills till the shower cam* np, when to ettaps 8 wetting, they went into the lower pan of the mill, taking their lantern., etc., with them. After the rain ceased, they went home, and in a short time the fire was discovered. So rapid was the progress of tbe fire, that hands sleeping in the upper part of the mill, had but Just time to escape before the roof Ml in. By this disaster, Horioon has experienced a severe IMS, and a large number of industrious meahanlos and workmen are thrown ont of FOBOINO Pension WABBA.ST8.—In Phila deiphia, on tbe 6th. Judge Vondersmith was "entenced to 20 years' imprisonment, and to pay a fine of $5,000 for forging pension war rants. The Philadelphia fn<fvir,r, of tbe 6th says: This has l*ea an extraordinary ease, and involved the heaviest forgeries ever p-rpetratetl m this country. In their effeet they reached back to the days of the American Revolution and from that period to the present time, generations upon generations have been fabricated and heirs set forward as legitimate, who never had an eristenw To carry out this scheme, and to impose npon the pension office, required forgeries of the rnofit extended character To meet the requirement* of law, and the safeguards, thrown around the pension system, it was necessary to u,,. theaimmurm of Judges and for (bis put pug,. Mr Vondersmith did not hesitate h> l,,,p e the name, ,,f (ho-., who were associaUrti with him upon ihc t«-noh. : Clerks of IheC,,url. Aldermen, Justices ,,f tbe Peace, aud Itu- i.i,m« of almost every ,,ffl. cer known to the civil ua, was brought into reqaisition, to fully carr, out his 8m->rr <-r forgeries. T, t' V- obtained an^ to about S50.0UL ., rwuih it. In these S dark Eg y P t ipHhr.g ,r, I N ; r prefencr, h ' ;*. e r»l 0r than ihe «-|» esl Ji,o,Qi,i tJon , ^ lo the j p j, •ir:pa Tl.r rxpelllng i^enl haj it length b^i-n found- ' l>r. M'LiH*', rirmlf-ug,, prepared by Fleml ig Br J. ia Ihe ciu, l, ,ou<l,t after tp» ,flc, anJ haj already ,nper ' preach I ><;d t j ''I ' Ii" «.,rm, IK ,ffic»i-y b«i- K um ' . n j_ : Vr '**><r >cinow:<;,lged hj medical practlrinnerj " I • B^~ Purrhawn ».n h, ,-ar-fui uk ,, UK. and Utah. What good can it do here to preach ! v ' rmlf " ,'J-,tr [1J HI I P^tih.r I.P, Aii '« In .-om^ansno n- e »orllile« a IT U'L4O>'. V,rmlf UK ,.u., hl»rel.brat«d I..T, r Pl:j, c ,. n respectable 4rai; ti.,r f * \'on* . iffnaturt 'if URi).-* • smoun- .f 1 Illra iurtli- L..|. B U U 13 lu U • >l<I.Tt- - »m.nin( ^ hi. r, i a , i B-n » .0 <il H n U, u likt 1X1 40 ID *" and write aud print like Ponderous Pundit, against cannibalism] and ssrfdom 0,. to Rus- • si» and the Peejee Islands In Milwaukee, I preach against Uing, adultery, cheating, drunkenness, debauchery mas-' WH1OH „ ^uerades, immoral ,„.,,„, da nce hon ^ ,, .' .Z™':'*,:'™;^-, ger beersalooBs, brothels, profane swearine ' Sabbath breaking, Arianism, Tom Paineism gambling, backbiting, gossiping, busy lading heresy, corruption bonds briery. Sunday, wine dinners, especially ,l unDg the hnurs of 1 Divioe s^rfioe, deaconocracy, pulp.t shows ' that make Iwlieve preach Christ, mfldci j meeting houses named after Christ, bealheii ' schools without Bible, Chrirt, prayers ,,r God, j municipal stealing, and I.M> noon AMI. h ,, ,. <p . Q r.s >,t ^ojtr, A~cr)i «. ar. I « I Ip.l Urre'y i., , ur JCeo B ra[,r,u-»l ino* • .Iff.ltlr "l-rr t,». j.vei, (111 alle_l,on Ui th^ Dlllja ' :i..r. n: human .nffcrm^, »n.l In hit irjyenu.n -,l ihe It- m,iu» (,>rinan Bitter., knoin in tr,e .-..untrv t» • !/,„./ Ijnil'. b-tllr' «." h«! ,-.i r fnred »n Invaluabl- •,• Jn up •n marikinl I>j«pr|..» Ljvi-r Cnniplainl %ml N-rr iu Debi.ily »r.- , t .--.I I, ,o,l permanr:^l>- ure.lbr rrm*lj F'-r tut? r,y ,j ru 111 II lu and Jral^r, «jt[l.- Mil* 4^.« -^ f n- ii, ur *, national I S PtmUNi'E ..( an rin ha hi d T 1 ,, name / WCrt; f ° rff<Hl - Tbe ti "»= —- I ,--«-, «d that nng which these forgeries were consummated was a period of several years, and a part of it was oocnpied by Mr. Tondersmlih In posts of honor, profit and position, which required men of integrity. There w>-n- no • money gr»ed, and erali I n ^.n.'. , th* universal indnf-rene-. tbe K-n.-ra! irn piety. iiruorHDcr of lh» A 11 r of r|, , v n'-gli geDCtf) mammon H-urslnp i,, rea ; lt , , n ,,,,'„ feien pi«r,polir-y ,,„( f ur tnitll ,j 4[p|av od's boupe, pnwrfin tl.e Church of [.o.'r rich, fcujtitlou, ,i,,t,nations. r, flp e,-t of ' •", /al*j notions tbnl ololh- ru.ikp r*o- I N< ^ionB ol poignant grief and pain risible upon the prisoner al the time sentence was imposed . but the calm, stolid features, the flxrd sternness of the eye the firm compression of the Up, th« pallidness thai passed ever the countenance, and tb« work ings of the muscles of the face, told that a commotion was raging within his breast The Court seemed sensibly to feel its responsibility, but with unflinching firmness passed the sentence. vor of the otlter- coach. compared to a stage- employment. Tbe mills were in perfect order, and the proprietors, Messrs. Rich d- Woodford, were jujt starting the saws, on a joh of cutting about three million feet of pine logs into lumber for the southern market. We do not know whether they intend to rebuild or not, but the ehMoe there to invest a few tbou- and dollars, hi one seldom met with. THE SEHITRE or ENGLISH Goons—The Sentinel of this morning alludes tn deprecatory terms to the seizure of a large quantity of English goods en route for the Red river country, British Korth America, and regrets that Collector Clason should feel called upon to THE PBODIOOUS COST or WAR. — In 1793 the public debt of Great Britain was $1,286 065,215, but the war with the Great Napoleon Irom that period up to 1815—22 ypars. engulpbe: that government i n H public debt of $4,203,793,706, or about four hundred times as much as Uncle Sam ever ow«i. During that great struggle, says the New York Herald England lavished her money freely—made heavy advances Jto the various continental powers that Were struggling in the great melee to win them from the alliance with Napoleon Tbe herald now assigns to England the position of financial arbiter of the contending powers, and she will have to bleed immense sums more in the shape of loans, to undo precisely what she accomplished by her financial lavishness during the war on Napoleon. She built the house at an immense cost, which will now cost as much more to pull it down, and remove the debris that has been accumulating the last forty-four years. Well would it have been for that proud monarchy, had she listened to the wise counsels of her Fox's and her Pitts. Before, the present war is ended in all probability, should Its duration extend to any well calculated limit, the debt of Great Britain will no doubt go up to sU billions of dollars The Herald says that tbe five contending powers are now iu the market for the following loans, none of wnlob have been successful save Sardinia, viz : . ' ~rrv.ll,I, I, lle neither mind* nor liea.l.., nor ,-ouls. ,„,! l,nt barely bodleg.tbat f an lire where our fn.,r.f,,l a wisdom vu,ulj wither, l.reak, i~r^h an ,l starve,—In short, il-ar V i|,,. r ,. are .,, , 11HI1T lies and ahams und,-r my nose, ju-t iu au.l mi't of my own pulpi!, that I , annul hn-i tin, - to travel so far a? S uu th Carolina «n,i ih- K~, ,.-«. ' 1-landa. Tlial Is nearly all of ibe f (U1 r sorneho*, 1 cnnn u t h-lp thinking it ,. „. ly a good deal but month, »t | rtlsl tl)r tlila OUCB. Affectiouatdly your lovliiK rector r , 1 *l "' • ...... l.w my. jl'11,1 '»"«< ffart-r;. ill ; ln <1 an- quarter (>»> ,.t ,, c tl nl»*otr <9.)i»n..- TAurl-rn, ,14.1 , n.l , oil, EU..I ,u.r cr , !• if ( >> ) i l-.i I <»n AMUSEMENN- »J J "S \u ! '< 4» „„., , OD .' AIIHI.I i.i >.•: h.ts ,.n* an.l ta 'l a>!illn,,n. i.M.h l.r.lUI-,1 ,|. I 1 r . 0 | -erin.n a ,t l.d, MILWAUKEE C A r , r S ' f-locic . i • ) »Dd , it Mllwaukrt, llav Ml-,. \^;.j UAMnI. U ALBANY 'riil.i \ ! » ( m i, l i - i i, r U .a \ •£ , i l. i / i , t«ir, and friend and brother and pu*. J. C aiCHMONl), PresUt e r Rir-h- •lighteii RICHMOSD'H WAR LKI-TIHS —Mr LANDS AND WATERJ>OWERS, j 49O.OOO .14-KF** FI.KTfn tean .,., f,, .n 'h»t St»t.-, irr FO K S- BV THE Hall, was well attended b and appreciative audienoe Ife real Information in regard to the cau.«e ol the ! war, the location of the battle ground tbe results which must be brought about, and the ' p condition of things generally in th«east, than | " "*? Wisconsin Jmprovein^ ut Co could begot from a hundred Dewspap ' ' " '" " oles. He has bo-n on the ground. Ha ed with the people—has beau I.,M,, P of places where Bayard Taylor and other di fl tincni,hed trailers have but seen the <,../ ,„*,, and can illustrate to perfection* the scenes l,e wished to present. We hope be will continu- his lecture , "".>!• '.^ '. I- H i, titi NOT K » and Pin*-J.'uidw,' c^t-,.,„„„„;, ",;' HISC-O.\MX. l 1H .h\V,;« 1 ;^v,r,',;-' l "";' : r.- >ra,,.jot - I Dy pavlnil l^ .ll^y ,„ ' I.IJ.KW . ., , new n «pc.r arti- j ' *' " Prlce>, on Lfbrra) T>rm> of CrMM, ar.,1 • or imall qualities to mil purcha«*ri S, May 18th, 1859 To the Adit™ of t/.i Nev>i : Sl»—My communication on my correspondence with Mr. Hart, appears in your paper this morning, for which I thank yon; but as a very important word in it is omitted,either by myself, in copying Mr. Hart's letter to me, or by your printers, permit me to say that the letter, aforesaid, was marked ''private," the word underscored It was for this I consld- «red the correspondence confidential,* ED. M. McGEAW. * TbeomlulDB wu In the copy. V there is a mail across Lake Michigan ri»pet»tt and Milwaukee Hallway steamfra •ndonrMilwankee and Manltowoo ^changes wfll send by it, the dfflerence to as in time wai be about four days. If there is no man it is high time Uncle Sam had one established.— Oentftet Democrat. : MLera te&omaU roots as yet, established across the lake, bnt wehopethewwHl be soon. By hating one, we could get letters east, and from the east, several boors earlier than now. Beside* that, men wonld not advise their letters to keep quiet while passing Chicago. If a money letter, going east by the present route, opens even one eye *nd peeps «ver so gently, its a gone document. rest their progress, as it may result In driving this trade from this city, lu »eg*rd to the cause of the seizure we laarn that the goods were exported from Liverpool to Montreal, and thence to this city via Collingwood, Propeller Fountain City, and were intended to be taken over the M. & M. B. E., up the Mississippi, thence to Pemhina, and their destination.— They are the property of the Hudson Bay Co , and consist of tobacco, blankets, linens, trinkets. &c , for the consumption and trading purposes. They were imported by the Fonn- tain City from Collingwood, without bei upon any manifest, and without report and , try having been made here, before landing _ is required by law. It b simply a negWt' of Aoatrla Primula Sardinia Total. .. *ioo,o«i,ooi «o,o<x>,o. o 80,000,000 44.OWl.OOu ss 000,000 1260,000,000 ng put en OSHKOSH ESXEHPEISS.—Several new build, lugs have been erected on the burnt district in Oshkoeb already, .and several are in coarse of fionstrncUon. Many of the sufferers-wfll '«nme business «gRin,'and qnfte »'number are Already «p and .doing Kennedy And Vial, tbe heaviest grocery house.' in the city, have pot up a building already, and aredealingont jwund^gallon and pail Ml. fellow*, good business men,, enterprising, and have good credit.' Their in- •ur»Biw : *riU nearly cover their loss, andireare glad~to1«earthaMliey are at work. Osbkosh duty on the part of the captain, in not reporting, and the inspector observing these goods being landed without entry or manifest, had no alternative left but to seize them and bold them subject to the order of the Secretary of the .Treasury, who has been telegraphed in ref. arenoe to the matter, and whose reply is expected to day. The manner of importation by the propeller was very loose, and this seiznre, compelled by Uw a. it is, may be usefu) in causing the Collingwood captains to exercise more caution in regard to their manifests and reporting andentering. The business via this Collingwood route has been carried on rather loose, and<herewill ndw undoubtedly be an improvement in this respect.— Free Democrat of last evening. And this is only a drop in the bucket— a mere flea bite— the entrance fee.— all of which, if they are fortunate enough to loan it, or force it from their own banks and monasteries — will be expected long before they really have a sight at the elephant. The Oriental and Continental nations of Asia and Europe do not prosecute then- wars as cheaply as we do on the Western Continent, and yet they may"impress" tbeir seaman and soldiers, levy oontri- bntions, aud do many 'rash acts that would never, be thought of in the United States. It has been estimated, and we think cheap enough, that 'before the present war is ended the aggregate public. debt of the five Powers noticed above, together with England, will reach the enormous sum of twelve billions of dollars at an early day as he know, more tbau hi< share of this very Interestine subject. BBOOK TBOUT.-Bridgeman. the great trout fishing conductor of the Ln Crosse road will Consider us making a very neat, regular r renob bow, for the nice mes* of brook trout he left on our table | asl nigbt flridpeknows our weakness, and has hit ,„ right where *e live. ^EW^AD VERTISEMENTS. P.c NIc £ Pleasure Excursions, Ti-IK KAKM1NO LANUH , C ?r. P r'i D V.' > ' "5"?" T » r1et "' "' O" "T*n1; Pr.meand Uard Lund*, tre e'^d by i. 4 >ns fir, ,«irem*lj »aluahl e ,b»l ng located in th« very heart ofth. P,ti, R-glon O f Wlwoniln, and havmi b^ cho.. n ^u, particular ref.r.oc, to " ?,„ ]«,'„?'£ limber .nd the r.clnHy of |, 1)r g| n g .treara, VVATKit HOWhKN , ^'A.' 1 * 0 "" 00 ' K«««-n Capl'.albtil n..»ln,it,.| M 1 P » "' "- nei1 ^ th.aCoo.panj. Tbe.e Mill PriTllare, are .itnalrt dlrectely alon/. de in. hich un.ui th, MlMl^.pp, ,l, h ,h - Contract Canal «g»in; «1I the better for its 4it*t« - f > - _.. Thursday, May * jo — Y«gt«rday the following cases wsre disposed - " • -•• •*--- '-, peUt |3«nd costs. ••-'-• • Jonn Hardv, for appropriMing A fighting cock, the property of L.W. Kennedy, . caw Was called, «nej defehdBnt -' x>nd, JUs District- attorney the saniB. -Case oontinned to May! 20, at 10 k. M* ' -r i-sdii'iiu. '-•.""-••V"- : ''' 'ib'r » ;.Muriiabl« MILWAUKEE AND^BELOIT.—By the present Arrangement of running • trains, persons can take the 5:42 morning train at Belolt, on the Chicago and Galena road, connecting'with the 7 a. m. train on the Milwaukee and Mississippi road, and arrive in this city at 10:80 a m. This gives persona inTJelott and vicinity several hoars time in Milwaukee for the transaction of business, and'refinrn on tne^aftern'opn ' train learing here at 6:15 p. m., and, conneot- -OF ., „„ -- ANI) HACKS. •JaUTIEH wliblqg to enrag* Hacks or Omnlbusej for *. the purpoi. of risking tbe O .rdens or for p| C Nic fartlca,canbetapplled with flrit clan vehicles oa h l?iort«st notice and mo t reasonable t>rma. A line of OmlbuiiM mi oominenceroon ng on the 1m of June for roreit Home, If aring Van Oott'i corner at B i a and al'ii*' Th * Omnjb ' 11 f8r w »"w»toM le«ves V,n ootl'j foot of Mu»n street. — — .«.=j..--,.^, HUM in- <?raat Lakes, so that K oodi m»j b,- ihloped by .teimboat ,11- wlTto an i from the Mills. ,^~ I*"!." , P ° W "' « rl!l b ' "'« d '"r a term of year, aa dealrt-d l3T" For further information enquire at I h' Land oVo*'* 1 "" 1 ° IBCI '' ' D "" °" J °' A PP leton - Wi.eoniin. W H RODWAV, Compan, 1 . AjeDt, lua> * y 19 Wisconsin .*•( , ill! . Wla. LATEST STYLES ot th-! City of Mi|-«4u»«e, ». may .lir*.-!.. ruajl'-dtt K i/ H IW t ITT I ,IWPTR,IU It «' irim^r.i M.I . M ,, ] -1th. l«t». ,1 u ,. v-a .m,- A KM VK <. c,. , Mil ll»» r -.l ,, - an ..... »„«, I n ,i t , "«•'• t, , !,, ma) 2Q-dim NtXl'IOE. T IURGE hundred «Dd twenty-two thoruand dollars of the flnt moTiftS* bonds of the Milwaukee t Baoerl. or Rajlro*, O^STj. .* « a uc , lon £&$>%] , at th. Chamber' a»r«0-<l6i {NOTICE. I Crrr'1 Orrici, Contact Department, May 80, •" the to Chicago road arriring home tb«name evening. The trip ont andbackls nearl/'aDTo miii's]s COUKTT JDDQB.—The fret Democrat an. naunoes UM'JadgeTPalne lias ifeslgnea the of- fl«e of.County IJndga; It will be necegiarVtor Gov. Eandall; to, appoint .his sacceasor Jmme- diately, H whl<jn'1i^wiH ; T J na6nbteJl7 MZf* we learn of iia rvturnfrom ~ ~"^ "'} T HK foUowlng If » icliednle of loti, part of lota and parctli of Ian* iltnattd In the 6tfi Ward of the City of ilUwtukM, that wUl be beneDled by Blllnir to abate nuisance (Hereon. : K8NST HEBEER, i OBRLKSBDSACff, Ftreet Comnitiitontri. I.oU 10 Sherman's Addition. Coil of fill, ling at SI* BUTTON'S! aprlfl A.XD HAY VAKII. O. H. LiAMBKUTON rif«8Ju«opened, for ihe benefit of all who HAT a^h i" °" toln "-. • Mattel for Wf H»i, at the .N E. Corner of West Water nnd Clvbourn Streets, (OfSce with Messrs. Mabbeit t Breed.) HIJ ftock.of Wood Is large. Dry and Hani, (Cat and Split or uncut ) L'Lintra.-t D >.an ^ K<L£D proponals rill In- ni-c, w~ til MooJay, ll^y ja,| t 10 , „ tile Fourth War,) of ihe Lit. jf M" and 5th it-eeU, vli Th.. .ir™. fJ «rad-, the ilile<rallt. n (full n paved; ihe same Botrd of Councilors, June Ii, l33B,"".'r'ii-u'rr«i'' Board of AMerman, June U, 1-aH majU-,i4t K. L'H OARB'INER i-..ii:ni-,ni, r Contract Oepartme- t, Milwaukrv. M»j l:, liiji^*' J' S EALKO proposals »II1 b- rec^u.-il it ,i.,. , Vr . ,. , , Friday, ihe*.to day ,.f «,y. BSD. ,i i .•,.,„., p *-, for the undouh,-,! portlon^f |f .n-l lult- avenue, from IVnlnui. it., u. a p ,lnt i 'r.O ft n ,,,„ ,, J n centre of talil jtreeet, in th- 9ih w,r] i >0 ,,,, Itraitinii said itreet, the slile»illi! curb-,! j,,,, ,,„,,., and slone (utters uonatruct«il ,vls-i f r -J ,, ,', a sidewalks ana nailers wh-n oeceasury. m.y be WOOD and * ..«. u.. „ N. B.— W^od Pedlary and those who ihlp larre - o» aar will ateayi find It to their e rantae to buy of 04. We will .etTiO that dea'era may make a hand»omc : profit by telling on the itreet. m *y' 9 Q. H. LAUBBKTON. 1630] , SHfiniFF'S SALE. 8TAIE OF WI80 NSIN, l Circuit Court, MUwiu teConnty. f <\ j ' llool«»H. Bright/ -l , agalrut Hr_nry 8h«w,j WiHlim Shew and KHxabeth 8hew, Thamax ClitaMllA- JTam*« Dn*t.. aiw- o ____ * paper. Albert Smith ard B. N. Anstiu, we - Ho. ,i»o (9), In block No. Point, £fU, Ward, <Str of CITT ConPTRor'.• as ,ir?n-K Contract Department, May 17. 1.69 , ^< FADKD propoaala wiH Be receive,! »t tlm ,,ni,-- ,1, O til FrUay, Jlay 2uth, 3 ,. M . (or furm-h „.. io ,,,| clean, coarse (trarel, in the .Nin I) W 4 . ,| ,,f ih ~ .,,,„, Milwaukea, at «uch time tml place «H th, sir^ri 0,,-, ni'Sjloners m«y direct. _maylT-dtt R. LT1. «AttDINRK. Cnoiplrull .,. CITT CoiirranLiKa's i tries , Contract Deparlmont, Milirantee. .May 18, 1».19 f ^ >:ALBD proposals will b« received at this ull ^ ,,, U il S3 Monday, Jl»y Z3d. aa Up', lock i . , for opening c'eanlng and repulrlnij leirer in 4:h VV, r ,| r ,m -veal tine of 2nd it., to ihe Milwaukee River maylS-d6t E. L'H. UARDWKK. Uomprr,,r. r ,, . ... ctTI 0 mrraoi.ui'3 Orrtr, i Cootracl Department, Milwaukee, Hay U. H3» ' f jj KALED proposal, win be received .1 this ..fllce , Jn r " Saturday M.y 2J, 1» A . „ , fur ,,., e ,,i n ,„,. anrtnlah Planklutuo', .nldltion,.in the Fret Danoarat indicates 'j» decided prefer «ince/or ;Mr,j Smith, and evidently ibinks that Forectoiare and Sale. •™^*£^%$SS2£ v 8Ht* S4,lSB8 (i I»hUI exgp*,for«!e and ,"n .T'mut 1^-' H» I !i>^i§ 0 Wt. fi «^«.> fteOltySJ MlhrSlrU on erm.n ,„ , 185S, and concurr'sil m bv ih» Rr,,r.i < .^ . Aug. irkh and Sept 3U I8as t..uuc,l| 0 , ng. Irkh and Sept 3d, 185s m»vlT.d4t g. L-M. GARDINER, Comptroller^ • CirT CO»PT« LbLMN o»nua , J?' r * ct P e P»rtment, .M»y IS. 18i» ' f ... be rece | ve j at ,(,(,, 01Hce on| ral. M«y 20, 1S59, at 10 a. j, , or , fr ™i> llrtof lh « ^J »' Mll.aukee, froin.»,lU,,tre.ttoth6rlT<r. Bids mu .t «a!» price ^ e ?H " ?*L f?""*' » nd P" CB P" "n 1 " 11 '«• e P »lrln«, with old and new material. >n S Att r)LVEa, ComptrJler. ^ ctrUln tract, piece or parcel of land known »ftd. described a. rollowi Tto wit: Ott, Cirt Co»i7«Qu.i»'3 OrncB, j Contr «' Department, M»y 18, 1S59 if h. u , ' he clly with two Scales for weighing H v , siraUcr to >ho one now In use lu the Seventh Ward. g. L'H. GABDtNER, Cnmptroller. . ,™ Contract rjepirtment, May 19,13i9. ' S EALED propoiali will be received at t nntUIueida r ;M»TS4tli.,,at 11 A.™ forr Vll«t«f«t, frointh'rtreettoMthihw ,n WatdofMHwati«e« t bj grading, and iH'o «uT.&«a fibrn Tfttet to Tamarack It., Inwlo^wird n.>i(W6t,. M-ra.eAwniBEoaBp.irii., U. it. ^ HI U'P o.-umi ' Biiir.,1... N V ., „,, . ., trir- il^hr an.i hfarinc, at to L'oiirt llriiun', Mihr-iuh, ,-. [)r K H Ucullai: luserM tl, 0 l M .,r » r ,(|l,.,»| .. y ,., •n Ihe Kv %nil K r, -r,,» ,,(• ,-h ir .• '-, »no naa 4 mala iv if .ftliMr .,f ui ,, H .l In il •f'l to Ji r Win, W KI on I Urich i 00 very reil..n,hlH l^r v al I'JUDlIty of real ra [. ' ' unmipr., KKN1. |f r ,. n , n,,,,,,., ' V>c 'mv 5O a * , fur the amall may I ..,l Cl'v. trllli unt ..I Illl) mil lax-i. OIIGQOBY i Co Lan.l., ll.rt, K W B <) () TKRKY 167 B ARTH'S Travel i n Central Africa, 1 v-ui.,abrldiieci aII'1L'""'t Tr *" h '" • s ' 1 "" 1 '-rn Africa, 1 rul. may la srxsxr Spaerjeuuj Sermonj, 3th series OhriaUan Life.

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