The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 1, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1914
Page 5
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Erentaf, Inly 1, 1914. WILSON II TRIPLE PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES THE DECHETUK REVIEW Kiraiayer Pitches Great Game--Score, 12-1. DUGGAN AND WELDAY Each Get Three Hits--1,000 Fans at Contest. Sprint-field. July 1 - It was aur« I t a r d lino* to drop t h a t name to the Keedmen Tuesday, i m i th- W n t r h m a l t - »r» n e \ e r had a c h a n - f « i t h Olll* Kirr o a v e r o n t h n h i l l . K u U e i \Vllh.lm · t a r t e d for p r i n g f l ' - . i . n n t Iv was « i » e n an u n m e r c i f u l h e a t l n B In th« i « r frames that h« t ' l l l r d , a n d Mlll.r, w h o followed h i m w a s alsrt h i t fre- T H E R E Th« ajp*nr«nc»- of t'le. Wakes" at t h e p a r k Tueaday M B t h e f i r s t t n two we«k«. ami i,f«» b" .tor f u n d flock-il 1n the N o r t h K l e v t nth atre-H lot to IJP on hiii'l w i t h th*» (tret-lings Their o p j i " r i u n l f t i - . t t - civ*, t h e \ V n t - h m a k - r r s encrtui lit lute w i ' 'if .1 n 1 boosts ·were H r p l f e d . · « »h* I - ^ H p U v e j a Lad t a m e In th* f " d HAD FEW i ' H \ M - E = . S p r i n g f i e l d « n n l v i| r i r ' i n i t * . to for* r u m * In th.- h l n ' * w lii-n K l r m a y .- issued hlc- f i " 1 « » . k t " H-»»n. Two Won Lou Pet. Win LOM _ . . 4S 1» .718 .T21 .708 PKrla SB 28 .MT .574 .550 Xiatur 33 M .Mi .152 .537 - - - · 3i 29 .MO .HT 80 39 .402 .470 ,438 .448 _ . . 86* .S7S Dar.vll - 24 42 .364 .373 ju'mqii" a" do .4' kuJnC} 29 37 .4 Blounilngton 24 42 .8 Dar.vll - 24 42 .3 i n f l e l d n i.uls i n n d h e r e m » t » plnicl* t - . i T I i n i i ,-.i m"\ l -.l "n u . i k r d- 1.| · K i r - i « i « " tt..» - i l l t h i r d -lean . only · l a n d '-ti he · i b l e d T h e , t u . i r e A B P H I ' O A X V KkeM*. 1 K ' r - h «· Jaconf i L o f t o n 1! M r M i n - i . Wtll-8lrn M 1 . . . F J . ·Mar. U 1't Jlr^" n .« Dun ·-· · S V e . U i ' fcch-re f Tt . r.' Bv I r n i n g f Borne: »I4 " 0 i 11 n n ft-- I rva 1 i' ... ^ 4 ? 0 rt r. rv ru-ij S' - M.M V P V Str'ei ^a*»*--W*k*"«M T'vn-Mi* *"1 N a n l » rrman v , - M i ]..r«ch I..u ·lava-- M/n.1» li-ncar H o l . i n ' a ^ kuich. W a k e ' i e M S'r 1 ) * n i ' -- B v K'-rr'i\er 10, *y W l ! h « l m 1 ^y M ' . l e r '. by K . ' - r m a r . 1. Baeei nn h m l » - ' ' ' f K I ^ ^ B M T 1 "'f wl!- h»!m. 4. ott Ml' "r I «»r E l ' e - r n i n 3 W - ·Itchas--Wllh* n. 3 H » r r · · "··--( BM«B. Tim*--1 ·" I n i [ i r « - r n n e ' LATEST WAR NEWS FROM DANVILLE Ar.d r.oiv t h * Dan"!!!* s p o r t u r l t a r s »r" l"lna- t h f Jim D i - i l i - A f t ' - r »r. f.m » n i l »l ' . - I w i l t i r 'n t h e Thr-fl-1 nut»i1i of tl"it l.'Jrg h.lj :i«i '·"·'. l h a t Brown ws» wro In u m p t r i - s n n d Don nf v .T "it th" ^""-' .1 r'.Ti- I ' pnper ft r ' . t '» M i h i p fh*".' w l ' l^- F r . T n k p-n. . H - U - I I T . - -n t h i s i r l r That i" "n « to lui 1 '^ "tern w i s h e d on r . ' 1 nftt-r i-Ins h i m w o r k nla« m ·· «!IPI«-« "· f t i l l -."rk to th» »t»t»- m. . · ·' n f m r » Hi "'MI !j the only utn- pl .. In t h e l - a K "· u n l e s s it b« J n r r y E,' t .-IT :,rr\ has not shown here as v. i " Ohlea Soap»BilMl. ~, f ,.-f, r.hiin. o u t f i e l d e r la f i i p e ·a T h e tuipimslon 1» ln'1- f i n i t e , «'·- e o - d l n e to PreiHsnt Ti(A U The r l u h t h i r - o n n men on the 1 M l o f t for Q u l n - ey M o r d t y n l f h t m l n is ' l i l l n Viols- tl»n of th» t r a l n l n K r u l c i «n't f a l l i to l"'? In condition !.· '!"· ·!·!«( rr «he · u i i i r n i l a n , sccorrtlnpt t" th" l i f i d of th' local club fUn Cnffrrn. Old Ban Cif'rM- « h " M I S w i t h SI" m!n«ton SRI-I ·- h ' i « 'olni-j Dan- vi. 1» and Is b'!"« ' ··'· In th* nut- 11*1! H« wsi i . · ' «'t»h a C o n l r a Also l l n « rlv. ' T a . k Hacertj -· I... .!· T-r.' le/ii-.-i o u t f i i l d e i ·· n i ' . ini.'fi Di'nM'l* by gc'on'l 1 · n i C'ayton hs- »-n ilcned to ! " · · · i ' i i 'he out- t l f l d T 1 i uq .'· rom»s for'l.i'-'. M ^ n d n t n ^ r u p « ' l » v but th* M n l:i\ i(im w i l l tin nn.M'd up a notch tn m.-ik ro"w f o - tli" · · ^ h t b l t U m gam* w i t h t h e SCiinsn' " * t t \ A m e r i c a n a s s o c i a t i o n t"i»rn The K H V ?«« taam la slated to ·ppcnr h«r** nt .1 n f-lock Monday if- l»rt"in J u l y B TUSCOLAlLL TEAM ORGANIZED ··· Wird M...S.T nf Oluh -- W i l l Mwt All Comrrs, Although a llttl* 1st* tn starting. Tu»i-o!a ha« orgtinli"i1 .1 hnl! team u n d announces It Is reaily i n m»»t all rom- ·rr Th«y hav« ncursd · number of plaver* who hav* a r»utitt*n through th« brush. Sam \Var4 will set M man- · f'r for tho team. Th« players will b* fin follnwit Fhonmtktr. ss. King, Ik. i~ Rnmlne, p. Rots, ef; CrtshUr, f b A Rotnlne. ·; Flsehsr, Sb; Snvdar. rt. A l l h e r , If. Bruhn, pi W. Hlckty, tunplr*. .Ml .455 .433 .858 GAMES THURSDAY, Bloomlngton at Poorla. DaDvlUa al Quincy Decatur at Spr!nvfl*ld · Davenport at riubuque TUESDAY'S KE8ULTS. Da\-enport 2-*-0. Dubuque-, 0-.V2 Batter- ··- M l d t l i ^ t o n and Elmpeon; Lamllne and Qiilnn, 4-11-1; Danville, 8-4-1 Batteries l l o j u n d B u r n n . Cummlng-o and £rlofC. I'eorla 3-fi-O. Bloumlnston. 0-4-a. Batt r i e * -- T t m m e r m a n and Y e l l e . Pemberton and Srheld IN MAJOR LEAOCF.S. Saw Wrk Chlcm. C l n r l n n i i l fit Loin* Plttnr».r«h hi iiilelplla. ir»»k:n iatfm J a t r o t t Washnaton it Lou R . C'ubi- n d U n a p o l l n ·hlr.ino . D u K ' l o Balt.iiK r.- Kan^.l5 '"n^ B r o o k . \ n . i l t f l . u ' p h St L»J:B ... National Won 87 3.1 3.1 .H .10 American. \\on Su ... . SO 3:, 37 33 .14 . . . M LOIL 23 31 3i 34 31 81 33 Lost 25 Pet .017 .530 .10$ .SOO .492 .475 4,'K) .420 Pet .600 S57 533 .583 .522 507 881 .304 Pet 1UD ^Sl 554 MO 470 .43!) .431 .394 Chifeds Beat Team, 11 to 7. Pana STARR SWATS HOMER WitK Two on Bases--1,000 Fans Present. Pana. July 1.--Art Wilson, former Macon boy and Pana player, piloted the Chifeds to the Pana ball lot on Tuesday afternoon, where they walloped the Pana team, 11 to 7, in a batting feast. Wilson perhaps would not have donned a uniform had it not been that a crowd was on hand to see him. HIT A TRIPLE. He worked five innings, drove out a three bagger that he could have easily stretched Into a homer, and nab- td all attempting to pilfer bases. Anther feature of the game was a iome run by "Crip" Starr, Pana cen- er flfclder. when two were on. About ,000 people were out to see the game nd the Pana club will make almost 200 on it. The score; A.B Hit Home Ran Against Federals WEDNESDAYS GAMES. 3t I i i~h i Bait National -nan at rhi.-T(- f , - U I K h ,H t o t U o u l f , 1 I n h l a o t Bi.'lrr k'l «' New Ynu* American. '" -it P h i l a d e l p h i a Federal »' Kinoas C l t v t t I n d i a n a p o l i s « n t P ' t ' « r . u r g h Slack p .. McGulre p Totals . By innings :hl-Fed« .. Pani .. MV.10R LEAGIE BE8CLTS. National ^MJ l-v-1 P i t u b u r n l O-t-8 Batterlea , ml W i n i o H»-r n McQuillan and T ," 1 (£i"-S" 1 Brne.vivn l-l-l Batter- Rculbacti Ragar. a n d Mo, en, chi'r''vil-o r m c l n s t ! 1-+-5 Batter- I«»-H .r ph: «i ml B - s i n a h a n . Ame. and n * i 1 » r ' a 5-lS-rt Boaton. 4-13-2 (IS lniMi bn'c'lo-- f l i e y . Alexander and t,rli« "'.T'r.a? S S S S Z nW Wns^pVl. WM B.t : rolllna an 1 C a r r l j a n and Thomas. ,'n, n o1, ^-n 8 xe- To-K 1-7-2 (11 In- Turn* Hit Tacoma Club Over to Another Man. T -, -r,ma, Wash . J u l y 1 --Dl-cour ag,M at t h n po"r s h m v l n R his Ta- eomi team has m a d » in spite of the n u r r ' e r of chann. s In plsvcr. recently rre-.'d«nt-M«nap«r Joe M r G i n n l t y has d e t e r m i n e d to s^-' "P "^ mana««- mer.1 H» l«« ··"(--'Ked Ri»s Hall as hnnch mar.HK-r and give h i m .ntire , lis.rge ot thP t'.im JOi: WILL PITl'H Halt has t h l « season been an umpire I n the Western T i l - s l a t e league. H« will be at l l b e - r t v to make what chanr«» h» thinks necessary In the t-am. McQlnnllv w i l l r n n t n ue aa . ident of tho Tai-nma r ' u h In which he uwns a majority of the stork, and say" ho Will also lak» his r-ir.ilar turn in th. box tf Ma.ns«cr Ha.i wishes him to. ^ Was a S*d Tale. Blooming!..n P.intaRi3l" - Spring- rinld pulled o f f a boost'-r 'My \esterda\ in or5«r to put some coin in th. treasury and th* t e a m allowed Dscatur to M.iugMer them to the t 'tic of 1! o 1 Troba ly the sizf of t h r "-irnvd was too much or the players, th- M K h t was so nnusuM. Prints 3c All sizes to 4x5. Films Developed, any lite roll , lOo r work to th. enly Kutman ihop W. u»a Bothlnt Cut Eastman ' wiloala, Tfc. »ro.l .1 «ur «u- anthlp llaa In tk. fact that nU all over th» ualt.4 Itaua, _... ^BelW. All w«k vsanatMa. 0. A. MORROW, I1J KOETU WATE SI. PANA eterB c . Snyder. as ., Snyder, Ib . , iftrr. cf elin*v. Sb .. lunciw**lli, rf m a r t 2b ... . hotter. If t e w t i l t . p ... . awker, p Totali ... . CHI-FEDS, rill. Sb . . . ickson. If. Ib . r u n l e , ss . -- "lltcn. c ... l«meru. c .... i i l l l n g cf .. ·Ictiland. rl .. Ih It . 41 11 * 0 0 0 H. PO 1 9 2 ... 2 .. io A B .. 4 4 A. E 2 0 0 0 27 10 A 0 0 8 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 27 8 S 0 0 0 0 0--11 S-- 7 0 3 5 2 0 1 SL'MM^RY Two-base hue--Beck, McGulre. Three* SM hit*--Wilson. Beck. R. Snyder, Delaney. m a r L Home runs--Clements. TVlckland, Starr Baa* on balls--Off Stewart. S. oft IcGulre. 0 Struck out--By Hawker. S: by Stewart . by Black, fi bv McGulre. 3 Left n baaea--Pana. fi. Chl-Feds, 6 Time--2.05. "mpir*--Hurt Attendance--1 000 BOXING TO HELP SENATOR BALL CLUB Springfield, July 1.--Sprtnrfleld ani Chicago boxing enthusiasts promise to crowd Three-I league park Saturday afternoon, "when four scientific boxing contests, with the final bout between Phil Harrison and Spike Kely. both of Chicago, -will be staged under the auspices of tne Springfield Baseball association Both Harrison a,nd Kelly have bi* followlng B in Chicago, and number of boxing devotees of that city have given assurance that they will be on hand when the gong- is sounded for the opening bout on Saturday afternoon. Two good prellmln»,r tes will be staged, a semi-wlndup »nd t h f n the final match. Arrangements have l)een made for the construction of a first class ring, which will be located at the home plate at the ball lot, s.nd the view from all parts of the big stand Till bo excellent. First Baseman Out. First Baseman Duncan, of Quincy, Is out of the game on account of sickness and the u t i l i t y catchers are filling In. Couldn't Hold 'em. Pantagraph--Three pitchers failed to hold those Decatur sluggers at Springfield yesterday. IT THE y. t C. Semi-final Game* Next be Played. to Five matches remain to be played In the June ttnnls tournament at th» Y. M. C. A. 3ush«r and Wand In the top half and Odtr In the lower half are In th« a*ml-f inals. Oder must wait until two matches are played before his semi-final match can be played. The progressi of the lower half has been held up by the Inability of A. West and C. Bishop to get together !n the first round, '.t was announced last week that unless they played by noon today that one player must forfeit. It Is expected that Dr. Adams and West ·will meet and the winner will play Oder to enter the finals. CRIPPLED WING. Wand won his way into th« setnl-fin- alc Tuesdmy afternoon by defeating: Barnhart, «-l; 2-6; 6-3. Wand has played three matches with a bad arm, which is Just recovering from a slls-t attack of blood poisoning. A unique play was made In Tuesday afternoon's match when a cut lob from the back of the court by Wand fell over the net on Barnhart's side and bounced back to the side from which it came, Barnhart losing the point. AT COUNTRY CLUB. LeForgee and Ellwood defeated Denz and Powers. 6-2; 4-6: 10-8 in the doubles of the opening matches at the Country club Tuesday afternoon. Only one singles match was played. Dens defeating Powers, «-l: 8-1. The preliminary matches in doubles and singles will be concluded by Friday afternoon and the finals will be played Saturday during the fourth o{ July celebration. SPORT STORIES BRIEFLY TOLD -® Kinaayer Strike* Oat Ten. Next to seeing the game is the joy of reading one of those box scores and summaries, "Double plays--Manda to Dugga.n; two base hits--Manda, Duggan, Welday: struck out--By Kirmayer, 10." And then, no errors in the last column. Quincy OB the Rocks. is on the rocKs. They can feel the good chip going to pieces under them "With but 113 In the treasury and pay day due, the directors are talking of surrendering the franchise. The attendance has been down to a handful. Three-I Season Halt Over. With the games yesterday the season of the Three-I league is half over. Today opens the final half Let us hope that the Bloomers will win more games in the second halt than in the first. PICTURES SHOWN AT SECOND U. B. There was a good attendance at Tuesday night's service at the Second United Brethren church. The pictures of "Pilgrim's Progress" and "The I/lte of Bunj-an," shown by Evangelist Little, were extremely Interesting and pleasing. The illustrations for "The Holy City, which was sung hy Mrs. B. K. Hale, were beautiful Other songs illustrated were "Glory Song" and "Stand Up for Jesus." Tonight will dole the series at the church. "Ten Nights in a Bar Boom" will be given. Decatnr Didn't Get Lamiiite. Quincy Herald--The Decatur association made an effort to purchase Pitcher Lamline from Dubuque this week but the deal fell through. The player is said to be anxious to Join some other team and a sals may be arranged. RACING AT~MT. 2ION ON THE FOURTH Mt. Zion, July 1.--The Mt. Zion Race association will hold a matinee at the race track one-half mile south of the city on ths afternoon of July 4. There are to be four races and from al] Indications they will all be well filled with good horses. Mt. Zion has held several successful matinees and this promises to be up to the standard. Prescribed by doctors for nineteen yean Resmol stops skin torments! T HE seething; healing medicattea in Resmol Ointment and Retinol Soap penetrates every tiny pore of the skin, clears it of impurities, and (topi itching inrtanify. Resinol speedily heilj eczerns, rashes, ringworm and other eruptions and dears away disfiguring pimples »nd blackheids, when other treatments prove a watte of time and money. Sold by alt draffuts, Rcdnol Ointmart, Mo aod II, ftoaisol Soao, 35c. For trial fne. mita to EUpt. K, Retuwl, Baltimore, Md. Bdun subtlitttM offered by a few unscrupulous doalf ra. HIT BALL INTO CORN FIELD IN PANA GAME According- to a special story in Wednesday*! issue of the Chicago Tribune, the game between th« Chicago Federal* and Pans, at Pins. TUWday was lot* more interesting than the box score would Indicate. The story follows: "The inhabitants of Pana and surrounding country had a Jubilee today. All who didn't have to work In the coa! mines or plow corn were In town to See the Chifeds and Pana Maroons' contest. The Chifeds, minus several regulars, romped away with a free hitting com'bat by a count of 11 to 7. INTO CORN FIELD. "A home run by Starr, the d« luxe clouter of these parts, In the ninth round with two Pana guys on the bases made everybody happy. Starr drove the ball into a corn field beyond left field and a s neither Fred Beck nor "Little Alack" Zwtllins knew anything about corn fields, the ball was lost. "Several ot the Chicago fellows whaled balls into the same corn field and got only as tar a s second base, because Pana had a lanky fellow playing- left field who knew all about corn fields . He would vault over the barbwire fence, disappear for a moment In the waving ma 12*, and come up with a ball. On* almost «u«p»ct«d fie bad a ball planted at the end ef each corn row, because he always cot one. FRIGHTENS HORSES. 'Out In right fi»ld was a drov» of hone* grating on the dry, hard pasture. Al Wlckland had to driv« them away from him so often that h« was fagged out after six rounds, and had to give his place to Austin Walsh. "The Chifeds, guldad by Johnny F«r- rell, displayed great batting prowess. They clouted seventeen hits for a total of thirty-two base*. The home boys did plenty of hitting, also getting thlr. teen drives for a total of twenty-three bases. HERLB8 STAR. "Dave Black and Tom MeGuire did the hurling for Chicago, Dave being touched for eight blows In four rounds, while Mack yielded five in that many innings. Smart, a young left handed coal miner, started as hurler for the locals. They lay he can curve a lump of coal, and sCter seeing his curve ball one couldn't doubt it. He had a bit of trouble In getting It over, however. Hawbaker, another town lad of vast proportion*, pitched the last four rounds. He was stung for five runs In the sixth, then finished the game with much gallantry." Elwood and Handlin Co. Give You No Hot Air- But Hot Weather Clothing Furnishing Goods At A Cool Price Palm Beach and Light Weight Suits in the new styles and effects. Summer Underwear in all grades and Sizes. Outing Pants, Negligee Shirts, Lisle and Silk Hosiery. Panama, Bankok, Straw and Light Silk Hats. i The House for Good Goods Enjoy a Safe and Sane Fourth We carry one of the most complete lines of Fireworks in the city. All the new novelties, etc. x PRICES RIGHT. I Tfie sale on all goods starts Today. Motor Car Supply House 357 N. Main St Guy C. Ferre, Prop. GINGER ALE Let Clicquot's Chilly Bubbles Cool Your Summer Thirst · When you swallow Clicquot Club Ginger Ale, thirst vanishes, your overheated body cools off, your tongue and throat feel wet instead of dry, your brain is cleared of hot- weather cobwebs and you are ready for more work, more play, or more ginger ale. It's there, too, if you want it. Two fall gUHMaN in cTerjrCUequet bottle. If one gUwli enough for jour thirst we will send-for Sc po-tago-* patent Mlf-elamping stopper (d«Ter deViee) thai will hold the second glass fresh for 48 boors. Clleqoot, nwJo from bed-rock iprioc water, ta mildlF laxativa aod the ginger and carbonic add gu make it exhilantlTB. Sold by Good Grocers and Druggists : Birch B.w. R«* ··«·' Oft, Wk*I«Ml« OWttortn*. I NEWSPAPER! SPAPERf

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