The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 9
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SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, ASKS SHERIFF TO FIND HER HUSBAND Horton Woman Writes She has No Money and Bi>by is HI— Registered Here., Hhortftf .Teeao Ijuigford Sins just received hla first query for a "lost luia- lro.n<J." Dacli year the harvest la productive of many lost sons and liu*. bands who leavo home for the wheat fields and do not communlcato with those they leave. At iher homo In Horton, with two babies, one seriously Ml, ami without lany'money, Mrs. E. IJ. Alliens has written Sheriff lyaiiBlord to help her find flier husband who la believed "to bo. 6omew'iu>.ro lu tihe^ha rvest floldw. Ac-r-ordlng to the letter, the man left home Jimo IS to secaire»n harvesting Job. He was driving a six cylinder Bulck roadster. His family has not received, any word from IIIR since.' A searoh" for him hnfl revealed that he reslstwed at the harvest employment •bureau. It is believed that be wv.nt to pome neighboring county. 'Mrs. Alliens describes her husband oa 28 years old, five feet, six indies tall, light, complexion?'], and weight about 140 iKMinds. One child Is two years old and the other 14 months, the mother says. "Wllma, two years old is very slek and I have no money and no way to find her daddy," she writes. The homo address is given in the Helter as Box 183, 143 •West Thirteenth. 'Ml '. PACE NINE. BO forceful that tho casing was thrown Into tho air as high as tho Hockaday building. WANTSARECIEVERFOR GAS AND PETROLEUM CO Man at its Head Alio Head of Frontier Refining Company, Hutchinson, Wichita, Kan., June 80.—Involuntary bankruptcy proceedings against tho Kansas GUB and Petroleum company of Wichita instituted in United States district court today by private creditors of the firm. John T. Jayncv, president of tho company, is mado defendant lu the proceedings instituted by the creditors, whose aggregate claims do not exceed $1,200. Tho probable value of tho properties of the Kansas Gas and Petroleum company is not over $150,000, tho petitioners claim. They ask for a re- CO-OPS TAKE UP ' MUNICIPAL NEEDS Committee Diagnoses Ailments JR. eel and Imaginary in Report ^of Civic Qub. "What 1 3 the mutter with Hutchln- non"? This -was the query put to the members of the Co-operative and a committee mado up of Prank tkilladay, Malcolm Mc.Valr, C. W. Hall, Henry Pegucs, H. S. Moore mid Forrest Itoberts, was appointed v to suggest a remedial eouroe of action relative to the question. Mr. Huberts was cliaii-inan. Here's the situation as diagnosed by tho committee: First—There Is nothing intrinsically defective in this town, either by rcasiin ©f its location and potential natural resources, or because of nny REALIZE VALUE OF INSURING WORKMEN Employers Today Remove Possibility of Financial Stringency Due to Accidents. "The business man of today." says • L. P. Yust, manager of the insurance department of the' Brehm Healty company, "rcally .es the full protection of tho workingman 's compensation policy to his business. In olden days without any insurance protection an employe would br-come injured and. with the damitigo that arrived it would greatly impair the financial standing of the man who wished credit in maintaining his business. With tho up-to- dato policies that are written by the standard stock companies of today the business man runs no chance of losing thousands of dollars through BUlts that formerly were so expensive for him to stand. The worklngman 's compensation slate law of Kansas distinctly defines tho damage that arises from an accident, between the employer and employe, and these standard companies positively take the placo of the employer, protecting them against any liability arising from any aeident to any of the co-workers in his business.'* Many a serious accident of today would bankrupt the average business man did he not carry a workman'-.? compensation policy,-Mr. Yiist thinks. Considering-the amount at stake from a business man's standpoint, he readily sees that it is to his benefit to carry this Insurnnco, as it not only keeps him from tho loss of an accident, but strengthens his crVstik at all times. There aro very few firms in Hutchinson that employ any kind of labor but would cunsider a workman'* compensation ^policy as valuable as fire insurance on his stock. CADILUClOMES"OUT SECOND BEST IN CRASH ceiver as "absolutely necessary for J Inherent deficiency in the ^people at the preservation of the assets of the ' ' " ' ~"'~* estate." Alleging that the Kansas Gas and Petroleum Company Is insolvent, tho petitioners charge Uiat an act,,.<if bankruptcy was porformed when part of the firm's property was transferred to creditors other than the petitioners. ' The Loans Large. .Jaynes, a woll known local oil promoter, figured prominently in tho affairs of ^ the American State Bank of Wichita which closed'its doors ahout ton days ago. Ix>ans to Jaynes, amounting- to J700.COO woro said to be Iiartly responsible for the shortage of $1,600,000 In tho bond account of tho bank. Tho loans have never been entered on the books of the institution, and Jaynes' notes are being held in escrow by the state banking department. Besides being president of tho Kan- Bas Gas and Petroleum Company, Jaynes also is head of the Frontier lleflning Company of Hutchinson; the Penn-Western Lubricating • Company of Wichita and a number of filling stations. These, it is understood, will not bo directly affected by the bankruptcy proceedings against tho gas and petroleum -company. SPECTACULAR MAN HUNT FOR ALLEGED SLAYER IS ENDED T. M. Tagart of Nlckerson ran into the Cadillac, car driven by E. J. Anderson from Kt *rsa3 City about 2 o'clock this afternoon al the corner of FirBt and Washington with his Ford car. Fortunately no one was hurt but the Cadillac car was somewhat damaged. , Mr, Tagart was driving cast on.First and Mr. Anderson wan driving south on Washington when the accident occurred. Witnesses who were nearby stale that Mr. Tagart was in tho wrong. % Call 09 for our service car. Klngsley Motor Co. Ragland- CHOPPED O P THE MONEY. And a "Crazy" Man Was Throwing It Away lr> Kansas City. Kansas City, Mo., June 30.—About one-half peek of money, chopped Into Wis and eBtlmated- by tho police to total perhaps tlrousands of dollars, was collected on a street .In a residential district here last night. Thu currency was so mutilated that it IB impossible to guess the amount. The money was found by tho police after a woman had called at the Westport pollco station and shouted that a "crazy man is tit -owing away motley over here." \ MARKET GARDENERS MEET. New Association Will Consider Constitution This Evening. Tho Hutchinson Market Gardeners Association will meet at 8 o'clock to night at the Chamber of Commerce lor the purpose of takiug up the newly drawn up constitution of the organization for adoption, according to O. R. Trebue, chairman. / MI3S LEE WON. Kansas City Woman Defeated Mrs. Elcock of Wichita at Golf. Kansas City, Mo., Juno 20.—Miss Carolyn Lee of Kansas City won the Trl-stato'women's golf chanvplonshlp here today by defeating Mrs. Thomas Elcock of Wichita. Kansas women's Mate chSmpion, In the finals, Sour and three. Inflated Tire Explodes. An automobile tire, -which was being trilled with air l)y tho service men at the Hockaday Auto Supply Co. this morning, Uew up. The exutoslon was largo who have ejected -Hutchinson as the home of their business, civil and domestic activities.'• Mental Despondency Unwarranted. Second—There la n great deal of I artificial shortcoming all ot which it. Is possible to remove. Because of" the national and even world conditions existing for the two or three years last paBsed our lovrn Iras •wrought. Itself into a state of unwarranted mentnl despondency. Such n condition is highly contagious and If carried to extrcmes^wlll actually lead on to commercial chaos. This slate of undue mental depression was first conceived by tho emotional jgnorant, preached by Ihe pessimist and finally accepted on blind submission by th03e anxious to find excuses. Soft Pedal Costly Programs. Third—It is true that n.t this time capital is timid and money difficult to obtain, even for -worthy endeavors. In view of this fact your committee believes that any construction pro- giums requiring' considerable sums should bo deterred -until a timo when their consummation will be sanctioned by the community. In this connection it Is urged that, when the proper time arrives, no more wonderful achievement could be attained than the radical Improvement of roado. Must Be Sold on Selves. Fourth— 'It there 1 B n fooling of Ill- will eiiisting lu our trade territory, •thcin -the .fault, is pur OIK ^ We, ourselves, are not "sold" on ourselves, our town and our possibilities. W are Ignorant of the assets wt, tell are our command and disposal, bet u*i. therefore, commence with the small group of men composing this arm of our civic structure, and acquaint ourselves with the vitals of our town. It is recommended that an Educational Program ho conducted within uhls •dub..Must Correct False Reports. Fifth—We should all adopt a more vigilent altitude on events geueratl'T, •In order to correct, fabjo charges now a-eported to bo rfrculathig. But In order 'to rectify .that which results in a deleterious effect weiuust know the facts, and "we mus<t tell them, else our neighbors will naturally accept lies for truth. "There is only one course of action which will remedy false impressions, and tlKit is the vigorous presentment of corrective tacts. It is not fair to ourselves cot to know how to defrcrul ourselves. Invite Other Clubs to Help. Sixth—It is suggested that the Cooperative club Invito the other civic cluti.s to a discussion of tho question, "What Is the matter with Hutchinson." In this way men's minds IIUI be set to thinking and thinking makes for progress. Seventh—The men who travel out of Hutchinson are our representatives on the firing line. Your committee believes that the traveling salesman can do much to help or hurt IIUTWtin- EOU , according to his tone of liis discourse among those with whom ho comes in contact. A dinner for Hutchinson's traveling men could be employed aB an ideal way to help our envoys assume the right attitude and say the right things as selling representatives from Hutchlnsuu. Our job- l hers should give this' dinner and a definite program should be prepared in advance. Kightli—The Bible says that "prido goeth before destruciion and a haughty spirit before a full." bet ns, therefore, get back a little closer to luaiuy's apron string hospitality; and, finally, wo should ail remember that: "It matter not how stait tho gate How charges with ptt^i^iin&nt the scroll, I am the master of my fate 1 am the captain of my soul." Thursday for double parking, pleaded guilty yesterday afternoon at pollco court and wos fined $fi and cost?". Horry Kelly, manulger of the Model Flour Mills at Greeley, Colo., and his family are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Kelly of this city. Tho learned Business Men's Association has adjourned for the summer months. The busy harvest season is playing havoc with the attendance. The l.ugiiiblil and Heusser families of Moimdrldge held a "Swiss" reunion last week and tho older members of the families told of the old country. The JJethodlst. and United r-oshy- teriau churches of Pretty Prairio will have union Borvices on Sunday evenings during the months ^of July and August. Tho Collingwood drain company Is Installing a big new ten tori scale. In J anticipation of tho craning whoat deliveries al their Pretty l'rairlo elevator. Mrs. J. T. Y-erkc* of 810 North Monroe has as her guests for a Paw weeks, her daughter, Mrs. Clara Kenney and children Pauline aud Eslon of Kl- Borano. Mrs. Lin Fra£ier of Fowler, one of the older settlers of that, place died In a hospital ait Victor-m, Colo., where sho was taken following an automobile accident two months ago. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Taimadge who have been visiting at Elkhart with their daughter, Mrs. Arthur Maltby aud Mr .Maltby for the past week are expected home this evening. The 92nd birthday of Mrs. Eliza Austin was celebrated at the Marriage ranch by a reunion of her children and grandchildren, thirty-five in all. Four generations being represented. C. A. Green of Hutchinson, Who has been revenue collector for Barton, Rice, Rush, Ness, Lane Scott, Wichita aud Greeley counties has been moved to UlDoradn where his territory will consist of Butle rand Greenwood. BELIVERYMEN FINED FOR DOUBLE PARKING Bmorson Hern and Andy Meloau, doliveryman for Cripes Bakery wore each fined $5 and costfi in police court yostorday afternoon for double parking. A. J. Cripo, proprietor of the bakery liad announced lie would take steps to combat the ordinance. W. S. Oldham, who was arrested Thursday night for speeding, was dis charged by Judge Benedict when bo explained that he was driving fast in rder to get Ma mother, who was sick v eJfirde at ]Jo *h', er 'home. Loto Williams, *$io was arrested Thursday night for driving across the fire hose on Avenue F east, wan discharged from police court yesterday afternoon, when it was found that his action tfas ciflireily unintentional. "LION OF ARGONNE" TO SEE BUDDIES OF i RAINBOW DIVISION; John l„ Whitfield *nd hh fourteen- year-old sweetheart, filarla Price, . through whom he is alleged to have been traced. Tho "woman In the case" Is believed lo have caused tho arrest ot another alleged slayer. John h. Whit= field, charged with the murder of Patrolman Griffin of Cleveland, O., was arrested in Detroit after his -whereabouts had become known through his efforts to coinmunicato with his.four­ teen-year-old sweetheart, Marie Price, at Fort Wayne, Ind. Whitfield was arrested, In Detroit. Gen. H. J. E. Gouraud. Gen. II. J. E. Gouraud, famous French officer under wlum tho Rainbow division fought in the Chnmpagne defensive In 1918, is en route to the U. S. to be the honorcd,- Kuelst of these American vets at their reunion in Indianapolis July lil-lG. He will visit many part3 of tho U, S. beforo returning to Franco. Ho is known in France as "the Lion of the Argonhc." HOOSEVELT WOULD HAVE LIKED HIM HARVEST HANDS Situation Eased by Arrivals From Oklahoma—Gradually Meeting All Needs. HSona5sa©so PmtpOTdy BrnaU business In fairly largo : town. Doing good bu«Ino «3. T >irlv1njr town. Small a *pltai ' will han<lte. Good rftnson for eeiUniff. For lr, rorimitkm. aJdreM U-65 f CA -ICIS NEWS. Tl 28-1 The harvest labor situation in tills district is nrftcli fflBier today beeruiso or tho arrival of 300 nif.n, who havo boon through the harvest in the Oklahoma mid southern Kanf*?m w'hciit fields, nncording to Harry W. CU.iMn, •riiructor uf the K;insort Vvcv. Wmploy- inent Bureau hero. MiH'o than half of the men who ar- rivod today wuro sent nut. to difiVr- t ent points nharc help ia still neoded. Th« hvrp^st <leninnri for "in* i n now h-> from Ford r<ounty. The do!iinn<U for •Tien iu Stufr-ord, and Kie<; count!e:; a hour, filled. Thoro aiv :-till calln for laborers in n:jnon ui'-ii Vnw- • Jj" J tf new counties. Men ;i* ° i.itduc sent out from t ho ' lorru em ploy men t huretin al. t he vrn-: vail In,'; wnpo (»f $4.00 nei; dny. Anyttrui i •do-ftiviii.< moro help wm izvi in on by | call In g at tho employment olf;c. RCT. G> E. Forsbcrg. Rev. f3. E. Forsbtrg, Lutheran pastor at Erie, recently scmpht in vain to have the Lutheran Aug-ustana Synod, at Roefeford, 111., adoiit a resolution dtrplonnjr childless marriages. Uov. ForRberR 4ms eleven children. "And I wish we had eleven more," lie EVANS TELLS ABOUT THE KU KLUX KLAN Said the President's State Has More Than 300,000 Voters as Members. i , Fort Worth, Tex., June 30.—Declaration that the Ku Klux Klan in st-ronRly ngainet Prcsid^iiit Ilnrdins'y plan for n -\vorM e<iurt or any other f«rm of alliance with foreign nations wan made public today by Imperial Wizard IT. \V. Evans in an intenler^mtule nablie hero t f>L?n v following n rioted moeting held la>-; .lip -lrt Uy th»^ lowil lilan at which tho imperial '.vi^urd delivered an address. Pure Americanism. "The Ku Klux * IVIJUJ is preaching pure Anierii anl.sin, ttnd to Unit end v.'ill its: efforts be t 'jH .nt," lu: -aid. "CVmcernim;.Wftpiun tln-ovies. for the correction oH clvilizrUKiu's ills, the klan, as an organization, will take no purt. We tWxik thai if America will attend to Anreriea's bns.ine .SH, treJU-ing «;11 other people* nnd nutionr. alike and right, hut leaving (o tliern their own reH].KinsibUit [L'S, the world will hi? better, civilization snfer, and our <iu- liea nu men a.ud Ani'-iicaus morv fully performed." Big Membership. Irr Ohio the prc-ddc-ut's bonio Ftalf, more than SilD.OOO vott^-g are niotuho-ra of the Ku Khi.\ Klan, Evan,: TTIIUI. He assnrtod tho total n.c^nhci'Eliip of the organization lia'l reached mere thnn a million and there were men? hlnns- nitin north of the Mason and Dixie lino than In the south.. AcUe<l whether the klan us a whole would ido'rse publicly any Mu£}r? man for the presideney, Pr, Kvams replied it would not. He added he. hoped, the klu n 't] influence for Rood novornment would be felt in both parties in she next presidential election. CJUAR.ANTKK1.I vrhuut tvp, Kintxf-l TyiKMvriti-r KX^IKU.) TYI'KWIUTKU I >'!"• v\ i-iu-i-ti. ! vrltnra .if "a? '. I 'iK .ii* -toll Tl 4-2M i."iirf wnrkl irtKus of or Kx- Tl 8-23t HP II. to'' "IUT A:, any w CiflE-Hlf;^rt flt'ji IQb Yum L^ouw s .; i</<> 'hln (j you K you w'sli to ,..r ; .H mx hylp :l nr<- In r,*','f; ct vuil number 3. Ti 21 -lit Wore Silver Spurs. Seattle—Joan Haskoll, winner or ft beauty .contest held r.t Seattle, woro silver spurs to keep thu crowds from tramping on lier left. TOO L*T« TO CLASIIfV l-'ClU SAl.l-'. or will sell on hi»'i-nl (0^17 to lisrtk-8 Bivlr.E rof*n-fnrf A n four-ronm houn,.. on Kusl f. call ^u ;ij <«K2 rural HUB. Tl J7 unj pal cr 101 Wt-at SI M. V.. Tl 2S.SK ainutdl CflaanaiiEjl W ^torSee Wfi t-'tt'al!, HI2i nil kitnlB rut i VVVFt I mi. Phono WA. £04 Tl 2<o-2H CURTAINS to ovB.^uru t-.j our cxcltmivf PIOC -08K. We c(tn ru.'ar ynu to nunclreda or Byt.afled ctitlomera. Modo» I-jLondry, t.hcne *4. Tl Si - 3fi' FOR RKXT- Five-room, inn.lern, fur- iilsliKl entlUKo. lit .North Wulmu. cut at 100 BaM Pourth. T 3»-«i 7't >n .SAL.i:-.Seven hens, i-o.jator. ten ehteken.s tv\u months L,M, lien with eiirht rhlfks; nil for (JO. lliooe ti::M 2:1 Itll-tt Kleuli] ni'Ke ef ie t - •rlenet.d nrei nee. Write ItEKHHJKtlATINt:. electrle enpineev warn.-i 10 t;ike e and eoVl sti.raK:^ plnnt. v,\\ ea-n p;lve tin- t«-st of ref.-r O-CS. rare N,.\v.-<. roil RI5NT—CotlBBR at S-JC Knsl Ttilrrt. KliH RA1.I-: -M feet or pan.-la . fence; 17 Bnrrnd Roi-k elllel other f t >ie-e. I (j(l7 Knxt Fourth. EAltN I:XT'.:,\ st'i:.sviiNn MONKT !1V BM.UXO Till: .NUVVa .\PTKR * I'. M. KAttll KVENI.SO. 10.- STA1ITS Yi'tJ Al'l'I.Y TO Mil. CjIiAii"-;. .Vlj 'iVa Ul'KU'l:. H l»-85t WesteiB State OlA> AM' NI:W \VI.N|M->\V.-i C1.KANH1U. llt.f.S Oi:H Kl-ROIALTV. Ko muney if wolk N n..t tui'.lMfaetorT. T1IO.M-: 351. 81i NORTH MAl'I.K, HUTCHINSON. >Ca. Tl i-l'5t OUrtNtlTON hen i,:,,t wi e fur .','u,h- Call HelsS\' 0I1] FOK ItKNT-Two modern, rlvo tHKCB. Call 1163.7. KOIl IlKXT- menl; adultp .Mn .lerli, fui . ;i: Wesi <-d aleut- enlle 11 ;;o- in: IJOST l.eav old. ovi'i'ni.'.-nted at Kilts Horn,- for I-'iUt IlKNT— -t-'ive y^fi l:a:;t Folnlh :hleks :M-lit Wedcilraig Anna95!iiir.ceiBiie '3nte The Oul.lin lUlk: 1 'riv.;, ; .Sl .-M inan r':ist ti na !t-:;i. HMiSlDESANCE & LOAKS II yon [ il inmirali'.- or r..-,'d a loan. rail me aiol !.'! me ,tp'.a!i, (o yon: Klr'>. tonuule., autem.e.lle, lialdlilv, , orire .-nya- tiou. holuih nn.l aeeHlent. reytdence iMjrtliary, and louiiM lloatei'. W. 11. SP .I.l if.N lu Soulh Main. riiollr G32. Tl eod a-iVS: r.I-TTl-lHMll.K lr ver iral',. more. Tie- 7,1 - Soulh .Main. 1-1 rlt S.M.I will trade you-.' I'll.,11. Kill'Til r,a rale, for utoek fnrd. l .'iii of 1 ,01 Kallomi or den I'reamerv eo., tl'J-H Tl il'-lOt Noarlv "n>w .0- 1.1,1 Ford. ornlrure, V.IIHI h; Made Good Record. Cleveland — Martha. Belle Miller, who ha» been blind all her lite, has lust graduated rrom the Bast High School in Cleveland, tlnishing the four-yMir course In three years. Sho was awarded the prlssq tor the best general average ot any of the graduates. A» "Hmband's "Eyes." Washington — Mrs. Thomas D. Soliall, wlte"* ot ThotmaB D. Scball, blind CongroBsnmn from Mlar.esota, earvoa as her lmstiand's "eyes," enabling him to continue In public lite with gr<*t sjiccew. Alleged Vag DlKharoed. Wm. Hopkins, -who was arrested Thursday charged with being both a ragront and an agitator, was discharged without flue (rom police court' yesterday. Harry Brice, a Clinfirron lawyer, waa here toduy 011 hl» way to Kansas City. J. S..Blough of Newlon, V. 'S. post- ofrioe inapeclor, waa hore today on buBineas. Mrs. J. W. Smith la visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dora Scott at Kinsley for several weeks. D. D. Peachy, freight agent at the A. V. I. and his wife -will le«v« Monday on a trip to Detroit. Pretty Prairie has a newly organized W. 0. W. lodge and new members are betag rapidly secured. T. H. Urton who has had charge ot an elevator at Burdette has accepted a position with the Larabee Mills here, Mr. and Mrs. U E. Roff returned today tfroni a motor trip to Colorado Springs. Mr. Roff says that roads are in fine condition. Mrs. M. S |.rickl6r, T12 Sovemli avenue east leaves ttMlay for Kingman to visit her da-ughteV, Mra. C. L. Converse for a few weeks. ' Nine new combine harvester-threshers were sold "hi the Pretty Prairie neighborhood and were used in cutting this year's whoat. The Business Men's olub at Moimd­ rldge have fixed up a tennis court and when the club is.not using; the gioundi others are allowed the use. Card of Thanks. t\Ve wish to thank our many friends for the kindness anil •beautiful floral offerings during the illness ami death of •our belovixi husband, father aad brother. MRS. WILL, OWENS Mil. AND. MRS. FLOYD OWRNS •MR. AND MRS. V. T. OWENS M'R. AND MRS. ED. OWENS MRS. MARY UJ OWENS M.R3. MAUDE MOORE MISS. CKLIA OWENS. Into the Movies. Hollywood—Tho latest society worn, an to go in for motion pictures as a career is Mrs. James V. Converse, twin sister ot Mrs. Reginald Vandor bilt. Mrs, Converse will have her own company. A Bio Salary. New York—Miss Juno Mat his re ceives a salary of J1B0O a week aa editorial director of ono of thu largest motion "picture producing com paule-s. !2 i5 2rS« f^e 6«60 Rnmley ALMOST ENTERED NICHE OF FAME ). Steel wale wagon. First class Will good terms. RinsleV', Kansas, ixiey, Daz/y Vance. Danzy Vance, rlspht handed flinger with the Brooklyn Dodger.-!, 6*111 has his heart set. on plt'-hlng a no-hit game son.o day despite the fuct that Dame Pato phtywl him a mettu trick in a recent content. The Cinol Reds nicked him for Ju^it one long lilt the other day. He holds tho strikeout record for a single gumo this season. He whiffed 15 Giant sluggers. Fire Crackers! Buy your supplies of Ffcwrth. of July firecrackers and firework sat the Craft Shop 4M North Main. 30-lt FVxilish question for a hot day in. July: * Wlliy is It that so many people live where disasters occur?-j- WanteA—Good used household fur- Aibatt Oiilaa. who wa» arrested j uiture. PhpiM 131". so-ll Cornerstone Laying. Nov,- York—The coraer stone for tho new school building of tlt '3 New York Institute for the Education of the. Blind was recently laid in New York City. Blind Woman Knits. St. Louis—-Mrs. J. B. W'hitly, of Louisville, Ky., has been blind for U5 years, but it did not prevent her entering a national knitting contest. Has Beauty Parlor. Paris—Though she Is past seventy years of age, Countess 'Tessancourt has opened a beauty Parlor in Paris. Why Is The Preferred Stock of The United Water 9 Gas & Electric Co. a Good Investment For Your Money? Because— 1. Light ami p^wor companies luiul^Tiotl community nt.eivsT*!- 2. Thoy havo enjoyed reuiurkabio stability of earnings for many years. 3. They aro rc'cognizcd by iaw and nraot-ico as public rvftii- lated mono polios. 4. During poriods of changing prroos for bowic oontmod!* it.w, tihey arc fr-cti from inv(;:iLory adjuytmciit problfJiaa. 5. They enjoy gwator imniuniMy from labcxr trouble than almost any la .Tff« enterpriBo. .6. THioIr buBlnesa is vory nearly on a oan-h basin, 7. Thuy hold a rawvii alniunt equul to naiLvinaJ banks for minimum ji.Bk of failure. 8. For prompt payment of principal and latoreat. artnl Tor mar- ketublllty their Hi >curiti «H are nnmirpaafled. ft. Throiuch now iU)vr»lopin' v nt In the bdwru'w ot olecti-iciiy jjreat- OT fioonomiuH In operation are «cured, and new use« o( eHty-ttriclty aj'o found increaahu; the opportunity for added revenue. You may Join the other 700 Mharo hotderu Uiat wo have hero In HuMiinsoii and get 7 J ,i% tax free on your money. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Customer Ownership Department. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Gentlemen: Please send mo information &bout' your preferred stock. Name , Address M City t

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