The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 8, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1939
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1939. F.D.R. CLAIMS AIMS OF COURT BILL REACHED Declares "Liberal Views" Of Administration Have Prevailed In Statement WASHINGTON, Aug. 8—Presi dent Rosevelt declared last night that the objectives of his defeated 1937 Supreme Court reoi'gauization bill have been fully attained. He said attacks made recently on the Supreme Court by "ultra-conservative members of the bar" indicated how fully the administration's "liberal ideas' 1 had prevailed, even though his proposal to reorganize ,the. tribunal had not. been the method by which, this was accomplished. Mr. Roosevelt named no names, but newsmen recalled that Frank J. Hogan, president of the American Bar Association, had declared not Ions ago that recent judicial construction had brought most if not all activities of the nation "within the ambit of Federal control." "Recent far-reaching decisions (of the high court) compel the conclusion," Hogan told a Bar Association meeting in San Francisco recently, "that the American people must look to the Legislature rather than the judiciary- for the preservation * * * of liberties." Formal Statement Mr. Roosevelt spoke tonight in B, formal statement issued in connection with the signing of a bill treating an administrative officer to handle the fiscal affairs of all Federal courts and to keep tab on the condition of their dockets. . In his 1937 message to Congress on the judiciary, he urged creation of a court "proctor" to perform the latter function and also advanced the supreme court reorganization plan which set off one of the greatest political struggles since the Civil war. The President issued this statement in connection with the signing of a bill creating a judicial administrative officer to handle the fiscal affairs of all Federal courts. Creation of such an office was a part of the Chief Executive's program for judicial revision—a program -which set off the big court fight of two and one-half years ago. "It is worth recording," Mr. Roosevelt said,'"that today, August 7, 1939, deserves special recognition .because it marks the final objective of the comprehensive proposals lor judicial reorganization Leaps To Death With her two sons in her arms, Mrs. Adele Langer, 43, plunged to death from the 13th floor of the Congress hotel in Chicago. Mrs. Langer, whose husband was dispossessed from his $1,500,000 textile plant in Prague by the Nazis, was distraught by fear their visa would not be renewed. She was unaware Canada had granted them permanent residence. ' which I made to the Congress on February 5,1937. "The country is naturally concerned with the attainment of proper objectives rather than any one of many possible methods proposed for the accomplishment of the end." Then the President listed his seven objectives of 1937, all of which he said had been reached. As to the Supreme Court itself, he asserted: "I called attention to the unwarranted attitude of the Supreme Court with reference to its exercise of constitutional powers. Measures of social and economic reform were being impeded or defeated by narrow interpretations of the Constitution, and by the assumption on the part of the Supreme Court of legislative powers which properly belong to the Congress. "It is true that the precise method, which I recommended, was not adopted, but the objective, as every person in the United States knows today, was achieved." "Attacks recently made on the Supreme .Court itself by ultra-conservative members of the bar indi- •ate how fully our liberal ideas lave already prevailed." GIVEN PRISON TERM FOR TAKING RAZOR Curwin Arthur Smith, 30, of Hag- rstown, 'was sentenced yesterday by Judge Watson R. Davidson in Franklin County Circuit Court to two to four years in the Eastern Penitentiary on a charge of stealing a razor from Samuel Rinehart, of Chambersburg. A fine of ?5 and costs also was imposed. Chief of Police H. S. Byers, of hambersburg, said Smith had a prison record at the Maryland House of Correction. He also testified that Rinehart did not object to the razor theft. INJURED IN ACCIDENT Mrs. Anna Bent, Sraithsburg, sustained a minor knee injury in an automobile accident on the Cavetown pike last night. She was treated at the hospital and later released. HAGERSTOWN GAS CO. 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S (£»).— Harry Bridges heard himself re ferred T her as "the outstanding name" in the files of the American Legion's Radical Research committee in California. The statement was made at the CIO labor leader's deportation hearing by Harper Knowles, chairman of the Legion's committee. Knowles, San Francisco business man and a former investigator of subversive activities for the Associated Farmers of California, last fall identified before the Dies Congressional committee in Washington many Californians he said were Communists or Communist sympathize: s. These included Bridges and Gov. Culbert L. Olson of California, then the Democratic candidate for the gubernatorial office. Knowles was 'called "by Bridges' defense as an "adverse" witness in an attempt to prove improper inducements were made to government witnesses. He denied shippers and other employers—as charged by Bridges —were -behind his committee or that he played a part in an alleged conspiracy with immigration officials at Portland and Seattle to bring about the union 1'- "er's deportation. The defense sought to show the case against Bridges was prepared by other '" \n government officials as part of the alleged conspiracy. Knowles • testified he attended meetings in San Francisco at which Ivan Cox, a former secretary- treasurer of the Longshoremen's Union, discussed and finally gave an affidavit against Bridges. Cox. in a suit subsequently withdrawn, also named Bridges and 500 other persons as alleged Communist conspirators seeking "to dominate the Pacific coast." The suit asked §5,100,000 damages. Knowles denied any hand in preparation of the suit but asserted he gave Cox $10 after it was filed. Hopes Are Dimmed For Early Parley CUMBERLAND, Md., Aug. S (£>). Prospects of immediate mediation of the United Textile Workers (CIO) strike at the Celanese corporation of America plant appeared dim Monday as plant officials said a "clean-up" job at the factory would prevent their attendance at a conference with union leaders. John L. Conner, commissioner of conciliation with the Department .of Labor, said, however, he hoped to arrange a conference "soon." Plant officials notified him they were too busy salvaging material in the process of manufacture when the plant shut down and putting machinery back into condition, to meet today. The strikers, who closed the huge plant Friday afternoon, arranged a series of meetings in nearby towns to rally support. YOUTH LOSES LIFE IN HIGHWAY CRASH Franklin County Coroner A. W. Thrush has deemed an inquest unnecessary in the motorcycle accident Saturday aftrrnoon which resulted in fatal injuries to Ernest Jones, Jr., 20, of near Fayetteville, Pa. Jones was killed near Scotland when the motorcycle he was operating struck a tree. According to State Police, Jones had taken the motorcycle of Oscar Wishard, of Cavetown, who is steamshovel operator on the same project on which Jones is employed at Germantown. The motorcycle was taken without the consent o£ the owner, police said. The world's largest aircraft hangar, at Miami, Fla., houses clipper planes. Remodeling Sale Now in Progress! — The Original — Miller's Furniture Store 31 South Potomac Street CLOTHING For the Entire Family R&G DEPT. STORE Electric Fans R. D. McKEE TIME FLIES; SO DID THE Y— Flyin* from Burbank, Cal., to Floyd Bennett field in 9 hours, UVz minutes, Capt. L. F. Harman (left), co-pilot, and Maj. Stanley M. Umstead (second from left), pilot, check their time with Wm. Zint, official N.A.A. timer, and Lieut. Com. Donald F. Smith at Floyfi Bennett. 'Their 4-motored Boeinf bomber flew mostly in sub-stratosphere. Recovering From Kidnaping Worn by his ordeal, the Rev. Gerould Goldner, 29-year-old Ohio pastor, recuperates in bed at his room in the Jerusalem Y.M.C.A. after being released by Arab bandits who held him prisoner for a week. When the band's demand for $oiOOO ransom was not met, they settled for a much smaller sum. 'EX' —Though he says he'll return to Albania some day, former King: Zoff (above), whose country was taken by Italy, will on friendlier^soil, such as r FATHER DIVINE DAY AT FAIR PROPOSED New York,' Aug. 8 (IP)— Father Divine's Angelt, who have winged their way already into the Sacrosanct precincts of high 10- ciety, may next take over the World of Tomorrow. A New York World'* Fair official said today that he had received a telephone call from a Divine follower suggesting that since the Fair had set aside days for everything from hot dogs to royalty, it might have a Father Divine Day. "Why not?" said another official. "We could have a fish fry down by Fountain Lake." .He instructed the aspiring Ang«l to write « letter requesting that it would be considered. HOPEFUL—A prosperous forthcoming year for U. S. business was forecast by Robert H. Cabell (above). Armour and Company president, on his recent return from trip to Europe. FINAL DAYS of Our REMOVAL SALE It Will Pay You to Shop Now! New Low Prices on ALL Remaining Merchandise. ZACKS 23 East Wash. St. Next Door to Bus Terminal SMART THINGS for the HOME Gary Grant To Marry Actress NEW YORK, Ailg. S (ff).— Gary Grant, the movie actor, said here 011 his return from Europe that he and Phyllis Brooks, another passenger from filmland, would be married in California after his next picture. Grant visited his mother In Bristol, England, and said he and Miss Brooks would visit her mother "before their marriage. F.D.R. IS BUSY SIGMNG BILLS Nearly 100 Measures, Passed By Congress, Are Approved. WASHINGTON, Aug. S.—Nearly 100 bills—most of them minor measures — received President Roooevelt's signature Monday. Only a few of the bills signed into law were of general interest. Among these was one to provide for an administrative officer for Federal courts. Others" included: Extension of Federal court jurisdiction to cases of card sharps on American ships. Making it a criminal offense to file false claims for insured mail matters. Simplifying the procedure for obtaining a patent. Reviving the rank of Lieutenant- General, a position just under that of General of the armies. Permitting physically unfit Federal judges to retire on full pay after 10 years' service. Fixing duty free trade quotas for certain Philippine products up to 1946, when the islands become independent. Most of the other bills were for the relief of individuals or clarifying oversights in previous legislation. An elaborate agricultural' show of the Soviet Union's strides in farming technique in the past 22 years will be held near Moscow. Covering about 335 acres, the exhibits have been prepared by 2,000 artists and S,000 workers. • TRY THIS DELIGHTFUL AUTO TOUR Quaint Colonial WILLIAMSBURG Yorktown, Jamestown Glorious Skyline Drive atop Virginia Mountains GO THE RESTFUL WATER ROUTE, VIA Any Make Any Size -Save Gas Combined Feature Night Wednesday The City Supervised Playgrounds will have their second combined feature night at the City Park on Wednesday evening -with the program beginning at 6:30 o'clock. About 60 children from the various playgrounds in the city will participate. It was announced that next Wednesday, Aug. 16, there will he community singing as the principal program of the playgrounds. The attendance last week on all the playgrounds was 3,60-1 and Ihc total registration to date is 1062 different children. 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E«rl S«c.-Trc«!«. MANY ENLIST IN ARMY HERE Sergeant Chop Announces Recent Enlistments In Service Here. Sergeant John Chop, in charge of the local U. S. Army recruiting station, has announced several more local young men wiin Decently enlisted in the Army. Lordton A. Peters, son of Capt. William H. Peters, detective captain of the local police department, enlisted recently for service with the Coast Artillery, Philippine Islands. Peters passed all examinations and made a superior rating in the intelligence test. He is at present stationed at Fore Slocum, N. Y., from where he will sail on or about Sept. 12, on a transport, going through the Panama Canal. He will be granted permission to visit the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco. He will have the opportunity of meeting other local young men now stationed in the Philippines. Martin C. Bowers, an ex-army man and son of Mrs. Irene V. Bowers, re-enlisted for the second time for the H. Q. Co., 34th Infantry, Fort George G. Meade, Md. At present he is enjoying a thirty-day re-enlistment furlough at his home. John V. Russell, George Wm. Rouse and Howard E. Wiltshire enlisted for the Infantry, Panama, Canal Zone. James W. Wine, nephew of Mrs. Claudia Wine, this city, and Walter E. Divelbiss enlisted for service with the Infantry, Hawaiian Islands. Vacancies are now open for enlistment of new aud ex-service men, in such branches as Air Corps, Coast Artillery, Ordnance, Engineers, Q. M. Corps, Infantry and Field Artillery, in the Phillippines, Hawaiian Islands and Panama, C. Z. Those interested in the U. S. Army or the Regular Army Reserve may apply at the local recruiting office iu the postofflce building. During August the recruiting office is open from 8 a. m. until 9 p. m. every day except Sunday. Veteran Newspaper Publisher, 80, Dies , Ky., Aug. 8.— A heart attack ended Monday the 60- year newspaper and political career of Urey Woodson, who was credited with discovering Irvin S. Cobb and giving him his first boost toward fame as a writer and humorist. Woodson, who retired 10 years ago as publisher of the Owensboro Messenger, had returned home from Washington to vote' in the Democratic primary last Saturday. He would have been SO years old on August 1C. Sir Robert Peel, the British statesman, entered Parliament at 21 years of age. IS I>ET us SURVEY YOUR HOME, STORK OR OFJT1CK FOR Kelvinator AIR CONDITIONING Bohman-Warne, Inc. Phone 85—35 West Franklin St. "LUNCH ROOMS & TAVERNS" Get our Prices on "BUTTERED POPCORN" By the Can (IT TASTES DIFFERENT) CAUFFMAN'S Cut Rate STORE 30 East Washington Street FENDER BENT BODY DENT HUGHES MOTOR CO. 30 E. Baltimore St. Ph. 2460 Schindel, Rohrer & Co. Headquarters For Sherwin - Williams PAINT 28-30 S. Potomac St. Phone 706 TUNE IN MANBECK W.J.E.J.6I5" Caskey's Three New Loaves NOW AT YOUR GROCERS John D. Myers & Co. 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