Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 7, 1935 · Page 1
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 1

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1935
Page 1
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iolunin One Written Chiefly | For Our Own | TABLE Published in the Interest of Lenox and Surrounding Communities. VOLUME SIXTY-TWO LENOX, TAYLOR COUNTY, IOWA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1935 NUMBER SIX milllllll |V k ! 11 er of the Humes- got to digging """, iik files last week ffld Sthed an item printed T that is quite inter- It was taken from the 7of he New Era dated Oc*J 18 85 and says: ' tmber of recipes for \ Sera remedies were \ but the Lenox Time 'recommended leaving out of the hogs' noses the argument that it .their nature to root, and f hey crave something 'VoSned from the dirt tot keeps them healthy. ii n n Hat was 50 years ago/ at "hen hogs were raised i titles and fed out to a larg End were considered a food tea It was back in the wn en you could buy pork |M for a dime a pound and a fshank cost a nickel. Every[ from Paddy McGuire on the on to j. Bascome Opper * president of the First Na mi bank, had bacon and eggs i breakfast. Pork was still a i product and had not bee a delicacy. J II H in those days the liver >e, if the butcher thought Biuig'it to town with him. It 1 not attained the dignity of Inedlcine. Monday was wash- 1; and washday dinner was Us a pork shank or a chunk ham cooked with beans and it savory odors of beans and rt, simmering together on the jfc of the stove, always made fclor the drudgery of pumping lit quantities of water, carry- jjin untold armloads of wood Wfor the back-breaking, up si torn motion that was nec- "iry to remove the aceurhula- i of a week by bringing the hing in contact with the rugated face of a washboard. HUB I That was 50 years ago. No i believed in pampering a I and the slogan was "root, jf, root". Now we are living Jn a more enlightened age and, filth pork selling at from 28 to il cents a pound over the coun- k it is time we changed our ttitude toward his porcine ma- li..i Warns of Hasty Corn Truckers From Missouri Many Farmers Received Worthless Checks From Truckers You Don't Have to Know Anything t.cjlrrj Vivo ine f r» wiidi ..», — It doesn't take brains to push* the throttle of your car to the floorboard. It doesn't take cleverness to weave in and out of traffic at sixty miles an hour to the con- l bring i n I .... j Time was when the man who Wished to prove to his neigh- Iteftat he was making money |fa large quantities, would in- t in a swell equipage as -jy as a dream of the future k in more recent times, in a Nusine of such vast propor- te that it would completely •Jthe parking space of a half •feu of the more common Iteiots. But that time has •{one by and now the man who •tones to prove that he is more Pan solvent invests in a pound I" pork chops and insists that Jlils wife do the cooking with the Itlndows open so the aroma ol |jhe sizzling chops will be waf tec to nose to nose throughoul * neighborhood. 1 1 H • ty all means the hog should Itave rings in his nose, a, dozen I''them if he has room for I ten, a ii diamond studded and ["beautiful chased gold. He [would have rings in his nose I and rings in his ears. He should | w shod with silver and anoint- I™ with the finest oil. He should I nave a retinue, of nurses and [doctors and instead ol cholera Lfould never have anything plebian than neurasthen- (Des Moines Tribune) Glen Schmidt, head of the state bureau of criminal investigation, and M. P. Conway, chairman of the state board of railroad commissioners, Thurs- warned Iowa farmers against the "corn trucker racket" which it has been estimated has swindled Iowa farmers out of $200 000 worth of corn in the last lour months. Schmidt said his departmen is co-operating with sheriffs ii southern Iowa and with Mis souri authorities in endeavoring to run down "fly by night truckers who in the last few months have been cheatin Iowa farmers of their corn vi the bad check racket. Hustle Away Conway, terming the men "merchants on wheels — or we might say thieves on wheels," said irresponsible and individual truckers have bought corn in Iowa at slightly higher than the market price and have given the farmer a bad check after the truck was loaded. Hustling into Missouri, the trucker has sold the grain at less than market price in order to dispose of it in a hurry in one of several Missouri cities, and then vanished, Conway said. Conway. pointed out that no truckers 'operating under a rec- oEnized" firm name have eng.ag-J ed in the practice. . No Detailed Record Schmidt said his office did not have detailed records on the number of "fleecings" of Iowa farmers via the "bad check corn racket" because most of the cases have been handled thus far by sheriffs and Missouri authorities. The investigation chief suggested that farmers who have any suspicion of persons buying corn from them should refuse to permit the corn to be loaded until they have been paid or until they have checked with a. Sank as to the worth of checks tendered them in Pay^nt. He also urged farmers to take the Ucense number of the trucker. ternation of the slower moving lighway-users. It doesn't take any intellectu- IUCH CRIBBED CORN IS IN DANGER OF SPOILING Some Is Molding on Stalks in Fields Owing to Freezes That Follow Warm Weather Much corn in Iowa will spoil n the cribs this year, unless special care is used, warns H. D. Hughes, head of farm crops at Iowa State College. In southern Iowa it will not be possible to. husk corn for several weeks in late planted fields, and in the central and northern sections the ears are developing mold while still on the stalk in the field, Hughes says. Freezing weather which ed corn, followed by a week of , i _. i_ ii _ al capacity to hang onto the steering wheel, give her the gun, and see if you can make the speedometer touch ninety-odd. In other words, you don't have to know anything to drive fast. Drivers who regard streets and highways as the Indianapolis bowl, might be divided into two classes:..First, those who ar weary of living and don't mind if they take innocent partie along with them into eternity. Second, those who are so stupid as to not realize that several thousand pounds of metal moving at terrific speed is as lethal a weapon as a machine-gun — both for the occupant and for anyone else who happens to be in the locality. Speed—and speed alone — is Lenox Won, 17 to 7, from Bedford, Here Many Penalties, Fumbles and Passes Kept the Game In Doubt CHAS. BECK HAD TWO WRIST BONES REMOVED Chas. Beck, who entered a hospital at Council Bluffs Monday of last week, had an opera tion on his left wrist later in the week and two bones were removed. .It was known that one bone would have to be removed but when an incision Call Made for Examination For Postmaster move u , was made it was found that the Applications lor bone had rown fast Lenox won from Bedford here displaced bone had grown fast to another, making it necessary to remove both. Charlie will be released from Must Be on File 22 last The the Notice has been sent to Lenox kill- CU liUllIj iVJiiu r* ^"-* «J «* " unusually warm weather while the corn had a high moisture content and the husks were fairly tight on the ears, is believed responsible for the many ears showing excessive mold at the cob. Such corn will be especially susceptible to spoilage in the crib, Hughes warns. Every precaution should be taken to provide conditions in the crib which are as favorable as possible for rapid drying. Ventilation .Essential Suggestions for husking and cribbing which will need to be sonelSesod-on many Iowa farms OV/tiCU. c*ii»-* uj^/^^*-* w,*v»- — responsible for the great majority of automobile accidents. All other causes pale into insignificance beside it. As even the most mentally deficient driver should be able to realize, an accident occurring at sixty miles per hour is almost invariably more serious than one occurring at 20. The roads of America possible in *^ this year are: 1 Husk clean as . the field, removing silks also 2 separate the immature ears as husked or at the crib, feeding these immediately. 3 Place special ventilators in the crib to aid in the free move- Farm Debt Committee Will Continue Work The need for the continuation of "the services tfeing rendered by the local County Farm Debt Advisory Committees, is evidenced by the fact that the Des Moines office of the Iowa Farm Debt Advisory Council has the names and addresses of 10,479 in foreclosure in this state, and provide a slatted section in the elevator to sift out all shelled Tscatter 1 1-2 pounds of salt ner 100 pounds of corn, distributing it uniformly in the crib Salt however, is not a cure-all, 6 Provide for forcing ventilation if the corn is excessiveiy jirt using a fan. In some cases the air will be desn the record is by no means complete-included in this are 887 new foreflosures filed in the last 68 days. last Friday night in the home game of the season, score was 17 to 7 and to Lenox end of it Bedford contributed 4 points. Lenox scored first in the first quarter on a safety when a Bedford man grounded the ball behind his own goal line for the two points for Lenox. Shortly after this Lenox pushed the county seat boys back and scored a touchdown but failed to make the extra point. In the second quarter Bedford made another safety when, pushed back almost to their goal line, they took the ball on downs and attempted to kick from behind the goal line. The pass from center was high and the Bedford kicker stepped back to take it and stepped outside the end zone. Following a safety the ball is put in play on the 20 yard line in possession of the team that made the safety and this team must kick on the first play. In the last quarter Ethington took the ball and ran 70 yards for a touchdown and the extra point was made, making the score 17 to 0. On the kickoff, following this touchdown, Bedford took the ball and Shaddy raced 90 yards down the field for the Bedford lone touchdown. Bedford made the extra point and the score was 17 to 7. Most of the game was played in mid-field with the ball changing hands every few downs because of fumbles or intercepted passes. Lenox opened with a passing attack, using the lateral pass, and gained many yards. Cold hands probably , were the cause of most of the fumbles and incomplete passes Charlie will be released rom Notce as een the hospital this week but will that a competitive examination as he aster at Lenox will oe the hospital this wee u w ta a comp not return home at once as he for postmaster at Lenox will oe will remain there for treatment held shortly and that the time t of alications will on the wrist. Program Announced For Armistice Day The program for Armistice Day, Monday, Nov. 11, has been announced as follows: 10:45 Introduction - mander. America—Audience. "Tenting Tonight" Ensemble litJiU dllUJ. VAJ n,i*v* „,.-—for receipt of applications will close November 22, 1935. All applications must be made- out on Form 10. supplied by the department, and must be on file with the Civil Service Com- mision at Washington, D. C., by the close of business on that The J. 11C j. \jtvwu v-» -— ULl U Jilt l-' At *J *•»** *-••— v strewn with corpses because a in posse ssion of the team that relatively small number of driv-' - «-'- *-"*" ers are doing their best to emulate Malcolm Campbell. son "Slumber Song"—Girls Trio Invocation—Chaplain. Roll Call of the war dead Taps 11:00 Thirty seconds si 1933i an d not under Prim . 1 the" civil service act and rules. Applicants for the position should apply at the local post- for the proper forms or tney may write to the United States Civil Service Commission at forms. Warning is issued against paying money or other valuable consideration to anyone in -taking an examination or securing an appointment. Aperson who and to have given or prom- anything of value to anyone for securing his influence or endorsement will not be certified by the commission as prayer "Horrors of War" — Warren Qaer School program Pledge to flag-Boy Scouts I-"^ " d ' fo ' r " appo intment. Star Spangled Banner -Aud-p anne ^ or w ___ "Friendship" - Boys Double TRAPPING SEASON TO Quartet OPEN NOVEMBER IB ~ " "-"" Trappers are busy cleaning Benediction—Rev. Kelly The program will be held a* traps and arranging,,. for _.lpca- tlbns to "set traps with the sea- the school gymnasium. wua ^ «~- -— *•- ----' son opening officially on Nov- llllHlllllllllllHlllUHIIimillllllHIHllll j emb€r 10. The season is 5 days . — •• 1 1 hOOl .HW* By Margaret Carruthers earlier than in 1934. The trappers are reminded by the Conservation Commission By Margaret uarrumota , thftt th£J placing O f traps cannot llllilllililillttimillHlllHlllllllllllllllW be lawfully done unttr 12:OT a. following:'scrambled eggslthe season opens, toast, eggs-a-la-goldenrod on toast eggs-a-la-goiaenroo — — — on toast, 'bacon rings on toast, Indian pictures which they have poached eggs on toast and waf- posfced O n their bulletin board j les | They are starting TnanKsgiv These local county commit- ^^ tees over the state have been Dunbar, Glen Hayes wnav * m „-- , pus v, cu „ the means of refinancing and P^ Ge ' orge Hayes being respon- poacheo egg* JP ^^ ^ ^^ Thanksglv .. saving thousands of homes to for three of them and the "e . Convent ion ling posters in art. _ distressed debtors who.have Lenox line wa s responsl- Statt M> ded th J The following new officers been threatened with the dis- the other . Sup t- ^m; all were elected: desk inspector, possession of their property and crowd at tne ga^e was State Teachers sat- Mary Lou Long; pencil sharpen- u-^s^U-rrs^ala^a-s^- ~- VrtUNG AUTHOR HAS FIRST STORY PRINTED Helen Julia Van Houten was a proud young lady when the ivember issue of Chile tlvittes arrived and she found 'thai a story she had wriUen was published in it. The stoiy iui ituy v**'-" — — forth by these committees The state has been divided into eight (8) districts with ipecial representative of the Moines office in charge of n Kir* and John Hop- over found a watermelon. They called Ptossle Fisher. She came running They decided to have a paSy' Flossie found some and while they heating ^Special ventilators will particularly desirable. One o HIP best types is A-shaped, Duui. Moines OIUCB m ^.^t.- narrow and high.' Such a ven- district and this represen- naiiow an ^ ^ ^ ^ scrap ea^ ^^ ^ meetmg of in lengths convenient to t Farm De bt Advisory in the crib. It should be Committees in his distrlct-the ZcedIdown the center of the £ ommlttces me et every other rib practically dividing it into I fe _ two'narrow cribs. . The mem ber S of the County • •• '-- 4 " r " Mlltul ~ tp npm Debt Advisory Committee with to Taylor county are as fol- Firm lows: * aim l - Chairman, Work at the Iowa Agricultur-1 Experiment Station, shown that drying air is practical. ?S y s r sfs^ pile. Then they went to get another they fan arrangement, costs around 3 for fuel Mohler, Frank HiLi r D ™ ScE COUETJTw. Oan, ». -.**£ SI- •»» » to Vl5 lrl'^ W o'!o< VjUKi Of-"" — and the field was slippery. Verle Davis of Corning was referee; Campbell of Blockton was umpire and Otto Koha o Cedar Rapids was head lines man. GIRLS WILL PLAY BASKETBALL TUESDAY The first basketball games of the season will be played here Tuesday night, between Lenox and Massena. Both games wil be girls games. In the first B the Lenox second string wm meet the Massena seconds and in the second game the flist „... of the two schools will ^ ^ play. . „ _. ftrk _ I the bulletin board. Lenox girls have been work Herring and lng on basketball for severai M _ W6ekS ^argrret'SSerfati Milo Kimball is still on the First Grade These pupils have a ne» set Te,r» Ke. P ' cause ahewo te a peKect paper he Duiieun uuaiu. _.,„. 0 Mrs. Herring and Mrs. Phillips walker farm to, Yv. *_jai* u j *•-•• . H E Cornish is in charge oi this district and the time and place of the regular meet" ng dates for this county are as hape. Sard and Helen Wurster and Bare at forwards have showing up well in practice. [sick list. The "North Central States" are being studied in geography, connection with their study, y have also planted wheat in glass bowls filled with sand. as Second Grade They are also making covers lor These pupus are starting their Jowa booklete . 0.1. DAVIS DROPPED A STOVE ON HIS FOOT °. L. Davis is getting around "Jcrutcb.es since last Friday, he dropped a heavy stove -s foot, mashing two toes •W4 breaking another. He and ^b Wilcox were moving the ~ ¥e i a heavy parlor heater, the base part of it came and struck Mr. Davis' epley, Cleo Stoaks rinds." STRAIN ON THE A Minnesota game warden in Discussing conservation with ^ HAVE SERVICES NEXT S will be services at the church next Su.n- Mr. L. T. Knptter , Mo., will be fully re P" , ir? nheasants on hav ing killed 17. J* 16 ^ not t the Sunday P^" -Indian Study" in language There were 12 A's in spelling I last Thursday. 1 Last Monday each pupil [planted some wheat in a glass t"" , OQITArlV their Iowa booklets. Charlie Monroe was absent Monday afternoon. Fifth Grade "Revolutionary War" is The "ffi^ sr-5 da te me trial. The men charged with the six Attorney will prosecute. be informed meetings take us t wneri "'">- meetms nlace that anyone needing their Svces will be fully informed Manv over the state have lost th Advisory Committee-and service is without any ex letter addressed t arm Debt Advisor Council, State Houes, Des Moto es, Iowa, will receive prompt at tention. FRANCENA STERNS RELEASED FROM ipiameu *"«»•= ""T" 1" eaeerly TEACHING CONTRACT kowl of sand and are eageny pars was released from her I stones m __ . | „,„,«„«,, ontract last Monday evening nd will accept the position of n^sic" teacher in the primary J «e —<— ^Sw'arts taught grades at Jefferson, la. The po being elected T^t «?eTn' *<* «.«M«e on Tu, S d» ^:U J ria M _e,n = l A M » P»U, i TilGSG jf/w-t'**" •• *"• — -*«-*— & T,™ miDif isobel perham to perform the following duties: her at a considerable increase , A new pupU ^ ^^ desks-Elna Karsten- in salary and the Lenox board haj^nw* ^^ ^ & ^\ BQ ^ Wyjm &nd Ruth Cftt . did not feel like standing in her | jar ^ ^^ 1 ...„„ plants . . "Indian Study" in lan?Wg« They have brought numerow Q1U III"' lev* "«•- — ^^K*"— Sw^^rSr^Teltrain'-when there Diagona school. It will be nec- euary for her to secure a release by the Diagonal board l>e lore accepting.

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