The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 19, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1859
Page 4
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Ua -O iCOMMBRplAI,. OmOK OP THE DAILY NEWS, J ' t > i f Mn«T«nkee,M»yl8,lM». f Mb»«T»irr.—We iauTonfy reiterate our alatement of * • - "• • " * floBK>OS.Ma7 W. !»«•*«$»» .with no na(«rlal in<Hllne««Loi:€ te'ehente A dertrnotlre fire oocnrred here at two I tt " uu -* ellta 6; rt * neB " lk »iorSper clt, and firm and ^ o'clock thi* .morning. It broke <mt In the ' '°* r ° e *' aati thoa 8 h ^o Indication ' are sllghUy fa- s' Urgent* mifl «f Hessra. Woodfotd & Rich T * r * l « t ° Bredu«Uon. «urrency U »Ull In •nffident „ and. KTafendin^frpia thiWce,' In tW*> boUTB'ile *?&&<> meet-the demand, which ha» *een large for i^ Klce^S turning sliop, and tne P a " relr d »y», owing to^the large sales wheat anJ o : take Into consideration ,!-and mature «omeplan for the redemption of currency The fire «Mi Bo doubt, theWk of .-.-.: \ t ' at ' lh » 11 b *f »«•?««»«»"« thlu > ««•"• at P ,est_ . Odtary. ' "^ OTK 01 an «-) met to-day at the Newhill House. Some forty five This morning we hear that stena ire Vx>!n i Buik *^ re «P««ented. Hon. w. H. Dennis, preside.. j,_ S j A commlttte of ten are haviug the matter under dls- cuindoh, with the prospect of 1U being protracted to a late hour to-night. The market for wheat and dour opened very quiet this morrang, with a marked decline at least S2c on , May 18. flour, and lOc on wheat; very little disposition being | manifested to operate, and the tendency being still ?CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. Uken ix, «baUd the mai,«it~an ££ £t' Loss said to be $75,000. ; ' * *•" tln»a»nce $1,000 «n the saw mill. Agonrt Blight advance lo the New i an attempt was made to re- T^he demand of the British Minister for th i Bt ° re anlmatlon : bnt ll w " "J 1 "* 11111 ?. »"d prices con- tarrender oPMarghal Tyler will not b tinned to sink, and operations came to a stand mill; ceded to, as the case is not 'believed to ootne i """ fte l ^ e * uU WM 1>tUe ° r notUl1 * waa done; anti within any article of the Aaliburtou treaty j nouody would name prices; quotations, ""w, Ti>ttu«. «Vnrr> Ktrrp.™!j._. n , J- forewonld be merely nominal, the few nalca tliaf were made being no index to mark present prices, but rather as drlltwood lefiafbore by the receding tide to mars: where tbe flood had been. Tbe fact Is, the prices will probably remain another year abroad, in consequence of tbe improvement of his wife's health. Mr. Reed, Ex-Minister to China, has closed for the past week or mere, have been borne up by mere the affaire of big Legation, to the entire satis- speculating enthusiasm, and have benefltted nobody, £antion of ail : " Fatal R. K. Accident. SIB.A.CVBK, May 18. unless perhaps the few farmers who hare brought In a i few bushels, got their money for li, and gone about I their business. . . A8_the I Buffalo and New Fork exprega train, ! Doubtless the greatest excitement li oter, and dae in this city at 11:50 wag passing a cross- ! P<-I«. win toon settle to some solid figures on which K ?h , T ° f ^° rdan ' a oow J""np«d > pood health, business can be done. 1,, flour we note the tender and baggage car, throwing : but three .mail sales to-day. one of 200 bbls NOTICE. Orrr OOMRBOUJEI s Otnoi, I Milwaukee, May 18,1859. f T HM following it a Bohednle of Iota In the. Fin Ward of the city of Milwaukee, that will be bene flted by abating tbe nnl»ance on them,"by firing with earth tccordlag to the Olty Knglntfr's eatimate ; Slid lots being a nuisance by ;renon xif stagnant water 'leading on Ihctn, M follow* • JOHN LOOKWOOD, FHED. HEItiEMAN, Street'Oommtilloners. Dcfcrlj.llon. BlooV. Let. Benefits. 152 8X9 t 70,60 IBS S JJS 11,00 148 10 282,00 U». 8 282.00 149 N * 2 65,60 150 8>f6 189.60 m 127 127 128 138 13». , 10 8 N * 2 8 X 6 10 8 Xt HX8 i Wfrael W frac 2 •J66.60 66,60 65,50 134,00 88,60 88,6') Qoarter block, , 139 W +4 ft of E ft 1, 2, 138 00 «0 6 80 ft of middle 60, 88,00 60 8 80 ft of " 60.217,50 " " fi» 8 SO ft. of " €0, ZOjuO " " :>7 Middle 00 ft, 55,60 " " 16 South CO ft, 20H.01) acgen Addition, 191 6 466666 " " 19C 7 4668,66 " IHl N ^ 8 Si8.nO " " !»•< W M 3 S7VO " " 1»S 27 788.M " " 1»1 E K 26 400,00 Lots In KubdlrUlon of lots 7, In block 108, In Eoger'a Addition. 19S 18 40,60 " US 10 HIM 1»8 U 277,60 WK W X 0 46,50 198 7 1S5,OJ 19H N 60 rt 6 277^50 7S N 60 n 77^0 T, Middle CO ft 65,60 12 < 7 233.00 I* I 7 77,50 Lots In Koger'a Add'n, Quarter blucka. In block, maylS-dSl E. L'H OAUD1NKH, Comptoller. ' and t WO othr tally injured, and fifteen owmy o™ lest injured. at VORK, May 18. Mayor Tieman yesterday took possession of the City Inspectors' departmant, and gives official notice that no claims /or work done henceforth through that department will b« legal until tbe vacanoj in the office of Citv In- epector ie filled. Later From Europe. ST. JOHSS, K. platform of the M. A M. R. R.. lot! bb.n Kosko In wheat, little or uoUilng was done. In ibo up«nlU(j one sale of 160 bu« Extra Olnb was reported at 1,00, but this price was rapidly receded from, and we beard of nc further positlrc transactions, although there'wa« a rumor of S,000 bus No. 1 being sold at l^JW f o. b., but the transaction wtl not rc|>oried. Wr refrnlii lioui making anj quotatloua NOTICJE CITT Cojfrrsou.XB'ii Omo, / Contract Department, Milwaukee, May 18, "19. ( T HK following Is a «chedul..> of lots In the 6th Ward, of the Olty of Milwaukee, which have been declared public nuisances In cons.quence of stagnant water ana nlth thereon, and the amount set opposite each lut la the amount ot benefit whi li said lotj will derir,. by t>e !.g nllou sufficient to abK r said nuisance. Jo N ROSEBBOK, tl.KKOEGEB, Street Oommlsslonera, Slh Ward. r>es'n N H 8 S K H Lot. Bl'k. Ben'ts. IMS'.,. Freights—Tbe Globe take, l.uuu bbli of flour to But- I falo at 15c. The Prop. Fountain City lakes U.OOO bbla ' to Montreal al 80c. The Scur. Theo. Perry takes s I The royal mail steamship Ctuiada, Capt. °» r «J 0 °f )4,;oo bus wheat u, eswego , . g, from Liverpool 7tL inst. en rojtefor Halifax and Boston and Cap* itaca on owner! lu; count. The Enterprise takes n-heai to Oswrpt Bt t,* Kye— :s icarce & D d want-.l \\\ „„ r ., :1< . , m .n , alt Slight decline in all descriptions of breaot- I ° J21 bos at i,uo. „ . .... ..... -i Corn— lower. Sales SOU bu, HI Si U |, track. Wti do »t 85, deliver,-.!; SOU do at 6T.S. 1 ilo Barley— declining. Halen Tun bu i gtuffis, and a slight advance m all kinds of prorisions. Consols were quoted oil Saturday at 90 3-fl a91 5-8. The Canada's ad vices are to tbe afternoon ol Saturday, and in a commercial point of view are important. The political news is iuteresting, bul possesses 110 features ot a startling moment, between the opposing forces in BirdinLa The Aostrians had, however, beeu lepuUed in an attempt to cross the Po at TrasamalU). with considerable loss. The celebrated Baron Uumboldl ie dead. The steamer Lebanon irom JSew Vork arrived at Liverpool on the 4th, and the ludian from Portland at Liverpool on the 5th Liverpool breadstufig market dull, and all descriptions sligbtlj- lower. iWk inarnet buovaut, and prices consider ably higher.. Console quoted on Saturdav the 7th at 90 3-8a905-8. SoflVirlne* at PUcr's rook. LEAVUWOETH, Mav 17. Letters from Denver Citr state that there is a great scarcely ol provisions al the mines, and great suff»ring was experienced. Several deaths from starvation arc reported, and emi- s "' <1 - 1S grants were arnviu^ m a destitute condition. An abundance of provisions was on iLe way, however, from here and other poinu. No remittances of dust or rich discoverie. kave been announced 4 6 5 11 10 17 .»c, .lellvereJ. Potiitoei—sales SOU ba«»t 4t iw J,, K i 47 I Timothy Seed— rather ncaroe ; bus at l.Ti.. I Eggs—In sood supply at ic. Sale« 4 l.hli. I Butter—it good supplv Sales 200 bljla dull I Salt—1,6S f. o. h. j Hides— dry Hide.- 1:,. fr ^-i, ,1.. T p t .i, I 30,80 18,00 8,!0 12,0u 12,00 16,00 S6,0o 180,00 400,00 400,00 864,00 104.00 6000 5J,00 104,00 00,00 70,66 1(17,20 146,40 1101,60 X Lot. Bfk. Ben-ts. '2 18 86,40 •I IS IS'i.OO 10 IS 277,60 277.60 477.61' -'77.60 WS.OU 310.SO 310,SO its,40 142.40 17080 314.»0 551.00 651.60 1101,60 440, Sil - - I , 611 1 IS Is 19 *4 M a; ii 10ITY ADVERTISEMENTS. I 6 JBALED !>.(• tUSatn i Contract Department, May 18, 1809. i roposals irHl be received at thu office,: proposals irH GITT CoMTTKoujui's Ornc«; i ; ll tliaatiirdaJ > "Ma/:iiB'. <*s? 0 *•«, tor.fornUilng !«he <ltywlih two BcSlw lor weighing H»y. shnllefto '""• one now lu m e In the Seventh Ward. —'18-dtt I E.^'H, BAilDINER, Comptroller. ,.. ,OrrT;Coa>TaotL«« > 8 Ornci, I f i .' Cont.actPepartment, Way 18,183V. f O EALKD proposals will bi! received at this office until tO Thursday. 5l»j 19 1659, at 10 i. M., for doing the followlnr unnolahedworkcn Siith St., 4th Wan), from curing to WelU »t, vl»: The ureet and sidew«l.s graded to the ettub.lshed grade, sidewalks curbed and planked and gutters pared, according to th« es- tlmaie of the Olty Engineer, on die In this olflce; said Work having been ordered by. the of Councilors, A»t- 18,-.bSa, and concurred In by the Board of Alderman, An?. 2.5,1858. tnayl3-dtt E. L'H. OUBDINFR. Comptroller. NOTICE I B herebj glren, that a petition signed by ten free- holdera, rcsldmts of ttie First Ward, of u.e City ofiMuwauKee, having been presented to < he Common uolincll. Sitting forth the necessity of laklng certain lands In said petition mentioned and deacrlhed for the pnTpoie ol laying out aqd eattnding Pleasant street, eljjhty fevt wide in said W»r I, that an applica'ltm will be made to the Judge ofth- Circuit Court of U'twaukei: County, on f Idsy, the Kith day of Juoe next, for the ap[K>!otmeht of t*elve jurora to view saM premises anil determmp $s to the necessity of tsklcg the lamefor th« purpose i In said petition Be. forth. The description uf lands proposed to b" taken for the afar, said Improvement arc as f»liuirs, lowlt: A p»rt of lot number twelve f!2j, in block one hundred and nlnety~»n 1194), In Ko h -cr'a td.lltlon, In the Plrit \>'ard, of the Ouy ol Milw^uke*-,'afuresald and described us follows, to wit:. Beginning at n j-otot on the. west line of smd lot t«v-lve -J 2-1.) feet south of lh» lorth Wesl corner of said lot twelve; ihence east on a ine pardltl 1.1 the-i-.rtb hne f lot t,re;Te, 3.1 14-Ji 0 feet lu a point un tne west Hoc of Kri\nkhn utreet, .w^lch 1« the oast line of <ald lot twelve), 2 2-10 feet south of the north ea*t corner of .aid lot twelve; ihenee sooilh on nut line of said lot li, il) feet; thence treat on l line purell, 1 t,, t f Lorth line of lot 12, 311 1-HOU Teet to the west lint n( aaid lot twelve; thence north 8U 'tet to the i lace .il it-pir.niHiT. containing y4,ei>l 3-10 square feel>of liui.i as fctn.wu by t:ie annexed plot. By order of the i'(«nra'in Oouncli. Mil wauk ee, May, 1 *£& mayli RwHtRT U LYNCH, City Cleric. 588] Milt. 1C irf> VAI.I.. . \e\va STATE OF VTI^CON>IN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee Ceunlj ( AVER'S CHEERY JPECTORAL, FOR TUB RAPID CORK OF Colds, Coughs, and Hoarseness. Ritmrnin, MUM, 20th Dec., 1866. Da. J. 0. Alia: I do not hesitate I" my . th* beet remedy I have ever found lor Oougha, HoarsrosKS, Inflnunia, and the concomitant symptom! of a Cold, 1syour Oann PXCTOUL lu constant tun In my pnctle* an« my family for tho last ten yean has shown It to possea superior virtnei for the treatment of these complaints. KBKN KNIOUT, M. D. A.R MORTLBT. ESQ.,of UTIOA, N. ¥., writes: '• I h.T, n»ed your Pedant myself and In my fiunily «T«r «lnc« ! yon invented It, and Milan It the Not medicine for Iti pnrpoweTwputoot.. With a bad cold I ihould wonai I S ' twenty-flv* dollars for a bo«Ue than do without It, or • any other remedy." Croup, Whoopinc Cough, Influenza. ^^^ Braufanzui, Ura&, Feb. 7, ISoit j B*M/ftuua Am: f wfll ehflarfully certify yoar /Vfrrral ; to the but remedy w« possess for th« cure of whooping I oaagh, croup, and the chest dlnaaei of children, wi. of yonr fratarnlty In the South appreciate yoar skin, in.I I commend your modldne to onr people. rnftAM cmKLiN, M D AMOS LEE, to), MOHTXElT, LL, wrft«, 3d J«n., ISoa I " I had a tadlotu Inflnania, which confined me In cjoori sll weeks | took many medicine, without rellr-f; anally tried your Pectoral by the advice of our clergyman. Ths : first UOM relieved tile suinsieas in my throat and Innifs • ' leu than on«~half the bottl. m»a. m« completely wrtl Tour medlclnn aza the chaapon u wo> u the bent »i can buy, and we raiecm yo«. Oottvr and yonr remedi™, si tht poor man's friend." Ajthma or Phthisic, and OronchiUi. ~ MASCBMTia, P«_, F»b. 4. H61 ; PATENT MEDICINES. ES'£^w^--»v-«.,:;c:vi>eqx / f a,a n 7 *cTT ^^^^^y-V^-i'---^- : ^~^^4 l h-(i MEDIC A l f . f f f DE. HOOFLAtfD'S GERMAN BITTERS DR. IIOOFMVD'S BiLSl>tIi < OKD1 CL. lobert Menzbes and Robrrt W. MrOleliai. urvi Inn | artier. tbr nr 11 ,.i 51. .,.. Duo* Co., ] i J J i.Utnrrn «1S,80 81830 8H.&U •i~ K -SI lo 1W.OO 40,00 as, So 2-22.40 ClatUe—In demand 4{fc4 \ for ord nir.v mxrkci meat firm. Me5i pork 20,00, prime mrt! 16,00 rua,pi 16,UO Sugar cured him- 11 plain do td^ s!,..ulder« ' s 3^ lard 1SX \\uti •,.» : : tW A great m&oj- learned irea.lses hare t-ei-L written, explaining the orlgm ol, and classifying Uu- vomu federated m the hnmau system. Scarcely acy topic ui medical science has euecvt-d more acute <,bs*Trii,or. ano protouded researcl. , and yel jiiiysiciimp art very u.ucfi divided ic Opiuion OL the t utject. ll mll^l be huui.lU.-o. LoweTer, Ibat, after i-.n, n iaod.e uj u.ese worms, and iiuritjiuf Uie uoci from U.e.r pre.-.enot, ii of more va. ut ILat tut wifcea; dts-quisiiioiu a» i. the origin. Tht iL^kut has &t H-ri^-i:, l.rcz. 'ouucl— l>r ti'Lant'i I'r Tn.(/i»t'«, prepared bj » iem^g Br.«. Is tbemucb soughl after tprt-cihc, ant- Lai alre»u>- super scded all o.her worn; uiediCiiieA, iu cflic&tj b c ii.p um veraally actnoirietigeu bj medical pracuuoDt-rs £. i^T" Purchasers w,li be carelui to aek lu? IiR. M'UJiE'S OELtURATtU VtEUU'Lbt, manulactu. • ed by ^LEaUNG BROS, of Pittsuur t h, Fa. All uther Verml(u e kt IL comparisoa are worthies*. Ijr. M'Laiie'* fennine Vermifuge, also hit ce.tbrau-tl Llv,r p.lie, can no» be bad at all respectable druf Btore. A»n« wiihvul tAi tiffnal-urt of [1J ma}12-d*wlrn FLKAUNG BtOS. Kecei]>ia. •L"-ari IJU-OETS CtritlSOTBS PAST Twa»TT-rur> HOCK.- - UO bbu> hlghwines; 340 M lumber 6"U M ilr.nfrln 16u M lath; 216 pkgj mdz. Lil« EXKJHTB DDKIHO THE PiST TWESTT -F..m HC.l K- - 29.09S bu» wheat. Ru.ilroa.d ItL-celpi*. RECEIPTS ET LiCsoasi A MILK IPEH E»i L atui..- May Is.—1,615 bu» wh-at, 1,464 hu« oau, 21' bus (p-aja ! 11C «»rki do, JJion Md-«, H.SSu Ib! sundr.--s RROKI rrr. §T MnwAPiis A MianiRcUpri RAIUBOII>— Maj IS.-4"! bb s cuur, :9,4'Ji but wheat, 4 -.'7;, bu 01 ; 16ii bush darlej . .V bu.!i or.rn, IRS |. u> !. ].',lai..rt; t b : eggs, 271 ibt bu'.ter. 1,1M .b.- l.,.|rs, !5.'-!l il.s »ur.dr. ! R«C«IPTI> BT M:L«»I-tK> A H ,R|,,,5 Kx.U.O.1 ! 1,780 bust wheat, 1,556 bust. •«!.. *V" I.e.-!, i...tml'> i |By Telejrrspr, ; "Sriv Vork •narl. i Nrir YORI. Mfc. 13 Fn.ur—dui tnd unskilled kl Iti^^V i « t r cul 10,^-H, at :. 7.V&7 fur ir.lenor !• \ erT rno - -u .1- fine 7,(Kxa,;,M |,,r pjtr»8t«t,. 6 .[I;.!,., [ r .u'i c werter.n, 7.70Q.f It.r r..un<1 i.r.op (.•: ^ Wheat— heavy lit ISjik n ir.r. t-a <•* C "f^ I.LII ht '.. (&%rV-?, for w-tiur bf.u f.crr 1,7". Ir.r iLft-rl. r ,u- •{, lor wu.u KentucWj". l^»i !,.i rvu ^i/ulI J e^I.. Ry. quiet and unchanged ' Barley—do. Com- 94^*6 for white bouthern !)» >» Iw u'.» .111 yellow, 9»@i99X for yellow Jersey, mlied we.ln a t Oats—ateady at 68^€j for Male, 61^6^ ;..r »eatr and Canadian. 111,20 Mlltmuker 26.W 187,6'J 1ST, 6" 13f.fcJ 60.1KI 35 35 .1.', lio 103 1(11 1U5 MM 24 11 »22,00 74. '0 14S.OH 4<i,IMI 60,110 JM 20 12,00 I ^N virtue of snd pursuant to ajudgm^nt rendered IQ Said Court, In the above eailucd notion, dat^.l t>tb uary J. 1SMI, lnhillelpnie for .<«!« «od (eil al Pub- c Auction &l tne P.,*t-vffice, on ih^ , .jrncr ..I W,j,-.,n- ' ^n and M.lw:vuk*e atri'iU, in tlieLll) ol M Iwuu.ff. j ..n -snlliritui', tile I till <1 a , ol :u). 1S.19, at the hour ol 2 p. M. of mat ,laj, our,Hunt | ••iltichauica a.ntl u.hei B, ' all tde i i jl.i. i t .. i i , -"1 It..- above uatiied defendant .1. .., . i... i. ; * ' . . i ij.'-f t> on tlir 1th ds> ul Keb: UH.J . , f<,-J. '. • ! 1 ^ certain building attuii^ 1 ^ - :.. 'no I2^j, In blo<-lt one tiuu •( t .j i |I*»], in I.. W. ftee.'s aabl. - ,. .. ,., . . 9ifB\ (juKrtrr .,! jf^cli'in n^, !. >• llje Oily of >l.iW»u*«i<- \*-. 5 JS, on the oth clay .,1 l-V:. Jai.-.l r>'.<-rill 'i uilice, Mn . v ! |. ixdHie., LTSDRAMui. -H. / • '<•. Pi '[Is A Ll ya. | ,v ;M »|irl-U»<>» i the 11 Ui .1 %y ..( Jii,^, 1^11, i«t a.e gra: Tour Ctierry Putoral Is performing marr-l l«u» torn In this section. It has relieved oven! from uliu... ing symptoms of consumption, and U now curing n in., who has biborett under an affeotlon of the innn* fr.r n^ Imt forty jean. HENRY L. PARKS. Merrhio' A. A. RAM8BT, M. D., Auno>, Momol Co., I », writes, Sept. 8, 1«&S : " During my practice of niatnr j-ir. I hav» found nothing sqnal w yowr Cfarry />rtorx/ f f living ease and ntllef to consnmptfv* paUambi, cr 'nrut£ rtch M are enmble." Ife might add TolnmM of •Tl4«u«t\ bnl th« moart «t,n rloclng proof of th« TlrtnM at this remedy to foonj la lu affivrts upon tHaL Consumption. Proh»bly no on* remedy haj STST bo«n knows which 7Ur*d so mainr and sneb dangarons cases as thU ffos:. oa) bnman aid can ntach; bnt evajn to thOM tho '"Wr) f+etoral aflbrds rellaf and ivnnibrt. Aarroa Hotnn, Nsw Yoa* Crrr. March 4, ISM. i Dooroa Area, Lownx: I fr«*l It a duty and a pl«**rir^ to Inform yon yonr Oi*rry f^ctaral rar -Ion. for mj wife- Bhe-bau] been fire months laboring un.'.nr th* d»n- (ferncs symptoms of Consumption, fmm whlr*i QO »lil w^ TOU'-I pr»wnr» gave hermnch relief, rfhe *aa «r* fail- In^ intil Dr. Strong, of thia dtT, wh«r« wa ha.T^ ~.n>« **-- adTlre, recomraandfld a trial of yonr m«dlctna! fl - > r*. bu UndnMS, u w« do ynur skirt, for ah« liu r~-, t—..• rrnm that day gb« Is not jet aj atr^nir &a ar.« i,^^ . Von™ with KT«Utu,l. and r-«ar.J, OKLANLX3 fnKIRi .r ?H:\JT— , T !l LlTcr Complalnl. D^pcpsla, ,Iaan<lii-e, Dt'billrv or ihc NiTtim-. v i DNfk'H'S iif tllr Mllllf •Iflfl lit ll >••.!••. ! . . : Balsamic Ci.n'.i.i. CODJJJ C-'.d. Confirmed Consumption. .1.1 OF THE ol ,l 1>H r 1 tin y!.'. 1) 1 Ullli , Mllvaukr , M» . 1'larc U. 1^ ,r.J«y l.iOr I.AM, WuKTMV, «:! i 1 . , »' i | | I,--. s \ I . , ty. ) :. 84 « >4 245,10 of W 120 f.' X ^ 1| a W Ul', tl»ajl !>-' L. L'H G 11 10 i R, u 11 14 111 -•V4.40 31,00 4o,UO ClTT Cv'VPTBOLI_TB> OTFI. Contract De|>artment, Mil . May IT.lS&y r pl!K follow. I,* iota anJ parti . r ion on alley t JL block, To, in thtf 7t'i Ward, of Mllwaukt-t;, '•encflted t- the amonni set opposite each lut by i • an] alle> »,;*. cobble .toup. U A NMVE«. vtCToR . H . J-'Vf r^ . >'. -in n fl Soutf. 2ii ft Nr.rtl. -.' n H-.ut 4u -t 17.uu I l-'.&O ; ! . So 2S.IIO 12.40 llcrcliandlzc by Lak«. By Steamer tTrr fliirtd — L>. A M. A Jt Tnt PtH-oxs is TTI Crrr —Little 4 BiVet, A W Lutot den. Jr, A W Whrmorr. 3 C West, J H Warner i C. Uas-ctt A C'.. H .tier.i, Jr, i Urn, G» 1 and 0 B' * Co, U Pes», Jr, U P Cany, Walter Lacy. Gr>,,dri<-b * Terry, Big K. Lcvi LRI, L W Gs.tes, "(, T Ue.etl i bon, Bamet A Brr>, Bradford Brd, J U Bianrhard. B f ! Orapo, W AJ u Fjint, O H Hollinter. AM* UUOFaV.AIM>. WHICH li ihe greatest • H hUe tbe one bar »],iored tbe ainioMi Inaccessible mountain regions of b<mth America, and added largely tc our geographicaj ki edge, the other has given hit attention to the aiiti^tt- uon of human suffering, a.od In hla Inventlot. mous German Bitten, known IL th* country at l 'Uuu/. iund't £Ulen," has conferred an Invaluable boon up on mankind. Dyspepsia. Llrer Complaint aud Nert. ous Debility are apeedily and permanently cured by this remedy. For ta.le bj druggittj and dralert ic medicines everywhere, aa T^ cenu p L r bottle raayl^dawlm ' DK. H. KNAP P. R ecently of N. V^ may be consulted at hi» room No.6, Newhall lioune, Milwaukee, tht nrsl of tverj month, commencing November Isl, In regard to all QI»- t»»«i, which he treats with unprecedented success. Ui araree chronic cases of diaeuea, which have been pronounced Incurable by the medlcaj faculty fcenerally, •uoh as Nervuus and Neuralgic Affections, 1/ueiuies o. Women, all Torms of Bcrofuia, Dyspepsia, Oonmipauoo- Skin Diaeaaes, Uancerons anil Tuberculous Allectious, iacluding Folmonary Consumption, Khenmattsm. Par. •lyilU, tpUepjy, Uemlttenl aud iniermittent t'cvert, the diseases of Children, ate. AH the penis and most of the sufferings ol child-birth are removed by e&riy consultation. Remember, that the Doctor does not promise to cure •linages of Diseases. Wtiile all diseases are curable If taken In eeaaou, all «L» B « are not. » our case may be curable this week, noi next—u,-aay, not to-morro» Hence the danger of delay. septa) aW Dr..Bnapp will t« at hi» ELoome, Ne»hall House from Monday noon, June IStn, tui Wednesday noou June IBth. Oonsultatlop raca. Orrxox or THK JUACKOsax it MILWAUE KM E. K. Go., t Milwaukee, April 25, IMil. ( N OrjOI U hereby given, that a meeting of the Stock- hoi ten of this Company, lor tbe choice of a Board of Directors of aaid Company, will be held on the last Wednesday, being the 250* day of May next, at th. offloeof the Company In the Olty of Milwaukee . "• EDWARD B. WHALING, Sec'y. I FOB. PEBSOSS is TIM COCSTRT —C S * S. Whitewater. i James Dawson A Bon, Madison; Gould i Bloud, Wlno: ca. S K Putnam, 81 Paul. IJeLesner, Kochetter, H R tliioreASon, Beiolt, C T Moore, Bheboyifan, Smith i Oo, Ft.^d du Lac, J H Cook, Rochester. Mmiuona A hun Kenosha.^J K Lockwood, Rucine, G H Kl».nd«r>, Mi- Ltrepor. C T Jonea A Bro, flt Paul, Winchester, I>e- j I,, l "oil i Co. \\hiiewater. U Le«ner, Rochester North i j ' Carl, U.Hiu^, li H Srrton. liorlln. J T landlord A »<-:. Ileedsbura. f -. 12 T.I ri^i N '. IS :•• la.Vi n.ajl- ,l«t t L'H GAaDINF.R, u.uipLroiler'. NOTICE. Cm ConrritoU-Ki's 0»rit_«, , C-jijtr'.ct Dspurimer.t, Ml].. M«j IT, laiil (' fl^iO- lotiow irm li a Hcbrdal« of lota in tilcKtk IM, in A thf Flr.i Ward uf the city of Mtlwiukt-r, lUowing uul w filch e»ch lut in taM block, will b* bear paflnj: ttit alley ID *aid bU>c<t. JOHN LOCK WOOD. PRKD. H K1W EM ANN, Ulrftl OotumnsioDerj. L«,l B^rrfit' 1 $£* t l>0 -: 'A (w (Jircuil Court, Mil irauket-Cuan Thi- Olnb.- Bfcl.k, j Danitl ii. Rirlmr.tB, 1 Ciarrtt V|, e i, ( * "''' ul1 ' u ' J«U}*er \ Itrt ari-l Johu B. Sioitii. j ,lJ the »•><-. v e ruLiUfil aclloti, t*j cir .lifrcUd a;.J In, ercd tL^& ihc pr-rsunal ami rr-svJ pro^t-r* v : L. above natiird Jdv Janls, I t.uvc snie-J «.ri.l it* .,-,* the followiQK real rs.Atf, I . io,f ^j^J Drui>; Iti '.',r t .i_j Milwaukee, ijoui.ty ul M.i^a^krc nn.1 Sit 1 , .f \\ .. I ID, IU Mil ".SHuaie- in Ui^ uoriL .-«..[ ^uirit-r I »rci,' ;. , : t(.» j 7, mtific ft, ifrtfina.iti/ «t 'J. t souih -».»i coru«r ol sH.iJ qaartrr pn i.ob, runut..^ a., '.jr itie i-ivst liur of »H:J "juirtt-r »eti-ou tmri' l>< t i»I ta.iu ((Uitncr strouon, t>*.[j(( f f 9..uU; i-a- corixr of tui.d t-i.i, \ cycO Lj « *)•! i i, ?,« -.|. -. . iiUC Ijf S&ld 1JI.UU >'<>Utt) t ,,. l;.l SCO fwt ca=l »f : .(.••i, tlicuce • mU Hi) ft-ei, ',(.. [it-t '«c; in tniddl" f Ure D Baty rua-.. Uieui iDe miuiiic uf VIM r -ad *<><ub u- t;.c « i of riAid ^ jart^r x, l: a, l -,c[i''-« » ft- & »t>uLti ti: e (.if ul J (4 ' art-, r teciion I'j t r i-OOimln ng nt»yui >*4 a.res, b«iru- un -.lie "f la . ijrceij i.a> Tj&d. m.d norifi raj*i nuari*-r ->r nerium 17, rftnge 211, btfgn.u.u,; a; n-.-i-, ^fc»: , iah] ujuarier »r».ni.'n; Uit-Lr- w f »t ».., llUr of sa'U tjuarter »rCl.ou /A.^4 >:ha.^s Jlc i.f «a.'[ : • i.J 4 S'i .'( [ilii i-1 L, i ir » -• ..f l^l».i . -.;.. rj ••! t.j I'*: «• H S. i tiri^t*> ti isci.icv^r. ihf"(M"p «"•«. B.IOD do net 'impair n;: y.j ,.«v n u . «i * u-i' PiCToail- II Is ma.1. by ou« -f th. t— it -, -;;,, chemists m the wirld, and It* rar»« %'! LT> nr 1 -,. I^M.^./. tb« high mer1t4 of its vtrtu»« — /*'.u.j«i* J--TVI i"',Ayer's Cathartic Pills r PHB ar^tnieM of Chumlatrj and MM vt- „ . A Uajwi thalr otmoat m pn^lac* thli l*+*. ;- -• _• pQrp.ttr« which If known to tnta Innnra-r*' - , . -. .wts ibown thu thew* Paxa KAT* rinof.* whj.h •<.-. -.-.. •xcellea** the orrfl nary m«sljdn**m, »nj th»c th^T • •. pr**cedflatedlj npoo th« eat««m of til m*>n T^^T ,.-.„. and pl»**ant to Uks, hot pow»rfal tn rnrn Th^>r r-r tr»tlng prop*rt1*.i rtimnlat* th« f1t»I »«*tJTltJ*-nur ih« N-tv remoTt th* oUtructlona nf lu orian-v pnrlfy th« t. . • ID<! »»i(i*«l dltwotUA. Th.»y purjfwoat th«(hcl hum- n » n-. i- l>r»*«d .\nd <cru w dl«t««np-*r, rdmuLmt* ilaz^ih T 1'- r >ler*<J orjan* Into thatr DatunU t^rtinn. tn-1 Lmpari S«a; • . lon^ with itreajfth U the whole ijtl^ni ,V.,i -.^H i, they car* th« •*try-4*j complAlnt.1 of tvmrj b-xj ,• • ;: i «l«o forn>ltl.*ble »nd danj^max dl5e***« lh»t hi*- ii»r7l'-i th» l>»«i of hamac •kill. While tb-r pr^rlocw rx-w-r-vt •HTwctji, th*T *n Kt th* *»m« tim*-, In iJtrllniah'*-! •!<•*-• a,«/wt t,nd b««t phy«ic that c»n be impl< T-V! f..r -bi, ;«-,. purely fr«* t>*m »ny rlik ^f h *^n ra^i^ which larpMs b*ll«< »«r« t tMl by men cf «och exaJ.>d p*Mdti»n » ft r bid the in*T>U-,nn of nntrulk \I and pJiy.iir.MQi ha»» !*ijt thi-ir r.RG l.Hr th« reliability *f my r»m«'.Vn. me th<* of L/ielr ^nrlr otni ouatrlbute ImmrDawly tu -J^- <-,,( « r t brlow naiD*»d to pt r**, of th« Complaint*. of t He«rttam, HMuiarh* arUlng from * rr.n •*-a, IntlffTMUnn. M«rM-l loartt-.o f-t th- P, riatnleiwy. Lf*» uf Apt^- in«, tllhrrof u.em . Rod . 1 tti f)t«d block IK ia« »QO ^ppu i«-u *tict i -i, u.«r i* i t;. .») 'ft«.! btT, i.*6r,or »ince ac^iur-:.] ••. '-. i Which eaM [<rcj,erty a« alore-sAMj, 1 -(,» i r v[. *. : »a)e »Qd se-il at Public Auction, at U.- ('^-'. .j'l, -, tbc Cit/ of MJvatUre.oa Nu.urda). 1 It r 141 day ol .Hay* isiv. tu ir «• hour of ^ r M , ,; L; •aie. LtalcHJ Sheriff"! Ulflre, M M-.I..;. _-. : -,;-* ., LTflui A M:LLI», ( A J i-A> '».*.-:. 1 H i . Kin^'t • nM m.t b* , Partial min- IV; not \M pot nff by on[-r',n"tvt*d jji-aljn wtf i, > jih#»- ptll th«-y nnt>« more prr,?t ,n A ik f. r ^Prix*, » Dl i tAk* oi.UilTiK »IIM No .,th*r th-y -«n j".u ^.rnp*.r-« with thl« in It* tntrln«i<- »p\ln.» .-r Tj-, ;«,Wfr^ Th* He* w»nt th« K*»I *!•) 'h--- i- 5 - • ' kui.l Ui«y ibonl'J ha»- tt C. A"STER. ist, Low*. I i? }VII«M r n ( t - Prepared by Dr. J. and Aji*lytical Chfl Pud 85 O*. pm Box. I^ITI BOLD B7 JOHN RTCF. Mi.wmak.-v-. . H. RKKD A CO., CVratf • lr, ihc Tr. t^-l Ht»t-« rl'ff- Aify« . ( >i, \. 25 (Xj JS.UXi 2S.OSI £sy /T-O^. f Wt*tern Tram. Ct., . il rf .>/ /.' /{. J, t ,r.i FOB PtKgosf is TH, Cnr— A B Blanchard, w s I Brown, Barnef A Bro, S 11 Corde* A Co, J M Durscd 4 I Co, E W L'ennii,, D i M, f H ljrwia c af, O-odm-r, A Jobnson, A G-unrilsr»n, Or-odrirh A Terry C F - rr t ITX.M Jewell, Bee A C ., J PA Co. >. Mey.r, j Moody, II J Nazro A Co, J PrltzlorT, Johu Rice, w M Buclalr, f trirkland * Oo, Seaman A Winj-, N'Kihanl..! T..mi.klu« ; K C|>«on, W A H. | FOR Pmsojf ra l-H* CoCsraT.— C B Bcebt Jli-avtr I Dam, W» Blrge, Whitewater; T L Bowera. V du C hieo I L K ^amwell, Jai csvilie; W G McC A B, McOutcbon * 8, B D Cove, Wlnot ., Ohllds, Warren A Co. Ma/sTiIU, » Carsweil Portage Cltj . Curtisi, Co«ley 4 Co Hastings; S 8 Eaton, J Gelu fct Paui, r K Kldred, Janesville; Amoi J Folsom, Honcon; F B Hall. J M Bchuttl Wh.tewa.ter, J H M A Co, Stinton. W A H KuehnsLark Oahksoh; JU Lowell, Fon.1 d.o Lac, Rufua Mm hen Ma- tomame; Moore A Smith, PduOhien, ih-ron Miner Batenown; J H Morgan A Co, Btantor,, North A Carl, Baitings. Owner German Nooth, E C Rich. Ht i an'- A Peierson, W Volksman i Co, Watertowu A J Peorr' sail, Ayerzrllle, Iowa, North A Krl§ch, Portage City E Roth, Whitewater, C E retler, Depot Sam L Btong, Wright A Paine, Ma:ll 8 on; Stevens* Hooper, Dubuque. majH-JSi lit lu W 11 1M 12 K L'!l CAflDINER, Comptr CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. sOHAELKS WENTIN 4 C V and Uuon streets, Milwa CO., comer of East Water aukee, WUcocsln, have for M«e Eeal Estate, In the City of Milwaukee, in large or •awl parcels. Building lots In every Ward oft h City, of all slie» and prices, for business or resldenc aim on easy terma. AJjo, «mall Farms of from 6 to at) "Sfllf^ tbe Oi *y' for gardening purposes. Alan, MTeraltaouaandsof acres of the bestfarmiBg lands In Wisconsin In quantities to suit any demand fabg8 _ JHAHLba amsNTU t 00. WEST£KN UNION^ — AHD— Wisconsin State Telegrraph. Qfflet, Fru Democrat Slock, Milwaukee. Connectionti with all Lines . E Wlsootuln State Line* run from Milwaukee to i? uro »w.J»nd'<ln Lac and Waopun, on Kallroad «m Milwaukee to J-aneBrUle, i Madison, p fl rttot e lntgg tp o2 1U u flhlea - B«lon.a,a,,.n,. gTQggi hour, from«A- ». U 8^K.^ ^^ '"COLAS CE *ra MAKE • • j&Detirablc Soling Soutt -for Sale. 0 IHKK »nd more Important bnslneas xalUug me uoth tali (eaaon,'I offer for aalemy Eating Uonto, corner ofBarcUj.A florlda itreeti, olo«e by theXake flbore Depot. " The location Is one of tbe best In tbe Olty— tverytlilng about the premises li In Apple pie or-' *«r, and » wide awske man can here find a chance to g»*tato»goodpaylngbuslneM right Hong. The pro- P«rtyooniliu of a dwelling and an eating house, and - wlUtwioUmy ehesp. • •nqulre;o« tht premliei at once of ' WM.HENBT. 5». mayU-d4t PAPER Hanford, Blackmarr & Co.. (US* BAUUUOa, HJLJIIOH) & 00.) -- • h Oonneeted with HAKKISON. t£ANFOKE> & Co., " " " ..,..0010. 0*or*l ant **. MARINE RECORD. 1859. Port of Milwaukee,. 18. AKKIVED. Prop Fountain Olty, Peck, Chicago, 110 bhi* h. wmea. Bchr £osa, Dousman, Blchardson, White Lake, "u m lum. Prop Ontonagon, \\lllclns, Colllntrwood, E16 pkgs mdi, 10 pass. BchrHD Campbell, Wallace, Little Swamlco. 60<i m shlnglei, 60 in lath. SchrPreble, Buckley, Ocorto, 180 m ium. Schr Norwsy lath. . Johnson, Memononee SOniluco 100m S LALED pro-, t I .^aturda^ in*: 8trt-et ted of the Olty nf M luay direct. 2i,oo *&,uo iUer. CITT CoxnRoLxtii'B Ornci, I Department. Mil., May 17, 1 Kill f :»"U9 will be r- eived at this office un- .ay -llh, 1S£9. nt Hi. K., for repair. ralks on 9th atreei. in tlie *Ui Ward ii w. iltee, aa tli« Street Oorunuas.oner* t. L'H. OAK.DINER, Comptroller fcW ' T .t .lay, tne 2sth t me ..I Jay CIHCCI r County ^; >i.lw 1'eU.T J. llotall'^- a»-a.os U.ab .<! J-o..,a. 1'ai.Ilns. b J ..- .n Jan>e§ f. ^ir.r?, t.eorge ^'. Bi Will., m P. i., / May. I . htf.. •>• DR. M'LANT'S CFIJ-HRAiil) VERMIFUGE uTi;rr. ^n* : LIVER PILLS. :.f. Krfrr !"j j tion of rhf T "»TOU are J.ercby s^ium, cir.i »r..l requ •-• : i l*rr th* . ..ui|.la.ol .1. tins ». Hun. «:,.-' u ni«-d In the otnce of ll.e Clei k ..f ltir ' :r. . • l t'oajly ol M i»aukee, at Milwaukee, ao.l I - .-i eo[.y of your aitsw * r 1.1 the sultl comi>lair t ,n-'- »cii»ers, at ih^.r ofliv *• ,u u.t Citr 'if MlJwani.'-'-. m ninety dnys alirr the service ..f tl.n hun.;. i you, exclusive '.f tli~<liy of !*icji servid- , B.II.I tall t'i^Hoe*er Uic aai.l c.jtiiuii.rni w ilhln ::,r ulaiiuiri in thut actmn win »[•[,..> • aforvsaixl, the C-.un K.I l..t l>ated Apn. ( CREAKED. Btmr Cleaveland, Doupal, Grand Barer. Btmr Traveler, Sweeney, Chicago Prop Ontonagon, aVilklns, Chicago. Bchr Theodore Perry, Bock, Oswego, 14,000 buahrln wheat. Bchr J.L, Grow, Grover, Oswcgo, 16 0»8 hush wheat Btmr Olty of Olereland, Squler, Grand Hsren. Meteorological. MAT lltth. * i. M.—Wind North, 1 point Wesl, gentle breeze; tky generally clear; Cirrus clonds to the North West hazing down to the horizon, floating eastward. Thermometer 1l)f. Barometeji 29, fi. . JO A. n>-Wlnd brisk from North East, bringing high fog oB the lake. Stratus cloud fringed with cirri lo N. W. Thermometer 67. Barometer 2V, 10, rising. 2 '. M.—Wind varying from N. E. to N.; good breeze; 'kyjclear and bright above; Stratus aloud In tit West; heavy bank of itorm cloud to tho S. E. Thermometer 64. Barometer .28,11., i TX r. lav-Ulna N., two polnt f ;E., and k oo4 breeie; Sun let clear; heavy bank of rain cloud in B. E.; itniksof Clrro Stratus acrois the West. Thermometer 48. Barometer M,12. NOTICE. TTNDEB and by virtue of a chattel mortgage be 1 ring U date December27,1S58, exeeotad to me by Lyman Solton, to itcure the payment of two hundred a od twenty-ieven <lollar», and Interest at the rate of twelve p«r cent, per annum, deeming myself Insecure, I iball offer for »ale Mid ihall cell at public laleon the premises No. 47 Spring street, In the fourth Ward, of tbe Olty of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the 18th dayof June next, at 10 o'clock In tue forenoon, for the purpose of paying •H4»om and inteat, the following proper y conveyed' «»rt«H«'Wwll: A twOftory.firlck^Iralld- ,one.half feet front by thiny.five fe>t WU10U !• of lots 2 and 8, in block 71, In together with tbe leaae of D»l«lMllwaaka»,Mayie. CITT CoatpntoLLEH's Ornrk, Contract Drparttnent, iLI., Mmy 17, 18iV | proposals will be r&celved at this office un O til Monday, JI«y 28d, 10 ». u , for doing the fi 1 lowing unQnlahed portions ol "or* on Hill utreetu: the Fourth Ward of the City of MMrsukee, between 6lh and 8th et'eeUy rlx The streets {r^adel to the eitab- ed grade, the sidewalk a graded aod planked and the Vjutt rs paved; the same harm? h«en ordered by the Board of Councilors, June la, 1*SS, concurred In by the Board of Alderman, June 14, ISM, mayl"-d4t B. L'fl.QAltUlNKR. Compt-oiler CITT CuiirraoLLis's Orrice, i Contract Deparunent, tlllwaukee, May 17, ISM ( S EALED proposals will be received at this orBce, until Friday, the 2uth day of May, 18J9, at 4 o'clock r M., for grading the unfinished portion of Fond do Lac avenue, from'Walnut su, to a point 2JSO ft north of the centre of said streeet, In the 9th Ward. Also for grading said street, the sidewalks curbed and |ls,nke<i aod stone gutter* constructed. Also for repairing sidewalks ana gutters when necessary. may]7-d3t K. L'H. GAKOlNaS, Comptroller. CITT CoapTBOLLKaa orrics i Contract Department, May 17, 1S59. f H EADED proposals will he received at this office, un< til Friday, May 20th, 3 p. u., for furnishing good, clean, coarse gravel, In tbe Ninth Ward of the city of Milwaukee, at such time and place as the Street Commissioners may direct. m8yl7-dtl_ E. L'H. OARDINER, Comptroller, OITT CoxrraoLLU's OFHOE, l Contract Department, Milwaukee, May 18, 1S59. | S EA-LED proposals will be received at this office, until Monday, May £3d, at 11 o'clock i. M., for opening, cleaning and repairing sewer lu 4th Ward, from west Hue of 2nd St., to the Milwaukee Blver. may!8-d6t K. tyH.QA&DINKR, Comptroller QBALED proposals will be rccel O Saturday May 81, 10 *. ii.,for CITT 0 mpraoLLXa's Ornoi, I (Jontract Depanment, Milwaukee, Hay IT. 1859. ( lived at this office, until , -. .-—gravellln the unfinished portions of Galena street In Planklnton's addition, In the Hlnth Ward of the city of Milwaukee, from Sixteenth street to Twentieth street; also for paving the gutters and planking the sidewalks ; laid work hav- Ine been ordered by the Board of Aldermtn Aug. 9tt-, 18S8, and concurred In by the Board of Councillors Aug. 16th and Sept. 3d, 1893. may!7-d4t E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. Gin CoxpraoLLU.'g Ornoi, l Contract Department, Slav IS, 1869. f S EALED proposals-will be received at this office until Friday, May 20, 1859, at 10 A. «., .or opening, cleaning, repairing and closing sewer, oo Tamarack street. In the second ward of the Olty of Milwaukee, from Fifth street to tbe river. Bids must state price per lineal fontfor cleaning, ana- price per lineal foot for repairing, with old and Dew material. majrlB-dtt E L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. Orrr Coairraouju'B Omoi, i Contract Department, May Jfi, 18W. | (,1 BALED proposals will be received at this offlce until •R3 fr-iday, May 20, 1859. at 11 o'clock a. m., for doing the following described work In the 2d ward of the City of Milwaukee, v't: Taking up and re-laying sidewalks with old planking —furnishing new plank where necessary : repairing gutter, by relaying old «tone, and furnishing new •tone where required. Also for constructing new plank CTOM Walk*,-and for repairing old, and laying new, stone gutWrrt on crosalngB. i-roposals must stale the _.i.. . .._,_ -_•_,. ,. nuon j or m5ng. O p . -— Jhlngnew plank per laying old gutters-ana furnishing new •tone per Iqnare yard—tor constructing crosswalks per lineal foot—for conitmotlng jrutten, aad repairing cutters on crou'nga, per square ya:d. m«yl5-dtt B. VB.. GAEU1NEB, Comptroller. - pries aepaiataly, as follows: Bo mui and relay Ing old plank—for furolshli lineal Toot tor relaying old gutters—i •i. Onr ObKnaatua'a Onioi, i : • • Ccarnuor DCTAKTIUSI, May 18, "M. f ctxiLED propojali will be received at this offiov, un- t? til Thnraday, Hay 19th, at -11 A* K* to gradate theettabliiuea grade, the unfinished portions of alley running through bloc* 181 In th» 4th Ward of the Olty rfJOlwauUtr MM work bartng6»tnonlt«d by tht Board of Oonnellon, Oct. 24,1888, oonenmd to oy the Board of Alderman, HOT. 1,1858. mayl»-dtt *.im. OAKDUWS, OeaptroUer. Th« sbove mcD ^S», in trie itlicr e«, Wtarotim. Dated A|.r . 21, I IMAM ± . I' lilr. u-l' r.impla.i.t »\aj* C\rk ..: •*. i t ^ LPilA *: ,t 1 :!' CIBCriT COVKT, Milwaukee County ^e Ciar. , Charles J. Keri-lian, Je»-e II. l^-aven»oru., Mrrnck Mur|4iv, John T. I'erklna, Jul.n Plancljt ,:•., J'll.c i-Kocli, L nJanv \Vard, Lyman P. Swllt. j.innyill. Rogers, Keceiver of the Utrnmiiia Bank .,t .... Ka,.- eri.iiri A Co., t hurlea li. Curtl», John ti Meyr-. » il- 11am John Hoe, Charles Kuehn, (t'or^r B. M tier, CyrusD. Davu, Jamet Usrsfaait, Del«-uaants. The Stale of Wisconsin, to in. above named defcn.lsn'ji V 1 OU are hereby summoned and required lo »ns w the complaint in this action, which is Dlea in t offlce of the O.erk of said Court, and lo serve a copy your answer to the .^Id complaint, on U.e sub.ii-rlbt. . at their office, Nos. 3 and 4, Albany Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, within twenty daya after the aervlce hereof, exclus Te of thi day of such service . and 11 yon fall to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action will appiv to th Ocurt for the relief demanded In the complaint. Witness the Honorable ARTHUK McAR. THDR, Jndfte of the Circuit Court tur t a'onnty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, thia thirtieth day of ( March, In the (year one thousand eight hundred aiid nf^y-nlne UOOKKB A SPANGENDKRU. aprtlS-dJawOw Pl'Uff's Att'ys, Milwaukee, Wis. 1803] SHE It IFF'* SA1.I.. i>cw« STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, | George W.Peckhatn, I Judgment of forrrlosure and against Vsale. David P, Unit. ) J N virtue of and pursuant to K judgment rendered ID said Court, In the above entitled action, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Oourt House, In the Oily of Milwaukee, on Satardav. the 28th Aay of iTIaj', 1809, at the hoar of 3 f. >., or that day, (be following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount due to the plaintiff for principal, interest and costs, together with expcnces of sale, to wit: "All that lot or parcel of land known aod described as lot number eleven (11), In block one hundred and sU (106), In the Seventh Ward, (forinerly the First Ward,) of the said City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's Offlce, Milwaukee, Nov. «4,1Sfi». i»CH«a, LTKDS A MM..,., i HERMAN L. PAUK, R'ffs Att'ys, f Sh'tl. Mil. Co., Uia. noYi&-Cm-orst4jtfmlam-ne»t8wlaw-last8w •-• I especially the Pm^v.r^ it ;'•• .. , r •"".• country, to ruo d r'\ rin-s" r-.'--. . f ii i - r .' iif -j lar remedies new K-r'.iv r'-e pi;';\-^ • ••" j \V e refer to i •; ] Dr. ('has. 1! 'Lanr'.v I I'lfhrnifil l "'| Vermifuge ar^ij I.H'LT PilU , I ^ e d« r.ot ret'ornrru-".,! ^u-ni i ;;• j universal L''jre-.ili>, l".:r s::7ipiy :• ' what their n.uiie p':rpo; I , j THK VKHMII-' For expelling Worr.o human system. Ir i,-. r.K.i '\-f administered with r!.e most ^.i;:>- factory'resuks to v-irioi.^ Animal 1 subject to \V orn:s. THE LIY!-:i. PTI.I.S. For the cure ot Li v f R C OM IM \ IVTS. all BlLIOVS DfRANf.FMEVTs, SiCK In c-i^O'; of" !•' '3 J K A [) , . r !• mpr f Summons —For Relief } (Oom. not s rved.) (li ROTJIT COURT, I MllwaAeeOonnty. f 1 IMUm P. Lynde, ; against Sphralm Mariner and John ) Orton, executors and Ida Jane Lewis, executrix of the last will and testament of jJIlson Lewis, deceased, Martha Lewis, Sarah Lewis, ilary Lewis, ilartha U. Lewis, Ultabeth Loulia Lewis, VllUamJ Lewl». Ph* Globe Back, IlramFamlmand lohn J. Orton. , State of Wisconsin, to all the defendants above named Y OU are hereby tujimoued and required to answer the compliant In tol» ar.llon, .which was filed In Ihe nUce of the'CI-rk of UIB Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, An the 12th day of May, A. D., 1859, aid to •erreadopy of yonr answer lo the said oomp'aint on the -fnoBcrlben at their lofflce, Nos, 6 and S Albany Juildlng. •illwaukee, within ninety days after the service pf this summons on you, crcloilve of the day of inch »errlee; and If you (all to answer the said conv pUlnt within the tbnt? afo Uie plalntlfl in thli letloa will apply to the Court for th* relief demanded ' ' -• ' • KNOEBS, LTNDsJ 4 MILLIE, Qui- HEAD-ACH r., c\c. FEVER AND Ac,; preparatory to or at'te'- :^k nine, they almost in-, .maoly r.iak». a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics tor the above mentioned diseases, they are Unnv.iled md never known to tail when administered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS,, P,\. to dispose of their Drug business in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc !heir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele- Drated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among tht great remedies of the day, they will continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the Best ind Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough manner. Address aJJ orders to PLEffilr BROS. Pittsbnrgli, Pa. iF;^.?.!^™,^ _«"7*Mans ordering from other, r 1 llr.iwn, l> P Merri I, Detmer Y S' i: ll l I I W, > II H cease.l, Onuan-l 1 lri»t,'r • f the - ^u. 1 -.1, James W. A»i-i r T .S, 1-5D, 1 tion, fti 111' 1 terest t wit: ih.tll e«|».!"- '"i- >,,,t.Vlt.Cr, ill ' , , Ill4* !f I Ik { 'i V U , 11 III in rtii^e 111.. %ni M . * i. J MI ) 1 N . orden take none kut Dr. JTLane-t, vrepartd 4j . «»«W», F*. To thuw wihlDrto Siv^ .'tT*. W|U """«* P" inafl. pwt paid, to unj of the United States, one box of inn* for twelv. jhretxent postngs stamps, or one vial of Vermifuge (hi ^nrteen thn»oent stampaf All orders from Canada must WBCcomantod b twent onta «tra.' ; ty onta «stra. 0. Wholtul* tv:d|Setall,|Af«it Md ITL we Termtfuga E*lxth str and Suit Dated Slicntl 's , nil in lio Cuunly M l^'iuki- . it i in ' o.. \V • GOG] Ml Kit It'}'"! s XI.J STATE OP WISCONSIN, i Olrcnit Coprt. Milwaukee t'nuuly f James 3. Brown, Joihua ll.itha^l.-ijf .ten, A. ratltjraon Jmlth nn.l Korecioanre. N virile of and pursuant lo judgu iuil ' «u.l«r,-.l " »' I'"" I I N rlr, said Court, in the *bove entiiUMt n.'t'o M.irch 1?, 1S59, I ilmll expose for jale mid i Auction, it the PI.SI Otioe, In the .11 tj of \tilw*.n: e on .Su.tilr<l;i), tl»o S«l ilay o* July. i-vW. u tho hoarof - P. M. of that day, the following described mortgttgeil premises, nr 30 much t'ereof us may De ne- cesjary to Vklse the amount of said judgment, mtere.-*: and custs, t»i!vlher with the e.Tpe«.8<:.4 "I sale, in »it "Block number twenty-eight (28). c.f Olirk'i ^ddltloji. In tho ElchtTi Wi*rd. of the city of Milwaukee anil county of Milwaukee, and titatu of Wisconsin. * Dated sheriff's OflK-*, Milwaukee, April 1st, 1S3K. DA>H> fl. Oaow, l A. }. LANGWOttTH v , " PlITf Att'y- I Sheriff 1UI. Oo., Wis. tprl-tmllcSw ' •• .1 . <tr-ei, '-&lur'n« £ A H1 \Q •r jf »hom n» : enrty r rie it a tod when the pittl-nt n TVotztiM on tha Sur -ind £y* plio&aon u abora.

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