The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 1, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1914
Page 4
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Tun Ponf T H E D E C A T T J R R E V I E W Wednesday Evening, Joly 1,1914 THE C. I Indiana, Decatur and Western Line in Trouble. CUT DOWN RECEIPTS Still Hope That Matters May Be Adjusted. more and Ohio does not feel obligated | to meet it, especially as earnings as the Cincinnati Hamilton and Dayton are showing heavy losses and tor the j e a r will show a large deficit after barges Baltimore and Ohio officials will hold several meetings this week to consider the situation Heavy floods d u r i n g the latter part of the fiscal year ended June About five years ago there was a financial adjustment of the company without foreclosure, and there Is some hope this might be done row KEARNEY NAMED Word from Baltimore and Ohio railroad offices in the east is to the effect that J R Kearney has been appolnt- «! to the office of general eunerln- t r d e n t of transportation of the B O w h K h embraces also this line of the C, H D He succeed* C C Rllev whose death last winter left the position v a c a n t i n t o I i h u i l i of Tfr\e-* If the I r , ,,^ f l u t t r n 1 inkrr-* n n d of rn'lr-n I m ^ n " n irnd prov » correct In th- . .r th - I T A. T "hl-h ml o \ I ' t i "n t h in o n r l s I T he ,l,v -., n t h r u i- In l i n t i| I « n t r I i i r« r* r l v i r - . h i p ^ ' " e ""^ t h a t I · r «*"* r u n ) «-, r l n c r ' l Id n n d · ' « i P i U o t d M w h i c h ma If" p n t l r p r oad itn 99 per cent of Wabash En- ginemen Vote to Strike. m i N T i r r . s T nrF ii~ n i , nnn o n t h j I t I m i ·rn rti l « l ' n on w ' It · 'II nil i I f I TtD In "· J4 ". 1 l n n f l ] f 1 i I - t f i r n " t LI Ir . n ] prr Hi T v - t l l T e n t h i n t e n t »1U I n l '«, who 11 1 i f i n d --P i i t r e I n r i n U i s f r n dl n 1 i t " it SI n n l r e f u n d i n g n I n I P held liv ic it frr f l o a t i n g e rail on th» | n dl If n oond« f*ft 'ir»t re «r ot 1 r orteraK" to h * a m o u n t of i That nearl-v "9 Per cent of the en- nin I K l n n m e n on the Wabash have voted " n d In f i v o r of the strike to be called !mm d l a t o l x a f t e r T u l j 14 or even be ·010 t h i t d a t e If earlier arrangements ad« for the meeting of engine- William J. Day Victim Tuberculosis. of William J Day formerly of Deca tur, died at S 30 Tuesday night at his horns in Oakley He was about tlftj \ears old His death was caused by tuberculosis with which he had long been a sufferer Mr Day was born in Decatur and lived here for mans years SERGEANT EDWARDS LEAVES DECATUR Will Be Succeeded at Locnl Recruiting Office By T. B. Helton. Sergeant Edwards, who has been in charge of the United States army re- craitine office In Decatur for some time, will leave Decatur for Spring, field, July C where he will have charge of the XJnlted States recruiting station Although Decatur has not been an especially rich field for re- ciults. Sergeant Edwards has been successful here. His position in the capital Is a considerable promotion He reports thlr- een recruits from Decatur In June. These were sent to Jefferion barracks, south of St Louis. Thomas P. Boston will take Sergeant Edwards place In Decntur Eos- ton comes from Streator, where he has rt charvA at the reTUltinir office For a long time he conducted a gro- , eery store For the past six years he i had been agent for the Wabash at Oakle} pi \r IN IT "II f 1 " - e ' n « t ' t m i d e v ')i T I w h i c h n(? i h o t* A- co ' ' " r an-1 't it en r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s and the genera] manager* of weite-T railroads In Chi- atro is the l a t e n t ·word receded b% ' lixal enginemPn from authentic sourc e, in ChlcaKO The 'Wabash is said to o-p one of the foremost roads in f a \ o z nf the united movement ·WILL HOLD OLT The strike i ote has now been com leted and nearly 90 per cent or the v o t o g c°*t b^ ^5 00^ engineers and fire men on -neste^n roads favor a strike if the request* made are not granted bv the l o a d o There Is no doubt In the nlnds ot local leaders but that the en- i»n will hold out for their re ciuests ivhlch are considered neither ex- traordlnan or unfair to the emplov err A.nd a l t h o u g h the men are almost ertain t h a t t h e general managers w i l l lot h n l this mammoth striKe on the 1.1 i n f v hv r » f u s i n g to m£et and treat o -, , , * \\ A r,ir M i « - i f t · U T t' 'i! r* to T ^ f - ; f p CM i n bonds 1! t n P"^" "'d n piv ^.-rj 1^1 + o f t h o biff nc a re-e'v ^ r s ^ l p on ChurcH of God and 1st Presbyterian Outings. The picnic held bv the Sunday school of the Church of God at Falrview park Tuesclav a f t e r n o o n w a s attended bv ·ibout I D O people In the a'ternoon t'lere was a program of races, including foot races potato race, sack race and the like prizes be'ng awarded to the w i n n e r s The snpper was served at C 30 m the p a v i l i o n One hundred and t h i r t y seven iat d o w n to the supper The picnic of the First Presbvterian Sunday school was not as largely attended as had been expected probablv not more than 100 people being present Mrs O 4 Faughts class which had «upper together in the pa\ilion, had the largest representation, numbering about f o r t v Others w h o attended the picnic, ite In groups The program of athle'lc events was carried out In the afternoon as had been planned and prizes we r e awarded One of the features of the afternoon was a ball game between teams from the two churches The game resulted In a score of JO to S In f a v o r of the | Wlt'l t j' \v S r i l l TJ i^ r r i p r c t ,, s'" iv ' 1 T".T I par I"* 1 i n WTOO 1 th T t h c v a--e ready to caTj the proceeding"; o "I th-o igh r 'i th I BIG TIE-tTP nt "' Th e ^f!Ve If called would tie up the transportation of every railroad In the t n l t e d States west o" Lake Michigan and th) Illinois Central and all the Canadian lines west of Fort WilMam except the C--3nd T"unk Pacific \cco r dlng to word from Bloomington over "s per cent ot the Chicago \1- ton ensrinemen are in favor o f the ef'ke should the demands not be "iet The greatest number of men on both 'vVabash and \lton voted du r !"g the w e e k just passed _ pen to ^ea r ·-»"' IT ow r ^ ' d ,, i r t » ' Balti H IRSCU COMPANY! · Everything Ready to Wear. 121-125 N. Water St. Decatur, HI. Thursday Morning SPECIALS $2.25 WASH SKIRTS Ratine wsh skirts. Long Russian tunic and pearl buttons. Extra value at $2.25. morning only $1.75 SILK WAIST-China silk waist of pxtra fine quality silk. Sizes 34 to 44. Thnrs- dav morning onlv 75c CHILDREN'S HATS 100 children's Summer hats. Big assortment of styles. These hats bold up to Toe. Thursday morning special 24c $1.25 CHILDREN'S DRESSES A big assortment of styles and patterns. Sires 6 to 14 rears. Sold up to $1.25. Thursday mom me; special $2 BOYS' WASH SUITS Russian and all the latest styles in hoys' wash «uits All the newest- matprials. ThoT suits sold up to $2.00. Thursdav morning special. 50c BOYS' OVERALLS Heavy blue d»mm. 3 pockets. Double shtehf d. Rpgular 50c grado. Thtirsday morninp only . 39c This store will be closed as usual on all Thursday afternoons during July and August. It also will be closed all day Saturday, July 4th, but will be open Friday CM uing, July 3rd, until 9 o'clock. ness andRestXonlalnsMttir Opium.Mor(duafi norM NOT NARCOTIC. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Exact Copy of Wrapptt. In Use Over Thirty Years GASTORIA Their BwtacM. American Horn* Llf«--"Th« Parv«nn« art furious at th» loclity reporter tor faying there wasn't a parting note' In the laet affair." ·1 iuppoie the poor wretch diflnt know they made thd* moner «» P r «- The Drink That Links Health WJth Sociability ' For WE HAVE MADE OUR CHOICE Every man entering business faces the question of whether he shall "get the money" or "build a business. Usually there is a vast difference. When we opened this store we decided to BUILD, because we wanted a permanent success. 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Glycerine, Cucumber Cream, Colgate's English Palm, or Jones' Beaver Oil P E N All the latest Parker styles shown Including the Jack Knife Pen, and the new Parker Self Filler, as well es the old favorite the Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen Prices to suit your pocketbook £~f Aft $150 up to . » I . 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A boon to every lady and ftafte- man. Beautiful metal boxes with patent shaker top*. 35c Bise .. 40c THE DECATUR DRUG CO. T H E B I G D R U G S T O R E - _ H.C.BURKS, Reg,. Pk,Mgr. 331-333 N o r l K W . f r r S f , - · · T H E M O S T - O F THE B E S T F O R TH r. t F A S T " j Hay's Hair Health Why Have Grey or Faded Hair That Makes Ton Look Old? Why lot* year ««ed looks that fonthful, natural colored hair always blips yon to keep? Ther* If abaolataly no n««d for It A t»w appllcitlan* ·( Hay's Hair «a«lth will raitor* your »ray ball* to their natural rater and beauty, almost 1m- mtdlately and It will look «T«n roor* baaut!- ful than «»«r -- Tour money back If It dottn't Get a bottle today-- pro»» It t« rear satisfaction. A»k for Hiy** Iblr Health. ttM . ·1.80 400 75o Harfina Soap, un»Io»ll«J for ·luuapoo Th« tl« etk« OB«ale at .... x

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