Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1897 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1897
Page 9
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STBBLING, ILLINOIS, FEBKUART 25, 1897, -, '—Batftolwatm Beyers, of Burling- tott, to, active* lathe city JFridAyofl * tatftiaew trip. Mr, Boygrtwes formerly » resident' of this eltf and is ft brother of Dennis Boyers, —Lieut. Tasninosian, of the Volunteers of America, was baptised at tbe (3hf iatlaa church Sunday af teraoott at 4 o'clock. He eays he Is now dead to sin and bom again into righteousness. —Jule Stoddard bad hia little one- yeiir-old daughter down to the store recently, and while there he weighed ' her. The little lady tipped the beam at thirty-five- pounds, _Not so bad, IB —A Sterling paper says JLouis Oil- mans took out a marriage license this week. This is the second time the popular editor has been accused of do , ing this act within two'weeks and he is getting tired of it. ' —The children of the Sacred Heart •School celebrated Washington's birthday on Friday afternoon with a very pretty program which consisted largely of recitations and Bongs pertaining 'to the life of the great patriot. —The Spring Creek Band will give a dance In Shannon's Hall, Coleta, next Friday evening,' Feb. 26. An invitation to attend this dance 1ms been re" ceived by the Country Cycling Club.. ' It is very likely that the club will t,o- • - cept and thftt tbemember8_ will attend fTlaeTa'clulBr"""" "~~ _ - ".. . —The Women's Foreign Missionary ' ;< Society of the First Mettwjdlst church •will give a novel entertainment on < March 17—the occasion of its annual , Thank Offering. Different nations •will be represented in costumes, and Oriental refreshments will be served. , The affair will be both instructive and entertaining. . ., ., -A Township Central Examination will be held next Friday In the West Sclence Eldge School, Misses Margar:- etHax^MabelTreasher and Nettle 1 Smith will have charge of the work; the questions will be prepared by County Superintendent Johnston. Ari examination will be held in Hopkins ., Township on the same date.- : '—Ed Burdick'B two-year, old youngster will get along in .this troublesome Dan McCarty, of Batstow, was in Sterling .Sttfiday. Mrs*; W!lH»ttt AWeif er, of the First ward. Is reported ill* Miss Laura Slater la home from Tarn- pico for a short visit. K. Johnson, of Dlxon, was in the city Thursday on business.,/ " Miss Nellie Flock will assist Flock & Davis in their new location. A, C. Lelnback, of Coleta, waff down to the City Thursday on business. : Mrs. Delia Benner, of Chicago, is vis- Hingjber sister, Mrs, B. F. Myers. tr. and Mrs. Henry Krohn C«!ebrat« Their SUrer W*d<Hn|f. Saturday ....marked the twenty-fifth milestone in the wedded life of Mr. ,nd Mrs. Henty Krohn. The important occasion was celebrated in the evening in royal style by that worthy cou- le with a jolly party at? their home, uhe affair was planned by Mrs. Charles Bebrends and Mrs, Charles Buck and it Was a success in"every way. The even* ng Was spent in games and music, srockinole being one of the leading eaturee. At the proper time elegant refreshments were served, which were to his bed^Ith an attack of rheuma tism. '-,'••'." Mrs. Fredrick Kebler, of Jordan, spent 1 Friday in this city /visiting with friends. * ' John and Joseph McCarthy, of Harmon, were in the city Saturday on business. • FredR, Stoddard filed hia nomina- tion'paper Saturday for the ofllce of Town Clerk. W.I'M, Stro'pe and Thomas Larson, of Harmon, were in the city Thursday on business. : '. James Mathews, of Round Grove, brought up a load of timothy seed to town Friday. ; . Mr. and Mrs. 0. V.Grlswold.of Mil- ledgeyil le, spent ThurBday.Jn.JLher city Visiting - Ellas Criim, tax collector from Coleta, was In the city Saturday with his books on a collection tour.. J. P. Mehan went to Rockford Saturday morning on business for the Metropolitan Insurance Co. : " William Detra, of Malvern, spent Thursday with the .family of his'broth- er, Mahlon Detra, in this city. J. August Johnson has been entertaining an old friend, J. A. Carlson, of Odgen, la., for several days past. i'Miss Mattle' Burton, of : Rockford, spent Sundav in this city, the guest of her mother,, Mrs. James A. Gait. ,Mr; and Mrs. J. Maxson, of the First ward, are entertaining a brother of Mrs. Maxon, Jir, Strong, of Dlxon. accompanied by his A'h'andsbmo"silver tea" s^et was pre- ented to Mr. and Mrs. Krohn,Mansuel Tones making the speech. That gen- leman spoke well and there was no doubt but.that the kind words he ut- ered for his host and hostess were genuine and*from the heart. ( At a seasonable hour the guests departed for their homes, each wishing VIr, and Mrs, Krohn a continued life of irosperity and' happiness and each avowing it his intention to help them celebrate their golden wedding with a party even more enjoyable, if possible, ;han tbe one on Saturday, .evening. The following Is a list of those who were present: Messrs, and Mesdames— VInnSuel Jones and two daughters Charles Buck Karl Kohl Jacob'Bngel .' Charles Hchrends -MattuelJacoh.s -—'^-'- tog that there was a hole in his went to his mother's'pocket book, took out a dollar, and started down town to make a purchase. The young hopeful far, and the purchase of the new foot ..gear .was deferred until a later flate. —Some country editors may be poor businessmen, but that certainly cannot be said of ao Eeastern editor, who offered a prize of $50 for the best written proposal of marriage by a lady. He 'selected one written by a rich widow, and answered by a letter of acceptance. When the lady refused to wed him he sued her for breach of promise. That man has missed bis calling. He should have been a lawyer. . L. ,- —Morrison ,Sentinel: An unusual occurrence took place Monday night on the premises of Mr. JJred Richardson in this city. When be went to the barn In the<mornlng4ie was greatly surprised to find that his cow bad giyen birth to three oajves, but eUch Is the fact, and all seem to be in the best of health. The weight wan thirty-nine, fourty-three and fourty-six and and one-half pounds respectively. —Afthqir C. Hubbard, of . this city, has received a patent on a combined footrest and portable table. The footreBt, while being well upholstered, serves also as B very convenient and comfortable seat. By reasons of the breadth and solidity of base afforded J>y the footreBt, the table, while being light and portable, is at the same time quite solid and iu that respect different from the flimsy portable table. —A skinny and deoripit old horse, tied to a poet on Firat avenue Thursday afternoon, attracted considerable attention from the passers on account of the extreme depths of poverty into . which he appeared to have eunken. Souse joker soon turned the pathetic sight into & f unnylme by Ueing 8 big placard upon the neglected one ieazing one word "prosperity." The case ceased to utttract any further sympathy. —Union Lodge, No x 3, A. O. U. W., bald an intareating and largely attended meeting Friday evening. A large delegation of the brethren from Lodge ; jfo, 6, of Bock F»lla, was present, f iaree candidates, Irviag L. Weaver, Ctalea Wals&pr and Jacob Both, were initiated, Under the b,§»4 of "Good of fiae Ojder" several ftpeeejbe* w«r* wade fey the visitors pod by the meiakwii of iodg®.> JBaae WWB> made also jo be 'their home near Coleta Thursday on a businessTirlp7 ; '~" ;: v~ 7~~ "'^. ".'•"•'""• - John H^Byers taught school at Em erson Monday. Ei K. J enklns, the teach By-aerious- illness in his family. , - • ' John Reed, of Jordan, hauled forty five hogs, to the city last, Monday and sold them to Fred Klosterman., The porkers averaged 300 pounds. ' Omar,E, Fanning moved;into the city,Saturday. .He will occupy a residence in .the First wardi near the Water Works Company's s<tand pipe. .! ^d Horner, of Dlxpn, is visiting his friepds and relatives In Sterling.. Ed had a birthday recently arid one of his presents was'a-handsome gold- watch The venerable James Anderson, of the First-ward, ;W8s able to take a abort drive Friday. Mr; Anderson has been.' a great suffer with- rheumatism for many.-years.;';;- 1 : ;•. • :;-.'.:;••;;;/'.;' Mrs. Nellie George; well known in this vicinity as JiisB Nellie Delp,, is visiting her pareuts at their homo on the south side. qf the .river. Mrs George now resides in the State of, Or egon..-,.' -;---.- -v' ; . : V'^-^-':. ; V':;''--'•'•'•-.(•'•>' Mrs, David Xeefer returned from Chicago Saturday, and In the evening ehe and Mrs. Spear went to Morrison for an over Sunday Visit. Mrs.-Keefer then returned to her home in Cedar C. E, Goshert left tbe city Thursday afternoon for Chadwiejs:, where he wil superintend the setting of an engine to be' need as power io the the electric lighting plant nbw being erected in that village, . J. E. Philips is tenderly nursing a small orange tree.;; There >«re eevera oranges on it at present, and they" are beginning to get the genuine;$olor on 'em. When they are ripe Mr. Philips :WlU exhibit them at the stpre. _ ^ One of the most lucceesful sales o the season was held .Thursday at Henrj Frey's place, north of the, One cow; brought 858 and a horse SI The stock was very good and the prices proportionately high, A very large crowd was present, many of them be tog from the city, " •Jerry Rogers, of Tampico, spent a part of Thursday waadering about the streets of our metFopolUaa burg, look ingatthe high buUdifigs, 4 riding' up and down the elevators and getting ou of the way of the electric street can and heavy transfer we,goua. He also friends p>ad wsdf f few por AFTER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. Henry Martin Misses— Rosa Buck Dlna Johnson Sophlo Martlti Messrs.—i KobertOIffro Charles Buck George Thomas HoseGlffro Hannah Martin Amelia Martin Annie Martin John Wlnck ' . Jacob Landls . (irant LoFevre FULTON NOT A HEALTH RESORT. Rpek Iiland Pdople Not JPleaned With Its ; 'Water Cure.. Any one looking over the list of arrivals at the hotel at the Indiana 'Mln eral Springs during the drowsy,depres- slng dog days of 1896, could have seen written in plain business hand "Maj C. W. Haws and wife, Rock Island, 111. Previous to this and also afterwards the. Major had quaffed' ; .copious draughtaof Fulton's-Sparkling—Arte- siah Mineral waters. And It came. to pass that the citizens of Rock Island did hear of the health-giving waters of Fulton's famous fountain and the May- and said, let us make a grand moon light excursion to Fulton and partake of the waters there and it will do us good and heal us. * * '.*.'. When the grand, moonlight "excur sion train was starting^ on 'the return trip we tried to induce the Mayor of Rock Island to gl^c us h n "testimonial in regard to the cooling, healtht'u influence of our clear,, sparkling wa ters." He refused us and said he was troubled more by that "Tired Feeling" after partaking than before Hn also flatly refused us photos of himself, _"before and after taking"jto print^ hi our'98 almanac. ' • ' FttLTONlTE. , Mr, RTV) Mr=. A. !. Rjbeff, it 1008 FJret s?sa«e, with s cbsrmlng party, to ntarly twenty of his little friends. The gvie*ts befsn striving shortly after 2 o'clock and the on lasted tinttl 5 o'clock, when all de- >arted foif their homes, wishing that Jeonard was blessed with more birthdays and that all might be celebrated with such a merry party. The Httls jeople will long remember tbe jolly rime and the many goodies they consumed on thlf red letter day in Leonard's life. The following SB ¥ Hat of ;he guests: Misses !9Ml Johnson MIna I^awson Mabel Swansori Masters Joy Fartldge Julius Fartrldge (festor Lawson Artlnir 3\vaoson KatteHelm Ada Trundetl Winnie Connor Jennie Johnson Hylmar Johrtson WlU(e Johnson Victor Johnson Kddie Colqulst Emll Ryberg HOLD COUNTY iiff ". it smt««l I h«^^ |M"en?y of W*!l»F»|>?t niwl if, i? &ll ii prie* 1 find ^ *>rythi»g el^e- Yosif* f«i!j. GEO. P. RE School OfYlcerg, FatronB and nil inttrented to Meet In Morrlnon March 24. 1 have now definitely arranged for a mass meeting of school officers, school patrons, and all others interested in any way along school lines. This meeting will be held at the Court House in Morrison, Wednesday, March 24. The' State Superintendent of Schools, Hon. 8. M. Inglis, of Springfield, 111., will be present and address the meeting. Supt. O. P. Bostwlck, who Is at the head of the Clinton, la., schools, has also been invited to be present and I hope he may be able to be with us. The meeting will open at 0:45 a. m. Main topics for discussion: How can Our .Rural Schools be Improved ? How can our Graded Schools be improved? >Sn^r7clrMf^ ces. Full program later.- W. J. JOHNSTON..CO. Supt. -r Always ^ Is tbe tjme pit, •' ''" E. W. * i T r * i <( si ,$* i ?,$ * > They kqep {no time pieces fa,sF,oefc but those that hare beaa tested and .are not found wanting In anything, bnt a and tbe beet class, of, buyers In Stsfisf see th$ patrons of, tbis reliable bmm. Everything In the jewelry line kept h«re is up to date and superior in quality and design. ,WatchesJeat i efuUy repaired, , I < Ii i ! n Your Cough AUiib'ys iiii;.'l-..' ,:" j-vr->:. .1' "••....• ..,:;-, , j T t > i •< >...*-,'• i , *: r i ' r ' ,l ' '- t 'Why then keep it when 1 'can i remedy; tHat, w ( ill please you by curing 1 that Cough.; Ill", I ( IJI ! » i, JOHNSON HAS A BANJO* The Font Mn«ter Taken; the Flrnt Stopn Toward UecouJlog » Virtuoso!.! .•:: Post Master Johnson has taken ! the first step In his career as a banjo virtuoso; that is, be has purchased an iribtru-' ment. He has not yet stated what his plans for the future may be. He may have purchased the instrument ''ito* 'order to cultlvute further his taste'for- music. He may, too, become so' 1 expert by 1900 that the entire'Democracy of Whiteside county will dance''to""his music, or he may decorate' the instrument wlth';blue ribbons and hang it on the wall of his office.' Then' ; again, 'PoBtfliiaste'r Johnson I ^ the. course Is preferred by ; Mr.' ; 'Johnson's neighbors, "provided, 'of "courtfe; 'that the gentleman. InsistB on'practising with his windows open. ''<''•'•'''!< n! ; SURPRISED THE TWINS.- '"' •' ' '•' •'-•' I > ' : J" .i.Jilli i John By era i»nd-MlBa 'AHoe Wearer .are Involuntary Hogtegge*.' •' : CLOSED THE SEASON. Miss Lactd's DanclDR Olasa Clo*e«. I'leus- • .. antly Saturday NJgUt. .Miss Mabel Ladd, who has successfully conducted a dancing class in tbe Odd Fellows'. Hall during the winter months, closed the season last Saturday. The occasion took the nature of an informal party, the pupils being allowed to invite their friends.and it was most thoroughly enjoyed. Twenty- four couples were present and the entire evening was spent in the delights of waltzes, two-steps, quadrills, etc. Aldrlch'a orchestra furnished the music for the occasion., ; Mis* Ladd has been eminently successful ae a teacher of dancing; nearly all of her pupils have become easy, graceful dancers, and are more than pleased with their course of lessons. She is doing, much for Sterling society and it is to be hoped that she will eeo fit to continue, the work next season; In the work, Mia a Ladd has been as-' sisted by her Bister, Mies •Fannie, .?" TELLS WHAT WEATHER COMESi 1 Prophet Predicts a ;8Uort Cold Summer . ' » ' • , - •' "•.'-•.- -" .. ' ' ! . .'•" '•'• • for Till* Year. • ' a De Yoe, the great Eastern , weather prophet, predicts a short, cold summe^ season for J897, with extreprely ylciB- Bttudinous extremes. There will, he prognosticates, be no extended drought in the United States this yearl m -He,, bills frost for every raojath la the' year in the extreme Horthwa States : ,'and ft sweeping cycloue over the eoatheta portion of Florida and east ' to* A' surprise party wps gl,ven,aturday evening at the home,pijijohn ^..^e tT In henorof Mrs. ^i H'.j.JJye'r^. Miss Alice Weaver,!j;ThQ , occasion s was given to celebrate j the ..jj]iirth^^,jftnrii- : versary of 'the ,young, ladip^. ,,.-,,The guests were royally, en t.tjr^inedjjjan.d a- de]ightmtime:,4s,!.r^portel, 1; ,, Those. .' ; ()eing..bnly j^ood sized bottler' . '-f .,.'i!i,:ui,. •>:. in it ,,; : I Remember the place to get this A, JMENDRICKS. '.f • •i, ? Misses— Alice Weaver ' lll! - lauraDelp -ju,'; Clara i;*ndla f , .-,,. Cora Weaver , . Ada Weaver" 1 •- Messrs—; •••'.'••'•J Charles JJelpt A. ;!::iMyrtleBir«V«ftr. . '. Emma i if F. U. MorgaridgB '.•'•• r.ii.' J». 0. A. Buyers :OFu: -RESPECT. Kausaii Cliy l; tumlter Dealeir* Kegret tho ' I8ft7.-i- from •••. 'if! KafasaS' City, our, mid8t,qur, sociate, •rjjj •3. l i Wtii ,, as" u ward'ILLeFevre; and 1 ? i, r by "rSasoa tif••'•'Ms ! defttb, «.; .- ,?' .L t j_* -j _ J:.«_!. i.1 _t_L i.. _^.« •.*. -a "Oobl&iana 1 uprlghti'man, hia near 'friends jflod ftfso«ia^fi^ ft ; be« i .)•!,', .»'j»rii,'jrif t <».' J;l) '/I ("II -V U i/;t wru tjikijin ) )-/I<"u 1 »', ' JJu.j (i 'it'ij' o; easli 7 purchase''©! fli 7 • A > A"^h'"r»i!i ; ft'h i; VViiV. S-Mj w fffc.Q Viff'flfl;-.Pj¥r chase oi^two dollars or morem "Exclusive of Sueari'-M-THIS ! 'W'iE]EjK^'ONIiY; ! '- :) . lllfl '' 7 "' i)i:i: ''"? I)a " .' *" ''-. . '''' ' ' • • . »"M;jitnJii«nr in; r. yUr^"Cra l wf6rd'''''Cheyse'' > iB :! h'ot equaled by-any-obeese-kept in this City..- _.J't/ l tak'ti-our-Vi/bra i 'forltrbotVtry^thejpheeBejaadiit.wUi bfar-vfUnes^|9\the- : 'truth'"if ihb 1 ''ab'dVe sta'tyhieht. : This offer is : made^Jiacaiiae -we want every cneese-^ater4n the^CIty'toirjr our ill Crawford7; f ,A . iiJi: .'ij-iir. 1 ,- •;.(; >i; to .15IKI foiind the'sr'are ; a' ^delight to ) ' ;;fnr. j (,!>',. ).-*:. i'NV <.' , , ., , AS, by further reason or hia - ;t1|11 'feel 'the IbM" Sustained - iiavlag held for hitruthe highes : for Wfjab^y *»n.d t!io be it Resolved; That the . of KsosaB City, itf weeting-'-aaee&ibled; 4a hereby tta 'that-m«? WaolUtibn's feof ward^'o his rtm'ily, 1 and that * copy/fe* 6ame bid sent fethe Badger Lumbjer.-.floDapany, i. n.'Hwi J> M. BYK^% ^alrfflaa. Jim i', ~*~~~~ oVd'elr id assiat "the 1 thcttisati'd's of Place, has 'esi'abBh'ed a 'prefe" Labor , ( Bureau, and is 'prepared to'fuVnJsn'ruen 1 to farmers and others iu ; a!l 'p^fta of ihe'coantry without ex'pens'e to 1 either'. Ein'p|oyere|app'ly}pg BhduM'rtat'e defl- nite/y as to'the kind o^woiit, wkgea to ^e paid,, iad'if railway ' 1 vanped, •**\ '" v *&*. -'•" 't, ^*& ^ **'&& '""" -' 4i »?!»lff •'.MH'J j! 3 ,Firflt.iAyen!ij.9 for.. 81,300, three blockflrfrpflo.. City fiVii-room 'boused for isents'! A 'nice 'set en room ' Cottage on 'Fifth v^nueiCir &SX)0,' Sriaall cash payment^ long'time ! od l balance/ 'UHMI >'i M , 1 "A 'nice' five rooiDft"1tioilse' l ndrtih of Second 5Yard School HouB'e"for r e700. ce on tinie to'eult'purchaeer." Js'df ''choice ''tpw'a'^ardija fop '' or other " M Chicago.psftparliy w^h «o<?d farBtt..jesr;«Uy -property .j u,; t-?^ ^,^- ,\ Eighty acres seven miles south, will take tbwft'^roperty fts'patt'pay^ejat. — "I 1 - i. I' i I >t'lt\ "!. 'I ,1 '<!'? ii .,,,404 aw?^8 foufrnWes^wefl; of S^ ' . Buggies, ••ft,50Q >' in Hi Ii J' i i m stiort. 1 ini s ti^ady at all "times ttf transact aoy^ ™ ^ " l " Tl "' •'"'"' - ! " j( " ri( • "'f »** II till taining Real Estate, i j j ' « ^^^^f^/^r^i;* JM._' ,\,..

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