Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 20, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1941
Page 2
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Pas* TwJ STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS ' M<md«y, Oetofar gO. 1941 Five Speakers for l&gue Federation Meeting Sunday Elect John Reink® Of Oregon President The Coming Year Mrs, Vsa Btwjafc, **» fortrxytH I Trw entSrw local IMKIW, xrA th* member* «f the Ladtr* 1 Atd who **- 5t*tr<1. Affervtd thr ft**rty rot** of thanks aerordwl thrm Hv th"ir for the day. Young Musicians in Recital Saturday I>avid Rock, violini*!. WM w>!oi5t in A rent*.! Saturday noon at th* hrnnr of Mr* ' Brother i "Thr AVir.dant Life" * a* thr theme for the day when thr Rork River Federation of Luthrr Lragnrs wits rr.frtsir.Ml for lt-< full meeting by thr :.•>:?! St. Paul League The five pan." of the day's program were R;*<! b- the five speakers for the a? P'.SMV.B a part in b'-iilding the abundant Ufe. The« speaker* brouRht thnr mr.vases st the afternoon 5*5.5)on. following tJhr banque served at 12:30 tt the coliseum. Walter Rosier, acting as toast master at the banquet, kept things moving with hte joke* and storie, mostlv concerning the pastors pr«s ent. He tra* aided Jn producing spirit of fun and fellowship by th song leader. Alvera Onntzert. 8t*n ley George, president of the loca league, welcomed the visiting youn people and paatora. and this wel come was emphasized by an origin* stunt of the St. Paul league. Mlnni Von Holton. president of the feder aUon. responded to the welcome. Af ter doing full justice to the bountlfu chicken dinner, the young people gathered for the spiritual feast. The keynote of the abundant Uf was discussed by Pastor C. Cess o Yorktown, who stressed worship aj the mainspring of the abundant Ufe since the abundant Ufe U not merel of this world, but something far grander and greater than physics existence. That the abundant Uf can be fostered by earthly blessings. waa the thought of the secorx speaker, the local pastor. O. H. Doer maun. He related the second part o the day* program to the theme o tha day. namely the banquet or din log. Wh«r we receive our detl food, and all other material gifts of Ood, with thanksgiving to Him. and whan we use these material gifts not gaiflshly. but also for others and in bufl&lng the kingdom, than we uee thws to build tat abundant life. Faator P. Henke of Ashton next matleit the part that study and ed plays In the abundant life eular education can enrich tt cannot change the heart Study oC.Ood'a Word waa aa tat means of building Ctetottan character and making ttte truly abundant and bteeaed. Va rteua programs of tha league were Nferrad to. and ihe purport of tha meeting in which they were then engaged was revealed to be just such an enrichment of Ufe. It waa then ahown what part working plays in building the abundant Ufe. Paste W. Streng of Hock Palls discussed 'work a* a blejiMng, not a cure*. And revealed how doubly blasaad ._ for the Lord and Mis Kingdom Laaguers want given a vision of tr work, not only in their league pwjecte. but in their congregations aa well, which should inspire them i work hard and work together for i abundant life. The laat speaker Pattor c. Wagner of DUon, spoke e» fellowship and fun, and the part played by It & building tha abun want life. This exemplified tha last •an of the day's program, tha fal- lowahip hour which began with sup- par and ended with the play given after supper. The speaker empha- • i the wards of St. Paul when he _ that all things were pc tyro to do. w long as they L sinful in themselves, but that all things were not expedient. Whan wa iinnm our fun and fellowship with Christian wisdom, they also help to buiM a fully balanced. abundant Christian Ufe. , SJtoteto) sf Officers An octet composed of St. Paul leaguers sang several numbers during the ccttm of the afternoon program, rhcl crcup Mniing was alas -e^Bjoyci—-ScJlCjVi.'itt.i!'* program, UM buslnc- i:"7'.'n? v»> 1V;Id'.~'UiuTitT» tag a p;.- I •>! d?r,ion-u-?uon of UM fount c'-vr or topi'.- <lven above. TtKB hi-^^ l -ht3 of tlih meeting wore the repcr. on the International Lu« Ihrr'.!? convenUon held at Oreelv. Colo., in August, and tha •lection of officer*. Edna Otrdos of Duton £2\ c ihn repoit. John Meiake «f -QEHon wes elected president of IMeratlon. Hulda Schafer of DUon vtae president, and Lavtrne Daeu of Sttck PaUa aaoretary and troaMir Tba play given altar supper waa a oaoJMdr and a BUM sucossa, judging ftant the laughter and applauae ol tba audience. It was called 1 Waear" and eancornad the exchange _j| placaa taken by * rich young man •gi aplumbar, boih of whom wgn 4oa •> vtelt tie wnUnty hosae at UM saMe MM*. The boat way in which to sum it up Is by saying that tbtre la no hot water in tha house to prepare for the coming erf tftr-wtalthr ywung man, aa a Atamber Is caUa*. When he arriva» and la inuodueed *s Jeff MoaneM tottead of th* plumber, all the char- acton in the oast an In hat water wMtt tat Anal curtain. The young taSy of UM wbttMy lawtiy. Jaws, ••» ftoywi by I* Varna Sebum ani wM pirti of Mr and Mrs. Wkitney woo labM by Arthur a>eator fiffd wuhby young man. was played by ~ or. an* Martin Daw* UM pan of Dan Btod- ibar. The aart es 4 UM ' ' " a «M part af Thj at» Jacob " Others tAkina p*rt on thf pm<rr«m anti th*ir number^ ••Minurt' 1 hv Bach CrfrtnKir Lambert: "Theme from Liebe5tr*ume" by Us«t. La«rpnce Norton; -The Duke's Song." duet. Wilma Joyce Linton and Mrs. Norton: 'Cam- Me Back to Ole Vlralnny" by Bland, vocal f-olo. Mr*. Norton accompanied by L»!a May Oeiaer: ' Solfemrietio in C Minor" by Bach. Margaret Nortnn. "A Journey in the Arctic ' by J Thompson. Lola May Gei«er: ".March of the Wee Folk.- duet. Margaret and Lawrence Norton: "On Yonder Rock Reclining." Gertrude Lambert: "Cradle Song." by J. Brahm.s vocal 5olo. Mrs Norton accompanied by Mar^mret Norton: "Minuet" br Bnch. Wilmn Joyce Linton: "Walu." duet. Gertrude Lambert and Mrs. Norton; "Nocturne for Left Hand" by J, Thompson. Margaret Norton. Jurors Chosen for Case of Leo Jordan The selection of a Jury to hear the ca*e of Leo Jordan of Pulton, who was indicted on a statutory charge and taking indecent liberties with a minor, was completed in circuit court ahortly before noon Monday. The Jury wa* chosen from the panel of petit jurors who were called for duty Monday morning. The taking of testimony in the case was commenced at 1:15 p. m. and the ca#« will probably be completed In one day. Members of the Jury are Minnie Diets of Montmorency; Ralph McKenzie of Tamplco: R. P. WhaJey of Sterling; Arthur Tlden _ of PropheUtown: Nellie Avery of Brie: J. L. Evens orpul- ton; Howard Gallagher of Pullon; Harry Nornlng of MU Pleasant; Mae Wilson bf Union Grove: Emma Egan of Hahnaman. and Prance* Emmons and Charles Reeee both of Ooloma. Dfaft Officials Discuss Plans to Find Employment Meeting to Be Held in This Section in the Immediate Future Ptfi! Ahrtiis To Arrive in Uitiid Stifes Within a Wetk ' draft bonrri merrbrrs wa.* hfid at ienringfiPld^sT ar.d :» is fTr-N-r- ' ed that a;rjg if the official." 'of northern ir.'.n!^ w-.n >w hr!d j ^ifhin a *hort l;rn*. The object of I the mwtin? wa.« to makf pl«n.< Tor thr induction into iof^il !rid'.i5try of thousand Illinois draftees will be released frorr, the army before ChrLstm».< -ir.dfr thf amend- 1 ment to the select! IT service act 1 permitting discharge of men more than 28 years old. acrordinc to estimates from state draft headquarters. Paul G. Armstrong, rial* draft director, madf the estimate Sunday at the Springfifld meeting. At the s»me time he laid down plan* for reemployment of the discharged draftees. Armstrong Rakl local draft boards win be responsible lor finding employment for men who are discharged from the army. Special reemploynsent ofBcera have been appointed in 90 per cent of the state's Ml local boards, he aald. Major Marshall Buck, reetnploy- ment officer for the state draft headquarters, said that less than 10 per cent of the returning draftee* would probably call on local board* for held In finding jobs. Ahrfn« of this r,?",-. •"'ho has -TjfijnB fh*> pfl.'.t yfar in Japan a vain as buyer for a larg? tea rorrpsny. rabies that he expats to land at. an undisclosed port in thf rniftl 6t«t« wi?h!n th? nest WH>*. It i< pTMumfd 'T;*t he If ft an nni- rf»r,'-.flM Janar.f port shont Ort , thr.w facts cannot be to thf strained relations. . etc . narr.fs and dates, ran- nnt he given As a result. Mr. Ahrens cwuld only cable general infor- ma?:on to his famlJv. Takes Long Time to Get Shipment Here New Arrivals Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Doty of KB Fourth avenue, a daughter. at the Sterling public tioapital. Monday. Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. James Shank of 11W Sixteenth avenue, a son. at the Starting public hospital, Sunday. Morrioge Licenses Marriage licenses have been by Joe Mann, county clerk, to Isaac meean and Harriet L. Olddiogs, both of Sterling; and to Arnold Butterbaugh and Kathryn Sheaffer both of DUon. Enftrfaintd at Dinner Rev. and Mn. Allan BUiman and daughter Betty. Mtaa Belle Reynolda and Mr and Mrs Charles R. Praaer were entertained at dinner Saturday evening in th* bom* of Charles B. Food Distribution At Commodity Depot Food distribution started at the commodity depot this morning and "win oonllflQe on ihrougn to Thursday evening. Positively no distribution of foods will be made after that date Inasmuch as that is the end of the operating month. The distribution will Include all dastUlcattoPs in Sterling and Oe~ loma—OAA, BP, WPA. MP and gen era! relief. The following commodities are to be given out: White flour, graham flour, earn meal wheat, eereal, dried beans, prune* and evaporated milk INSURANCE An example of the long and te- d:nu5 journev.t of merchandLw from the Mediterranean to thlx country \f foijrtd in a shipment of one gross of cocoa ma to from India to Sterling to a local *tore. which shipment, in part, arrived here Saturday. The time required for the merchandise to jro from the Mediterranean port to New York was five and one-half months. When the shipment WM unloaded In the docH at New York a fire broke out, as the rwnilt of which one-half of the shipment of door mats was consumed by the flame*. The other one-half reached here safely. Theae mats were tied In lanre bundles with handmade hempen or jute rope, and at the corners were strips of bamboo tied so tightly as to be impossible to slip, thus protecting the edges of the mats. Hospital Notes Mrs. R. Holm an haj been dta- chsrged from the Home hospital. John Apple submitted to a major operation Monday morning. Mrs. Nellie Hart submitted to a major operation. Eugene Lin boom, Vern Gray, Mrs. Jake Dykema. Mm 'Harold Anderson and Infant daughter. Henry Lotz, Robert Jenks and Mrs. Russell fihoffner and infant daughter have been disc IEIBTY IS YOTJES WHEN TOU GO TO THE CRYSTAL. PenBtnents MAMPOO 9R«a PDfOBR WATX m 9 V PHONE 240 Crystal Beauty Shop Hi lint Ave. • STISULINO Find Stoltn Whttl Polio* have recovered Jo* Oralgl bteyci* which was atoten laat waak. It wa* found abandoned in Mock Palls and ha* bora returned to m Anyone suffering tram Vistula. fractal AbaoMs. Piles or other rae- tal or oaten troubles is tnvitMl to write today for a FfUEB copy of an up-to-the-minute, in-page beak telling about those aiUnenta and M- You may now hav* • copy of thfe oak by asking far it with a postcard or l*tt*r sent to the atfrftve* below: It would b* helpful In writing you if you would check in UM abov* •hart any ailments that hav* been by jwur physician. Ntt ohtt* a* mall the chart with jmr Th* MoCkary Cllnle. S-fll Bl\-d, Kxcelfiior Spring*, bte. \» Mr. Banter IS THAT GUN OF YOURS VALUABLE? Would you hive to "dig deep" to replace it? Then why take a chance on losing it? An ALL- RISK policy costs very little, and covers almost any loss that could occur. • Ttlna^bV§tblen^,^rliesfroyed by Tire. You might drop it from a boat, or your boat might capsize. Let us insure all ypur hunting equipment in one ALL-RISK policy today. CLAYTON R. SCHUNEMAN AGENCY Phot* Ml Sterling, ID. |5er?iee ADIO Former WPA Workers Art Miking Good in Private industry Ontrarr fo p^nrni) V!!*f. •s-orkfr* who have found jobs in pri- ntt? industry are maklns jtood This statement »•».«; marf.e bv n 6frling man this morning, who ha* tRK- 1 PH thi trouble to rherk *ith a num- I>*T nf TnployfrK known to hn 1 ,P former WPA nr-n nn thrir p«v roll5. That, »t !P»S>. is the condition hrreabout*. However, aurh may not bf the r*?e elsewhere, for a majority of thf men and Tromen on WPA hereabout* were of a much higher typ« Intellectually and TO- cialiy than tho.<e to br found in .«ome of the larger citie* or throughout the south. In the height of the WPA. many employer* expressed the belief that K majority of those employed by the WPA would never "make good" in private industry becau.«e the initiative was being taken from them •nd that many would attempt to make WPA work a career. However, thl* doe* not appear to be the case, according to the local survey. Spend Weekend Here Mr. and Mrs. I. K. Kappenman antt\yaught«r. Jean, of Leaf River spent the weekend in Sterling, guests at the George De Murray home. EMS TOES. 2 - FEATURES - 2 am MOMSMI HUarfty ••! Natif-Tlrtwit A CQl«Sk»IA YI * • B Hikt Plini for Ammrf Tuberculosis Sea! Sale in Whifeside Co. White the nf-rp.vuTT »m|-sp':<*<; for the ftnnuft! Mjbercu}<*i* Chn*?ma.i! seal ft*ie have not yet bwn re-. c? h-ed. the Irtcnl ortraniMtton i« rmi- ; tinning to mak* itR prepa.rat.lmw inri thf annual .<«lr, which «l". «t^rt' about Triarik.««H"ins — prob*b;*- thr; day following that event, tr* .ing to i the rhanfce in dates. j A* usual, Mrs. O. W. Nelson of i Prnphf wtottn. exetutlve v;r» pn-.<i-; dpnt of the WhiteMde county or Ization. nn be in chargf of the Sh* will be arauted by L?> Wiicox of this city, president of the oritani-: zation. and MlM Ruth Kirk, cwintv' nurse, a* ^ell M the vanepj* othrr officers and directors. Arc Injured in Automobile Crash Hear Gilt Viaduct hi* c*r *w*rv*4 to th* left snd fh*n to the right and roHed <"?O*TI *t««p wnbunkmwit, Th? rir bflidr dftiriaged, 8tmnb*!J<th said th* driver of thn other car returned to the «rn« and admitted h* h*d crowded him on the viaduct and would follow him to . the hospital. He has he«rd nothing j farther from th* driver of the other r*r. Highway Force Holds Meeting in Sterling A meeting of the hiarnray maintenance force under L*e Little of this city was held In the Lincoln school basement Friday evening Supper WM served at 9:30 or the ladles of the Plret Ward Republican club. Que»ta of honor were Dr. H. I*. PetUtt, assistant «t*te superintendent of public health; Representatives George Brydla and Dennis Col- llna. About 75 were present and Frvine SrhnltJstninri of this citr f.rrf injured in an accident Sundav flfti>rnoon about 5 at th» viari:;"t ovr the North Western rniir-">?d at. Oal ( Both -R-rrc taken to th^ S'Prlmc public hcwnit*; in f;ir Woods ambulance. Later fitamba\iRh w-ai removed to Amboy In an ambulance. HP had a for-.- cus*'.r»n of thr hrain. hfari abra>:r>r c and comp'ainfd of painfl iri his che.-.t. Srhnittcrun.d claimed an injury TO hi« .i;df and b«ck. but did not remain in the hospital. S'ambauRh reported thst he was crofting the viaduct and that a car approaching from the north crowded him the side of the ua- dwt. near the north end and that Clinton Woman Is Hurt by Fall in Canal Mr.*. father fie hi mi as of Ciin'oti | had the misfortune to slip and fall j while fiAhlnt In the canal beneath ! the hrldtr ors thr Buell ro«d Sunday nrr>n. She suffered a fractured leu. WM removed to the Sterling public hospital In the Trouth ftmbu- i«nr*. The let WM placed in a <-*j«t and *he WM then removed to ' Jirr home In Clinton. • Prevent COLDS Put a f tw drops of Vlcln Ya-fcro-not up each nostril at tha very nrtt sniAa. •oaoe or atgn of nasal irritaUon. Its quick action aids nature's defenses Ma*n*eaM«-TaUow dreeuans in totter. KST SERVICE AT LOWEST PRICES! HELEN Beavty Skvp FBONV Mf "BILL" Barker §a*p II E. THIED ST. AW/I —ALSO- WTT it A Small Down Payment Holds Your Purchase Til Christmas Give a Gift as lasting and beautiful, as it is useful! eVMftrni 9fc*min roMCCos •uy n*w f*r 'Christ A Witch Will Pleate! TNI HEUJ TOO tote lecHona «rt NOW! ENDS WED CaJBe* Rings $11.00 up Ladles' Men*a o tie Wafa a Key C«*eM ••*<•** ^AUMK- lit lilltre ; - -In- • Mflr.IAvii.iit Itf IMFOI The gift that all others it a beautiful Bluebird .dianead ring. Having anticipated the scarcity we bought an ample supply. Bluebirds at low at $30-oo Others $15.00 up Our complete stock permits a se« lection from several famous mak- srs—all well known to you. All prices include Federal Defense Tax. We will "Mail-Away" your giftt to the beys at camp. Ceo. W. Gerdes Bk*ffrd Building

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