Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 11
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 11
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r i r - r - i r m I --TT i I DECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER'S, 1930 DECATUR HERALD Today's Cross Word Puzzle Created By J, R. White 19 t» Bft 2O 40-it i H n ·e as i I IS ss se 61 10 ·85 U So st HIGH UGHTS OF HISTORY No. 15 George Rogers Clark-- Oarlt's Plan Approved By J. Carroll Mansfield ACftOM ,1 Senator from Washington. f Part ot a chunk » Ta clothe IS SUniu Indian M Navigate IS Hindu rue«n 1* Naught 17 Rent H Ancient ttalhtn family ,| Made correctleu In SI Converted Into money, a« a check il ElectrilM pared* i*4 A IKUe MtA nule: * «oa duck H Unlock K A anort letter Gt Was carried, 01 nn « horse or vehicle M Ood of war (Rom. Myth.) it Oak Htb.) S» Exporlonctd to Ono of th* Oreat Tithes « DOWN 1 field panlaUy tt T Tltlo of respect t Smallest known · component of maltor 9 Flumra WJ 1ft Whip "^ 11 Poker 13 Parlahed !* Period 21 niv«r M FcctlUout :« Turklcb M River In EotUnd IS Hol« 19 Mowntoin 1C Bend* the kft»ef, M women, u ui Ml at roepect ,« I'e*f*SS '14 Hawaiian toed M Rat M Fuw W Pint cxnr of flueMa 'M Hindu prince 39 Tntreitnir glM-m»n '42 A flower 41 PMtry ·41 Touch gently 44 ilenda n message bj' ·ubmnrtne tolerrttlt 4* A Btnlk it Tba Hawaiian H Atouon 4 Kingly: Ifto t Pule t CompenwUd t* HOB 14 Tedlow I .t» Plunder* ·W Organ Miu*te4 t* the left of tfe* ·tomoch 4t Bond 43 Cuahloa 44 Stretched ttfht V Vehkl*a 4* Drup yielding ptent 47 Offered 4B F»lry 49 A vttbace ptant f « School la il liOOA M Only Nine Prisoners Now Serving Terms In Desolate Devil's Island WASHINGTON, JD, C,--How rj ev 11 * Inland, (amouB pennl »tut Ion in French Gulanu, lookn from the nlr \a told in n report to the National Geographic society by Frodorlck £lmplch, rocontty In clmrgo of The Society's dcrltil auivoy party which nindo a ntudy of air traffic Umoa bo- twe«n Wadhln^ton nnd Buenos A Iron. "With M. SiadoiH, inivvrnor Kcti- ·nl of French Oultma." writ OH Mr, Slmplch, "w« fl«w from Citynntio to Dovit's Inland, Horn Onptnln JJroyfus 1ftn(tul«hHl (hroiiRh lonji, lonely years till freed by IGmllo Kola's uld, tllii drutnntlc trlul, uncoi/oi'lnx (ho dmft/lng Count EM tertiary pint, stirred the civilized world. "Throo tiny Ktot-n «MH rlnu ttotn the sen 27 tnllcn soutli of Cuyvnno. They fortti tho ponal grotip. Tstoa clu Cftlut,' which Incllido Si Joseph-- ·with ltd prlnon hotipltnl--tiln Hoy (i to, with llftr» of tiny Ntonn cells for In* corrigible*, nnl Dovll'u Uland, no fnm«l In tales of fact and Fiction, "Men without women (iiiwd tip fioni behind hlph \tallft n« w« kllod ovtihiwd. For vromttn ai'o no long «ont to ttils 'great pvnltcntlaty or Fmnco.' Itere. nnd In Cayenne aro ·bout 7,000 Fmnch prltoneii--ln. cludlnR ditch coionlftlsi nfl Arabs, Af rlc»in(i nnd uvrn Vronrh Intlo-Chl- ncao, dl S|ll«H But on Diu'll'* talitiul today. Its world-will* notoriety, nine mon are confined -mostly sjilts. But they ate llfcm. The** nvlntors are there. Tbey wo IT imiong the tlttlu group gatcinc up tit us. I wondorett what their thoughts tmtot bo, its they ·aw our blp ship flying two In t lie It own once fumlllnr flotwnt- able to flurry them o quickly to freedom ·were thoy only up In It Hard by, row on row, whvro now men of and low degree elnep side hy aide, their enrthly ponaltlvu (Mild. "A dismal land In Cnytnnd. 01 French Guiana, tui you fly from Paramaribo along Its lonoly count. Mud flats far out to sea, heightened only by flocks of 2,000 or more pink Ibis, and low, jungle-grown nwamps broken by grassy savanna? stretching Inland to distant low hills. Once past the plantations below P«rainnrlbo. so many long abandoned, the only sign* »f -white man'* work wn HB.W wore about the mouth of the River Mn- Ton I. Vp It steamers BO, some to unload prisoners for the penal col- onlef. The last *hip brought about ·00 from France. "Returning from I^ovll's Island, we took Governor Sladotis for i ride over the delta of the Kourou, It was up this river thnt A French colon Iz- tnff company onoe eent 10,000 tmml- Rrants from Alaaoe, Badly equipped, unwisely chosen--for the party Included Jewelers, dancing maatera and even dressmakers--but few experienced farmers or miners--nearly all perished. That disaster la historic. Only about 2,000 survived, and returned to France, Web Boll But MO yurmere , "Mile* Inland we could see low, tree-painted ridge*, with round-top hllli enjoying such local names as ttonkey Hill and Devil Mountain. Into that hard land goltl-seeker* go. Gold now, in ever dwindling volume, If the chief export Jnoredlbly rlcr M the toll is, agrleature Is limited by tack of labor, CTtst of the "Con- dannees,' though farmed out by the government to work for private naitera, ate too weak in mind or body-or t6tli~-to tm th* noil In tnl trying oUmoto. Efforts to Colonize free mon, on big scale, have brought no good riwulb. The av«i- ngo potential immigrant alums French Guiana, because HO many convlcta are heio. But ena la amazed at the K ood Ul dfl!'. By T o'clock the amull town of Cayenne la dark, "Dilapidated Cy'rme, with weed- iown plains, west hur-beaten houaot antl Ita rmig-h atieeta cleaned only by txiK^nitis, H n blot o( gloom de- (uosdlng to nortnal souls. Weeping women nnd deaiondont men alt Idly about Its chunp cafes--or wander under the small grove of strangely conspicuous royal palms which lift their giuuotiil trunk!) above the Hcitifilur O f Us principal plain. *Ltb- eiei', siiclt half-free prlvoneri «rp cnlldd. Though their days of actual confinement ore ended, they at* at liberty only within tho bordori of Cuyonne, A convict, aent here for n term longer than g yaarei, must remain tot life: )ie IN known M a 'pvlwner In pflrpotulty.* But a man Bent for it looser period, lay for flvu yi'tira, nuiat remain an additional five In tlie colony--or one year on tho 'island' for each years spent In lt» Jftlla--before he can return to Prtmco. Th«n he uuiat pay his own way honu 1 . For tho Government does not repudiate tho exiles. Often such n mitn'u lelatlwa or frlenda send him money to rome homo on; oocaa- lonnlly, ho fun e*rn enough In the cnlonv Freiic-h Arabs. Influstrloua and thrlfiv, support a sort of community chMt which buya homebound tlukotd for each Arab, as his ilnv »f complete liberty arrives. G«ntlumnn un] Hovdlnma Brotiwra "Lawyers, doctors engineers art- i»ta. Hkilled nitlsuns--as welt u criminals from the peasant claw and ttut alums or Paris~theae you ico In the street*. Many seek tn earn a few franca, at any kind of uork. In a lout city whore «ven \Klty tasks nro f*w. 'That tall, rag- g«»l. barc-fooWd man driving .that mllk-poat from houtie to house Is a French gentleman of a line old family,' said my guide. "My chauffeur la (i convict,' aald the Governor as we took a short rtdn around the dispiriting places. Practically everybody you son tn the streets Is a convict, Tho 'Uberes' are free to work for wnges, and some of them arc tn partnership with natives In various kinds of business.' Figurines of jnfrunra. -women and birds, beautifully carved from hardwood--and oven clarity fashion (id little guillotines, are the work of one--who thus gains money for champagne. He WAS a successful Paris sculptor, "Hie dry Guillotine* la the convicts' grim nickname for the penal colony --officially designated as inch by Napoleon HI In 18M. "I killed a centipede In the room whore I slept the night I passed In the penal colony --and was glad when wo took the air and flew over vapor-draped Jungles In the early morning down towards the great Rlv«r Qyanock, beyond whlrh lies Braill," SUGAR BEETS BEST (til Vultud prut.} HELENA, Mont.--The atote federal crop reporting service In Its monthly survey of agricultural ooa- dltloni aald thli year's sugar beet crop would be the beat in several seasons, Sugar beeta, the report said, probably will prove toe best crop In Montana this year. (Copyright, 1WO, by I, Ctrrell MlnlfttU) PaftTHE CfcMUBC OFTHfr QfciTISH TUlNfllS CollktRV MBWRY, Tw CLARK'S SCHEME. HIS PLAN S ABSOiUTE SUCCeSS OF THE UMPEBTAKINe,THe OoVERMOR CoUlt MOTPUBilCLVASWTBEVlQfirlNlA LE6I6- LATORE TO AirrHowiEiHe Pfloposef txctorriow, evHAviHS A BILL wss- PSF5N5E OP 7M6 STATE'.' PEOITIOM WTtHTHC RAttK Of COLONEL. HE \MMAUSO CflVCNffejOOO ToFlMAMCeiHt 7 cowpAHtBS » votuwreess *»OUT 390 M w] FURTHM HrtUIW 1MB «CeS»Aftv HCAWV ,OMC MKMLV MMUM6 HIM TO ^TME 0THtffl COMTAWIH4 MIS .CUftKWA5T»»H»«| JANE ARDEN Times Have Changed By Monte Barrett and Frank Ellis ITWONT B*.Y TO CROSS tSHAMJf I'M NOT GOING TO LET SHAoe/Miss-Yot/oserreR FWixSACMeAPCROOK HIM THE MONEY AMD BE THANKFUCj) Fffl©HT£N ME/MAG TOeETAWAYATANYPplCE S~J ANO^M NOT SOI N6 TO PAV HIM AGENT YCAH y i ueeo TO ee THAT WAV- PUT THAT WAS 1 PEFORe I MET , ISHAM (T'S "^s DIFFERENT WITH YOU (F YOU LOVE HIM- bOVB Hin^iTHUwwnT I UII^WnlCB'HB KKOMIBBO r nEl JESVJELflY IN TMO9* DAYS--PUT THB ONLY THINS | " EVER SOT WA9CflUeLTV»OH/HOWI HATl GAS BUGGIES Hem Speaks Well of Himself By Frank Beck F HE WANTS A MAN TO SEND ON SOME CONFIDENTIAL MISSION TELL HIM OF THE CONFIDENTIAL THINGS vou've DONE-.... THAT'LL GIVE HIM. CONFIDENCE IN YOU. N HIS EFFORTS TO ANSWER THE ABOVE WANT-AD HEM WAS GREATLY HANDICAPPED BY A DESIRE TO BE MODEST AND STILL DO HIMSELF JUSTICE^ DEAR SIR? I PEEL I'M JUST THE MAN VDU'RE LOOKING FOR BECAUSE -BECAUSE ... ·MUST HAVE _' .W6LL...TELL HIM ABOUT THE TIME WU DIVED OVERBOARD TO SAVE MY LIFE... . . IN THREE FEET OF VAT6R! r WU THINK* THAT ,, SOUNDS TOO 60ASTFUL, DO LIKE YOU USED TO WHILE , TILLING (T,. LEAVE OUT THE WRT 'ABOUT THE THREE FEET. TOOTS AND CASPER A Four Bit Touch By Jimmy Murphy / YOU WAV WOT KtJOW IT, COLONEL HOOPER, BUT I'M A VERY CLEVER, IM ORDER TO T3EMOKISTRATE MY wf(i.l, I H^VE (PLACED A COIM OKI "THE TABLE t VJANT Tbu TO PUT VbUR- OVER THE. COIN'. · AND "tOU SAW POO. iwnr THE COM \ UNDER YOUR- HAT! NOW I'LL MAKE A PROPOmON WITH YOU! I I'LL, BET YOU FIFTY CENTS I THAT I CAM REMOVE. THE COM PROM THE. TABL VJtTHOLTT YOUR. HAT! FAWR 1 THE COM COLONEL !! WOW ( PR610,. CMAN60. 1 ! HOW, COLONEL HOOFER, IF ^W LIFT UPVOURHAT PAY ME» THE COM PROM THR HK.IMTUAM, cou. io| Fiilnni Sjmlttilt. 1 m tttfkts rt t THIMK-OAODV-TOlJ HAD BETTER GO thj AMD MOTHER fb ·WCOU.V- I'LUtfO t CAMT HKLPIT I'LL NOT GO QM »T HRft HK THEY Vv/OWT ALLOW O O % IMTHt BY THOUGHT BRINGING UP FATHER SOT THE OWE. OF THE MSQQIE WE'LL OK) THE CAWOPEWER One Way Out of Misery inti Ccaturt StriMt IK fiitu Briiiin nfhtt f tervtl Hankow, New Orleans of China, Has ant Future As Shipping Hub Import WASHINGTON. D. C-Hankow. an armed camp because of the constant recent threat of Invasion by armies of Chinese communists, Is one of China's niost Important cities, ranking commercially as the busiest 01 tho Interior trade centers of the Republic, according to u bulletin from the Washington, D. C. headquarters of the National Geographic Society. , "While Shangltal can be identified as 'China's New York,' Hankow can, with good cause, be considered the Celestial Republic's New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Chicago rolled into one," continues the bulletin, "Although 600 miles Inland the city, thanks to the great Yangtze Klang, ls, like New Orleans, a port for ocean steamers. China's greatest steel and Iron there; and the mills ore city Is the located Bssenv bltng point and ahlp^lng center for tremendous quantities of produce of China, and of ores from lier Three Ottos In One 'In Its purely local cco Hankow can be compared to N£ York. It conaltts of throe eltkh (ji on pod across tile water from oacb other like New York, Brooklyn and Jersey City, The group Is situated whero the narrow Han River meets the broad YangUe, which la two miles across at this point. Hankow proper, by far the largest of the three communities lie* in a triangle between tho loft bank of the Han and the left bank of the Yangtze Across the Han Is Hanyang, where tho tall chimney B of great steel mlllt pour out an Incessant steam of smoke. Across the Yangtze from both LL Wuchang, capital of Hupeh Provlaie, and for ages an Important politic*, center. Together the three closely associated cities have a population of one-and-a-half million from the turn* ami gsrdena and people, with close to a million ot the total Iti Hankow The group Is often referred to «H 'the Wu-Hun Cities.' "Ilnnkow'a btst abject Is present- rd'to the traveler who approaches (he city by river utcamcr from down stream. For more than two miles ttja International Bund Hlrotcheit along the north bnnk of (he river. It la o. broad boulevard, paved, shaded by rows of trees, and faced on the land by group after group-ol imposing buildings. In the distance can be seep, the extensive concrete 'go-downs' (warehouses) In which hundred? or thousands of dollars worth ot cotton, Bilk, tea, wootl-oll, beans, and dozens of other commodl- Hcs are stored for shipment. Cnncewilnn* Make tip International City aitliCHt upstream, adjoining tho native city, is the British Concession which was the first unit of tho 'International city.' It was established In 1861 when Hankow was first opened to-foreign trade. It extends, for half a mile along the rtver and Is joined by the Russian Concession which dates from I8W, Next llea the French Concession, established the same year, and beyund It the former Ger- man Concession, now taken over by the Chinese, Farthest downrtream is the Ju.panM.1 Concession, Mt apart In 1808. There is no separate American Mttlemeol, The Consulate of the United States and tbrt ot Denmark are In tho French Concession, In tho British area are tlie Spanish, Dutch, and Belgian Consulates, The Italian, Swedish, and Norwegian Coraulntos are In the former German territory, Th* concessions, are mark* ml by relatively broad, well-kept alrecls nnd by the han*tom* buildings that house the legation offleeH, hotels, banks, and shop*. Modem water and atwer systems and electric lighting have been installed. These improved conditions have at* tractud tens of thousand* of well-to- do Chinese families to toRe up their residence* In the «nce»alons. "The native city of Hankow nre- sents a marked contrast to the concessions, Houmt and hovala art crowded along narrow street! devoid of sanitation, anA'th* populace ara dependent on w Yangtze, much ot It by coollts, The city ,, destroyed by tiro In 1 |er. from the ltd ID palla pfacUoally during tlw revolution which overthrew the em- pire and established the republic. 1'. woa hoped that tit* city could be rebuilt along modern lines with wide streets, but Instead the old tanfle of alley! and crooked atreeta lined by haphazard strueturw tprang up, ao tltat congestion ie even worar thuit before, . Depend Mt MM ftmwr "China's dependence, on man-power can be seen in striking fashion whoit ships are being loaded and unloaded at one of the many tiulln' tloatlng plera)i aloof UM river. Ao unbroken string of men under bale* MA bagi and paekagtt tolls back and forth, ·warmlnf over Uu bulk and IU gangplank!, the dry mud ot tbe river bank, and up tU**U for perhapi two or thit* Moeka to and from waranwuiti, They remind one of laBbr armlet of ania carrying leaves and Mtt ot food. "In normal time* tbi whlto pop* putatton ot Hankow** «oneet*lonH find ttaae tor recreation at oMef the moat camptaU clubt to b* found In the Orient. Known aa ·The. Rate club,' It provides fadlltlw tor horn racing, ridlnr, ·hootlnr* B°'t ·*.» mmg, tennl*, baaeball, crlfJtqL bowl' Ing and BILL DELAYED TEN M YEARS MAY BE PAID *** Uv C ·I'f* ***·"** ' OLUVELAHDi O.-T«tt W. S. Loufw, evohilMt, yabofki county «omMl«i*M«ri ii and dMwton «l » fttifMK county war memoriH. Hui fM *·* » but h* dM not mbmlt Mi MU ta tarty thuj you, ProtwuW* Rty T, Miller rooanUx Infonnrt O ·hmem that the bill «raM bo CARDS CO HALLAHAI WILLHOJ Grove, Pitched 19 It Work ' FANS FiNALL By FBAMi h PHILADELPI 8_-With Philtd i | ( || itirred from b a real two-fin , temp and both teams k Intf pit*--. 'I 1 * Cardinal* went int of their (tattle for today. The highest hon HOW are only a g« th* nre«p « the i hut betw*«n th"m don* stand* * »*' handed pitcher. " han. Upon the sf Irish IM r«st the I for another vletoi throw the series 1 and deciding Kixme Howthpaws Against Hal I ah* and iherp breoklni ihi A 1 * on Saturds expected to Rend h header, Lefty Groi A victory for th ehumploniihlp thin «nd the post-B*a and win th«m ih championship. BO doubt that Mr, M to M be urged hi* live everything thi this game. Two A's D Mock has ]unt ti Ittndnblr pitchers (Jtorjre Eni'Mhoy. ' Mwn Innings Mm- flnlnhod the gnnic for the victoiy whi «n th* wings of Jlr mn dtlv« In tlic nli ft«t the Cnrtllnah flrtt game nmi 1o' duel with JfRtc t pitched 18 Innings (ruck-horse for woi The Cardinal" confidence In Hnll beat Ihe A's again. Card* H»v II In Impossible chtncm of a ball KhowB the courag nals, They were fi National league n en me on with a ru thtlr bent when H1A1.KV MIMI1 rtrjilPD Hfi iu n 1*1 mi 01H S9 n« U Mm'liu )H WMI* 111 Ijiiu* 11; nn Mind, in ) in T-Mnl 111) S1K Owni H" 1ST H I'm i t ; iitii n J'ttft'wt I:R inn 10 WhUn tl 10ft t" Bitnt l.l Hi 13 T»Uil 6lJ" (13.* 01 .B C l . t X B K H -1 1 4 1!B tT M'ikw'1 H! 101 H nilwni 1ST 110 ]( Jltn'dli'r ^1 101) : ll 'ill i i6« :fls ii otnl 01 u TH n ' RIVBT IlKATKHB-- ,141 no 11 «. , 111 Hi 1! Wf HI) n t H Ph'r j j i HT s ) tin tii, i ^. JO It) 3 '" * s n lift m i »* n: n lfii '" v " i tl 10* i IU 111 ( H ss ,, lift 10k ! * un i "·" P«r MmM Whuky, BrtPolictAaiwtrtdAd i Hii V H . EUCCTBld, Artt,-O»ud» Cttrtw and C; T. Wet, looktof cut ot IN j*U window today, dobtttd wb«lh«r H |Myi to MlvtrdM, Prohibition tfonto tn o, Jiiuiit over the oountryiUo dlieovorod ft ill n *j over Curlli' ond Moot utin titro whleh r«td; "Whl*«y Cor «!». 8*x bin PwKlveh/ BO crodit N

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