The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1971 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1971
Page 2
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i>W',iT * V? ' ,W"v „•••' i 1 ' '"if* '• • ' , •"•,."."% ^ V , , tlii BRAZOSPORT FACTS, Frwport, fam, Tuetd.y, Nov«mb«r tt, II? 1, ATTENTIONS BRAZOSPORT STUDENTS! merchandise atJema's by presenting student ID card.., Our growing Churches i '•** v CHRIST LUTHERAN : : UkeJickiM Mr. and Mrs. William Buhrig.AmynndAnn Mr. and Mrs, Robert Vatn« and Stacey The King James Version ot the Bible was begun'In 1604 and published In complete form (or the first time In 1611. l-Easley vows said in LJ \ nev^mounting makgs evetytliin sparkle -ADD TO THAT SPARKLE OF ROMANCE IN YOUR BRIDES EYES. HAVE THE DIAMONDS \ YOU GAVE HER 5 OR 25 YEARS AGO \ RESET IN A LOVELY NEW NEST OF GOLD TO SHOW THROUGH 107 NORTH PARKING PLACE >DOWNTOWN LAKE JACKSON LAKEJACKSON-Mf.aftd Mrs. 0! H. "Cruteib" Crwt- chfleld lit are making their home at M01 Rampart, No. 143 C, Houston following a wed-' ding trip to Mexico. They were united In marriage Oct. I at ?!30 In the evening at the Presbyterian Church In Lake Jackson. The double ring ceremony was performed by Rev. Bernard V. Munger amidst a setting of lighted candelabra entwined with flowers. The bride, the former Beverly Gasley, Is the daughter of Mrs. Elsie M. Sraalley of 343 Huisache, Lake Jackson. She Is a graduate of Braxosport High School. The bridegroom is the son of a H. Crutchfleld II of Houston and Mrs. Nell Crutchfleld of Tyler; He Is a graduate of John Tyler High School and Is presently employed as a district manager for Universal Stainless, Inc. Given In marriage by her brother, Thomas R. Easley, the bride wore an Empire gown ot candlelight p*au de soie overlaid with Venice lace. T. W. Ogg coke sale Wednesday CLUTE - The T. W. GflJ Elementary Parent-Teacher Association will sponsor a cake and pie sale Wednesday between the hours of 8;» a.m. and 2 p.m. It will be held in the school cafetorium. Members will be accepting cakes from donors beginning at 8 a.m. About six member* of the PTA will be on hand to assist with the taks. Gleaners class OYSTKR CKEKK - The Gleaners Class of the Oyster Crwk Baptist Church met recently in the home of Mrs. H. P. Bell. Plan* were made to lake a basket ot fruit to Mr*. Mattie Can- and Mr*. JesuW Gladney, who rvtide in the Golden Years Nursing Howe, It featured n wedding bind collar, long Venice lace sleeves and cuffs with pearl buttons. Uyers of Venice lace extended slightly from the full skirt to form a train, Her illusion veil was held by a tiara of pearl heart* with net trim. She carried a nosegay of baby's breath, apricot colored and off-white mums entwined with small flowers. Miss Helen Maddox of flute was the maid of honor. She wore a long Empire gown of chocolate brown chiffon with rounded collar, (t was trimmed with >nrlcot velvet ribbon at the staves and waist. The bridesmaids were Miss Belinda Maxwell of Houston. Mrs. Jerry Wisdom of Livingston and Miss Jean Ann Crutchfleld, sister of the bridegroom, of Tyler. Miss Edie Easley, cousin of the bride, of Bratoria was the Junior bridesmaid. The bridesmaids wore gowns of the same design as the maid of honor but of apricot chilfon trimtutd in chocolate brown ribbon 8* FABRIC SALE! A $3.99 VALUE CUHING BOARDS 4«-in-cuniNCsu«f*ci tuuoMON<MCM SOUAIIS K>UK rat IAST siot*c4 uvt rout nuf< MAI1S A KTTU CUTI1NC 99" ^ Jr EACH 100% COTTON : MT'cununu Novm fwxn m CMUotn ' M.t<MAO)Ae«(AICMMtHAi«n* 1 ' T\ - , • i- RAYON & WOOL 72" FELT >un tout tiuiite ion <o« cmni>ut • <MU to» ncnitt uvn. A«P IDQM owni T« LOOK * FBI W W001 BONDED "TURIOS" , 10 MM 1OU HOHfKHT •••«, IUB*, 1 SOUOf AW fAMOH. HMMMU. fMHCI KM , YAJID FASHION KNITS SELL OUT PRICE! inn wu» o«i (Mmio SOUH AMP IAMCMI 45 19 M- WICC- AtHU ItlAOlAJIl. KTIONS. ACnAIfi VAUHi IO }.N to. * OH MUS. AU ton 10 HU. tuxunout 10 WIAI KM mow •«PMIN WHO MOW MMAjNi WMM T«T Ml IM£M 100% POLYESTER DOUBLE-KNIT SALE! OM Of TNI MSt IAMAWS TOtrtl iYW Ml MHCT fMMt A imtt NOS HANK- tuma. MfAVT WBQtnj K» fAU I WWIU SIWIM. S0»t SUCMIIT IIII6UUI. •1 99 YARD KOtC AND SLCiPWfAR ' we eon «M MZPS Of MfrHUT SniOU; IK- Nlffl-MMOMA, OVB, VMM} TO $4.91 Tl. MT MM. 1 TO 5 YD. LENGTHS JLS 100% ACRYLIC FUN FUB • IOMO HAH IMAOi . MAXMM WAtMAtU • MCM fAitOON COUMi • COMTAM A) »/ « • MM1 HOMM AM) otHII C»A)H 101 CMMUMt tAVMOM $*»» 3 YARD MUSHED DENIM •MMIN! MMr HM wn i«n »ot> ON OKI w om MOH MTUUI MMKf. IW> C9HOM, VfOAUjr IHAI ton KM- «r wet. MM SAVI M.OO YARD FANNE lOVCIi «mON 99 YAiO FABRIFIC FABRIC CENTERS SHOPPERS CHARGE 223-A PMKING WAY IAKE JACKSON HOl'RS they all carried apricot and brown long stemmed car- tuliomi trimmed with baby'* breath and ribbon*, Jay Mlddlebrook of Atultn was the best man. The groonumen were Randy Pool of Tyler, Joe Mallko erf Tyler, John Goad of Houston, and Terry Fry of Houston, Colleen Rasley and Vlckl Easlcy. nieces at the bride, were the (lower girts, The mother of the bride wore a forma) gown of blue double knit with a pearl trim at the neck and wrists and a white carnation confute, The mother o( the bridegroom cho»t> a blue chiffon (Ire** with a long lace coat with bell »Jiap«J ilreves, The reception wan held following the ceremony at the Rrtuoaport Savin** and Loan Hospitality Hooni Houscparty member* for Ihc reception were; Uonnie Kanley ot California. Mm. Nell Cni<. chfleld, and Mi** Jean Ann CrutcWteW t>< Tykr. Kur gcMng^way live MK. AM) MHS.C. M.CUUfTf1«mtU> HI a brwn jm*y knit drww with browm w**«>rt«», POLLY'S POINTERS DEAR ABBV How to cut down Son needs dry cleaning bills her help SU POl.U i t i»t» "<a!«lr (turn 4>sr-, By Abigail Van Huron If) tm »« OJ44«l TlHiimil M. Y. M4W* t*wf, ***. f OKAIt AHUY. Am I wow kind at nut? My sap w« *ixx*ld tgnorv UV ecru* that our 1* jrar oU «on H'll call him "Bud") ami Kb girl (rivnd, whu tu.» Juu turtwd 17. are about to bccoroc (urcaU, Bud tlocin'l »unt to marry the girl, but kcvp the baby anyway. Bud is working, but ti mating poor *a*r »4id bt paid .wow of her dwtiw bill*, but hr utird lately because the Kir I tvfinc* (a <unc him Srw H (ran a vicry poor family and U wo«Jwf!rA«, and f IrrJ rrrtjJn tt» necils help. What do fcaportuhlc pdrcnt* do' t cjn't bcik^v wv should juat iU bjck and Ignore ihv wtwte lhif»; We cm wvU afford to hcfp her financially. Can jwi advitc to? !>K\tl (! Ifl ttw r((rcl u( jn> ituh (riiictli on ,<n Irsv-jntptT ioui in » \i\\ to Sc <«««ril>. tor UKAH MOniKK; Klril. (mutt * U»jrr **4 •tut jwir MW « kiial «tkU(*Um« *rt u (W (Ul ja child. And uUk lr»m (Jut, »»y a**r-*l ftt eaa ei»c tkc clfl »J»oW tw * jt IP. S. 'U tac •MJUrtfoc, trjr (a naie » ma* W J«M Ywir hM^ind *rtat\ Uesla< bi maaJ>««4 klmwK M J»i CM't dcfwad M him. I ' DEAIt ABBYi My wife »«d I r«r>rn»ly vt«l*d * mat- tiage counselor (or advio: on «>tn« our mjrtijjff During Ihc course o/ the (ounsellag. we trarmxl (fut the counselor tud been married t«k«. and » pr\rwmly in tr* process of getting bis third divorcr Now my wife wonders Just ho«r go*i a rajrrutjc coua- ictor U who can't wlv* his o«n marital probtam* What U your thurking oo the subjecl 11 CONKU5KO IN CA1.IKOHNIA OrUH COKFVSKO: OM UMata MK *«MRM Uul la •nirr lor * doctor dt pr*<rtk« fo •u( tienplUy t>»d lwr*Hk- ll«™*«rr, la scttag, eoc noald »jtuf jllj »»»r m«r* foo/ld*n<* In * "!*• •er. M I tW»i joar nUe't «t«ptklvo> U u»4rnUa«t»l><«. DEAR ABBY: You told "C1UKS A UJT' to take Iwr doctor's advice. (He wid. "So evtry«w kiww> you'r* A crier. Don't tet it bother you lx»k at it lhi» *ay, >T« »UI never have an uk»r or a nervous breakdown became yow can express your <mo<loni "I I think you're both wrong I »** the »ame »ay tJnly I kl it go longer than I should have, whkh earned sever* depression I went to a general practitioner and he dtdn'l do a thing for me I finally went to a p»>chu»lml and one n»U to that wonderful doctor was all li toe* He told me I had a hormone deficiency and he gavv m« jomc medicine AHer a couple of months. I fell tetter than I had ever felt in my life. Now I am enjoying great success in a business I would never have dreamed of entering six months ago HAPPY IN SAN ANGEU). TKXAS III-: Ut |t!U V 4!«» tUttMI.» • ! l«"»rs S0U Shn •!- u? h»t*tfi£ A iK^i 1 * Asfck*fot.c ti5*M.t tS;ufi»r*l V> |-<T;$tv.%»s Kof k*H!ir; *(?*• t.'.<'J Ut4^ fr^tjueirc ilr** r. &c-Uus*:.; j.mn5 fit'* y>j<*,J »:vU>"'*'--*' U-jrf^ JST- iJcvrs-AS l^-i^^ v<! .;f^'?s ih .:.« (Swr iji^fVr? <>«w %',>ft lj«- jf?ji^' T !! K5r*V ". 'J:^ jJi^. (•rf'rtif 1 "" i.»r^£ fili^«r.,n-.| 4(>-!?\«n' it^.^S s. ..US: t 1 ^' J'tnt^^!; ef; f,l^- U»-3t HK;»>«' 1'SjtiK l>..>(i«|.i <>•» i'ftie spj^-'vr j«(fn .if't-S . «r«|«"r Ih* 1 firj at !!>/AC >.>• !>..«•> ! !<«•«••;> !(-«-j»- •,.*> f-±i b'ji-5.. jjiii v>i*»(r Fh*-» v^h ?•«• cistWil «-"•.;'. r*itlr af'-i- » •twit *>S r l5i-r-ft:5t r *r »J? ^ »'3p^Jr!f^; Sf-f.U'V.; t>. ;, ; i';-.v^.i. ( »!»••••< ••|*"-J.5 ijlrrmn I 4*U,B.J bsOSfl..;. Jh-rit,' i'<- f^f.i is ,• ':i,.,. n«»j WAsiw!^,-: HKl,K\ S'Hr'UIUS; The Bare Facts Mr a*4 Urt-. K A Happy Birthday to: JOHN PLAT2KK. KAVK KPPKS. BAYMONP B. SMITH. S II K K K V I. O 8 A C K . WII.LAHU BAKHtm. UON BEHKY. UKKOY HAHAK, MELISSA J. AUKINS. K. W. WE8TMOHELANO. Mr». WALTER MAXWELL. CECIL POWELL. UUUULAK KUULK. JOAN COX BALKUM. FRANCKS LANGNER. MARY RUTH PATTERSON. PEARL BULANEK, JIMMY JAMES. KAREN ROLU). Happy Anniversary to: BOYD »od MIKE LEE. LILLA and BUBBA CHENAULT, MR. And MRS, HENRY 0. KENDH1CK. (Dm<Km (or blrth4»yi tud awJiverMriei for thii column il noon the d»y b«(yre publication. Saturday »nd Sunday, by men Th«n4»y, Mondsy, by noon Saturday) \UitU-N i*S|' III T* — 5(n> < f;|l v« <0 *A/'V Mr »<vd Mfi S A Jones o< r'IIKl:P<ll(T anncxjfti-c Ihc twrth o< a CASTLE 211 PMKM6 WAY UUE JACXSOM 297'3U1 OAT* JAfKKTS \MA14 OPEN I TO J;JM DAY! A WEE I Make plans to join us now! FOR RESERVATIONS _^ ^ CALL 233.5466 ^ THURS. NOV. 25, 1971 BRIDGE HARBOR MARINA Restaurant Menu WALDORF SALAD-TURKEY and DRI^SIN(H;IULETGRMT-CKAN'IIKIU{Y 8AUCK-WWPPED POTATOES-GHEES' PEAS-PUMI'KIN PIE or APPLE PIE COFFEE or TEA and HOT ROLLS 1 BUTTER. SERVING from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. ONLY CIULDKK UNDEH JO- CHILDHEN || CQ OTHER CHOICES SUCH AS BAKED HAM with .« ^ FRUIT SAUCE or ROAST SIR LOIN of BEEF if> > IP? or COMPLETE DINNERS. v " Iff) at SurfiMf bridge J.D. ROZELLE, MGH.

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