Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 31, 1935 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1935
Page 8
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA lOOJ (Couiinued from page one) ««»a»«W«t««:«««t«»t»mmm«t! in spelling are: Martena Van, derphym, Lucile Vanderphluym, ^r> n r\ r\ I Frances Vanderpluym. W-7vJlVJLH The following people have visited our school: Mrs. Milo Parker. Kathryn Vanderpluym, Mrs. Eulen Hayes, Mrs. Van, . ... dorpluym. Miss Geneva Kirk- There were ten As in spelling man and Mrs Francis Clark Friday. land Beverly. Hallowe'en posters have been! A program will be held at the finished and mounted on the .school on the evening of Nov. 1. bulletin board. Gene Holben, Luella Deaver, Two humorous one act plays. "Where's My Cake" and "Pete Howard Karstensen and Bobby Sells His Eggs" will be given. Wynn have all been absent. Seventh Grade Both the seventh and eighth graders attended the speech Everyone is welcome Grant No. 5 Claudine Rimmer, teacher The pupils who have received A's in spelling for the first six given by Sergeant Leonard last; weeks are: second grade, Marjory Casey; third grade, Reldon Wood and Carl Parsons; fourth Thursday. Eighth Grade Law and court is beine studied j . . I ci ^iu>t;v , ln C1V1CS ' , , . . , ., Rimdlett. The art class has painted sil- : Th0i!(? who lmve been neith er houettes, and these are now!absent nor tardy for the first mounted on the bulletin board, '.six weeks, are Mary Casey, Jan- jet Casey, Carl Parsons, Lloyd minimum imilllllimimimiimi | Parsons. Reldon Wood, Billy I Wood, Doris Klinzman and iGlenn Rimdlett. The second and third grade have completed the study of the ! wns held at Grant No. 6 Octo- •ber 15. ! Following the singing of "Am- j erica", officer.? were elected as ; follows: president, Mrs. Ray- ;mond Miller; vice president, i Harvey Wright; secretary and .Ireasuur. Miss Butler. j Committees for the next jmeetin" \vore chosen: program, |Mrs. L-owman, Miss Butler, Mr. Ehm, Mr. Wright; lunch, Mrs. Mrs. Butler; clean up commit- Wolf, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Ehm, tee, Mr. Marchmann, Mr. Fitzgerald. Mr. Schmidt. A short program followed after which sandwiches, pie and coffee were served. The rext meeting will be November 12, when a plate supper will bii served. Everyone is welcome . Rural Schools iimmiiiiiiimmiiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiiiii Lincoln No. 2 Lola Miller, teacher Pupils neither absent nor tardy the first six weeks of school were Martena Vander- phym, Frances Vanderphym, Pupils who made one hundred American Indians and will now take up the study of Columbus. The pupils are busy preparing a program to be given at a Box and Pie Social, Oct. 30. Grant No. 6 Doris Butler, teacher The first P.T.A. meeting RATE—lOc per line for first insertion; 5c per line each insertion thereafter. Display classified, 25c per inch. For Sale FOR SALE—Turnips, Ic pound. E. E. Seely. 5-1 FOR SALE — Sharp price cut. $5.00 off on suits with extra trousers. Limited time only. Fred Abernathy. 5-2 FOR SALE—Suckling horse colt. Randall Haynes. 5-lp FOR SALE — Spotted Poland China boar. Roy Bush, Kent. 5-lp FOR SALE — Acreage on pavement. Good home, barn, pasture for 2 cows. H. Roy Long. 5-2 FOR SALE—Some good thoroughbred Hampshire male pigs, cholera immune, at farmers prices Walter England, 5 mi. N.E. of Clearfield. 4-3p FOR SALE—Sorghum, 65c gal. 8 mi. southwest Lenox. Joe Fudge, Gravity, R. 2. 3-3p APPLES—All choice winter varieties, 75c to $1 per basket. Four miles south of No. 34 on No. 25. Phone through Kent or Lenox. W. F. Tripp. 2-tf FOR SALE—Iris bulbs and tulip bulhs, 2 c each or $1.50 hundred. Furnished rooms for rent. G. A. Bryant, phone 140-M 2-tf FOR SALE—Pure bred spotted Poland China spring boars, '.mmune. Cecil Wilson. 1-tf Wanted WANTED — Tractor plowing. Myron K. Owens, Clearfield. 5-2p WANTED — Representative to look after our magazine subscription interests in Lenox and vicinity. Our plan enables you to secure a good part of the hundreds of dollars spent in this vicinity each fall and winter for magazines. Oldest agency in U. S. Guaranteed lowest rates on all periodicals, domestic and foreign. Instructions and equipment free. Start a growing and permanent business in whole or spare time. Address MOORE COTTRELL, Inc., Wayland Road, North Cohocton, N. Y. 3-2 For Rent FOR RENT—8 room house, close in, close to school. S. P. Wilt. 5-2p FOR RENT—120 acre farm west of Lenox, known as the O'Brien place. For terms write W. H. O'Brien, 3021 Highland Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 4-3 Lost and Found LOST — Package of papers including abstract. J. J. Walter, Lenox. Reward. 4-2p Beachdale School, Grove No. 7 Maysel Grimm, teacher Visitors Day was observed Thursday, October 24, with the following attending: Mrs. E. T. Philpott, Mrs. Cliff Beach and Elizabeth. Mrs. William Quinn, Mrs. Lloyd Terry and P.iul Dean, Mrs. Carl Leav- erlon, Mrs. Glenn Fickess, Mrs. June Erokaw, Mrs. Robert oDn- aldsin and Donald Eugene, Mrs. Lloyd Grimm, Miss Lilly Fanning of Conway, Miss Opal Pace of Bedford. Teresa Bradley, our second grade girl, wrote Mrs. Churchill a very nice letter inviting her to visit us Thursday. She acknowledged her letter, which pleased Teresa greatly. Due to giving teacher's examinations at her office, it was impossible for her to be with us. The room is decorated with colored leaves, bitter sweet and with all the witches, cats, etc. one feels that Hallowe'en is near. Pupils neither absent nor tardy the first six weeks, are: Phyllis Quinn, Bernard Bradley, Virginia Bradley, Margaret Fickess, Marjorie Beach. We are sorry to have part of our pupils absent from school on account of scarlet fever. Pupils whose six weeks grades were above ninety, are: Marjorie Beach, Margaret Fickess, Aileen Terry, Billy Beach, Virginia Bradley, Phyllis Quinn. Grove township teachers will meet at our school November 25. Some time ago Melvin Morgan of Pittsburg, Kan., was given his chance of serving 10 days or copying the United States Con- sttution in long hand as a penalty for intoxication, and chose the latter. Last week, he finished his task and the document was sent to the judge by his present it in person, because he mother. Melvin was unable to had just begun serving six months at Girard for drunken driving. William Larson, 47, was fined $200 by a Chicago judge for pawning his wife's false teeth to obtain liquor money. A bullet lodged in the hand of John Janey, park superintendent at Miles City, Mont., Get Your Car Ready For Winter Now HEATERS Don't buy a heater until you see our line. Made of the finest material. They will last for years. Arvin hot water heater $12.95 Arvin hot water heater 15.95 Arvin hot water heater 19.95 Hot Air Heaters for Ford V-8 with floor register 14.50 All prices include installation OIL fo get best service and easiest starting you should use a light weight oil in winter. Change now to a lighter oil and stop wear on your motor. Penzoil, qt. 30c Hermoline, qt. 25c Topnotch, gal. 50c ANTI-FREEZJE, Don't take chances with a broken radiator or cracked block. Fill NOW with the antifreeze you prefer. Zerone alcohol, gal. __85c Pyro alcohol, gal. 75c Prestone, gal., new low price $2.70 We.will flush your radiator free GREASE For easy riding and good lubrication, have your transmission and differential drained, flushed and refilled with winter weight grease. You can't afford to neglect this. We Use Alemite Get rid of your worn, smooth tires and avoid the danger of blowouts and skids. You need good tires for winter driving, We sell SEIBERLING TIRES. BATTERIES—if your battery won't hold a charge, better get a new ,one Cold weather puts a heavy strain on a battery. Dixon & Estel FORD SALES AND SERVICE was removed recently after he had carried it for 40 years. Miss Sunny Hoath of Council Bluffs hasn't found life a bit dull. She has been in two airplane crashes, three automobile wrecks, was thrown from a buggy, was in one train wreck, and was blown off the road by a tornado while driving her car. She also escaped falling from a 21-story window because a man grabbed her by the heels as she started her downward plunge. Only one injury sent her to a hospital, and that was not serious. Michael Ducharme had his home moved 40 feet from Plainville to Windsor, Mass., because taxes are lower in the latter town. rJimimmilllllllllimmimtlimilllllL: | OPINIONS | = (Short letters arc invited r 5 for this column. Unsigned s s letters will not be printed, E 5 although a noxn de plume j= = may be used if the writer's E E real name accompanies the = = letter. We would like to | E have your opinion on pres- E E ent day affairs.) E niiimmmiiiiiimimiiiiiimimiiiiiin Reply to "Disgusted Voter" Editor Time Table: In reading the Time Table I came across an intelligent letter which anyone with common sense would say was very enlightening. Mr. Disgusted Voter, you claim that the administration murdered or caused to be murdered 6 million pigs and one million sows with the result that millions of people are unable to buy a bite to eat because of high prices, which you claim is something terrible. Please answer me this: how many people were unable to buy a bite to eat and also motor cars, radios and pay taxes, and last, but, not least, hold onto their farms when porkers were 2 1-2 cents a pound and corn went begging at 10 cents. Then you, Mr. Disgusted Vot- Radiators We are now equipped to do radiator repair work. If your radiator leaks, let us fix it for you before cold weather comes. A leaky radiator is costly in cold weather when you are buying expensive antifreeze. We have had, experience on all makes of trucks, tractors and cars and will give you satisfaction. Battery & Tire Work General Repair Work J.V.Wynn er, also claim that they sent World War veterans to Florida ujhere' they were killed by a hurricane. I suppose you think the New Dealers knew in advance that said hurricane was on the way and that is why veterans were sent there. A very wise thought of yours, Mr. Growler, because nobody but a disgusted voter would have such a bright idea. Then you say they have insulted every minister of the gospel by establishing a million saloons, thereby ruining millions of boys and girls. Why not ask insulted ministers which is the most logical, good old fashioned beer and whisky or bootleggers selling old and young people alcohol and overnight whiskey made of barbwire and prune juice? .You also claim that you would like to go fishing but cannot go on a government warship, which is also too bad | and because you can't go you envy others. Personally I think there are enough growlers in the canine world without a Disgusted Voter popping off and being ashamed to sign his own name. So, Mr. Disgusted Voter, I will go you one better. Say, Mr. Disgusted Voter, before going to vote why not dig up your old Klan robe and go vote and when asked your name simply say "Disgusted Voter". I sure would like to come to your house and get some more of your intelligent ideas but you probably have your dugout so thoroughly camoflaged that one would have to have the guiding spirit of the Lord to find it. Please send me a copy of your Yellow Jacket. JACK WURSTER A Bouquet Editor Time Table: I want to join the applause after reading the letter last week from Disgusted Voter. "Them's my sentiments too." By the way folks, let's all .hand our editor a big bouquet, (I don't believe in keeping all the 'nice things to be said after one can't hear them) for the nice, clean paper he is giving us. If it isn't newsy enough to suit you, are you doing your bit to help make it better. He cannot guess all the news.. You must help. Tell him when something nice happens or when you have company from a distance. You enjoy seeing it in print and your friends enjoy it too. So let us boost for Lenox, a good town in the best state in the U. S. MRS. CITIZEN I THURSDAY L OCTOBER 31 ••••••••a » 1 I OD I I Chops, Ib. 1! Roast, Ib. II Roast,IbJ Pure PER POUND Grapefruit • Walnuts • Buy a dozen. Sweet Texas Seedless English, New Crop, Ib. • Onions Red or White 10 Ibs. | Apples Jonathans 10 h ft 25< Read The Ads. Tried and True— Before a man can qualify to be a private in an army, he must be able to pass some rigid tests. Many men are not accepted. They cannot qualify. Before those who are taken on trial can be promoted, they must have proven their merits. In examining recruits for aviation and other specialzied forms of service, most thorough and exacting tests are required, Some of those who have tried have proven true. These principles apply to advertising. Tests are made, Some have tried mimeographed circulars and found them fallen by the wayside. Others have tried folders. These go to the wastebasket. Others have proven that the newspaper—an invited guest in the home—is given most reader consideration. STILL OTHERS have tried and found true a specialized combination of direct mail and newspaper advertising. May we help you work out a campaign of action to help you gain your own particular objectives? 77 Pays to Advertise in The Lenox Time Table T . •- J

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