The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 19, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1859
Page 3
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BUSINESS DIRECTORY : The following List of Business House* and Manufao- taring Krt»bll8hmeats are among the bert and prominent in UiHrrtapeetlTe lines ortnubien. ' J, M, GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT & SUPERINTENDENT OFK1B-N0.10 YODKC'S NKW BLOCK. Bans and BpoclBcaUons for all ktads of Bnlldlnf furnished al ehort noticeand on the most liberal Wrms. Waukesha County IWilk. I AM prepared to furnish the clttaeni of Milwaukee daily with " : PURE COtTNTKir Iffll^K I om the Iwell known Dairy of MV BARBER, Esq at a fair price and In quantities from a pint to a pun cheon. Those wishing to be supplied, an leave -thel orders with Messrs. Hnnn t. Crosby, opposite the Wai ker House. T. P. ABBOTT, Yankee Milkman. AMERICAN CORNtT BAND CAPT.ALKX. SCOTT, LKADER. IS-NOW BEADY TO PCKH18U ANT __ V number of Instruments, from one tofeay ! twenty-two, for balls, Parties, Parades,, Excursions, • Ac., Ac., at reasonable rates. Apply or address Capt. Ann. Soon-or at Hempsted 1 Utulc Store, 1T8, East Water St. augll ' MUKKAY, I-'KIOK & OO-, Seaman's Mammoth Boose Furnishing Nock, IIUUON STREET, amreriOTOEiBS or, ABD DAKLUB in STOVES, TIN, 4 GALVANIZED IKON KDOHNG, Goiter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot Ai Furnaces and -Registers, Ventilators, Ac. (3r~ Orders thankfully received aud promptly atten ed to. , rny GAS A STEAIH FIFE FITTF.K, NO. 291 EAST WATER STREET, VBOLE6ALK AUD BBTAIL DKALKB1ST OA8 AND STEAM PIPH3, GAB, STEAM AND WATER OOOKS, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES, GDAGK DOCKS, Ac, Always on hand, a large assortment of *i A s r i x T r tt E s Work done in a workmanlike manner, at short notlo lowest prlcea. _ Je»-<lly N. JL.. OKISWOI^U «» CO., EETAIL DBALKEB II LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AN It CHILDREN'S KOOT.S, MIOI'.S AM> OA1TEHS, MASOK STREET, «• 1> [i o v i i c ib«- ^V a I k c r Il »• . \V K 1 N li K K N N K It , MAHDFACTUREB AKII DKALKB IK HOOTS, SHOES A!\t» UAITEBN NO. 24 SPRING STREET, <> l> l> o a I i e American II e u a> e myll Boot & Shoe Store ><>. 48 EAKT \»ATI:H S>KEET, JOHN HH.KJ.AN, KEEPS always ou h&nil good cn£lom made boots am Slioe£ . All kindi orLadleti 1 and Uent'.emen's boou and Shoe made u, i.rder In the latest style and warranted topiv satisfaction. JOHN KI<;i:, w il o l. K s A i, i; o R r ti t; i s T, NO. «a KA..ST WATER STREET, Has just received n tuil hupply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Marmfsc.iurtsl ;it Uievelajid, New V"rb. Traaapo*''«i entirely Uy vessel, » ci.rnes ID perfect order, and en* bles me lo nell al low nues I have permanent *r ranjrenipnu to sc 11 this brand of Olium ticre&rter. _^^ __ __ _ _ JOHN HICK. AKMISTKONO A DcJlN N KL.L.Y I* A f % T F. U S, <; U A E N E i£ S , GlLDKiib A XD S/GX WRITERS, Chicago t»u, between ITEain A tt'ntcr feSr" Particular attention paid to Kajsom toeing Cell tnire my IS II a i* p <> r B r o t h *• r » , (Eetal>li£h4d in 1S4S.) iiOlTSE SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAi l > niiiU>rt.>. (^lazier* A: LPai-er-HJUty* r». IMITATORS Of WOOD AND MARBLE, IV O. 39 O N E 1 O A STREET, A FSK I>OVRS RA.STOP THE MA KKsi BOV&K JONKS & WHITliHKAlJ General Land and Insurance Agents FI itl.K , A< ., . K & K K T A J I. OPFlCt : -, comei ol Heed aud Oregon street*, Meyrose' Block, Fifth Ward Will «,U«Hd to Uie buying and nell-np o( Real Estate Insuring: Cfood;. and Buildtti^a in responsible Qonipa nie£. Attend to tbe Collection of Accounu, Masrlng ou of Deeds, Morlgafres, Contracts, Leases, Ac All Cutlt^KnnF madr on accoantc placed in our hand frill Iw- promjjtly paid orer. A. o. .loias ....... jy23 . . . BOBB«T >7BircBuj>. TEA* H 0 1. i-j S A Rol»rr» GHEVT \VESTi: UN TEA STORE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 lo 2S per & lower than any other store in the city. QoQVe Roasted and. Ground on th« premises by the most improved methods. Java Ifte Rio lac. 81. Domingo 12^ . Remember the number 17i East Water «1~, Seaman 4 Wlnsr't Old^tore. jySl M'liNCECKEL & BHIINOTIO, COMMISSION MKKCHANTS Heal Rtlaif and Money Broker t, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAOKEE, WISCONSIN Orno Office -No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post marST 1J. <-ORSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to {Office, No. 6, State Bank Building cornerof Eafft Water and Michigan street, Milwaukee, CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their In- B|>ect>uD of .Hoods and Mortgaged and other Be- curl ties offered for sale. Pereons wishing to obtain Loam or having Bonds Mortpages or o(her aecaritleji for Bale, may find tl to their Interest to file with m*? their application* or st&temeDtA, €. 8CHLET, y1t> Opposite Walker House J H. BUTLJEE. A: Boarding Fmtoflfagon Ktseet, (on the River.) T HE subscribers have removed their stock from the Btahle formerly occupied by them, corner of Main &nd Huron streets, to the old establishment foot of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establish ments, makinq the largest am] best appointed Livery establishment ID the West. W«* shall be giad to see our old friends aur) customers, and feel confident that can Tarnish l 1 - - " •>.« rood and stylish a tamout as any simile.: i. the city. Thankful-for past patro:. ^ ., . ...^. c to meet a continaancetol the same. t* 1 " r Ucular atteotioD f-lven to furnishing carriages iu. re»-« for fo--r^^ tnyl» B0TLEE A POST. o-oou CHANC;K. HOUSI; A!VD LOT rOK NAI.E CHEAP. will sell bis Bouse said Lot, cow fi. occupied as a Tavi-n iiy him, sltaatcd on Main St., Bacine, Wisconsin, Bear the (Steamboat Laodng and the E. A M. E. B. Depot. Tbe house is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the altos tlon'of the Lot, wonld answer for any branch of bnsi nesa, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch l« already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a pood bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BAETH. Bheine, January 26, 1859. janST-dom Lumber Vessels for Sale. Schsioner Fashion, 214 tons. Schooner O. Ne whall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Bugby, 1G6 tuns. • The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for •aUifactory*ecnrlty. Good title. TATLOK A JKWETT, Buffalo, New Tork. Enquire of B. B. Joans, Mil »ukee, Wisconsin. feb» GENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. O »* as &• TJri 05 -'•«* S Q 0 H. KUSSELL, Ur ty assorted stock . isp«S.iji^ BOOKS AND STATIONERY. Henry Wiedeckeii & Oo., 4 BOO1CBINDEK8. Blnaen' Stock, Mating Ink and Hat Papers, always on hand In large quantlUw.: Ann<jo» Bm>no In the aeatett style, No. S1» KABT WATEB ST., KNKKLAND'8 BU)OK, •Prt ... M IJ, W All K K K . NEW . .ffVIJ^vp} R B O», iCENtS JN: BY GEORGE WOOD, AoraoB or MQDEIRN PILGRIMS, &C. 'The '-Ministry of Life, by the Author of Ministering Children. A MetaGray, by M. J. Udntosh. Dora Deane and Maggie Miller. The Julia. Prince of the Bouse of David—new edition. Livingston's AfrK-a—12 mo. edition. For Okie by [febl«j . K: Tr.KHY A 00. A NKW SUPPLY. N ATURE and the Spiritual, by Dr. Bnslinell. The Land and the Book, by W. M. Thompson. The Hower of Prayer, by 8. J. Prime. Memoir of Stoddard. Bitter Sweet, by Holland. For sale by E. TKSBY A CO., feb2u It; East Water street. •JUST1OK DOCKETS. ANUFACTURED expressly for that purpoic, out K. TERBV A OO., 167 Kail Water >l. of first qaaliir paper. leS A .NEW HOOK by Jobu S. Abbott.;, The Empire of Austria. Life of Douglas Jerold. The Muustry of Life. Meta Gray. Dowutngs^mlts and Fruit Trees. Ht-rUed Edition. The House, a Manual of House Architecture. For sale by E. TKRKY, marZS 167 East Water stn-ei. WISCONSIN VI A It DIRECTORY Gr ^. ZS ES T O? 3ES ]E3 H. P^OK 1858-59. PK HE T\\O I>OI.I,4KS, THlti WORK CONTAINS TUB NAME AND ADDRESS OF EVEUV PERSON ENGAGED IN BUSINESS O N his own account ID the State of Wisconsin, from 'th« Wholes..! e Merchant and Jobber to the amall dealer. Rf presenting bcUi the Mercantile, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Professional branchei of busi- lUphabeticall; arrau(re«t ami TIIKIK Af'I'JtoriUA TK BL aS/AsC.**) InfurmatioD relative to Banks, (•howing Uielr capital, of organization, circulation, kind and value of •ecurlties deposited.) Railroad a and other Incorporated companies. Agricultural aud Manufacturing fetatictlcx of thf State; a Skrich nf th- Stai*- .-y C..UDUM; a Historical Sketch of the State, and & lull and cumpi eheuslve Appendix. AdverUnemeD B of the leading business houses conspicuously d^plajeJ on UuLeJ pi*-es, tuterleaved through the body of the work. The Book is ol* full octavo sire, haDdBomely printed, containing about six hundred page*. The advantage* the buBtnes* community must derive froid ita general circalation, as a hook of rrference, throughout the State, and the principal Kneierc Citin, ai It does, a true exhibit of the prowth, history, resource*, statistics, wealth, In fact, a perfect mirror of lu bunl- oess, U of Inestimable value, and cannct t>r too proer- ally appreciate d. SJF The Book will be teat h) msil. frre of postage, on receipt of TWO OOLLAHS. Law and Library Binding, |2,SO. Addresi! STRICKLAND A CO., mar22 Baoksellers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 111 ViM.l Til WJSOC>NN1N •"orsaltal STRICKLAND A OO, feL'l« ;34 Eatt Water street. PIKK'S 1'KAK. A NEW MAP, sliorlng the Route u. U>r Gold Br poos In Ranaas. jusl received by STRICKLAND a CO., _'«M*_ 124 East Water street BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! \U K "' prepared In our Biudjry to Bind Magazines, TT Periodicals or anything else in the form of a Book., In neat and durable styles, at low rates. nSU STRICKLAND A OO Mereoacopic Views. W E have recived a fine lot of Bt*rescoplc Views embraclDe views of Interesting: localmes IF, HIT SMI A, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, K 0 Y P T , NUBIA, GREECE, \TURKBY, IRSLAtffl, dV 1 , <*T Also & larp;e variety of new American Views N«-w and very desirable stvles of 8lereoscopic Instruments STRICKLAND h CO., Booksellers and Stationers, «prl 134 East Water itreet B O O K » . O DE stock U the largest In the West. We lell every Book at the Publisher'! price. We c«o furnish to order any book which eilsta, either ID tbf English 01 other languages. We receive new book* as tuned from the Press. J«n*» 8TRIOKALND * CO. Sfhool Books. VTtTE hav« every fcchool Book in demand aud TV them at ' ' JanM who>*stde or retail. STRICKLAND A OO. 1¥ALL PAPER. WK KEKP A GOOD STOCK OP WALL PAPKK, liOKlJKKH CURTAINS FIRE BOARDS, KT<:., Which we offer to the trade al wholesale, or to the pubic at retail, M verv low rates. i»nZO STRICKLAND * OO. O f K STATIONKKY. STOCK E ]TI B K A < i: E VEETTHINQeTer kept In a First Class Paper aod Stationery Establishment, which we offer al prlcri which make It the Interest for all to trj as nHI , STRICKLAND* CO. I. O. O. F. T HBOAd Pellosrs Manual, Illustrating the Ulster?, Principles and Government of the Order, with the nstmctlons and Duties of every Dagree, Station and Jffice In Odd Fellowship, with numerous engravings ; by Aaron B. Qrosh. The Odd fellows Text Book, an elucidation of ihe theory of Odd Fellowship, embracing a delajl of the jrstem in sUI Its branches, with Forms, Ceremonies and Ides with Mnslc for Important occasions, and a Manual if Practice for tbe residence of Officers and Lodges ; by 'aa>chsj Donaldson. For sale at 8TKICKLa.ND * CO.'S., Booksellen and Stationers, 184 East Water st. aprSe KIT CAKSO N ! ! £2 AND ADVENTURE S OF KIT CARSON, The Nester of tbe Roeky Mooataias, From facts narrated by himself. Just received by maylO STRICKLAND A Cu. INSURANCE QOMPANIES. SE li:i URDWELLINCr; Store or Merih«nQ;uw Insured f If not, call Immedlnlelr ind, get tbem Inmred in the (bUowing "nrat O1»M," old -e»tibU«heil »nd prompt p»y)ogComp»nlei: '- £."... i i. 5 .a . "^ETIfA IMSirjRANCE COBIPAHV, i _ Of Hartford, Connecticut, INOOEPOEATED IN 1818. -Cub Capjtal and SarplOJ, ....... .V; .. |1,6«7,V20.{>8 irAJlTFORU INSURANCE COM.PANV, v- Of Hartford, Ounnecttcut, , 1 N U O a B O,E A=T_fi D j -:« 1 8 t 0 . _ . Cash Capital mnd Surplus,... ..... ..,...»7J8,68Z 00 INSUHANCE COMPANY,. Of New Tork City; ' Cash Oapiul and Surplus,. ______ ..,'... tl,On,Wb 40 lIOWAitO INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New Tork. INCORPORATED IN 1826. Cash Capital and Surplus. ............. $888^6032 I'IKKMi INSUKANCE COMPANY, j Of'H&rtford, OonnecUent, Caah Dapltal and Surplnj, ............. $419,084 66 LA WAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of New York, (.' • sn Capital and Surplus ......... . ____ .$269,069 83 ItESOLlirE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New VortOity, Cash Capital and Surplus, ............. $246,88° b> CITY PIKE INSISKANCK COMPANY, Of Hartfotd, Oonneetieat, Cash Capital and Snrplru, .............. ..»S08,231 48 1 solicit business lor the above named Companies, entirely upon Uielr own merits and responsibility, aoJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for tie future. Policies limed without delay. W. HKNRT HOLLAND, Agent. JOBS DouuaD, Asi'l. Northwest cor. Main and D. P. SUasmu., Surveyor. Wisconsin sta.. Milwaukee. sept* United State* itl. &. F. Inv.Co. .^.CAPITAL 8DRPLD8 % ------ $100,000 00 29,65800 Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan atreeta, JfJJ. WA OKSK. .'.. ........... WISVOJfSIt/. J. A. HelfensKIn, K. Sanderson, MMM-J Kneeland, 8. 8. Dafxttt, p-^inuel Uale, 6. D. Dousman, U I. Palmer, Rdwin Townsend, Solomon Adler. J. A. UKLFEN8TEIN, President. O. D. DODSMAH. VloePresjIdenU W. T. PALMER, General Agent. fi. O. "W EST, Secretary. B. 8. Dioorrr, Treasurer. H. L. Piunca, Attorney. marlO MILWAUKKK CITY INMKAiX I c;o., In niirhell Building, irilchlyan. »t. Mawiijin, WiBoaxgn. lihD (AflTAl., - - $2(Mi (HK> <ash Paifl in, $IOO,OOO. U. L. FIU.SS, I. II. Kl;u.,, r.,. J. 9 HARRIS Li I I O. D. DAVIS, B. S. Oosovia, J. H. OOIDIS, (J. OOHBTOOK, W. A. PESavias, 11. EHLSBRiODT, JOSETE V. UlU-, Ji^. MuaaAi, DVEK. TOWNBKND, President. A. 1.. WALRATH, Secretary. U. L- P*u»i«a, Attorney. |2Er~ Pirr aud Marine Risks taken 3.1 corrpnt rates. <e24 1IAUJM-: AKO FIKE IWSf K A N«J » . T U1£ undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks and Fire Risks on i rodnce In store, In the North L«rn Insurance Co., of Oswego, New Tork, st as low rro by other reliable Companies. The refutation ol this vrell-knom, long established Company entitle* I tto public confidence. novt HORATIO UILL, Agent, at office of II. A }. t. Hill BY WISCONSIN OKNKKA1. INSURANCE AGENCY CIIARTFR OAK FIRE I^S. CO., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS f Ml ,iiC »i NORTH AIII:HU-AM FIRF INN. co., Uarlford, Conn. CASH ASSETS m&4,860 08 WESTER \ RAILROADS. HEW i AND FAVORITE BOUTE & DETROIT & MILWAUKEt R, R '(Now opened to Lake Michigan.), AID au>0<Zouhfreuur» ftnt-Clou Sttomen, "City of Gleyeland," & "Cleveland." (thoroughly refitted tor this route.) O H AND' AJTER MONDAY, April U, 185», Passenger Trains will ran as follows: &01NQ WEST: Sap. Bridge, d p. Mall. P. H. 9:20 A. •• •Detroit, depart.. 7.-00 Fentonville, arrive fcSO •Oswego'arrive.. 10:60 F. M. St. Johns, arrive. 12:10 Grand Rapids, arr. SKIS •arand Haven, arr. 4:40 A. n. Milwaukee, arrive. 2: c .O Night Mixed. Accotn. Express. f. H. A.M. A.V. 4:20 1030 A- ». r. u. r. M. 1:80 4:45 8:00 6:85 . 7:80 T!40 i. si. 9:83 i.. H. *20 BSO r. M. 12:15 2:88 8:50 p. u. 12:18 •Refreshment*. OO1NO KAST A ceo. .Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haven, dep. Grand Rapids, arr St. Johns, arrive Owosso, arrive A. M. Fentonville, arrive •Detroit, arrive... Bus. Bridge, arrive 7:00 9:40 P. M. 9:56 Mail k.rpr'« p. M. 8.-00 A. H. 4:00 6:20 7:88 a P.M. 12:18 P. M. »:56 Mixed. A. H. 6:80 »:65 11:20 r. M. 2:16 6:30 A. M. 4:00 Nigh:!] Kxpr's. M. 12:00 p. it. 8:45 10:30 A. M. 1:00 8*0 r. M. •Refreshments—Hotel in Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 p. M.— for Saturday Night's Express passenger* welt, but 4 A. M. train will H .T leave on Sundays. Trains leave termini dally. Sundays exempted- THft TELEGRAPH LINE is now open for PUBLIC Bo- CONNKOTIONB. AT DETROIT-GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY far all points East— MICH 1C)AN OKNTUAL and MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, and CLEVELAND Line of Bieamers AT OKAND IIAf/F.N — With "HURON" Steamer for CHICAGO, Ao., Ac. AT MIL WAIIKEtv—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA CROSS*, CHICAGO, WATERTOWN and HORI- COR RAILBOAD8, for all Important points West and Northwest, and on Mississippi River, and with Steamers for Ports on Lake Michigan. Passengers for Great Western Railway go on the Railway PW.KT STIAMia, at D. A M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at 8:00 i M , 1:00 p M., aod 7:30 p. M. NIGHT ITRA1N3 on the H. W. R. have SLEEPING OARS attached. PARCELS left at any of the TICKET OmUKSsre forwarded by P,iasr»oik TaAlHa IT VIST MuDaa- ivs RATE&. The Company's Time-Tables can be had at any of the Stations. W. K. .lit lit. tt.n'l SopV WHITMH ft Feasts, Ticket Agent, 230 but Water st WM OB.H^M, Preinht Agent at Company's Dock. H. O. WILDOI, General Western Agent D. a M. R. Offlcfs, April, laltf" apr28 RAlIiROADS & TRANSPOR'N , iiare Rac(ne Tor. DivU^-Frelght a Ace., » i. M Leave Eacine for llelolt— taisenger, 2 r. M j . , '• GOING EAST. Leave Belolt for Racjne — Pmecger, 1:M A. M. Irisavc Uavia far Biclne— freight A Ace., B:86 A. M. 1'aisiengeri by taking the 7 A. M. train ou th« lAke Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine with train to DavU ; arriving at Davis ai 8:80 p. M. .Stage leavea Datia fur Freeport on arrival of tram. 3:du A. si train From Davis connrcia at Racine with alteruoou trains on the Lake Shore Railroad Noith and S'»ilh. t3T~ freight forwarded with uupatci,. dec8 UOBt.KT UARKia, Hup. nnlendenl. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago KAIL, ect Koale DO-W open to New York, eiLUbargti, Hlkii.iuJcl^itA, Ua.Uiu.ure AOtl Waahlugtoti city, Ol«velaud, Dunkirk, llurtah., Niagara V»JL5 f »ndttUeJUUiruauei. Cmcmnau, Coturubus, Uay- U>o, sprtnjffleld, Drbani, Z*efsvlir»j, bUubvu^ ill*-, Newark anJ Whc-t-liux. and all mtcrtor totrua t.r Ohio, Pcun- •yl?u.ail.., \ir b 'ini.i, Mar>l.tuiJ, Nr» Jrr».-j , tc. i1.:ikiug oue (*raii<l I ubiukt n K. R. Line BETWKKS CliiCukUo ±11 1> TUk ttAtiT r 1/TU&K £t*L i' A. Ttitjsc licstrmg- lo g» i-> Uas Uuuir «il| be yar- *tjd enquiie lor Ticketa Ma Korl Wiyue, Ltiereby g tt»e inuiiyatice of r^chei-king their Uaggage i &4 \'£ DKror os VAN BL'KSX m 'L>A IL y, AZ / ULJ.V w'^ . b;00 r. M.— jNlgtil fcjipriras, .lail/, Baturdjij» ricc^leJ. 6:UU A- »*.- Morning Mail aaJ Kiprrss, ilau^, Sunda^t eji.cepUu: With bat oue change of cars lo Pllisturgh. Oa£t/KIX<i DiOOAO* TUHOITUH To PitUlmrgb, Philaiiclptiia, UaJt.iuore ni^i Ni-w YorK, OoDoecttng dlrecUy with trains ou the great Pennsylvania Ceotral liailroaJ, to all ruiera CHICK. AUo, witr. Cleveland A Co (ambus Uallruad lo ClevtijunJ, Dunkirk, Batfalo, Niagara y alia via New York Centra. n,Q.i Nc* York A trie Rai.roads to New York and B-.siuii. Penioni going ea*t will find this ruate by far iht* most deiirable, both from Uie aUvaoiOK* ID point t.r instance, Tarietj aoU beauty o( Ui« comitrjr through winch rw roada pus, aa well aa the lena frequeut changes ui ran gxage required by for the; ttaoxpartaUun o/ iTremhl »aj Live Stock by thin rout« are unaarpaaaed. Hiitra tu low »• any other route, aod with <r*|ti;U dupntch. Tickets for sale at allt Kr ).i mc.pAj ij t -kei uffi.-p-s ID aod the annoyance o/ re-checking Other ruutea, We9t, abd a,t Company 'a No. •*) the Lake ^I.urc Rallioad, M.lwauitetr, b^ J NO J UOl General freight Agent, r*ULn/u U. , .v c o, Mar.-h 6. Isi9 >rart>.,rti jtrei-t »l the J\.- c .A (> L-i \n.i i-'tU-N , , f± . uoati, OtucaKo tuarti 1859. A: 1 hicu^o Ii. K. 1859. HI MMKK AKKANUKM l-.N 1 . Urt<it L uiled £ita.{f3 J/uu' (j?i d A'j-pr-rj.f H.unt t fllllK oM> reliable »o>J JL and NunTa-Wmr, and U ch ROCTI T<J ra K niy Ltnr t.. j>r:oci Trains 1 3:i n I its, Uo and afler .?K»DA \ , APlftl 1. J.»lli | s ,1 l>ep^t, corner .,1 H-.r^li Mi.1 Bir .* M. i. Ik Mil., \Vat 4 Baraboo V alley MISSSSSSO HAILROAD- O N aud after Mondaj . April 4th, and until furtljer uo- tict a i'»««tutrr Trail. «ai Iravc Ullwaukee from the drpol.tool .,1 Hrc.,nd strert, for Prwaok w, Uartland Pine Lake, Oeouomowoc, Walertown, Lovell, ar,d Colambus al4.20[j m .arriving in Milwaukeral U SI a. m Passengersarnvlnt at Mil»aukee by Uir Mllvauker I Chicago K R., La (,'rosse A Mil R. R., and Mil. A Mii« : R. R., or by Boat, can- proceed lo tbe above ^larra. | Oonaections are mad? at WatertoVD vitr) SLs-Kra fur La*e Mills, Jeffenoft, Waierloo, ilanclielville, SUD Prai- rif, Cottairr Orate and Madison. Also al folura'.u- lor Lodi, Mrrlmac, AISCKU, F«ll Rue . L^-J 1 . c',,inrrj, | Hamdrn, LowTrlllt, Dekara, York, Arliunl.,!, Hrutol 4 Dd | fur all pomti to the West and NorUi Wait PassrDgers arriving »• tht* Junrliorj from tfae above places make connections b the Milwaukee A Mississippi R. R., for Jaorav'.ile, Madison an.I Prairie du Olilen and al Milwaukee, »ilh rna.ta I" the S.-.uth, West and North »pr8 8. S. MERRILL, Superintendent. ..u^ »1 L'h.- vaitf 11 L hi- uj»t n.« .-|M»« Trains Kaji unctlou, fur MI Uiat Line Pre-lKht 1 r».n leaves it -v*' Freight lorwarJed »i;h tlt/.p Paaseu^fcr I raa.a leave ^1,, >.- tU< North w r »i it •) \ju * u , her ir at 1^ VJ r ^ &ud i-.u'j i apr'-M J.N ) T UOOUY, it.e ;n Rates of Kreighl Reducod Again by \<-u 1 orL A: fi ru Kailroad K XP H i-;.s s U NTIL nutlr^ ih«- ..,/ 1,-, , -n-tii Milwaukee, w, M Or- s, !-.,..*« [,^ r ; ••• T UJ.UE 8 AJ^E 8 . OTJT NOTES, FLERZHEIM & CO., T>EIN0 about to dissolve their Co-Partnership arrangements, their whole < » "••'••' • -•_» reserve. Tb e best and largest stock of FURNITURE EVER OtttRED IN THIS CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOIl THH NKXT SJXTY DAY-D€K IK HIMVf, A\D m* T BJ MM.II 218 and 220 East Water Street, apr8-<12mo MISCELLAlfEOUS . l> 1C . II . %V .11 K |> || J-; % ^ORMKKLY O , r^^p^cilully mr.TiL h," Ultfntl.l !» r %i-1 u;l im \ I.-^IU A,, , H, -..,... HII. W \t HI- F,, \H>< ,»>l DRY GOODS, &c; \ !•: \ faction U.I i,,. ,| i h timea profeaSi-.- W^ OH jnatj rlor to the g^n • ill PM. » in,I [)... the ID04t 4pl rtiv^l • to *am trit; coudd^ lie, ht n-r.-rs In ployed Mr. K^dh ly m the cuurs-' .>! u*n v-:t I In 4flyinn 'hit \ < ;,r i," I run of Vri^nriH-y l»n,-' SPRING AND'SUMMER DRY GOODS! Mil* John C Brn.lhevl, W r e Wlb..o, Bishop, Kelly, H.rH Kelly f «». A Hr..»n, W J Uanu, Wt,it, i Nr. Murray, Pryn t L' CLK V g(.i .111. D.-..-I II J 7* »:.-»,« \\ ;,),r •*! MIHV », K K* . •. • I" N.1.V ••-.,. . - , I -.1 AII...., .,,,.. The Latest Novelties i 7- W TI I* u f W ri, K \ very L-«irt"i--. it 11 a -A i.o, 4 i,..\ a J, \ MJ .l.SU Chicago Line ol Screw steaiuera I y. - ( ) . .,,—,. J. O •> \J. ^sifc^kasgL I 1 . t \ Kt U TI I N «. VijKK ttM VKAl. 1.1.Mi i l-l, Dunn. W f«tr-rr. tiauj . Tr (> . u, a fr,,ui Llio»e pl*.'^. 1 U I - \\ i J K I \ II -•-, 1 .'U i 1 . ti .,1 t. , * , ,, K ti..l .:,« Mr. rti II » N ! - , \ i [,,j \ ; - : ,. P f * i , . > I. r-1 r. I. > > .. . .-. i i - n, . Uhu.- C'LOTH S I • M M h: H A K KA N C i t. M h. N I. <d I Itt CiaA^ I Ox. -•l i i«,i 4 j< . ts«i. riHi: INH. < o., Of Piiufleld, Has* »201,6U» 4 1 I OAIH AJMrrrs C <» H \ \ (I 111: IIVSCHAJVCF. 4 <>.. -• Mass. OA1-H ASSfi fjt; . HAnpi>K> FIBF, imNi'itAivf»: ro. SprlnptJeld, Mass 1*26,000 — VIA- MICHJOAN CKNTHAI. — AND- Western (Canada) Railwray liAINri leavt the Gml Cmlri! LV(>ot, fooliifL«lir M itr.^l Chlcafri, aj follovs | th«* UUl Hin J M ! ' t^~ DuSI.e i l.y l M-. • J H C'KAW K'H. 1> Nr. ', .,., i K.,, •«- OA^H ASSETS GIIIARD FIIIF. fN8. CO.nPANV, Of Phllaclelphl 4:00 A. OARH ASSETS t2S4,78« 7S. J. \V. C'raiii, Agent, OfKICL, NO.», MARTIN lILOUfi, UP STAIRS, narCT MUwaakee, Wisconsin. .TI.-DERIOIT AfCuiiUobA i luN.jUmi- days exce^trd), arnvr si l-ctrolt 6.IK) , r H. "I.—CINCINNATI EXPRKS.M iBundtji cscepted.) Arrive at Indlauafvlts 4 0<i f n., CtDclnnaU B^U r. M ,vl. -LIGHTNING gJIPHE-g. Sand»/f ri repleU.j arrives al I'flroii i inj r n.. fcu»fn:o*loQ bri.lfv or HuITAl.. 4 u ' l H , Albany 3An) r. H , NDB ),,,k fc Uj r H., H^stoD 11 p M M.-N11.K- A<-\oMiI()UATIu.-., ^i.^.i t. i;: b - . i • i . d, r r * V .r» A. .-.i. •,. rt \V I. „ , «.> U .,,1 M.I 1 11. r JJ ., afllce (So B rtHcou-^.t. »tr- AprtK, wbfTf orders c».:, ^< , Bl entlvci k.'ur atith ,rii^ ! MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUID 1TION ( Kl ' in Drv <»no«l> NEW BOOKS! A HEW History of tbe Conquest of Mexico, by R. A aLWItoon. The Austrian Empire, Its rise and present power, by ohn 8.0. Abbott. Thorndale or Conflict of Oplnloai, by William Smith. Wild Spo for (ale by O>ar9 nil in the far Weft. TERRT A OLE AVER, 187 East Water street. APPOSITE THE JAIL. \J Street Thoughts, by Dexter. Tbe Higher Christian Life, by Boardman. New and good Books at B. TKRBY A 00., mart 167 East Water st. NEW BOOKS. P IOTUBK8 Of OODNTRT LIFE, by Alice Oarj. The Methodist, or lacldents and Characters from Ife in tbe Baltimore Confrence, by M. Kletcher. For sale by K. TERBT A CO- m »r6 No 187 East Water street. • Rehbaclfs toad, Pencils, FOK BALK BY i & OL.KAVEK, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, l«l Scut Water itrett, lUkoavlee. . bave Just wcelrrfa full «ppply of these Celebrated Pencils from the mannfsctcry of J. J oh, tn^Regeniburg, Bavaria. They it e caftfoily lorted.and each grade Is distinguished r y a oonular .jnd. Partlcnlar attention Is called to tie "ODDosi on PencU,".{rpund black gilt;) and to the "Pepnle'i encll," (round red gilt) also to the'<Engtneer's ten- r to any, otber pvDoll In the market* V • :: ' '!••''-• sAlwajioalUUidsicompleteassortment ol of au tbeiesJraWe gradeiiv A di,; proportioned to extent LOOHOLM pet ct,at Manofaelart's : "-' THAI IMMENSE STOCK OF l%o. 187 Er (.1 Water Street, MOST BE CLOSED OUT -A.T O1XTCJE3! BY THK ASblONKK, -80- Greal Bargains maj be Expccteds aprl^^tf _ JOSEPH «!AHY. Assignee. K E M O V A L . INCREASE OF Bl!*li\E*V L ADISS—your attention Is nor called lo the bes stock f< BONKRTti, RIBBONS AND FLOWER*, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be found at BLANCH A It 13'S YOUNI.'S HLtKK, MAIN ST. aprtl I >!:{)O f. .tl.-NKV4 VOBK ANDBofTON (i-icr|.tPaturJaj.| Arn»c at Detroit ? >i L. if.. rj^sperislurj Driller or Buffalo 4.80 r. u Alt,«i,j 4.UU i. >., St» York lo.oi) i. •., Boston V;trj r. n *>:<•«» I'. .1I.-01N01NNATI ANU LDUlaV IL1.K EX- j flllit * 'arc brt.rti. Hu,,»r, ... i .. PRKHB. It-icepi Saturday.) Arrive at JL NV* V. rk it Kr.c R» I, ,».j. w i,r ( Ulurinuali V tu A . « . U.uurulr 4.UU I U.^rijolu-^ - r rln J II CRAWruM One train oo Sunday at h-uu r Ttie 8^H) A. «. an.l s Oo r. n. trsius connect «t Pan* irlUi th« Buffalo i Lake Huron Railway, for buOa and all points e'-st, al Toronto wiU, liran.l Trunk ttail way, to KluirsUa, OffdensburK, aloutreal, (JueL-.f &r,.l all points In C*tifc<iM Kast, Nor<titfrn Vermont, Nrw rlampshirr and Marnv. ^sy~ Baggage cbecSvO ^hrouylt Through tickets for s»Je al ll,« principal aallroad offices In the West, and al the g.neral office, cornrr Lake A Dearborn streeu, opposite the Treinont Hout^, Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lak« st-reet. R. N. RICK, !tu|.'t. H. J. BriLDno.Gen. Pass. Air*t. aprlt W ; l-'AKi-. It i. ! NEW YORK&ERit RAILROAD!':.; '. i . I t ) J 1 I 1 Vi \ I » > i ' .t. . ;•..(• ;rs -„. . ^ 3D 13 j£_. 1 ,*: ' y .'in •*it..i,,e ,\ .[ I I 1 O. OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT i/KY uiJ.,U-> AND YANKr. t. N't; \ * H 1 . A 1 ' I • . .•; i v -, ; .« » Jj I la a \Mi. . . - II. NOT1CK. oFFIOK OtV BlHiHii' A CO . \H It 1*U^- Dit.|,,>. f M., A ),., M..w»ukrv.. A^nl O N and a/Ur Apr.I itth. i V-l». ao.l at lie*-, DO ]i«rsoa 11 KuU-Ktr zr-l 1.1 i • i-il ur a ntr»ct Tor Detroit «fc ITIii- Kailway. THE Steamer Cleveland will take ___ her place in line of Ihe Detroll * Milwaukee Hallway, on Monday, tbe 14th March. Hass ngers wishing through Ucke-ts can be supplied on and after Monday next, at 230 East Water street, or al the office on the dock of the Detroit A illlwauke- Railway Co.— Doe noUce of the time of departure will b« given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route to all polou Kast. mart PRRiUIIIiVI Tl\< |||\IS. HE DOUBLE TBEEAD BKWINQ M i 0 H I N V" 8. Tlial look the K1RST 1'ltKMIIJM Ar DIPLOMA, for Family use, at the Wisconsin State Fair, October 8, •re for sale at the £c«ring iflacbiue Emporium YOUNCi'S liLOCJK. ootU INAAV A. HANCr Of CO. UNITED MTATKS in AII8EIA !/•< HAI.I-: The Fanners Loan A Trust Com *) P«-nr, I The Milwaukee A Superior Rall- rosxl Company, In the D S Dls- Olty of Milwaukee, Vtrict Conrt for the John Btewarl, ( District of Wisconal: Jobaon C. A. Allerdlnr, i In Equity. Christian Hahm acd I Gottfried Wootsch. j I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by toe District Court of the Dotted States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 186} In the above entliled canse, I shall sell at Public, Auction on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1SS9, at'« o'clock In .the afternoon, from the steps of the Custom Bouse, In the City of Milwaukee, all aod singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of complaint In said cause, and described as: "All the 'following, present and In future to bs acquired, real and personal property and real estate ol the said defendant, the Milwaukee and guptrlor Railroad Company, f at Is to say, all of the first division of the Railroad of said Railroad Company defendant, from the Olty of Milwaukee, to the City or Green Bay In said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including the right of way, and land occupied by said first division of laid road, (subject to the right, title or claim, rhlch the said defendant* Stewart, AUerdlog, Hahm and Wootjeh, or elthB of them, may haVe bad : at the time of maklngcald decree, to land qpon rhldlfsald Railroad Company nas located Its way, and for which no compensation has been made to: them.) together with tbe superstructure and track thereon,' and all rails and other materials used thereon, bridges,'.viaducts, eol. TerU, fences, equipments, necessary- depot grounds and biddings thereon, belonging to'the s*Id Railroad Company, and all rolling stock, engines, tender*, cars, tools,materials, machinery, fixtures, and all other per! sonal properly appertaining to salVflrst division of said road, and all rigMs thereto, and Interests to be acquired by said defendant, the MllwattkM and Superior BaUroad Company,, together wlU> the name and (unction* appertaining to the said first division of (aid road, all tolls, rents and Income to be hador l«vied there- from, and ill corporate "and other -flscttblnsei, richta . , and privileges of tae said Railroad. 'Company In or to or concerning tie same." '' '" . Marshal's- Ofllce, Milwaukee, Wit* April «, 1S5» : -n " -Til. 1: THOMAS, Dnlted States Marshal, District of Wisconsin. . , . Enron, TAI DTIB 4 HAsnLTO»,Ooapl'ts Sollnlton. ' • n .tUDtlontothe Parties .harln.; Houses to SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. RAIL KOAJ). THi: SHORTEST AND mos*r rxpnuTioi's HOI TEI TO LaiiMiiig, I,a i:rosso, Winona, Read's Landing, Bed Wing, PBCBCOTT, ST, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONY. Change of Time. Mondny, April 4, 1859. I.ST TRAIN I.KAVI • 11:00 A. II., Arriving at Janesvlle 2.30 P. M ; Madison 3:38 P. M ; Prairie du Ohlen S.DU P. M. Connecting with th« Prairie du Chien and Bt. Paul Packets, which leave Prairie du Ohien on th< arrival or the 3.OO P. M. Train. 2D TRAIN I.EAVFS ,TI 11. \V A I K KE &:ufi P. M., Arriving at Janvesvllle 8:.VS P. M. ; MaJison KWOO P. M. Pan to all points on tbe Mississippi Blver as WILLIAM JKBV19, Gen'l Superlntrndent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE ^AIL, KOAJD. 1859. SimmMS& 1859. tont nutj'l monthly ps,i-i B HALL, (ien'l Aft M.,Tt<»<r-3 apr!6 J T. MOODY, Mi.ter ,,f Tnrni-.rtut .n I8.19. lrX.19. I III: \OK1I1F.I(\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the pmeot Reason, mo their **•!! tno*Tj aiul popular L.IQC of Firni €'la*i« ^rrew Steaiiiera, OUOKNSiilMUMl A- OSWKCJO, AND, Till I I'Pi.lI I.AKFS! fonnlnya Semi-Weekly line between O(frlena"ur ) irh an.l OflVetTQ, aod Ghicagn, BJilvaakee an«l lotenu^. Porti, connection at OgUeoibargli with the OGDENtJBUROIi A VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD HOCTE, Between Ojrdensbarjtli, BurliD^toa, Ooncortl, Man cheater, Nashua, La,wreoce, LovelL, W ( *rc* ster am Bus ton. and at Oswego vitb. the New Oswego Line o Thirty Class Oaoal Boats on the KnUrgrJ Canal between O»« e(fo,j'I roji .Albany A Ne\v \ urk Oonnectlng also at Dun kirk with NEW YORK AXD ERIK HA ILRnA h ADI! forming a Trl-Weekly Railroad Ltnc t>etween Duitkirk, liiiuaukec &. (fiicago, mtrn' jr Trm, h M.iitr*ri' - fi«*r ti> K Vs saLL».acl-.'D •V r- U.U.J (evil in •».,.<,,rt.,,, •'••Uotrti, -|j.>.irs, tiutu, it' 'i Oil, ur wtl! man.- -.j .r i'f. 1' •!»-», ' '- '"f\3l t;i ..I i (a t»7- DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Uu«> ! l'LK\.s| KK (T. M)TTH \\KLL, JK.. > drj,«*-(i(i r ? JOHJ. r .in-i J :.?ur tri^.r • n N r..v HI . .t ,. ^, vl j, ^ ^ , K". - N " ' -- , - • ' l./. l., *,r»u<l H »> -n, ;ft-n, I ami hark *i ,'li^i»p *ii*ur^ I lo »,-w a,, nvaat-riil law as any other Kou ap!6 AKRANGKMKNT. WHEAT MbHTH- WESTERN AND EXPRESS ALL RAIL ROUTE. TO LA GROUSE On tbe UFJPEK IT1IS81SSIP.PI RIVER, On and after .Monday, April 25th Two Throtigh Express Trains Daily, L.KAVK FROM DEPOT FOOT OP CHESTNCt STRUT, AS roubWB: • ' • , *«:4.-5 A. in. and 13:45 P. ill. Trklns" arrive at Milwaukee at . 9:8O A. M. AND 53:8O F. M- Close c< nnecUons are made at LaOroale. Twice daily each Way .,nfl}h .tlie Minnesota ft ckei Company's: Ntjw and Splendid I. nitcd States Mail Line orstekmers to ik from St. Paal and intermediate points. . laT'Paaunierj.hy taklnrthli route,. will save 100 miles In dlstan* e^_and IS hour* Urn*),, from CSiIcago or UOwknkec to ,[* Orosse or St. Paul, orer any other 1 root«. . .-..i,;. ;. !, . .. • ,• -.,(., ..., : • •Mondays ettepted. tBundayi eicepted. • Property forvarileii by this Line will Inrsubje to 'but One Transhipment. far" Merchandise marked "N. T. « O. t.X PKENS," »IU'I« forwarded from Nr«r Y,,rk by an fapreat Freight Train over Ut A«ir I'.^rc ^ Erit Railroad, And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk.} APPL> TO' J. Mvsas, Agent N. T. Co.,177 Brosxlwar, Now Turk J. L. WiaSKa, Agent N T. Co., 3 C<entles Hlip New tork. CBAS. 8. TAPPASJ, corner Glh and Ghc^nut st., Phil* HOT il t Cajwrusui, Oswego N. V. B. D. CALDWSXL, Agent, Dunkirk, N. 7 CH>HBUUS, Csuwroso 4Co , Uieveland, O. Joax HOCIISO, Agent N. T. Co., 95 State st., Busuiu. ' A- COBHHAS:, Agent V. C. Line, 108 State St., boston J. F. CHU&CB, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. T. Qxo. FAIJCU, Agent,Ogdensburgh, N. Y. L. J. lilQDY, Milwaukee, Wis., office LaCross^ 1 M R. R. Depot.- J. II. CHAWFORD, i „.._.„. Wl ' O. J. HALE, f J "l"»'»'«=, Wisconsin ' Office near M * M. R. B. Depot. d. B.-^8htppers are requested to see one of the above Agents before making contracts, as the; are prepared to offer i ery low rates, and their connections with the Ojfdeniburgh and Oswego routes, and especially with the New Tork 4 Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. .msrlS-dSm-Jastwlaw Old Black Star Line of Packets. •' Olftce No. 4O Fnlton sjtreol, N. V. O N 1; Y 1> 1 K E C T i.INK 1 K E C T -TO— ; STEAM TO ALL POINTS of Great Britain for g$ , : The powerful Iron Steamships atrt or BALTIMORE, »OUY OF WASHINOTOV. CITY OF MANOHESTKB, KANGAROO, i VIGO, % Will sail from New fork for Cork and thence to Llv- i i verpoi 1, Paiuge from New Tork: Osjbln > ....!75..: r TbJra01sjs....ia). j ' Passage from Liverpool acd Cork: C4bln,....»56 4. ...Third Class,....MO. , Passengers forwarded to llavre. Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for f 5~tn Cabin, $35 Third Class, .TO PAE13 (In iohonra from LlferpoolJ CabLn $90; ThtT.1 Claw, «38. , .•. . . . - . , The More Steamships are built of Iron, In watertight oomn»rtn«nts, c'rry each an experlenceii Burgeon and «viay requisite for- the immediate extinction of fire. iorp»s»sf«»pplTtoR-J-Cartls4 Co., 177 Broid- »»T> N. : T.,5ohn O. Date, 16Bro*4wajr t N. Y. • • , Jj^B>-Pss»enieTS by thlj Une avoid the risk ud 44ts>* of esJllng »t HsJifax mod St. Johns, M the Stasjn- fprooswd direct to Bout - . : ; . . •prtT-dlj iii TIMOTHY OAKH*Y,A«en». ttap trs. witri ,t« «TI^U*.\V 'iVPHi M MiterrStint( f^aturt*,. F»rtrs iiocluil OK r-,oms or h-rili , ' , tlfr — to tiranii HavtMl nn-l ba.-« V ,r psrt ..« -f lire I-' tirijn.l rUfi , i- DWELLiNi, 11 \V A i; I-. u ... i .- ( . P*rtiei i-ii'i Ifiv^ tickets uiaK- 7*Ji«l to 1 l.VH-.. i]w»u\r- t w ^u ioJ rrtu !' U>« ., in •lUfdlv *.- cer , ™n: o llourv of Sal Unj; A I ruin-.. Leave Milwaukee...-. . . 1'J -it K m n 11 tuff o» J. Leavt? lirand Kapnis i '*> 4 M t nf, , Leave Gran«l Ll»v»rii .i.3»i AM -t DII c Arrive at Milwaukee 1'.' 15 p M i \.i , There la a DUW anJ corafnrhiMf fmiri the Railway [>ev«>t at Grsml Haven, * h. Parties (ilesirmtj to ipend \ ft-v finur-* *t or on the Beaeh which is ijmir! -i".^ t.i Dr-i—rt.i have every alUniion- instttutKios, will be (-arrie»J on- v-.-ry low iTtiv*, £$T~ 11ckets can t>e had M 0<i<*k i>Hi.-», »r tr n •en on bnarii .Steatnf rs azul W K MUlg, W itHKNOI. H, \ S Ml' W \ r.K \N 11 K E M O V A L iv . F . n A v i, a; \ . ,Haj renioTeil to his oUl sUiQii. \0.3 186 EANT WATER JSTK »' t.T, (tfy pinrite J. A*. Bone*' eel 1 * £>ry &••<>,!* ,\t," *, , An*l havlDK made such id.lttlon* tu hii facihtir-^ <\,r cxe^'utJiiK KINK IP <) K T It A 1 i' S ! AJ to eoab e htm to say to the public with cundden> • that he Is now prepared to furnish them wltti dvery If •irable. ityle of Picture known to the coimiumty, HIM attach Aatoundtng LOW Prices AJ to defy .-"nipr-i t.,,n Tor example, i 4 i«. ATLANTIC j^NCLK HKN ,, „.. .,,„„ _C' ^'»U ' ll'ur,», !.,„, , •SAM Kl ) \ cAin. * 13 ' 3 A I K a - i Q O > «• r «» i r . Daguerrotypes lor FULL SIZK PIlOTOOltAPIIN far only $1,00 the flrsl one, and S&c for the DnplicMra MEI,AI>KOTV1 > E.S A.TIHROUR A PUN Ai d In fact every other .style of Picture, at cnrr-o- pondlhg low prices. IMPERIAL PI10TOURAPHS, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, ami t)nish.-,l in the highest style of tha Aru| THE STEELOTYPE, , A new and'popular styJe of Picture* Colore.l la OH,, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty of < Snlsh. any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— These Pictures have only to be-seen to beadmtre'l. All who are desirous of saving money an» respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the OM W. 13. «»rri(»r} A. C ».. C.'OMM 1SSI( >N M |-;u( 'HAN \o. aos » r..vr u ,TI-:U sri«^» mention <lv,/n .la if Prmhuv i'K'l t,K'>, r'A 1 a- fllUK publ A » is n«» ra»,l i»ich il.o II KMT. •'AI'K t KCO.VO.UII.'AL UOHT -v\., ..,, .,.,„, , »nil m tf«4uaJ If not superltir u. lh ail tptfil 'o Churches, Ht>l*lM, Prlvata DvrellmifS, Railriin.r '.'nr^, li-., *r prove Ita superiority .iv^r «ll P'wr:,l>l M Li use. It b. unlllcti all other Ljuups, b«l!ii{ ^tsi brlltlant, economical, fr»e Ifom 4m«>Ite nr trhat Is more, entirely »af*i friitn ill .lai i^i ,lon. Apply »t ' JOHN iHlOOM u. \\. igent rnr !h.- <> ii a i h n Stand, No. 186 Soft Voter strut, m»rlS-dOm ' W. Wltcanuin. . BAYLEY, Aitiat. B . Doctor €. H AVING located himself In Milwaukee, offers (u, service to'l&e nubile. Dr. L-. has. served In the British Army fqr.flReen years, In India, Burmah and In the Crimea, ~ , " Bnrgical casespromptly attended. r OlBce eorner Baron-and Van Buren su OWI^IO. • ' ' . febS JAPON10A, 80 tana for sale by , - ; 0. HAKaiu At & cent*, per 100 Ibtv*) M., 4 r » 1 A K h.l: AlS««TlCHI r Ii K«KP9 OONSTANTLV ou b»nJ * lanti. « 3 ,.rtu, r , Jl Mahogany, Black Walnut »n.l other W.,.,,l i^uHus, t, Aether with Flstt*!! Metallo BurtaJ Canea. The offlce of the for.*! H'ime Ocmft..rv ,.'ompnny it my place, wfii-re I have the |>lata of tliu jrromuls m always rvailjl <" li-i-omp.->ny patron* to thn Ccm |rpy to select lota or places for burial, aud cao ?,,. f oull immji pl«c« of business l»y or night. Oolltii I'nn anifn of all kinds for *al«. tr , n -2t\ fTTT!S^li^i> 'i i-ijy nroRer'fa is &L ^CESa PORS, good arucle, m store, for s*l».

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