The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 31, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1916
Page 6
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TH» CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTIOK TUESDAY, OCT 31, 1916 The Constitution Deluding the Chillicolhe Conslitution The Mail and St ir and Chillicotha Democrat Owned aud ouolished b n cothc Unter d it th Ml ^ o u r i T. PostoIHce at C i 3 s f ^ o n d cla^s m man} skilled v.orlteis in. the C mad lan a i m i e and t r c m p n l o u s xcuancr m p n t o" niateiials ns^d in the m 11 aie s l i d to be re^-pon^ib 1 © loi th. d.d\arir^ ol pi ml pipci to lar^e usi r ot more t h i n oO per cent lhe pre d i r t on is tor p i o l n b live pricps af tor J i n u a r r 1 101" The^o v l \ me "will -wipe out the entire p i o f t t of on i ew^paper - \ \ h e h f o r m e r l c^eare 1 2 m i l l i o n dollars a ^ ear it is re sunder JT*TIO^I ·r in tl e Citv of j car TEIOIS OF DAILY bi Carrie Chillicothe per Per week DAILY ta3 Postage paid In LHlneton Count p r j p i r DAIX/i to} Mail Postage paid outside oC L,i\ mgbton Counti per year Sj 00 WEEKLY posta = p a l ] p r j e a r *1 oo C J U C L I ^ 110% A detlileJ sworn statement of circu iatlon w i l l be f urmshe ] it _ n } t i m e wben requeste 1 b an advertise*THE OFFICIAL NEW SPiPER OF LJVINGSTO or lOc ?3 00 I D A\O» A OTI S i OK A 1 II -ON C*l mi I OFEici4ii THC GLT\ OP OETtOCUVIIC T. For President -- · Dtvitlor For Vice Pr.side- -THO"V T \S R M V P S H A - T L T l F M O C I t V I l l SI VTl. riCKE"- For Senator -- · JAMES A REED For Go-vernor -- FPEDCP1CK D G \KDNER Tor Ueutena c Goerrior -- ·^VALLACK CSOSbLEY TOT Secret iry of State -JOHN L, b t L U \ A N For Statt A u d i t o r -- · JOHN P GORDON For State Treasurer -GEOKE H MIDDLCKAMP Fop Attorney Genera.! -FRANK w MCALLISTER For Judge Supreme Court No 1 -A M "nOODSON For Tuflso faup-trae ^.ourt N ° 2 ^-RETD L TV TLLI VMS For Judge Kansas Cic\ C o u r t of Appeal EIMNO C BLiiSD For Congresbnlan -- ·W V, RUCKCR "For JuclKe ot i tn Ju t c il C i r c u i t -JOHN C LrOP « R D B C M O C K V 1 I C C O O ^ l ^ T I C K t l Tor R e p r e s e n t a t U e -H. Tl KISiICK r ° r Sh J^?£; J BROWN yor Treasurer -G V McBRTOE For P r o s e c i t r - A t t o r n e y -FR VNK T\ ASH:B\ For Judse C o u n t y Court Eastern Dlst -JOHN -W \ T E V \ N D m s-o- Judge C o u n t s Co irt ^ estern Dist V, TLLTAM McC VI THY Per Public A d m l i istrator -JAMES G LITTRELL ^r Coroner -DP V. M GIRDNER ·» or Surveyor 10 St Louis Star German-American leader, ot So ill St Lou s said todai th t S t n a t o i J a m n s 1 Keecl · iddrcss it the 101 er G i o v e T u r i r s e r e n Ci md M»nu and J u n i a t i stieet l i t night ha -u on man 1 - l o ^ a l s u p p o i t c i s tor Pre^ ident "\\ilson Kecd « \ d th it i Hughes v. pi e i n i u ^ u i a t e d Presiden and s^nt a message to Congress ne\ dav aeclarms -nit aga nst Geimam hf- could s-1-v to the \.m i ican peop 1 he l n d gi-ien aoundant e a r n i n g of hi 0 intention Full O Sommer an ofTicial of th I German American Alii nee said I h p cpppcli of Sen toi Reed a« 3 j creat and - n o n d e i f u l one It ^ on t man-v t r e n d s Tor Pies dent A^ ilsoi ! m South St Louis Other Gel n \ i leaders concuiied in this opinion Reed outlined Presidpnt W i l s o n f o i e i ^ n police and added E \ e i v man m the Tjnited ^tates heav H in terested in the m a n u l a c t u r e of v. al supplies for the Allies is toCa\ em plo-vmg his time t vleut and mone to promote the ele tion of Hughes j Tne Senator declared a "ftai "\ itn Germans could not be waged w it i paper bullets hut -n oula leciuiie the best of our manhood and ^ould im Division poiprish our countn He outlined the 11 esciit status of the United States as f o l l o w s ^TTe are at peace AV th all the -\\orld AM. are enjo-ving piospentv and our la 001 is better e m p l o y e d and at his;k er -nages than at am time m the I -n orUl s histor-v Roosevelt lias taken the bit in h teeth and is innning TO TV w i t h t h e ' Republican pait-v Hughes sits ir. | the f i o n t seat dangling- the lines a helpless as a cli Id The \rner can people must tike [ iheu choice betueeii those method tint ha-ve 1 ept the counto at petce ind methods -\ hieli aio (o be n s p u e i and dictated bv Theodoie Hoo=e\ ell ind the otl ei adMseis of Ch ilo "Evans Hughes Physician's Eczema Remedy Dr Holmes the well known si m specialist \\ I t t b T im convince 1 tint the D D scription U is mi ch a. sp Lif" f r I_,c7ema as q u i n i n e f i maiarl i I h i v e been pro f a L r i b l n 0 t h o O D D romrnh fo vears i h i b s othn z c uljin 1 on OL oil oC W i n t e r e r en Ihvrn 1 nd thoi beillnjg itic-r d cnts call a D D D I ,ciiptiorE is notv a ti\oi | - (1 rrm di ot J i i '·i ocial ists, for all si In d . is b H i m tiatcs t i c porf's p: cs i t i n t iclitt tionl tuo most distrefab n- lUli It ootbmg oils quid K bo I tbc i ill imccl tls u*.b Ditvnst-, a t fct j d to let ninonj tbfa sootllin^ coolin^ 1! m 1 2 c L and *1 10 Com t o u s m d \ \ e v H t I v n n 01 about this i c n i i i i IL i o l \ \ o l I 01 01 back, i nle=s rl n I r=c o le i tc b j o i D D D boap Lccpb -voiu bUn be I t b j 10^ abouc iu u b x l i u i u a c v 3 h i l h c o t h B Me [ "UOOi^Sl IljLi) J II Cubitk made a business tup to Libell Mo list I h u r b d x j M i b Gill Hud e ms \VAS shopping m Ch llicothe I h u i b d a j C P l i c l i n d oi Ganieion viiLcJ D Pro- | i el lines here l l i u i s d i v ~\ r L C B i j a n \\ La the guest oL V s Oi,oigc, Hutten. at Ha nilton i ri d iv ind ^ t t u i d t V S l u l u i d v s i business MS itoi it Bieck(.ni]ds,e 1 nd 13 ~Ui and A l i a liobe-t Ijij in W C I L hoi pin 0 and ng i c l i l n e at CailliLOthe Satui daj Mi md AIis Ralph \llej o[ Lud low -\\cie tho fcue«t ol JMi md Airs J ^ Blincs S a l u i d i j nd b u n l i Ulis P i u l Deiuci il i\ is ihuppmi n Chillicothe Monday M i P Xxiot n v i s i l c d hoi clai O h tei M i s Ople Biyan. it Lucllow Tit daj uid Satin d M J A Douchei Mi i n d M i s M i l LI nd Mist M ^ t t y n o i s e lUenele.] t e x c h e i meeting it Chillicothe 1 isi T unsdav ^ r e ^ d i nes Chvs C beaul Dave I Lois ill M sscs B e i L h a 11 tz ei | I di h (jibeiut ind Elizi and M n ^ T o n P a - \ \ e i c Chillicothe - \ i c i t o i b 1 is S a t u i d i j Mrs Sallie Spears Ins been visitins lier mere AIis Annie IIin illon at Breckcniidge loi the past w e e k Don t f01 gel the d iinoi t h i t ib to be sericd bj the ladies ol OIL Chi is t j n chuich^,ovembei " J Is Robei s and t \ \ o dauthteis Misses Bonnie and Atelhe "\\cie shop ping 111 Chillicothe r iday Mi and M i s Y v a l t e i Ilifehfcower TAKE YOUR Optical Question --TO-M A C D O N A L D FOR OVER T W E N T Y Y E A R S A KNOWN - .-QUANTITY 111 the successful woie the guests ot iplat ^es at Biecl conection of DEFECTIV7 - - · VISION and Eve Strain Mod ern methods Reliable Service Peasonable Price A.B.MacdonaW EAST SIDE SQUARE TrIE Democr itic ^ress B x n q a e t of "Vhich barbecued l i m b ^ as the prm Cipal aitiLlo of diet v, as held in ont OF the stone buildings, m McClung Park This p a i k containing about IS acres onH a fe-v\ months ago w a a rough ctonj bluft taat was tin sig-ntl-v and of little -value The land had been the property of the state for many jears but w is unenclo« ed and unused Imder the duection of \aarcienAIcClung -n ith the la-boi of the p'isoner» and donitions of thp ptiolic this stone "was quavried a n 3 the land cleared of brush and rub bish and from the stone quarried on the land the park T\as enclosed and valuable stone buildings n e i e erect ed all o£ ivhich ^ as done -without cost t 0 the state Thu= practical! gi-ilng to the state a be uuful park located on the picturesnue bluffs bank of the Big Vuddi Rn er it the Stato Capital This park in ree ognition of th» inlerest and Cervices Tendered b W arden "McCluns- m H making -nd beautifvmg has b% com ·mon consent beei named McCluu^ Park Here e^ercision partie^ and so cleties from all ^arts ot the "tatr can hold their meetme- and have their outmsr, on to° r premi=o= In full e n j o y m e n t of the beautiful Mar roundms? =ceneo and can at tnon leisure MBit one ot the rio t mpo inz commodious anitar- and con venient Capital DtnV'ms, n thi» "^a tio-n -which Tr e bebe-= -nil "tand a- a monument not onl~ *o T i" e^'*~ prise and !?ood judgirent o' f h c P" pie of the present e=T=-rat on but ·! so to the artistic b«aarv and r»?' · m ·venience of tn" iu*ur= s»-"-r- v on i" the "tit" Or^f s "ti 'i-i 'w even jn-eater is th» D'-r'x-r' r T^"f ·which pav° to tn» Sz.' c - r"n n f ' ' grea^nr^s--Han* v 1 f " c T^'*1i ! 'l C h i l d r e n Cry FOR F L E T C H E R S P A S T O R 3 A Wood A big cora or dry woo*on short notice at £4 00 YOUR FRIENDS OAN BUY ANYKING YOU CAN GIVE THEM-EXCEPT YOUR PHOTOGRAPH Watton Studio NORTH SIDE SQU Over Sipple's FOB, DUALITY SERVICF SEND US YOUR KODAK WORK onudgo Satuiday e ening E G B i j a n was a C h i l l i c o t h e itoi ^ ednebdai W O Speais and f a m i l j m o t o i e d j to St Joseph. T h u i s l a v roi a \ j s i t to relatives and f i l e n d s Mr and Mrs T P Stuckoj retui n cd to then home Sunda\ f i o m St Toseph. after a -« eek s visit with the r c'aughtei A l l s James Bmghi,Ti Mis Estel H x i p e i nnd ch Idren o Washington Kas a i m e d Sunday night Coi a month s vi=it to hei px ents Mr and Mrs Vf II L d i c k An\ \ \ F SN \r\ A.ccording t o In*- Or ob - v f Judicious \d-vtrt 'w -, '- ~ rates have been la t tr f f t f * ' feels of the KT'-it -r!- / ' from -which piibiishe'-- ri.-' r ed their spao» bt, »r -v 1 no r to be shared DJ avern ' " J This action it f-rju'n )· n - 1 f ' r t a financial neefssit t it jr "' '^" 1C one The N°v s Print Minn'"' turers \s=ociation has Ei" r r- ·""* r I notice to publishers tint t! c bo *' T f of the reserve iiipplv of if wo pr n l lias been reached D^ "n at tlr iM and more than doahl" th- pnr-f-s Tomer 1 ^ naid for new- pnit the 3iippl cannot be furnisaed Tl e publ =*»' now -will De fo'cpd to ncrea=e "t'ver tising rates Statist cs aro presented b-v Jndic ions A.d-v ertisins: to s"hovr some of th tremendous war pr cts winch mak" this advance neces irv Tnk« h a v e increased as much. i« 5no per cent chomira 1t = ard mateiiaU for encrai Ing as high as 1600 per cent i n The Ideal W a y to California is the personally conducted way to California, not only is it the most economical cut the most comfortable and oare - free way as well There's no worry aboat or other travel de tails ( for our special conductor goes all the way through, look wg out for your comfort -and explaining all about the points cf uterest as you pass along Another advantage is that the schedules are so fixed that OP 6 passes all the best scenery in daylight The cheerf al company of con gensl people who go on these ^o~a fare paTti^s adds greatly ic the pleasure of the tnp J" you tire planning to see winter, stop in you are going by rd see 1 your copy of our folder about our peisonaUy .d parties to*California J'l] be glad to give you further information about rates, etc j E E JORDAN, Ticket A sent, Burlington Route '' Call. 95" BEFORE YOU BUY ur THE STANDARD COAL ana JUNK CO TELEPHONE 718 u E SLLL IT roR i rss \\ ij P vy JIORJD ron 106 Second St Chillicothe Deal ness Cannot Be Cuienl by local applications as the% cannot teach the diseased portion of the Pa- The e is onlj one -nil to cure deat ness and that is bj constitutional remedies Deafness is caused by an infla ned condition of the mucous lin mg of the Eustachian Tube W h e this tube Is inflamed ou have a rum bling sound or impoifect hearing an 1 n h e n it is e n t n e l j closed Deafness is the result and unless the mftanima tion can be taken out and this tube estored to its normil condition hear lug w 11 be destrojed f o i e \ e r nine cases out ot ten aie caused bi Catanh hich is nothing but in inflamed con dition of the mucous suifaces We will give One Hundred Dollar 0 for any case of Deafness ( c i u s e d b/ Catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure Send for circu lars f i e e r J CHENEY 5k CO Toledo Orio Sold b j Druggists 75c Take Hall Family Pills for con t pation Mo l!icc I'lume 283 phone 133!) J Dr. J. E. Callazvay S P E C I V L ATTENTION GH CN TO r r P E V T M E \ T Ol^ DISC'i-SrS Ot NERVOUS SYSTEM, DIGSSTIVE ORGANS ALL CHRONIC AILMENTS and Diseases of SYE, EAR NOSE AND THROAT Office- Hoius--8 to 11 JO a m 1 to j 30 p m O l h e 2ml 1 Itioi Peoples Tiu^t Co Building Anno uli con i en t I h^-ve contrxcted with the Interna tional Harvestei Co lor the full 1m* of McCormick line o£ tarm machm ery Any one % anting repans £01 any part ol this line including gx' engines and rream separators will b Euinished by me E H L\KE Phone SIS 506 E Webster street Chillicothe' 1 ' Mo DR J M McSIM JXS MIST CI1ILUCOTIIE MISSOURI p o ! t u u r v v ss j i L I \ I 11 State of Ohio City o£ Toledo Lucas Countj ss Frank J Cheney makes oath U at h» is the senior partner ol the flrm o( r J Chenev Co doing bu mess a the e ly oE Toledo County anil State aforesaid and that said firm w i l l pa} the sum ot ONE HUNDRED POLLAKS for each and eier case of Catarrh that cannot be cured b j ae use of HM.L S C VTA.RRH CDRF PRANK J CHENEY Sworn to befoie me and subscribed in mi presence this 6lh day o£ Dec ember A D I b S G (Seal) A W GLEASON Notarv Public Hall s Catarrh Cure is taken mter_ n i l l j and acts duectlj upon the blood and mucous "ui faces of the system Send for testimoni xls f i e e F I CIILNEY CO Toledo O Sold bv all Druggists 7 D C Take Hall s Tamil} Pills for con (U J-_ ^ l ^ l i i n ^ SO) - ! I"O-V1 ' -- One way to relieve 1 abitual con stipation is to take regularly a mlU laxative Doaii s Regulet 0 are recom | mended for this purpose 25c a bo-? t all drug stores I! HO. 91, I. O MOXDAT Shorter hours largest tern is print pape- DEp-DTT Sl-STB v * T t l M * » H ° and nisrher -nazes at tie paper mills the enlistment of Office 341---PHONES--Residence TBDD Ot BIZiKITS CHIROPRACTIC ^n *JL *V ·i.lj'i SIS WTLL COST 1OL ^OT'IIJ.0 H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Lady Attendant SL.ISLR BLDC --Opptfsite New Po«t Office-Phone 315 Chillicothe iVo Try a, CnnstitutiOD -Want aa Plenty \t Mathews n o i t h ^ e s t of picl ca no l o t oj Vpplcs 0 1 chard 5 1 2 mile Clnllifothe Hand no \ioims No 1 at No 2 at 40c 6t Mathews CASTORIA For Infapts and Children in Use For Over 3O Years Tor For Infants and Children A L C O H O L 3 PDH i AYcgelablc Pi cparaltonforAs Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Classified : Ads »iRST i"»S y l V B B 4 I *· ifk. IK-HOa K M T S A'SQ TWO HM LINK LOST PromolesDijestton Qiecrfd ness and Rest Containsneili cr OpumiMurplune norknctal NOT NARCOTIC. Apcrfeci Remedy forConsfte 1 ion - Som SloTOa-h DUirtoea \Vorros Convulsions Rvc 1 isli nessandlossorSiEEK L O S . J -- b a t u r d a j p m in business dibtnct large Cameo brooch Find M ploj'-e telephone JNo "50 Reward 1 O s f OK MISLAID--Ihe Loepei W i l l n m 1 - old hotel casli register of ] 910 1J11 Retuin to this oflice and i ec i \ e i suitable IP^ ird 30 Gt 1OS1 --J" Headship link brieelet b» U \ f e n Lhrislun chuieh and Bar np building Fjnde" p)ca«e leave ar t h i j ojhcp CO 4 WANTED ' ggsg \\ -VNTED TO TCED TOR WTNTEK --Plenty ol grass good wind IB ill i\atei and good s alk pastuie Phone '01 12 or see Jas Bames or Mrs Plue 26 tl WANTED--A girl for general house %\ork Apply to Mrs W W Edg erion coi Locust and Poik Sts or I hone 30' 24-tf COW WAN.TCD--I want to buy a good Ter«e-v cow Must give good nuantitj- and quahtj o£ mi'k 325 Polk St W O Grace 28-tf fcxact Copy 01 Wrapper. Oix 1 OR REAT--A suite ol three turn islied rooms first floor fully mod crn 4.JS Urn stieet 30.S 3TOR RENT--As soon as -vacated the building occupied by the postof flee See r E Rilej 26.6 FOR RE\T--Store room with luM sized basement at corner of Elm and "\\ebbter nne location for grocer IBS or feed Chas H Grace FOR RENT -- 7 room lesidence 3 lots md bain on north side of Jackson Hreet and ivest of Dickenson St CO J J E Watkins iOR R E N T -- S room modern house B a f h full basement iurnace pav pd street S lots garage Relit bv \ear \ddress Mar ow Bros Chula Mo 25_tf I OR RENT -- Room for light house I keeping 220 Olaj St Phone 784 J j FOR RENT -- My residence 60l §" Cheiry St furnished Six rooms partly modern Dr* Singer 20 If FOR RENT--Storage space son Son Hender 10-tf roil BDM OR S\TE--AJJ nen residence at the N \\ corner of Ann md Llm streets See me at the house or phone 2T'! W T Merrill T HIS bank payi ESPECIAi ATTENTION to tocommodatinc TB.EASTJS.EKS of fraternal orders, clubs, social organizations etc Usually such, officers hold complimentary positions They are expected to disburse certain moneys or keep them in resenre Often tLe BOOKKEEPING IB a BOTHES or a WOKS.Y Treasurers who Uak their funds witi. ui feel SAJE, and their EECEIPTS are always us flOOD OBBEB. SA1.E FOR S VL-D OR RENT--D room bun gilow nei\ cheap if taken at once I n q u u e -13-3 E Jackson, or t»lpphoue 732 28-tf hris Boehner, Pres. J. D. Brookshier, Cashier CHTTJjrOTHE. MISSOURI THE QUESTION THAI IS AGITATING THE PUB LIC IS "TO BE" OB "NOT TO BE " We kflow that the farmers must be urepaied m ord er to raise a crop We have been piepaim* them for the last 28 yeais and aic still at the old st n 1 waitmu: for nine CrTK PBCCES, QUALITY OF GOO 1)^-and rOUKTEST OF TREATMENT SPEAK 10R TilEAIiSELVES "CASH" is o n slogan We talk it and belike in i t Tho merchant that sells on time to Tom, Dick and ! r a m ib compelled to add to the pi ice in oidei to tak i! e cf the losses OITR 1TNES OF SEUDS, BUGGIES and ?"/ "H'FE^Y IT,,!! TKS rcsT THE MARKET PEODUC3 and OU3 PRICES - WELL /.FE EE OH RENT--Modern -n biirban prop^rt} 10 room houst ·iith 5 acies of ground For particu lars phone 1454 J 10 tt 1 OR SALE--Peninsular side draft cook stoie 111 excellent condition \\ ill sell at half price Alixon c Pharinao west side square 27. t f TOR S-VJ^E--1 haid coal store No 300 4rt Garland 1 so£l eoal stove Phono 11-13 M 819 Polk St 14tf FOR S VLE-- U bargain on» Stude- bakei roadster first-claps condi tion f u l j equipped See Dr Black rOR~~SAuL--2 hoiises and. lots five b l o c k s from square Call at this oflice tor luither information 3-tf TOR~STl,r:--Cheap to settle estate lot 6 block 7 B r j a u s Addition Chillicothe -\Io .o^a Mundell Lin lieu" Mo 2S 6 CAN COME IN 1 On, S 4LE--Encj clopedia Brittanica 2b -voluine 1 ; fine binding good a« ne-sv $20 1 set JIcCaul»v s History oC England 5 volumes S3 1 -\acuum = i\ceper \r%\]e almost ne^ $5 1 green velvet Da\0ilport bed $20 1 l e i t h c r co\ered office or library chair telephone 246 MISCELLANEOUS 1 000 to loa» property In- 16 if ET TO LOAN -- * on gill edged cily quire Constitution e-traclie toothaclie pT-in 1 : b u r n ^ ^cildb sore tin oat try Dr Thomas Eclectic Oil a splendid remedy for emergencies X SKS^ m * V/ILL BE IN OHILL100THE ALL THIS WEES NEXT WEEK AIMD EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAS TO WEE YOUR MEASUSE FOR A TAILOE MADE SO"? Not m o-(?ered suit made in a factory the same as rea !y made ano called Tailor made but a lailor Hade One tbat is ma le in Ch-Hioothe F't clot 1 -, anrs et"»i y Lhii S about it guaranteed to g've satisfaction It will cost yo^ no more to nave your suit made i ChiHicothe than it " iV to serd to some -ot a faotoiy iiade suit SFjF F B HO CAN AND GST H" Iron and Steel Work I am now prepare] to do all kinds of IRON and STEE! )t}\ -- e uC ii is Steel btair u 1 - Puf Esfjno 0 , Sldi H.i Ik Gratus, Tmss Bods, btc'pi Ro in Drags, double "inole or tuple Boiler, En | Entire, i l n h m c Work "'Oiise BLACKSMITH REPAIR ; Estimates Clieeifully Given | L D. ASHER ! 1 ' SCTT-^ LOCUST ST CONST ITU" lor f _ , GET RE u L i V f . W . I FTTOV J* crrsnr rrNERAJL U\EK* rxcr rsn r bpicm calls made for Patties and ·si --» k^

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