Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1897
Page 8
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? I I in ih" r it p,» . iej*,l nf v ••« ;> -r" c f ii s*p />, If / K i» /t/j MtTGUBtS OP KBWS. * —S, S. Reyer will open op ft general Store at Praifistille next Monday, —Remember the sale of horses and Jersey eows, which will take place on the Omar Fanning farm,near Emerson, iFrUfer, F*b. m —Martin Watson, Jr., of this city, fcas been engaged by Stahlamlth, the fiamees maker, of Milledgeville, to work in hia shop in that village. —Judge Wolf, of Clinton, has set Wednesday, -Feb. 24, as the day on which Christian Eckerlftbe, who was convicted of the marder'of Mina Kiel, Will be sentenced. —A. statement has been issued by the committee to the Keystone creditors regarding a settlement of the irrairB.the details of which will be printed after the meeting March 3. —Aurora now has a female barber, Miss Catherine Lynch, who is said to be an expert manipulator of the razor and shears. There are said to be GOO women bathers in Chicago, —Doctors say that their greatest enemies are the orange and the apple. They, say.* that their practice would greatly decrease if everyone ate more freely of oranges and apples, and they wonder that it is not done, —The Ogle County Farmers' Institute held at Oregon last week, elected Jacob F. Swank, of Forreston, President; J. L. Moore, of Polo, Vice President; Charles Walkup, Secretary. The institute will be held in Forreston next —The members of the Sterling and Rock Falls A. O. ty< W. will give a social at their lodge rooms next Saturday evening. Refreshments will be served and the members are asked to bring invited guests. A general good time is anre to be enjoyed. ~ ••'-.• . f —A tramp with a razor terrified Galena ladies, by demanding admission to houses, and wildly flourishing the instrument of death when refused anything he demanded, last Friday. He was arrested and bound over to the grand jury in' bonds of 8100. —The bad condition of the roads were responsible for a break down of JPred Eyster'g grocery wagon shortly after he had started on a trip through the country Tuesday morning. For- "tunately the accident happened before _heJhad-gone-farirojn the gltv. —Mrs. Electa E. Smith, of Sterling, now of Washington, writes that great preparations are being made at the national capitol 'for the Illinois people, receptlon'to them w the Masonic Temple and Mrs, Smith is Chairman of the committee on decoration, • —E. Burton Holmes, who lectured in the Academy last night, is a Chicago boy—a member of one of the first families. He began the work in which he ia now engaged by givipg parlor entertainments for the pure love of it, but bis views are so fine and his manner of handling his subjects so admirable that he soon came into public prominence., He ia Very popular_wlth Chicagp'B mosV cultured people. , .—A meeting of the Woodlawn De- batingSociety will be held in the Academy, of Music during the month of March. A musical and literary program for the occasion is already in preparation. The question for debate on this occasion will be, "That the aigns of the times indicate the downfall of our Republic." The speakers Will be: Deets, Williams,'Morgaridge, Hess, Weaver, Cannon, By era and, Marti^ ;'...-. . . ' . . , :' —Here la something worth trying should you ever have the occasion: '•There is no use in walking the iloor with a felon," saya one who has had t gome ' experience ia that direction. * Wrap a cloth around the felon, leaving the end open. Four gun powder ' in the end and shake it down until the felon is covered; then keep it wet with camphor. In two houra the pain will be relieved and a perfect cure; will quickly fpllow." ' , -.-John DuGia mourns the loss of bis boon companion and humble friend, the Scotch collie that used to be constantly at hie feeels wherever he went. Poifton^wss %« cause ...of. MB death Which took place yesterday evening, after everything possible bad been eUms to save bis life. It ia thought that his death wa$ accidental, as a Milder mapQered^or" more decorous gentleman cannot be found i bailiwick. ittf Telegraph: Oue modest eheritf, Joslah Gray, baa iftQ poaudij of wickedness iu 'fe- Ms hands, so ' to speak. Amend, whom wo be- troro Erefepoi-t, and bulls with a W* W, OPP rf th« ton's Birthday celebration in Lyons was a colonial sapper. All of the pastimes ^of ys oMen time were enjoyed, including a genuine husking bee. — S» S. Boyer, of Fraltlevlll«, drove a colt to town Monday, and while in the city the animal became fractious and broke a wheel of the cftrt A new roller had to be purchased before the retnra trip was made. '. —The sixth quarterly meeting of the Northwestern Homeopathic Society will be held at the Nelson Hotel, Rockfbrd, Tuesday, March 2. Sessions will beheld both morning and afternoon. An interesting program has been arranged. < —The Knights of the Globe held an interesting meeting Monday evening, Among other matters of business it was decided to hold the annual banquet for members of the order and their ladies on the evening of March IX The banquet will be served at the Randolph House. —The men don't care If their wives never see a cook book. They don't want- a lot of new dishes, but they would enjoy getting a steak broiled right and potatoes baker well. Some women seem to think that nothing iu a kitchen merits their attention unless It baa whipped cream on it. '—A team belonging to Charles Lefever broke loose from the post where they were tied Monday at the home of Joseph Graf, where there was a sale, and took a constitutional on their 6wn account. Fortunately they were caught before they did any serious damage to the rig or to them selves. Doc" Boyntonrelates a nice-little story of a bird which flew Into the ca boose,.of his freight Monday night be tween hero and Shabbona. The little thing was probably frightened by ;tlw engine and was attracted by the lights in the way car and flew into reconnoitre. It alighted on various things in the car and finally stopped on the stem of a passenger's pipe. It was caught.but afterward given the freedom of the car where it is making its home now. —Stanley Johnson has resigned his position in W. .W. Haskell's grocery store where he Las been* employed exactly three years. Leonard Isaacson has been engaged to fill the place left vacant by Mr. Johnson's resignation. Within a couple of weeks Stanley, will go to Mantour, Ia., where he will take charge of a general store which his father, L. L. Johnson, has lately pur- -chased. They will alao-joperate-a-large- creamery at the same place. Stanley enters the business as a half owner. PERSONAL MENTION. Martin Overholser, of Coleta, is reported to be gaining rapidly. Miss Mary Beriner, who lives north of Emerson, is reported very ill; Levi Macomber was in Dixon Toes- day looking after b^iness matters. Miss Dolly Seely lias returned to Chicago, after a visit with her parents in this city. vV. G. Colquist is in ^Ch'fcago, called there by the , serious illness of his daughter, Miss Ella. George Frazer has returned from Louisville where he has been working with the Salvation army.' ' Mrs. F, F. Heckman, who has been quite ill with the grip .for some time past, is now convalescent.. George Lee, of Chicago, Is visiting friends io Sterling. Mr. Lee was formerly a resident of this city. Ed Fernberg, who has been visiting with friends in Mendota for several days, arrived home Tuesday night. James Coats, Jr., of Jordan, brought twenty fat hogs to market hero Tuesday, that averaged 314 pounds. Mr, and Mrs. T. 8. Gowan returned Wednesday to; Chicago, after a pleasant visit with relatives and friends, J. B. Gilbert left Wednesday for DeKalb, whither be goes to attend a meeting of the State Dairymen's association. Horace Rundlett, of south of the river, a student of the Business College, abandoned bis studies Tuesday and will move with hie father to iowa soon. ' . : Waite Uphoff, who has been visiting at the home of I. L. Janseen, left Mon day for RocheUe. After a brief yfiilf there he will return to his, home in Minonk.lll. ,Miss Woerraanrj, of St. Louis, who has been visiting in" the city some time, was summoned home Monday by a telegram announcing the serious ill- peas of her., father. . ; Miss Haliie Wetherbee, teacher in the Fuitou sch6ol9 ( spent Sunday and Mondiy with her parents at their home Dear Sterling. She 'returned to Fuitou Monday afternoon. Tamioosten will give a big st Cooipauy E Armory Saturday eyeaiug,, T»say bwi worked well Isterliag mA he 4easrves a good ttsn4 Jt is to N iti|p(inl tbst fy<s, wili fas fey n , cf Vf^T'Tf, rr, Irsul hu»i5t» B ?. of f>ti fd^n'la in Sterling Harry John, of F«nro«i<s is conflnpd to ths house with an attack of the grip. Charles Martin, of Gap Grove, was In the city Thursday, visiting with frteads. . Nelson JtfcobB, of Jordan, was down on business Monday. Sold a number of fine cows, • Mrs. Joseph Houter, of Para, ia a giteat at thfl home of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Schmoeger. Ernest Pollock went to Ffeeport Monday afternoon for an extended visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. William Boehm spent Sunday at the home of Mr, and .Mrs. H. H. Hoover In Palmyra. John Little, of Chicago, arrived in the city Monday evening and in the future will make his home here. Robert Viesland, who has ' bean 'staying r at Jauiefi AndersdnYlh" the^Fif st ward all winter, expects to depart for othef regions this week. A - ' • PROGRAM IS READY. ATranfjciticnts Now Complete for tho Odd Fellows' AnnlTCttarjr. All arrangements for the first anniversary of the opening of the new I/O. O. F. Hall, Feb. 28,are now completed. All Odd Fellows and their wives, Rebekah's and visiting brothers are invited. The following excellent program will be rendered: Overture. ..Prestln'8 Orchestra Quartette, "Come, Love, Cortio"... Neldigler Messrs .Trigger, Stakemlllor, Aumcnt, Todd Reading, "The Raven"—- Poe : Charles O'Connor ; Saxuphono Solo, "Alexandria" ., .Lety Andre Hubcr , ' A Talk, "Good of the Order",.;............. Vocal Solo,"Waiting".... ...,....:... ..Mlllard Miss Ella lilchards Heading, "lutemcly Utter" Miss Stella Blrdsall ••;* .. Vocal Solo,"I Cannot Help LovingTheo'|.. John , Harry Schmoeger Talks, "Benents". .'..... •. Rev/Cass Davla Solo.VlolIn Obllgato,' l Flddleand I"..Go<)ddeyor Mrs. Arthur Peck 'ChalkTalk v .; Charles Kannally Trombone Solo, "Friendship" Harris K. W. Forbes , FLOCK &. DAVIS OPENING. New Bicycle Shop and Cigar Store Ready For Bu«lnes«. . ' • Flock & Davis opened their new bicycle and cigar store Wednesday. Tho boys are very comfortably situated and their, new quarters are quite attractive. The large room will be a salesroom in which all goods will be displayed. '/The tobacco as well aa bicycles and bicycle sundries. There are three, rooms in the rear of the building. , One 'will be used as an assembly room for wheels be placed in another room which will also be used for the repairing of tires and umbrellas. The work shop is the largest of the three rooms. The work benches and machines have been very conveniently arranged. On the whole the new quarters are a .decided improvement. . Everything about the place is neat and attractive and the boys will doubtless enjoy a large trade. The salesroom will be .iu charge of Miss Flock. ' --" LENT SOON TO BEGIN." " T M« • i r On frn Mr. ?f)f1 *lrp HOTT, MI- -To Mr. ftij.l Mr*. Fl ler, Thursday, Feb. 1«, SR97, a *^n, BOOK—TO Mr, arsd Mrs. Chsrlea Book, of near Emerson, Iharedsy, Feb. 18, 18B7, ason, '« Sunday, Feb, 21, , to Mr. and Mrs. John Ufken, a son. — To Frof. aafl Mrs. H.L. Chaplin, Sunday, Feb. 81, 1897, a daughter. . Weekly Weather Beport. W««k ending February 20. Sunday Monday * Tuesday ' Wednesday Thursday Friday — Saturday 7 a, ra. 30 28 31 30 22 1 24 M ia m. 34 33 30 37 .35 38 40 10 pm. 80 30 36 si 25 30 82 ** 38 88 88' 42 44 41 48 j 22 « 27 23 24 "a- 1 23 32 Tdww COLT.ECT'OB.— I hereby announce myself M a candidate for the office of Collector for the Towrmhlp of Sterling, at the comtogelcctlon, and I desire your support, UKBNARD BTKTJCKMAN. TOWN COM.KCTOR.— I hereby annotroco rny- oelf as a candidate for the office of Collector tor the XowDshlp of Sterling, at the coming spring election and solicit your support. ' Toivx COLtKCTOK.— I wish to flrinonnce that lama candidate for election to the office of Collector for Sterling Township, at the approaching Spring election, and respectfully solicit your support. I earnestly hope that you will use your Influence In my behalf with your neighbors and friends. Any favors extended in this way will be fully appreciated by ' ;• ..... • . fl. HOWARD. TOWN COLLECTOR.— I hereby announce myself aa a candidate for the office .of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and solicit your support. . • . , .••'-.•• PETEB O'HAIB. » OF HIGHWAYS.—I hereby announce myself ns n candidate for the office of Commissioner of HlRhwajs for the Township of Sterling at the coming election, and I solicit the suppott.of the voters. ., , . .. •, . ' ' MAUNSEI, VWJONKiv • COMMISSIONER OF HIGHWAYS,—IJieroby announce myself as candidate at the spring election for tho office of Commissioner of Highways for the Township of Sterling, and respectfully solicit your support, DAVID B. BUTT. , .—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for I ho olllce of Commissioner of Highways for the Township of Sterling, at the comlrg ejection, and ask the support of the voters. , •• '• FRANK S. .5. TOWNSHIP ASSESSOR.—I hereby.- announce myself as a candidate for the office of Assessor for the Township of Sterling, at tho approaching election, and solicit tho support of the voters ot the township. : ("• . ''J.A.'MORGAN. TOWNSHIP ASSESSOR.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Assessor for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and respectfully ask the support ot the voters of the township. • • •• • :•-.•.• F. F. FOMCB MAGISTRATE.-Ot, - hereby announce myself aa a candidate for re election to the office of Police Magistrate to the City of Sterling, for the ensuing term. • • •••• .. •• . . . J. M. GOI.TMAN.-' After March'3 There Will ba u Lull in • •-•Society. •'-..',_. . .'.. A week more of social diesipation and then Lent begins. After March 3 a visible, lull la society happenings will be noticeable. Easter is' late this year. Ash Wednesday is March 3, and Easter Sunday April 18, .Ia almost as late as it carr possibly come, Easter may come as early as March 22 and as late as April 25. It depends, evefyone knows, upon the phases of the moon, but just ttie rule of computation is not' generally known. Easter is always the Sunday that follows the full moon immediately following the spring Equinox (March 21). : If the moon fulls on Sunday, Easter is the Sunday next following. _._;'. ; A ROUND DOZ£N ENTERTAINED. Mr. and tin. A. I*. Krelder . Give a '...•'.. not Party,. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Krelder enter* talned a round dozen of their most intimate frienda at tbieir home .in the First ward Tdeeday with an Informal parity. The evening was spent in CQoversation and games, out of which no other crowd in the city can get more solid fun, During the evening light refreshments were served. v At, a comparatively early hour the party broke up, ail assuring the host and hostess of a pleasant time. ' • • .' ' , Lettur Wat, ^' , • Letters remaining in the Poet Otlice at Sterling, ill., for *.he week ending Friday, yeVuary,26, 1BU7: I*e, Miss Mattle, Myers, ar5. 8teu, Miss Mamie U. Borcb.8. 1 . Bart, Jxjwia. Miils. ti««ton W, Brown, U. K. Kuilika. -lacyb Csmery, Wui. fl. Wlicos. Wm. . A. Whso sailing for above Jetters please E Joay SON, F, M. 7' ' All personal taxes must be paid on or before March 10; Office open Wednesday and Saturday evenings' until 8 o'clock. , I?ANIEL HAHMON, 70tf Collector. , -Half Kate* to Washington. . Oh account o'f the Presidential Inauguration, March 4, the North-Western Line will, on March 1 and 2, and for all trains reaching Chicago March 3, sell excursion tickets to Washington, D. C., at one fare for the round trip, limited to return until March 10,. For tickets „ and information, apply to agenis Chicago <fc North-Western, railway. '" •'•'."/.- . ; ;' • ••.: :i ':"^" p ' ; -' • •.'{'•'•'.''i '• Something to Eat. / Did you ever try the Merchants Cafe? Everything first-class, tow prices. Good grub and courteous treatment, ,Try it, „; ' ' A S, A/ K, Wick Sells best Third Vein Coal $3.00 M ton " " Ind. Block Coal 9100 W ton "«,:•'- "• Hard Coal....... 87,50 fy ton " Lumber '87.0Q ^? M. and upwards Buys bay by wagon load or car load. ": Ear Corn at all times.. • " all kluda of Grain at highest value. " Buy« Clover and Timothy Seed, Transacts all of the above business at Bound Grpve, Ill< The personal taxes of Hopkins Township must all be paid ia by March 5th, Will be at Heed Bros., Emereou, on Tuesdays and Sterling National Bank on Saturdays. 8tl , . firCHABi> QNOKEHf, Ked«csd Kateu via. O, B, * Q. B>.]t.'.Por the Iaaugura.1 Cerempotea, 'Wsish- lugtoo, p. O., Murcb 4, 1897. • For above occasion the C. B, & Q. will eell tl ckMLto MashlBjitoji.flnd re-turn at a round-trip rate of one regular first-class fare. Tickets will be sold March 1, 2 and 3, and will be limited for return to March 10 For further information call on ticket agents of C. B.&Q. . » See herp! . , If you want Good Soft . Coal, try ImSalle Tliird Velp, New Kentucky^ or Hoeldugr Valley Best liar d Coal «till "Hard Times" Prices ou Lumber. Bring y wr bill and let me f how We are now offering a large assortment of Dress Goods for Spring wear* , ^ K % All Wool Checks ! Handsome Styles ait4 Colorings from 25 Gents up- . , All Wool Fancies \ In the latest Designs from 50 Cent up* $ We have just opened the best Stock of ' Black Wool Dress Goods . * *. , i . Ever Shown in Sterling. All the latest Weaves. We are Agents for the Sale !of the celebrated Priestly Black Goods - • , " " ^' • "Best Wearing Goods'in America- Call and see them, '* ' . . i ^ '/i j- • J. K. Chester. Your Cough Annoys You, Why then keep it when I, can furnish you a remedy that will please you by curing that Cough. The cost is small, being only 250- for a good sized bottle. Remember the place to get this cure is opposite the Gait House, A. R. HENDRICKS. Bargains in Shoes! Just a few left of those Shoes bought at 40p on the dollar. For Men, Boys, Ladies and Babies, T —and they jnustlje sold at the 7 Cash Department Store 800 Pairs of Small Sizes in Ladies* Fine Shoes, ,2% to 3% A. A. to C., worth from $g.60 to ,$4.00 a^Pair. Your choice, for one week - at $1:10, and all other regular sisses at 1 same low pnoes*, -- 40HN H, AHREN -i S,

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