The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 2, 1971 · Page 9
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 9

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1971
Page 9
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TV REVUE AND PREVUE ' Ogden, Standard-Examiner, Saturday,'October 2, 1971 9 j l ITTI C PFOPI I^S PUZZLE Television Theater Offers Top Billing By RICK DU BROW DY lxl**»V W DIVW¥» ' -' -*-"M J '" j «-iAVi . vfc<v^r\_b AW v\& MW -—j HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — The comedy about a customer who| non-comercial video network's has come to the same ."Hollywood Television restaurant for five years to eat Theatre" which has produced dinner and to make the waiter's such notable works as "The life miserable. The -play « Andersonville Trial" and about the worm turning." Sam "U.S.A.," next week begins a Jaffe portrays the waiter and i* _.^ —^JrtJ -*Arn nn XTV«j4 /~*\r*C'f* -tVtrt. yww^rtmoT* 'deservedly schedule. And viewers- can catch some choice plays. In addition to its usual full- length productions, which have become highlights of the public broadcasting service network, the "Hollywood Television Theater" this season will offer 15 one-hour presentations, beginning next Thursday with Murray Schisgal's "The Typists," starring Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson. They created the roles off-Broadway in 1963. As the summary notes, the play "takes place in a typical office where Miss Jackson, a longtime employe of a company offering typing services, breaks in a new -typist played by Wallach. Through their random conversation, these two strangers in just one day are able to learn more about themselves and each other."' OTHER PRODUCTIONS Other one-hour productions in this series include: —On Oct. 14, "The Police," by Slawomir Mrojek, a Polish playwright whose televised play is described as "a black comedy a satire about a fictitious country where the police have finally reached a state of absolute law and order. There is only one revolutionary left_in the prison and the play begins when he decides that is wrong. He signs the confession and then everything gets out of control as the police desperate- try to justify their exis- ns 1971-72 Ned Glass jthe customer. iy LI y w JLU3UU.J I^H-AJ. »-•*« tence." The cast includes Bob has a good scary Dishy, Fred Gwynne, Murray Hamilton, John McGiver and Neva" Patterson. from the iadies involved; Ste—On Oct. 21, "Lemonade," fame Powers as a haunted wo- by James -'Prideaux, with man who has inherited $5 mil- Martha Scott and Eileen Herlie lion after seeing her husband as "two matronly ladies in I plunge to hi s death, Louise La- Leokum, and described as "a. Pete Peter —"The Picture," by Eugene lonesco, "a wild farce about a j rich man who wants to make life beautiful by buying art from a young, poor painter." Tne fuiHengtn. proaucuons of the ".tloiiywoou Television theatre" win. begin in January a two-nour ollenng of toe .fercy Mackaye piay '"me Scarecrow," regaraea by some as an American classic, and starring uene Wiiaer as "a scarecrow miraculously brought co lite as an instrument ofj revenge but wno instead learns cne values or love and tne importance of being alive." Tnej cast aiso inciuaes iliisna Cook.j will Geer, JNina Jb'ocn. i^uel, Ann Doran- ana J£asiner. TONIGHT'S HIGHLIGHTS 7-8 (ABC) The Bold Ones' lawyers begin practicing again tonight, ana they open up with a snarp one. It is so strong, in fact, tnat trie studio rusnea it! througn to open the season; it wm ue only four weeKS trom shooting to airing. It's tne story ot a man.whose life is ruined Dy an employment investigating company. .tie strikes back—angrily—and Bwi ives, Joseph Campanella ana James i'arentino go to bat for him, but their triumph is hollow. Darren McGavin is the put- upon victim, and Kathie Browne treally Mrs. McGavin) plays Ms wife. 7:30-9—Movie of the Weekend -Sweet, sweet Kachel," which boasts three fine performances suburban America, on a hot Memorial Day who separately take it into their heads to go out and sell lemonade at the side of a highway for two cents j sation with each other, _the viewer gets an incisive insight into their lives." —On Oct. 28, "Birdbath," by Leonard Melfi, a psychological drama about "a struggling young writer working in a New York restaurant as a counterman and a girl who works in restaurant as a the same waitress." James Farentino . and Patty Duke are the stars. BECKETT SELECTIONS —"Beginning To Anthology of the End: An w __ _._ Works of Samuel Beckett," with Irish actor Jack MacGowran in a condensed version of his recent prizewinning one-man show featuring selections from Beckett writings. —"Neighbors," by Arkady Leokum, concerning "the encounter between a white couple in an affluent neighborhood who are selling their home to a black couple." The stars are Andrew Duggan, Jane Wyatt. Raymond St. Jacques and Cicely Tyson. tham as her aunt, a woman.who says she can talk to the dead, and Brenda Scott as Miss Latham's daughter. SERIES PILOT This is a pilot for a series for Alex Dreier, who plays a doctor devoting his life to the study of parapsychology and Chris Robinson, his blind assistant 8-10 (NBC)—Saturday Night at the Movies has a recent release, "Tell Them Willie Boy is Here," a 1969 film which represented a sincere try at picturing the prejudice the Indian has always faced. Unfortunately the try wasn't completely successful. Robert Redford. Katharine Ross, Rob-, ert Blake, Barry Sullivan andj Susan Clark head the cast. 8-9 (CBS) — Mission: Impossible is concerned with a Syndicate meeting at a ski resort in off-season. (The tram scenes were filmed " in Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.) Anyway, a bunch of gangsters plans to farm a holding company and in order to stop them, the IMF has to learn the number of a Swiss bank account because, according to Phelps (Peter Graves), "once an account number is known, it can —"Enemies," also by Arkady be attached. CAPPY DICK WINNERS Names of the boys and girls who are winners of sets of 200 educational state stamps offered as the local prizes for the most neatly prepared correct entries in the name-the-dog puzzle contest published in the Young Hobby Club department of the Ogden Standard-Examiner September 15, here are announced 1 today by Cappy Dick. They are: Linda Watts, 10, 3723 Eccles; Sheh" Sykster. 7, 730 Healy; Laurie Bonnell, 9. 1685 22nd; Rose Feller, 10, 3739 Fowler; Delores Rands, 11, 944 Orchard; Susan Hepner. 11, 568 W. 5000 S.; Dixon Cole, 9, 3263 Wall; Stephen Thorpe, 7, 1801 W. 2700 S., Syracuse, and Patti Williams, 12, 527 Holiday Drive, Brigham City. Winners of pairs of bookmarks offered as the local prizes in Cappy Dick's mystic maze puzzle contest published in the comic section Sept, 19, are: i Grant Maybury, 11, 1038 30th;' Linda Watts, 10, 3723 Eccles; Leslie Nicholas, 10, Route 4, Box 693; Julie Nye, 9, 851 Liberty; Curtis Roberts, 9. 153 W. 4350 N., and Brenda Teer, 9, 513 25th. Michael Perez, 8, 2855 Porter; Cheryl Taggart, 11, 2254 N. Mountain Road, North Ogden; Ketti Lynn Olesen, 6, Box 142 A, Morgan, and Lynda Richins, 10, 4328 S. 235Q W., Roy. CARNIVAL, By DICK TIMNfl "First thing wa'd have to do would be to shave! Can you imagine walking in an American city -with this?l" ANSWERS: Across—3. MICROSCOPE, 4. SWORD, . 5 CURTAINS, 7. CHAIR, 8. LAMP, P. BAN-1O. Down— l! STETHOSCOPE, 2. POWDER HORN, 3. MASK, 6. CALF, jr.-COMB* W& SHOULDN'T MOONl KISS. oveR--THe L11. ABNER NEVER UE.T THOSE _ • *• O GOBBL.EGLOPS LAND IN CHICAGO-AFTER •WHATTHE.V DID TO NEW VORK //— IT'S COVERED W!F GLOP.'. r TH' LI'L GOBBLEGLORS 1 MOUTHS ]S WATERIM'.?' WILBERT AND TAFFY J GAVE ME TKEIR. "^ OLD ROCK-AND-ROLL RECORDS -WASN'T THAT SWELL. OF THEM? WHATS SOINS ON, SLIPPY ? CONTRIBUTE? DELINQUENCY OF A MINOR' LANCELOT . LEAVE lTTC>Mg! , ) I'LL BUtLP tt& ONE J/ 1 WISH WE CGLJLC7 in 1971 bt HE*, lnc.TX hi. UJ. to Oil By V. T. HAMLIN NO SWEAT, MAN.' I'LL JUST HANS AROUND OKAY... i, , WAIT A MINUTEj WHAT ABOUT CLANK? ALL RIGHT. OSCAR.,, (SET HIM BACK TO MOO AS SOON-AS YOU CAN.' DO YOU THINK YOU CAN LOCSTE AUJ=y? .„ JUST A MATTER OF TRACK1NQ HIM • POWN,' IN MOO IS BOUND TO KNOW MIS WHEREABOUTS.'.. By DICK BROOKS JACKSON GOOP ENOUGH LII<EON A HOT, CGY CW/ (N 7EAFF1C *»OU SETTHEC51ALS BUCNJNG UP ALL THE GAS CUTS OUT THE CAC8CXS MONOXIPE ANOOTHECAIE YOQ SEE THE WHOLE SCENE WITH THE VB THAT MDU O4N c<~\*' ii^ i r^-M Ji—^J v-^-"i •• 11-" •«— ' • ^i_.-vj*«.— WITH THESE CViS TO GET COMPLETE X-/^A A CJ( 1/^TV\*J f By IANK LEONARD OKAY—I'M NOT LOOKIN FOR ANY TROUBLE THAT'LL JEOPARDIZE MY LICENSE.' WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT- RAYKER? PO YOU KMOWMURK ] MAYBE I DO, AN'WAYBE I DON'T.' WHO ARE YOU? JOE PALOOKA IN THE SECONP HALF, , SUSTAINS? PRIVE RESULTS IN A CONVERSION ' -WOKE AGAIN T.O.- FOKCUFFVILLG— IS GOGP.' NOW 'FA1RMOUNTI5 BEHINP-JO-7J FA1RMOUNT ACAPEMY JUMFSPOiTT TOflNEAKLY V-O LEAD AS A RESULT OF A 60 ,-,-.„ r.^,,-. • CUFFS1PE SETTLES FOR A ' BY BOBBY FIELPGOflLLffTEINTHESECONP- *^ •- PERIOP...ANPTHE HALF ENDS- WITH FAIZMOUNT IN FRONT 7-3 BUGS BUNNY IFIPONT WATCH TV THERE WONT ANY I HATE T' BE PfCKY, BUT SHOUUPN'TV BE WATCH IN'TH' ViTTLES/ INSTEAP HOW'S PINNEK CX5MIN' } PETUNIA? MY STOMACHS/ PLAPP1N1 RAGOUT FROM THE WORRY CLINIC Church Facilities Put to Work Daily By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Rev. James Williams, of Danville, 111., is a dynamo of religious zeal. "We have buses," he said, "to pick up the children for our Sunday School. "But during the rest of the week they are generally idle. "So we decided to put them to But the City youngsters walked to grammar and-;liigh school. , When I attended Central' High School at Ft. Wayne. Indiana, I hiked 2% miles to the building and then 2& back home in the afternoon. • . -Maybe that , would be a desirable innovation nowadays, the Nursing the elderly constructive use even week days. "Thus, we visit Homes and take — — . folks for rides into the country. "They get to see the farm crops growing and the beautiful foliage of autumn. "We also tour the city to let them view the new buildings and- even their old familiar home neighborhoods. "This perks up their morale and serves as a good tonic for their minds, as well as their bodies, don't you agree?" Yes; Rev. Williams deserves a double compliment. BRINGS HAPPINESS For he is bringing happiness .j scores of elderly folks who would otherwise be shut-ins. But he is also keeping church property in more productive use on other days than, just the Sabbath. ^ . Many residents in Nursing Homes may be so far away from their nearest relatives, that they 'don't see any kinfolk very often. And seldom get to take even a ,..„.. ~ , during j too, for then the kids could work off some of their excess energy • i - - - - - - short automobile trip. So you can imagine_ their eager excitement at looking forward to this bus ride each week! They anticipate it with almost .the same glee that youngsters 'view a visit to the circus. via the healthful habit of-hiking. So they'd not crave street rioting and vandalism to expend their pent-up energy! Another splendid humanitarium project for, the churches would be to -send birthday greetings and .other holiday cards to tne residents o£. Nursing Homes. This is an ideal form. of "home missionary" work that is often forgotten by the church Women's Societies and Young People's Organizations. Dr. Waugh's League o£-.lhe Golden Pen is also a superb method for actively channeling religious zeal. '•• • CHEERY NOTE ' It involves writing a cheery note of greeting or sympathy, or condolence to anybody who - is not on your regular mailing, list. It may be a total stranger about whom you have read in this newspaper. Or it can be the soloist at church or a genial traffic officer at a school crossing. But the words from your pen will then be golden in. their effect, so join this Golden .pen League at once! Send for my "Compliment Club" booklet, enclosing along stamped, return envelope, plus „ school bus is often an exciting novelty, for many oldsters have never yet been transported in a school bus. Up .till almost 1920, children in the country rode in horse-drawn school "hacks," as they were called. tew a visit LU uic uuuuo. *,i.M..» r .—, .~ r ^-.- _-- ---i- -. . And the very act of riding in 25 cents, for it also describes - - - -•'=--- the League of the Golden Pen. Always write to Dr. Crane- in care of this newspaper; •• enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 25 cents,'to cover typing End printing costs when you send for one of -his booklets.) -:'• THE HUMAN SCARECROWS HARVEST 6UARDS in. Java LIE ON A BED OF LEAVES IN £, SHELTERS,WITH > STRIPS OF CLOTH ON STRINGS .ATTACHED TO . THEIR BIS TOE -WHICH THEY/HOVE JUST ENOUGH TO FRIGHTEN AWAYBIKDS THE CHURCH OFST.MICHAEL IN MURATO, CORSICA, • WAS BUILT. FROM THE STONES OF A \ DEMOLISHED MOSSOE AND HOLDS , SERVICES ONW OHCE EACH YEAR I 1». mi.•»«!<<*• "-"* NEPTUNE^ DRINKING cup A NATURAL CORAL CUP • 2H"HISH AND WITH A CAPACITY . OF 10 6AU.OMS - FOUND AT A DEPTH OF60' M INDIA'S BAYOFSENSfiL FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen T -I biyOMO, SB. ...50 { .WlMK.THE WORLD THE

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