Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 3, 1936 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1936
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY EVENINQ, JUNE 3, 103C. THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Puinpa, Tcxai PAGE SEVEH THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson WHICH GREW M/L.L/ONS OF VEAE.S AGO ON THIS EARTH, IS ALMOST AS IMPORTANT TO US AS IS OUR. MODERN FOOD VEGETATION/ THE, COAL. SLIPPLV OF THE EARTH IS FORMED FROM THE ANCIENT PLANTS. HAS A TOTAL. AREA OR ONL_V e/GHT SQUAfZE M/L£S. ON NOV l<5>, I93S, A SCHOOL OF 2OO FALSfi KILLER. WHALCS CHARGED AT THE ROCKV SHORE ALONG THE CAPE OF- GOOD HOPE, AND IN SOME: INSTANCES, CAN HEAR. SOUNDS ... AND EVER.V WHALE: SOON DIED. VIBRATIONS PER. SECOND. SNAILS HAVE THE ABILITY TO LEARN SIMPLE LESSONS/ ID 1936 B1 NE» SERVICE, INC. TME: TPSAIL. OF •FOX, IN THE SMOW, CAN BE RECOGNIZED BY THE BfZU^f-f /WAf3/<S AT THE SIDE, /MADE BV THE BUSHV TAIL./ AND MVRRH, BOTH OF BIBLICAL. FAME, ARE. IN use. TODAV:/ MYRRH is USED IN SOME: 0 BRANDS OF TOOTHPASTE', FRANKINCENSE, il&tC* IN MUSTARD PLASTERS. ©1936 OY NEA SERVICE, INC. ©1936 BV NEA SERVICE, INC YOSEMITB NATIONAL PAHK is a'scenic masterpiece o[ more than HDD squire miles, but Yosemlte Valley is only n glaeier- Kcurrcd crock, seven miles long. Prior to the Ico age, it was a V-shapod canyon more than 2000 tee-t deep, but glaciers ground it Into a broad U-shaped valley. i INSECTS OUTGROW THEIR. AND SHED THEM, FROM TIME TO TIME. INSKCTS h:ivo llioir skeletons on the outside of their bodies, find, since the skeleton is hard and inclaslie, something must bo done lo necommoclnl'p Iho increase in size. This problem is carrel for by periodic moiling of the outside skin, or skeleton. Mayflies molt 20 times or more before reaching maturity. THERE. ARE ASOLJT &GHT THOUSAND SELECTED AND CATALOGUED VARIETIES OF WE of today are deeply Indebted to the carboniferous period ot millions of years ago, during which time huge forests ot curious trees and shrubs died and became fossilized Into what eventually became coal. Some idea ot the amount of vegetation necessary to form the world's coal supply can be gained when one stops to realize that some coal veins are 200 feet tlilck. A LUNGFUL OF HYDROGEN WILL CHANGE A BASS VOICE TO A TENOR/ THE VIBRATION OF SOUND IS GREATER. IN LIGHTER GASES. IN THE OF- PENNSYLVANIA, THERE IS A PRESSED SPECIMEN OF A £>&A /=£XI/V7~ GROWN BV CSRBGOR. MENDED., FAMOUS AUSTRIAN BOTANIST, ANC| USED BY HIM IN THE DISCOVERY OF " _, A PRINCIPLE GOVERNING THE INHERITANCE OF CHARACTERS IM AMIMALS AND PLANTS m breeding pea plants, Mendel discovered that certain characters depend on the presence of determining factors, and that the second and later generations of crossbreeds exhibit these characters In definite proportions. DOZEN GOPHER SNAKES ARRIVED AT THE NEW YORK ZOOLOGICAL. PARK AND S/X OF THEM LIVED. '©1936 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. fN OREGON, THERE ARE FOREST PRESERVES SET ASIDE- FOR. HUNTERS WHO HUNT ONLY WITH HUNTING WITH BOWS ANDARROWi ONLY GOATS HAVE TAILS THAT TURN WHILE. SHEEP HAVE TAILS THAT TURN ARCHERY Is undergoing a revival. Hunters, having tired of highly perfected firearms, are using the longbow. Arthur Young and-Saxton T Pope demonstrated the worthiness of this romantic weapon a rew years ago, when, with a government permit, they brought down several wild grizzlies in Yellowstone Park. WHEN THE GARDEN SNAIL- COMES OUT OF HIS . SHELL., HE LEAVES HIS AND L.UCMCB MVC2AX HAS SUCTION CUPS ON THE SOLES OF ITS FEET. WHICH ENABLE IT TO WALK UP A • . OPERA, TANNHALSSER., WAS SO WEARISOME TO EARLY FRENCH AUDIENCES THAT THEY COINED THE WORD "S(E TA/VMHAUSEfS." MEANING TO BOR.E. © 1936 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. ROCK FACg;.. ,/THE garden s'nail,, which is on his stomach, and only one Jaw,'. and' iVis |eeth are on his' tongue. His eyes are at the smi ,of long stalKs, .which extend out ahead. They, however, can be •\vit.lidra\yn when danger approaches. Ths eye slips, down through the tiollow st'alk. and' the stalk itself rolls down like a glove finger. FREQUENTLY KILL. THEIR. ANTAGONISTS BY DRAGGING THEM TO A STREAM AND HOLDING THEM UNDER. WATER- EXPERT- CAN GRIND A NEWSPAPER. INTO PULP, AND, BY EXAMINING A DROP OP THE PULP UNDER, A MICROSCOPE, DETERMINE FROM WHAT KIND OF A TREE THE PAPER. WAS MADE. COCUMSE1RS, BY WEIGHT, ARE 95% WATER.. © IMS BY NEA SERVICE, INC. "S'S TO a person who has made, a deep study of wood, every tree lias Its telltale "fingerprints." Even though the common- methods of identification he removed . . . the bark, leaves, flowers and fruit . . 9K-i yie wood ground to a pulp, the wood expert still- can identify ftach sample. AUSTRALIA DOES NOT PERMIT EXPORTATION OF THE CUR.IOUS OR *TT£DDY BEAR" EITHER. BRIGHTLY COLORED ©OTTE.R.FUES PREFER, GAYLY COLORED FLOWERS. ©1936 BV NEA SERVICE. INC. ONLV ABOUT ONE PART IN /,9SO, OOO, OOO OF THE ENERGY GIVEN OFF BY THE SUN EVER. REACHES THE: EARTH. BX'TTER PLIES often choose flowers with colors corresponding. or at least haniioniziiiK. with their own. Certain other insects have shown decided preferences for specific colors. Honeybees prefer blue, while night-flying moths choose white, possibly be- •-IHISP it is seen easily in the auric. WHEN THE MALE FEEDS HIS MATE, HE DELIVERS THE FOOD WEAPPED IN THE LIMIINQ OF HIS OWN STRAWBERRIES ARE THE: LINING OF HIS STOMACH MUST BE RENEWED BEFORE HE CAN FEED HER. AGAIN. OF THE. PLANT, PERSONS HAVING VERY KEEN EYESIGHT CAN SEE THE PLANETv/£/P/77£/e IN THE DAYTIME. ALTHOUGH Jupiter \s the. giant of the sim's, family pf planets,, it never is seen as brilliantly as Venus, because it is much farther from us It has a diameter eleven times-thai of the earth, yet it can be seen in daylight only under extremely favorable conditions, tine} then only by persons with, exceptional eyesight, Venus, how* •ver, can be teen dearly in daylight, at times. **$&.& $ ' A MOLLUSK. FOUNP OVER MOST QF THE WORLD, BORES HOLES THROLjQH THE'S>HELUS OF OTHER, MOLLUSKS WITH ITS . -FAMOOS ARCHER. OF percvA USING A BOW AND ARROW, X>< • .SW.LL GLASS BALLS OF F'/FTV. THEY WERE THROWN INTO THE AIR. AT A DISTANCE OF TWELVE sS**--* (..</ BIRDS CAN SAIL. AGA/N£7~ WIN P. ® 1936 BV SEA SERVICE. INc .MAURICE THOMPSON was wounded during the Civil War, and returnee) tp his home in Georgia. Doctors ordered him to live in the open air, and, since firearms were denied him on account of the war, Vie and his brother went into the wilds of Florida and lived on garnf: JtiUpt} with tjig bp,\v and arrow. L^er, these two brother! popuiarl*e'd the'spprt pi archery in the Uniteq States. SUCKLE THEIE. VOUNG, THE SAME AS ALL OTHER. MAMMALS. INTERN ATJON AL. ASTRPNOMICAL. UNJOlsJ RECENTLY READJUSTED THE BOUNDARY LINES OF THE S9 CONSTELLATIONS OF THE HEAVENS/ ALL STAR. ATLASES NOW WILL. AGREE /N THIS RESPECT; a . C3UL.L, WHICH DIED IN MOREHEAD CITY, NORTH CAROLINA, A SHORT TIME A<30, HAD A KNOWN AGE OF 49 THE! heavens are divided Inf) 89 constellations, 48 ot which were to tha ancients. The remainder were formed mostly during the 16th uud 17th centuries,' The now bouudariea are arcs of circles on the celestial sphere, corresponding tp circles of lpng> tude oa the earth. VICTORIA FALLS, „, IN AFRICA, ARE MORE THAN QNE M/L£ IV/De, AND MORE THAN TWICE AS DEEP AS NIAGARA. weus, A GIANT CATFISH, OF EUROPE:, GROWS TO A LENGTH OF SOME SPECIES MOLT THE1E. 1 TVENAtLS AT THE END OF SUMMER.. G-iA. THE water of Victoria Falls does not drop into a wide basin, as does that of Niagara, but dashes against the steep wall, just opposite, with such force that mist rises high into the air, like smplte, and is visible (or miles.. -The ana syrjcoj^ding the falls has been set aside by the Rhodesia.!} government qg a public parfc.

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