The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 1, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1914
Page 3
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Wednesday Evcnhc, Joly X, THE STENOGRAPHERS ·hould take care o{ thelr sy *' **" cause their livelihood depende upon their b*ln* »bl* M use their ey«» steadily. Eminent authorities »igr«« that eye strain IF 'he root of many nervous troubles. Proper Rlaesei- will »top headaches and prevent f u t u r e trouble. We are thoroughly equipped to examine your eyes, and grind proper glasses. Twenty years experience in Ju«t t h i s Vina of work n WUUAMS T PTDMETRI5T OPTICIAN. I Opposite Millikin Bank. 107 N. Water St. mm COUPLE MDJ[ Miss HanoraH Flynn Bride of James H. Simmons. Here! Men Of Moderate Hair Read This HERPICIDE Yon will often see a man who falfflia your ideal of · man in almost wary particular. He may have a good Bead, fine phsin.ue. perfect manners, a» m- lerestink personality and bear ·'·a*" with the distinguished air of a I«»tl«- man. His linen is immaculate ·»* hla r!oth« faultless as to cut and aaaUr- lal. Bui all the pleasant firit iaapm- ·ions are ruined when ou discover Ue collar and shoulders of hig cnat ewred with louse hair and flakes of dawJra'f. This Is an indication of personal eara- lessness. not to nay uncleanlinesa. Yo« feel like tcllinit him to get a bottle of Mewhro's Herplfide. and If yo», are a reol friend to him you WILL tell hlB. This remarkable remedy would In a short time remove «very trace of dandruff from his head, stop his hair from falling and prevent him from beeomtal bald. Bald-headed men always look eld. whether they arr or not. Dandruff In due to a (cerm which Cannes the scale-like accumulation Newhrn'e Herpiclde. used intelligently, rh«°cks this accumulation, prevents the hair frnm falling out and stops that frightful itchint: of the scalp almoat initantly. It has a most delijthtfal Herpiride is the original Remedy, Ihat destroys d a n d r u f f . There i» nothing in the world just like it. nothing nat n "Just as good." Npwhro's Herpiclde In 50c and tl.a» ·ize« Is sold hy all dealers who guarantee it to do all that is claimed. II you are not satisfied your money will te refunded. Applications obtained at the good barber shops. Send lOr In po^tagf* for a sample hot fie and booklet to The Herpldde To, Unit. R.. Detroit. Mich. Pt.rptn'- Drug *~fi.. Snpcial Agents. Obstinate Acne Yields Quickly ' Cheeks, Temples, Nose and Chin Nicely Cleared Aroola, July 1.--James H. Simmons, .'el! known broomcorn broker of this ity. was married Tuesday afternoon at o'clock to Miss Hanorah Helena Tynn, formerly of Mattoon. The wedding ceremony was performed by Rev Father M. J. Fitzslmmons at the cathedral of tne Holy Name on Jtate street. Chicago. The couple were attended by Mrs Mary Benson White of Chicago, and Hugh Healy of Arcola. After the service, which was the olemn and beautiful ring service of he Catholic church, the wedding party mjoyed a dinner at the Congress ho- el Mr. and Mrs. Simmons will leave Chicago the later part of the week or a wedding trip to the east, spend- ns two weeks at New York and At- n n t l c City. After their return they will make their home temporarily at Mattoon but expect to go to Oklahoma o reside within a few weeks. The bride is a native of Mattoon, a daughter of the lat« Thomas Flynn. One sister. Mrs. Anna Schllcker, re- ildes there, and another, Mrs. M. J. Mansfield, lives at Indianapolis. Mr Simmons has lived In Arcola nearly all his life and for the past several years has been engaged In the roomcorn business there, with offices it Arcola and A r t h u r Ho is well cnown to the trade and has an extensive business. BRIEF NEWS ITEMS FROM ELWIN and Beulah Kniple. "Barcarolle," "Japanese Lova ·«»»· ·A Perfect Day;" "Rockln In D« win; ·The Holy City," "A Gypsy Maiden I; 'Jest her way"--Mies Shafer. Bong--"Mission of a Rose 1 --rleta Shlvely. "Where the Flag is full of Stars;" Good night little girl Good nlCBt--»«»· Shafer. Admission free. HAMMOND WOMAN HAS BIRTHDAY Mrs. J. G. Hester Celebrates BT at Dinner. Miss Shafer o* Macon to Grve Recital Tonleht. Elwm, J u l y 1--Russell Joynt Sonr and iarle McClure of Harristown were the euests of Mr and Mrs. Walter Gar- rlott In Elwln. Sunday. Miss Grace Burt spent Saturday and Sunday near Macon rhe guect of Miss Ethel Patterson. Mr and Mrs. A R Coan of Decatur vere v i s i t i n g In Eln in Sunday even- ns. Madeline Wlpgs of Mt Zion Is spend- ng a few days In E l w l n , -visiting with Mrs. Clyde Jones Mrs. M. S. Burt and daughter, Dorothy and son, Luther are spending 'ew days of this week near Macon. Miss Florence Joftes. Marie McGuire ,nd Edvth Burt are spending this week near Maron. visiting with Miss Ethel Pattorson. Mrs Clark Vance spent Saturday and Sunday In Tuscola. the guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Smith Miss Geneve Sheeks and R u t h Geter of Champaign accompanied Mrs. Vance home Mrs. C A. Evans is spending a few days of this week In Dscatur. Mr. ant! Mrs J W. Burt and Mrl Clyde Jones were among the Decatur visitors from li»re Monday. Mrs N J. Kolp and daughter lorenrp spent a f»w days of last week In MOTOR ! Mr and Mrs C B Shivelv entertained at t h e i r home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. B Pillock. Rev and Mrs J. W. Elder and d a u g h t e r of Argenta.. Mrs. Sarrah Phillips ard d a u g h t e r of Decatur and Mr? lynn K r a f t and son Paul. Mtss Freda ,lo"tes spent last week near Macon the guest of Mrs. Edgar BoKgs Elrror K l d e r and son Robert of Decatur spent M o n d a v In Elwln Mr. and Mrs Clarke Snyder spent Sundav n e a r Elwm with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Burt Caroll Miller and Vane Marrle spent spent Sundav near Elwln with Mr, and Mrs Tom Wise and f a m i l y . PONG RECITAli Miss S h a f t » r of Macon will Igve a ong rescital at the Elwln Methodist church on Wednesday evening July 1. She will he assisted by some of the Elwln talent Following the recital the Ladles' Aid «oct«"tv will serve ice cream cake and lemonade in the basement of the churrh. The program follows. "Just awearvin for you:" "In "May Time:" "Mv L i t t l e Pegg G i r l " "Face to Face--MISP ? h a f f e r . Reading--Maude Knowles "Mother Machine, ' "The Down." "N'o- body just like you dear' --Miss Shafer. INTERMISSION. Intrumental Trio--' The Dance of the Demons." by Mary Hocker, Ruth Piper Hammond, July 1.-- Mrs. J. O. Hesler elabrated her sixty-seventh birthday Sunday by giving a dinner to aavmral of her relatives and friends. Tho»« present were. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hsalar and little granddaughter, Wllm* Burwell. and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hesler ot Lovington, George W. Traxler and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Garrett, Mimes lamella LeaMtt and Leona Weaver and Mrs. Mary Grlr.dol. OTHER ITEMS. Mrs A. A. Adams and son, Harold, of Llntner, were visitors here Monday afternoon. Miss Grace Gentry of Harval, la visiting here with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Folk Wllsdale, Ind , Sunday and attended the twenty-fourth wedlnf; anniversary of their uncle an aunt. Hestaln Hart and daughter, Mary, of Joliet, visited here over Sunday with the former's daughter, Mrs. R. R. Wortham. Mrs. Anna Hord and daughter, Lillian, of Villa Grove, spent Sunday with A, V. Cochran and family. Miss Ludle Fisher has returned home from Normal where she has been attending the university. Miss Annas Stark passed the week end In Decatur with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anders and daughters, Masses Eva and Nellie, and Miss Edna Harshbarger, of Ivesdale, visited here Sunday with W. L. South and family. Miss Delores Henry of Atwood, was here Tuesday, the guest of bar mother. William Murphy and wit*, Mrs. F. W. Taylor, T. E Stahl, David Takey and Joe and Charles WallU were In Windsor Saturday to attend the funeral of Will Walden. Mrs Bruce Fulk and daughter, have returned to th»lr home In Osbornvllle after a visit here with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fulk. Master John South has returned home from an extended visit 1» Becatur. He was accompanied home %r his cousin, Vincent Mason, for a, vlalt. Harry Roberts of Decatur, was a visitor here Monday. Bert Vancuren and sisters, Misses A4ha and Elizabeth, Mrs. It. E. Frantz and Frank Helfrick autoed to El Paso Sunday and were the guests of Dr. Homer Clark. ARGENTA. Mr Cramer, of Decatur, -wma a but1n«! caller Tuesday. S Hllbrant, Sr . and Samuel Hllbrant returned Sundav e-venlng from a. vlfflt with friends In Ohio Mr. and Mrs Fr*l Montgomery ace entertaining friends from Sprtngfl«ld thl« weak Burke- Kestlcr haa purchued a new automobile Mr and Mrs M. L. Colfman were buslneit callers Mondav In IMoatur. M1»s Beatrice Ptck. of C«rro Gordo, 1 vls- fting her grnndmother, Mrd. Francis McKee. Mr» Will Wl!ll»mci »nfl daughter. Miss Pearl, \-lslte1 TU««!»T with friends In De- Mr a«id Mrs Will Armstrong and John Armatrong were called to Decatur Tuesday by the ridden death of their sister. Mrs Bume Walker Mr and Mrs. Lut» Ruddoc-k entertained friends from Hammond Monda Mr and Mrs. E»rl Barnett, Mr and Mrs Frsd Barnett, of Dieatur, -visited Sunday with Mr. and MM. !·»·« Barnett Miss Sylvia Plerlon, of Decatur. visited Sunday with th« MMM Irene and Bemlce Plerson. south of town. Mr and Mrs. Van Hall, of Decatur, visllea Saturday and Sundair with Mr. and Mrs Willie Henile , .... Mrs Luther Huihes. of Macon I« vlaltins her parents Mr. and Mrs John PaTM FranH Benton returned home Sunday to Hartsburr. after a «hort visit -slth home At with a, Fairy's Wand · "lha' ' Tou say--"they are dlsappear- 1ns fnf ' aft«r a short use of S. S. 8.. th» wonderful blood purifier. Y*-i. those peaky little red spots do fade, awav quickly nor do they come back. Looklns through a powerful mlcro- ecopo vmi flnd the skin a marvelous network of tiny blond vessels, glands, ducts, and cells In all ot which the active principle of S S. S 1= at work: it Is driving out impurlti"". through the skin pores and nrw materials rush in to «r«it" and sustain now healthy tissue. Thli IMluonce Is rn'ried to the outer skin wh»rc the broken down cells and their"""i nerve bulb* are rebuilt, the red ?rioti dry up. flerk away and are reolareH t'V brind T --w skin. You w 111 thus waif no more time with external ointments fnr any form of skin trmibl" Be sure to cet a bottle of S S S. todav of ativ druirt; Shun all substitute. ron' be Imposed upon Insist «inon S 8 S Writn for book "What th« Mirror Tells" to The Swift Specific Co., 101 Swift BIdg.. Atlanta, Ga. SEALY Mattresses 20 YEARS GUARANTEED Will put an owl to sleep. Get them at Beer Furniture Co. 332-338 N. Main St. CURED Of Eczema by Saxo Salve Muspeth. L. L -- "My dear little baby's face wu covered with eczema and the constant itching waa so great tt kept him awake moat of the time. I tried different remedies without relief until I tried Saxo Salve, and now my baby'g face is well." -- Mrs. H. COFFRB, Maspeth, L. I. If we can't core your skin trouble with our Saxo Salve and Saxo Soap we will buy back the empty tube. Bills W. Amntnmr, Dmsstst, Dwatur. 111. Extrait de Treko The fascinating perfume with a subtle odor that always pleases. Also Treko Toilet Water. For sale by the following druggists. Call on them for free Treko samples. Armstrong's Pharmacy Bell Drug Co. Decatur Drug Co. Downey's Pharmacy Harding'b Pharmacy Horrall Pharmacy University Drug Store West's Drug Store Irwin's Drug Stores Kineaid's Drug Store Hildebrandt's Drug Store Hilligoss Bros. MONEY TO LOAN "en fnrniture. pianos, live stock, wagons, etc- and we do not disturb yoar property. We also make loans on watehas" and diamonds. We give you from one to twelve months to repay your loan. Onr payments are as low as 48 cents a week. You can pay either weekly or monthly as you prefer. * Bmall Loam 15 and op Lane or Short Time I LOAN COMPANY! ·Large Loans $100 Payments to Suit, Large or Small We respect your confidence and guarantee absolute secrecy in all dealings. We make loans in all surrounding towns.' Office open Saturday evenings. · Room*-7-8 Conklfn Bld«-., 144 N. Main. Bell Phone 2041; Automatic 1595. STORE CLOSED TOMORROW AFTERNOON Beginning tomorrow, we will close our store at noon each Thursday during the months of July and August Closed All Day . July 4th Open Friday night, July 3rd, till 9 p. m. MORNING SALES^ For Tomorrow Until Noon O UR mid-summer half holidays start tomorrow and we are going to make the morning hours ones of unusual activity. Our big July Clearance Sales have uncovered some wonderful bargains that are to goto our patrons tomorrow forenoon. REMNANTS OF WASH GOODS Fabrics from 12*kc Up to $1.50 A Yard for We and 15c F OE Thursday forenoon we will have one of our rousing remnant sales. Remember, the sale closes promptly'at 12 o'clock. At 8 o'clock everything will be in readiness for quick selling. The lengths are from iy 2 to 8 yards, and includes all sheer Summer fabrics, as well as ratines, new cloths, Durbar cloths, domestic and imported ginghams, etc. They are worth |A from 12%c to $1.50 a yard. We will assort them into two lots and mark ||J£ them at per yard Morning Specials On First Floor Boys' athletic shirts, woven neck and arm holes; 15c values ...8c lOc WOMEN'S 19c VESTS lOc Women's vests, taped neck and arm holes; 19c value, Thursday morning 50c BELTS FOR 25c Enamel belts in black satin, lined, all sizes; 50c values; until noon Silk girdles in black, colors and Roman stripes, in tunics, $1.00 and $1.50 values, £/ n P«sJ-. e now 25c TALCUM POWDER 15c Jergen's Rose de Lorine Talcum Powder; 25c values; Thursday only lOc TOILET SOAP 5c Maxine Elliott's Buttermilk Complexion Soap; lOc value 15c 5c 39c TO $1 CENTERS % PRICE Punch work centers in 24,27 and 36- inch pieces, from 39c to $1.00, at Price STAMPED COMBINATION SUITS 60c Ready made combination suits and gowns with buttons and button holes; values up to $1.98; Thursday .._-.. DOZEN SKEINS FLOSS 5c Royal Society floss in rope and India, in all colors, worth 2 for 5c; special, a dozen skeins PILLOW TOPS y a PRICE Stamped pillow tops, and table runners on art Bneiw and crashes, from 39c to $1.25, at Wonderful Values in Children's Clothes Dresses, 2 to 6 Year Sizes at One-half Price Pretty new gingham and percale dresses, made m « low belted and Dorothy styles; simply fashioned, daintily trimmed and easy to launder. All our little dresaes over $1.00 at one-half price Thursday morning only. $1.00 dresses for .· · ·...·=·-·-·;»»:·-· · · · ·*£ $1.50 dresses for .-. ...·!·»:· ·» ·-· $2.00 dresses for.. TM ' " V " * I Rompers worth up to 79c, for Thursday morning only, reduced to · · - - ··,, TJM .i.. Fine gingham in plain or striped tan, blue and pink, kittle beach and high neck styles, yaluea J.HP up to 79c for , ·« * Our new white pique and linen coats, also pongee silk coats, made in wide range of attractive styles for the little miss of 1 to 5 years. Coat values up to $3.50, Thursday only... Coat values up to $5.00, Thursday only... Junior dresses, sizes 13, 15, 17 years. Values up to $6.50, reduced to.......... Stylish outing and afternoon frocks in fine* cambric, trench gingham and linens. Lovely plain and color combinations m variety of becoming models. All to sell j*O OQ for Thursday morning only at «J7tP»t_»«/ .$1.95 · · - j»O . «PU« Towels and Muslins Priced Very Low 29c TOWELS FOR 19c All linen buck towels, full 22x36-in. size, plain hemmed and hemstitched edge, guaranteed to be "I Q/» worth 29c; special for each J-«/\^ 12y 2 c BLEACHED MUSLIN FOB 8//3C Extra fine full bleached muslin, full 36 inches wide, free from starch and dressing and good value for 12i/ 2 c yard; special for a yard 32c SHEETING FOE 24c Extra heavy full bleached sheeting, full yards wide, fine, free from starch and dressing and good value for 32c yard; special 24-f* for a yard A'*^ %c MUSLIN FOR 5c Good weight unbleached muslin, fine for lining and worth 61/2C yard; special for a yard lOc TOWELS FOR 7V 2 c Extra fine and heavy huck towels in plain white and red border, full 18x36-in. size, always our leader for lOc; t special for each EWSPAPERl MEWSPAPEJRl

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