The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 7
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-SATURDAY,: jUNii : 30; -ly^ THE HUTCHINSON NEW 3; Guaranteed Electric Fans We are •howing a complete line of guaranteed, standard electric fan* at very special prices. For example we have an 8 -inch guaranteed standard fan at $7.50. Come in and let us show you. 4 North Main Phone 021 STA1NFL00R FINISH »rr«m«n» T VMWIsH eoMBmu rtwrwisinm AU.KMM Or nooss. ruHBTum, > eto,nv/ USHTM* usnoM •OLDEN UK Cmxf mum HAKOtAHT' WMACKlTt WEEN TMNSPMOtr MDiRCOAf W.WTBUWK BTA1NFLOOR FINISH can be used on uvr wood surface, whether previously finished or not. It la very durable, tough and elastic | It will not crack, mar white, or chip. II can ha applied by anyone. ISOLD BYI C. F. BUNTE COAL COMPANY 300 South Main Phone 68 CYLINDER REGRINDING The latest and most scientific method of grinding cylinders. A wet process, giving a finish far superior to any other method. Come In and Investigate. We are distributors for Gabriel Snubbers, parts and Service. Stromberg Carburetors and Service. . Blublaze Timers for Fords. Double Seal Oil Control Pistons and Rings. Welborn & Rose Auto-Machine Co. 7 and 9 S. Walnut. Hutchinson, Kansas Phone 468 PAGE SEVEN, PAY DAY Tills la pay day In our Savings Department. Our customers who have savings accounts aro to-day receiving credit tor an additional -amount. This represents the Interest we pay twice a year on savings and Is extra money for our depositors. Savings are wonderful things—they soon build up Into a snug sum and are at work all the tlmo earning money for you. I( you are not all ready on our "pay roll" take part of tho very next money you receive und start a Savings A> count. OVER SOUTHWEST KANSAS WESTERN KANSAS IS A VERITABLE GARDEN Garden City Boaters Find Pastures Never Better Than at Present Time. Garden City, June 40. —Southwest Kansas baa the moat luxuriant growth of pastures and crops ever known. A largo party ot local business men made an auto tcur ot ten counties the past week and bring this report from evory locality. The native buffalo grass prairies are rich in the finest grazing growth and could care for many thousands more of cattle, even though more herds have been brought In from Arizona this spring than ta any other year since tho war. Practically all Che w<heat has been plowed under.—There are spotted C»BOS , how- over. Near Tribune In Oreeloy county 40,000 acres of wheat thait will average well up toward 20 bushels are reported. In northeast Lane county Is enough wheat to bring the Dlghton elevators considerable business. But tho farmers' hopes everywhere else aro planted In tho thousands of acres of row crops, largely corn, niilo maize, broom corn, kaflr and Sudan grass, with a record breaking yield ot alfalfa In the three Irrigated counties, Finnoy, Scott and Koarny. A rainfall exceeding the average annual record has turned tho whole ot western Kansas Into a garden since April 26. Tho planting was very late and Hi a frcqueut rains have delayed cultivation, but every sign promises a great crop, unless frost comas very early. The men who made the trip found very little activity in the towns but great faith In the season was expressed everywhere and the fanners are optimistic an never before, with an optimism tinged with fear that the bottom will drop from under tho market In tho autumn. quicksand last Sunday. Wlllard Robins was driving a mule team and had two mules in the lead when he attempted to cross the steel bridge north ot town. The mules refused to cross and he decided to try to for the creek, when the animals plunged In to the troacheroua sand and sank rapidly. Robins at once turned the mules loose and succeeded In getting them out. The buggy, however, was too far gone to be rescued. UNION SERVICES AT LYONS DURING SUMMER SANTA FE PLEDGES DODGE READING ROOM In answering advertisements Please mention The* News. Dodge City, June 30.—A now-reading room for thoir accomadatton will he one of the things to look forward to In 1921 by tho Dodge City Santa Fe mon, according to an announcement mode by A. V. Whelan, superintendent of the reading room here, after a visit made by S. E. Uusser, general supervisor ot reading rooms. According to the reports a three wtory buMdinig will bo erected and in addition to the space (or tho reading room, it will provide accomodations for fifty trainmen and others who run Into Dodgo City, It will occupy tho site of the present building. Ministers Arrange Vacations so One is There All the Time to Head Church. Lyons, June 30—Lyons mlnlstesrs wttl begin taklwj their annual summer vacations next Monday. As la the custom In Lyons, all the churches uitlte In the-tr services during the summer months, and tho ministers have planned their vacation so that at least ono minister will always be Jeft In Lyons. Rerv. C. E. H»mw.n, wttih Mrs. Haunan, will leave first, motoring to Alliance, Nobr., for a short visit with relatives betoro going on to Denver. Rev. H. A. Chappedl of the Methodist church, .will take a month's outing in Yellowstone park where ho will be Joined by his brother, Rev. B. 3. Chappell and a nephew, Rev. H. B. Chftp- pell, nml together tho three preachers will spend some time. motoring through the park and cajnplng along trout streams. Rev. and Mrs. Lees of tho Prasbytnrlan church will start July 23 to drive through to tho Atlantic^ coast, stopping at Philadelphia and New York. Rev. B. F. Griffith, ot the Nazarino church, will spend his vacation, attending a convention of his denomination next September. Rev. C. JJ . Burford ot the Baptist ohurch will take an extended vacation in tho west. GAVE FINE CONCERT. CAT ATTACKS MISTRES3. Animal Disappears After Biting Chase Woman—May Have Had Rabies. Ohaso, June 30—A cat believed to ba suffering from an attack of ritbios suddenly sprang at its mistress, Mm. Beryl Prorritt of this place and bit her. lacerating tho sktu In many placcH. Heretofore the cat had beon docile and affectionate! and after tho attack disappeared and can not bo found. It was thought to have gone suddenly road. About a month ago a dog on the Profitt place went mad and it Is thought It might have possibly bitten the cat boforo It was killed.- Mrs. Profitt was out In her garden picking peas when tho cat attacked her and as soon as sho could knock It oft called a physician who cauterized the wounds. HOISINGTON WATER SUPPLY IS MEAGRE City Confronted With Necessity of Action Since Well Caved In. Hotstngton, Juno 30*—That ever recurring question of a sufficient supply ot city water has bobbed up again. Several weeks ago the best wsll the city had, at the Blood creak punvplng station, caved in and since that tiros it has been a struggle for the water department to keep pressure enough to make water run out ot faucets In the high parts of town. A special mooting of the council was held to consider the water proposition, and a committee was appointed to either have the well that caved In fixed or have a now well drilled. They are now In touch with Philip Schwlndt of -LaCrosso who made a proposition to furnlBh water or no pay. After the well caved In, new casing was put In the hole to a depth of about 60 feet and ths pump was Btarted. but the hole almost Immediately filled »p with fine sand. Another thing that helped along the shortage of water was finding a dead pigeon In the stand plpo last wook. Tho water was let out and the stand pipe cleaned and since that time dl-. rect pressure has been used and will be usod until the stand plpo can b« filled again. Stafford Water Short. Stafford, June 30.—Failure of a new pump to arrive at tho oltiy waterworks has caused a Bhortago of water hero and tho eUy officials are asking tho people of the town to conserve as much as posslblo. The pump was to have been hero May 1 but something haT»poued and Stafford has boen In a bad tfhapo. Now it will bo here within a few days It Is hoped. SAVED MULEsTBUT LOST BUGGY IN QUICK SAND Ouymon, Jans 30.—John Gardner whose home Is located some fourteen miles north ot Guymoa. had tha-mis­ fortune to lose a buggy In tha Boavar Musicians from College at Hays Entertain Kinsley folk. Kinsley, June 30.--The Gilbert M. Lewis Post, American Legion auxiliary hero put on a concert last week which was ono ot the finest musical events over brought here. Tho best part of it was that It was a western Kansas collego faculty which put on the concert. The artists were from tho Toacher3' college at Hays sud ware Miss Zella Clark, soprano; Miss Jessie Graluger, pianist; Miss Besslo Tillotson, dramatic soprano; Miss Ila Mort, dancer; Miss Bernlce Fowler, contralto; Mrs. Clara LUUIBO Malloy, violinist; H. E. Malloy, baritone and Mrs. W. A. Lewla, accompanlsL FALLEN LIGHT WIRE NEARLY PROVES FATAL Lyons, Juno 30. -An elootrlc wire burned In two and falling on a clothes lino during the storm Thursday iilK'ht caiuo •mighty near tauslng Ube di-ath of two Lyono mon. Tboy were hastening to a fire in thoir neighborhood and were going across tho back low of tholr neighbors When I3mtl Humphrey rocuived a shock which knocked him lUil on tho ground. Frank Taylor who was right bestdo him was shookod less severely but turned clear around In this tracks and a Wash of lightening juat then revealed the ca-use of thoir shock. It was a close call. PLUTOCRAT HARVE8TER. Texan Continues to Work In Field While Waiting for Fortune. Chase, June 30—Chase has a plutocrat harvest hand working In the fields of John Pattou this spring and ho likes work, and despite tho tact that money U to be his soon, still works on. Boforo going Into the harvest Holds he had a small job at a Lyons salt planL This spring an uncle died, willing to this modest hard workor a huge Handed fortune In Texas. It includes a big ranch and many farms, in cultivation by about eighty tenants, and when tho estate Is settled there will be several thousand dollars in ready cash. STAFFORD TO HAVE MODERN WHITE WAY Stafford, Juno 30.—Contracts have boen lot hy the city council for 4^ white way poles on the five principal blocks of tho town. Each block on Main street "will have five posts on each side of the street and each way on Broadway will have tour posts on each side of Tho street. The posts will have one largo lifrht of 850 candle •power. Some were favoring the cluster lights but it was decided that the ono large light would be bolter and less expensive to run. CORN BRINGS MORE THAN NEW CROP WHEAT Great Bend., June 30.—For tlie first time in several years, corn was worth more than' wheat in droit Bond Thursday. Two of the three looal mills wore paying 77 cents tor whea* and unother 80, whlls all were paying 80 cent3 for corn. Veteran Restaurant Man Dead. Mulllnvlllo. June '30.—Austin 'W. Follara, who has betin In the mercantile huslposs hero for the past 18 years, diod at the Hal stead hospital following an operation for appendicl- tus. He suffered snveral days hoforo going to the hospital and by the time tho operation was performed gangrene had sat is a&4 the ease was hopeless. Starting Monday—Store Hours, 8:30 to 5 O'clock; Saturday, 8:30 to 6:30. Clean-up of All Spring and Summer Hats Beginning Monday— Our entire stock of Spring- and Summer Millinery — Excepting- felts—will be greatly reduced in price for this clean up sale. All of our high priced hats will be divided into two groups to sell at $3.00 and $7.50. All of our mid Summer Mats, including white ones, will be sold at £ price, these were formerly marked up to $30. $3.00 $7.50 This lot includes dark straws in fate spring and early summer models. Large and small shapes. Embroidered silks in the popular poke shapes. Tiair braids, taffetas and milans in black, white and colors. In this variety of shapes you will be sure to find a becoming- hat. 1-2 Price All of our mid-summer hats, including- while, will be offered at half price. Straws and fabrics are the materials most: used, with frinnning.s of flowers and hand work. Prices previously ranged to $.30.00. Children's hats will also be included in the hall price group. READ CAREFULLY! The different things that you casi get done to your car in the best equipped and only complete autom obile plant in Kansas— AUTO REPAIRING TOP BUILDING PAINTING BAKE ENAMELING UPHOLSTERING FENDER and BODY ROLLING You Take No Chances—All Work Guaranteed! DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE TIP s Phone 200 EALEY'S ERVICE TATION 15-17 Second West GARDEN CITY HAS FULL YEAR'S RAIN IN VOLUME Ctardor. City, Juno 30.—Since April 2C there has fatten 10.31 Inchos of rain here, making It the greatest rain •fail In the same longth of tlmu known to this country for many years. The average annual rainfall for the pant 15 yoars amounts to 17.51 Inches. Start Playground Work. Kinsley, June 30.—The playground work outlined by tha hoard of education will sunt next week under the direction of Prof. L. C. Workman, In Kentucky, Bvansvllle: A small tract of land near Bvansvllle, Indiana, lying north ot tho Ohio River, belongs to Kentucky. As a result of a change In the course of tho Ohio Rlvor tho boundary marker between Indiana and, Kentucky la ou the north slda. How Come? London—-The steamer Maestlo arrived In Southhampton from her return trip from New York and, according to reports, liquor appeared on deck, mysteriously, as soon as the tluuu wlio limit was cloarod. Electric Fans! H OW about it, Mr. Business Man? Do you find it a hardship to work in your office with Old Sol sending his temperature over your desk? It should bo no hardship if your office is equipped with arctic breezes furnished by an Electric Fan from our complete display. Enjoy the cool, refreshing atmosphere of the Colorado mountains and your work will be a pleasure. With one of our fans you will get more out of your personnel and at the same time make life more pleasant for all concerned. Ramsay-King Electric Co. Phone 316 421 North Main In answering advertisements, please mention The News.

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