Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 10
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OECATUR-HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 8, 1930. OECATUR HERALD get thit 3 urns H ^ I. no womlei you so well (tressed nnd clu.!, b e c ix u « r i' o n l y feature* meichnndine. Thr iri who wnnts l i br Iv drrwrrl will (to hat I you only paid $59 at benutiful cont? *ny he has many priced at $49.00, 0 and $89.00, with iful fur collnrn. hi nit your cott the iiext par merit thnt ) sern thi* "(jBdon,** We Invite BEAUTY : : HEALTH :: DRESS :: CHILDREN Give Your Child a Lasting fear of Insects Mother's Flurry For Flies and Moths Can Build Up Fright MYKTMC MKVEU BtOKKU I S THEIR (ixporlmontii with In' (*nw. piyeholoffUits huvo become 'convinced tfM inoit of the fears t c»iry through I|[u arti un- y. Our only ,,,, Innate (ears »r» of Icutl nounuti and ot tailing. «nd , n the ethers are In lonw w»X hlJ*J- ,j to thone. The tdult who («»nt u huntrttl ihlntr* ** n hifdljr rwllne that hl« nrly tductition i ( Mpenilbki fui IBM. and not any TM) urrer of that which he dreadH. A Mkder ftitha tbte luwtlon, "\Vhat nhall f do foi a ehUd who 1* ufvuld of file*, tnothti, In IKt «v*ry Insect? -Her m Kid en, fomnu when oho itees one feJrly tahu IM «ff ny I«*t. and recently 1 matin [ IH nlitalie of epanhlnt; her whun| ib« mid* me so nnrvoutt by scream-' lu, «b* ii tlx yo»« old, healthy, MU veil *nd sleopu from 7 o'clock «t al|ht, I have done my bent to ex- plttn thoy will not hurt her, a n d , eufbt · moth ttnd hfld It to my 1 nM« to show that the need nut b« frlfht«D«d, I nm alrttltl trouble IK sbMdi what would you do?' MutlM)r'* AvMWIon More than likely you youreuK h»V( the good housekeepur'B uaurtl avenlon to ftlw and Insects, and from un **rly nft* tho child has probably h«*rl uumo Kiich rcniarku M, "Oh, thfwd horrid Tllox, £ Ju«i h»ve to gtt rid of them," or "There'* » moth, for gtiodneiis Rake kill It!" Being observant, tho child htix built up the very natural Id MI there IK tomethlnfr to roar. This IH difficult to eruso Ami the child IN to tu pitied, for her tvtmu art; vtry rtnl ntid ttho MUfCorti from the in But you nnl 1 know that shti i irotildn't ucronni out like that In Khwl, o your emotloniil reaction whtn iho doett la largely rtwponitlbte lor provoklnpt h«r to mor^ Hcrniuns Evtn If Hht In ufrnld, »ho need not iinet In Just thi* poi'tteuliti manner. 0«t hei' A rly swuttor ttnd »how !«!· Iww to u*o It, Tho wrj' «ftMty ot f something about the InnocUi holp tin lose thin fimi- of them Work* for Her Tribe MM. Alic* Brown Although ahe has paued her 78th birthday, Mrs. Alice Brown Davis, of Wuwoktt, Okla., U as active «t «vcr in seeking the general w* fare of her tribe, the Okctahoma Seminoloi. Mrs. Davi* vrai the first woman ever to govern an Indian tribe, having boen appoint' «d chief in 1922 by ..President * Harding. Turroia ate dispelled whun wo ga Into action iiuitead of altUog Bttll an bolnic overwhelmed by them. Tuk car« not, to act etctrtled -when sh ncreanta, make no umluo fuss abou it even If you arc upsot, but Mnd he the fly swatter urn! toll tier to g utter thorn. Our Icadn on "Jt'eaia" ought b«ll you to a butter unaersUn of th«ni Any reader niuy lmv« thi for enclaulntr thu uaual aclf-ac drosuud, atampcd cnvulop with cac Tomurruw; "Bttbluit J)u HimtM Utul I'-mMJInji, itut Flity Sufo!" HOT TOWELS TOO , DRASTIC FOR USE i ON ONE'S FACE 11, HERALD PATTERN You beautiful coals }fi itaionable prices. Mpmtitt new Decaturs - Store lurnS , READY TO WI i 19 NORTH MA i K irt |K exttnmrly otfm- In her top ceat which it) trlintncd with u de«p cape. it « snugly fitted collnr, too. ·« you wish to omit the capo. «n 2020 will bo warm und scr- ;*J]J»I« maclu of tweod, ohlnchllln «««h o r 1W(fei For R baat eo|lt vel _ I*"*' » r hiundcioth would he lovely, ·"*". Win, red Rreen, tan nni dull * W * Kpul ' lr eo|olft to r be abt»lncl omly int sixes 2, «· * Hlr« 4 ruuli(;M l uri ol 01 «· * Hlr« 4 *mt FTFT'EBK CENTS «RO in wrapped, or stamps, n. Write plainly yoxir ) and styls number, BEi STATIC SIZE WANTED. M«*i FiMnitu* BMHlty 1 «f\BAR MISS GLAD: I have U tariff number ot blockheads o my fflcn, and I find It moat illfflcul to omtlleato them. T wnw advlsuU t iun Jiof towvli on my fnco to opo thn poict, mid then to remove Hi oxtranooiH mtittci. Do you think t Is a (rood ]l»n'' "(iRACIB.- I (jDiaonally ttilnk that hot toivel at'« to(» tlfttsllt! anl too harsh a treat ment for th tende'r ekln of tho f Tf yoti Htcnin and scaJd your face with hot towoK tlt muHcIn (Ibors of thn ukln will become weakened and thn fnclftl unmclea will grow rcluxcd and flabby The purpose of hot towels Is to open tho porea, BO that the dirt that dlstemli thorn mi\y no move entity rumovinl, You can acconiplbh thlft mot* soffly by wnohlng the face with warm water und soup, and then the skin -for a few Win- with an oil or erciim The lu- When GrapeMly Won'tMThere May Be Many Reasons, And You Might Just Can It In Liquid Form OLIVE M. YOUNG / 'MiUlkln UnlvuntltyJ 2EVKBAL Inquiries have come In gi'apo j«lty that would! not ]*H. \ It tho Jelly WUB made (roiji ilpe, blue grapea und a lui^o amount of Used In inopurtlon lo tho amount of juice, tht tioublo prob- ubly IB that theru wan already a ul-fe'« amount of autur In tlic grape iulcu and (hat tbo pwtln und acid which are uccessmy to make a good flim Jolty were lucking Both of these hitfi'Odltntu tent) to disappear when the fruit ripens It (a puilblc that the mixture might be made to jelly by reheating and adding ubout one cup of certo for each four w fiv« cops of tho mixture, but Ihure If no that It will. It might be thinned a little Banned lor uite UB Jukti, niay be canned tts It is by a Imply btlnglng It to a good boll una canning In uleilllzcd Jar a, and then using it for making giapo wtfter ice or shorbot, Tbla lit an especially dollcioua leu to sorvo with a tliimci- mid a Hltlo later wher. tho wild ducks are In season could be uued to aeive with a wild duck dinner. PRAISES DOCTOR AS INDIGESTION PAINS VANISH Editor of Tht H«r(ud. 1 " 11 P1m "" " nd *"· for which *end me Pfttttrn. *« "For seven yenre ! kept tryimt med- fcingi, hoping to got relief from indij(c»tlon," says Mrs. Grace Wheeler. 153 Church SI., Highland Park. Delroit, Miclii«u». "Nothing really helped me. I got so I never felt quite riufit; wns tired add weak. I would bloat and have awful suck ueudnches oflw every men). "Now it's n different story. I got bark most of my lost weight in n lew months and (eel fine, Nearly everything ncrees with me. When anything sturla to disagree, n taWet ol Diu- uepsin has me comfortable ui a minute. "My doctor ordered me to take these wonderful tublcU mtd I siire tltiiok him for his advice. They're just tike candy to eat; but they work Leller than any medicine I could For years, tending physicians have endorsed Pane's Diapepstn. All drug ·tores acll the handy bones, bet one and the next time heartburn, headache or nausea appears, soothe your stotnnch and mnke digestion complete with one or two of tho pleasant, candy-like tablets. If you would like « personal demonstration of their merit before buying, write "Pope's Dtapepsin," Wheeling, W.Vo., for a FKEb! trial box. Will you please toll me how to can both red and green sweep peppers? A FRIBND. Wash well and cut off tho tops and remove seeds and whltp Inside membrane**. There Are two way* of removing the .thin flint like ukln. Ono Is to bake In a hot oven until the ekla cracklw ana beglni to blacken, take Irom the oven and cool and peel off thin skin, 1}. In oaaier to do this with' the ripe, red ones than with the green onei. For the green ones, cover with boiling water and boll for ten niln- utes. This will soften the skin and If It can not be removed easily It will not apoll ibe product. Pack Into small jam, the half pints are beat aa one does not wUh lo'-uae much at a time and peppers spall very quickly after being open ed. Usually a small jar will hold live or nix. Proas down well and odd ono fourth teaspoon Malt, fill up with boiling water and screw the tops on loosely and pioceai for two hours. For the red one do not add any water but add one tablespoon of cooking oil and put the topn on and sterilize as the greens ones. It makes » very attraotiv* jar to put In both the green and red ones alternately, and they are nice to U this way in making salad*. fodafs Stores Sett Beautiful Things Cheaply Miss Cameron Marvels At Color and Design Now Available By WITH CAMERON B MORE I givt pralM tor the beautly of deilgn and ooMor r. iMXiMQilve thing*. Tho thJng that ttarted m« thinking of that today wu an ornament the Authormaa hought for Hli boat It wu a conventionalize bird In chromium plat*. It ww Mild and well made and the design of it, tbt lit and tuggestlon of »pe»d w»r« marvalow. It ooit We. Tra y«aw ayo either It would have cott M.OO brlcant will soften tho skin and open Ihe pores moat effectively. Vigorous dally exercise will help to break up thu tatty tissues on. the knees. Stand «ract, htinda on hlpa. Do a running step In place, lifting the knees fls high «J possible, toes pointed downward. Do not exhaust your- aolf in doing this exorcist-. [ Stand ori'ct. kn^ muscles taut Put your wtlt'ht on your lefl foot, lind pcilnt tho toe of the right foot dawnwaiil Keeping the Itnce muscles t fekl, swlmj the rlffht leg as high ai you con Do thin ten tlmos, nnd then tnwcrac le^a Stitnd etect, hoels about an Inch apart, to«s pointing oucwaid Without moving thu feel .tensu tho leg rmwcluH, and wlowly foico Ihc Iincea aa cloae toguthoi as you can. Repeat this exerche 20 times To supplement those exuiclses, you may use a solution of eight ounces of alcohol Into which two squares or gummed camphor have been dts- gotved. Pat the lotion on tho knees twice cscli day It will help to cx- pctllto thf teniovu) of the fat As this lotion is drying to the skin, it is advisable to apply n bit of cold oiuam to the knecb after Its use. DR. CLENDENING FAVORS SPINACH AFTER ILLNESSES By LOGAN CLENDENINO, M, D S PINACH IS one of the oldest of vegetables, Trom the standpoint of Its general use. AM I have often noted before, wo moderns "would hardly know the iooda nerved by on: remote ancestors, Certainly wi would not consider anything at thel: tables fit to cat The long ptocea of cultivation of ifuils, ben lea, vegr rtnbles, cereals, and even milk am animal flesh, hutt given us a taW unexampled In variety and appotlz lngnes» (If there Is any such word, Spinach probably originated In Eu jope iroin Persia, During the expan Hive period of the great navigators many then strange lood utuHa wore Introduced Into Europe. Thus dnr ing the fifteenth century and early sixteenth century, spinach, potato** and a few others first appeared on English tables. Catherine of Aragon wife of Henry Vm, flrat prepared greon salada for ber adopted coun trymen. Spinach grows well nearly every MODISH SHOES OAUPP'S offer footwear in the exacting work-' manship that you demand, and in style that's down to the moment. Every desired leather, style, and color is included. Here you'll find in any of these three popular price groups, the Footwear that bent becomes you. Matrix ^ Stetson Th n so quality shoes arc offered in attractive tailored etyki, ho* From Pedigo Styles ThJa group Includes new suedes, reptiles, kid leathers, ties, pumps und a trap patterns, $ 7-5° Stylish Five and Arch Savor Fives This group consists of a most complete selection of style footwear and arch support typoe. All at one low price. 55.00 RAUPP SON DEPENDABLE FOOTWEAR 139 North Water where la temperate climate*. Mort of the American spinach coaicn titan Texae and Virginia, Like the tomato, tt does not h*v» * high nutritive value, only 1D «*1- orlea per pound, M compared to IBM for beans. But It contains a gr*4t deal of pigment, and more Iron than any other common food except pew and egg yolk, Thm it li an, excellent food tot blood building after deDllttatlny eaoea or operation*, and for growing tnfanti and enlldren. The only dltfl- cuJty, a* «veryone know*, t» to gat children to «at spinach. It is ]wiglbl*, nvw, kr yiwDlitng him an air rifle, a Shetland pony and a gold watch to get a five-year-old boy to eat enough spinach to do him M much good a* the yolk of on* egg would. WIFE PRESERVERS or have b*en a tnunpery thing, wiy and of bad denlgn. Again and again I have apok«n of the eharmlnf odor and de*lgn In torn* of the very i;ho*p«r 'clothei. Color* that rival natur*'i lavtllext, good, cltnple »mart llnti for tho two dollar* (or aven IOBI) that ones would twve bought a mother Hubbard wrapper In some horrible, practical color. Go through tha ohcapfut of itortt and murval at the really charmtaj GOITRE REMOVED S YEARS AGO N«v«r Bottterod Sine* Mrt. Vivian Douglw, Pawn**. Ill, Mty», '1 feel It my duty to tell at foltr* auff«»« what Sorbet Quad ruplt a (jolortaM liniment dou for mt. Sly goitre wu of long ·Undlwj mr tytt, heart and nerves wen In bad AondlUon. Wa told an operation Oi» only nmady, My goltr« wa* removed live year* ago and It hu never bothered MM* I will till of wdt* ray ·xperlenca to anyone." It U cosy and plMwant to us* and la expensive. Oet more Information at Decatur Drug Co., or writ* Sorbol Company, Mechanlosburf, Ohio. Sold by all druggists. tltttt knlakknfelM jrwi awjr taw ftr flv* or tut MBtft, Look M Uw oblM, Vw 10* I bought a, few day* i«o,*llttl*b(Mk- tatt4n-b«d fuert Mt otntiM.onuf ·r, ·mall coff** pot, «up Md MMOW, ·wj tw* platw · Ik* dwUwMt III- tie pattern of erewnr dttM ' with blue tlow«n tlwt · t r o , , I«it tha Iwlovod ohelwa MM th»t ·tood In my mattor'i bttt elowt tor DM OR ipeelai oeculou; Tblnk what tbt cheap ehlna of ten or IV ago wo! Look at tb« tiMtrul Imitation «f vtnttlan fhuM, UM foMwU, tlw ahu b*t*. tha cMkUll ftkn* ·» iwtttr wtat r» lot yow vonlH M«f» ]···«) do fete Uw alMyf/wtat lMt iiv« uBdonrnw to MM *M M* wtat iwaMlrtKHMnii taw taM wm dfi», mi mmmt ttet WO win biqr M irtHtoW ai» pa or nlgbtto At for R taHMHa. up** A UMM MMHT tawty to »U «k» «m« to «nk It ta, but mtmuttatwnt taMljr **- lonttd only to tat fpiw «ta wM ·*- ford M pmy for tntt, OHM M pay R w ynii* that tMi to ·» lMf*r ·*- OW IfcS 'Wily ttMllttMtttftft MM^ h 4* lt*A^ hAWAtv iiiKd IMH It w M^^W ^ ^ wly ^ ^»» ^PTT P** Moke dress** look nowl DIAMOND DtantonckDbw* HlfliMi OudKx fcr SO Mm 15 ; 000 ARTICLES «·!«·**»*·* .. SEMI ANNUAL DAISY WEEK! A SALE OF SALES! THOUSANDS WILL SAVE THOUSANDS DURING THIS SALE SENSATIONAL VALUES LATEST STYLES LARGE SELECTION NEW 1931 STYLES AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN YEARS C O A T S YOU WILL SIMPLY MARVEL When You See Them --To-$ I9? 5 SPORT COATS DRESS COATS PLAIN FUR-TRIMMED AU Colon Alt Sit*, FROCKS Wool or Knitted Suite nuult hi tww hbtie ·ign* in *two or forihu MI* WE HAVE THE Season's N»w*st Stjrl**. They An Ran Vtluet *4 --To- I For AUStyl* All Shad** All Si*** YOU MUST SEE THESE VALUES IN ORDER TO APPRECIATE THEM, AS IT TAKES QUALITY AS WELL AS PRICE TO MAKE A BARGAIN! A Deposit Will Hold Any Garment ' 1/ i Wanted * Daisy Shops r 447 North Water St. t * Com* Early NF «, --J Lil'lTHl *, ^ ij F1RCH1YE®

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