The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 31, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1916
Page 5
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'{ i tuition. VOLUME XXVIII 4 Pages No. 295. CALHOUN PAVING TO Bf CONTINUED CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, TUESDAY, OCT. 31, 1916. DAILY EDITION, JIESIOXSTKA TOILS KA L| OX PfiTITJOX. SHOKT * C. B. C. NOTES « ^ · ? S ( S S s ; « s , s : ^ ^ s ) s « , P ^ Coach Magill and his entire football squad, twenty-tour in n u m b e r , Vvere pleasantly entertained by Preb. 1 i d e n t and Vice-President. Allen and I Roy Moore at Camp Woodrow l a ,t| U i j O S B Street WCil lie Improved l-'rom Sunset Avenue to Grant!', i'-iv Avenue--1 2."5."j Feet. The paving on \Vofct CalUoem street w i l l be c o n t i n u e d I r o m Sunset Ave to G r a n d v i e w Ave. C i t y Attorney Karl Hirsh made his r e p o r t to the city c o u n c i l Mondaj' n i g h t , showing the petition presented by the property owners, f a v o r i n g the pt-vmg had a. m a j o r i t y of 2.5 teet. The tota. Iront footage on the htreet is 1255 and the frontage r e q u i r e d l o r a sufficient remonstrance is any a m o u n t in "excess of 627.5 feet. The q u a l i - fied remonstrators have 6 2 3 teet 2.5 feet lefts than one-halt the total evening. An oyster stew, boating and p o p p i n g corn were a m o n g the enjoyable pastimes engaged in. G B. Koch and Ir Tye, cash-.ei and assistant cashier of the People = Exchange Bank of Jamesport, calle i at the college Sunday for a steno grapher. Miss Edna Shumaker was r e c o m m e n d e d , accepted the place and j l e f t yesterday for Jamesport. Mr Tye himself is a f o r m e r student of EVERY HAN TO ARMS! 16 BULL 'HS HALLOWE'EN PUTfORH FWS ENDORSEMENT - VT ^ WlLt, BC KEl'T BY Ol-'KiGliRS TOX1GHT. lice Korco ami Citizens \ V i l l Guard JPrt.pei-ty Destruction By VamlitU, C. B. C. frontage of paving in the street. The p e t i t i o n e r s aak t h a t the c i t award the contract for the pa% r inc at the earlier t i m e p o s s i b l e in ordei t h a t the filling may be made this fall and have p l e n t y of t i m e to s e t t l e before the base and pa% ing down in the spring 1 i' f o r t y nor will we suiter arul disfigura Tonight is Hallowe en. Every mem- | f ber 01 the p u » i c e d e p a r t m e n t , w itii I extra oihceis, will do patrol d u t y to-( n i g h t to precent H a l l o w e ' e n vanal- ibiii. Chiet JJoiney t o d a j stated the Everett and Ben Powell had as I o l h c e r » TM u l d u o t »^rter with boy, guests Sundav their b r o t h e r Herman ' ind s ' rls " !l ° engase iD ^nocem vncle and a u n t , Mr and Mrs Ed a m u s e m e n t and pianks, but we w,u Chapman, also Miss E d i t h Thorp, all ' n o t tolerate any distinction of prop- of Ijiimous. Oscar Fort of Sisco, Arkansas enjoys the d i s t i n c t i o n of being; Student Xo. 1,000 of this year's e n r o l l m e n t OF PRES. WILSON 1C OF THE 19 MEJIBKH.S OF R B S - OI-iUTIOXS COMMITTEE FAVOK WHiN MONTH EPOJITCD JHISSOURJ TROOPS AVJJxL, ML-YVE 15OJUDER. To JJe Sent to Fort l^euevemvoi Wliui-e tho Boys W i l l Be Mus_ tei-cd Out oi Sen-ice. SOCIETY AND CLUBS Culture Club will meet -with. Mrs. F. B. Elmore on Vine St., Wednesday afternoon. The telegraph a n n o u n c e s that j order has bcsu issued by the Present. Administration Has Knacted j department to -the commandant a ;roiu Many ot the i'lanks ol tho | Fort Leavenworth, directing him Jjast I'rosreiAivo .National prepare the barracks at that post foi This n u m b e r was not reached last There is 1 T S O square yds yoar u n m .j armary f i r s , t . airs J V Raniisev and Miss LucilP G r a h a m attended our Chapel ex ci^ps t h i s m o r n i n g Lawrence Storer, Telegraphy clas^ '12, n o w o p e r a t o r at P a t t o n s b u r g was a ~\ isitor in the telegraphy de- The city c o u n c i l g r a n t e d a pool hall license to W i l l i a m Aneleraon to r u n a pool hall on the levee The paving on W a l n u t street between Third and Ann streets which j P U t -1 panment yesterday Mr. Storer wa c ! J favorably impressed with the n e w i | q u a r t e r s anel e q u i p m e n t on the 4th ' floo,'. Miss Florence Dye who since c o m - pleting the Combination Course aboui five months ago has been acting was recently completed by J o h n F | stenographer in our college office ha« Meek, was accepted by the city council and the special tax bill issued against the p r o p e r t y for the p a y m e n t of: same. tion ot property, tho it may not be destroyed A cl-^e watch v, ill be kept for tho^e who make it a pr.i: tice to soap v. mdows as this is verv a n n o , ( n g . Those c^ugiit destroying propet ty will be taken to police head (4iiaitert and locked 111 the calaboose w h e r e they w i l l bo held until \Ved- neselay morning, v, lien they will be t a k e n b e i o i e I ulice Judge P. JH. Hiley. t'i-r .^ n u m b e r of yeais hallowe'en vandalism has been on the w a n e , and last year there was very little dam- PJ n t f o i l . . New York, Oct 31 -- ' W i t h o u t ,i candidate ot our o w n tor presidenl, we are unalterably in liver ot the use ol the National Guard of Missou ri. ' I t is reported that the Missouri troops, including C o m p a n y I of this city, are to be s e n t home in aboul three weeks, and that Fort Ijeaven- wortli has been chosen as the poin. letention of President Wilson undei ! for mustering out because, there are Mrs. Silas Keeler gives 'a f a m i l y dinner tonight m honor of her husband's birthday, with, covers foi t w e n t y . The Study clubs meet tomorrow as follows: Sorosis, Miss Georgia Walsh, West Clay; XIX club, Mrs U. W. Strehlow, N. Vine; Culture club, Mrs. Elmore, S Vine St. Mrs. W. H. Ellett entertained the Monday club yesterday with Mrs. Ralph West lor guest. Miss Nellie Knapp made the high score and wa c . presented with two dainty handker The next meeting will be * i t h Mrs_ Bert Clark at the New -cepei*. MANY OF CHEW 311LL SECRET ART 1VAXSIXG HAS NOT RECEIVED AXY SWOBS EVI- DEXCE AS YET. G.-iniaii Officials Say Germany WU1 Disavow the Act, Offer Itepnration and Punish Commander. whoso guidance and leadership more progressive pi m a p l e s have been en acted into law than might have been accepted had the progressives bean in power." no barrack at Nevada. Fort Lcavenworth was selected, it is pre-smued^ because it is near St Joseph, which is the headquarter* This endorsement was contained in of the Fourth r e g i m e n t , and not Eai at the state reservation j The Christian Endeavor Society of tho Christian church will have a u p i t i u e social at the church this even- a s t a t e m e n t signed by eleven ol tLc nineteen members.ot the Bull Moose other regiments. distant I r o m the headquarters of t h e t e s o l u t i o n s c o m m i t t e o that d r a f t e d tho Progressive p l a t l o r m in Chicigo. · i Five ot the r e m a i n i n g m e m b e r s w age done in the city. It is predicted U l l d ny c l e m o c r a U c managers to that there will be even less t o n i g h t , j in llccord w ] l h t h e t , euilmc , li oj ing. The witches will serve delicious refreshments. You are invited to come and spend a social evening with these y o u n g people. There will be a spookey band to keep you f r o m being Army men say that it had b e e n , a f r a i d . No admisison, 'bcgining however, if anything is started t h e r e will be officers on the job to break il up. The y o u n g people have come*to C H I K K DOR.VEY TSSUF.S STRICT ORBERS TO I'OTjTCE REGAJJDIXO .LAW YIOliATrOX- acepted a splendid position w i t h tha | celebrate the festival in other way- J. Cairns Company of Kansas City ' t h a n f o r m e r l y . Chief of Police Dorney isued strict orders to the police regarding the violation of the law in the city. The new order in f u l l is as follows: To the Police Officers ot the City oi Chillieothe: It is your d u t y to see that all o, the ordinances ot" the City are enforced* work at such time am place as you may be assigned trorn time to time by me. You are required to diligentlj investigate all violations of the ordinances and to secure the evidence necessary to convict the offender; and furnish same to the C i t y Attor£ ney. You are xequired to preserve peace and order t h r o u g h o u t the c i t j j and'to arrest, w i t h o u t warrant, an | person f o u n d violating any of the or dinances of the City and bring him before the Police Judge. You art required, if any information is received by you that any violation OL the law is being or about to be com mitted In any part of the City to re. pair to s-uch place at once and to take such steps as may be necessary tc present such violation or to appro hend the offenders. I hereby cil EVERY FRONT WAS ABLAZEUISTNiGliT l!J5SrEltAT3J F I G H T I . V G COXTtS L'JiS IX EVB!«" SECTOK. In Their "ew Olleiisive Also Successl'iil. e Succi's 1 - Teutons ( B y United London, Oct. 31. Heavy lighting has broken out along the Russian frontier while bad weather hinders operations in tho west. The Russians are attacking in strong torce A'olhynia w h i l e the Austro-uer- T l f B W E A T H E R . Fair t o n i g h t . Colder southeast and \\aruiei- extieme northwest p o r t i o n \S ednesday fair and warmer. G. ». Bnui^ Soils, Jlonic .. .. - -- . _ - -^ D. Brant has sold his home on Mn the last fou \\ est Bryan street to W. L,. Sweene}' who will occupy it. tion was $3,500. The considera- Cull statement but r e f r a i n e d Iroin n a m i n g a presidenlial choice The s t a t e m e n t reads as f o l l o w s . "We, the undersigned m e m b e r s ot the resolutions c o m m i t t e e t h a t framed the p l a t f o r m of the Progrc-sivc- p.litv in August, 1912, formally here by affirm our iinsw e r i n g f a i t h to pro. gressivp principles emboilied in t h i - r l a t f o r n i and hereby call attention to the unparralleled achievement oi progressive legislation secured with- years " r e p o r l o d that when the troops were ire-' mustered out it would be at the bor b e j d c r , because it was not eleemed ad t h e l v i s a b l e to b r i n g them to an exposed camp in tho N o r t h However, they 7:30. The Domestic Club of -Rich Hill t o w n s h i p met with Mrs. Addie Hop per Thursday afternoon. It being w o u l d be amply protected at For! j the annual election-day, the follow- Loavcnworth until the task of reliev- l l n g officers were elected for the enins: them from f u r t h e r d u t y in the | s u n g year: President, Mrs. fede7~al service is completed Came Hero to Wed. Dwaue SlcClellan and Miss Lelu Banks, b o t h ot Hamilton, were ma. 1 ried by Judgee S. D R o h r e r at lits home on North Walnut street Monday evening at eight o'clock. Wilson in I^eail. The straw vote being taken by the Kexall stores over the United States' Parker of Louisiana tor shows on the latest count t h a t Pies- stood G 4 S . Wilson 61,513; Hughes 15 mans, reintorced by Turkish eletacn- j ident Wilson has 2S3 electorial vote- ments have taken tlio offensive ir, j to Hughes's 2 4 S . The poptilar vote Oalicia. ' Bailing continued t h r o u g h o u t yesterday f r o m the region west of the fortress of Lutzk i n t o the Carpath. i«tn lorrest despite a heavy snow storm. The Russian w a r office this afternoon claimed the capture of Anstro- German trenches west of Lutzlc and the repulse of succesive enemy attacks in Galacia. The German war office on the contrary reported the fighting on Shmlu Contract Completed. The Meinershagen F u r n i t u r e Co Tuesday completed the shade con- "Out of thirty-throe planks in thu Progressive p l a t f o r m of 1012, twenty-two have been wholly or pat tly enacted i n t o law. Of eighty proposed i e m b o d i m e n t s in these 1 planks, more than half of t h e m have been carried out by the present a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ' s acts or by laws." In the statement was named m a n y examples of such legislation and continued: ' T h i s is a great national ciis's. We are progressives supporting l o h n Vice-Presi AN IMMENSE CROWD FOR TOMORROW NIGHT E L K S PRODUCTION' A V l L l j O TO A R E C O R D CROWD. T h o m p s o n , vice-president Irs. Florence Beal; secretary, Mrs L/ula Lang; The witi] treasurer, Mrs. S. P. Hopper, club will meet Novem'ber 9, Mrs. J D. Grant. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lindsey en. . Washington, D. C., Oct. 31--It the British steamers Marina and Rowan- more were sunk by a. German sub. marine commander or commandert in violation of Germany's pledge regarding submarine warfare, the Ger 1 man government will disavow the act, offer reparation and punish the commander or commanders, Gerinaa ollicials in Washington said today. German officials pointed out that- in case of the Marina which was reported first to have been sunk by gun flr e without warning, that the method of attack was in itself a warning and they suggested that'it the vessel was torpedoed before the crew was able to leave the ship, ir was possibly because she failed tc , stop. Secretary Lansing said today that official reports regarding the sinking of the Marina were not conclusive. "We have not received any information from the American Einbasy . at London which could be regarded as real evidence," he said. 'All re- o!a norts received are being forwarded to . President Wilson at Long Branch." Secretary Lansing said that he was unable to state deffinitely whether the ship was torpedoed or sunk by shell fire, it had been warn- ' ed of just what was the condition of the sea at the time of the attack. He tortained the Fortnightly club lasl | refused to say directly whether any messages had been received quoting dent." And then the statement ends wit'i the endorsement of Woodrow Wilson. Among those who signeel it were J u d g e A l b e r t Nori-oni of M i s s o u r i Among the five who endorsed it but w ould not sign it was William Allec White of Kansas it Sale Is A3so I J * p i ) i 'JThursiliiy, tho Ijiisi, n i g h t with a 7 o'clock diner. Twelve oE tho members were seated at" one j table, where tho Hallowe'en decorations were carried out most effective ly in f r u i t , flowers and foliage. The survivors of the ship but said that ne had not received any "sworn affidavits." The London Embasy has been ordered to forward all information im- your es'pecial attVntTon and'iYis vom i^tzy front as resulting tavorable to "dutv to secure evidence as to gauil, the Teutons and announced the capture of Russian positions on the east tract at the new Federal b u i l d i n g Interior decorations have practically been completed and the r e m a i n d e r | ot expected soon The postoffice department will move as soon as thi' f u r n i t u r e is installed. tho f u r n i t u r e for the b u i l d i n g ling, gambling houses, b a w d y hous. es and report all violations of the local option law to the City Attorney. If you find any person or persons violating the ordinances of the bank o[ the Narayuvka river in Galacia by the Turks. On the Transylvania f r o n t the Ru_ manians continue to press their of- \ City in relation to gambling, gamb ling houses, bawdy houses or th' ilegal sale of liquor it is your d u t y i cial to arrest said person and persons without warrant. fensive in the Jieu valley ajiel have In general you will see that the ordinances of the City and the law of th© State are rigidly enforced w i t h i n the limits of the City. MAURICE DORNEY, Chief of Police. captured 300 more prisoners, ofli- annouucement from Petrograd stated Tho German war office claimeel the AVItSOX 1VKAI5S I l f G U K S IX STATES WmCif HAVE 331 KMSCTOUATj \'OTES New York, Oct. 31.--The ne^ York Herald's straw vote to date shows Wilson leading Hughes in states which have 331 electoral votes are necessary for election. The states which the Herald, which is strongly Republican. gives tc President Wilson are- Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky repulse of all Runanian attacks and announced the capture of 0 , 2 0 0 Rumanian soldiers and 151 officers on the Transylvanian f r o n t since Oct. 10th. Petrograd, Oct S I -- A heavy attack was made yesterday by the Rus sian forces in Volhynia, resulting in tho capture of the Atistro-German first line trenches, the war office an. nouncecl today. Counter attacks were repulsed by the Russians. Special Church Meetijiji. There will be an i m p o r l a n t meeting of the members ot the Christian church Wedneselay evening at tlu church to begin the plans for special m e e t i n g s the last ol November undei the elircction of "Bro. Roberts oi Trenton. Every officer of the church in every department s h o u l d be present. This is important. MAY HOLD UP M TKIAJL FOR AXOTHKll WEEK Good Shape Pn r Winter. With enough corn for h o m e use and extra good blue grass p a s t u r e Sam Hoyt of Livingston county, Mo. sees the way clear to winter a good deal of stock. Mr Hoyt was on this market a few days ago and bought steers of the stocker class. "If price- on fat cattle and "hogs hold up, we might do some cattle feeding later on," said he. "But so far as winter- j stock is concerned we are safe -Drovers Telegram. Fiftieth Anniversary. A pleasant surprise was given to week from "w r ct" h e a d q u a r t e r s in St Louis to every voter in the state, ami a statement ot ours was so f l a g r a n t l y misused that it put us in the position ot being hearty "wet" enthusiasts. Such is far I r o m the truth, as any M a r y man, woman or child who knows us A(la " C o u r t i n g in Court" will be mol by a record crowd w h e n the curtain raises on the nrst act at the Majestic Theatilo Wednesday evening Tlu seat sale has been a welcome sur- i prise, especially for the second n i g h t Seats went on sale this m o r n i n g tor the second performance. Following is the program, that will compose the production j!ufaic:il Xiimbei-b in Act One. hostess assisted by her mother, serv ed a defficious two-course chicken, mediately to the state department. pie dinner. At Bridge, Mrs. Frann Renseh was awarded the club prize, a chain, handkerchief holder, and Mr. Clyde Stewart, guest, a silver pocket pencil. The Presbyterian Y. P. S. C. B. gave a v e t . entertaining social on Monday evening. The c h u r c h , was decorated for the occasion with corn stalks, jack o'lanterns, and a profusion of a u t u m n leaves, .while witch. es and black cats greeted one from Opening chorus by the e n t i r e com pany. "Old Plantation Home" by Tlar- j fortune in a peanut shell, was- on'- every nook and corner. The witche's I den, where everyone obtained their can readily say. Such m u t t e r will be of no benefit to the "wet" cuise in any place where The News is k n o w n as it is clear on the face to bo a twisting ot statements and leaves a ridiculously false impression.--Linn C o u n t y News. ·ry Minteer as J i m , the trusty "Have a Heart," by Mrs. Cecil A r t h a u d as Evelyn St Clan- and Vincent Orcar as "Billy." "Can't Cot Along With 'Em 01 W i t h o u t Em", by Fred Lewis as Jack and Misses Inez Miller, Mollis, Fields, Rachel Harris, M i l d r e d I f o g e , ^ee, Irene Cesar, Loo Dr. McKim to Students. Mary Girdner, Gladys Bradley "Hula," sung by Bill Watkins danced by Mrs. Higgins, D o r o t h i Sherman and Mary Ciaybrook. "My Dear Old Bassoon," by Rob ert Murphy, as Stick Welsh "Dangerous G i r l , " by Miss Siby' R e j n o l d s as 'Miss Vandersleove and Dr j V i n c e n t Orear as Billy, Ada Lee J M. McKim. addressed the Marv . Q i r d n e r , Mary Rachel H a r r i s students of the Chillicolhe Busmes= College at the Chapel exeici«cs I his morning upon the subject, "Oral Hy- 6 ." Dr - McKlm referred to th3 of ( h e most atractive features of th' eve-ning. A very interesting piro- gram was given, consisting of music- bear stories and recitations by children in black-cat costumes. At the close of the evening refreshment' were served by attentive ghosts. Hallowe'en was fittingly observed by a n u m b e r of y o u n g people a c guests ot Miss Mildred Brookshier al her home on West Calhoun Streel Monday evening. Eight couples were 1 resent and enjoyed dancing and various games. It was a costumed affa it- carried out to the letter. The h o m e i was beautifully decorated with au- Br Unltvil PreniO London, Oct. 31.--Thirty .of the crew of the British steamer Marina reported to have been torpedoed without warning, including probably several Americans, are still missing, D. S. Consul Frost telegraphed the Einbasy here today. Survivors declare that the Marina was torpedoed without warning in a heavy sea and sank within ten minutes, Frost said. Fifty-two of the Marina's crew among those reported missing yesterday have been landed at Castletown, the consul said. The survtr- ors report that 36 Americans were aboard the steamer when she sanfr. Frost's dispatch reached the etfi- basy half an hour after press reports reached here from Queenstown stat. ing that 50 t 0 80 of the Marina's crew had perished. One correspond- snt wired that 35 Americans were lost. It is assumed that these dispatches were filed before word reached Queenstown of the landing of more survivors at Castletown. It is believed "at the Embasy that Frost ir. alreadv en route to Crookhaven or the Hallowe'en spirit was j Cast ] 6own to oblain a ffldavts from Sumaries afflidavits Irene Cesar, and Messrs. TE-ole, Hogan and Hogo "Gypsy Love Song" and the G y p - sy dance by Miss Mable Heger a c t u m n leaves, Bitter-sweet and candles. For the most u n i q u e costume, Howell IMISIS Elizabeth Clem won the young ladies' prize, a box of stationery, an Maryland, Minnesota. Montana, New | Dan iel, charged with wife murd St Joseph Mo, Oct. 31 -Judge 1 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Starke, Sunday ijl,. iJ u-JV,.f.i_i, - » j ^ - 4 _ i _ 1 on 4-T-i ,-. n f/-. 1-1 ! i-,-. " K r t J - ^ n - f l - i i i i i -homas F Ryan, of the criminal court, said" today he probably w o u l d not begin the trial of Oscar D. Me York, Ohio, Washington. West Y ginia, Wisconsin and all the South Even without New York, which th^ president will carry by upward 01 100,000, the Herald shows he would have 286 electoral votes. "The drift during the week was unquestionably in tho president's direction," the Herald siys. MBX1CAX AMBASSADOR JDBXIFS THE TXTEKVTEW | -Washington, Oct. 31 -- 'Mexican I Ambassador Arrendondo today form. . ! allv denied to Secretary I^ansjng the ""^authenticity of an interview purport~^ed to come from Gen. Cabrera given #""ont by the Mexican bureau here last till November for next 13. The case is sol Monday, but J u d g e Ryar said there would be nothing gained by starting it the day before election ITJj HEALTH DRIVES YOVXG 3FAI1MEK TO SUICIDE Liberal, Mo., Oct. 31.--Lou Rumsey, 36 years old, son of a widel known farmec ot near here, shot himself fatally this morning. He was despondent on account of ill health. . October 29, the occasion being theii fiftieth wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Starke were the recipients oi $10 00 in gold Those present were Messrs, and Mesdames Ed. Slarlw and family, Win Fischer and family Henry Karst and family, Chas. Rau- j l i e and family, James Smith and family, Frank McCarthy and family Tony Grabber, Mrs Floyd Louthan and Mrs. Lucy Starke. There were twenty- grandchildren present. -position Misrepresented. human body in terms of tho automo- jcarlotta, tho Gypsy girl, bile, likening the mouth to the car. ' b u r e t o r ' a n d emphasizing the i m p o r t ance of wholesome f o o d properlj masticated. Tho speaker also re- Finale by the entire company. ACT TWO "Do Do Do,' by Miss Ada Lee and JSlgin Cole and Mrs. ITiggms, M ferred to the industrial societies in | cirdner, Claybrook, Harris, Ce'-ar Xot ire Members 1 Farmers Mutual Insm"A.YVce Co. The a d j o u r n e d session of the Annual Meeting of the Farmers M u t u a l Ins Co. will be held next Saturday, Sfctjyday. Secretary Lansing accepted the ex- ,,»ilartation and said that he would con- lider- the Incident closed. November 4. at one o'clock at the Court House. All members are urged to come to this meeting. d-wtd J. P. Summerville, Sec. the cities and to the regulation of the school boards in the cities, requiring dental examinations of their employ ees and pupils. The importance of cleaness and proper mouth sanitation was discussed of those applying for employment and oC those positions requiring interviews or in which an employee meets those who deal with or influence a concern. Dr. McKim also illustrated his remarks with several clever stories. The address throughout was much enjoyed by the" student body and was much appreciate 1 by them. The C. B. C band, as usual, furnished the musical part of the pvo- Bradley, Lee and Fields, and Messrs Howell, Hogan, Hoge, Blackburn Higgins. "Kuyawiak," danced by Miss Dor othy Sherman and Moyne Hoge Chas. Cook won a book for the best eosiuined young man. In a guessing conlest Don Hewitt won the young mens' prize and Miss Maurme Shearer the girl's prize. Hallowe'en refreshments were served THEATRICAL. * 3 $ 4 4 ) « ® $ 9 3 ® ' 6 Fatty and Maliel Tonisht. Phone conversation -- "Centra", Line, please. Hell, is this Ima Nutf the American survivors. of the contents 1 of these will he cabled to the state depart- m°nt at once. The admiralty at the same time began another investigation today the results of which are believed will be available shortly. Thus far. th« admiralty has had no official confirmation of the report that the ship was sunk without warning. Governr merit officials however denied that the Marina was under government charter. See our -windows for bulletin daily Rexall National Straw Vote Some Circular letters were mailed thi= Raco. Clark's Pharmacy. 30.3 "Missouri Urie Girl," 'by Bill W a i - This is Ben Bolt speaking. Let's gc kins and Misses Girdner, Clayhrook ' t o the Empire tonight. Fatty and Mabel is on in a three reeler. No no I don't mean the inanager ot the show. I mean Fa'ty Arbuekle, thai funny fat fellow in Keystone comedies. Then there is a five reel Trian. gle play too, with 'Slae Marsh in it You w i l l ? Alrighc, I'll meet you at the same old place. DEMOCRATIC SVTIAKtNG BATES. Hon. Roy Rucker t, ill address the voters-of Livingston county, as follows: Sanvpsel. Tuesday, October 31st at niE-ht. Mooresville. Wedneday. November 1st, at night. Hosman School House, Thursday. November 2nd, at night. Wolfskin's String Band will be present. Harris, Cesar, Bradley, Lee, and Mrs Higgins. % "Memories" by Miss Reta Dunn as Dorothy Deane. "Shades of Night" by Carlotta. ' "Diana's Hunting Party", danced by Mrs. Higgins and Misses Harris, Hoge, Lee, Fields, Miller, Casar, Xee- ley, Girdner and Bradley. "The Salvation Army," by Misse? Inez Miller, Hollis Fields, Sybil Rey nolds, Ada Lee and Messrs John Porter as Stuffy, Fred Black as Henie Klutz and Tom Hogan. "Twelve Minutes in Minstere) Land," by Messrs Harris, Hogan Hoge. Minteer, M u r p h y , Howell i H a r r a h . JIailey and Cole "Nashville," hv- .T.T-IC and Evelyn. "The Dance of the Seasons"-Sprine:: D o r o t h y Sherman,-Mary Rachel Harris and Mary Claj-broofc. Summer: Inez Miller, Irene Cesar n n d Ada Lee. A u t u m n - Mildred Hoe, Hollis Fields. Mary G i r d n e r Winter: Marianne Carver, Leo Neel. ey and Mary Sailor. Finale by the entire company. PLAXS MAIE KOH SALR OF GAS COMPANY Pittsburg. Pa., Oct. 31.--Plans tor the sale of the Kansas Natural Gap Company, whose property is chieflv in Kansas, was announced here today by John C. Bartlett. secretary of the stockholders' protective committee IJe said that a contract had been made w i t h a. New York concern for the sale of the stock at $40 a shire The semi.annual Rummage s ^'° will begin Wednesday. No,v. 1st at jo Parish house on S. Elm and con. nue f o u r days. Ladies of Grace Church Guild will gladly call for your contributions on Wednesday il notified. IOWXE FIX1S UTAH SAFE FOB Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 31'.--"Utah is a cinch for Wilson." ' That was the message brought to Kansas City Monday morning by Charles A. Towne, former United States,senator from Minnesota and cratop-in.chief of the Wilson cause. ; Since leaving Minnesota, where h served as congressman and Unito.3 States senator, Mr. Towne has been a New York lawyer and congressman He was nominted in Kansas City IS years ago for vice-president on the Silver Republican ticket, but docl.n- ed the nomination. ^ I have been through the West on a speaking tour that has been a marvel," said Senator Towne. "Utah is a cinch for Wilson--bet all the mon- er J'ou want on that. There is not a 6had5W o£ a chance that Hughes can carry it. "Wyoming and California also will be found in the Wilson column and. as I look back over the Wilson sent 1 ment as I have seen it aflame in the West, I can't think of a western state that Hughes will cany." Try a Constitution. TVant Ad. EWSFAFERI

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