Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 31, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1935
Page 7
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LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA —— i bought - , hn sienKMvi«JCZ, and fr^T-fi^ V*' area one." Fran- •>eninn nnd solo. my swelleat num- .- » osn t come out until * « "S office was robbed iiififlt" 1 *~** "•** rt - t*T"\n jin ties yiin-*' — j (ew vveelts ago ana Hauled off to u ' » them. Ha» ieu ""• o'<I,!' I explained that he "'*! ' S creation from a ped- He was released. cents. World Traveler Gets His Supreme Thrill I have seen the Bay of Naples, Niagara falls, the beautiful harbor of Rio, the blue sky and waters of Nassau, the cherry blossoms of Japan, the grass skirts of Hawaii, the pyramids of Egypt, Tribune square, St. Peter's of Rome, the Kentucky derby, Army-Navy football, All-Stars and Bears, .Toe Louis, Will Rogers, and Ann Pennington in the "Follies." I have caught inuskles In Wisconsin, tarpon In Florida, barracuda at Cat- allna, salmon In Alaska, shot moose In New Brunswick, tigers In India, have made The Wake and The Line, but the greatest thrill was recently In front of Dafoe hospital in Callander, Ont., when they brought out the Dlonne quintuplets and one of them looked over at me and remarked, "Da, da."—H. M. S. in Chicago Tribune. Eat Starches Sweets Read This Ac AH Necessary Foods All jVott to Relieve. «av that much of the so.- ,, s ?L s tion," from which .so ' Ser? is really acid m- '!•„ brought about by too '"twVoS foods in our OC " W that there is now a q . . . often in take Phillips' Milk, of , sia ter meals. Almost im- Jdv this acts to neutralize the A * hat brings °v. n your # You ^'forget you have a Do You Ever Wonder Whether the"Pain" Remedy You Use is SAFE? Ask Your Doctor and Find Out BRISBANE THIS WEEK. No Core, No War Sloan Sees Light The Holy City Falls G. B. Shaw Writes A small bo.v, asked for the core of his apple, said: "There ain't going to be no core." Laval, French premier, tired of dangerous goings-on In the Mediterranean, important back-door of France, announces bluntly: "There ain't going to be no war," request- Ing England to remove her battleships from the Mediterranean. The wise British have known al along that there was to be no war but thought it well to Indulge In virtuous demonstrations. Britons rarely make diplomat! mistakes; diplomats of other coun tries are children to them, althoug France is an exception to that rule Washington believes the wnr wi end in 00 days, nml has probably been told so by somebody in Europe. Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., president of General Motors, announces "all signals set for increased automobile sales next year," and no doubt about It. He approves an automobile show In November, Instead of January, us giving the people more time to realize that the important car Is the winter car, when the automobile "wears the rubbers" for the whole family. mproveJ fl SUNDAY Uniform crWOni nlernattonal II oV.-rUJVJlj •:- LESSON - ; - By REV. P. B. FITZWATEK, D. D.. Member of Faculty, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. CROCHETED FLOWERS FOR POT HOLDERS By GRANDMOTHER CLARK w convenient new Phillips' _. of Magnesia Tablets;. Butbe £you get Genuine PHILLIPb . B in Tablet Form: •««of Magnesia Tablets Km on sale at all drug stores Jtfeie. Each tiny ft js the equiva- i teaspoonful Jine Phillips ktf Magnesia. Think It Over ! cim nuiUe a fool out of a Iwithout his help. kill utxm; Don't Entrust Your Own or Your Family's Well - Being to Unknown Preparations T HE person to ask whether the preparation you or your family are taking for the relief of headaches is SAFE to use regularly is your family doctor. Ask him particularly about Genuine BAYER ASPIRIN. He will tell you that before the discovery of Bayer Aspirin most "pain." remedies were advised against by physicians as bad for the stomach and, often, for the heart. Which is food for thought if you seek quick, safe relief. Scientists rate Bayer Aspirin among the fastest methods yet discovered for the relief of headaches and the pains of rheumatism, neuritis and neuralgia. And the experience of millions of users has proved it safe for the average person to use regularly. In your own interest remember this. You can get Genuine Bayei Aspirin at any drug store; — simply by asking for it by its full name, BAYER ASPIRIN. Make it a point to do this — and see that you get what you want. Bayer Aspirin Capturing Aksnm will impress Ethiopians. The holy city, surrendered by the Ethiopians without a shot, contains the tombs of all Ethiopian rulers since the time of Shebn. The Coptic Christian bishop of Aksum voluntarily gave tho keys of the city to the Italian Gen. Ernlllo de Bono, at Aduwa. He accepted the Iceys, proclaimed Italy"! annexation of Aksum, sent a force to surround the city and prevent looting the monasteries and the an cient cathedral of St. Mary Zlon. Lesson for November 3 JUDAH TAKEN CAPTIVE LESSON TEXT—II Kings 25:1-12. GOLDEN TEXT—Kighteousness ex- aHeth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people.—Proverbs 14:34. PRIMARY TOPIC—A Black Man God Carefl for. JUNIOR TOPIC—In Time of Danger. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC—Results of Doiup AVrong. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC—Nations Accountable to God. I. The Siege of Jerusalem (vv. 1-3). 1. The time (vv. 1, 2). It began on the tenth day of the tenth month of the ninth year of Zedckiah's reign, lasting about eighteen months. The tenth month, according to the Jew's calendar, corresponds to our December-January, as their calendar began about the middle of March. The reason the exact time is given is that this wna to be an event of great importance to the Jews In their exile. In their gloomy exile God directed Ezeklel to utter a parable unto the captives of that clay (Ezett. 24). 2. The method (v. 11). Nebuchad- nezzar came in person with a large army and encamped against Jerusalem, building forts against it round about. It is thought that sev- •al walls were built around the ty, Shutting it in. On the tops of icse walls forts were built from Inch missiles of destruction could FLAVORED MILK APPEALS Chocolate flavored powders and syrups may be combined with milk to make nutritious drinks which appeal to young and old. They are useful between meals, at lunch or nt bedtime. They nre suitable as a part of the meal or as a source of additional nourishment at ether hours of the day. Invalids, convalescents nnd elderly persons, as well as those who are vigorous and strong, enjoy such beverages. Mothers find them useful to supply extra calories to active children. The various brands of chocolate flavored powders and sirups accepted by the American Medical association's committee on foods are discussed by Doris W. McCray In Hygela. In her article she tells of the value of such foods in the diet and describes the legitimate claims which may be made for them. Pot holders crocheted wltn heavy I string are very practical and when made in flower forms are really lovely. They are heavy enough to pro- ect the hands without requiring padding. These three pot holders are crocheted In the same manner but in different combinations of red, yellow and green. The petals are crocheted separately of one color | and then slip stitched together and finished in contrasting colors. Size when finished about six inches. Instruction sheet No. 731 with illustrations and instructions how to | crochet these holders, also how to arrange the colors, will be mulled to you for 10 cents. Material can also | be bought from this department. Information and price are given when mailing instructions. Address Home Craft Co., Dept. B., Nineteenth nnd St. Louis •We., St Louis, Mo. Inclose stamped addressed envelope for reply when writing for any information. Too Busy There are not enough indignation meetings; because one has to nurse his wrath to make them a success. Quick, Safe Relief For Eyes Irritated : By Exposure I To Sun, Wind 1 and Du^st T- IN NAME ONLY Indicative of the rapid jiecfmnfza- tlon of tlie noyal Canadian Mounted police, not one saddle horse ts stnblecS at the force's barracks at MacLeod, Alta. All animals formerly kept ni southern Alberta detachment headquarters have been sold. NASAL .IRRITATION^ I Relieve the dryness anA\ irritation by applying Mentholatum nlgnt and morning. G/ve* COMFORT If you prefer nose drops.or throat spray, call for the HEW HEMTHOLATUM LIQUID in handy bottle with dropper Watch Your Kidneys/ EV E.S e hurled by their engines of war gainst the city. With the city thus Kit in, its fall was only a question In that cathedral the original Ark of the Covenant Is believed to be preserved. Ethiopian history re lates that when Solomon sent the son of his high priest, with other sons of great dignitaries, to accoro pany Shebn's son after his visit to bis father, the son of the high priert took the original Ark of the Cove nant with him, substituting an 1m tation ark, much to the indignatlo of Solomon and that high priest I justice to the high priest's son, must be stated that an angel a pearecl and gave him instruction about stealing the ark. INSTANT LIGHTING inja the easy way in one-third less time lilhthoColeman. Iron in comfort any [lite. It's entirely self-heating. No cords wins. Noweary, endless trips between mtstoveandironing board. Makes its rasas, Evmis%5tair. Lights instantly ) pre-heating. Operating cost only an hour. Sec your local dealer or Jt t°r FREE Folder. SCOLEMAN LAMP &• STOVE CO. ' "Jill. WleblU, Kim.; las An(to]c», Calif.: CHaw. Bl.l' PbAxldDbU. A. 16818) c, Complete Pleasant LIMI NATION famine (v. 8). Geikie l^ature an Artist When nature beautifies the face he puts the color in the right place George Bernard Shaw discover that Kthiopla. so-called, Is an aggregation of tribes, one ruled fairly well by Halle Selassie, who Is called "Emperor," the others doing about as they please. • In some of these tribes, what pleases the natives would seem Strange to us. For instance, among the Dunakils a lady will not marry n gentleman until he proves that he has killed at least four men. And he must prove it by bringing buck the easily identified fragments of four mutilated bodies. Married life with such a lady should never be dull. ~ik. There's only one way for ay to rid itself of the waste mat- 4 cause acidity, gas, headaches, a reelings and a dozen other dis- ' -your intestines must function. b them move quickly, pleas- ompletely, without griping. — a ol physicians recommend nesia Wafers. (Dentists recommend Wia walers as an efficient remedy K WBt acidity). luese mint flavored candy-like wafers fVat milk oi magnesia. Each wafer lyoiimalely equal to a full adult ^6 oi liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed ! »«gUy in accordance with the direc- Won foe bottle or tin, then swallowed, f correct acidity, bad breath, flatu- "°i at their source and at the same i quick, complete, pleas- »«^— Women should take only liquid laxatives Wars Oil goe come, wars go, Standard on forever, working. . esia Waters come in bottles oi 20 '"wafers, at 35c and 60o respec- i 9n r m ccmvenie nt tins containing aoh waier " approximately se of milk of magnesia. All stores carry them. Start using s, eiiective wafers today. l samples sent free to reg- Pnysioiana or dentists if request 9 on professional letter head. . PRODUCTS, Incorporated St., long Island City, N. Y. relieve aS" 1 3uto"'Thw»»• "w* "f^S^T-"— 1 —— : — f u L-^>-— III ^ cleansing dose today; a smaller You must use a H K u *- :is vjit "'••••'•-•• • " . Walter Teagle. head of Standard Oil of New Jersey, with oil wells scattered over the world, oilers to buy every barrel of oil that Russia exports, many million l.nrrels a vear To avoid ill feeling, Mr. Teagle would let British Koyiil Dutch-Shell and Anglo-Iranian havo part of Russia's surplus. your Uncle Sam is very rich now, never had so much gold in his lift. The total Pile, "an all time high, amounts to more than fifteen billions of dollars. . It wouldn't be such a big pile of g,,l,l If the government had not ingeniously raised the price of the cold ounce. . Gold has heen coming rapidly Knrope lately, Including some tl.at frightened Americans sen. f time. 3. The . ays, "It was speedily followed, as s" always the case, with an outbreak of pestilence. Food was well- ligli gone. There had long been no jread. Mothers were nt last driven o murder and eat their children. The richest citizens wandered about searching for scraps in the dung illls." Even outside the city the people were starving. "There was no bread for the people of the land." It is estimated that one third of tho people of. Jerusalem died of starvation. 11. Zedekiah's Flight and Fate (vv. 4-7). 1. "The city was broken up (v 4).' The Chaldeans had succeeded in making an opening in the will so large tuut they could make the! way into the city in spite of al that the Hebrews could do. Resist ance was carried on to the bitte end. 2. ZedeUiah's (light (v. 4). 'in king with his men of war lied I) night toward the plain. His ob.jet no" doubt was to cross the Jordn at Jericho and hldn In the mour tains east of tlie Jordan. 3. Zedekiah's fate (v. 5-7). a He was overtaken in tl plains of Jericho (v. 5). As soc as the Chaldean army discovere the flight they pursued and cu lured him. b He was brought to the ku of itabylon at Rihlah (v. G). Itlbli was a town north of Damascus, was tho king's headquarters from which he directed his armies against Tyre and Jerusalem. He- End of tlie Chain The federal government is counting Its profits from the chain letter craze. About 1,500 letters, containing amounts ranging from a dime to i?50 lay unclaimed in the post ofiice'8 | dead letter division at Columbus, c Jhe Daily Use of- CUTIOJRA SOAP Helps Relieve Irritation And assists in keeping your skin in good condition. Containing super-creamy emollient and medicinal properties, Cuticura Soap, used regularly, soothes and protects the skin. 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The dismantling of the city was delayed u month, pcrlmps awaiting Instructions from ,\elmchadney./.ar who was at Kiblali. The work of destruction was wcuteil l»y the ol- ficor next in rank to the king. 1 They burnt the house of tin; lord (v. 0). This WI1S tll(! S!lt ' r(l(l temple built by Solomon, with additions and Hltui-allMiis. «<-fore l'" r "li\S it. tll( ' v I' lumll ' ml it; of "' sacred contents. •>' iHirnt tliu kind's house (v. 0). This was doubtless the pulucc built hv Solfiriiou. ') Hurnt all the houses of Jeru, salem (v. 0). The Implication Is Gnm " that the conunon houses were lett Il0t l for the people (v. 12). They broke down the walls of Jerusalem. The aim in this was to Die walls useless as a means of defense. IV The Disposition of the Temple Furniture and Priests (vv 13- i The temple furniture carried Babylon (vv. 13-17). The pillars bnss and the brazen seat were ' into pieces by the Baby ror n quotations on the va- f 0rnluns aMd together with the uten- " Laxative J»rl** Creomulsion and to ^gnm^ ^ money u you are *j"«,"" flrKk bottle. i r^sr»s-^rf£ ^crr^^ „»«. :!- onnrpme court may, in Itsj _ine e^ ^ ^ Q{ 30g yearg i Had said, "If tbou wilt, then I . wlu ». they had invited disaster by case the curtain falls I «» l • gKlnsFea-tur decline *° conviction. tnar syndicate. Inc. vice. dlsobedience- HIGH SPEED NON-SKID 6.00-20 $16.95 11.95 29.10 35.ZO 39-00 49.30 54-75 60.75 65.95 79.35 16.90 21.30 27.65 36.25 48.65 73.95 6.50-20 7.00-20 7.50-20 7.50-24 8.25-20 8.25-24 9.00-20 9.00-24..... 9.75-20 30x5 Track T»P« 30x5 H.D... 32x6 TrackTVP» 32x6 H.D... 34x7 H.D... 40x8 H.D... FlRESTONE TIRES are built different — they have three patented construction features not used! in any other truck tire. The body is built with Gum-Dipped High Stretct, cords. 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