The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 2, 1974 · Page 27
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 27

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1974
Page 27
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•.-•'. ^ Beverly Horreff: Nevada's 'Madam Legislator'? TOE WUZOSPORt FACTS H* mi M*M **. m»»»i. <** ««M»» Mr, *«< X • t« I**. <•«*•* <M*M«M kHWtf MOMM. <!!»«« M »*«**»1 »»»»»>*•» f«Mrr I** 1 * *• «< M «nn*r family SIw *t « print* Miw«l tte Sh* tttd t »men< MM «uw ,jr*» |«i R, fUCUVRD K MKYCN FREE 24K EAR STUDS WITH E jn MH^ i AR PIERCING LIOA JUNCTION, ,AP» -• The woman rang the dnwfceli but dhte't *tep bwkfe "I Jus* atopped by to ih*k« ymur haw) and to M jmi know Sh* twcrnm* • dtittwr, *ioj«f. ptnyed BrMdm?, elf Bnwdway, tti mat|««l e«m«dit«, road US "Ye*i torn my tot* •»" The woman pawed ••-»«! jrw» hfivr my htnband't " Beverly Hsfrell lhaaktd her She'll nwd twr *«!*, $h# might not tx> Uw et&y stady lady, or genttonua. in politic* Bat *h«'i taMMMt *tm* it. ifcwrtjf HarrtB M * nwKtam Site ntm » benfettot And »he ww «, Five-feat, (dueled ftpwrty f» • c iodidiHe (or the Nevada State Amiably. TK»I makt* her Itw ," A.t Voa n," "Sow wwe* " «Mt w«ftt to Itafywood ia »Ur I run aenw * to* «tf wyi And thtjr »K iMd Mother Ulrat "ttwr *B Mid ! Ittd " Se, «te I t'tol^ttti my to*** t**»uw t ran * tor ifcttt Now ktepwmttid Mull w SJ!;. f s?iS!iB S£?sJ/sS "***' WUlh WM PfQfMty WHNW b)f A—. « j_~ ' .»£» IWH* WW*8 ffff (MUfdM M mm. rtaNMte ,1 »•»»»*• (*rw«. ~**< » »«tfw PUJ fc**w «u* •*«*** ' who t <•»» Dili »<ifl t M* lit* «T*i*"' H MM* M/* Owlf «MI Ml* Uml Mwwj(MB*nt l.jk* «e*i «l (h* kad to the tartnm, (t *M bar«n Ami tt was »k«r* ft* «**» *«r «w "A far i-iatani «r» " t*t nti«l tar Wuh Us er ««»« >oun« tube*. . no other candidate aitywi*re la et Uw UMIMM. ilw c«tcf«d to atari* actor*. pr«dtK«r«. MtofMjr*. peHtJrteM «ad the j»fa«w "Tte upper ecfcttea ol IWJjwcod wid Etettftr ttiit*. jam ki»m*." But 81* •** tfl*apfaiKU«»l .S'tp 4ad tuck wiih llw |«t> <Urtn«i», JOM kiww " «m »*v*tty Hiftftl, a«l i VWR IK* CttttMtUii Raa<ll. « N«**!a todrtte f weoid 6k* to te»*« vstm \mA * " In Jul« erf !T*» 16* SttftWil «i«<«n««« *trn«( ha* >U p«optttj *l 1« lte«« year* • M M * Aerf h* MkA, " 1 )«« to t««* ttM W Ite lif»« ' tint* *i««* >*» 4* *<3*f. wf |jk» V4 feto I* M 4* She *&*} a ftftfc Jwune ttaikr 3tw drtflbd * **B ** tatit 4 5** tww »««W tfcaf I #m Mt » (fin* a(p ' tfce «w^I («»< «# ",%* > l*a* ill *<M| «« »»•** 41 Ut* r^«n up ,« SATURDAY, OCT. 5 9:30 to 6:00 CLUTE Only t* eh*B«ftof it* dfctttoethMi S«n<? p*«pte hwtabouu ihttii Bewty might *m H«T daccesVltrtty fafir, actually," •Bow* Bdt Bagdad. RuntraM* County ttptetoa officer. *t» iiept w BOW and Ihrn at the S»RU Fr Saleoa &« Coldfhriit 15 antes up US », foratmr tod lo Hklwnt* For iflt»jnj »«}«-». JK* As. j^lj t *« wWP WJUWw^WJ* #f ^Mm^w ..-„-." " »«* ^» .J*iK* t; «fie «)i««*l Site H* tort Wh«T »tlc fern**,. Out fen Ad dranfc Screen Partitions Yord. Gonfon Ktttt* Wat »<AiK*t 4 Dtkr at 4gS»iB. I'M IB N**ada. U • oo« of tlw better t« UMttt fwft* ofe. mouo uim, old «J»w and ranch** Stir i a Mtkxw tafldtrfat*," Jim «** " O« t*» 33 to m *«***, to [fc«* Out Cat o/Iert ijit4ht} "I *> tint not (Aw So <&» witS, m« " the "?U* U5«7 |«j« e»* as «BW 10 OfttttnMV (A srn *** •)pf j»m 'JJ fart Brockmnns has just received a new fall selection of Jewelry. Ear Rinys 2.00 to 5.00 Conic in and have your E.irs Pierced. "IT* OK Betcrl? is th»l I den'l Ar »<mid »«ral muck" Prwlitelioo n teg»t b«T* o< UW vttMttettt trmM. Sfew our hwat* tnulm with OMtffe > IfllftA H«« AMI* »« -ijn 1.1 eo taeh o< te» IT 8»» feat* « ttart e«0Mj, whikh is Bw«thr Uw V«tp«, and WuhM Coont;. whfcb H tun! gsntf w Uf *f to t*n.-fc»rf it w^i* vy cixift^j mfjtftiifMre Socne,, 1&9 KMiocrakfcft, frflur it Iron *ttisn frt« mtat of their bar aad f wiaw far » b*mdfttl of (trb 5b« ttjtvfti*** Uw erafrttounmr* for H*r fint . U, «'««<' he* «flif }f'J»':ioa --•* It {. •**•* *»«* t*f«* w* »-*'*>» «** **•*«- canw t twn. a (ark tn (fw nwd vtar« L' S » ro*rt» jtfevad* RettMr ). *rrrn r«ttn »<•> It »** to middle «rf 0» Ratittn OWTH CMULV * TO f t CICrtf 0 JUMOAT TMURS^ F«U SAT. CotdTwM 4 cpiartw of i« tear ««d Ufa. » uwn CLUTE STORE K-Mart Shopping Center r»flch, «0n«r» «at. At the Junction »«r* dttosp of wvod tMOt tfvw jwd dawm 8«vttJyfci* from SngoUyv She H SHOEWORLdWYOUR WORLD BRAND NAME COWBOY BOOTS •ONE OF-THE BIGGEST SELECTION^IN THE COUNTRY ititm - rt«At . *c«i A WOES BOOT FOE EVERY JOB OIOIO14 OIAHI, HP li WOI WOttP PUT A PAIR OF BOOTS IN LAYAWAYFOE CHJR8TMA8 WHILE SELECTIONS ARE GOOD • •-"•*• I JA/itOtS/tent */t**Mt i GIRLS^ PAMT SETS 8 SKI JACKET SALE '77 p9»yMttr pant *•!• add to young wa^ro^M Wlf fiM- ou'll f f v« en owf §»«nl cplUciion o( ftytM antf ««Mf|. In Whdi. ptot* 7«14- ^^P^PR ^BMfw ™ ^ffH| ^^pBB^^^^pfjfcaiw^fflj^KTW^W W* QUILTED ROBES !• OlIfUM. *i 5 pte, turn (mty mrtnwr'i ch«0 tt ilnfl or tc«- H«(i*d m4 chic, trim dtUriiina fAtf ftefMiftd »ont», Pttu.r,» or wiidt SUM 4-14, telt quill*! »c*Uit« QAM D a«^

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