The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 2, 1971 · Page 8
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 8

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1971
Page 8
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Ogden Standard-Examiner, Saturday, October 2, 1971 BUZ SAWYER By ROY CRANE THE FUNTSTONES 'lii^ By HANNA-BARURA I'VE KNOWN WO SOU ARE FROMJ4E RRST. KEEP MISS 1RH.AMP FR<^ SEE'NS ^E^VQ^MftY^ I'M. AFRAID THE AMERICAH SIRLIS HO LONGER IH DOR AND, SENOR.BUT IF MY v-BuT Y/UEU SHE GETS HOME VM A CKKLOKD OFGROCERISS.VWO HELPS UHLOAD AMD PUT IT AWAY AHP IF THIS IS A TRICK TO TAKE MISS IRELAND FROM ME, SENOR, YOU'LL *E!3RET IT. 1 UNCIE RATS CORNER By RAYMON COFFMAN BUT, SUPPOSE "\ rrwey-. DON'T., y WArJT JUST PCN'T weu—. you SUGGEST WE r?o SHORT RIBS •y FRANK O'NEAL L£T5 SO lltfo TOW AMP UASSO A F£W STRAYS- SCANNING THE STARS By SYDNEY OMARR cautious. Let. others show their! _ Forecast for Sunday, October .receptive. Social affair provides j Volcanoes Throw Out Different Materials A letter from a Texas boy,j John Ray Niehamp, contains} this question: | How does a volcano erupt?" j A volcano erupts by sending! out material of one kind or another. Often the material is lava which -rises from a hot! underground bed of melted j rock. } At other times the rising, material is made up of stones i and ashes. The city of Pompeii was buried by a vast downpour of hot ashes. In a different eruption, the sea in the midst of the Easti Indies was covered by lightweight ashes. Krakatoa sent forth rock known as scoria,'^ and this floated in the salti^gx MORGAN, M.D« water. MASSES OF STEAM j Masses of steam and other i THERE AREN'T ANY • STRAYS IN TOWN. TAUKIN& ASOU1 , HOT CATTLE GOOGLE and SNUFFY SMITH • r FRED LAMWELL LfiNDSAKES ALIVE!. 1 WHAT HOW DOVE LIKE MV NEW WfUL-TO-WALL CflRPETlN 1 , LOWEE2V? »y DALE CURTIS could make reap- f 3; 1971 Waldo Emerson is uirai as having stated, Astrology is astronomy roupted - " " A' <7 ^ self- ASHViv&j «• —" - -, -Bought down to earth and ' applied to the affairs of man. ARIES (March 21-Apnl ™^: ; Liinar cycle coincides '"chance for greater "•expression. Put idess across. -•Confirm appointments. Welcome ' -chance to display _ unique abilities. Judgment, intuition " -will be on the mark. Go ahead. CANCER (June 21-July 22)_: Accomplishment for special _p J.tlciOiJt-'J VA •j-v--.--.* —**«» _____ t gases are belched up by various- volcanoes. To a large extent, if not entirely, the force for volcanic eruptions can be traced any •AURUS (April 20-May 20): Gain op(?uu.Ki_L, v.i ^w«-«j --" Nothing is apt to occur halfway; ail the way or nothing. Know this and act accordingly. Older family member could play prominent role. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Good lunar aspect now coincides with journey, visits, communication with those at a distance. Perceive potential. Plan ahead, shown through written aJly. Stress versatility. Utilize alternatives. There is more than one method. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. Accent on children. back to explosive gases, "dav ! Early in the present century, bestj the terrible St. Pierre explosion J.rtUJ.l.W^ V-lTAt'*** •- Bo some browsing: means take : time-to collect what you need. VI til II &1IUVY11 u»ii ».«•£-*- •• word. Review format, basic C .--• -desires. "-Gemini -'results. individuals" for best [Means Heed counsel of spiritual adviser. GEMINI (May VIRGO (Aug. ilan that seek greater for 22): z;j: Atjuem, uii -~m.i~--", j creative endeavors. You find j scrapbook^ out what is expected of you. Pleasant surprise is featured. Restrictions can be- removed. You cut through red tape. Take overall view. Leave details to took place. The heat and gas spread by. this eruption took the lives of thousands of persons in the French colony. For science section of your today's FUNNY MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN PHIL DAVIS others. 1HK6 liuumig iu* &'""- . discussion with mate, partner is ' order Get financial facts ot 'is CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Plenty of communication! featured with family members, j clarity. Settle issue affecting domestic! ;. Frank £r ea You can reach conclusion | based on facts. This, in has not always been! Aspirations. Don't penmt : pride LIBRA (Sept. -;,to. stand in way of Process H A ^ cenC °" -Welcome helping hand. Be ne.smp, YOUNG HOBBY CLUB By CAPPY DICK - As the end of the coaster ••••wagon season approaches it_is a food idea to have preparations " toed up for careful storage of . .this important vehicle -- Instead of leaving it outdoors] -'•exposed to bad weather, .or bringing it indoors and leaving it where it will be in the way of Ithe family, plan a practical -storage program. . First of all, decide on a ..'location for the wagon where it -will provide the least m- , terference with members of .the family. A likely location might be a comer of your own room in the house; other possibilities are an out-of-way comer of the : basement, or space in the • storage locker. ' -Almost no matter where you 'decide to keep the wagon, the .•z-use of wheel blocks, or "nests, • k'e those shown in Figure 2 of illustration above, will dress the appearance of 'the ''wagon. : EMPTY BOXES The nests are simply empty facial tissue boxes, (Figure 1), . one for each wheel. They not roniy will keep the wagon from "rolling, thus serving as wheel .-blocks, but also wUl prevent the AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): I —/- Accent on short trips, visits,, marriage, part- reconciliation with relatives. Be agreement. Be diplomatic. Do not expect everything at once. One close to you deserves some honest responses. Check your motives. Surprise gift is on agenda. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Avoid making long-range financial commitment. Y o u require additional information. Take time to be . positive. Protect assets. Some would like o play fast and loose—with our money. Guard against unnecessary risks. TlionX fo Leon Baden Harrisburg, ?S © 1971 tr NO, Inc. . WE'VE GOT NO CHOICE, WE'VE GOT TO OPEN UP TO SAVE THOSE LIVES/ STEVE ROPER DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE Today's FUNNY vill poy 51.00 for each original "funny" used. Send o,=si "Today's FUNNV,1200 West Third SC., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. TISSUE" boxes prove useful for storing coaster wagon. happens to be carpeted. Also, the boxes will preven oil from dripping on floor coverings if you oil the axles before putting the wagon away to await the next season. An added result is that the] boxes will show everyone the care you give to your valuable possessions. MONDAY: LOTS MORE FOR EVERY BOY 1. Drawing 1 per- room for- 2. Dwelling mance 3. See 7 Down 15. Reach (2 wds.) across 4. It follows 21. Chi- printemps 5. Howler; screamer 6. Ear figure (abbr.) 7. Book, movie or play (2 wds.) S, Gal who gets the Kuy 10. Irish playwright nese aborigine 22. Grassland 23. Symbol of home 24. Guaranteed 25. Tolerate 27. Facial decor stcrfluy's Aaiwtar 29. Upbraid 31. ]STot a soul 32. Member of the JTixon team 37. Meadow sound 3S. tide /z. Puzzle with fhe Bmlt-ln Chuckle O Rearrange letters of |h« four scrambled word* below to form four simpto words. L.A CB 0 T AH M I X K I FS I HE FRO Y * s ' From" a gossip column: "LJn- dertaker Digger Jones is almost crazy, because the. kids keep asking him for empty. • O " Compteta lh« chucklo quoted by filling In :h» missing word. you develop from step No. 3 below. 14 PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS IN UNSCRAMBLE ABOVE LETTERS Yesterday's Answer Overdo - DELIVERY DELIVERY." ten kids. • She's famous for her ACROSS 1. Likewise 5. One . - .ofthe three B's 9. Border on 10. Plague 12. Knowledge 13. Whole.' 14. Singular 15. The woman in, question. IS. Droop 17. Born IS. Equality 19. low 20. Irene or Robert 22. Russian river 23. 'Western hero 25. Head covering 26. Mother of Ares 27. Bauble 28. Blockhead 29. Briny 30. Tempest teapot (2 wds.) 33. Furrow 34. Suburbanite's necessity 35. Yule 36.Quiver 38. Esau's father- in-law 39. Proclaim 40. Kota (note well) 41. Duo 42. Concoct DAILY CB5PTOQTJOTE— Here's how to work it: A X YD I, B A A X K Is LO N G3FE Irli O W On» letter simply stands for another. In this sample A Is •used.for the three I/s, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each, day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation JCBW'F FPSS J . T B H J W ECP'E TJVPFFK: FPSS CPV F C P V'P ' E W B BFCPV TBHJW SQGP CPV, JWM J SS •VBJME TQSS BUPW FE KBK. — YRSPE VPWJVM Yesterday's Cryptoquote: A COMMITTEE IS A GROUP THAT KEEPS MINUTES AND LOSES HOURS.—MILTON BERLE <ra .1971 Xinc Features Syndicate, Inc.) ,'-.'., / I'M MARTIM CHE5WICK/-AND I WANT [ THAT 5UITCA5E FULL OF X UNCL DOW'T _CREAM/—OR YOU'LL WEVER MAKE ANOTHEE 60MD AS LOKIG As YOU WH—WHO ARE - - - WHAT DO VOU WANT ? GEORGE CRENSHA »y JIM BURNETT NUBBIN ZS 31 1 WISH HL'BBIN AMP 1 WOUUP WM£M ... WORK HARP. &£RY PAY' MS. KERRY DRAKE By ALFRED ANDRIOLA I'M BETTING HE'S SOME SUV r - - ^.YMOHfiSA SWEET LITTLt DOOSE LOOK HAPPV'THE POCTOR ) FOR PARKINS-WHERE HEPtEAS-5, S& IN TOWN- L^^ANP J""» J ^ ANP DOESN'T HAVE HIS jfcsT SET AWAY WITH IT.' •--==, OFFICIAL CAR INSISNIA Rs&rK^ y EXCUSE ME,_ POCTOR.' MAY WE SPEAK WITH YOU A MINUTE? „ WE'RE WITH THE CITY. POLICE DEPARTMENT' MARY WORTH By KEN AUEN REALLV? I TWOUGKT y VOU HAD JUST STEPPED ™ GOOD AFTERNOON, MR.. W OFF THE. COVER. OP ^ PENDlETONlI'M HERETO }\» NEiW MO DE'5" MAGAZINE, TVPE THE. NOTES ONTHATfcV MR5.VANCLEVE.! . MEETING! ,_ "'=— VOU'U.FINoW.BEWnHVOU ) EV1R.VTHINQ . I 45 SOON AS /lo-t VOU NEED T SHATTER. < IN MY OFFICE*. J MW . RILEY'5 ' H- NEW SECRETARY, J NO)BLJT FORMAKIN_SUCH ' DESEW/e. ARZWARD'.-SOI'M MARKING THIS ORE55 OOWN

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