The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 2, 1966 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1966
Page 11
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12 Wednesday, 2, 1966 tow Silver Half Dollars Due Shortly WASHINGTON (AP) — Those new half dollars — only 40 per cent silver but still bearing the likeness of President John F. Kennedy. — are expected to begin flowing into American hands within the next two weeks. "We're trying to get them out as soon as possible/ 'Robert A. Wallaee, assistant secretary of the Treasury, said today. "We hope to begin circulating them in about a week or two." Wallace, whose jurisdiction includes the U. S. Mint, is hopeful the new coins won*t wind up the same way as the Kennedy half dollars containing 90 per cent silver which the Treasury began minting in 1964. In fact, he hopes the new halves will bring the older ones out of hiding. Through last Monday, 409,085.430 of the original Kennedy half dollars ha d been minted but despite efforts of the Federal Reserve System to place them in circulation they have virtually disappeared. Why? Only theories can be advanced, Wallace said .and the best one is that they've become mementoes of the late president. Many — exact numbers are unknown — have gone overseas, he added. Wallace said this is an emotional rather than a ratioqal response. The Kennedy half dollar will be the "coin of the realm' 'for at least 25 years, he said. Existing law bars any change in coin design for at least 23 years and then only by an act of Congress. Miss Eva Adams, director of the mint, said use of half dollars in change and vending machines also has contributed to increased demand. Although -minting of Kennedy half dollars containing 90 per cent silver will cease when the new coins begin circulating, the Treasury feels enough of the original coins will be minted to keep them from becoming collectors' items. With the exception of half dollars the Treasury thinks the acute coin shortage is over. "Except for half dollars, we're in better shape now on other coins than during any comparable period in the last 10 years,' 'Wallace said. Noon Call Stock Quotes (Courtesy of~Demps«y-T»geler & Co.. Inc.) RUSSIAN SPACESHIP LANDS ON VENUS—After traveling 24 million miles in three and a half months, the unmanned Russian one-ton spaceship Venus 3 landed on Venus and planted the Soviet coat-of-arms. The above time exposure photo taken Mar. 11. 1959, in Dallas. Tex., shows the planet Venus (small s^Siere) slipping past the Moon. Venus, which orbits around the Sun every 19 months, comes nearer to Earth than any other planet. Cheese, Butter Off Surplus List WASHINGTON (AP) — The Agriculture Department has taken cheese, butter and non-fat dry milk off the shelf of surplus farm commodities it offers for sale. The agency said its supplies of these items are "temporarily exhausted" because of a recent decline in milk production. Officials expect milk production to increase in coming weeks. This could replenish the farm surplus sales list, they said. Commodities now on the sales list include cotton, wheat, com. Racial Law Would Hit North Schools AUis-Chalmers 3$ Arlan's Dept Store 21% Am Tel & Tel 59% Anaconda 8$ Armco 63% Ashland Oil 53% Bendix 70% Beth Steel 36 j Carrier Corp 70% Celanese 76% Chrysler 54%, Diamond Alk 37 Delta Air 94% Douglas Aircraft 102% Dow Chem 72% Dresser Ind 37% DuPont 221 El Paso Nat Gas 20% Ethyl Corp 36% Ford 52 ^"oremost Danes 23% Gen Elec 108% Gen Motors 99 Gen. Tel & Elec 43% en Tire -.- 33% Georgia-Pacific 60% illette 34% Gordon's Jewelry 34 reyhound 20% Gulf Oil 50% Gulf States Util 24% Halliburton 50% Hoffman Electr 23 Ho L&P 50 Interlace Steel 39% IBM 504% Jones & Laugh 63% Kerr-McGee 67% Ung-Temco-Vought 58% Magnavox 106% Marathon CH 55 VIonsanto 81 Nat Dairy 79 NatDist 33% New York Central Penn RR Pepsi Cola Phillips Pet RCA 83% 67% By JERRY BUCK ] Associated Frees Writer A law proposed by Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, I>-N.Y., to curb school segregation resulting irom racially unbalanced neighborhoods would hit hard at Northern cities, an Associated Press survey showed today. Nearly every public school in Cleveland would be affected. Half of the schools in San Francisco would come under the law. In Boston, 46 of 196 schools were declared racially imbalanced under a new state law. The bill, introduced in Congress Thursday by Powell, would withhold federal money from any school district that fails to Teach a racial balance in its schools that reflects the racial makeup of the whole community. The proposal would set up a formula requiring that the number of Negroes in any school a district could not vary more than 20 per cent from the number of Negro children in the entire district. .. n For instance, if 50 per cent of the children in a district are Negro, no school could have more than 70 per cent or less than 30 per cent Negroes. To acheive this balance school about half of the public schools in San Francisco, where the Negro school population is abou 25.5 per cent. This means tha schools with more than 45.5 per cent Negro enrollment or less than 5.5 per cent would have to be changed in order to continue receiving federal aid. San Francisco school officials say they see no practical means of ending de facto segeration at some schools. Two elementary schools in the Hunters Point District, for instance, are nearly 100 per cen Negro. Three near Chinatown are nearly 100 per cent Chinese The school administrators are opposed to busing children for the purpose of eliminating ra cial inequities. James A. Hazlett, superin of schools Mo., said he didn't know how many schools would be af fected, but said the proposa would reach almost the entire school population. He said Kansas City has an open enrollment policy and a present is busing at least 1,600 students to schools outside their neighborhoods. children apparently would havej In Boston, Thomas S. Eisen to be bused outsdie their neigh- jstadt, chairman of the schoo borhood — an action that seems j committee, said: "Such legisla to be as unpopular among' " school officials as among parents. Agroup of white parents in New York City appealed a state busing order to the U.S. Su- seed oil. oats, barley, rye, rice, grain jpreme Court, but the court re- sorghums, peanuts, flax and lin-I fused to review it. "In Philadelphia as in every big city the residential patterns inevitably have an effect on the school patterns." said Richardson C DUworth president of the Board of Education. Dilworth said that Philadelphia, like other major cities, would be affected substantially by the bill. Apartment House F'ire Drives 200 info Street ARLINGTON. Tex .(AP) — A $150.000 fire in an Arlington apartment house complex drove about 200 occupants into the street early today. Seventy firemen, including some from Grand Prairie,! proposal would affect nearly all quenched the flames about three of tile city's 135 schools, hours after they were discover- "We have been attempting to Paul Briggs, Cleveland school superintendent, said Powell's tion at the federal level would be superfluous, because Massa chusetts led the nation in al ready enacting a law designed to accomplish the same goa Rep. Powell indiates. It is my intention that this law will b complied with." The Massachusetts law requires that no school may be more than 50 per cent nonwhite Forty-six Boston schools are due to lose state aid if an ac ceptable plan is April 15 to end ance. not ready by racial imbal ed at 12:12 a.m. jgive children of all neigbor- craft warning flags hoisted along The blaze destroyed or dam- j hoods the best education possi- aaged 48 units in the Park Plaza ble,' r said Briggs. who said that Apartments, a structure with'some Negro children are being at 4 a.m. today for south wind: four wings surrounnding a courtyard. bussed to other districts. The proposed bill would affect Warning Flags Ordered NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Tb Weather Bureau ordered small the Gulf of Mexico from Port Arthur, Tex., to Pensacola, Fla. 1 Oto 20 knots, increasing to 15 to 30 knots this afternoon. We've got the new JACOBSEM 4-BLADE ROTARY MOWERS! The great 4-cycle engine models are now on display! CHECK THESE FEATURES: • Eiiler Slatting . . . through big 4-Blade flywheel action! • Smoolher-Safer Kowinj . . . wiih the 4-BUd* cutting unit! • Mew Snuj B»j Capacity — more clippings in bag mean fewer emptying trips! • Mtw Fold-Down RanCIe . . . for easy storage! Alst irjilible 18" mi power propenH 21" •sdels. Priest start at CMI* !» an* cfcmf* ymr teobse* 4-tttit 4 eycfe Bctirv MX JACOKSEM 4-4RJDE ROTARY Mtrwm COHM.Y WITH THE (MEXICAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION SAFETY CODE f(W YOU* WOTECTIOK. 31- * Cycle 4-Piad* rotary witli pan catcher WustmnJ. LIMITED QUANTITY 1965 MODEL JACOBSEN MOWERS Reg. $104.95 FULLER'S 913 S. Main 582-8171 layiheon . Schlumberger Sears Shell Sinclair 54% 52% 44% 57% 58 58 Socony Sperry-Rand Stan Cal tan Ind Stan N J Stan Ohio Stauffer Chem Sun Oil Sunray Syntex Technicolor Term Gas Texaco Texas Eastern Texas Gulf Sul Tidewater Union Carbide Union Oil of Cal United Air Lines Upjohn Drug U S Steel Western Equities Westinghouse Xerox 20% 73% 44% 76% 64 50 72% ..30 104% 23% 76% 20% 121% 46% 64% 54 123 72 50% -56 224% Rotary — (Crnttnued From Page 1) students will be asked to solicit 'among themselves, the college faculty and parents of students. Dr. Fayle. chairman of the nominations committee, also invited nominations for the 30- member board. Eight members" teams will end in March. Gom- eaux said a general membership meeting will be called in early March to elect board members and to review the progress of the Loan Fund. A treasurer's report was given by Charles Suesse. He said the Fund has 511-47 in cash; $4,382.63 on time deposit; earned interest of $207.22; 52.450 in outstanding loans; a reserve of $1,944.10; and total loans outstanding or pledged of $7,301. GDE Coed LETA BANKS Mosesman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Mosesman of 901 Linden wood, is a new member of the University of Texas chapter of Gamma Delta Eplison, national service organization for coeds. SPACE TOOLBOX FOR NASA—This space toolbox packed \vith 36 devices, including an artificial fingernail, has been developed by Martin Company in Baltimore. Md.. for NASA. The kit will aid future astronauts perform mechanical maintenance and repair tasks while in orbit or on the lunar surface. The space suit gloved hand is holding the electric motor anci handle fitted with a zero-reaction wrench attachment which eliminates the twisting force astronauts would experience using ordinary power wrenches. Try Sun Classified Ads Beavers - (Continued From Page 1) man at Lee College; Angela, 16. a junior in Robert E. Lee High School; Jill, 13, a seventh grader in Highlands Elementary School; Leanne. 10, a, fourth grader in Highlands ..Elementary; and Jason Lance, "2. Mrs. Shirey is the former Billie Smith of Mineola. The Shir- eys are members &t the First Baptist Church of Highlands. They live at 110 Gossett St. A special meeting of the school board will be held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to give the trustee candidates an opportunity to draw for positions on the ballot. Katzenbach Puts Voting Burden On Local Groups ATLANTA. -Ga. (AP) The federal government has provided the tools, arid local organizations now must become the' major force in voter registration in the South, says Atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach. "More than half of the adult Negroes of the South still are not participating in this most basic act of citizenship." he told a meeting of the Southern Regional Council. H. PRUEIT PA1LY 9 to 9 m 3N-?!;' "WWS ^S^^^^KiH:^-^^-!^ -^i*.^v-jjgjj^^^jj^jjj-jp ^B^a^^^B "$£&<? ^^^^•i^^^^r ~j' ^^^^^^^^^fc '• ^^B ^^*i^S^ S-^"?^''^' 1 ^^1 •'^\->: ^^1 ;i:-:' ^^1 • ^^ft ''jSi' ^^^^^^H 2 ^H^-stlte •B^^^gs : ^" ^ ^^ ''4? ^* W^^^i^^ ^* ^4-^ ^* & ^™ k^^ % ^^^~J THE LOVED ONE Our World Today FROM AP WIRES • Dr. Michael 3E. DeBakey, noted Houston heart specialist, predicts that an artificial heart will be implanted in a huma.n being for the flrst time this year. • Foreign Communist ad - visers to ousted Kwame Nkro- mah are leaving Ghana in forc e by force. Eleven or more of the Soviet advisers were reported killed in the revolution last Thursday. • The trial of Candace Mossier and Melvin Powers is expected to reach an all-male jury Thursday. • The House Armed Service Committee was to hear Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey today befoire making a decision on Republican demands that the military draft system be in - vestlgated. FISK CUSTOM 240 full 4-PL \ 1OO% NYLON TIRES 21 MONTH GUARANTEE AND SAVE ON AUTO ACCESSORIES We Boerve the Rizfet to Limit Quantities EAGLE >OR >1 <.-•!•;• '. F.\r:'s • M •'•-•'' TRANSMISSION FLUID 6.00/6.5O x 13 TUBELESS Recess Is Likely In Oklahoma's Prison Probe McALJSTER, Okla. CAP) — A court-ordered recess appeared possible today as a spreading county grand jury investigation of the state prison showed signs of stalling because of an absent witness. The jurors, in session since Feb. 16, are under orders from Dist. Judge Robert J. Bell to finish work by Friday. County Atty. Edwin Carman raised the possibility of a conflict over the closing date Tuesday when he pledged to have the missing witness, former prison guard T. L. Cope, brought before the jurors adjourn. Carman said the testimony of Cope, who disappeared Feb. 22 after leaving his job as a lumber salesman here, could be a deciding factor in the investigation. Cope left the penitentiary security staff late in 1964 during a State Crime Bureau study of alleged narcotic straffic at the prison. "The grard jury has requested his presence more than once, and I am determined that he will be found," Carman said. "As far as I am concerned this grand jury will stay in session until we can find him." Bell told the panel last week it should complete the probe by Friaay to make way for a term of district court starting next Tuesday. Bell indicated he does not want the jury in session when the regular court docket is called. The grand jury and trial juries use the same facilities. As resident judge, Bell said he has the authority to stop the grand jury if he deems such a step feasible. Any action by him | probably would take the form of a recess rather than an order to disband the jury. CLIP AND SAVE IBIKE TIKI \>D TIBE actu-ail. :uiffc<< plus tjx Jt;d ;be old :in ••/ i;.v .-'•' »". 1 £S 7.50 x 14 6.70 x 15 3.OO x 14 7-TO x 15 8.50 x 14 7.60 x 15 8.00/8.20 x 15 7.75 x 14 7.75 x 15 8.25 x 14 8.1 5 x 15 8.55 x 14 8.45 x 1 5 8.85/9.00/ 9.15 x 15 «ir *13* hf • mr * *lo *16 I Blackuall, tubelesi pita tax and the old tin off four car ' WMtmofl>3.«*M*r« Auto i 3 % COiWEXIEVT CREDIT Pay as little as SI per week >NEY GETTING FANCT HICHMOND. Ky. (AP) —The remodeled Madison County Courthouse drew the praise ot a county grand jury. The panel added a suggestion: Officials should "keep it tree of loafers of the whittling and tobacco chewing variety." WHEN ITS [ TIME TO RE-TIRE BUY FISK K MART FISK CERTIFIED S-WAY GUARANTEE £s Golden 7 590 i • .\UTO SEAT BELTS Complete BRAKE Overhaul 470 each IVO JIOIVEY DOW!\ 1. Relinc all four wheels with Bonded Liningi. 2. Turn tSe drum* and arc grind lining* on all four wheel*. 3 Rebuild all four wheel cylinder*. *. Bleed flush and refill hydraulic system with approved SAE fluid. 5. Clean, inspect and carefully repack front wheel bearings. 6. Adjust brokes on all four wheels, hand brake and pedal clearance All work performed bf fatter/ trained specialists ..v,- •. r.\,«!> - * CUP AND SAVE Fisk Premium or Extra Power latteries IE VERRER ATOR \ 1. *>" I rj&j ''Two Source" Mus;col Reproduction wHh F£~ Stereo Sound Quality! INCLUDES SPEAKER

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