The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1971
Page 1
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WHAT to read A VWton findi it'ii not easy lo search out a spol In the Rig Thlckel near SiUlxHt, 1'nge 1 \ lilt; lourUi quarter K»ve | Alvln H SMI victory over llrunH|x*rl Un-t night In Alvin, TV low left Ihe L at 02 o« il»e The family doily paper of Brazoria County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS V* :•'£ d* t - / our Vrar \«, 22 & Me rnfoer Tucuday, November 23,1371 Texas Dally 10 Cent* ft Story Page 7. A County adds 8 voting precincts were MotttUy Court, Itrmmpofl College l»<j,in) o) liegrni*, and West Columbia City Cuuncil. fejx>rt» ol are MI I'otfrs 4 and <.'«UM Monday crested eight new election I*ircinri6, realigned llvi- jusm* of Ihe peace boundaries am) made minor tliUDgi-., in it*- f eeenlly reuhftiwd comi 'Hit- rniliMiuiii-nl <t a r^,.j|| ,,\ (ltf . 1'ijuii!) iii,«iiff, .imi jtiMi i^.,,,^.,,,^,. |(ediitmlmg l ami ti-ffiftfolhe )/JIBK!.I/I Ih-tiJ-cv i},,« *r«n tutu diets un Jai, i l(i-fi»iw) said (h4( wjiut- Ij n>nM»r .J t.iiih *I1«- (,.-». imi-9 wi-re drawn duwn th<it^e plum spill jtu(5» j;,Io pri'emct* T)»' Monday decuirm m the third lime ifi about one year Ihat wrw eleelioti pntmi t tfiutidane* Iwve been drawn The Iir*t realignment aunt' willi cuimy re'lmlrirlmK 'dii' M.-<vjnd came when M-vera) new election precinct* were cmiti-d. iiii-|i'4»itifi itr county'* numlx.T trtitn 'JK precinct.* I') 32 The number tf ni.-w precincts reMilted m change* in virtually all MIT/ouftding prerwcld Vi!ir-ii the Ije&iidalivf? KeriulrKling Hoard dr<-* new for/tin- 'iirlM in fK-tober, laudative and Congressi'mal line* erosvtJ Die county's eiivinx eleelioii and justice t/jur»'l;iri<--v Th<- latest m<iv <riaV.'-» al) txiumiiiri'** now coincide *i!hi«ji 'flu- IK-* Sky and Sea I t.»:.titist. NK in..( Vessel wrecked; seaman missing • I'ct. ,13, West Braznria. This area includes territory immediately west of lira/oha extending south to Four Fork.". I'd 'M. San lii-rnard. Thw precinct include.* the Churchill toHiinuniiy and the rifsidenis tin KM 2UI8 l'i:t .15, Kail Columhia. This precinct will serve the area imiiK-rJiateiy s'/uth frf the Went Columhia poll. IVi .%, Camp Mohawk This new poll .verves the area south 'ff Alvtn .'irKl west of l.iverp'xil IV! :t7, Danciger Thecornmunily of f)anciger ami the far 'ACSt .M'V'frf llil'(Vl»inlV 'A ill hf««T', M| by lh!.H(X)ll I'd .% ,Siirf«iiffc/ A small precinct in area, this poll serves otil> the Surfsnk- cottuntimly ((.'ontinuedun r'age 131 4 tr. Sv-« UfUl IJ 7- j» (ii Wc«Jnrs..Jji fiifjh 59 »J< ['I!'. K»« t !."(»">. Vj.*/ 5<-«,5 '> T-S S- rn t?*Lt>* l ;s*^ <> ^Ti i 1*1 'ilir»j rr'.s V . v i y >'••• Hof L/ne is TUMI til i • n* not tISf. j.n . i -ui-ii j SsiK-rw? San fa's scheduled to arrive in U Friday tiinrnp trawler. hifth mruli and ml d^ruund latf '-isitx-r* !*t '!;<»;.'•».• V. !:.i!;<< !::.<< reported a'ie i! lit t:!£l;'. in a un lh«.- J eon and Heard 'T I.MtlU , \|t|i l|( I) »-#r i *\ I rtltnv. i ,j * f- »v,. ( .,. 4: !.!<••- : -', t^ir J!i, !*;.: "•t^.-^i -. {> ;• ».! -'; M- f " i Y.'-vrvj Si-'.'. ! p I'n « •. :'»«•«•« HW< " ..&*;»«? < '?•»: >•> iF; - v : '.'' "i* • • I i..« 'i;. ,-, < v;ju:x - ; ,^ „ ,';<• l.t.1.' >f.-..!:.-;:-." ?W '.I .a ,']' V! j 1 '' Ji,i I'.r-.-.! i r! '.i.., !.!•-. ;., us S.S r '. IV ^ I.-. !i»- NI-* Hr.i.v.* P.iver and the 'I hi-;, o.ii- Jsfnmy <ioff, v.!i-f <;<•<!-*sll, aixf hit "['-•rum '..;-• ,;V ; iijp «.«• }><•< ; '.-.f.?:..-. > rt' 'i;.-,; ' .--••< ,\ v . >' .'i.' K jsr»r^ «-::firrj '.-i > 5-t-v K f, r .. Ar..> !.-..h «! ' h»,::'v it .*j*» »> l^>f. fs./:'- •» .xvrttr.^; -(iitT :s 3^ j-^-i*,.-n ^.,! I »J, ,v »V ^ , 'I , I - •.'• '.,:• '.',., }.•• ,,,:. • '-•\f j -:; ^f'l^ 1 ::' !;> .>-V' r ' :'.^ v, .,, I ;, < .-, • ! i /v i I-- \.\'.. rC^-, : f T 4 .,.< tr^rv^-.r ''- .'/ «• '?•<: .t.,-i-itTH ^ :" 5^1 ';i.:r .- -.i-.:^ ;•'.!•« r, !^;i'.:- V;.t i',.,!.-- 1 * ••• --.;•• • ;i,.M,i ft: !-'t J^ rl -.>«-, ! ' "• -.-»•-•/•) :r. .(,.-,:•,: 5,, f.,'J. -• .••;-, ..n)S The p n. i!(if>i;i I.'^i! ii j>;o in ! J>:nm> i.iufl loi'J Jathc-5 RALPH YARBOROUGH GREETS MRS. J. M. SPATES, OTHER SUPPORTERS The former US Senator addressed CSC members here Government called root of pollution '.hird !'.•. JIM HAHNKTI ! «-' FP okays rezoning for multi-family use <«( !>«• txal (,<i/! «,iid f«- fvroUif.iy *a«. re-.', A.-^niij; .1 t>rr^». lup. Jsmni; ii«! flcutrd tj> Hr rrttoat J «.T.r,i) di T, IK- h;s (U-»-K5vd U!b. rs >jy 1 w-lll ix- ,:uv! .iiMjlhi-r loin- Mnce ! ml) h.v, <• no >i.-rH'.i!'y ." Yar- U.-THi^'h 5,1.3 (|.<1 iiut Yartx^tAjgh didn't leave Ti-.iiis j;i..-'. ernmenl un- c;»i!lfnj!<.-d. irsdiCi'itinii '.hat he 1:1 jy still i».- coivMdenr.^ the v;o-. i-rwir s race "The Texas poverr.menf is !hi- rsn/vi ..iirxis tiial I 'ante* of SH:na!or dtx-sn t nave to worry .ilxxjt beirtf> callt-d by j hanker with a threat of raving his notes cancelled." Yarborijugh s»t;d Vartwrough did not speak <:-n any specific pollution issue jhh>/utfh he- made his opposition i tear to the cjr in SIT. l.loyd that -peak-, the Kngltsh » H ITTt Ilissl I II f »itt » ruin }'?.•!! ,;-: i'.r!) ;! itf.ijrt !<>r S! M..r;i M T)ii\-- iillil-ri T CM I II \\ \T <«jr> he :-,.!V.«->K:lt srn'1'.r-r thr -;>. ,)Ki!'-i! i ;ii 'i*;u Km lir,iU'i L! S'.-i'.e Kep Nfll l;ir^u.i^'f he .vtid The •.i.-icran legislator sjid nutMde omlroi is where the KOV i/rn.".;c,')'. ui Ti-va> aijd !ht' IS S.-r..itr differ i hi N'n.,U' ;-r. ! controlK'd by ., i"M-, hK«- Au->!:n i> A TV«- former senator's topic dealt mainly with what he called t-r<»;on ot the people's i.'iilh in government " Here i*> a sampling of the sssue> Yarboruugh men*;..KH-d lulity rail's. "Texas is 1 'unlit: mil lift I'ajje I3i ?'.;;t*'« f s >r T Hani > ir !.->•.». ;'f(>-. > Shf .ii|;i. Vii"-,! Tn nf" ,>r>t oil! M«-i? ItHlll lit S MMU1S (J ri.'tfi^pvr^n.jr 4 (s 1 * i 1 t «rni!iijr •"! splirinc a AIM. :!, Si !«-!, Y.,r men!!',I S I',-., \>r ; «;; thr r '.!'«• .i XulfJ A !n«l/:«(<S< •• Listening % uvrm.sct MAI toy That (Miiir ivr»rj (w)* «» <»>r tf»KKi I teamed irw rard * J> I it*i<* nsin dial Uw Ixifd nrvrf (urn* )!>» lv»rk on lit* (>»n M>1 MIAI.I. M»T t;o Ol'T IS IIA.STK. AND Yur SHAM.. NUT til) IN KI.U'.HT. KdH THK MiHU ttHJ. tin HKKUIIK VOt . AM) THK GOD (iK ISUAK1. VVII.l. UK YM'K HKAH i 3.' 12 i|< S V (h.j! lla.- ilrr«i5 l*«* Jl-i.1 !jlr-» .xidcd Hut •mjHiiJr "I UlC (ui! Hf \!!r? r. t».nJ i«i-»- [».tf tlir.5 ! i N»-Jrnan j ir.^»*i w r »-,i ,*•,'!", »,!.->tr wl.ifhrf JK t- r.iles. («n Live* jixl tivuraivr »itfh .1 i han^e »n»iUI Ma\ m T <' Srlnian tri hr vi.ii mil in Iho m mr.H'.u 1 t»uvii>«'>s am) «.a* nut <Hwli(ml In cuke »tjtrn!ent» p»f»rnl i»iiurrni'i! i 1 * win/Id (><"< Koli Johnson >j>-ikr !<>r I ' I ,i r, n i n K I ' « 1:1 :r. i s s i >i ;-. rtiri«U'r>(1urlrn Trent i< K Kdnii-ndum ,ir«) Mr> A A Millrr Hi malar); (I' fix >ifniiHTtit.ilii«i for r»';"(i!r.j; Ctniiu' It i' >l.iu|{hli'i numil In aoiYpt iiw n-v'oin HH'lldtil (UM . Nt'TtTUl ll\ 'Ml) M(Si- U-U.rr. \!.i|,i< ;,-jil \el.«vcn In .i<.Mitii>i. ilw i-n»[Kis,>! alftVI-. Ui..M ''.tvr'.'.ifv. 0(1 ll'n- south *iii«-<>( KifthS! t*-!ui-i-n St.i|*'l .u-,d \.-i,is<t. Hlvd WC holiday schedule U-r >j»tv'.'.t-<i .! ! nut <i! '.In- *,tti'T . .itn) a lulf »*».j'.lr* * Hi\cr r\ir s ik^*r. the i^ts'. i*r','r, ;>» candidate L.r n( Ti'\.i> a:^i .1^ ,1 !"r IS Sf!'>.>r He up mi .it>ii l he A \U.M I III I %!lll \ fi!\ Hall annxuiKtAl tiirr-r will (H- no Karlui;e i ullei'tum un ITiurMLiv Nin :':. t-ul iherv Hill tH- ,1 pickup mi Kndjj llx- cil> ullii-e will tv I>|X-M (or lm>tiH'M "ii KruU> i.'it> M»;r K I) I'.irlii! .iiuutiiu'ccl ini'nibctT "I Ihc (iulf ("iV)-.! Kn-.erneiicN lUx'xx- S»|u;iii. l'*-ad»\1 IA jtir( Man.ini mrinlH'pi ot !hi- l\vist iju.ini .ir.d the ShenH s Di-pt . headed l)> ('apt Jin: Khutxnto:!! The heavt winds Ihat i auMtl l hi- trawler wrecking. with duits rivurJevl Ui u\i-r SO in p h by !h<> (Vu4l iluard. Senate okays tax-cut bill U.VSIIINdTUN iAI'> The jxirly nwiniiHi's in the 1*73 Sciulc hat PJ&MX] a fiittcricd cainpaign ^ $27 billion tJ«,cul bill The bill »a* pjs,M-d «H to 30 dciigncd lu stimulate the Monday night ami wnl into ixoooiuy after alljchtn^ an rmifcreiMV uilh the House amendment allowing the Ti»e c<xi(crence committee is federal treasury to bankroll expected to do al least a presidential campaigns iriinniing More than hull the Sen l.loydUentsenJr voled Kepublicaii senator* voted for Ihe bill while Sen. John agaiiul ll»c measure, largely Tower voted against it because ol Ihe Uemocralic- Some Kepublicaixs said they sponsored plan lo make will urge {'resident Nixon to available up to $2g.4 million in veto the eniire hill if the final fund* to the major- version still carries the campaign financing provision The final Senate bill contained many provisions asked by Nixon to benefit business, encourage modernuation of plant and iKiupiment, and Rive CLUTE 2652715 a IKKIS! lo export s. Hut it provides tax cut* (or individuals going iH'yond the Presidents r e c o m mwHJatiom These are ex peeled to raise (>urch.i5ing power and benefit e*i>ecially low income families As an example of the m dividual lax cuts In the Senate bill, a married couple with two children and HU.OOO annual income v^ ould receive a $19 cut in Iy7i taxes same as m the House version, and a $S5 cut in 1972, compared with $57 in the House plan TlK 1 Senate considered 100 amendmenUi in 10 days and nights of debate and added about $113 billion to the three y cur cost of the bill us it came from the House Sen Wallace F Beimell. H I'tali. said the Treasury figunt.1 Oval the fl-w amend- menb adoplt'd would reduce revenui-s by $51 8 billion over the next decade S»'d IjeorgeD Aiken. K-Vt . said: "This bill has been well- nigh ruined by action of this body " But IX'inocrats insisted the bill had been made much more equitable by increasing the aid (or individuals and lessening what they called an over-balance in favor of business lax cuts It was conceded that the conferees would delete some of the revenue-losing door amendments EARLIER AD, NEWS DEADLINES Tlunksgivmg is a Iulf holiday (or Facts employees, and therefore advertising and news deadline will be earlier For news, sports deadlines at 7 a in . and page one al 8 JO a m In retail advertising, deadlines are 3 p m Tuesday for the Thursday paper, 12 noon Wednesday for Friday, and 5 p in Wednesday for Sunday Fur classified advertising, deadline is U noon Wednesday for Thursday's paper, and 5 p in. Wednesday for Friday. this i»-ur Simesjy '.in- i.i'.i' o! ! ,r«- r.^iiw, arid Aoriii ;> 11, 'lie SVn.iU- This is whin- the ivy.u.- oi .».ir in Virlnatn Innerty .u:d cuiiiialmn will be County budget blocked An injunction against the county's Hoard oi Kqualuation t'ommissiom-rs Court and Tax Assessor- ColUvUir H A Thomas was isMK-d Mmidj) by Houston District Judge Thomas Die -uil. tiled by iour Brazoria County property owners, asked that the counly 's IS72 proposed budget not I* advipted According to the documents filed with District Clerk Frances Dennett. Sto\ all's restraining order will remain in effect until Nov. 30 A hearing on the injunction is sM't for 9 a m. Nov so in the Uaili District Court in Angleton Angleton attorneys U-land Kiv and Cleveland Davis filed the suit late Monday in behalf of Perry McNeil), J P. Bryan and his wife. Betty Bryan, and (Continued on Huge 13 1 New budget unveiled by County U r a ; o r i a l" o u n t y s inysti-rioifs ly?J budget v»a,s tjeuig printed i-arly this morning and according lo iVunly Auditor T L Huberts SM!| tiv ready ior [>ublic eyes Ihis afteriuon less than '24 hi>ura a * ay iroir. a public hi-.iruig un the document Commissioners t'ourl pliitged rivenlly that copies oi Ihe budget would !*• available "well before" (he public budget hearing (.VmiiuissiontTs Court will hold the hearing at S a in Wednesday in the Com- miNSioners C'ourtroom on the third t'lijor oi the courthouse at Angleltin Although thi- pk-dge was made in >i \o» 15 nui-'mg. a source cloM- to the Court said the auditor 'Aas not furmshixl with iiujd and tiudge Uept budget information until early Monday morning I'd 1 Comr Joe Brtgance, who \oeahied the pledge (or the Court. Monday, told representatives ot the League ol Women Voters that '.hat all information had been given to the auditor's office "It's out of our 'Commissioners Court i hands now," he said Figures recently released by the court indicate that the county s total assessed valuation for l»71 is $317.8 million, compared to a previous county-wide valuation ol about $356 million No tax rate has betn established, but sources close io Commissioners Court say a 75 cent per $100 valuation is being considered. The county s .Jo cent per $100 valuation ret lains unchanged, sources' say The previous rate was 95 cents per Sitw valuation, coupled with the 30-cent special rate New budget requests reportedly total about $7.2 million, a (igure slightly higher than the previous budget's $71 million. One reason for the slight increase could U* a pollution conlruj office The most talked-about figure for this is $100,000. Commissioners Court has also indicated it will (ully fund the Kood Stamp Program. 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