Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 9, 1975 · Page 18
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 18

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1975
Page 18
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Pag* 18 Frmport (III.) .Journal-Standard, Wednesday, July 9, 1975 PEANUTS OUCK VOU'ffE •WEAKIM* Alt MY ARM*.' HtXJ RENTED THIS PLANE TO US.-ANPTHEN HOOTOOKIT 0ACK! LET SO.' IYE BEEN ASSI6NEP A SPECIAL MISSION 0V 6CNERAI LET GO.' WE LOST THE POWPERWFF ZZ-fZ?'stiZZSi r«*»ul w <»-«• .»•««« 4f?r J&ffjflZ »Ht«Vu«llM >«.>»« t,T(H.» »« IF I FAIL IN THIS MISSION, IT COULD CAUSE WORLD ukR IT&.PRA6 OM BLONDIE GEE, THERE " MUST BE A MILLION THINGS FOR ME TO CO ABOUND HERE TODAY THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS, I DON'T KNOW WHERE START WHAT DID YOU J\ * DECIDE TO OO ) FIRST? i ' *fe»_ 1M GOING TO DIVE RIGHT IN AND TAKE A NAP FIRST DONALD DUCK HEGETSA\ORE ABSENT-MINDED a/Ef?YOAY/ IVE GOT NEWS AS WET WITH SMITH FAMILY ACROSS 1 Graceful \ dance >• 5 Hebrew -• letter 8 Secrete 12 Man's name 13 Friend in Lille 14 Presently 15 Fleeing justice 17 Character in Othello 18 Member of a Turkic horde 19 Tenths 21 Auction 24 Teutonic sky-god 25 Formerly , (archaic) 28 Dull pain 30 Inlet 33 Nothing 1 34 Story of a ; building , ;3§ Roofing ' slate 36 Commotion 37 Bakery product By Eugetu Skeffcr 38 Auld Lang — 39 Importer's question ' 41 Redact , ',43'-r Tussaud ' 46 Dens 50 Sacred image 51 "Find a penny, —" 54 Gulls 55 Money of account 56 Man's name 57 Sea bird 58 Weaken 59 Pintail duck. DOWN 1 Owl's call 2 Arm bone 3 Certain Latvian 4 Terrified 5 Deface C Large bird 7 Fragrant herb 8 West Indian island 9 Pressed for time 10 Venetian magistrate Avg. solution time: 26 min. BBS EJQ HHSH Si HI BB Answer to yesterday's puzzle; 11 Grandson . of Adam. .16 Epoch 20 Roman road ,22 French , composer . 23 French school 25 Alfonso'^ queen 26 Free 27 Decelerate 29 Contain 31 Hunter or Fleming 32 Mature 34 Preposition 38 Means of . • ascent 40 Merchant guild 42 Each (Scot.) 43 Buffoon * • 44 Maple genus 45 Epic poetry 4" Newspaper paragraph 48 Magic 49 German admiral 52 — Gershwin 53 Surpass X T S A CRYPTOQUIP X K W NO • I N H R A 0 c w C?H- XWETMNR HS KEI.MXESXK -^ Yesterday's Cryptoquip - GIRL GRADUATE DELIGHTED TO SHED ROUGH STUDIES. 1 • * i ' ~ .']<•: ' i fc (© 1975 King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue: K equals H \' Bridge., AlFRED SHEINWOLD BEETLE BAILEY WE'RE IN THAT MYSTERIOUS ZONE KNOWN A& Tf4E OVER TO MOTOR POOL ANP HE JUST PI5APPEAK5 SNUFFY SMITH MIZ I .BEEN) COLLECTKSJ 1 OL' CLOTHES FERTH'PORE FOLKS HOOTIW HOLLER BUZ SAWYER HEY THAT FARMER A CHilDREN'S OUT MERE [ DOG! TO SHOW ME THE RIGHT KEY— NO/ NEVER.MINCX' ..STEAL MY HOWIE! ANP "*' AW THE PHANTOM YOU FOOL— YOU WHY SHOULP I f*y you- : FOR NOTHIN<5«» NO,6ENERAL-FOR SOMETHING' --TO KEEP X3UR NAME OFF OUR 1 HIKBP XXI FDR A OOP- ID KILL THE F*ESIPENT' WHAT? XXJ DARE TO THREATEN ME? FUNKY WINKERBEAN When an opponent leads his strong suit, you usually refuse the first trick holding up your ace until a later trick. '. Strangely enough, those who recognize this play instantly as declarer never think of it when defending. South dealer No'rfh-South vulnerable ' NORTH * K64 O 92 0 Q98632 * *f WEST EAST 4Q102 4J875 V 754 <? J*1086 , O 104 . O AJ7 4» QJ 1095 * 763 ..SOUTH; •'•"' •; 4 A93 Q? AKQ3 O K5 + AK62 South West North East 2 NT '•• Pass 3 O Pass 3 <? Pass 3 NT All Pass Opening lead - + Q -.?• :' South,won the first trick with the^l king of clubs, and promptly fired back •' the king of diamonds. East took the ace of diamonds - and there went the, ; defense. •'- -'•' South won the next club, led a dia-, mond to the queen and gave"up a diamond. Since he could easily, get back to dummy with the king of spades to cash the rest of the diamonds, he had no trouble making his contract, v ..,..» When South leads the king of, dia-. monds, East should refuse the trick. This hold-up cannot cost anything. East will surely get his ace of diamonds sooner or t later. When South is allowed to win the first diamond trick, he continues the suit. East wins with the jack of diamonds and returns a club. •' Diamonds Shut Out South is in no Immediate dnager, but he has only eight tricks. Declarer can reach dumrfly with the king of spades to set up the diamonds, but he cannot get back to dummy to cash the rest of the; suit. In short, the hold-up play limits South to one diamond trick instead of allowing him to win four tricks in the suit. It pays to know a play that will save three tricks! DAILY QUESTION Partner opens with 2 NT, and the next player passed. You hold: S- J 8 7 5; H- J 10 8 6; D- A J 7; C- 7 3. What do you say? , . ' ANSWER: Bid three clubs, the Stayman Convention. This asks partner to bid a major suit of four or more cards. If he has no major suit he will bid three diamonds, and you will go on to three notrump. If he can show a major, you will raise to four in his suit • 3&S&$^ Ann Landers ss&ti^^ - Dear Ann Landers: We keep hearing lectures and reading articles for parents "who need to know how to help their children get off drugs. I have a different kind of question. What can children do to help parents who become a'ddicted? J am not speaking .^ about pot or LSD or heroin. I'm referring to a Wee, respectable middle-aged couple in the suburbs who are hooked on barbiturates and amphetamines. My mother and dad have a medicine . chest full of Seconal, Tuinal, Nembutal, barbital, phenobarbital and Eskat- rol, .:...,-":. . ., ... - 1 - • I'm sure they would be highly insulted if anyone suggested that they were drug addicts. When I told my mother amphetamines were "speed" she said, "Don't be silly." My dad insists he can't get a night's sleep without pills. They both seem to• think they are in no danger because the drugs are prescribed by our family doctor. What can I do to help them? -CONCERNED SON Dear Son: Call youf family doctor and ask him if he is aware that your parents are addicted. He is the one ..• who should handle this problem - and I hope he does, promptly. " ' Armed Forces S. Sgt. Gary S. Christensen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Christensep of Kent, a munitions maintenance technician, assisted in the launch of a weather satellite from Vandenberg AFB, Calif. His wife, Patricia, is the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Clifford Luettig of Pearl City. UHOCOCI BAM? COMEDY STARRIHO ALICE MARY RILEY with our Professlonjl New Yoric Coqipany 3MILESW.OFWtRENGOONUJ.20 PHONE MM0.72U PRICES: Wed. thru Fri. & Sun. $4.00 CURTAINTIMES: S.t.7^, 10 Wed, thru Frl. 8:46 & Siini «;30 TIM., Wed.,-& Thur. M»tlrm« 2:00 you will print this letter for the benefit of all those wives out there who don't appreciate life insurance as much as widows do. Sign nie .-^ ':''.;- '• -KICKING MYSELF^N y V WINSTON-SA'Ll^M Dear Friend: Twenty-twenty hitjd- sight is easy, the family that looks ahead and makes provisions for the long shots is the one that sleeps better at night. I'm sorry your husband didrt't 'override your veto. Good luck to yb)i, dear. - . ,£ * * * '• & Dear -Ann Landers: Your column touches people's' lives in ways you will v never know. You touched mine recently and I want to thank you.' It was your answer' to the person who asked if it was in poor taste to send.a note of condolence to a woman whose husband had committed suicide. : You said, "By all means write to the bereaved widow at once. She needs to hear {rom family and friends at this critical timeJ' • So often when a husband takes his life, the widow wonders if people think* perhaps their marriage was bad - tha"t if she had been a better wife she could have prevented the tragedy. Thank God my family and friends didn't think that way a year ago. • -N.J. WIDOW Dear Friend: I appreciate your coii- firmation. Only one who has been there knows what it's like. ..,.. ,, Dear Ann Landers: I have read with interest several letters in your column from widows whose husbands had very little life insurance, or in some cases none at all. Some of those widows were bitter because their husbands had not "planned ahead." But in my case, I was the guilty party. Every time our agent suggested that Mel increase his insurance, I came out with that stupid remark, "We're insurance poor." The truth was that I, like so many other wives, thought my husband would live forever. Widowhood was something that happened to other women. Today , I'm that other woman. Last week, while going through my husband's desk drawers I came across an insurance proposal for- $40,000 of life insurance. It was dated five months before Mel died. It was a good plan and we could, have afforded it. Our agent was trying to help arid I knew it, but Mel was in perfect health and I figured I could use, that $21.57 a month toward a new color TV. , Today, I'm, working in a steak restaurant trying to keep my family together. Believe me, it's tough. I hope WANT A SNAPPY RETURN ^ on a small investment?;... It's simple ... Try a low cost Family Want Ad Today... Call 2322171. ^ItUieUMKX, July 10-13, Box offiet op«n 6 MI. Curtain MS, Sunday 7:15 WINNESHIEKTHEATRE Walnut A Clark Streets Adults, $2.00; Students, $1.00 NOW SHOWING 2ND SMASH WEEK MATINEE 1:00-3:00-5.00-7:00-9:00 OPEN 7 P.M. • STUT 7:M 'VUNCN CONNECTION II" 7:3$ •01 OFFICE OKN VNTIL fcM FUTME MPUTU IN PUT s*ush you down utd kick you *p*»T whfc Rt^iunntOpimit 11:30, Shopi it 12:30 | P 'Color-A NoNonal General Pictures ftelease(S| ALL-OUT DOUBLE ACTION KWITC/ Kune-rw Th* n«w scr««n excitement that gives you th* bi0fl*»r kick of your life! Bruce Ue •wy Kmb oi Ml bo4y k • MM WM*r< >" •Urtlnf My II THC CONVf HTIiLE OIHf Fists of Fury J.TJ3,LL—iSS Jl ICobr-A NotionQlQenerol Pictures Optn 8 P.M. SHOW STARTS AT DUSK ; TONIGHT i FRIDAY "Chintst CcniMction" 1st "Fist! Of Fury" 2nd * THUR.-SAT. "FJsts Of Fury" 1st M CMntst Coratction" 2nd

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