The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1973 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1973
Page 6
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Astros snap losing skid HOUSTON < AP> - TTw Houston Astros hav* Wsnlswl five ajpfniwnis this season »ml Dave Roberts has participated in tnrw or °'?-|** l ' u) < )Us > including Mom!*) night's To victory have been Roberts' good moments th» season There rxjvn had moments loo "rrSl'MJSUAtbut I don't know how to pitch from » wind-up only from a strtttch," Roberts said "I've had a feu nu-n on " But Roberts, now 64, got some itffniMvc help Irwn hw teammates this time m the Astros started a U game home stftnd. ATWO-Rl'Nhomer from Jim SVynn provided insurance in the scvCTlh inning after a f Jvg-runsyrKe In the fourth Houston pros join summer net camp Bob Alfaw and John Bryan. |i»t> top tennis professionals from Houston, mil bethe instructors tor a planned «wk l« f « Ti-taii* immer Camp, The proposed camp \»iU run from Julv 9 through Juis u a wwkof soM tennis instruction for Branisport area r.ittn-V The camp «il) featur? two session* <rf thrw hours wcfi dj> which amounts to six hours of instruction for fivr straight tl JV V according to Bra«*v«xxJ tennis cwach J*rr\--Evans ''•»*'" mentioned thai the cost of the clinic wwtlt! lr ilftrr mmed according to how mans participants sigtwd up lie ab,., satd thai iher* would be a mattmun! ofso siuc'trs:?, K the c£a.w A special adult class will also be stagtvl frwn 5 »{\m tot » p.m, on (he same day* with 4 minimum ul !0 aiiuiu newkd to make up the clasi. Tt)o two-session day-clinic is set up for .wn^w* between nwe nnd 17 years oJd and the adult class is for is v<x, r okb am { up At kins and Bryan are qualified instructors accordui^ to Kvans and boast two national championships, moe Te.w j*ctw«ul championship*, and something tike lew nwjur ct«mp«vwhip* twtttj tbctn, Thedmic will beheld at the Bmsuswwx! Hi£h s<-Nx^ courts andEvans points out that the clm.c will give local rwid^tj a «l students a good opportunity to receive top prvlmxxal m stru«K>n for a full w<*k and at a re-swabie price n*h! here at home Anyone ml crested in signing up should call Kvans ji :«&•«*» after 4 p,m. Tommy Helms' AiuMe wul Doug Under'* »in«lv each pnidiiced. l\>« nm* in the f mirth inning "Tills IS just one erf thow night* Robrru w*» llueadinjt th« nut of the needle " Houston mana^r \jn> Durwher *aid "M* threw the ball betw«*n the bell and the kmw* all nu«h« ton* All IXn e needs lo do J3 fust b« more ttswistent " Uxtxprn nrid the 1'tullws to *i<t hut and wv*r altow«<J an> tvnty JVIM >«i-oiul ba«> Mik«- Ro^ t »Jiinldn pinch hit » double in the >i\ih bui lha!'» a* far at he t»nl "IT W.\s t;t»Kl Ju-st to set a base h»i. mui-h lr*« 4 hum* n«," W\im said of hi* t*«ru« shot "We v* jmt cwiu- off 4 tcrrtbk trip, tntt wr re lw»ck on the wimlng l>atth iw* " S«^e Carlion <*«,( *chedvikd to pitch for the Itiilliw but l» \ear-old Uirrv OirMenKm. tN» Uer. *a« catlnl to «art «h*n fiirltoii suflrmi a muscle *pa»m in hw back and couWn I «*« k*s«-twd up J««N«W:«S«W>*^«^S4S^^ T1IK BHAZOSPOKT Sports News Tuesdav , Juo* S. UTa *:S^^^^ i-.fMrtrtjn traprtt !h# !U'l' U'jtja TV Hl't. «t*«(ii» « r«rw!> -.•cttltu! 4ft*} Jijlliirti in pf**»».• V.auf; tjf >Ji* is » t» ri Js r'l f J £1 rj :-» BAG elects new slate of officers joctjjn h««i/At u 67 tfae !^ M «P* !'j n M4 •'!» SI «tt ," •< IU« w i« *.i* : •* At. y^t »!^>i 4 'itir* .\ £*5»!<2tijr •' !.': S i A»»"v-iati.,ft tft.farr.8 M fft flHl «; . ' I :U Mn : " • i Panthers can Cubs DA.f*Uftlr up i *-i rtc«mly in a ma)w ith the Stcre Krtj(«r pitctitxi U» while -*aj ituck with the (;KORC;K HARRIS "The most important thing ml do today s hit lour pfescriptionr' Service" :M Tluil Way (7-1 i BUc. > Uke Jackson 3T-T3 Amccg the Icjdir tatlttt for the winncrt wmc ni « J .T; j^JliJ > »J f ft* .,-J in yJI-'SU * (>. Hi W;«yii -; e. ««:<ip.ij i '««• jjft VI ,- K •• Al li.V.' »«f ivi Mi'-*> '^itl trv US ffc* I! .-J;,M ««,;,< Leogue Baseball fUj Jfjfcf, Ufry *.4rt«rs wer* John 84511, ad S»r»» Hrals nip Cads U.VNBtHV - Tt* >U*t.» WfTT J^rflft* M t'oMtt T'aeray ?' jurwl tjffy t<4»4? t»ilfjBid:» in A rai»jr DoiuM Krr<rr (he win, »fcjic !h* iOkt on Vinor f'*i(icr hittrr* (or »»re Buffs nip Satalites Eiffel trap »re<?ES!7 0* or Carp»n4«r ^' ra Th«»npi«nrt pmktii -^ J«« W*!k«r. Brwce AU*n, tfl * *«> * hli * W s '-'"v Anthony Uc&rrry and f»J',i«r «Jt*tvil *< ii>»* were th«j itadin^ hi!t*rt for A«wwnt »-,<? hitirrv fcr ;,»«• the k««r» •<nr*wr» «TT* Ttw/ Twwr. Uons rip Colts piclurd up w » *-**>* .'-.V lni««r'» Tyler. T»jtof . 10th !h« 1st . AMERICAN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MC»I«« - S<rixher pttttd 14) »tn. while Kot«r! ««yfirr»d th* tirfrat Krtrin ViUk. Gary Tina. Steven Thompson. Chjrin Brother, Mt Barter. ar*j Mart Weir pk*«t up fun for th* winncn. while Mark YakJin. Rotxrt Calc««. M^rk UcBouef. HoUrt Shipm»n. and Sy(ve»(rr Sa.-npfe were the hitter* for the kwm Necks strangle Senators MKK JACKSON ~ The ftoughmxkj bnrtccj to M »4 »w over the Sermon her* Krvday in an American league tattle Wj/ty Uonti pwrked up the wm wtiile Frank tUchardaon toifc UV IOM Hitler* for Use winners **r e H*k* Wiglcy. (; 4r y Stuart. Brian Luucimtte tnd Werrut The losers were led by OdcU ttt>«J«r. Frank Kictwdawi. William Wtdcman, Wo«dy Watford. Roger BdhuiUv and Ujfl Moore, Motions wtck Sports Asim shoot Cats Ti«erj B«an fc-«:U- Hiltert for the included N«»l Sc«i With f mawr thr *sn Th< from ivctAt. Jo J's 1-i/iijit.ji-. MtJw {Urrw, JOB Ifeb Jl»!Urd John Evil, WcnUKfc i/>d Km Janet Phis raid Braves U*»> P«v». U* Havls bomb Uom rt: JACKSON edged the Sport* U 12 here ui a rteccnt ointcM Steve Itarmoa picked up the win while Dave Kckhd b»k the. l&*» Huter* for the wtnocri *tre Bun FMnok. W*d« Bwtktt. md Chart** Jordan Leaduig ih« loten »trc ftojdy Krwd*. Joto StJv«- »ev« Armtd, D«ve h«tdiej. AJion Crouch, Dcnoi* llorvwh, imd Brad Wtolttd MKK JAtTSSON -- Th* I^Uliss w*Jk«J i'-nff *uh a 13 -J »ui over the {troves f«rrc mrnt!} m a rulnxul ic«guc Millie Ktgjpe ApJin fired the win white Terry Sundlej tuffrrrd the detail Tommy {.athle*. I>«nni» Freeman, fU«n»ld Wrtght. IkJly Mike. Me) V^^uu. Terry LoftU and George IkxMJln were the top hiKer* iev the winner* wt»l« th* lowrt colt««trd hit» from KcxJnty CraUrcc and IWJy ir,ir«»r tfi » Mtk with th« ttrwl^f* t ru.TiriB* p«k«j up (he win. white lh* SMI w** Mitler» for lh« *tnn*r» weiafaxi Mw AJkn. JMrryf Kjte and (V Hiiti-n for the <St«t>h*n tiamian, David M<<i>y, ihtrrdl Garcia ar<d (Vxww Bucs rob Panthers MKf JACKWJN ~ The Buixancvrs rtckd oil a t\ here UKI JACMSOM 111 OVITM CRMK OWVI Iffl MAZ<MK>tT R4VO, Uap Rtbtls HHAZOitU - Tb« Ol*nU up • abutout trow DoMg La in tvcBciag to an M win (he R«t>ets btre wvn ov«r U> nauena) league Saturday Hy<U) K«it«r pkk«d up the *vi wfuks &dr»y Kwchd suffered lh« kw» Lcadiog hitter* for (he witutera were Paul Gore. Kcgicr, Join Umont. and Haady Ntal *»u)e ih« k*ic hiiwr to th* k»«r« wa» Mark Hudtmt IFATOERS * BAY June 17 th tcab LAIWJ JMKSON ^ run off •IMT KINO •DWARD Tfat acKmJUhi f:K Ube- s'V'-t.t J' Chargers divide series with Islandettes, Cornels *. Sw ifttt t0.si4ti^;n. t'^nxicu * : jj-ii ^iv^tti* -ir } t -«5, *.*4tsiA»^ I i^.^c '.:itx (,-,! l,t£thf f*«'4r-.*f-i : 'ij? *ftw l'h*t*?'^i,js £•;.:•! f>,,r««fJU .1,-!.; 13* J -?,».'* ' n t':.».'*(«/ j ^tj 3 j,;- i r s j.:'; r -:t? .":i-:r ";*i B c<if. i A« ''r.l^.f-,? V .'nii^tfi -.--i-ifsii ».-. M «. J-vs'» Tftr.BiJ a,« -is. -»i tnti Morris wins trout contest ft? «r U* ^^ * rn U4/ .r '-> «•« ^A,« LlltCS K ~ ,. cltSr illS FM M C1SM4L WU1 MBS f , Mill. "; •' UU ^ ^. t ';• ' -.« * M Ml U£»l frte. IJUM l*».w F's 09 •Mm »HMT NAVY STM tmnn p (K V* a Package W/FM STEREO PLUS: STAND, STERiO NEADfHONES, A ORUMIIA RCCMO AND TAPE FACKAGf l '222* Value 'IBS' 1 • LISTER SHOP MlfarU.1 Ltfct JKkMH 91!^,

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