The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 7, 1939 · Page 11
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 11

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1939
Page 11
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1939. ELEVEN Classified Ads Place The City's Best Offers Right Within Your Easy Reach Parley Is Sought To Settle Strike CUMBERLAND, Md., Aug. 7 (/p). The employe-employer impasse that left 8,000 workers idle at the plant of the Celanese Corporation of America plant Friday continued today •with no announced plans for Federal mediation in the strike. John J. Conner, commissioner of conciliation from the Labor Department, arrived Saturday but there •was no meeting with officials reported Sunday. Orderliness which has marked the strike since it started Friday afternoon continued Sunday. There were only a handful of pickets at the company's gates, and non-union members made no effort to pass the picket line. The highway leading to the plant has been closed by State police and motorists have been routed around the area. HERALD-MAIL AND NEXT TIME HE'LL HAVE EVEN MORE TROUBLE HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (#>).—A thief who made three trips to a local tobacco factory to steal two Itcgs of nails—and failed every time —may expect police to be waiting for him the next time. Company officials reported finding- a small push cart in the factory and expressed belief the intruder fled after a wheel of the cart broke clown under the weight of the heavy kegs. A watchman saw him trying to leave with the cart aiul nails the next night and he fled again. Later the same night the thief returned and his has cart but left the- two kegs of nails. INFORMATION All ads are restricted to their proper classifications and to the regular Herald-Mail style of type. Errors in advertisements should be reported immediately. T Herald-Mail will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. Advertising: ordered for Irregular insertion takes the one time rate. PHONE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD TO 104 - 105 - 106 No ads taken for less than a basis of three lines. Count six average words to the line. The average word contains six letters. Daily rates per line for consecutive insertions: All Classified Advertising: is CASH-IN-ADVANCE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES Cash Rate One time 10 per line Three times OS per line Six times 06 per line Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for only the numbe_r of times the ad appears and adjustments made at the rate earned. Special rates for yearly advertising upon request. Careful attention given to small orders. WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACE YOUR AD The Classified Advertising' Department is situated at the Herald- Mail office. These offices are open to receive advertisements from S A. M. to 8 P. JM. daily. All ads received up until 11 A. M. will appear in edition .same day and S P. M. will appear in edition following day. The Ad-taker will gladly assist you, if desired, so that the copy for your ad is prepared in such a manner as to bring the greatest results. PERFECT ALIBI INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. i. //P). — Thirteen-year-old Harvey Gerald •was sent by lus mother to pay a $4 furniture bill. He was late getting back, and lie litidn't paid the bill, but had a good excuse. Three men. be explained to police, gave him a ride in an automobile, but drove into the country, took his $4, and forced him out to walk home. CLASSIFIED INDEX The following advertisements under the following classifications are arranged in ALPHABETICAL, order Cor quick references. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1—Notices. 2—In Memoriaum. o—Card of Thanks. •I—Flowers and Mourning Goods. 5—Funeral Directors. R—Monuments and Cemetery Lots. 7—Personals. S—Bowling Alleys. 9—Societies and Lodges. • 10—Lost, Strayed and Found. AUTOMOTIVE 11—Automobiles for Sale. 12—Autos £or Hire. 12A—Delivery Service. 13—Battery and Ignition Service. M—Body and Fender Work. Painting, Tops and Upholstery,—Motorcycles and Bicycles. 1 fi—.Repairing and Service Stations. 17—Tires, Parts. Accessories. 17A—Wanted—Automotive. BUSINESS SERVICE IS—Business Service Offered. TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Lasers 7. Noise m.idc by striking upon or in a liquid 13. Seesaw 14. Wigwam 15. Legal action 1G. Evil spirit IS. Equality 10. Tho s\vuetsOp 21. Juice oC a woody plant 22. Distant: prctloc 23. Ornamental pillow covers 25. Sheets ot glass 26. Descendant of Shcm 2S. Divers 29. Uncooked 30. Tavern 31. Fester 34. Former U. S. President 38. Spirit in "The Tempest" 39. Fatty part or milk 40. Walked 41. Pronoun 44. Feed to the full 45. Tihcrlns: abbr. Solution of Saturday's Puzzle 4G. South American monkey: variant 4S. By 4U. Zoronstrian scriptures 51. Tov.-n in Wisconsin 53. Animal which builds nests 5-t. Thinly scattered DOWN J. False jcwc-lry 2. Cut one's teeth 3. Sew again •I. Near li. Sprencl loorcly i'i. God of war 7. Arrest S. •\VrltP !'. French article 10. Add 11. Inspector of weights and measures J2. Unorthodox doctrine 17. Mother 20. Smiled 1n a silly manner 22. Makers of leather 21. Compartment in a stable 25. Carthaginian 27. Sheep 2S. Drink Jittle by litllo 31. Flexible palm stem 32. Reach a. destination ?•". Day lilies :;"). Harvester 3ti. Provides and serves food 37. Como forth into view 41. Mark of a wound •1'J. Exclamation •13. Ages •1i!. Devoured 47. Mischievous Child 50. Thoroughforc: nbbr.' 52. College degree /3 W 'T H" 3l 3B 33 /4 22 IB 35 48 K 36, SAVINGS •ISA—Beauty Parlors. 1SB—Barber Shops. ISC—Radio Repairing 1 . 1SD—Welding and Brazing. 19—Building and Contracting:. 20—Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating 21—Dressmaking and Millinery. -'2—Heating, Plumbing, Roofing. _:!—Insurance and Surety Bond. 24—Laundering. 2.~»-—Moving, Trucking, Storage. 2<j—Painting, Papering, Decpratinp '2~ —Printing, Engraving, Binding -8—Professional Service. 20—Repairing and Refinishing:. 29A—Piano Tuning and Repairing 29B—Shoe Repairing. 29C—Harness and Leather Goods. 30-—Tailoring and Pressing. 31—Wanted—Business Service. EMPLOYMENT 32—Help Wanted—Female. 33—Help Wanted—Male. 34—Help—Male and Female. 35—Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents. 36—Situations Wanted—Female. 37—Situations Wanted—Male. FINANCIAL oS—Business Opportunities. 39—Investments, Stocks. Bonds. 39 A—Investments. 40—Money to Loan, Mortgages. 41—Wanted—To Buy. 41A—Wanted—To Borrow. INSTRUCTION 42—Correspondence Courses, 43—Local Instruction Classes. 44—Musical, Dancing, Dramatics. 45—Private Instruction. 45 A—Instruction—Male. 46—Wanted—Instruction. LIVESTOCK 47—Dogs, Cats, Other Pets. 4S—Horses, Cattle, Other Stock. 43—Poultry and Supplies. 50—Wanted—Livestock. MERCHANDISE 51—Articles for Sale. 51A—Barter and Exchange. 52—Beats and Accessories. r>3—Building Materials. 54—Business and Office Equipment. 55—Farm and Dairy Products. 5G—Feed and Fertilizer. 56A—C»al and Wood. 57—Good Things to Eat. 58—Homemade Things. ">9—Household Goodo. GO—Jewelry, Watches. Diamond*. Gl—Machinery and Tools. 02—Musical Merchandise. U2A—Radio Equipment. 03—Seeds, Plants, Flowers. (>4—Specials in the Stores, fin—Wearing Apparel. G6—Wanted—To Buy. ROOM.S AND' BOARD 67—Rooms with Board. CS—Rooms without Board. G9—Rooms for Housekeeping. 70—Vacation Places. 71—Where to Eat. 72—Where to Stop in Town. 73—Wanted—Rooms or Board. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 74—Apartments and Flats. 75—Business Places for Rent. 76—Farms and Lands for Rent. 77—Houses for Rent. 77A—Garages for Rent. 7S—OJIlces and Desk Room. 7!)—Shore and Mountain—For Rent. SO—Suburban—For Rent. SI—Wanted—To Rent. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE R—Brokers Real Estate. S2—Business Property for Sale. S3—Farms and Lands for Sale. S4—Houses for Sale. S4A—Garages for Sale. SS—Lots for Sale". SG—Shore. Mountain. Lake for Sale. S7—Suburban—For Sale. SS—To Exchange—Real Estate. S'J—Wanted—Real Estate. AUCTIONS—LEG AL 00—Auction Sales. PI—Legal Notices. Announcements Monuments and Cemetery Lota 6 TWO OEMET.ERY LOTS Rest Haven Section A, Also hldg. lot Guilford ave. Write Box ."-1 C-o Herald. Personals BICYCLES FOR HIRE Ladies' and Men's. DELPHEY'S. 31 E. Franklin St. Phone 5. CREDIT SLIP ou new Ford for sale t liberal discount. Phono inSo-.l. CHAKLS & Swavis <V alterations. Lora Fahrney. representative. S27 Hamilton Blvi). Phone 703. MEN'.—Feel younger. "Pep up today. Put vigor in that "Old nt -10". rundown body with O.strex Tonic Tab- lots. $1.00 size, special today S!)c. If not delighted, maker refunds this price. Call, write Rudy Rexall Pharmacy. NOTICE—'I will not be responsible for any bills contracted by anyone other than myself. Signed LEWIS Pi KAET7EL SLATE Mooting—Specializing leaking roofs; roofs painted. Phoue :>0!i7. 1'.ill's Rooting Co. Automotive Automobiles for Sale 11 FOR SALE—W. M. Boutty's ll)."S Hodge heavy-duty l';. ton. long whoclhnso, complete with body: also concrete mixer. Apply Mrs. W. _M. Bonny. Funks town Mill. ADD TO SUMMER'S PLEASURE WITH A GOOD USED CAR These cars you'll be proud to own it prices that will make you proud >f your investment. l!i:',7 CHRYSLER Sedan. :!7 DODGE Sedan. 111:57 PLYMOUTH Sedan. 1HS7 FORD Sedan, with Radio. l'.i:',C DODGE Trg. Sed'n. with Radio Many Other Makes and Models to select from. ?2.~>.00 up Lowest Finance Rates in Town MARYLAND MOTOR CO.. Inc. "Distributors Chrysler !.<- Plymouth" fiG-02 W. Franklin St.. Phoue 2.">00 VACATION SPECIALS Be ready to Go Places and Enjoy Your Vacation iti one of our "BU1CK SAFETY CONDITIONED" Used Cars. SELECT ONE OF THESE TODAY ;!S Rl'lCK -II Trg. Sedan. 37 BUICK 47 Trg. Sedan. 37 PONT1AC DeLuxe Coupe. 37 BUICK 07 Trg. Sedan. 37 BUICK SI Trg. Sedan. 37 FORD DeL. Trg. Coach. 37 DODGE B. Coupe. :',.-, CHEVROLET Std. Bus. Coupe. •34 PONT1AC Trg. Sedan. 34 FORD Bus. Coupe. These cars have been thoroughly SAFETY CONDITIONED T H E BUICK WAY in our own shop and are no\\- ready to deliver to you The Thousands Of Miles Of Unused Transportation that are still in them. Liberal Trade Allowances and Financing Terms THE USED CAR MARKET 22-1 Frederick St. Phoue 2206 Tho Thumma Motor Co. Buirrk Dealer REGULAR readers or the Herald- Mail Classified Section learn to expect good quality and reasonable priccn. DANCING SHEIK TO SHEIK— isn't done in our best dance halls. But you can't blame these two fellows for dancing together. • They're overjoyed to find so many good used cars at such low prices listed so conveniently in the Want Ad section. Automotive AutomobHes for Sa'e 11 CHRYSLER COUPE—With rumble seat. Very good shape, will sell cheap. Write Box r.O, c-o Herald. FOR HIGHEST QUALITY USED CARS at as much as 259J, below market prices Phone 1135 BROWN'S Pangborn Blvd. & Paper Mill Road NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A USEFUL USED CAR THAT IS SAFETY TESTED AND READY TO ROLL 1U3S OLDS-MOBILE "G" 4 dr. Sedan, built-in trunk, can't be told from new. 193S OLDSMOCILE "6" 4 dr. Sedan. Built - in trunk, automatic transmission. 1935 PONT1AC -G" 2 dr. Sedan. Built-in trunk. 1936 CHEVROLET -Mstr. DcL. 4 dr. Sedan, built-in trunk. in,-!5 CHEVROLET Mstr. DeL. Coach 1035 OLDSMOB1LE "S" 2 dr. Sedan. Radio & heater. A real buy at S3U5 1034 OLDSMOB.1.LE "6" Trg. Sedan. 11)33 CHEVROLET Mstr. DeL. Sdn. Open Evenings Until 10 O'Clock J. S. SNOWBERGER & SONS 210 E. Washington St. Phone SOI is SAFE TRANSPORTATION For the occupants of the c; the responsibility of the owner. Buy :.m "OK Guaranteed. Reconditioned Used Car" and be assured that Safety is a major recondition- in c feature. Read the following Specials and make your choice today. Easiest Terms in Town 103S CHEVROLET Master DeLuxo Town Sedan. Bluo. woiulerful condition t hroti shout. Only ?r>G5 303S OLDS.MORILE "S" Sport Se- dun. Black, radio & heater, in excellent condition. Only $7S>5 1D3S CHEVROLET Sedan Delivery. Nice & clean throughout. A bargain at ....... ....... ?405 103S PONT1AC Sport Coupe. Black, nice condition ... $5G5 103S CHEVROLET 1 Vi ton cab & chassis 131" . W. B., 10 pjy tires, perfect ............ $575 FOK.U Fordor S'dan. black $375 K'j< FORD Tudor. Black, nice nin^ ning condition ....... . $395 1937 LA SALLE Sedan, black, clcsan upholstery, pood tires, mechnn- ie.illy perfect ........... $GDr, 1936 LA SALLE Sport Coupe. A beautiful blue snappy car, in perfect condition throughout ..................... ?">C5 6 CHEVROLET Mnster De Luxe Sport Sedan, black, perfect $37"p FOKD Tudor. Gra>, A real cle.n it cnr ........... J2!tj 1935 FORD Snort Coupe. Black. A real value .............. J2-H5 TRUCKS CUEVKOLETS & FORDS Stakes — Panels — Pick-ups Many More to Select From At Prices Accordingly HOl-FMAN CHRVttOLET" SALES Inc. USED CAH LOT 313 W. Washington St. Phono <5S Look for the Biff Neon "Between the Railroads" 1037 19 193G :i:'.7 .K'.r, i:'.4 Smi FORD Dlx. Coach (Maroon). FORD !>lx.- Fordor (Green). FORD Conch (Black). FORD nix. Coach. FORD Coach (Blue). FORD Ooaoh (BluelO. PLYMOUTH Sodan t Brown). FORD Coupe U'-luo). FORD Pick-up (Groon). FORD I.'i7" Stnk»> Bc.uly. CHlOVPvOI.KT Piok-up " (Blue). NF^YMAN AUTO CO. thsburjr. Mil. l > hone 74 SAFETY FIRST BTJV A CERTIFIED CAR 5 Days Drijinj? Trial 30 bays G'unrnntof FLI'IGH MOTOR CO. r,70 OaU Hill Avr- Phono 2300 Autos For Hire 12 GRAHAM CUSTOM —lf.i\ low rates. SIM> Washington all OV.T all day. SH>. 1VA 1' 1 ,_H, .I__011 _NSpX. B u s i n e ssjServ i ce Business Service Offered 18 Employment Help Wanted—Female 32 CHRISTMAS CARDS—Extra money easy selling' friends unusual assortment. Many photographic reproductions. 00 for $1 Personals. Stationery, li other assortments. Experience unnecessary. Request approval .samples. Terry Studios, 202 Yv'estfielil, Mass. CHRISTMAS CARDS — Big: profits selling- wonderful 21 folclcr ?1 assortment. Relig'ipus. Etching', Humorous. Gift \Vrappingr, everyday boxes. Special Economy 50c boxes. 50 beautiful folders with name imprinted $1.. Experience unnecessary. No investment. Samples on approval. L. E. Ross Co., Dept. S7, Eastern. Penna. MAID for proneral housework cooking: 1.1 K-t Oak Hill Ave. and Help Wanted—Male 13 EARNINGS of $25 per week or more to man with car for representing- well known company in established local territory. This is direct, selling: and applicants must be willing- to work hard. For ap- pointnie?it phone 001. Also man living in Hancock or Berkeley Springs for that vicinity. Write Box i>." H cm Id-Mail. FARM HAND—Experienced, wanted by the month. Dr. Henry C. Foster, Clearspriug, Plione ">F2. GOOD PAYING Watkins route open with established customers. No investment. Write Dept. E.. The J. R. Watkins Company, 231 . Johnson Ave., No war 1 :. N. J. SALESMAN—To represent. RICH- MAX BROTHKRS. (he country's best, known line of men's clothes. Ne\\' Fall and Whiter line now ready. One price, 522.50. Hundreds oC satisfied customers in lla.gcr.s- town and vicinity. Commission. Write The Richnian Brothers Company, Cleveland. Ohio. SKLL SOAP—Own a steady route: full or spare time. Make money at oiu-e and all year 'round with soaps anu many otlic'- daily home necessities. Rig complete outlit of full size packages free to reliable persons. Write quick for Free Offer. K. .'I. Mills, 733-1 Moinnotith, Cincinnati, Oiiio. ^ALKSMAN—Experience not necessary. Good opportunity for the right man to make monoy. Mary- laud Motor Co.. Inc.. .1U-G2 W. Franklin Sr. Phone 2.~>0p. W A NT J-: D—Cofl oeto FToV^ i iTtaJiTmmt house with rar: slat.o age, (>XIH,M'- icni'o and last place of employment, Very good opportunity for the right man. Write Box ."il llorald- Mail. YC,|-R OWN Shoos JIK boTTus and quirk rash commissions sho\viug .vjioi.' line. 2'H) .styles. Kxporicni-e u nnrressa ry. Selling outlit free. "'"•'JIU'IDL 'Dill 0 ---'7_2!^ Bostoii, Mass. Help—Male and Female 34 LAPY as housekeeper or niati and wife on farm. Man who does not Situations Wanted — Female 36 POSITION, as housekeeper or will mirse.: uiiddle-aged lady. Apply 5* F.. Autiotani. Financial Business Opportunity 38 ULASS—Sold and replaced in automobiles, mirrors, window glass. Glass Shop. 11 N. l.oeust. Ph. 2i;r*:;\V Radio Repairing 18-C , _ , j "RADIOS RV;PAIRKD by factory ur>- provt-d imHliods. <>pen to :, :ou P. M. TARRART RROS. ?.2r._>V Washington St. Phone. 24S_ Repairing and Refinfshing 29 FOR SALE—Filling station, .stock, equipment. Ideal location doing v\- eellent business; good reason for si-llintc. For appointment ph. 1 S'.Hi.l. FOR SALE—Grocery Store Stock and Equipment. Good location. Going business, J700. Storeroom rent at present location, $!.">. J. P. Kiseeker, U'aynesboro, Penna. Money to Loan--Mortgafles 40 A SAFE and satisfactory Farm Loan plan. $".10,000 available, low rates, long terms. L. •>. Spanrrlcr Agcy.. 2nd FL '2uC Nat'l Bank Bldg. MONEY to loan on first mortgage. fi'yo. Geo. D. Hicks. Hagerstown Trust Bldg. Phone HOIS. mortgages. 5%. H. P. lf> N. Jonathan St. Hartman F. J. (JACK—Reupholptering vt re pairing furniture Mattresses renovated, work first class, reasonable nrU'es Ph ." 2S F. Frnnklin MONEY TO LOAN ON MOl'iTGACK> N. B. ROWK. 26 N. Potomac St Employment Help Wanted—Female 32 MONKY TO LOAN ON MOKTG A<J ICS W. MURRAY BAECHTKL Agency 304-5-S Second Natl. Bank Bldg. n" f '^~M~ONKY fo"r~lirst~nTorTgag«^s~"lT T.\ver. T. C. Lindsey. 2H-15 ^2nd Nat!. Rank P.blg Ph. _2JS1. Livestock Horses, Cattle, Other Stock 4S CHRISTMAS Card S.-r.i-a; ioa! I'.-al with leader. i\\t.ra nioiu-y soiling friends lino si. SI assori :ueut. Latest foils, parchments, ,'.(> Persi-jsals. Re(|U.>«: samples. l>»ehla, l-"i:ohln:rg M;L\ Ma.--. Livestock Poultry and Supplies 49 CUSTOM HATCHING — Marshal! Hatchery, Memorial Blvd., ]•;. Phono l'C2.l. Chicles on sale at Howard's Feed Store. Plioiio 800. POULTRYMJON—Don't wait unti the worms make nulls out of youi imllets. Treat them early \vitl: Or. SALSRURY'S ROTA-CAPS l ; :asy to use. JKAVARD'S, 7 K Ualto. St I'hoiif soc,. Merchandise Articles for Sale ATTENTION FARMERS — New & used pipe t t fittings for cow stanchions. Pipo cut <S~ threaded to specifier)) ions. HAGERSTOWN EQUIPMENT CO.. Md. Ave. Ph. 146 BAND BOX double cleaning unit. Cost ?2100: will sacrilice for $uOO cash. Good running order. Cn n be seen in operation at. Individual Laundry, (i.'i.'i S. Potomac St. E L~ECTR .1 C ~~FA NS—i:7esk~fiTns~ ex~- haust fans it air circulators. Closing out desk fans at special prieo. J lagers! ou-)i Equipment Co.. Md. Ave. Phono !•!';. ELECTRIC MOTORS & Parts—New & used motors, control devices. We repair & rewind all sizes, any make or type. GreenwaU Electric Co. Phone 397. DESKS, chairs, files, safes, counter scales, meat cases, coffee grinder, meat grinder & block, etc. Good 'ised cnuipment at a savings. HAGERSTOWN EQUIPMENT CO.. Maryland Ave. Phone 140. OUT OF PAWN—Conn E Fl. Alto Sax, portable typewriters, cameras, largest assortment oC unredeemed rifles & shotguns in the statt:. Harry's Loan Office, ."> N. Jonathan St. RECONDITIONED STEEL PIPE! Valves & Fittings. All Sizes. Lowest prices. \Ve cut & thread to your specifications. Maryland Pipe & Metals Corp 304 W. Church St. Phone 103H Farm and Dairy Products 55 POTATOES—By bti. or truck load. T. C. Herbst. 4 miles East of Hagerstown, near Chewsville. PEACHES—All earl/ varieties. Starr July ;;i. W. D. Weaver, Blue Mt. M-chard. Ph. 13F22 Smithsburg. Coal and Wood 5 6-A DISTRIBUTORS — O. P. Automatic Coal Burners AYIvRS BROTHERS Rear 30 W. Antictam St. "Original" Pa. Egg and Lump Coal All sizes of Pocahontas Run Mine Phone DOO-IKH FOR I'.ETTKR COAL CALL THE GLEN COAL CO. Phone in S3 Robert R. Norris. manager. -l.'JG W. Franklin St. Our prices and quality can't be beat. 100% Lykens Valley hard coal stoker size. No. ], ?3.00 per ton. Pea SC.r.O: Nut ?7.uO; Stove $7.50, and Egg §7.00. Georges Creek run-of-mine 70% lump egg. 100% lump $r,.no. Kitzmiller. oil treated stoker 55.7."). Tii'ir f>rice for month of Aug. only. LYKENS VALLEY HARD COAL Buckwheat. ?"..",0: Pea. $7.00; Nut. $3.00; Stove. 5V.75; Egg. $7.25; Special Furnace. $5.75. (Hard coal, 25c per ton discount In truck loads, cash on delivery only). POCAHONTAS "OIL TREATED" Pea, SG.OO: Nut, SG.2»; Stove. S7.00. BITUMINOUS Penn. Lump. 56.50; Mine Run. $5.00: Truck Loads. S-l.r.O. PEOPLES COAL CO. 10 McComas St. Phone 2036 GITARANTEEr 100^ RED ASH Stove or nut. S7.7n. Furnace. $5.75 loads. Lykons; Valley Coal. 217 S. Potomac. Phono 112'.'. C. Burgess. Good Things To Eat 57 NEW APPLES—50c bu., tree run. Martin Storage. Middleburg Pike. Open evenings Phone 40"SF12. Household Goodt 59 FOR SALK— :'. piece living room suite, large dining room suite; 3i> S. Mulberry St. ONE Model :t,s-:jS-T Philco Battery radio, brand new. Was SGH.OO. Now ?,!V.'5. BOHMAN-WARNE. Tnc. Plione s.", :',.". W. Franklin St. SPECIAL PRICES on inner Spring Mattresses. Forsyth Storage. Mill St, Phono S4'.U. Open evenings. WASHING machines repaired, parts & wringer rolls. Jones Appli. Service. 24 Summit Ave. Phone 24. -to I roner. demoust 'rator. ?:'..">. Tarbart Bros.. r,2.". W. Washington St. PLEASE! When answering any oi these ads, either, by writing or in personal interview, kindly state that you saw the advertisement in the Herald-Mail This will immediately identify you as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you the very best service. .^Jteqjjjgtate For Rent 7or" __ FASHION-LAND sr.ore ro^\7ith~^ o I ! -lL'4_.,. V h £_> o_! 7 !<!'._ Houses for Rent 77 Rooms Without Board 68 PIIA X KLIN .ST.-W.-41—Nicely f urn - ished I'm,MI, lady preferred. Applv •II W, Franklin. Phone RiliT-R. NICELY furnished bedroom, hot & cold water in room: use of phone and garage. 5."0 Summit Ave. NORTH END—Front room, well furnished; gentleman preferred. Apply 66.". Oak. Hill. Rooms For Housekeeping 69 HOUSES— 510 Guiifr.rd AW> 3?6 S ^»l'Y;'V l ' i - R ' irk f'lar- er7 °' 6 °' J^KOH REALTY_CQ..J3' Summit A v LOCUST ST.-N.-.-39 —6 T- 00 ^, T~T all modern convenient'posses: _slon__Scpt. 1. rhon8_2:'eo. ossos MULBERRY ST. .S."1^77^77^ concvoniences. Possession ^-m £'/ J\IlE]lLJLfiJ^ Mulberry St. AF ULL'EjRR Y A VE^i^o'iTbTjVTou'u near High School. Apply S70 vru"! -!i*— y Ave - *^±_Hjj-jLKJj r *"'' POTOMAC ST.-S.-224-TFo^TlL"n7l ' SCS5 "° n " OAK HILL— Nice 6 or S room modem home, hardwood floors, h're- hIfr C ^;.,f° re ?" Sl aw " n '"S-s. porches. hot v,ater heat, garage. fmmedi- jii e &°__££Sj_ign.__ Te l_c p h o n c ! f; 6 Real Estate For Sa'e FURNISHED 3 rooms and bath; must bo seen to be appreciated. Garage, janitor service; 653 S. Potomac. LOCUST ST.-S.-327—2 nicely furnished rooms; all conveniences. NICELY furnished apartment. No children. Apply after 5:30. 602 Sunset Avenue. ROOMS completely furnished, bath, light, hot water. Summers Building, vG N. Walnut St. TWO furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 2nd ttoor, no children. Apply TOO E. Franklin St. WASHINGTON ST.-W.-:i2D—?> rooms, newly furnished Frigidaire, auto- hot water. App 1 y s;im_Q. Real Estate For Rent Apartmem-s and Flats 74 ARLINGTON—14?- East Antietam. 5 rooms. 2nd floor, oast. Adults. References. 112 Broadway. Ph. 5CS-R. APARTMENT—280 Summit Ave; 44^ E. Franklin St. Apply Bearinger. Eycrly's Store. APARTM.ENTS FOR RENT—:j, 4 5 rooms each, with bath. Apply 1 N. Jonathan St. APTS.—S. 24 and 240 E. Wash. St.. 22 N. Potomac. 15 W. Antietam. GRO1-I REALTY CO.. 13 Summit Av APARTMENT—240 Summit Ave., 1st floor; 3 newly decorated rooms and bath, new hardwood, hot water, automatic heat, janitor service; adults. Phone 520-R. APARTMENT—4 rooms and bath; all conveniences. Apply 25 North Avenue. ALL MODERN—o rooms, bath, electric stove, refrigerator. 23-60 E. Washington St. Call 1338-R. APARTMENT—105 East Antietam St., 2 rooms, dinette, kitchenette and bath 1st floor. Poss. at once. Apply Blue Tavern. 23 N Locust St. APTS. — 42 East Ave., newly retln- ished. 5 rooms, Frigidaire, garage; 64 Vj W. Fran kirn St., modern. 5 rooms & bath. Phone 262- W. ' "~'"" rooms & bath, "nd floor, modern In every respect. 535. Phone 545. BROADWA.Y-22 — First floor. 4 rooms & bath. Apply 109% N. Po- tom.ic. Phone l'».'J.'J or 1.5S4W. COFFMAN AVE.-12—4 rooms, private bath and garage. S25.00. P-lione 221G-.I-2. LKUV'N'J'OWX—First floor, live room 'apartment, screened-in porch, refrigerator, Venetian blinds. S3.".00. Reference required. Address Box 4C. c-o Herald-Mail. EAST AVE.-102—4 room?, tile bath, showor. Venetian blinds. All new. Apply 4SS Potomac Ave. T-' 11A N K LIN ST.~\V\-Tn~^~F u r n i s h e d apartment for rent. Elmer K. Ey- rriy. Eyerly's Dept. Store. FREDERICK ST.-255— 5 room newly papered, insulated, automatic heat, garage. Miss Kaplan. i ' ~ " "'~" USED FURNITURE stored in our warehouses for quick disposal. Living room suites, dlulns: room suites, bedroom suites, stoves, heaters, washers, radios, combination coal & gas range, etc. Before buying sec what we have to offer. Terms if desired. MEYERS & BERKSON. Inc. 41 & 43 W. Franklin St. Opposite New Post Offlco Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds 60 REPOSSESSED watches of standard make and fully guarantoiMl. Will soil for balance duo. Saum's, 21 N. Jonathan St. Seeds, Plants, Flowcn 63 O N L V lHL'5'Mifl o' -i r. ". rooms, tiled bath, enclosed porch, insulated; gnrag". Apply sanie. M" I .fX17E~Y~P 'ARK' W~\ "S"~~ ^T~"V e r y~d "e^ iightfnl fi rooms, nowly doi'O*rate<l. nonr higli school. Adults. Ph. S?fi. M«M)ERN 4 room a part mont. All conveniences, ?22.."0. Tfaprcrstown Itoalty Co.. Realtors, 12 W. Franklin. Phono 1 «",*',, Brokers in Real Estate „ IflTSON-IIETZER AGENCY j_bummit Ave. Phon<» 129S Farms and Land For Safe 83 30 ACRES—Good bldgs.. elec. 7 miles from city. S2SOO. Potomac Realty '.o.. Once Bldg.. Phone 293 -^ A., ample buildings, electricity running water. ,2600. D" M Ride- Jlom\ _.Smithsburir. Houses For Sale 84 BUNGALOW — Guilford Ave all conveniences, well located. Bargain ?24uO. Loans, Ins.. Bonding John L. Swain Agency. : ^ room brick home. ><- Realty Company. 214 - n " National Bank Bldg Ph < >4S1 arge cistern, electricity' n -ge, built on lot .70'x2&6' trade on town propprtv' '. Y BAECHTEL Affencv" • 2nd rational Bank Bldg ( NORTH END-Double brick, priced for quick sale. John E. Taylor ' Agcy.. 2nd Nafl Bldg. Ph.. S.33. NEAli Washington Square. Good six room house; excellent 'condition Write Bo.x r,2 c-o Herald-Mall NINE room house, excellent.location, : summit Avenue, sun porch, 'auto- : w. .MURRAT "BAECHTEL Asencv " nd - Na JJ.!i na l Kank Ridg." SPECIAL— SlJ.I-.o for a I' storv modern brick blrig. at 61 W Frank- Jin St.. JfOLC terms. N. B. Row e J(. N. Potomac St. THE TYPE of Mortgage you sign is as important as the house you'buv J;irst Federal Savings'.^ Loan Assn" lei. 1001. A. A\ K — ?dodern S roYm horn' 1 . Hot- water heat. 2 acres land. A real bargain. Must be sold, quick. Double lot. Wilson p.lvr] $4"^ JT^lc_?l2iilJZ-'-J?-.. ; -A re a i ]*m <yr. ' £3 Lots For Sale LOT—Along Big Pool-Indian Spring road: 2 acres. Write Box 56, Herald-Mail. NICE LOTS in trood locations, S125. J-:asy terms. We finance and build your now home. GROH REALTY CO.. 13 Summit Av TWO excellent bldg. lots. Fountain Head Heights on Middleburg Pike, reasonable for cash. L. S. Spang- l*r Agcy.. 2nd F). 2nd Nafl Bide- Auctions—Lego Is Legal Notices 91 Specials in the Stores 64 OAK HILL-704 — r, -rooms, bath.! screened porch, hardwood iloor. j insulated ceiling', refrigerator, oil ! ]iC£t..__CoU_10Cl or lOVi. I PROSPECT ST.~S.TiYs1Tj'7t fj7To~i~ [• I rooms, bath., l-'rigidaire, autoinalir j hea!. exclusive and i-entral: 41'."-\V. : PROSl-'ECT ST.-S. — Modern furnish- ; ed or unfurnished apartment. Ap- : ply Mrs. I : :. K. Ey-rly. ^]f, S. Pro.-- : pect St. Phone "70-M. j SMALL Furnislied Apartment-Light ' l;ou^ekeei)ing facilities, private un- i 5ranee. Apjily ^'i^ S, Prospect St. j SoT^'~\VE.'-~L':f!— ^:ul~JiooT ;ipixrt7 i ment. .", r.jom.s ,*t bath, .'-xvellorn. I'onditiun. <'an V»> s-'t-n any tinie before ''. P. M. Possession Sept. Is!. Call -In.!:. I-'.'. K.r,: NOTICE TO CREDITORS— Estate of J. Frank Roessncr, deceased. Notice is hereby given. That the subscribers have-obtained from the Orphans' Court 'of Washington County, Letters of Administration c. t. a., on the estate of J. Frank Roessnor. late of said county, do- f''-:i.sf!(J. All persons having claims against said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit same with the vouchers thereof, legally authenticated, to the subscriber on or he- fore the 2^1 h day of F*;,n:arv r.cxr.; they may otherwise, by law."ho ox- cludeu from all benefit of said estate. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment. Given under our hands this 20th day of July. A. t"). IfCD CHARLES K. FRY. JACOB ROESSNER. _A dm i n T sartors- r. t. a. Classified Display Noticet MEATS — For a delicious steak, chops or r«iust. call :'2i:. Xoal R. Horsey- 2l v -> E. Franklin Sr. Wearing Apparel 65 SEE Ul.'R gr-'Mt valui-s in slioi-s. •!oO pairs slightly used high priced slices for the. price you \vuuld like to pay. Stop in and see them at. Polack's, 10 minute modern shoe remodel in;;- "7 \. .Inn.-it lin n St. SUMMIT AVE.-Ki:: —4-f. rooms. Cool and modern. Hardwood doors. Fireplace. Automatic heat. Centra!. Si'.MMIT AYE.-181 — 1st floor, fireplace, hardwood, range, hot water. Rooms and Board srNSET AYE apa;-: tr.ev.t, iur.c:.--:-r. ; also .", i-.nm ! Rooms With Board auartnieiil: pnvaiti bath: o'> !•-. ii:;i.-ir-> St. Apply ih'7 S;:r.«et Ave WASHIN'c.'PoN Svj. — .'. ri-om apart- merit, newly dec'-rated, al. u o 2 , ,^ ]>:-iv;Hi- bail-. !'i;r:jivh--d. Mrs. H. ! I,. Kn.-is!.-y. P BID FOR TRANSPORTATION The undersigned solicits bids for fcr.-iishiriJ,' bus arid transporting pupil? from the school districts mentioned below. Sealed bids will b«* received up until 2:00 P. M.. Thursday. Augup," 10. 1. Chapel \Voocis to Surrey School. Ilagerstown. '. 2. P.inerhnms to Sandy Hook. ::. St. Paul's to Clearspring. ', -.. Chnrltr.n and St. " Paul's, fith ' grndp and above and Wilsons, high ' school pupils to Clearspring. Copy of spec ideations may be se- ciirorJ at the otliee of tl-.e Hoard of Education. The ris^ht is reserved, to reject any ..r all bids. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF WASHINGTON COUNTY .1. _Llo v d_ Ha r s h m :\ n. President, Merchandise WICST SIDE AVE.-::: —Room ant! board with private farnilv. Garage Phone lu'.iS-M Rooms Without Board '.\ i l.ll A.\sp(.)RT — -j. ::-\v moiior ' rc. !arg.- froiit 1 I 1 , 1 !•:. !'..:.-:nn<-. Wmsj>t. Ph. L'd RECONDITIONED Electric Refrierators Priced $•!:•. 00 & up Terms as low as $1.1? Weekly SHOCKEY FURNITURE CO. 2^-30 Summit Ave. Phone 1203 OH. DIANA! A House Divided AN 1 THA&'f O\VL-£Y£ AT TH' SACk WELL--DON'T ^ v/J* / ^f J J^\t V t+S J /~J EZ/iZ- ^i- , i • r \»-/6 SOMEBODY DO / <3OTTA ACT FA?T T AFO&E THEfo x l Ttt'O BOYS' FiNDS Of/£ A.VOTHEIZ \ HYAfZ T JA\VN, H£ Ah" Y£V/' AN' ] s^ DOOLEY'LL HAMt ~^^n ^ r rH> BA<:I ^ Doog---*-' ^^ J MY, Y£\y OFF PEV/TH/L

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