Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 9
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OECATU7 HERALU LVtNINC, OCIOBfcK B, 1930. H E R A I D : : ACTIVITIES OF WOMEN Delphians Start County Champions year's Meetings At 2:39 Monday Will Take Up Study of 19th Century Fiction Where Dropped I» Spring D ELPHIAN »ufl"y, ·( whli'H Mm. fliKii'Sf" K, Oiu'fin lu (jiwlilf-lil. will hart It* fli^t lADrLlni; cf tn« wlnlfti- next Monday lift "moon Thn m*Bimj! will be ns UHIIW! In Mllllltln tinlveralty nl 3:30. The »onlity wilt mott Wwiftt-r o» Mich d'-ctinil nii'l fourth Monday, unitl next summer. The women will lulie up HKnl» the «U(ly of Nlnntpflntli wntur" ricMnn. which lh*v hogrtn I"" 11 winter. Mr*. Bacon will «1vf lh« ttt II mlnfti-y «y. nnd other topics' will h" ' as follows: "Work* of Churl?* Rwwlc Lynn Barn en, "followers of Scott" taltsn Mr*. Harry janft A«»wn"-Ml»» Kmmn Ml"*";Novels of Jane Austen" --Mrs. C. "Novels '"fltleetions (rom 'Kmnin* " -Mr*- . Itcy Christie. . )tu Wagtu CI'VM /nJwn ! Dance /or PialtmM Wan\w P«alem*B alvlnlon of thn Woman's , «lub contl(i««l Us study of IndtanH ; TuMday evenlna In the eluMwiluif. *nd heard i, talk abo«t Indian nitre by MIM Louise Wrlsht. Jew W»»ii*. : leat«r youn;; man who la liit*ro»t-: nd In Indian lore. (Hive a dance In DOKOTHV J A N E HCOTT Ml. Zli.n current event*. Sixteen members nt- t»nd*d the meeting. Minerva Club Opw Year WM Tea TaaJav Minerva club for mothers, ulster*, Gnklond Pm-iml-Teficher u«Hoclatio« wives and -swwtheart)- of Sigma.) "' '' "- '- "-'- "-'-'"Alpha Bpsllon fraternity men. hi«l' Tlie asabUint Mutt 4-M ulub lander chose thcau girls aa champions for Muodn county on Oct. 1. [ June Scott U food :huni]i!oN, iind Dorothy Mao (Jump. Dorothy f^unnarrt anil Klllisiiboth Jone Scott we second, third nnd (ourlh year clothing chiimjjlon.i. Dorothy Ji\ne Wilson of DocHtur 1$ ihc first year t luiii i [ilon. OAKLAND P. T. A. HEARS TALK BY DR. _CR. SMITH !)'. U. ft, Smith. cUy health phy- to 40 liiemhurji of the Mrs. Lunde Tells 199 About Jury Work for Women State League of Voters . Director Talks Tuesday Evening *·!·· THKRli la i woman .type of 1 in I ml, us sn many ui um- hun- kiindu (tint men friimds suy there Is. then Ihci'f alao ts n man typa i( mind, tind both ate needed to make a bulmwi!. \Vu wiint talunceu Juries ot mini au ( | wunien (or Illinois cities. 1 ' This was th« message of Mrs. Luurn Huifhca Luntte. director of the UHmilH League of Women Vot- ets, who spoke to 100 nt«n aid women Tiiwtlny evening (oil owing a'dln- nor 1« I'"ir«t Baptist church. She wan Introduced by Mrs, G. I. Covalt, . pYiMildtnt ot Decotur league. Ml** i Phyllis Stevetia played violin woloa during the dinner, ·bcompitnled by '' Miss Helba Gnne«fk*. Outline* League Wurh "The thing this country moat nut- ters from la Ignorant voters," Mrs. LimJo declared. "The League of Women Voters was organised to ed- ueutc women to be intelligent voter* "We back legislation that benefits women and 'children, or helps to curry out that 'general welfare' elnuas In the Constitution; We never support IcglulnUon until we have had It on our national nnd lucal league study programs from two to ten nml It la cventUHlly nccept(d for endorsement In mir state and national convention))." Women O«ce Served Copies cf women on juries refer' Mi's. Lund" (ft Hftoriwoii In lHolr October . The-doctur opened hi* talk thilr first rath«rlnff of Hie yeiri«n "Infection imd Tonsils" with re- Tuostlay In the fraternity house, O f - j "i'»^ "l»ut Hio-je »nr«nt« thai are flew* w«rf hostesses to U mom bet's "till Biipurntitlous i-onccming medl In ft tea. Mr». Roy Cone, the prosl-| cine, dent, poured, nnrt thone who usslHtMli In nerving were Mrs. James Dun- "Some fntlier* nmJ mullipi'a still . vlce-prMldont, Mrs, U. S. Tea- klnn. trflttsurer. and Mr*. Alfred thin tiolLi me duo tu blood,' 1 Dr. Smith "but ,,,., - bi'lli'vij they ure due lo bad , secretary. C*iidl«t In »lt-j K orms." With clmlh lllum.railijnis, Dr. showed th* tliruo types of vor holder* «ntl garden flowers were iM«d In ths deoorntlon*. Mrs, Elolwo MoK*» plftytri plftno The women had oo buflneim sedition, but dljt- for informtilly wtnt«r bonnftt. 1M, harry Hu From DnnviHe in Party Mrn. A. rXirry had the N[ioke (if td thilr . rff of n p IIP nd kills, and witrntid mothnrti nevir to jjlve their children nliy.«lcn when they complain of abdominal pain, biwriuso of the dnnjL.i!r of rgpturi'. The (toetor (tls- trtbuttiil »t«tc tietilUi bulletins. Mia* Kntheryn Itoyar's room BIW* n Coltimljiis protcrani fur enterluln- flmt of rwo 'brldfre-limehftond of tba ninnt, nnrt children of thin room rc week In her home, ISIfl West Forest j solved the lower pruclo ullondnncn nvanti*, Tlwsdny, f'lv* tabled of;] )r |j!(.. ] n ()i e uppdt fimdes, It wits" rtirdu were In t h p play, Mr«. TSart; v von liy Mlwi) Maud M. Blu«'» room. Putnam wlnnlnit th« pi'laa- for out o f , Mr*, llolwrt SylvcHter. clmlnnun of town guest*, and Mrs. Orvllle wil-'t( l(] «tudy ^roui, «nn« ncua subjects helmy and Mr*. H. U Bourn* wln-[ r round UWu dl»oitHslon» on "ObeJ n\np thf tvro prteiw for lleonttir for the next few mertlnB« men, Mr», K .L. StoMtentarouch s TI W women will study the problem won a prize, for winning the position \ ,,f In a lucky chair, to which a ribbon j children.' had heen tied, for tho last table of brldg* play. Mr*, Putnam. Mrs, U W. Brant, and Mri, W. J, Burke. p w*ro RiiesU from Danville . A color;!*' ·chomfl of yrtlow And Kref n was uwtl · In Iho party. Mm, Barry Is entertaining again Thursday In her a willing obiiitbnca from Dorothy Llndley of plnlned In wimple language what th« two lawa -will moan, and outlined the history of Illinois women and the jurv quantum. "Women have served on Juries tn this state. 1 ' she said, "Jury commissioners used to chooae women, as tho Jury InwB say, that those who serve ahull be voters; but one year a commissioner struck off the name of * woman. The woman sued, to have her name put back, and in Iho long proceeds that finally roexhed hi(th court, it wns ruled that since tlie jury act -was paused before womrn were voters, women were not eligible for duly, "The legislature passed tlie women on Juries question favorably almost two yews ago, but a small group coukl nut take detent gracefully, an drtuiiiMHleil this referendum, put- litip the vote to tiie people. p Thc league's chief difficulty seems not to be educating the public that women] are suitable for this service, but in~ gettlnft out a vote for Nov. V Mrs, Lunde mentioned objeytlotfs being made to woman Jury service, and showed their unreasonableness. MeniloiM Other Law* "I iton't know of one man In Illinois wlio has served on a. jury U h* did not caro to. We have plenty of exemptions for the women, too. But thorp are women In this state who are Interested In courts, and will be gltid to give time to jury service, Don't be a dog in the miiugcr and AUK IT IDv EIR^ npHIS Ud Joe Conk, the mad* *man who appeared In the Bmpresa tho first of thu weelt In "Rain or Shine." xavmtt to b* .quite a . boy. . Almost every newspaper or magazine from the Kant with a uonduotcd column in It, makes nuine mention cr Joe Cook. Hoy wood Broun. Alexander Woo'iieott, P. P.' A, Clsk MoCoi'mick-- they all dote on him, . , It flocnm lie's a ivnR not -only on the stairc ami ocrecn but in real- life, too. A dtsnrtntufl wan, HS the wurld noods to take mind off He nt)\ only ID t'.rnzy. bin he invents crazy things. In Iho play In which he is now i,o !*· seen on, Broadway, for Instance, he- presents a machine thai cracks walnut*, fills paper hugn. with ulr. punctures toy balloons, .·raratches the bach, nnd dellveri a punch on th« Juw when t\eu- ensary, Now. my- friend, if you turn up your nose and say how (tllly. and pass on, yoli are Just, th^ kind of person who needs a little Insanity of this nort tn your life, So come . on back here and read the rest of ttita,. ft - , .loe Uuolt dtmiMiHU'ates, t)aw a pli flute played on the saxophone can deliver a scoopful of, flour nnd a .rattle of crocknry on the unsuspecting head of your dear- ·wit «nem^ tf you plaeo him In the proper epol. · F-Ie has. as we tried to say' In this column the other day and were foiled by tho flenda 'tip in rhe composing and proof rooms. » coif-ball tree (tree, dnrllnRK. not tee) .at his home In Lone t.itnnd, where disgruntled friend;' who amuck their hullo out lnl Ilmho may Jwve (Mother for Ihn pieklnfi. How the balls grow on the tree Is no's business btit Joe Cook's, · Thin Joe COtik Is HH full of I,rIdut and nouttnnne as he can wtlek, and he Ifl the darting' of nil ndults who wl«b they weren't, ·t IiidMentally, upeuking of iht Bin press, an actor on the ftci'wn over there last woek said "It's nice to be nice." and we've been thinking It over at odd mo- menta ever since, i., n. South Side Club Starts Winter Bridge Monday .""""" "~ i 34 Members Attend Luncheon in Dccatur Club Rooms BUSINESS WOMEN. . INVITED TO ELGIN AND SPRINGFIELD HChoot s^ve K waning. prevent those who want, to serve, by i ' » nrtOTnrkkirc ra(lnff ' no ' Wot '' 4 " ^. A. r U b l r U N h i ) Mr*. Lunde also spuke o/ the ivtir-Kirn 01-1 * £?T 'amendment to thn slate constitution WlLINkK KUAbl i that -will give the lopUlature thcj --'-'-· to classify prenerty for tttsa- The wlimcr rnftyt planned for Wed- nlchl by members oC the Mn, Lundt Speak* w Arl-tJterabirt Mr». Laura Hughes t.uriftc. who cuttle at tho wot, wottther. ·pokit "to Flrat Baptist church Tuen-' - · - · - --« -· " *venlng. gave a brief talk In theiTW/f-i MORF PI FDT.F Md T.ltMfttitM division meeting ' WL * '"^"^ rLHIAjL tlon,and outlined the three prohibition propositions. The latter slie Art Tu«fd*y afternoon In thn Woman'*"; club, She ur(f»t tho women to vote OUH, . about Bliss Carmen nnd Rleh»rrt Hovey. and Mrs, Branch kttout social criticism of William Past Oraule circle R, K. A., lumlshowed to be of little effect except as until Out. Ifi. be- nn Indication to the representative In Washington, an to whnt Illinois people Wfint. Whit* ROKU club members and their families will have a welner roast and hamburger fry at t o'clock Wednesday evening in the home of Mrs, Peal Klruler, 1333 East William street. GROUPS ELECT Mrs Intro ' (itflcors this week, com 1 the orgnnbatloti of sorority on tho campus. Mew officers for Sigma Alpha Iota, elected noort, rtrc the Council 7. T, A, Mother* Mett With Ma. Woofi Today Zeta Tnu Alpha Mothers ami Pa- troneiMitt cluh -will meet W«lumlay mornlnit wltlt Mrs, A. ttoots, SOS South Fulrvlew avenue. Instead ot In th* ohaptnr house. Thr nwctlnc h called for 10 a. m. · Treasurer · Hutn Orcjfovy, inn. Thetn tianuiui ptodRcs elected th« folliwln( nn Moivlny. President -Virginia Mnxey, Mich- Etma /tth is of Omega PA' Conrniu l Omegft Phi linninia m«1 Montlny with Mnrjtarer Folk man, I -I JO Wont 1 Rlvervtew avenur, nnrt (tleotert the ; following officers: President, Krnin ; A*h: vlce-prwIdMit, J«n* Cloyd; set- rwtfti-y, MarRnrot folkmon; troaour- : ·r, Miriam Hock; norgwnt ni urms.i Cnrolino Auatln. Seeretary-trciisutei Mftry I^oxilse Heck el, Deenlur. yurgonl -- Vir(!ii\i(i Mnrsh. Decn titr. Tim U, S. lrnnl tioolul club wllli mcftt TluirfirtHy afurnow tn thei home of Mr». J Mr and Mr* -lorry Uimtilm* ar" tn Drcatur for » fow.dnya. ·- aolnv 'o their horns In San C*l. for Iho winter They p»wtd .. fimnnwr In Say View. Mich, Mr. and. Mm. Donnhuf.' »rc staylnR In St. Nicholas hotel. The couple «·»«*;, Ing th«tr daughter. UlM mth. ta ChVaKo thl» w«ken.l, and leave St SCHOOL NURSES HAVE UNIFORMS For th« ·ptolkl unlfor ot dwk blu* ·»,'.·;" tlnl». r , krlm thli ywr In Tht un«orm» tr« j wbltt tolUr ALICE A styllsili. wmfcrtHhlf dhiL- -- e«»y to thr nyc ami to the poc- Uetbook. Om ot ruH'sismdrtest styles. $5 and $6 WUIth--AAAA tn KKt: lo IS 200 Roosevelt P. T. A.'s Hear Mr. Carmichael Speak Two tixindred persons- Attended the Roosevelt Parent-Teacher association nicetln? Tuesday evcnlns. 'Principal H. F. Ciirmlohaol'sav'c the talk of tile evunlOR on "CltlKunship"-, .and Mrs. Guns Kunle reported on the dUtrtct meetlnK held last -week In ftl. Zion. Afterward- theve was a aoclal hour, and refreshments were nerved. GOOD BYE ITCHING SKIN Soothing, Vienlinfr atid tremendourty efficient, Invisible Zemo brings tool relief In Uniting Skin. Even where skin Is ran' and peeling, thousands have found tlmt Zemo quickly restores comfort. It. helps smooth nway blemlsheft nnrt clear up Plm- pins, ttnsh and other annoying Itch- inp skin find sculp Irritations, Keep clew, fin tin Zemo always on hund. Usf ]t fre^y. It Is safs, pleiis- nnt 33, OOi; and 11,00. Sold everywhere. A Sitting Made Now · h Worth TwoMwie Later On You'll Be Juit That Much Older You Know Appointment* Can B* Mad* By Telephone Wasson Studios Maker* ot quality rhotOKtuphi 315 It. North Phono lin Ground Fl«or Own Dinner-Meeting Be Next Monday Evening In Staley Building Business and Professional Women's vlub members, who have their October meeting at 0:30 next,Monday in the cafeteria of tlie new Staley building, will tour the hull ding afterward. It Is announced. There will be no other program. Members ot the club will bo Interested In announcement from New; York that Miss Lena Modes In Phillips hao been proposed (or clly magistrate, for the vacancy caused by the resignation under /Ire of Georjre F. Bvrald, accused of having bouuht his office. Ulna Phillips wit* pro-l posed to Mayor Jlmmij Wallter by! Mrs, Oliver Harrltnan, ] Two Invitations I The Dccatur B, P. W, club In In-! vllod for Nov. 5 to Springfield, to' year Mil* Marlon Mode rich, national president, speak In a dinner meeting In the Hotel Abrulium Dn-l coin. Reservation* arc to he in by . 1 to Mrs. Ethel Pass, 137 West Eodgc pit roe t, Springfield. On Nov. 6 the women are Invited i to Elgin for the Inter-club guest; night dinner. Woman of the loeal! club wilt have charge of the .Community Chest pep luncheon reservations .and business management. '.ADIESOFG7A.R. SERVE CHICKEN DINNER Forty-two person* attended the eihicken dinnor given Tuesday evening in the home o/ Mrs. Evenstt Piorson, 2100 North Broadway, by fjolah B, Penlwel) circle. Ladles of the G. A, B. Those ]r«ti«nl wer* members of the circle, their families, nnd the following ID G, A. R. veterans; J, A, Adams, F, M. Baumgartner. D. B. Black, W. J.' Mftgoe. W, M. Hodge. W. J. Wayne, Daniel Carver, Wesley'Larrlek, C. H, Collins and Reuben Coble. Decoration* ware of red, white and blue. The evening warn passed socially, There May Not Be Any Camp Kiwahis Reunion Unless 25 Camp Klwani* girls sign ii|i before Thursday evening for the annual camp reunion Oct. 11 and 13, there will not be any reunion this year. Announcement to that effect H 'madre by Miss Riith Pfahler. Reservations tor the weekend party are ;to be turned In to the Y. W. C. A, office, 2-1444, before Thursday night. U la' planned, If the necessary 25 girU go out, to have the horses there tor riding, ST. TOHN'S WOMEN CHANGEJALE DATES Women of St. John'n Episcopal church will have their rummage sat* on TtmrsJay, .boprtnning at 1 o'clock, nnd all day Friday, In the empty storeroom In Merchant street. This Is a change from the former weekend dates that .were announced BAKKIVY SAJ.E Ladles of the G. A, R. wilt have :./] all day bakery Hale Saturday In the basement of Gcbhart.'o store. What you do in popping com t's always done in roasting H/LL5 BROS COFFEE A Unit at a timt in the popper and every kernel of corn is popped evenly. By roasting Hills Bros. Coffee * ftw fewidi at a timt every berty is roasted evenly. ThU patented, continuous pioccss--Con- trolled Routing--gives Hills Bros. Coffee a flavor no other coffee ha*. Oelimnar Books C umutt«*l «bM, and h t» nut SO* page*, to rnoet th* wldMt ran Kit of requirement*. Frlee* up. Loose Loaf Sheets aid Binders Mem* -- Price Book -' Curt File. Mid Fhoiw MM'» RSft* 4m SOUTH WATKIi NT. with Ibt laj. £«* /w l*. Artt at tin tut. 01 WO Co F E E '; S H 3 E REPAIRING Wftlk * BToch tind S»VB Udlef Heel* Strklibt. 1 e* rued and BaOnppcd ..... IOC Ladies' Half Soles eWytf.!^..... 50c Men's Half Sole*, A « t\f\ SewwL T5c and ..... 31 00 Wen's Wlnf Foot Knhber HeHn SfK- Big Keductloni uo All IP* LEWIS GREENBERB SM N. Water St. Pbtit Door Norm rt B)d*r*4o -d Kidneys tbt wmmag of bomTM DUM Doetor* wtni ·Ml adrtie actim to JM«V«M ttwMt. For rapid MKef, «ik 4n«|M *«r tiw «S«Jj DMM! f«r · eeotw b? doc- Santa! Midy When You Buy Premier West VJrgMa Semi-AnihraeHe G O A L You are bui'lnK a h! K h vbl foal that (rTves more heal with less ash. The cleanest coa) yon can buy. You fire your furnace only one:, a day with Premier. ' The King of All Coa/* W« Guarantee S W« Carry a Full Line of CoVh Our SpwliJ 3 in. Screened FiwtMc«J.ttmp t $5 Delivtrod iTlRBY~OOALCa, W» W. * T HIRTY-FOUR women Hi* first wtntor iwrty of til* South KM* Countiy club wwion'H bridge auxiliary Mummy in Ihe De- oatur chtb, Umohef.n WHO followe*) by a brief .buslnonw m««tln« nnd th* card play. Mr, l*t (loniobronk. (he president, named Mrs. J. IV. GaJdln cbalrman ot a publicity committee. Mrs. George Willianw won HrHi prize in cardn, Mr*. John W. Gaddls ·eooitd. and Mrs. Robert DroblKcli ihlCd. Hoatesse* for til* next brldg*- lunchcon In the Decatur club Oct. 21 will b* Mm, F, W, Kalnr and MM. John W. DURFEG CARNIVAL DRAWS 1,000 TO SCHOOL TUESDAY Durfee PAr«nt-T*ach«r t!«n ga.vt i cuirnlvat for ninety 1.000 parson* TtiMday «v« nl»( in tin tchool. The fish pond njid hoiiin tmdc CMtily Imothn WCM Mold out, Hitd there wu* honvy tndt a.1 other conwnn!on« during th« *v* nlnif, Thor* wcr« lurgc alUnd«iic for Iwih the motion *lctti« In th» KyniQuKluni and th* amateur thtntr) ;ual pfli foiwuncc In tu* umlltoi'lum. iltrocted by MUK ill» Ktrtlrrwl Monoy clm.i-f.1 an the benefit will h# :-nniuncod (toot), · .. .. ^,.*^, . Catted Meeting Thursday of Ladies o( G. A. R. · Face Affected With Eczema For Years. Healed by Cuticura. "My fact ww affected with *c»m« Ihot bothered ne for wvcrttl yeara. It brokt out in vtd, K»lj' eruption* that burned and c»u«ed n,t to scratch. Scralcliing uu»ed it to »prt»d all over tny fact. My f»n lunVed i fright. *nd I WM out of tcboal · week on account of ft, "I uted everything I could think ot without BUCC«M. My friend recommended Cuticura Soap and Ointment to I purdmwil eome ind in two wwki my face wtt completely bt*l«d." (Signed; Mill Ut* n. Bemtnt, PI. ..' jJ5t (Per»on») \ «c P dales to customer* have gone up thiough mil the difficult months of 1930 because, when economy mu»l bo practiced, AP store* maka aaving* easy. l..ov price* al v4T ttottt, fikt interest en dtpeiits in tound MI- ingt banks, can fe rfirpenJerf tn, rain or sliint, . Mother's ·nd Moth: Up lit btlnn iull«d (01 at T;JO p. m. of till nwtn- l*i-e of tltomas a. Johnson eirdc No. int. Ladl«H nt the 13. A. It, Th" Ucp»rtnieni Inspector, Mrs, Myrik' Hlnclidt/f of CMcW), will *tt*n'l thn mectlntc. which wfll h« In K. C, tiwy wll · moth tt frifbUMd. I «l - - wtwt w Del Monte tbui I haw th* food M, "Oh, tbOM v* to ftt rid moth, tor go* nvn, MONTH Peaches »«..«··, §3.25 Spinach Peas Corn N". 11 fan "**· "*"*' 2 2 19c 25c 29c «««*'74« 2 ^ 25c (ONA STR1VG BKANS OK Tomdtocs ·« OUAKBR MAH Baked Beans , BKAMV- I MM Grmf Northern Nivy Beam Brown Sugar !·»» BiMd Pink Salmon 3 N| ' 1 O C , ·""" Zt)C 25c MM, 91« 3 "* J9c 5 "* J5c 29c A T L A N T I C PACIFIC urns "Well, no wonder you took to well rjrewed *nd individual, b « c MI » « Burn*' « n I y lenturen ittyle nterehnndiite, The woman who wn»t« lo rw will jo tn What I And you only paid JJ9 for tUt beautiful co*t? You ·»· he ho* mnjiy mnro priced nt $49.00, $69.00 and $89.00, beautiful fur I think your coat lh« »n»ppi««t jiirment thai I Sav* Mf» thi» " np fkw very m ·MMthlnff to fe Thli to dlfflci blM U to b u pit , very «*1 Md sh But you and * *ouUnt ccream ·obool, «o your wtun ih« dons l t*r jrovoklnjt h BUM U the IB WMit tn Jutt Utl tat h*r ft fly t bow to tat It ' wUMMlp h«r lo HERALC WEEK-END EXCURSION BETWEEN ALL STATIONS One Fare Phu 25e for : the Round Trip Good going -on all train* each Saturday and Sunday until December 26, 1930. Limited toi icfurn to Vetch origin*! *t«ttiai porni prior to mHitiftfii ol Monday following date of tale. Hal) fare (ot children. No b«fgag cheeked. Low rate applies only when tie km ar« purchatcd. I L L I N O I S We Invite You (Mil rtrtiorwHe pn'eci. Every exprtw Decaturs Fashion · Store \%St£S® K b* obu .^ «-0 : »* wtUtw. i uJTM WFTI rg»sa -aft** ito*t m

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