Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 22, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1938
Page 3
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round d o w n t l i u K"1 ni.iiii f tin- H . i l l i m o i c h.n \\ 1 « « i y i By DREW PEARSON The Democrats are having prima documentary evidence that I had donna trouble. It is an old axiom of nothing to do with it." grand opera that two piima donnas; "Well, if jou'vc got ilociimi-iitaiy never can star in the same show. But '(.-vidc'iice," shot buck Evie, "then I today, the Democratic political earn- 'know theie's something smelly about van is featming two prinm donnas -- it." the Honorable Herbert, R. O'Conor.l Hale Harrison candidate for governor and the Hon- 1 A fiiend of President Roosevelt's orable Millard E. Tydings,, candidate was, talking to him about VHIIOUS ai- for Senator. I tci inath.s of the Maryland p r i m a r y Both consider themselves ticket and happened to mention Hale H a r r i - headlinein and bip top ntti actions. son, Woicoter County nui.seiyman Each believes himself the par ',j , who, after making a ·.pt-i-th of wel- leadcr. Neitliei wants to be relegated , come to Roosevelt duiintf the hitter's been very ciuefullj ] i filing of tliu p e t i t i o n again-.1 T dniK^, i c n i i m l u r t h a i .1-1 A t t o r n e y (!· ·· members of tlie I.e\\ is c.mip nidi- lit i In i t --pint uni , n l i i . i l i h lime cute that t h c i e is it lot "t d\ i i . n n i t i behind it. Jackson SI ill \ l i \ e Don't m a k e llie mistake il c o u n t - li'iiilii i ing Howard Jack on out ol tin- A l . i r y - l i " i i « - \ . land political pk-tuie. . | H ] . - . H I I ni.i\ base i ft ir ed to the bo.iuKs.ilk ol At- pi i v , i l c - lii u l a i \\ m ( I n - K r l l i m o i i - CiU ( m i l l »n Hep- Id, 1'J !ii I I M ( i i n r g e P. Ma\ s i l l liii\Mi i on! i , u l e i . The larrtic Crty but he i.s u dead dog politically. l l l l l ) l | ) l D M l l l . l l c l v hut |ui:ht" n dai^, din in" \ \ f n t h turn 1 j l l t - i l i e i ' \MI not U riding tin-'- When j o n look V( i (he p n l i t u - i l ol ( i n - p u M n , h u l i \ : i in m i n i on he- map of the state, t w o --];;ni|]i i n t . l i a l l nl In i i n n a t e i l u - P t . ni' n com- rone A r . i i \ l a m l |( i1\ to the side-show. visit to Berlin, l a d received a call However, it is diflicult to conduct I f i o m the Union Trust Company 01 a tour of the present type, without Baltimore suggesting he tone someone playing second fiddle, find down his enthusiasm for the Presi- to date, debonair Prima Donna j dent. The bank has a moitgagc on O'Conor has hogged the spotlight. H e ' Harrisorr's fuini. has mout of the newspaper "b 1 eak.s".i Roosevelt expressed great indigna- Hia picture occupies the "s,pot" posi- tiorr over this,, remarked that eco- tion at headrjuarters in Baltimore. He noinic pre.sMJje was tlie unfairest gets the best speaking time, and n l - | f o i m of political coercion, and went on to tell home of his own experiences in New York state, where mort- on the farms of legislator*, called because the voted big business. He -said that he was going to do everything possible to combat that form of political coercion. Incidental- ways makes the principal talks. Thin is very much resented bj Prima Donna T}dings anrl his friends, and there is talk that he'll quit the entourage and conduct his own private tour unless Priir.a Donna O'Conor can be persuaded to share the limelight with him. were s ) ) i n a l c ' i l i u i l , I n vit M i . Al.i- , u , i s n i i i ' i l l n M i v u i and tin( m i n i il ol 1! i l l i n i " H , and ·· t legislature. The ollii'i is t h . i l t l i e ( ' I I « 11 (·'( d i n n , t l i u I It ( i l l i u i ol Major al-(i contiols a n o ^ r i u h -1m- j Hi'- l i t i , « i « " i l . i n " a-' i - n 1 t h e ing majoiily on (he n . r l t i n r o i c ti r r - U i t . v . 'I he t isi- i . u i s u l nun h h j;. i nn n l . Jackson's l i e u l c n n i i t s .nc u a l d i - j ' l " d i \ ; ' i i n d M siiri',' d n u l c lii ing him very c a i c f i i l l loi su'iiaN H-- | .Mi. Mahom y can he sr t n :i!m garding the g u b e r i r . r l c n i a l r . u e . So j d.ii 1 - . r i i n m d OVonor In .1 liiii.n t i · 11, hiih- tilings s t r i k e j o u r c-\,i-. One is that Jaikson's prise a majority in t h e Hi in i IS |)1H Sonic |n o p l c ' - t i l l i t nn m i x i D . i l t i n i i i i i - Ti IK| do i d (IV pi" -i r i l l m C l t \ , d i d I , U D \ \ , i i i l ill i ( l'( m i n i . M l 1 i H n I in ·"·"· i! i l , I hi n I ! i l l i i i i ' i i c ! ! l |il,ii i n I'i'iii' u I H M li i i i m i l ^1 ·plvania , ii', I.ii'.'l ITrere is little love lost between the ly, he albo indicated that if Hale Har- two. Friends of Tyding- say privately that "Miloid" would lather have seen Haivard Jackson nominated, because Howard, _a much older man, ·would not have dominated the Maryland political picture so vigorously. With O'Conor in the Goveinor'b Mansion, Tydings will have no hand in state patronage, while Roosevelt makes no iccret that federal patronage will be shut tight. Convcrsel}, rison ever needed anything f r o m him, he could get it. Farmer Casey Politicians (to hay nothing of the Baltimore Sun), are much intrigued over \\ord that Fanner Casey of Gaithcrsburg is going on the air again Sunday night at 0:15 over WBAL. Casey, a Montgomery county farmer, created a sensation during the last campaign when he went on the the re-election of Harry Nice would ( r a d i o to toll M a r y l a n d how the Sun- be a break for Milluid. It would leave 'papers wero distorting the facti- rc- him undisputed leader of Maryland |garding the primal campaign. His far the Mayor has been iage.\. In t K last few day.s, hinvevi'i, tic lia-, Ix r" i ·(·'» l:l ' ''·"·' 1 i to pas'! down the v o i d . Tlmse \\l\ \ have a - h t d him whether t!u-j should 1 vote for O'Conor rr M a c have ie-,('"!'.I ceh'ed this ularid birt pointed icply. "Use j o u r o w n j u d g m e n t . N a t u r a l - ly, you should vote f«n u h o m e M t Jon pleahe." This, coming fiom a Ic.ider of (lie Demociiitic Paily, is t o n s n U ml extremely .signilkirnt. O'Conor's I.I-K.I! Ca'-cs The dabbing H e i b e i t O'Conni ha been doing a lot of t a l k i n g alum! Imv he, if elected, will devote all hi t i m e to the people--as he has done in t i n past. This has brought smile-; from -i -In l i i l i i n i ' M c C ' i t \ , \\lici-e t h e (!,\\ , "f t i n l l . i l i i m o i c Ti List .Mri i v -Cn-Kiiiiii.l Tei l l n n l k v , \\' i hiiu'i ON|)LI I on M a i v l.inrl p n h t u to l i u l l i I I , i ! i \ N n i .I.H! Id i l u 11 ()'( i i n n i (|M| t h e y hi i i i ' i l , .''·MI I m-l hj I ' ^ l . i h l l u l l i n g ' t . i l e [i 1 1 1 , it i K i l i I lli j « r e a l mil ami l)i u i t · 1 he easy loi Imlh ( . u i i l l d i ' i i c p l . . inn .u t l i , i l Hi t n i a r in i \ i'( I o i n c u t n i r n ( h i Ni-\v I ) :il i n i l i r i i u l l v t h i n - l.i h.i. . . . II.u ly N n i - , | I P I I ] M .1 RADIO SERVICE At Minimum Cost . . . ~ HY C I v K l I F J J v I J EXPERTS IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova, Md. PHONE-- IflLLSIIORO Ifi-F-22 i , mil jroin: to M.n v i a n d nr.ich dm i i i g ol :h Notice to Holders of Certificates of Beneficial Interest of County Corporation of Maryland A fifth and final p.iymcnt of -Ml', of the face amount of out 1 1 i M i l i i i r Certificates of Berii'ficial I n i c i c s t i sued by County Corporation ( M a i .-| democracy. He would not have to worry about cither O'Conor or Howard Bruce. Note--Already you hear from the bosom of the Tydings family murmurs about l'J-10 when Millar d will be the Democratic nominee for the presidency. Evie and Millard Washington society is agog over reports that Evie Walker Robert, of St. Michael-;, may be the next commissioner for the District of Columbia. Evie, wife of L. W. Roberts, secretary of the Democratic National Committee, is one of the most popular and beautiful women in Washington's official set. Also she i- related to Senator Tydings by marriage, and happens to be one of the chief personal flies in his ointment. For Evie has a tongue like a rapier and loves to use it on Millard. Once after driving up to his new mansion, Oakington, she said: "Well, congratulations Millard! Look what the goveinment's done for you." She pointed to the WPA road leading to his private estate. "I had nothing to do with it," protested Millard emphatically. "I've got daily broadcasts were called "The land will be available to th Sundowrr Hour," and caused violent bursts of indignation from the Sun- papers. The latter were not the only ones to feel the Farmer's la^h. He aimed pointed baibs at almost every bigwig in the state. What he is going to discuss Sunday remains a mystery. Political Coercion Speaking of political coercion, it is interesting to note what happened aften ten Baltimoronns fried a petition before Judge O'Dunnc alleging that Senator Tydings had violated Marj land law by spending more than ?80,000 in his primary campaign. This, according to the petition, was considerably in excess of the amount permitted by the Maryland primary and election law. One of the signers of the petition was Beinard Livingston of 3710 Egerton Road, Baltimore. Shortly after the petition was filed, the G. E. Carlstrand cngineeiing firm for which he woiks, bi ought pressure to bear on Livingston to withdraw his name from the petition. The implied threat \va.i that if he did not withdraw his name, he would lose his job. Although tho Baltimore Sun has LET US nil YOUR BIN NOW WITH MONEY-SAVING to "Sterling" mark on silver, ihe Bloc color on ' nti^ iu quality. Ord.r froci us looay. coal' iu quality FARMERS SUPPLY CO. Phone 137 tercel holders thereof on and a f t i X - vonrbcr 10, ID.'ffl. 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