The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 19, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1859
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THE "-DAICT 1E DAILY NEWS. SHAKHHTKIN J H SH1.HPSTK15 J.ATHKOP JIISEPD 1UTHROP. ft£*. t.'i 1KG, OK UAttOK BTKRITT, KfAh WALCkB ROCriK. iJ«,... i'.i|i«. )>uUi8hnJ every rnornlnR, t-nepi Mcndsy T,i W*rM.r Paper, Momlnv. Wednesday nnil Krl.tny ^ r .^.ly 1', every Tuesday uinrulni:. TEUMB OP "DAILY PAI-KK il«ili I'^.M ior one year, payable iu aiiviii,.- e »1 TEMifl OP TR1-WEEKLY PAPKR Trl-i» eeUy Pui-cr for one year, payable In advance 1-8,1 TERMS OF THE WEEKLY PAPEE Weekly Paper for or,, year, payfcb)t . ,„ , 1<irBI , ce _„ , RATCSOFADVtllTr.SIlVfi IX nAll.i Ten lines, or loss, of Nonpareil nihke a square. e, 1 . •lo. 5 day,, do. 8 dart •!'• 4 da,. J^. . Ida-, rto. l Wrf i do dc . 2 we-lf. 2,W 4,50 S.OO 8,50 4,00 --k..... 5,00 "1 l l l l do. 60. do. do. do. Jr. month... 8 month... 18,00 4 month*.. 16,00 6 month.. 16,00 9 months. . 20,00 1 year. SO,(Mi R o n n I, a n ? d o n , ADV.' KTrsiN*, AGENTS. 1 66 Randolph Street, <rr f aiMorietd t,, re ceta* Advertittmentf for thit and all the Leading I'apm oj tl.t A'ortltK*rt, and art tJu OSLT and KI ^LOSIVRLT ana,(rrUrrt AQmti i,, U,t Uarthictst for , Of Ml 77, Common Council Proceeding*. "CARD OF COr/MCILOBS—HEOtTLiB Milwaukw lS May 16, 1859, ,' roads. I would further recommend that the whole matter be referred to the s 'City Attorney, tha he may eraminc the securities held by the citv with authority to act as shall he for the bes 7 1-2 o'clock, p. in. J The President William A. Koyes, in th chuir. , . . _ • ' Interest of the city. resent—Councilor Bueuing, Bnsack, Her- Resp. your ob't servant, zer, Hoinemann, Hnyden. Johnston, Kroe-1| - E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller 6-r. Laul-euheimur, Lockwood, McConniok '' Councn ° r J o"nstou offered tbe following: McGrath, Noyes, Rueokertt, Rosebeek,Schultej ' itM^b^' ^^ '^ C ' iy Mton ^ an d Comp. *A^ ""I n° ge ' -, i ^ rllctlid to examine the securities held by the Absent-Cooncilor An c r. | city, given by the several Kailroad companies The reading of the minutest the last meet- I?* 1 lak . e f uo ^ 80tl °n to secure the payment of ing were dispensed with the past dne interest coupons on the bonds is- pe ea w>lh B ™d to such Railroads as have defaulted in q lln(1 . ve eaute .n ounary accounts w^r« pres.uled and refer- the payment of the interest as shall be for the red to the respective committees. Councilor Tesoh presented a'petition from best interest of the city, and that the joint PLWAUKEE NEWS. MILWAUKEE, TjatRSDAY MQRNlte, MAY Councilor Rosebeck, from the same commit tee.jto whom was referred the petition of several iff tb« Ward constables, asking to be »p- poiijted policemen, and paid accordingly, por ted that "the petition shall he decided up on , is regards its legality, by the Cil and docked from lot 1, block 68,. south to lot 1, block 70, reported as follows : The request of the within petitioner,,, the committee approves of, and recommends the work to Iw so done. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS^ Which was agreed to, and the petition re- U/ATCfi DAUfCDO """ rr " l "*<"" WM ' fc * rUWERS. • X"* ""!" -«'•'"».. ..„. 490,000 ' "' <T younoilor Bnening, from the committee or toil,»ni,» At.n^ ' flr " <k 'P artmt<nt lowborn was referred the roe- r- , » r t ™ 7 m ° rfal Of John Beck «- "king five dollar, M Councilor Bosebeck, from th. «am« commit- ! compensation for damage to hi! green, JuJby tee.tb "horn was referred the cormnnniMtloD I Engine Co No. 1, reported bv a resolntion t °!^^^^ & c °-". •« - ! -' - - ^ »^r £ ^rt ^ £'JH mill" aild , » tt i*co:«»i ation to ^compensation claimed by tbe late po- icem>m of the city to be doe them on account IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT M. M. POMBROT. EDITOR. Icf-rord, foi Ma>, 1855 H OARDIN'PRA CO.. Pr , ]«s,,r,n g ' « » S P « f, , „ ' 4C » B8'* M C. EDITORIAL CONVENTION.—There will be a nwtinp .,; Milwaukee , dit,,rfc. at the Newhall H,-u«f, Parlor ll ,, L Saturday evening next, at 8 o clodk. ti.. make uminpenients loi th- entertainment of ,iin ^uept" .ID the ^cc'tt-im, of the opproacliing Bdii.irial Convention, to he held oc the 16tl. j.iuxirm, All >,re reuue: tend stand at the corner of Spring and West 4th Ward, be prevented from gath.T- ng there in future Referred to the Joint Local Committee ol ,' he 4th Ward. i Conncilor Johnston panted „ petition J? from John Eerh and other*, sfl fci n ^ that the !" \ sewer from Second,street Ic the rirer, be ed and repairs! Referred to the joint lor " Which was accepted. The resolution was then adopted. - Citv Clerh presented the resolutions, B ° ard on the were taken np as follows viz.: A resolution that the Street Commissioners ol the First Ward be authorized to have Doty .-omuiittee at tbe 4th Ward. Councilor Johnston printed a petition I from Casper Huelem and others, praying that ) the charge for liquor licenses be made o graduated scale, according to the lorntioii Referred to tho committee on lie- ii^.-s Councilor Schulte pr-t, i M. L. Skinner auj otheis. street fom Franklin street to the north line of ' addition, 1.. V,.., ,, grade d , Ue side- , reported the same back without ao- ion, and recommended that it be referred to he City Attorney. Agreed to. Councilor Johnston, from the. Joint upuimil- U* on bridges, 10 whom was referred the corn mtmioation of Jonathan Taylor, propo.iing to e-i play and pay all the bridge tenders, do-all the bridge repairs, and keep them cleau for $5,850 per year. for all damages complained of. Which was adopted by a unanimous vute. Councilor McGrath offered the following : FOR S A _ ! . . BI rug Fox and Wisconsin Improvement Co At Low Prlcn, on Lib-mi T.rmf / ,. uu ' '^«».u,^su^:rp.v^r - 1HK KAKMINCr LANDS l fT / r"l 1 M By llw boa/d of Councilors the ,' Pr°M/^V.V'i WALL'S*" ; f °«* ••P--.. board af Aldermen concurring, that the Mai- | "P""*'"•< n«,r .f»in Dg Brook,, * n ,i „' J,', 1 '" 1 "" or, Comptroller and City Clerk be and are here I '* " f *° l d """ ll " *">><'.-n, to advertise iu tne most r . ,.„. published in the ulties of New THf. 1»|>» |. i<(U N t nrem..-ly valu/ib/e.h^m^ ',,,-alp,l m c,.« , conout "' 1 street, in the 7ih Ward i,,one fool of tbeesul.lished with a double track Hard Coouoilot Mi-Ciiruii k pi, '' **' J fruDi J 'hi, 1- u r IIILI^' i i a\ ,| l. |»-Utinu Iruin that nret cradeti to x^ithiL rh.)^. nud phnked j | mill., of IL,,- 7th i A resolution that the Chief of Police be in- Blruetod to remove all obstrnctions from Knapp strw-t, between River street and the river ('oncurr.-,i in o] Reported adverse tu letting the bridges by contract as proposed. Which w»s concurred iu. rhejChair, from the liar l»r couimittw, to, whom ' was refeTrnd the Communication of Messrs, Hashronck & Conro, in relation to certain [ astimatea for dredging the Milwaukee rivfer, and completing the 4th sectlnn of tbe Straight Cut Hu-bor, presented their report, in which th«v set forth that they had who would be wiling to construct water •n r,-que-iling tli- 6tb Ward Uas I car '' fu "y examinnd ilie rtarne and found the •uui ,0111 pan.y u, vrn . ( a |. lmp post at [ho ( • r ,,f Pinrce and Hnuovor street. Touncilor Rosebeck said that the Gas at _. pany was l^yond li,.. power of the Council- ' S * &r "'P 0 ' 1 " 1 in favor of paying the Amount of amount due was §19,792 i7, which, with terest $461 81, would make th« total now du, 820,264 08; that the harbor commits of ""* HooJ selU Ijonsnliold fu tliif niorniiie at 1 i o'clock is saM thoMi-iwcvf r social ari.l deanue inav he th- chariu.-- ol ih- l.reakfa*! hle. II.-T are eutireh a^trovert the arena tor l«ats of Ftreucltj tei auo I'odfieh hallf u- uiiikinc u -•D Clle hul- j Hni,,,, streei bridfM he psr i,ted a ii,»i tL Irotn £ as i Water st •d nilli cobble stullr I tli- litcii 1 .-. .riilf.!!!,-,. \Var Iron, Jim i, r part ol the 3rd they could do as they liked; there had l,een a lampj^iat thi^ corner, it was removed to ad °P l<fd the f, uu i O f a Church To er.-ct it Ul ,w would of A'd- , $19,792 -J7. which report w a 'e Board of Councilors, the Board rt, differiug fn the', lia nn«i of i .-. hi,n. ,.,..„., ,,,.j K rat,ih,,..f r , aii.l l- in-fpaHMDt on the rights of thepuhlU- ! Pajmeul They were also of opinion that th. on the rnoiion ofd-unoilor Heineiuan it i saru(1 * u !- h< - lo '« paid was refwrrd to tb-joint hwal .-.ommitte- ofth- I pos " "' fe M l -xi eedmg four hun- Mr .1 Rifhrnond nil] , Hail a y r,~, lo-pt-Tli^ War 'eUti. L" The 1 lect ure this reviou-- an- Admispior. S o'clock. »- uortt, t,t »t Patll .- (. I.UI-ch IS 10 let I'OhSegSlOL .gl«el, at once Apply u, Mr Fillmore. or to the the Vestry Room, y „ tll . hlj j ;, j, ) HOEICO.N —The lelpgraph giv- f us an account of i heavy fir- at Horicon The loss hovrever. w,;, „„, r , a , L ahor ,. g; 4() of)0 iustead of S7f..O(IO as reported Kve had etioapl morrow shall u |. partn-ulars to- ""•,-.,1, -ir—t, thi.« ,-ear hei.-rr.-,l :,, il,,. 10( . ttl p,,,,,^,,,,.,. Ward. ' ouiicilor Mcl'orruii-k [,r-s.-ni, ,i from J no Su i Mi-mi H ,,,1 ,,(),, , ry saj|>i and active meml-r- ..I th-ru |, pr-aymr that ,; ..,der«;m, ..( a* fin-meu. thei 1«- -: quor licenser Referred t,, il,- t . tlll Councilor Hfini-ujf rial fron, a of in the seViTh! W'ard« Mil Ward A resolution instructing the Comptroller aud Chief K,, K ,n.... r ,., ,,, u , 1]rr „ u . u for Kni;JDe ; "*" -* ''• -^ ht s t-u- I j Uiiidi- »Ld t dn-d doliar- l-oun.ii.., HueniuK UlOVe,! U , •t th- Tib "fiMir' 1 .in,) in«-rt "three ' Which w a « agr eed t 0 ,,,,,1 ,,,_ ,^ 0 |,, lioll ttfl .t petition iuiende.1 WuS a.iopt.-d •01. I, cper<. Tw " '""'"'ion decinriuj, sundry lots in the I', (.artment , -HhandTtl, \V»rd» public nuisances and ord- h.-,, ,erri,. f «,ng l be ,ame to be abate,] w,-4i,,, ,en d«v s . iroiu pnyinj !i. ! » a(q ""'ended by ,[,- Board of Aldermen. ,ink- 1 liu. out -t-n" ari.l insortiiij.. 'Mhiny " •i. ...--.„.., Which al ,,..,,d m ,. n i, ; Wr , rr COD , urrMi |n ai||] 'he resolutions as amende,! adopted. A resolution declaring the noi Ih hall ,.f th,N W quarter of at once, for which pur- recommended the ado. j lion of the following nwolnti -n- AVW !.<•</ The Hoard of- A Idem,-n oomur i ring, tha.1 Ih,-. M/i Vor and City Clerk he and I they ar H lu-rvby authorized and direct-'.) t,, OL the cil r treasury, payable 01?",!!' firTt"]^^ I of Feb next, l»-aring tea per cen t in thU city, without expense to the cit'zens. r "-"'v 'o > 0 , r r ,- u After some discussion th« Chair pnt Ih- M^? question, wh*n the 'r^lntir.,, , M ftd o ptwd »,, tbe followinif vote Ay«s 12 ; noes I ma ,,, w H «'>DWAV. Councilor Buening voting in the negative. "~" L '""'"' Councilor Ueineiuann offi>r»a tb« following Mima,, The board of School Comminsion- ers are, and have l wn , m the hahit ol drawing .-»,- , orders on the the City Treasury for bills for mi 5" 9 ** K or * fc T Ilcxra'a Aa^tton Room*. Wo. 4, «i a. told on Tl.urnl»j, mornlnii M»v I ireneraJ i,».,rtir,. ; ,,i or no<u?r,<>i.| <ar- °rt in:. Inrnliore repairs, connected wiih the [should Common S'-hoors, and which • ^" ™ «• ^ <*—.,„ ^ u ,. properly com« l^fore tha, bo.r.1 for a.- roent and allowancw, and b- audit-d br the Comptroller, and that lhp Cnuncif mar ' time be advised ** to rh- amoun, ex for .schools, therefon-, ACDBONE'S i . I- 1 * A DICTfONARV ,t a That th« Citv Tr her,b by the hoard of School than for the Halarii-.n of the (each.. ^asurer h- 4n .i I, A -.?rf,-,i n | , t ff, t •"> '>,e gr,rit,,r ,| . by , DS ,ruc.t,,l not lo pay any onl-r* Tr'^wn other np.-r- 'I" 1 ; Councihir I, "'Arrwj, A 1858, by the T Engineer Writ- in 'ontmuation of th.- ,,-, i-ef-rre,] to ltl . g t -d .n^nffi 1 ' thT ^. IT IS •» HOUEHOLi dlr..,.t.,i , 0 lay , )ut av-nu-s i thrnaeh Lm-k- <k'|ti» I .UN > l.-RM-H- 10.. 1 Comiii ti"<iK mi ir i r VI ION | nij pr- S e,.t...l h m^mrw saloon keeper, residing prayiuv that !inc,-rw fl to u,e hu.,i,ev don. in above sp-^fled. it ,|,all 1^ in lull payment for ! W: 1 claims, or d.-uiauds. upon the city,,- .K and labor ,nclud-d i,, ,hc .aid e-,t,,,,atJs of the City Engineer, numl^reil 1 -J .Sand/ 1-1 <"*>•'<• i t.. tlj- u.,niinai l'uui..-il,./ bij-u,n.{ urW.-ii il,.. 1 '"-A Th- u. : ,,.l n "'Aden,,-,, (owu 6> LOE —7'hc siinpir nun Taylor it tl,- lei-ttir,-- aud Monday thr 30th be Bufficuent t,. wl a ); our reader? , rivt, when it is add~d thai « r hav assuranc*. thronch cu.- Vomit THei ation, tbe most exc-u«l,|i. against disappointmHul prepare fr.r a tr«u. •'' i". UAVABI, TAT- n "^ ai -"i bnvhrd MOSCOW the s-uLjcct, Ma\ . th^ nrriH. will tht- ^,,1 his own I ''"•"' fee' may well each saloon or hole] R>-ferr>-d to the oouinuu.-, ,,rj li.-^tj.,.- Councilor .lobnptoL from tl,,- i3tr~-i inisssioner* ,,! tUe4l!i \VaiJ, pies,-nt.-<l recomm.i, l,.ti lini ,,. r irDprov,m..nt- r,.<. t" I- IriK-lr II, , |, \\ B , | .,,,. ,, ( ,, ri (| var <'.-ul.cllur Laul«.hl^nrj, , pr-.^u^d e lioo ;rom Ipnatj r.smm^H and ,,th. r , f Ih- y:h Ward, j.rnymi- that n Bt.d Couiifiior Ha ° r couir I <im- iLeir res,- it I- l I,, i.iorni pu oa)) LAKDF AKL W ATEE p OWKR _ ff ^ Ox- attention of our r-ad-rf to the advertisement in to-day's paper, ol the Fox & Wisr-on- sin Improvement Company They offer for sales large quantity of choice farming and pine lands, which are extremely valuable. j n fact, some of the best ID the State, and which they offer for sale on liberal terms of credit. and in large or small qaantitief. to =uit purchasers. They have also some of the best water powers in the West, to which they invit* the attpnCon of capitalists. These water powers can be leased for a term of years, a« may I* desired. W H. Rod way, Esq . on Wisconsin street, is the Company s agent in this city, from whom toy information in regard, to the above ] anu8 or water power can I*- obtained purcha.— ! .u th- said W a ,,I school housr ,-reoted therein. R-ferred to thp committee on srl.ool,.. Councilor Johnston presented a communication from Patrick floye. praying that a city w-arrant be iasu .-d to i in , lor the amount of a judpmiTjt and costs, obtained !y him ,, the Circuit Court, against the ,-itv ,,f Milw»uk-» Referred to tbn-nuimittev on judu-iarv Lockwood presfiitrtl u )»-i.noii Usyw.,od. a.-kirig r-rtniH-,,.,, lo construct a drain from hi- house to the «.Wer arden said thi.t h- had -rubudi. d 'I- land* and lot n,-nt,,,,,ed ,„ another resolution .hid, I,,- would ofj-r thi luove,) thai ,, u. .,„,,, |in ||IB u| ^ hid, w» A rep, M ,,f ||,.. ,, ri-comujei, i.ut.'rrlail ''><• building u---.j i.. ,| le Municipal u r-fM,.'<- .. Hy th- lioarl ,,r Ald-rrn-u coi.rurrl. g. Th Jthorized . ^ a rec»-1 V H pi v t th« a.iilition and make alteration 10 the Municipal Court '?,?, D _ '°! 6 ' blook I0 ' 7th Ward, in ,and to enter into a con- Counoilrtr L.x-kw | aaj ,i IL< . ,,,, u .. rwas ev-nlng and i """ '" Mm '"" '' ad i:ri ""' ™»M'»-* m -he i committee, l, ut would lik- to .xauiir^ th.- uj^t- .' '" r tt " )r " '• | "^!j, and i, )uvw l that it !»- u,,l ,,„ th- tablr th lioard ol City Control^, rrcted to advertia, for 10 dairs, to bu «uch o: he made iu l Court -and The ih t; City Atlorn-y to ,.-. n ,|| (Va l»-li-ve,i th« con.initt.-.. wart h.,n.-at |,,,i |,,. |,' ..t ;ike io vot- ,,, » l, U i,v, ,f th.. Cilv \tt.., •'••v said all «„„ n ,,l,i, h- would H o f 0 ," , t mcilor M,Gratb - ul .l th- ,'•,'.,. Attort,-, -i m,ti,i,,$ tu d,, WlU , n : , lnalt> . r U[ _ ^ ;_ no difficulty m th- ^ai.. Councilor te»«h thought tl,,, , u » U -r b,J all ' K , " An.. 1 that lb-y „],, rtl . le IU the i.tficul ,, a ,». r ^ WM-hw., .,,,,,,., .,„,,,. •n ad,.pt,..J I Jin,. i u >r l,i,..k »,,.,,1 ,,if t .r-,| '" '"!>"! 'I i,- l-mr 1 ,i .4 i,,. Mr—I r.-.ruu .. nug. th Kir-r W i 'I »!:•! tfl-v nf*- -w. r . r .,.' n COUL.']] from \S"m in Division street. SrV.-. th Ward Referred to the local "omuntu-e <.f th. .^ev enth Ward. Councilor. K ro-ger pr.- B enu-d a petition from Chae C. Mayer, and gutters on Clinion tract with,,,, lowest n.,ponMhle bidder The ^ of ,y t,,e old Board ,.,„ ,. »ork to he done m n.-cordauc.. with, the plans I " ha<1 D ° 1 ' b " ll 'O"»!l'' 't would u. U.|,, f t , en' :C^r ° U m - '" "" "*"• «< ^ I "V "" ""• U '"- '•" "" '—"' ,11. ' Councilor Ji.dnnton did not *..- . , , ..u;:;;;. 1 :^:-;;:' rr,,';;™ j V;-T"»""'- -' : --" : ™ «,„«„. " ""-- 1 •'" lw ••"•T.-I. an.l moved that ,t 1- i.-.w^i (Jooi, .\Ewg. — l D another column will U, found the advertisement of (j H LamL-rton I Esq , who haf returned from the .-ant, and if ! now prepared to supply our citizen,, with those Indisperreabl- staple*, wood and |, aT Mr Lam'^rton is well knowi, „. thi« aud Eaoiij.- uounty, as a very prompt and honorable off hand business mat, \A> Florida streets, Fifth Ward, lie DDIHaucc. Referred to tl Ward. Th- Chair pres^nLrtJ the loll,,w ication from the ? 1,200 ' AOersome discuv.iou Mr l.uvkwoud with drew hi. amendn,-ut and th- resolution vrai concurred in Th- Chair pre».-i,U.d a orhers. a»king that the lUH Cbjef TP"t b-twi~ri Lak, and romujuuii-ation l of the Fir- Department, i.ii-n to the saru- couimltt COUUCIIOM from th,. i a , m „,,,, ,,,,, Wli|il be associated with the .aid ,. u iiinjitt- 'her examinatinn I'ouncilor clar,d .pul, mmits of the Fifth . recommending the purchase by the city of lot 11. block 4fl, 8th Ward, for Engine Company ' K,. - .1 . _. . . V } No price l*.|ng three hundred dollar? payablein cily orders and also Ihe adopti , of the following • By The Board of Councilors, the a y° T <""! >-'r,ni,n,, n -ID compliance wi tht founc,ior fl . and an'd" ' Controller anS Chief En '£, : an <i instructed to negotiate and purchase lot .-«,lu ! nnmlN ' r '"- *" l 'l°<-k number 48, being the ea«t ' 01 * M lot « '«" most cheerfully com- I Comptroller anil Chi i , . , ' — & ^..... iju^iueiT IDvlleO mend him to the patrona K e of om dtiz-nf P ORale for a '<>» for Engine Company No 7 His wood comes from hi fi OWD landr of • w^^'i 0 ^ "' l |i e P. ro P°8al/reoeired which he has large tracts both at his peir in j 48, this county, and "Lamberton Bay," Door Co , Otis B while hi* broad meadows in this, Racine, Wall concnrred in by the Board of" Vd'erm,'.n Ibe ' ' be "''- v of Milwaukee, i n Walker f Engine,, invit«1 'pro- ±,S£° e .. ( L°.-.. 1 ; 0 - 7 - »«? also .dr,rti.e for' of addition , worth and Fond dn Lac counties furnish tbe hay. We wish him success, and he is one of that kind that is mrr to have it KACIKK (t MISSISSIPPI RAILRBAI,.— We stated yesterday a decree issued by Judge Miller placed the abov, named road r "u, the hand-, of the first mortgage houd holder* Ju pan. we were correct but rt passed Into their hands some days f dt . r . rn . wa , ma(je g( the reqaexl „. o u .i, parties By -n (..-reement between the Board of Di- reoiore ai-d tL, mo, ^age bond holders, the •road and aU its appurtenances were surrendered on the 10th inst., to tbe Farmers Loan and Trust Company, of New York.^s trustee for the bondholders. By tha terms of the agrw- ment, the road is to be ccmpleted by tb« trus lee, with funds already fnrnisbed by the bond- \P1J u.*j -f--^"cM.c.,Trvciv eu Waldo & Ody, the E. 25 f-et lot 11, 1,1'k No ''- ' _• add ' l ion, 8th W'ard, $300 N- 40 feet lot 1, 1,1'k 8 _ T. 6th Ward being 40 ft. ou Grove and 50 ft. on alley, §600 $600 Haber " t0ck > 20 " 1100 on Elizabeth street, W. 0. Parsons, lot 2, h. 113, 8th Ward oor «•• —. and Pierce rt, cash $750, city ordera :h Ward, "n i 7, I, 22 W. E. Merrill, S. 5 ft lota 1 5th Ward, §2 000. The Chief Engineer will communicate with yon as to the most desirable location lor tbe wft^iDtj Company. Resp't your ob't, Serv't, E. L'H. GARDNER, Comptroller Ordered on tilt. The Chair presented the folio ication from the Controller. wing commn- proposals lo build a suitable hou 9 e on the ,»u,« for German ia Engine Co. No 7 Milwaukee. May 1859. Which was adopted by a unanimous vote. Councilor Lockwood offered the following Revived, The Board of Ald.rrn.en concur- ilrip, that the Controller be, and h- \e hereby directed not to enter into contract for the enlargement and alteration* proposed in th« Municipal Court Room, that shall exceed the amount of 81,200. Which was adopted by the following vote Ayes—Councilors Boening.Heinemann, Hayden, Kropger, Lockwood, Rosebeck. Schulte, Tench and Vogel—9 Noes—Councilors Busack, Johnston, Laubenheimer, McCormick, McGratl,, Noyes and Hueckertt—7. The Chair presented a communication from nnnlui r 'TiL~ n Uf Kiql.tb. Ward t.. !, A,1,,|,l.d. '' .-. l.ult- :r.<», [•.- UJltt- ..I I he --v. nth W.,, ). t,, w!ll 'efeired I f . p rr-,l th- nieu,or;«; ,,f J,4, n p lag to ervoi ,, frame 11, hl.ick. '•<; s-i -nth AMUSEJVIE1V WAUKEE 4 " ALBAKV hre departmeBt, to whom tionofHook and Ladder Company N,, • Coiiciirrf.i in reon by a C-6iin,-ilor Laul,.,. ,..i, IJ , r - r „,/,, resolutioi,, aqlhorizing the -Controller and ; of th. asking for a new bell, reported the > V? it I* laid on the table. Councilor Duening said that thr ^uool M \ was too small to be o f use Tbe .motion | 0 ] ay Ui table was put by , h - oll air, and lost by th n th lowing vote Laubeuheimer, Ay«g— Councilor Busack, ____ Rueokertt, Koslebeck and S,:hnlu»-5 Noes— Con uci lor Bneniug, Heinemaou, Hay. den, Johnston, Kroeger, Lockwood, McCor- Noyes. Tesch and Voge, the Superintendent school accounts. of Schools, euclosing COMPTBOLLEB'S OfFICE I Kinanoe Department, May 16. 1859 j Jo tin Mayor and Common Council holders, to Freeport immediately, and the . U e U ,,eme U — Arran Company are to have the right of redemption i consummated whereby InTcnty" will Ve^nm' at eny time within five years after tbe road is the firet da ^ of Jane "«« 'he payment of the •o completed, on paying to the trustee the gesTut "inasmuch 881 '''' 1 '" mUnioi money go advanced, with interest at seven per which the city has cent., and the interest that has aud lhat here- Rne of bonda - haTe . with the exception ofVhJ after maj accrue on the mortgage bonds. The I £^£° * n ,ifl™* e ?i tt ? d LaC ™«^ & Mil. deed of surrender also provides that (Jeo. A. „ , urlll Thompson, of New York, and T. B. Black-1 seriously embarrasseTTn prori'dTng , or tne Stonprof^Chlcago, together with « third person, P a y ment of onr oi ?7 indebtedness. It is the to ha 8ftl«o.tprl bv tlipm n» R^nin «v,« .u i_ «utv of th" defaulting Rail road R tn T\r/>ci/ln r — w 03 eeiectea oy mem at Bacin*, ehould hare the payment of the interest on tne actual charge and control of the road, as sned to them, and the credit of the oily agents and attorneys of the trnsteu. Messrs Li 01 to 8nffer ' nor its oncers be entangledTn Thompson & Blackstone arrived at Eaolfie SiJ^^* ° f * he , interest-on snch bonds as mw,i- !«,(•„,» i ^ j . , "««.iuo nayo oeen issued for municipal purposes weec oeiore lost, and'took possession of the their neglect to do BO. r r e i H«d and property, ander the deed of snrren- h ^ T *l^ of Jhe«« Kots, 1 would der, dn the IHh inst The third man, at Ra '*' «Ine, has not yet been selected. Mr. Black- . _ •tone i»« practical engineer, and lias been sev- j early payment of'the past' d~ne""nter^t oon : «al yeawlengaged on the IHinois Central, and g£ Bft £J rfmort'daily 08 ' 1 * ^ allroad8 - ia now in charge of the Chicago & Joliet Road I from holders of these ««^,. 0 He hag already been over the line from Davis I™* » nd strongly oen8urinK°'tbToiTy corl™ ^ D .._., . - Iment, for n^egleoting to provide for the pay. wore, i men t O r the interest on these bonds Th«"'' completed to Freeport j wanteeS Watertown E. R. Co. Is, I Rcfenvd to the Committee on Schools The Chair presented the following commu. uioationfrom the Superintendent of Public Schools To THE Hon. THB COMMON COUNCIL : At the regular monthly meeting of theBoard of School Commissioners, held on Wednesday evening last, the following report was onani- mously adopted The Executive Committee, and Superintendent of Public Schools, respectfully represent to the Board of School Commissioners that the build ngs now in use, for school purposes, in the Fifth E ,ghth. and Ninth Wards, are W eJnemann, Which wad adopted. Councilor Rueckertt f r ,, m ln .. t-of the yth Ward to whom was referred a memorial from August Miller and others a.«k- 'nsj that Harmon Sliwt from 7lh to Htb 9tr.-et in the 9th Ward be of the same. Which waa concurred n, Conncilor Laubenheimer from tu- **u« committee to whom was referral the petition of John Plankmton and others uklng that Cherrr street In the 9tb \V^ u. KraH<Hji „,. ported in favor of granting the prayer of the petitioner Concurred in Lookwood preaeute.1 a., ordinance to prevent the removal of atone, sand or earth from Ihe b-aoh of lake Michigan McGrath, Councilor Heiuemanr. moved that a be referred to a seleot committee of three, and the committee on Fire Department, with tie Chief Engineer. Agreed to Th« chair appoint Councilors H Johnston and feseh to act on said as above mentioned. Councilor Look wood moved t , , i --- —.« ,-u-.-.^ a resolution tbe vote m relation to an ordin.,«v entitled declaring lot II, block 40, and E half of lots an ordinance, relating to water works, npon '. 2, block 28, Third Ward public noi« which the board voted at their last meeting '' ' " there being eight for, and fivo against its pas- , .,„„.„,,„„ ,, sage; the Mayor had declared the ordinance j ° 1arin P «wal lots in the Second wl'rd'pub'lt not passed under an impression that there nuisa nces. committm Which was read twice and the rules. o re consider | Councilor McCormick offer over under resolution street .,1 aorlft eait then ce nurth ,,n t e t, tfienow jo itii li 1.1 t PI»n«:nUn'i t.i.l t „, of land. 1 P «•* ..I »n.l (r.,iu « 'ra. ^- I. .,•.!-, P.- ir.nln,- at » p. n-.rtri or & »too- in c* of Planklnlon'i AJJ, •^tojl,n«, thence -a»l .1) thfnce tr«t Jo f^ct t , pUru 1SOII -qaarerrel nf land A pi«o of l«nd r, oia i tra, Mam,,,?! U«ii:iniu b - at « runi.l g north thrnagh N E Q*r .r Pl»uH, line 10 f "' " " t,| , A p ece of l»nd .from t trn.'t sup,,,, hue tatmlDg north ihtoti^h N h^L \,f ',', nortli of a Itofie n L-enrre ,»Mii"h .t ' line 5D feet; ihcnce exit «> r-et, ih Itienci: »eji SO feel lo Uie jjlace ,1f i, ln« l.'.CO ,qa*re feet nf laa.l. A pi-ce of I ind from ft tra.-t tupp. W. Turn. Be?, lining at • polo i nn th«r ,w nlng north, .N K 4 of lotion' i nce , Adopted. Councilor Buening otlered a resolution dc- '"«" c '"-I n.' [.i .loneUcent.e or !8 ; » •iV«I," ,',''>""'I*.'.. n '.' r ": -•-•--'- Addition; u,»nce nor: . lino 218 OT 100 fee,, thenc .„„,« 4? ihenceioath ISj It-loo th-nee writ .* rnnnlng n.,rlh through N ». * of i-cllon IU, :)J !•• ,„ = - welt 23 63-10.1 f,. e ir; whereas a majority of the Councilor Ros ibeck presented a schedule of '° uh " ° de *™" '"" a ° 3 ' 10 " " to "'" P^*' <•';was only required. Uots In .thi 6th Ward, whfoh )..— i. , . r ^?lL c °?V.^^Tj'?^r. e r "''" u . nd members presentiwas only required. I, lots, 6th Ward, which have been de'cUr"-' The question ti reconsider, was put by the rf Pnblioe nuisances,, with the -'-', and lost bj» the following vote : | mate and Street Commissioner's esti- | -d so r«,„.«_„?.,,oaV a m ^.^ftir."'^^ ty the 1st of September next. - formed/paylngthelnteregtonthetr tlirdmorU This line, when completed, opens a direct I gag6 ^° nAB ' whije tne , olt 7 told the second i»flroad commanioatibn Iwtween Milwank^ mOrt ?f g8 / r0 . 1 ?l ° notlon to Colnmbna, M ' ..a V» '•€!•'•' . • • <clw '«« ™" WBnKee le«cnnty for thS prompt payment of the rirln and pa%ae, brmgmg us as near to that rity oipdtqd Interest on Ae boSsued to them So 3 ongiasonrb city government refuses to cago now is. s have already of the ithe note -Central to Dnhnqno. And the lane noit city iVabont to re>nme the P»7«n«nt of Interest on its-ma"***£ *"?"*' A te desf «;* bl e that «nch meas- , Ihe Common Council requiredlctSTonse's.'' 01 ' 1116 ^^ "' ** Milwankep, Hay 4, 1859. P^C REED, Ch'n Ex. Com. ; ^UPDS KING, Snp't of School.. Iu transmitting a copj of this report to the u j .» yonncU, and respectfully calling their attention to the subject, I beg fc Sd them that, excellent sites for achool houwa have-been purchased and paid /or in the Fifth and Eighth Wards, and that the present is an astceedlngly ^Torable season to contract for building. ,-.,,- • • Vary resneotfully, "*• , Johnston, Kroe- for assessment 'lo S «ectl n lln^ MoCormick, McGrath and Noes—Councilors Buening, Busaok, Heine- Ordered on fllr. f the Sixth Ward to whom I ft i -J? I ' t » taln * 4M>< » 11 «rofeetofl»nd. was referred the c.^^L^'^i^TAV'" ««PVO.«J .o b, ow 3 ING, 8ap>t of gohoou. Referred tbthe Oommtttee , Councilor Bosebech.ifromtheoomiriiltee on policy to whom was "referred, the petition of Joha Beohtell, and atbers.i&bg that ^»n or* dteancebe-pissedto wmpel runners' at 'the" steamboat landings and railroad depots Mdte oat lioenses.ijeportea thereori.and teoomtBffla. ed that it be referred to the City Attorney *, draw up an ordinance in accordance trith Ine petltionewjetjnest. Agreed to. read, Councilor not want H passed'£. nlght,:and .movea that it/be laid over funder lhe^nl«jhewiAhUit;read by all honorable men. length that it .-,.---- *.- L- ' a "e«ond tlmij, and ad over under th^mles. t >. 'Co'dncllpr The Board then adjourned. 1 L •'. ' R - B - LYNCH City Clerk: WOOD AWD •-:- JIP-JO. H H 100 feet north of a itont to th -tiatet «ne-b street t 8corn«rofK»nklnton1i JiAlltlou; thincVmrth •I ; from tbeiocjjlj commit, '.to", .whom Via owners of lota tiCainlng 143 Apiweof Ur.d from » tract tuppoaoil lo tie ong to at a point en t e % Mellon line --_!> ttteSt K X of MO. 19.4M 68-100 . „. * ltot * ln th « ««>»« of Kth itreet at D; K - , ,. -'» rUaitotot'* Addition: tnetce n.,rth on tbe ».> IXweUoa line 845 rWtiOf«t to the «outn wuierr , . . , . da i»ieare^ae; triCDCe «outh 47 - J.rd rfi* .iVl"**?*"" 1 * 181 * 1 ***& l»ond»ry line 41 f» t; thence I«rf. (Cut and I ton* OB »ilMp.r»ll«l t« ihe X .«iu,r, tl,,. ^iSO ft -•'••- • ' •— -^n.iooftet; theuce. iouth.43' depyM . _ fine* Qt bcglflnlurcootiiimr 15-djfl J!^^^"*eilT.WWiin / ^^«fih,C;ft,onii.l^«^^'^^^ „ <»»w««8 IfOHO« and the LOW^ar TBBM9 . , I "yonleJ 1 of ia« Common. Council Zjf^,.^?'**? 1 }??? 1 -??** 1 ?- "i I UUVankM.: Mar 1S. 18SB. n m different paru of wijoonsin. tint to alghtanU hiring KKNT. 5., for th, ^n»U rant of 4oB"".nd'uiil™ """"' °'™- OKIQOR7 * CO. 384 Kait Wuir'itrtet.

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