The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 1, 1914 · Page 1
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, July 1, 1914
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f / ( V TOUR money c*n buy ^_^^ HERB that will ret for YOU -bat TO*D want Fhirtj Sixth Year. ' DECATUR, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY I, 1914. PRICE TWO CENTS. No. 182. t i Flays Unsparingly and Holds Out No Olive Branch to G. O. P. n t ' ^ i-Eh Julv 1 -- Formar Preai- nt For- p v f ' t rmde here tonight his t «pfrh of thi. ItU campaign He -t f i v e "vi rs In Pittsburgh and was , me I cmh i f i i s t i c i l l v In l l » i l d r t s s . !-i*t n i f f h t before t h e v \ in i Profire i v e lengue he i d ih policies of the \\il»on ad- r n t t n n i t t i r k e f l spmior Penrose i ] p i i f d foi support of tl»« Pro- i f n H-l 1 \i Ks F O R M r R MGOH. Tt v* i -ii i r nt as scon -is Colonel f r i c g n n to np**ak t h a t he did | use hi« former "trcngth a n d T e waa a intlce-iblf change s m nn*"- is compared w i t h that t \ o v t n rs a^ o r , l c". v · mad he trip to \TZ\ ic inM 1 e a l v i c e of nis «i( H P Ht --p k w i t h coinpirat'v* i f f 'he fi st f w -, run es, but w i* i h l*kli SB i n h s voice h h \ r\ hat his t h r o a t was still t in., him \ v , E \ F I E « N T 4 F F N D Persons in the i e i f t h e lulldlng ,,- t i n ' It l i ' f i iH f o heir htm ( f , P c t t *·* v.e e l"s ra Id and viaror- t! ir f o 1 and s e n a red the ,, , ^ s. ft h e was i lalnly T' I n c ' 1 l i l r -th It i r. lv -ecognlz n I r \ h l c h he was , h c o w d called h 1 I I I I I'd not hear t IP colonel fool voice* 'J -V-E in*-1 T new w i ^ w h at he i v u -.ion" By t e passing tvveen the i itir p-rties irii mli s the i to t h e Pro- f ! · s M 1 V 1 n i " t ' t p i t v t N C i M r P vi I N T m i ·· d nt ·- · v r r n ^ r e « s i e 1 i n- i- t H t i o n of 1 · 1 in f ' a?k v h t i n rtv w uM olio l i his j t ·. n i r i t s i It W I T an incom- j i s i r . , erh Be'orc he tmde It t i m r i 1 t o n e o t t lac h vv o lid i n l t r o i e br n c i 10 t 3 ^ an pa i _j it th re *a. c' « u h a thiris in hi c remarks I i n p p e i i e 1 t o i n l vl 1 n t I-H s to v i j j o-t the 1 i -f.r * I »· t i c k e t h i * «ucrisP c t 1 n n df l l n ^ - s w i t h t h e ^ l i n p i r t v (1-. n orpin zition Jli i o inci. I t r ei t i l l c a · w h o h» s a i d hid mi repre I t r e I o ini aoll- n t e r l th i 11 j , H' i t t i i k e c i PI Hr I enroot, r n z l v I \1 ^F OF ID1 1 NES-v.\ Is n T d m m i s t r t i o n p^li ies 'o- t kvv trd b u ' - i r r p s i I mem r o p r o r r i s * h s ] r nn lo 1 t v v i r l sol ition of the trust IJ 1C a 11 t OLO"-AL F U L L P T Tho i m n s t r a t i o n s t a r i f f w s C o l t f nit hallc I ni a col s«al fail i 7 r l l r ilHrl-v hH d ipon the farmer ]f rt tr sr i rogrirr he hi ind^ as r ronoini absurd t \ Us foreign j H^ s t v ' e d as · wretched but i m tln« he dirt not daborate | p j i f m o c r a t i c ta" C', Ke insisted * H - r i ^ h t disi-css pon the nat on }3' no' low led the cist of llvinsf and J i l l h i r f l v t e n e f i t e d 'orrlgn rivals of Amf-ican business ri ie sol ition rest 1 he irgued in sup io-t cf th" Pro- J « I V « | V D m o v e m e n t an 1 the enact-ncnt ' 1 iws i rovidlnp for t a r i f f revision by it ion p m t i s t n commi sion \ T T \ C K S POISES f}' the "bo«s e a: Mr Poosevelt said w h i t he his hfrelofo e -- that they th v a i t f d the raik in I file of the Pe j u b l l n n r i r t v b j th nomination o" Taft at C i l apo and n so doing "de li i - a t c l p t t e Democratic organiza t o n and Mr \Vil=on i-ito power · In cone I is -in the olonel sketched th» p'-ocfpssivo idea of needed antl- 1r i h t r e s ? i l i t l o n bv pr pprly empower f t t nmmiasion 1 * c ^ n t r s t i n g s^ch p-o r-o-* ils with legislation now pending at " \ \ i s h l n f f t o n w h i r i he found u o f u l l v S n a l e n latf ^itrh n p -ipmm alone he con nd'd proved tlu inidequacv of l h « r n m o L r i t l c p i r t ' I t is an 1 al ·v i v s w i l l he the ' i r t v afraid of J Ftv 1\ORDS FOP C \VDIT 4TE3 l olonel Foosevelt ime here to Fi^rik in support of t h n c i n d l r l u v of 3iean l e w i s foi g o v e r n o r ind o p GIf lord Pinchot for L n l t e l States senator 1 heir q u a l i f i r a t on* re, t o u c h e l upon c t the ODeilng of his speech There i fte- he confined hin self to the na tional issue outlined ML=T REST =?1\ vVEEKS Di Holbrook Cur'is the throat spe cUlist told Colonel Roosevelt tortav that he w o ild h i v e tn rest sir w e e k s Then after the colon* 1 ! hid made a few *peeches as a test th" doctor said he ·would be able to tell more d e f i n i t e l j 1jst w h a t Mr Roosevelt could do in the campaign Mav be the doctor will let vou be n candidate for governor after all t?id the questioner Th«y w o n t have o let me an ew ered the colonel He did not make clear tust w h a t he ·n«*3nt bv this remark COLOEL PEELS riWE TODAY. N»vx York Julv 1--Colonel Roosevelt ·ame back from Pittsburgh today after "Washington Julv 1--George T Marse Jr of San Francisco has been finallv determined upon foi ambassador to Russia President Wilson to s prepared his nomination for trans mission to the senate l a t e r the nomination was re«eued by the senate and refei red to the us l comm ttee speech there last night attacking the \\ Ison administration He arrived *in ^ew "iork at 9 40 a. m and declared he felt fine notwithstanding his long speech I feel in fine shape today he said 'If an athlete is a little over trained 01 out of condition 1 e doesn t feel just right before the game but when the game is on he is all right However he added 'I shouldn t like to deliver another speech tonight In the afternoon the colonel said he would go to national Progressive headquarters again returning to Oys ter Bay late in the dav President Sends Name of G. T. Marye, Jr. to Senate. Must Live Year Instead Six Months in Nevada. of MIMSTCR TO Vvashintrton J u l v 1--G B Rose oi Little Rock \rk is foremost amorg those being considered bv P t t s i d e n t "v\ ilson for appointn nt as minister to L r u g u a v His sui orters in the Arkansas congression 1 delegat on ex pect his noni n a t i o n to go to the sen ate w i t h i n a few div Mr Pose serv ed as a delegate to Tl e Hague u n d e r appointment b President Roo^e lelt Carson Citv ?^ev July 1 --The \al\d- lt of Nevada s new divorce law v as sustained bj the State Supreme court In a decision today in the Worthtngton case which was sent up from the Dls trict court of Re 10 three months ago to test the constitutionality of the act The decision means t h a t applicans for dKorce in \e\ada must U\e OHP vear in the state before the courts will acquire jurisdiction Five Are Cut Off--Condition Thought Hopeless. Washington July 1 --Discouraged but undaunted by President Wilsons declination to use his influence for congressional action on a constitutional amendment for woman suffrage leadeis of the votes- for womei fight turned their h e a v j ai tiller} in the di- re"tlon of the house rules committee todav onlv to f i n d that a meeting called to xote on the Mondell Bristow amendment had be°n postponed until According to plans the committee as to meet and vote on a special rule providing time for debate on the amendment in the 1 ouse m this ses sion of coiigress U h c n the suffragists reached the capitol thev w e r e sur prised to f i n d the committee room -jmptv and that the committee meeting , atf been postponed Fearing a coup bv t h e i r enemies the suffragists post t o sentine's to watch the committee room and dispatched others to appeal lo individual members to h a v e a m»et- ng m LOST \\il larrson ^ Va Jui 1--Miners w orked with fe\ ensh energy today digging a s h a f t into the workings of |i me No 1 of the S\camore Coal com I am nen here in hope of reaching i f i \ e men who were cut off when *ire j l r o k e out last midnight The throng '·urroundlng the pit realized soon after d a w n that t i e hope w a s "oiloin but the men under the direction of a mine inspector and th°ir bosses continued to dig Says Half People Will Die Before He'll Resign. WEDNESDAY . IN CONGRESS \en Cru7 Ji I 1-- Before I resign half the people of Mexico Citv will die w i t h me is t h e r c m a i k President \ ic K rl ino H i t i is ci edited w i t h h a v i n g made to Ir f n Is on Mondiv a f t e r n o o n I while B i t t i n g in a Mt_\ico Citv cafe at tea The partv was d c issing the ef forts of the m c d i d t o s Tt Niagara Falls to find a solution of t r e Me\ican prob lem. General Huerta w a s more grim and tacitut i an utiai and slewed .Ittle of hla accustomed locularitj WASHINGTON OPPOSES RECESS Niagara Falls Ont July 1--Plans for the indefinite recess of mediation were somewh-it d i s t u r b e d todav bj the suggestion of tr tnitecl States g-ov ernment that such a break might he Interpreted ^ e n c r ^ l l v as a disruption of the proceeding" Ihe V a-hington administration t o l i e v e s the departure ·f the me l a t j r s and de eg tes mifcht Jail to i n f l u e n c e t] e Constituti Jiialists to hurrv their delegates to he pro posed I r f o r m i l conferences w th the Huerta commi** 1 - on ·Washington J alv 1--The day In con grc=s Senate--Caucus was called for agree ment upon administrative legislative trust progiam Senator Burton i churned hi3 attack on r i v e r and hai bor appropiiation bill Joint resolution empowering Presl dent \\ilson to inv te f o i e l g n delegates to international congress on i ome edu ation in Philadelphia in September was pTssed House--The rules committee post pmed its vote on won an suffrage con st tutlonal amendment until August 1 Calendar '\Tediie cr lav bills w e r e set a c icle u n t i l tomoriow and the confer enc report on ' e g i M a t i v e appropria tion bill was~ feiiaied Railroad officials opposing bill for federal inspecticn of locomotives were heard by interstate commerce commit tee Richest and Poorest Places Side by Side. 3few Tork Jalv 1--Estimates made tody bafted upon the amount of assessments paid into the office of Charles W Anderson international tax col lector. Indicate that in this one district which Includes the W all street tinan ct*l houses lo ono persons h a v e a total annual Income exceeding $1 000 000 000 The. section ot the citj In which all this monev is received is about two miles square Vljoming the district which It Is said the Income ta\ figures will show to be the richest In the United States lies the ten itory East of the Bowery and below 14th street that is the most populous disti ict of the country--*00 000 peopie ery few of whom pay an income tax FINVL RtjSH TO PAT The final rush yesterdav to pay the income tax before the ve per cent penalty Is added resulted in the biggest day's receipts at the office of Collector \nd«rso« alnce the internal revenue department was established The amount was estimated at $D 000 000 Between '$ ;00 000 and !4 000 000 and nearly 11,000 000 bad come in earlier from people who do not like crowds Thii mdcw about ?10 000 000 and It is estbm*t«d»ifcat In the final clean up the receipts Will reach a total of $15,000 000. PLAYED CARDS, 1°%INS, LOSES LIFE VSf» Lisbon Wis July 1--William Stuwevantflayed cards last night and won «/ cijfciiderable sum Today his body- was feund He had been mur der«d«tn* robbed of his winnings ToneyvwUeh he was known to have had before-the game was found in his clothing. S»aTcn ftotieing made for a stranger from wh»*i Sturdevant -»on In the ^ard «a«*'«ad with whom he left the paloog ftlgt* they had, played. Durazzo Albania July 1 --A fori-e of Albanian government troops which had remained loval to Prince 'tt illiarr was defeated by the insurgent Alban Ian Mussulman tribesmen at Malkuch a little north of Durazzo on Sundav but the new., was suppressed until to daj The government troops under Prtnk Bib Doda w e r e compelled to le- tire to Ishmi near the coast between Durazzo and \lessio The defeat and flight of the loval troops are attributed in government circles here to foreign influences and also to the fact that Pienk Bib Doda s men had dispensed i r t o small bodies and had gone on pillaging expeditions on their own account It is feared b j the authorities here that the rebels are now concentrating the'r forces preparatory to making an other a ttack on the capital TRANS-ATLANTIC BOAT FAST FLYER Hammondspoit N Y July 1--Flj ing over a measured course todav America the Podman \v. aimmakei trans Atlantic flying boat developed a speed of sixtv miles an hour The test was made at this speed to o f f s t t a lack of some -00 pounds of load The speed was attained w i t h the motors throttled to 1^00 revolutions a minute as against a possible maxi r"um of 1 300 Suffragists Turn Artillery on Congressmen. COMMEJST O\ W a s h i n g t o n Julv --President 'W 11 son s declination to acquiesce in de mands of woman s u f f r a g i s t s that he use his I n f Jence for the passage bv congress of a constitutional amend ment granting them the right to v o t e occasioned considerable co*nment here todav He announced for the first t me that the suffrage question was one for settlement b^ the st ite= and not bv the federal government He also reiter iteti his statement to previous delega tions that his partj had not embodied the question in Us platfor-n That Congress Will Not Adjourn Without Antitrust Action. Washington Julv 1--Definite and fi nal notice to business interests and the country generally that congress will not adjourn w i t h o u t action on the administration trust legislation program was the primary object of a caucus of senate Democrats called for today w i t h President Wilsons approval A partv agi cement to pa=s the tiade commission bill the amended omnibus trust bill and the railroad securities bill was discussed at the W h i t e House todav. in conferences w i t h admlnistra tion leaa^rs who returned to the cap ital with the w o r d thit the plan carried the hacking of the pres dent It was said at the W 1 ite House today that the piesident would send no message to thp caucus and that he had had nothing to do directlj w i t h the calling of the meeting Conspiracy Against Archduke Was Complete. Chicago Business Agents Are Fighting Probe. Chicago Julv 1--An attemr to In timidate witnesses in the m cstiea- tlon of black ma 1 cnarges against j certain business agents of laboi | inions is suspectea in *onne tion with | the t h r o w i n g of four missiles through a s k v l i u h t of the federal buildlns here ast Mondav T i p factj ' ?V f ow ij*ifv ? h f n it wa discovered t n a t the missilts four metal k n u b s torn fro n a deposit v a u l t and weighing a pound each were thrown from a vacant floor of an ad joining building W o r k m e n have been making repairs on this floor One of the knobs fell in Judge Mark s court room w h i l e court was not in session \ n o t h o r startled occupants of the L n l t e d States marshal s o f f i c e ThU office adjoins the g r a n t Jury chambers w h e r e 1 1 Mclaughlin in- stlga'o- of the 1 Hckimn charges was expected to be a vv tncss Monrtiv Jameb H "U ilkcrson Lulled States 1 strict a t t o r n e y f i i d he had been in formed of the orcurre ii-r and w is at a loss to account for it WESTINGHOUSE STRIKERS QUIET P ttffbursh Pa July I --So quiet ·v\ere the "Westinghouse stnkeis In East Pittsburgh during the night that the atate constabulary was withdrown from the streets and did not re-appear until this morning DEMOCRATIC SENATORS TO MEET Washington Julv 1 --Senate Demo crats planned to hold a conference here late today when it is expected a resolution would be adopted announcing to the country congress n cntion to remain In Washington until the administration s anti-trust program has been enacted Into law The conference was called by Minority leader Kern to act on a resolution declaring it to be the sense of the Democrats of the senate that trust legislation be enacted at this season WINE- MESS IN NAVY THING OF THE PAST Prohibition Onlcr i» Pu« Into tjfcct at Mldnlltht. 'na'hingkon J u l j 1 -- \ f l o a t and asnort vesterdav saw the H=t of 'he w i n e mess in the L n ted States nav v Secietarv Daniels famous pi ohlbtition ordei went into e f f e c t at m i d n i g h t last night a f t e r w h i c h inv officei found in possession of alcoholic liquor on boaid ship or at a n j n a v a l station, Is guilty of misconduct There is onl one exception made n ihe case of the sh p s surgeon who mav keep a limited supplv of spirits on hand for medical use onlj But admiral or c\ptain is as guiltv as the "eaman if he keeps a stock of wines or liquors for his own consumption or the refreshment of his guests The n a v a l hostess too after last I night must give up the punch bowl T, a m is?net for her guests if the scene of the entertilnment be w i t h i n the n a v a l jurisdiction as at the naval academj the naval station and the n a v j v a i d s Th s feature appealed stronglv to S e c i e t i r j Daniel" who be heved that manv v o u n g officers could trace their downfall to overindulgence in p u n c h at these social functions u. S."EXPRESS ~c6T QUITS BUSINESS New lork Julv 1 -- The United States E\press company w i t h d r e w at midnight last night f i o m the transporta tion field in w h i c h it has been active for c i\tv e a r = TV ith the exception of a few hun dred miles of electric fraction lires the mileage operated bs the United States Express companv has been reassigned to the American Eipress companj Wells Fargo i, Co and the Adams Fxpress company Wells Fargo , Co will act as its agent In carrying out contracts for handling money shipments FIRE CHIEF AND AID Charlotte N C Julv 1 -- Chief Wallace of the local (Ire department, and one fireman were killed and three others were painfully injured today by a djnamite. explosion In a small fire The dynamite stored by a contractor X«s ignited, by a £ir« la a tarn, \ienna T uls 1 --The conspiracy against the live-; of Archduke Francis Be'dinand and the Duchisb of Hrher, berg was so well planned that it would have been impossible for Them to es cap from Bosnia all e a" orilin lo some members of the la e archduke s sui- who returned here today The officials declare that two rlo-k worl bci ibs were foiind beneath tile tab e on w h ' c l l u n c h e o n was J v^^ n e *^ e arrhducal party on the return to the cits' hsll A slmilaj- i n f e r la ma lime w a ^ a so discovered in the v h i m n e i of t h - room occupied bj the buchess of Koheul- rg nt lllje a wat*-ing pi ice a f w n i'" from Sarajevo uni n woman was caught with seven bombs In her possession Ihe bullet which killed the archduke was an explosive It has been ascertained bj the authorities that Oavrio Prinzlp the as- »assin is the son of the proporietor ol ^ hotel at Sarajevo and past M" t*tntietb TBKI BO that h cists *B~s*H~ tenced to death for the crime \\Tf-SERVI 1A DE1IO«THATIO^ \gram Croatia J u l j 1--^ntl Servian demonstrations continued here to- dav w h e n crowds gathered in tront of the town hail and demanded that tl e nrvor leturn a Servian decoration re c c i t l v conferred on him Another crowd w e n t to the house of the speaker of the Croatian diet who i« a Seivian nnd nnde a noisy demonstration igamst him Several people were arrested but later re'eased AUSTRALIAN BEATS GERMAN '\Mmbledon Eng Julv 1--Norman B Brooke- of Uistrilla belt Otto Froit sheim the German champion in the final of the all c imers men s single* l i w n tennis c h a m p i o n s h i p here todav T h e "core w i s 6 " 6 1 5 ~ 4 6 ^ 6 Brookes will now h a v e to pla \ F "\\ildin? holder of ihe title BLOOMINGTON TO HAVE SANE FOURTH Bloomington l u l v 1--With the ap proach of the Fourth of Juls it Is well to call attention to the Citv ordinance regulating the sale and storage of f i l e works Bloomington will have a sane Fourth as Fire Lhief Henrv Afajer and Chief of Police Porter expect to r'g i d l j enforce the ordinance TRI-STATE NET TOURNAMENT W i l l Be Held nt DurllnKion, la Opening An? 3 Burlington la July 1--The three states championship tournament' for the championship of Illinois Missouri and low i in men s and women s s t n gles men s doubles and mixed doubles w i l l be held in Buillncton opening Aug 1 The ton n a m e n t is given uncle' the auspices of the National Ten nis association Secretarj J U Temple of Burlington innounced t h a t entries w i l l be received up to ^.ug 2 JOHNS LEAVES OVER $30,000 TO HOSPITAL Will Filed for Probate--Law Library to Bar Association--Gift to Hospital Will Be Used as Endowment The will of Judge W C Johns dis posing of an estate estimated to be w o r t h J*0 000 or over was filed for probate \Vednesdav O nd the hearing is set for Aug S The will disposes of $21 200 in cash his mother and si='er each receiving- $10000 and $1 200 being divided among three old se-vante The literarv l i b i a r v goes to the M" ter and the law Horary goes to the M brary of the Macon County Bar a=so elation Practicall all the remainder of the estate may be S30 000 or more goes to the Decatur and Macon County hospital ·Wlli, WRITTE\ IN 1911 The w i l l -was written Sept 20 1911 w h i l e Judge John" was visiting Ad rniral and Mrs C B T Moore at the Inited States \ a v a l Training statior on Goat Island m San t ranci«"o bav The w i l l i= as follows WILL IN DFT^IL "I William C John= of Decatur Macon countv Illinois but now on Goat Island in San Franci=co bav Cal do declare this to 1 e mv last w i l l All others are revoked "First--I appoint Smith E Walker of Decatur Illinoi" to bf» executor on condition that his compensat on shall not eceed 4 pel c«nt of the total amount of monev coming to h s hand*: and Hugh tv. Housum to be his at tornev on condition that his f«e= as such attornev e hall not exceed $"00 TO HIS MOTHER 'Second--I give and bequeath to mv mother all mv household p i o p e r t j and James Vallier Was Formerly a Preacher. ff Tajlorville Tuly 1--James A alller aged about forts seven 822 'West Mar ket street was found dead on the floor it his home about 7 o clock Wednefc dav morning He had i revolver in his hand The phv simian said that the had been dead about t w o hours 111 health w is the cause of the al leged suicide The eoioner is holding an inquest todaj Mr \ i l l l e i hid Hied in T a v l o r v i l l e for ten lears He TV as formerly a Presbj tell-in minister but not in this cits and also foimerlv wrote life in surance for the New Yolk Life In surance companj At the time of his death he w a s a traveling salesman for a threshing machine companj He is s u r v i v e d by his w i f e one son Tged tvvelvt? and a daughter aged f i £ teen personal estate not herein mentioned. to be by her disposed of as she thinks proper 1 Third--I give and bequeath to Helen J Moore mj sister, all my Ilte*ar library and the cases containing It, TO LAW LIBRARY. "Fourth--I give and bequeath to th« Macon County Law Library and Bar asasociation bv whatever name It la known all my law library books and the ca«es containing It I mean this law and library association havlnj; room" in the Mlllikin building "Fifth--I give and bequeath to my brother Sheridan all notes and evidences of indebtedness signed bv him and found among mv effects His debts to me are herebv satisfied 'Sixth--The items of property herein above mentioned ought not to be In ventoried appraised or counted as part of my estate SALE OP PROPERTY 'Seventh--I direct my execator to sell all my real estate in Polk county Minnesota and Macon countv Illinois and all other personal property wlthlo a reasonable time and convert the same into monej and bankable securities The title to the property on West Cerro Goido street owned bv Annie C Barnes and myself rests upon the seven jears statute of limitations as far as the abstract of title shows. "Eighth--Mv life insurance money should be counted In tlite part of m j estate · Ninth--Out of the funds In the (continued on Page Cause Warnings to be Sent Out of La Crosse. Mt. Lassen Peak Has 14th Spell of Violence. Red Bluff Cal July 1--After less than twenty four hours of quiescence Mount Lassen peak burst forth early today in a stupendous eruption, the | fourteenth in the scries that began on May 30 !»o flames were seen but the vast plume of blackened steam from the crater waved a mile hish In the sky and -\olcanic ash fell at Macomber Flats thirteen miles distance TEN NOVICES ENTER ST. FRANCIS ORDER Peoria J u l j 1 --Bishop Edward Dunne, of the Catholic diocese of Peoria officiated todaj at solemn high mass when a class of ten novlcs were received into the order of Sisters of St Francis Ten received the veil five re- ce'ving first v o w s and an equal mimber second \ ows Man visiting priests at- terded the exercises CLAIMS OLDEST ALDERMAN IN U. S. Knoxvllle. 111., July 1--KnoxviUe claim* to have the oldest alderman in America H* Js C M Butt, 81 year* old elected jeeterday over I*. C Wilson and Fred Dennis. b a plurality ot four voUa. ,,., i.a^ r . , , » i dril IXL. Crosse Wis July t--A. senaa- t onal rise In the Mississippi river here over night caused great alarm Official warnings have been sent tip and down the rive*- bv the United State* weather bureau Today the river atood ten feet abcne low water mark, tin highest point In years Two fwt^ more w i l l let the river Into the city, lotr*- places of which are already flooded. Heavj rains and swollen atroams «np- tving into the Mississippi from abov* w i l l mean a steady rise untH Saturday, the weather observer predicted, to*ar. ALL NIGHT RAIN AT ST. LOUIS St Louis Mo, July 1--An all-alfM rain postponed the opentme of tk« fourth round of the Central State* Tennis tournament here today The ntpl* A. courts where the tournament I* b«- Ingr played we*~e in poor condition tM* morning: and it was doubtful M tlMT could be put Into playing shape d« " the day The semi-finals will comm*no» tomorrow or Friday and the finals tM- urday Several "out of town phur«f*. chief amons them W. A. HorrtU. «f Pasadena, Cal, are expected to compete In the finals THREE NEW LAWS FOR IOWA STATE Des Moines la., Julr t--Thnt, law* passed by the thirty fifth general assembly became effective In Iow» tod*r. They were the workmen's comt»n»a- tlon and employers' liability measure, the state insurance commissioner act and the teachers' institute law. THE WEATHER. MARKET ACTIVE, THEN DRIFTS N'ew Tork July 1--Quotations again leceded after the first rush of short covering that movement constituting a large part of the first hour s aetlvltv The market then drifted idly with business at low ebb Expiration of the bond conversion privilege accounted for the comparative strength of 6rWSklyn Transit but such changes as were recorded elsewhere nad no especial significance Gains of 1 to 2 points In rai lous industrial securities of a specula live character attracted little attention , Bonds were irregular, Rock Island col laterals ruling film In the face of un favorable Maj earnings STATE"PRISONERS MAKE GOOD WAGES Madison Wis. July 1--Over, Mfl.OOO was paid la»t year by contractors to prisoners in the peaitftntlary at Wan- pun according to a compilation made by Pre«ld«nt Ralph E Smith" of the state board, of control In dlecilssiMr the amount of payment* made In * single year Some of the persona made from »1S to *10 a Chicago July 1.^ --Following are the weather IBM- cation* until T PJB. Thursday. jGeoenllr ·Ickt mm» exeett albly lecal tosdBhti m» nut ttmrermtm**. THE WEATHER MAT. Chicago July 1 --Canadian XorUtwect. SO to SO above. Partly cloudy IttnlMdwa, 10 Battleford 12 Northwest generally clear H to M, Devil r^ke, 90 Blcmarck, OS Horehcad, 10, Dn luth 26 St Paul 20 Huron Ot Wftt and Southwest--Partly cloudy; M to "I North PlatW 02, Maha 22, Sloox CUT. 08, Dodg« City TS Concordla, S4. WI-hl- ta, raining G2 Spriogfle d. Mo W. DJS Mollies tract Keokuk 01 Davenport. OJ. r»b«iu« 28 Peoria. W SpriaatUlO. rain- Ins 1 0 Et Louis raining Ohio Valley--Clear 60 to Tt. Ail»MeeU. raining OS Cincinnati: rmlslag. tf*a*. ·*- .ansvluc trace Cairo trace IXHTAi ' it the range of __-Professor J H, Cweradt, TMWd States w»»«her oDaener T a. m. Wedn««ar Noon W«4ae*d«jr Htgtntt Tuetday Zd)W«at Wedn«»4ay Precipitation 34 ,-- «.,*--*--£ tine) ffi ..... TS .,, S3 . . «S 4 SI T-M SPAPLRl

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