Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 5, 1965 · Page 35
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 35

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1965
Page 35
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V U-REA^ESTATE 1*1 Houses L-REALESTATE L-l Houses U-MAL ESTATE L-1 House* GUILLORY-MYERS OFFERS Near McNeeit . --.--.i-- J fill 1 * h *, ml '* llh * lVJ»lhji,«!*ft, . also, eaveria, nnd 8th Ave. "M'» Y«Ur Move" L-.C, High—Hamilton li lust a ihdrl distant:* Away trow mi § bMMwri name an «h str*«K Owner soy» «eil -as u 1 (or bnly JiV,- 509 end you can paint If (h« way you want It. Thl» IS a BARGAIN, call ui rloht away ta tee It, Budget-Buy on Bnwdrctt* S|r«ef rtonf elf ftyon SlrMt and hear an iheppno ana Bui frartwart. Laro» i b«oYobr« ham« en a «' iat with Blfnty of londscaplno. Golnc far anly GUI ory Myers REALTORS 20M BMerprls i.ttMttt Kennliih Michel ., .477.3374 RflBerl F. PIWci 4tf-»57J Joseph E. OulllArV >..W-tt3t you ihould tee. OflkPdrk A n«w Four bedroom, J, ... Jtfitflliy _. .. fog fjr a n«w, thf cenlfAl , arjlly. . ou l «lr artd Jit* llj bom home .lUS" w .?i'» You ll JK* he'arW kitthen. BullMh rtfO* westier, atsMiifi and all »« ntcti dlih- etncr 621 irll « i hMrtaffi hem* wild « ««« Hidraam attached Ofsoriment <6r n- e«me. Near dawntewn take Chariei with all ttt» eemtorti cf ftrtvacy end protection, Law eric*, call te ie» It. .-REAL ESTATE L-1 Houses 4009 kitchen, den, oae, carporf Phone 433-7677. TWO beoVoomJ, paneled 1, carpeted* insulated, gor- >rf »To,«t». JOU LeoTon. THRBB Hd d IT'S EASY TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED DIAL 439-2781 U-REAL ,MTATE L-fiColored NEW LISTINGS $250.00 DOWN !tW*_Bi<lr09m tv IN FIRST "CLASS'cen...-..^ workshop. Hurricane fenced U4.I9. actlcally ( WmBtor-i bath flan. GaraoB end meed lot. Nolei $260,00 DOWN with Air hofne U Irt excellent M6ny St. Lovely J .foom conB tl&nlnfl. This hofne .. ... condition. FHA deprived loan. Cdll us tor further delalli. SEE SIVJust ett This Is a F.HA Federal Housing Administration HOMES FOR SALE ($100 Earnest Money Deposit) L. C. Area 481-011340 1311 E. School St. (Gulf Park) $11,600 822-00484 1312 California (Gulf Park) $8,000 22-076234 1527 California (Golden Meadows) .$11,800 22-073687 1524 California (Golden Meadows) $10,000 22-078750 1603 California (Golden Meadows) 911.750 22-078748 1607 California (Golden Meadows) $13,200 221-010010 1212 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,400 22-080693 1224 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $12,000 22-080694 1300 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,000 22-080692 1301 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,500 22-085704 1309 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,500 300759-22 1317 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,760 22-062603 11(3 Mallard (Golden Acres) $6,900 22-074509 1924 Rose (Oak Park) $7,500 22-094480 2005 Rose (Oak Park) $9,000 22-089876 714 Sundale (Sundale) $10,900 22-094284 702 Sundale (Sundale) $10,900 221-011792 418 £. Claude (Southmoor) $11,000 300642-22 1601 Broadmoor AVe. (Broadmoor) $10,200 22-077315 1804 roadmoor (Broadmoor) $8,000 300554-22 629 Bicnville (Gulf Gale) .,.$12,560 22-074521 1404 Meadow Drive (Sunset) $12,850 22-084230 1701 - 7th (High School Park) 59,950 22-078148 3918 Common (Felix Stone) $12,000 221-006356 3356 Columbus Circle (Grcinwich Village) $12,000 22-107335 611 Falls St. (Hi-Mount) .$6,900 300325-22 2716 General Moore (Greinwich Terrace) $13,650 22-054530 732 Aialda (fiirrard Romero) .$8,700 22-106078 1422 Shftw—L.C. "ALL CASH AS IS" ,.,.$9,200 22-111080 2100 Jones St. (Westwood, V/.L.) $9,000 221-015210 1908 Guilloyr (Lakevlew, W.L.) $14,250 22-103801 804 N. Invin (Oak Grove, Sulphur) $8,700 221-016435 1109 \V. Burton (Pine Park, Sulphur) ....$12,000 22-103874 305 Brooks (Pihecrcst, Sulphur) $10,950 22-101418 1009 Marl* Dr. (Villa Maria, Sulphur) .., .$16,350 NOT AVAILABLE — SOLD 22-09578S 107 Mallard—L.C. ^ 22-111419 1003 Shady Lane—W.L. 22-105056 621 Louie—L.C. 22-093290 4710 DeSoto—L.C. 300216-22 2607 General Patch—L.C. 22-087574 2451 Rose—L.C. 22-100736 3906 S. Hodges—L.C. 22-089103 1906 - 17th—L.C. 22-075913 412 W. School—L.C. 22-117190 1901 - 8th—L.C, 22-065399 1109 Meadow—L.C. Many other attractive properties are available. Contact your Real Estate Broker. All prices, addresses, case numbers, *tc. sre subject to clerical and typographical errors and changes. OAK PARK 1102 I3TH STREET — Two bedroom home tor only tt.500 on a new FHA (dan. Recently renovated Insld* and out and ready ttr many yearl 6f main- renonce free llvlna. elS KING STREET - 3 bedroom home for only *7,MO. If you Hjed tpoej tfilj Mi hall) and at o price everyone can offord without jlrttchl.ifl tfi* budget, FENTON 1 ftEDROOM home with two lots tor only $3 CM. Vou sure can't find a better buy than this and in lust Mr enoi/en ouf to be private. LEBLUE SfiTl'LEMENT 4 ACRES - If you really Ilke^roo r » nandr ^°^ ffij™ swn ?. 0 L?.^ d . r ?;!? -^Ti third bedroom. INVESTORS ilO JACKSON STREET - Lot 1dO'X!50'< commercial location, 4 ACRES - 1 WeslKiWi 13,400 cash. Cdll for directions to properly. J!5'x4»5' LdT — On blacktop (Old Sulphur Highway), $4,500. zc V/E BUILD BRICK HOMES: I. J OA J BEDROOMS; I. 1, OR 3 BATHS. YOUft PI AN5 OR OURS. VA-$40 clown, FHA-$100 down COMPLETE LISTING OF VA AND FHA HOMES REAL ESTATE W. P. ILES, 414 Cherry BRUCE ANDREWS SOI. S. ANDREWS ..... ..... CLAYTON CRYER, DeRlddtr S A M E FRIENDLY PEOPLE N E W LOCATION WE ARE NOW IN OUR NEW OFFICE 2021 E. Napoleon -Hwy. 90-Sulphur DOLAN REAL ESTATE 527-6389 5-J7-6369 MAN CANNOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE HE MUST HAVE A HOME WE HAVE OVER 500 DON SMITH REALTY Office 439-2582 After Offic« Hours 477-1858 WHICH HOME MAY WE SHOW YOU? Lake Charl6s HODGES ST, NEAR PINE SI*. tun j» * iwww, fy"» !SSy* h itt'« #itS Hit rMm! ft-fio 1 iw* m « ^olf UNIVERSITY PLACE nsx ^r^anfii^M HOWARD 9f , NEAR • W, McNEESfi u m «xc« Sulphur DARLEAN ST, Jituoted on a /4ffl» M, W * 1«', With many trees/ thl» three tXo'roorrt Brick veneer hem* hot oh« Sfit « half bathi and a larfli family foam. A Central Motlflfl flnrf oti* Wndltldri- Ina unit and a lurtat* faftO* With Wall even ddtf fa Iti llvablllty. RESIDENTIAL LOTS two In Ros« Pflrk, Two In dlfcfiWood SuBdlvlslSn. PAULEY AGENCY, INC. 940 Dyah St. Phone 433-8516 John 477-7372 Won V.A. Scoreboard OFFEftS RECEIVED 1212 Texas. Sulphiit *- Mitchell •— 67264 3920 Swanne — Gutliory — 57731 3706 Louisiana Ave. — Handley — 7^366 2222 Wofldrlng -" Manning «*- 70846 201 Michigan — Tyier-ftftbart* —' 49020 213 Lightening Sulfiaur — RainauSrl —- 65296 S04 Wehrt. W«stlake — Tyler-Rd&Wt* — 6176& 3543 Moiirbe •— Guillory —> 36267 1201 Continental, Westlak* — fyler-*6berls — 40137 O.FFMS ACCEPTED 424 PiflectSsti Sulbhttr — Ptlertnd — 46341 510 Alabama, Sulphur — Dolsfl — 91071 2222 Woodrinil — Mgnnilif ~ 70940 20i Mlcitl^aft — OVl*f-Aob*rt* — 49ozo 3S25 Mortfo* — Love — 37972 OFFERS REJECTED-WITHDRAWN None NEW LISTINGS 44<fcnn 1216 Texas, Sulphur — Palermo — §8l30 <- a* IS $11,500; repaired $12,000; Lot 8, Block M 3008 N. Gen. Walnwriiht — Patiley — 49408 — a* U $11,700; repaired $12,500, Lot 3, Bldck M 2911 Gen. Collins — Aaron — 59438 - U Is $10,800; repaired $11,506; Lot IS, Slfick K 1905 9th AVe. — flSinaUers — 2f3004 — aS 1* $7,000; repaired $7,500; Block 3. Sq. 1 ••• •••- -- bataa'ltf now.'' fh'e "total "price Term* to lull you, BAXTER REAL ESTATE CO. 439-0305 Salosnifcn 433-7077 436-3365 433-4578 436-0276 L-7 Misefcitoneous CAMP FDR Sale. Goss Ferry Road, I6t li Unturnlshed 11,700. Furnished, It,MO. 477^54. ___^____ CAMP ON Barnes Creek. Good road, mod- *ffl conveniences. 25 miles north o' city, ihilr, S27-7W5. L-8 Real Estote Wanted ., ACREAcje and small farm* We have more buyers than we hove BroflSrty. Call «r write Rydn Really CO 425 Alamo. 434-7202. ACREAGE NEEDED: List with U! tor effective, service, ws have the buyers Guftllelmo Insurance and Real Estate Aoency, 434 Klrby Street, Lake Charles Louisiana. 439-8341. LTSTlNGS NEEDED: Homes (two end three bedrooms). ' ---Realty, J18 Moss. 4,7-3368, 477-0304. Acreage. Manning ftedfty, "918" Moss. 433-3334. Evenlnos SUNDAY, DEC. 5, 196$, lab Charis* AtfitHcort PrtM Columbus Homes Dread Door Bells COLUMBUS, (la. (AP) There are nearly 3,000 homes In Columbus where the mere sound o{ the door bell la dreaded. It may mean word that a husband has been killed in Viet Nam. In some cases the grim telegrams have been delivered by taxlcab drivers at night. Other sounds are feared, even the ringing of the telephone. Some widows of servicemen report they are being harassed In the night with Insulting calls. Mrs. Loronfe S. Palmer, one of nearly 100 women newly widowed by the fighting In Viet Nam, heard her door Ml a few days ago. "You can tell It Is bad news, when you hear the bell," she said. "You can tell because you know. I simply told the messenger I knew what he wanted, and I didn't want it." Reaction to death Is different in many ways in Columbus, 'home of Ft. Benning and the 1st Cavalry Division, now in heav> fighting in Viet Nam. "It's like we've got a war here, all our own, and nobody It. 1 ' said Mrs. Daisy Tucker. a cloak of loneliness and fear. i* fic*m J.T11 Oi J-/O1OJ J. u**ni«i i X)ne widow, who asked that her name not be published, said she has received anonymous telephone calls In the night, accusing her of hypocrlcy. They tell me I am a hypocrite," she said, "because my name was in the paper, because I said my husband died for his country. I will bury my husband next week, when his body comes home. "Please don't publish my name, because I think I have given all that I can give to my country." Filled with disappointment, she was beyond tears. "There are others who have received the same calls, arid they call back again and again and tell you are a hypocrite," she said. "It is as If it isn't enough to give your loved ones for your country." Trie war in V'iet Nam is very close lo coiutnbus residents, They try to comfort one another when there Is need. And the need comes more often now, because the men from Columbus are being killed at an average of mort than one a day. When the division was sent to Viet Nam last summer, it left more than 7,000 families behind. OE these, nearly 3,000 decided to remain In Columbus. Only a few were natives, but many had children In school and found It easier to stay than lo go back home. Many problems have caused these women to view their future with some mlsglviag, but the possibility of death and Its awful finality Is foremost In their minds. The families of these men In Viet Nam cringe, no matter when they hear their door bell ring. They reach for the newspaper They tell their friends, "If and open to the casualty lists, you are calling late, please tele The wives of the men in the 1st Cavalry Division grope for else in the country knows about I companionship, trying to shed i ring." phone first. I don't think I could stand to hear the door bell L-9 fceol Esfote Service FHA PROPERTY MANAGER We sell any FHA home In the LAKE CHAflLES-SULPHUR AREA HOLLEY HEARD (Cflrrier Bilbo & 7lh St.) 433-9441 433-0442 400 7lh St. NO DOWN PAYMENT . m CLOSLNCJ $40.UU COST "YOUR V.A. BROKER" PALERMO REALTORS Office 625-S330 Weekends .... 625-3333 For All Government Houses NO DOWN PAYMENT! Monthly Payments $50,00 and tip SUNSET SALES, INC. 4401 Louisiana Av«. .477-0353 Night or Day FHA - VA Sales Broker! NO DOWN PAYMENT Complete Listing -or M Vour Real Eilat* Nfedi Call MINES SEAL ESTATE AGENCY REALTOR jn23 E. Broad St. HE 3-0959 New Rhythm System Medication Discovered KANSAS CITY (AP) - Discussion of a new medication aimed at making the rhythm system of birth control more accurate, brought conservative but hopeful reaction Saturday from theologians, physicians and priests at an international symposium co-sponsored by the National Catholic Welfare Conference. The experimental drug called clomiphene citrate is not a con- stated communication bl John C. AVers L o d n * No. 437 F&AM, Mdridoy December *th at 7:30 p.m. Regular order of business. Annual election ol offlcirs. Brother Karl Secmdnn PM,. will give talk entitled "immortality." Officers dftd members urged to attind and visiting Brethren always welcome,. KARL SEEMANN, W.M. CATOM UMGSJON, Sec. VA SALES BROKER W* sell Any VA Home In the FHA-VA SALES BROKER WHY PAY KENT WHEN IT'S SO EASY TO BUY? I..AK.K UHAUL,Ji,»-aui.,rnurv AREA HOI 1 FY 03-9441 MULLtY 438 . MW HEARD 400 7m st. (Comer 8Mb* i. 7lh it) MANNING REAL ESTATE Office - « 3 ^ L-2 LofJ L-2 Lots Stated cdrnmunlcatlon ot Sulphur Lodge No, 424, F&AM, Monday evening, December I, 1945, at 7:30 nm. fur lh» transaction of business/ annual election ot officer*. Chllt tup- :er. Officers and mem- ers urged ta be present. Visiting brethren ally Invited. cordl- RAYBURN L. TACKETT WM CHARLES F. RAY, Sec, LEGAL NOTICES I 6m applying for clemency. FOY E. LIOHTSEY Dtc. 1-5-10 3tt. RESIDENTIAL VAI e STREET—io'xliO'f ildewalki, povlnft< 140.00 front foot. ^I'EN LAI^^AD, near C6umrv Club, hlah, well-dralned lof, btautifully UNiTeRSITV PUC* - VERY nice, friendly neighborhood, lot 75'x140', povlns oaid,t40.e« front fool. JUST OFF GULF HIGHWAY - lot 10<'x23S'. Price J1500.00. COMMERCIAL ENTEPPRI5.E ftOULEVARb - near Prlen Lake R6ad, llS'xlSS 1 deep, up ond cemlnq bOslnlsj area. „,„,.*_ IRIS STREET — very fine I6t 76x273, a natural for apartmenU, ar Mr proie«- THIRD^STREET - between Enterprise loulevard and 1st Avlnul, $150.00 front RYAN° STREET - 77«4«' less sidewalk - heavy Irofllc area. Parklno a cinch. THE COLEMAN AGENCY 433-1015 43»-4245 ., .. .......... ,,.. - Marlorle Reynolds ••• ..................... ' ................ 477-54SJ E- R- *<*» ............................................. :.'.";;:;.'.'.'.'.'.'".'.'.' 477-3473 Roland Slln* ...... ........... ' ..... ' ..................... .•.•••"_ - _ ---- Witnesses To Attend Foil Meet The Lake Charles East Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses will be represented at the three - day Fall Conference scheduled to begin Friday in New Iberia. 1 Roscoe R. Young, presiding \ minister of the local congregation, will represent the group. As one of the ministers sched- tiled to speak at the conference, Young said his topic will be "Do You Conduct Prrxluc- live Bible Studies?" Young said the local congre- gallon also plans to attend the assembly. The conference will draw delegates from 17 different cities and towns in Texas and Louisiana. LC Episcopal Groups To Attend Meeting Seven Episcopal churches in the Lake Charles Convocation will send delegates to Crowley for a meeting in Trinity Church Saturday. Principal speaker, the Rt. Rev. Iveson B . Noldand, coadjutor bishop of Louisiana, will speak on his recent visit to churches in Japan. The emphasis for the meeting will be "Our Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence in the Body of Christ." The Rt. Rev. Girault Jones bishop of Louisiana, will address the gathering on our responsibility as a diocese and Mrs. William Shuffield of Lafayette will speak on the "Changing Role of Women." Mrs, Shuffield is president of Episcopal Churchwomen in the Diocese of Louisiana. Celebration of Holy Communion will open the meeting with Bishop Jones the celebrant, assistee by the Rev. Nicholas Abraham, dean of the Lake traceptive but causes ovulation | Dr. John Boutselis, assistant in women to occur at the same i professor of obstetrics and gyn- time every month. Thus the rhythm method, which requires abstinence between man and p wife during (he 12-day ovulation i period, can be more accurately i followed. The Catholic Church does not oppose the rhythm j method but forbids use of con- j traceptives. Representatives of the Catholic Church at the symposium agreed that if the chemical is found to be both safe and effective, there will be no moral question involved in its use. The Rev. John J. O'Sullivan, S.T.D., said that as long as there is no suppression of ovulation, there doesn't seem to be any moral problem. Father O'Sullivan teaches at St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. John C. Knott said there is no moral issue involved except that the pill be pronounced safe. Msgr, Knott is director of the Family Life Bureau, National Catholic Welfare Conference. Clomiphene citrate has been approved for testing by the federal Food and Drug Administration but is not available to the general public. ecology at Ohio State University, has conducted research on the drug for several years. Dr. Boulselis said research shows the drug dcvis not affect ovulation except to regulate it. It does not interrupt the normal functions, and side effect§ have been slight, he said. Fa/Vv/ew Sets Tree Lighting The F a i r v i e w Methodist Church community Christmas tree will be lighted during special memorial services Sunday, Dec. 12. at 4 p.m. at the church on Louisiana 14. Services wiJl be in commemoration of those for whom the tree is lighted, and each light will be in memory of someone. The tree lights will be on each night through Jan. 2. Pastor of the church is Rev. Raymond Crofoot. Charles Convocation. Mrs. Thomas Raggio, chairman of the Episcopal Churchwomen in the Lake Charles Convocation, announced that diocesan officers would be at the business meeting to explain their respective departments to those women attending the afternoon sessions. UNDEVELOPED .LOTS H .»(• Lorj» or »ma I. Residential mertlal. Coll 433-m7._ OONNA""sUioiyjSION: " loli. West Prjen Lokt St. P Lok* area, or com- Road. titnt TT-IIJIS. ______ \t_Jtan TWO COMPLETELY «had«d WSXJH& %$*?ii£&\* ^" 3 J'Ji?!! 1 ! 51 _? r *?.*L tir . l*f| ! lor'ipdffmenir aty L-4 Farmi i LOOKING FOR A FARM' Reoionobly prl««4, |ust north el OeSJuln- cy. 3| oa»», all Itnced. Coo4 home, barns, thtdt, extra deep woltr well. i Cfmf Iffk At jll 436-05W. BEDROOMJio«j«. hodu. tdiOO. Call CAK p*RK-!7lh It- room, two twlh, two c Lorgt kffcMn, .utility, car ]4'»30 r » ll "P ~thr«* I'M- aoroal, jen. ilSroal. C*n , ., . tral glr pnd hwl. Carocllng and drgp- BuTlUnj. 7-000 sq. II. il.OM down oflpolntm«nl. WQST ATTRACTIVE: Thr»» bedroom, living - dining combination. CenlraJ air now" Nothlna down. \14.7J P*l. JIB Really, Inc. _«*-9S4«. THREE BEDROOMS! Panellne, built-in rgno>, snack bar, carp/M, Many exlrai. |10 K». &2 ROSTtST SCHOOL! Tw(J b eied 3«n, fiparoU ponlry. Pfoiy. dos< raf hegi. onutl. <"• port ho* BLANCHARD HEAL ESTATE Sulphur U7-7I03 1-5 Acreage «J~ACR65 UNIMPROVED lend, west »ld» Highway V. 10 miles north DeQulncy. 110,000. Inquire ocro»l rood, Jamn K Whin. Rt._ l» * ln 3'£'_ t - a -_ _ __ 10 'lo~97Mr~AC~RfeS Induitrlol proMrty adjoining new Industrial CO-MI. Write B. F. Kent, Rt. 2, 16x IJJ, Lake Chajjes. _ __ ^_ ____________ ..... ______ L-6 Colored "" EAST MILL No down payment, only $50.53 P&I. For quick sale call . . . CLASSIC REALTY 436-0501 436-5060 U30"6RTac" STREETT~N«ar B 0 1 1 0 n high School. Brand new three bedroom home. Cental MctlnS, »^«9. Reos»n- obie terms, tail Tcu»hn»r Uumbtr Com- pon^ja^in. __ FOUR AND ilx reom (WuMl with bathi, near nhoiu. L«w flown payment!, low, Mtei. H« 5JWS A. J. icmfor. rlc» jcrei, 2Vt miles Irom Schoal. Tlmberiont JM Reol quick ial(l _mJi» rtyur % iiry_ ACR^E for Mil o*' fl| 433-Mi) bet*««n Classified Ads Bring Fast Results! TODAY'S SOLUTION Pope Joins Interiolth Service OPPOSE MAYHIM INHUX TIPTOI UOACY CANDID Uott toaut poopl* who ban oyianitticall)- com* out— MISTY OPTICAUY (4hunbles Appear Oo Page 23) sc VATICAN CITY (AP) - Selling an example for similar ! services throughout the world, ' Pope Paul VI prayed Saturday night with non-Catholic Christians in the first intcrfaith service ever attended by a pontiff. Pope Paul called the non- Catholic observers of the. Vatican Ecumenical Council, seated near him, "brothers, brothers and friends in Christ." Ha declared the work of the Vatican Ecumenical Council, now about to close, had produced hope da! the problem of Christian unity "can be solved — if not today, tomorrow. Slowly, gradually, loyally, generously." He warned against haste hi attempting to reunite all the churches of Christianity. He said the Roman Catholic Church was "neither insensitive nor haughty" and was ready and willing to ask forgiveness for some errors." Whether you have a loved one in. South Vitt Nam or study in class about the war, or just try to follow its progress intelligently, you will want the splendid color map ol that region that we now have icady lor you; It's an insider's map, based on special reports from AP war correspondents and providing you with an enormous amount of military and background information. Nothing else like it is available. Nearly two by 2!i feet in sue, it shows South Viet Nam Jn full color, locates U.S. bases and operation areas, indicates infiltration routes, shows the terrain in more detail than we have seen elsewhere, and much else besides. On the back are six smaller maps of North Viet Nam and Souih Viet Nam, with ample text. There's a history of the conflict, and charts on Viet Cong controlled areas, transportation routes, the weather, products, etc. Ihe whole map is eminently suitable for display in home, classroom, office or library. Map collectors and others surely will want it as a memento of this gras-e conflict. To get your copy, you should act at one«. Send $1 for each map desired to Viet Nam Map, in eprt of this newspaper. VIET NAM MAP hake Charles American Pms P.O. Bo* 9983 Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601 Enclosed is $ for copies of map. Name Street City & State

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