The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS fAUE PIVJi. WfDLANTV-Monday and TaBuday * "White Shoulders,'1 Wednesday end Thursday, "Tins ' Hc»K Rsliter" with Agnos Ayroe. DELUXE; — Monday ■■ for three dajs, "Hearts ANaoie* Trllfc Anna Q. NJlSSOTS. 1HI3— MoraUy, "The Phantom . For-ftuna" -with WSIIIain Desmond. Tmjsrtay. "Gun Shy" wlUi Frankliu Karnum. 'WodMisiUiy, "Suro Flro Flint" ■wJtli Johnnte HtnoH. Thursday, "PosbimisIdii" with an all star coat. Friday, "Haunted Valloy," with Ruth 'iRnland. Sa'tuniity, "The Drifter" with Harry Citwy. HUVEEIiSIDH 17UI.1C— Fivo iwtJ) of eood vjwuleviilii Saturday siiftlit end three show.'i Sunday, conadstliiE or Willis Duncan, Pe&ffy Wartl, Harry Van Fc>3seii, Tho Fostora «nd Three Uawallans, .Ml next week, The Golden Cute fiirls M.ifalc«l Review. Cowl shuns iiL all the local theatres wlfh « tmink'al review at tho park all woulc. Belter start out Monday bo you'll liavc a change to see all o[ theso. AGNES AYRES LATEST STAR PICTURE MAKES evoryuiin in Iiljh spirits; he is always dolns things that wjll bring a thousand laurha. This picture with many a thrill, especially the one whore he races his automobile across a runway crossing only to fcnve M demolished by the dashlnir express train. Alsu tho scene taken from the trench-, ea, whore he holds uu a card and has it punctured toy tho rif!o halt from an alert Heinle eharp-ahooter, not omitting the big cabaret shots, "where Johnny proves tolmselt a regular Vernon Castle. There are 'many other scores that will brlns forth true hearty laughter, iMr. Uines' la surrounded by a cast of well known jjeopto, infd-udinK the beautiful Doris Kenyon, -Btfle 9uati-non, Robert Meson, IMmutifl Braeon, J. tlnrnuy Sherry, Charles Oerrard and others. The piece was direclud by Doll Henderson and RIHy Btteer, ca.mi.-rnnian for OrtMths, took, tlio scenes: All tlio seta wore designed by Charles O. Seasol. * * * <S> * * * * - J •* <J> * <S> * QRIM REALI6H IN * "HEARTS AFLAME.1 "The Heart Raider" an Admirable Vehicle for Popular Screen Actress. I Realism Is tho oulstaiidlnK feature of Reginald Barker's latest production, BIG HIT EVERYWHERE r An™ * the head of a utrong east lit lh« Da j J.itio Theatre for the first half of next week. From start to finish, tho plcturp rarrlos with It an nlr of reality and conviction that "only sincere effort could produce,' In making, the production, Mr. Barker was not limited by. tho cost or time In his determination to set tip smaahlnp erfcctH and i-cnllstlc thrllle In tha aceriRS of "Hearts Ariamp." Tho Idenced by' Lhe great suocesa other IF^l"1 ?A' '? ino1- new I'lii'iimiKiiit picture, "The Heart <„'..„ „. .... , . uariut, yiu- and T™yhwnh CI™ ^ ^o puwcrful cl»nlaX of as lcailinc mni """.the story. Staged under tha personal "Tn^'.Wl,- one of absorbing ^ ^Tm^'^'tJ^,^ torest and there (a much rellshnbto ™L/ ?„„ 1™ th„ .J™ oirort to creulo a favorable tnipr'/salon on John DunulK, a bachelor, portrayed by Mahlan Hamilton. .But the latter ..halinrnH that Muriel Is rather frivolous, and Ills Hid inference wounds Muriel denply, Sho Is determined, however, to force Dennis to take her in his arms, and makus llils her boast. Muriel iit fii-Ht Is n. nslfierable failure as a- vamp, but filial!;' makes Kood her boast. There is an crcellont supportliiR a, & * * <*st which Includes Charles Itusgles, & ' ri««r, iviane unrao anu ChurlHa Tlifl«cl. j "Kick Out" a knock-out of a Mcr-I maid comedy, Starrlug I^lgo Conlcy and Path e News completes the pro- vniul(!v1,le a)lown ^ BaUlri^ nigU ;ann bunday. Thla vaudevlllo conn-lEts of Willis Duncan, uiuslcil act.1<.P-3fijiy ivaril, slUElnc and danclUK, Harry Van while Anna tf, Nllauon braves tho Haines at thB throttle of a locomotive in a wild rido for powder to dynamite a whole mountain side. Twenty cameras were used to record the spectacle, and the startling results nn the screen are a tniiro than Just reward rorttin tremendous cliaac-ea taken by Alias Nllsson nod the for-luno which went up in smoke in tha naoiu of realism. <i> <}. <s i> NOTED STAftE, STAR PtVb RGE Wmto MILLION AIRE RU BBER SEERS' ^^^^ Ethel Bar^ynlor^ In private Uf« Mrs. Russell 0. Colt, and bar three children; Inset, \ closcMp of Mlsa Unrrymore, (By Central Preiw) Providence, H. 1. — The hliplit of un-happiness 'has aettlcd mmn tho romance or another etape Etar, This time It is Ethul Rirr>-more, known in private life as Mrs. ttussell G. Colt, millionaire iiihhor maguate, atid mother of Usroe children. The disillusioned wife, 011a of the ontslundtng beauties of Iho speaking Htaee, oharRes her wealthy apoase with various and assorteil conduct unbecoming a model husband. She Is aeekiug n divorce hure,-Miss Earrj-moTo, with hor children, it present is living on the Colt estate it Marmaronek, N. T., In- whlcli she aherltiiSl an interest by tho jn III of .h latn Col. Samuel P. Oolt. She also ai-bj given *26,000 in cash. Each of her three children will rnrulvc fBO.IWn. Her husband aleo was given a'alinre in the Mannat-uiiek nstite. It la not eriiected that he will contest the suit. His friends, however, deny the assertions of Mrs. Colt. RIVERSIDE PARK, •»> <v ■■■■ -i' ••• •?• ••• <*• •* -P * '•; I « "WHITE SHOULDERS COM- * 1. iNtt TO THE MIDLAND MON- * DAY HAS GREAT CAST. * <j> « * * * •» * * * (6 * * « ** "Wlvite Shouidei'3 ' 13 an adaptation of Gcnrsc. Klhha T>irner's novel of the same name, uricliuilly published bu a. aerial in tlin Saturday Evening Post. 'Lola Zellner made the ecreeu version a^ilh Hie nir'.i dranmtfc skill tTiat has chara^lf-Tlicd her numerous scenarios. • 1 .H this new photoplay, Mies 'Mac-Doiialil Is sunroitod by a cast tit cx-ceplkimUly abln and eiiierieneod screen playci"}, I.icludluir 'Bryant "Wui-hlnirn, Tr.i;i Foniian. Who not only directed <t.\\e production but also played one o; thi> i:liif f roles as woU, NiKRl Ua-rrio. ritlle Ulchard Headrick, popular for 'bin extraordinary work In "Tilw Child Thou OavoKt Me," another B'irst National attraction, Fred M alBtsta, Oharl^a French, .lames Harrows, Uncoil! ei-ed.'uan, UUlan Lawrence, and others. in "White Shoulders" 'Mlsa Mac-Donald la seen as a beautiful young girl whtie« mother has dotermlned that she sihall only marry a rich man. •ud who, In order to accomplish this auttriinonial fetit, goes Jo the extreme of buyhig her daughter's gowns from a credit house, when there la no substantial hope that the money ■will be forthcninlng to pay tor them, "WlhUo Shouldars" will flhow at tho Midland, Monday and Tuesday only.' . . "A Trip Through Filmland" and a B<iW C4i4n.eo Comedy, 'Tea M Tea" •e>mplet« this fine 41rngru.11. ,{. ^. 4> * ,j..<5, <j, IRia THEATRE. * <v -. t ♦ <t, * * -ii <!i ls> ^ $ ■ Tuesday. Gun-shy, Frarklln Farnum'H latest Western connedy-d-rama, possceses uli tho rectulsites of a sood, dean photoplay. F-ull of action from ifiart to finish, comedy situations galore, an Interesting story carried by a well-balanced VJis.t and the most picturesque and Ideal scenes obtainable. Gun-Sky is tho story of the advent Of itwo strangers In the almost dosurt-•d town of Los Pains. Oue hearing the unmistakable markliiRs of a typ-ica( Easterner; -the other mysteriously h«rd to label. .The former la taken for a U. S. marshal, sent to Los Paloa to stop the raids which have lieen going on in the town, d-rlvlng the people •way. He is nfrnid of hla very shadow »ud only Awaits the first opportuulty to leave town. The myaterioua ■trangor eoou' Introduces himself to -«he Easterner as Bill Williams, the' real U, B. Murahal, and after an mt- : tempt on his l|fu the Bastarner 'takes ■h»art, thrashes the gang loader and ' aids In bringing tha raiders to Justice. Wednesday. Johnny Hlnea, America's popular Juvenile acreon coim-dlan, is booked ■for an engagement at tha Iris theatre, Wednesday. This time Johnny comes with % new feature comedy under the title of '.'Bitre Fire FdJirt," taken Iroro a «ojt fcy Gerald C. Duffy, known for Ma «t»rt*« affiled -with pep and dash. Thoee vl»o remember Johany In "Burn 'Bm Up Dames" ■will cortalnly waj-«ome him tn his latent pholc>pta.y. In "Sure F1r» Flint" Jahnnv will keep Fofisen. Muck faced comnrilun. The Fosters, comedy novelty acrobats and Three Hawaiian*. This Is one of the bust shows that has been linnked this season and everyone: should sec it. alanine Monday. July 2nd Tlio Golden (late Girls Mualcal Review will bo at the park 1 week. Another Mummy Found. Snlta, ArjjKntlna: A mummy, perfectly preserved, betioveii lo ho that of an Jncn thief, has tmun unearLlied from a hill In the pro\.lucD of Sultn. Argt.ntmu. near the Cliieun border. A InrKo number of artistic carvings and art objects of atone, copper, earth-enwure atid onyx were buried with It, Thu imllH, teeth and most of the hair arc perfectly preserved, as am the vttal organs, aocJidlnK to reports, which would Indicate a method of embalming that may bo superior even to the Kgyptian. The methods used to unitn tho different parts of the Implements, also found in the tomh, eug-«cst handiwork similar to that of the Egyptians. Blipplno Ovor. Waahjiigton : Many European.-, and snmt! ChlneSB hove taken advantage of a clause in tho luunhrratiion iTte-slrictlon Act, which provides that any person who has resided for a year in Meilcu, Canada, (Newfoundland Cuba, or Comral or South America, can enter M10 United Stales without reference to numerical" q.uotns. Within the last nine months 40.M-00 "Mexicans" and 62,000 "Canadians" have crossed tho borders Into the United States. Something Must Be Done, it is recofnriied as impossible to organize enough new parties to uc-eoin mod! the available cnudi- — *v asuington K. U. ATHLETES TO RECEIVE SWEATERS Lawrence, Juno Hiv.-.fiwentsrs for SI a!lilMtC'S= of tlin University of Kan-ais who have won letters in track, baseball and tennis this spring, are 01-I'o: i-il to urrivo at th* u((k-e of Coach "Polsy" Clark within a few days. 'J'ho greatest numbor of "K'a" ttis year was granted in track, 18 men being honored. Ten let-tors will ba awarded In baneball and three In tennla. Many of the nthlolcw are receiving their first [otter, while others are receiving their fifth "It." of the world's calamities, Since IS1B, the average yearly cost of disaster relief has been approximately tH.DOO,-D00. Since IfiSl the Amnrl-can lied Crosa has extended relief In 37J disasters, Including cyoiones. flootls, plagues, Tolcanic eruptions, flros. earthiniakss, mine disasters and epidemics. Will Not Deal. WaehiniTUin— Tho federal reserve botird ruled to prohibit tho federal reserva banks from dealing with any lunk that demands a fee for colloc- Is Forty Years Old. Tho [ted Cross organliatiou is forty years old. Since ISB2 the society has boon first In offnrhig medical aid, food, shelter and money to victims DE LUXE Tonight — Then Gans Forever. JACK LONDON'S "THE ABYSMAL BRUTE" A Cinema Sensation. STARTING MONDAY- CAREY LAKE OPENS SUNDAY JULY 1st Come out to CAREY LAKE tomorrow. There'll be Fun anA Entertainment for everybody. A delightful sjiot for picnics. BASE BALL GAME 5UNDAY AFTERNOON at 3 P, M. HUTCHINSON BOX BOARD v*. MORTON SALT 7 REELS OF PICTURES Our Picture Program For Sunday Nile Consists of 7 Reels, "Tropical Love" and "Some Baby" A Barnum Show at Woolworth Prices. 10-Minute Street Car Service From 10 A. M. Sunday. Take Avenue A Cars Direct to Grounds. There is no Charge to .Street Car Patrons. UNDER MANAGEMENT OF THE HUTCHINSON INTERURBAN RY. CO, JUST TWO DAYS MONDAY AND TUESDAY— What Is Bid? Beauty ha* been sold since Babylon — but the went to the auction not far wmslth— but be- mtant saving a brother who had killed. Only to find that her sacrifice was needless — and love was beckoning — too late. -W1TH-KATHERINE MacDONALD BRYANT WASHBURN RICHARD HEADRICK NIGEL BARRIE 'A TRIP THROUGH FILMLAND" Interesting and Unusual CAAMEO COMEDY "Tea N Tea" PATHE NEWS TO-NITE "THE EXCITERS" With BESE DANIELS ANTON 10 MORENO. Christio Comedy — "PLUMB CRAZY" RIVERSIDE PARK Saturday and Sunday June 30th and July 1st FIVE ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE, Consisting of WILLIS DUNCAN, Musical Act PEGGY WARD, Siiiginj? run! Dancing-THREE HAWAIIANS Harry Van Fossen, Black Faced Comedian The Fostere, Comedy Novelty Acrobatic One Show Saturday Nile nt 8:30 Three Show* Sunday ba usual, Call 669W for Reserved Seats : why shop"aroto11Vto « bathroom fixtures ? s J Your Sanitary Contractor's Shop is the Logics! place to go. " GOOD PLUMBING IS THE LEAST EXPENSIVE of the ■ many things devised hjr man to add to the comforts, increase ■ and maintain the health of himself and family. ■ Figure* will prove that cverytima. ■ Next time you need anything new for your bath room or any ■ repair work done, come here. Kitzmiller Plumbing Co. All Next Week^Starting Monday, July 2 THE GOLDEN GATE GIRLS MUSICAL REVIEW A Big Girl Show Assisted by the St. Charles Co. Master Magician and Illusionist You know It's D/Onna be good. That's why PROGRAM CHANGED DAILY Evening 10< Matinaa 5«— lfl« TODAY— "Better Than Gold" with Roy Stewart "DAD'S BOY," Ct "THE KNOCKOU1 MONUAV-.-rilr: MIAN c. i>r him f;ni rwto. NKT'f f-owVjljv'.' ' s 1 "HVKI'iJ Ti;i: SWI.J1.n-:.' I\ml »'»rr<jtt I'n I-.. I ■ ;■ l'A-rnr: \T.f I a ■ SATLJRDAV "rCi ! -1 1 ! 1- 'TL-: I L I'.lll, ![,Mr,- f-j,r.«v £ «■ ■ ■ ■ I ^ ^ , ■ ~~ — — i fJJJJJJJJJjnHHBBBBMDB MEET ME AT THE iRIS ■■■■PJBHB CPetey Pink * " ■ * * Yea, Ain't It Funny? "~ ~ * By C. A. Voight^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ' ^^^^^^^^^^ ^

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