Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 3, 1969 · Page 93
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 93

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1969
Page 93
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ALL EDITIONS H f&wsday, April 3,1969 M«4ilie. Jobs HTURE haollna. reasonable. Lawn Service. The best of Reasonable prices. 276-6147. i Lawns. 25*5554. _ OTf Ha. <Jf hauling and cleanup. (IP-loader, mower, disc, cleanup. trimmed, removed. JHAULINGTanytlilng. 875-7108. Tap soll-FIM dirt-Granite 943-0133 1GUSEHOLD Fix. .Faucets^drainsi avatorles, window glass. 279-»958. OSfries fTlmmed, 264-1297, ..AWNS, reasonable, northwest area. 266-8601, after 6 p.m. CLEANUP and hauling. 276-8160. CUSTOM lawn service "year 'round Cleanups and trlmmIng. 277-0496. LANDSCAPING. TYard cleanups) Trees, hedges trimmed, removed. e'. _ . __ RETIRED, expert upholstering, half price. 258-0512. _ _ CARPET cleaning. Floor stripping, xing. Windows. 278-6538. _ PAINTING and spraying. 277-4367, 274-9797^ CATTP"ENTEfc work. No lob too small. 274-6540. PAINTER does own work. AM 5-9016. ...IES removed. 956-1582.' CONCRETE work, patios, driveways, sidewalks. Free estimates. n 68-1993 LEVELING. 264-"92oir WALLS washed, windows, floors. Housecleaning. Experienced. - '8-0906. Reasonable. . ~ tlEl trimming, 276-3428. LAWNS, cleanups, roto-tllllng. 944-3254. lawn service, "free FrTrriming", rato-tllllnp. 944-3254. COOLERS, repaired, Installation, service 272-1572. TRASH hauling. 252-3534. ra?"~" CKTOP paving. 956-0860. s, he3ges ~trimmed, femove'd; 943-5211. DEM6TTTT5N. 264-9201. •MFF lawns our specialty. 27?-406o7 btlANDERS, trees uprooted". 264r?201. RQDFING, reasonable._276-3428. Hjl\l.lNGT279-4b65. ~ " "1_H^ PAINTING, reasonable._268-p725. YARD WORK. 253-8974. LANDSCAPE gardening, all types, very reputable, 252-2572, TRASH hauling, lot cleanups, COP rals, oleanders. 276-4311. Cooler, refrigeration service. Rea sonable. 275-0653, 278-3657 er, refrigeratio ible 275-0653, m-^,.. ___ ,. ...PET cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, lawn service. 252-8375. L A NJ> J C A P f N G, rockscaplno. 943-5592: CAR HOA-'E repairs 956-2652. and painting. TREE trimming, topping and remg- val. Free estimates, insured, 768-1993. „ renovating, rototiiung, level- Ing, mowing, trimming, pruning, clean-ups. 274-3527. WEED controllinBT $20 monthly, 266-8 ED 8209. LAWNS. 276-3376. LIGHT hauling. 99M180T LANDSCAPING. 947-6301. COOLER service and supply, West Van Buren. 271-0508. 2213 HANDYMAN painter, 253-6533, _ COOLER service; new pads, oiled, Inside, adlusteg. $10 up. painted 956-9511 surgery, trimming. PAINTING, 264-6106. A-l, reasonable. LANDSCAPING. Complete lawn service. 254-8335. COOLERS repaired! Installation. Northeast area only. 956-0797 after 5 P- TREES, trimming, removal. Free estimates, r LICENSED ales. 'Reasonable. 265-3755. ' 265-2869. _.-_ cooler repair. TRACTOR work, scraping, ditch digging, filling, loading, etc. Experienced quality work. Average rates. Anytime. 943-4844. TREES, free estimates, experienced. 253-0936. JONES lawn service. Oleanders, tree topping, trimming and cleanup, renovating seeding. 272-2904. FREE pads, 947-6301. Kooler services. JIM'S complete Lawn Service. Mowing, edging, trimming, . renovating, rototllllng, cleanups. 271-0838. Ee FREE estimating on interior or ex- terlor painting. 265-7494. CLEANUPS, anything. 254-4840.' N service. Northeast. 956-1047. EWERS, drains unstopped. 276-4584. COOLER packing, $7.50. 275-1472. 667-Building Trades PAINTING, interior - exterior Free estimate. Reasonable. 254-1565. BULLDOZER, tractor work, grove clearing. Free estimate. 992-2318.^ GENERAL remodelfna and carpen trv.-eustom made cabinets. 956-3664. ADDI i. patios, !!• CAB (NETS, carpentry, remodeling. 277-0046. 667-Buildinf Tradet PLUMBING. Reasonable, smaii lobs stucco", patchwork. INTERIOR, §xterior~"wori<rijuar8n- teed and can be compared. Reasonable rates, free estimates. After 4 m. 276-9722. rnini $12, average room. rior-exterior. 278-8831 . R"EFTriG~ER"ATTON. Inte- :ARPENTRY, LASTER, licensed. AL 4-9789. "' ' ;TER, licensed. PAINTING, 274-8775. DRYWALL, licensed, PLASTER, drywasi, j PAINTING. 943-1010". -3NCRETET "~^ CONCRETE, all tvpss. Free estimates. 254-7M1. BACKROE," dump truck service, insured. 956-1582. CACTUS custom cabinets, 943-1914. ~' PAINTING, overhangs-997-4SO_9^^' CONCRETE Work - All Types — FreeJEstima_tes^277i0.35. R"E"MODl-LlNG, repairs, add a room, free estimates, financing available, licensed and bonded, call 178-118C. ELECTRICIAN, licensed & bonded. : ree estl mates. 942-3746. PA INTIN G. 268-0714. PLASTERING, drywail texturing. 275-0468. DRYWALL texturing, pfasterlna. 275-0206. REMODEL ADDITION REPAIRS PATIOS, CARPORT ROOFING LARGE OR SMALL. 939-3540 REMODELING, add-a-room. Hume and commercial. Very reasonable. Luke Hamel, in Phoenix 23 years. 279-8856. =r __ . 943-2776 Build, Remodel Repair. PAINTING. 264-6106. interior-exterior. FJREPLACES. 272-1222. ______ LA~FTD~TC 2TP TFJ G, rockscaplng. 9.43-5592. __ PAiNTlRG residence and apartments. Your satisfaction. Estimates. 939-7170. _ _ _ PAINTING, Interior, exterior, se, estimates, 944-7628. —— -- ~~ cen BAT SIGNS PAI , stucco, plaster. 267-0740. NTED. 278-3703. ._ JA A SO N R Y i. PAINTING, interior, exterior. Reasonable. 265-9501. CERAMIC'll'leT997-4926'." ' PAINTER Neat, dependable, .._ sonable. 947-9369. r __^_ __ ELECTRICIAN, licensed, bonded. 2_5JM347. , _„ CARPENTRY, oddloBs. 274'-8lT5.____ BRlCK bfock_masohry. 272:7216. _ ECECTRTCiANT quaTitV" craftsman. 934-2782. _ BACKHOE'service. 264-9201. SEWERS, footings, miscellaneous trenching. 264-9201. L«e»l Cl«« or Tutorlni IBM KEYPUNCH 6 to 8 weeks AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 3620 N. CENTRAL 266-4483 ASSISTANTS & RECEPTIONISTS DAY FREE Nation - Wide Placement Assistance through ranch schools. FREE BROCHURE ON REQUEST. Authorized to Issue diplomas by the State of California Superintendent of Public instruction.^ GREGG OFFERS The training you need In tvoing, shorthand, bookkeeping, accounting. Free counseling, free placement. No contract, pay as YOU 9 °' VNB CARD WELCOME GREGG COLLEGE ~ B40 N. Central J52-2331 ASA'S DIESEL DRIVER TRAINING Dav« 278-0911 ' ° Eves. 942-2873 LEARN BARBERING AUTO MECHANIC SCHOOL VETERAN APPROVED TRANS-MATIC SCHOOLS, INC. 333 N. BLACK CANYON, PHX _ 252-6767 _ CECIL LAWTER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL 'BUILD-REMODEL ANYTHING LIC. BONDED NON-UNION 955-1523 jPECIALFZING in formica fopT, cltchen cabinets, vanities. 276-3476. CEMENT, block, carpenter work. Specialize In small lobs, free estl mates. 276-5272. ELECTRICIAN, licensed, reasonable. 937-?49B. HOUSE painting. Inferior, exterior, lomes, apartments; minor repairs, Will Hoover, 967-2437. METHOO PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT BASIC REAL ESTATE (36 HRS) UESDAY APR. 8th 7 P.M. WEDNESDAY APR. 16th 10 A.M. Brokers (96 hrs) Apr. 8th 7 P.M. (RESERVATION ADVISED) 1628 E. OSBORN 77-4841 277-1478 PAINTING, reasonable. 943-7951. ttCE Installed! walls', floors. 275-9509 CARPENTRY, remodeling, cement. '2-1488. 87 PAINTING, paper and vinyl hanging specialist. 275-3820. BLACKTOP paving. 956-0860. :ARPET installation. Fast courteous iervice. 964-1974. ELECTRICIAN; quality, raasenablt, 937-7068. F_LOOR_tile instajled._943-6512, REMODELING, home building, pa- tips. 966-1876, 266-5104 0r 967-0563. ROOFING, repairs, hot work, fast service,. 273-0?29_.. ADDITIONS, remodeling.,di rlanters, fireplaces. 252-1528. irivewEvs, LICENSED painter^ residential, commercial, brush, roll, airless SP_ra_t_268 L L9_82,_ PAINTING, interior - exterior, reasonable, tree estimates, 254-5416. PAINTING interior/exterior. Effi- clent, reasonable. 253-4797; 254-4460., REMODELING complete, patlot, carports, concrete. 943-5510. ADD-A-ROOM, kitchens, enclosures, any remodeling - SVi% financing 11 years in Phoenix. Free estimates 265-3847. ^ PAINTING interior, exterior, good work, reasonable, free estimates. 275-0652 'ur K, 75-06. UDT ADDITIONS, remodeling. 30 years jxperience. Licensed and bonded. Labor and material. 934-1478. CLEANUPS. 266-8209. FENCES. 947-6301. PAINTING. Interior, exterior. 942-3611. , SPRINKLERS. 947-6301. . AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 3620 N. Central 266-4483 CEMENT work. 945-6370. ceramic. 943-U v.«n.PENTRY, remi rna±es._272-525Q. PAIN t~l N G. 265-9501. BLOCK Laying, patios, stone. 265-0455. ieTing, free esti- InferloFexteflor, fireplaces, ROOFING-licensed, good work rea sonable. 939-4848. Designer-Builder, GLAZER PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY GUIDE AUTO REPAIR t omp'ete auto rebuilding Johnny sstx, 2002 E. Van Buren, AL 3-9513 BATH * MASSAGE 5UAL female & male tech. Royal Therapy. Appt please 1-982-2742 FONSINES Massage, Male & Femele Tech. 9-9 seven days wk. l.986-0066_ ohnnv's Hauling Mscl, cleanup- Jump truck serv. Also van-trailer , pads. Reasonable. 944-1351. NEW Massage Parlor. Male'i F»male Tech. 7_daVs wk. 9J3-75J2. n I cull. , uora ™>i\. >oo-,^i*. STEAM BATH & MASSAGE 20036 N. Cave Creek Rd, 942-3910 Mesa Massage. Male & Female Tech 9 a.m.-IO p.m..J7_days_week. 96«593 KELLY'S Elite Studio, female and male technicians. Appointment MASSEUR "2TO62 BUILDING CONTRACTORS ADD'Ns patio roofs carports, res. dentlal-comm. Remodel Non-union Lie, bond, work auar. 253-3296. We specialize in home and commer rial Remodeling and repairs. 277-7409 I'LL'Beat any Qualified written bid you qhow me. Lie. Cont. AM 4-3921. . LICENSED Contr. FHA approved remodeling, add-a-room, porrnes Free estimates. Competitive 937-5344. RE, Sjiia JELING. Any Job Large or 278-6132 or 253-2200. REPAIR «. add- Warkmanshlp.^l -room _. CALL US LAST Remodel, Repair, Add-a-Room, Carports. Small lots or large. Custom homes on, your lot or ours. Llcensed^bond^mractor. Dial-. Direct - complete remodeling service. No money dn. Also custom homes-your lot/ours. Lie & Bond Contractor 956-3300 eve 265-4005. e"AR~P"ENTRY remodeling Si. rep.aTrs. •n lobs a Sma specialty, - CARPET CLEANJNI3 __ 3"fC6'MS~ir"Hall $25". "Free Estl mate. Free pre-spot & deodorizing All work guaranteed. 258-5824. Fb'lTthe bYs't "call 265-3330. All wor guaranteed. CAJRIPET _LAYJN6_ „,... Installed 8, Repali fravs. Evenings and Sunday. ATiTTYPES CEMENT WORK. BSTON SKINNER 939-3741 CONCRETE work, any kind, fre estimates. 944-0100. reii «»tlmates iT _ _ _ Your Eiffl! CUSTOM HOMES "CUSTOM HOMES u . or Ours. Summer Homes Ing. 956-3300, 956^485. DENTIST 6R7 EDGAR B. Pease Dentist. An ftniur."reSafr. $5 and UP. 254-3943. OIRT SofFf MTdI rtT Ya"rdTTiveTln moved. Cesspools tM.lrd. ?7J- t'.l Top"Soll $1.75 yd also Granite FtlT dfrt Del. Call Fox.9j3.0l.3jl. GRANITE RANITE — Red, gold. Driveways i yard beautltlcatlon. 939-70B7. Home Cleaning Complete house and Apt. Cleaning. V\8,R Build Maint Co. 276-8852 life HOME REPAIRS REPAIR & add-a-room. Expert workmanshiip. Bill Casio, 944-0279. "" "PATCHING FIXING REPAIRING Just Call CHARLIE 254-7463 INCOME TAX FEDERAL 8, State Tax form prepared. By appointment, days or evenings. 22 years experience. 275-6068. E-Z tax. No lines ,no waiting. Conv pleted in vour home. 944-8634. TAX service, 7714 North 17th 07. 943-2633, J65-6048, TA'X'CONSULTANT. in'Your Home, FOR APPOINTMENT. 945-2932. TAX Service, accuracy guaranteed 945-1056 INCOME TAXE -AS7JL-W UP TAXES. 2534900 AFTER 4 P.M, A"B~C~-S~/ttedlflOVlch-674"7 N7~i7tr 265^1958; 2404 N 16th St, 253-8209, J JANITOR GENERAL cleaning. Floors stripped waxed. Homes, offices. 268-0061. LAWJt 1ERVLCJ _. LAWN-Garden service. Small trees trimmed. 276-7763. 272-4070. M MASSAGE House calls made. 279-040i PAINTING SPECIALIZING Re-oalntina Comm Residential. Wl 3^266; CR 7-0291 PAINTING 279-0028 PLUMBING lobs'"our speciaTty'. Free estimate's" Ucensed^ bonded, Insured. 992-1274. WERS Installed, small plumbing " itir I 0n'fhe"s7reei wRere you live" Repairs, remodeling. 279-3461 Refrigeration Refrigeration, cooler service. Reasonable. 275-0653, 278-3657. ROOFING You can save mu. Sales. Free Ml 966- SAW FILING OHLSON'S'SAW SERVICE «.S 19th Aye. ..... 212-OM SEWING MACHINES LEAN; OIL" & ADJUST. An makes rttttttrttmtmnttttntm? ft » «$!$$» $t u $$ !$* LEARN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING IBM/360 Gov't Insured Tuition Loans (1st pmt 10 mo after gradution) Approved For Veterans Accredited by A.C.B.S. 2 Computer Systems For Student Use Full Time Placement Service Day and Evening classes 682—Schools L«e«i class «r TWorint ~VA All type* of weldlno. certification Wits, easy financing. fr»* Placement ABC WELDING SCHOOL 8103 6. Buckeye Rd. 715-Help Wanted Employment Agpnerts COMPUTER HEADQUARTERS ARIZONA MEDICAL & DENTAL ASSISTANTS COLLEGE Medical Sessions Open Now Also Dental Enrollment Being Taken For April FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE Member Ariz. Prlv. Sch. Assoc. 44QQ N. CENTRAL AVE. 277-1451 s$i$$$i$$$$$$$is$*s$t$$$i$:$$$$$$$$$$ls j$$$$$$$$$$l$s$$$il$»$$ss$$«$$$$$$$$« UP UP-AND ON YOUR WAY LAUNCH YOUR FIRST CAREER. OR BEGIN A NEW ONE AT: ARLEnPersonnel Consultants 1510 N-. central 253-6175 3 R GAL Fritfay, plush country club. Neat, cute & perky lass. Interesting varied duties, lots of public contact. Type 45-50, earn & have much fun. Salary commensurate with ability experience. HOYT, HOYER & FARREN, 700 W. Campbell. 264-4811. 812 N. 1st St. TYPIST Sales Ofc PHONES Typing TYPIST Good at fios SECY Recept NSURANCE Secy BILLING Clk Med. BUSINESS COLLEGE -Arizona's Oldest and Largest- OUR 80th YEAR REGISTER NOW FOR BEGINNING CLASSES Medical Secy Jr. Acct. Exec. Secy Legal Secy Stenographic Receptionist Higher Acct. Key Punch 8 WKS. G.E.D. COURSE Tuition Loans Available Payments & Interest do not Start until 10 months After Graduation ATTN. VETERANS RECEIVE FULL VET. BENEFITS to 12 PM VO-YEAR FAR WESTERN PLACEMENT BUREAU 254-5311 SERVING ARIZONA 46 YEARS 715-HHp Wanted _ EfVllMOyyflCm AlHIftCftt _ "" CO"LEY"CAl?E"tR~t"O"NSULTA"RTS~ 4700 N. Central Suite 317 264-4171 739-Help Wanted Penal* Commissions, Bonuses, ate. ' TISOR EMPLOYMENT AIDES Exp'd, housekeepers, live In $250 Cleaning women $1.50 hr.-f- Mature Baby Sitters (All must have own trsnsp). couple, Cook & Butler Top Wages M4-4570 emplov. 46 N. center . ll type lobs avail, Mesa. MANAGEMENT RECRUITERS" 264-4111 3003 N. Central Ave. 7th PI. OUSEWIVES earn $50-200 per month i 'ieid familiar to you. Work at >ur convenience, your home area. 74-4263, 265-9065. ry J»iL93M837. Avendale. WOMEN "wanted as Beauty Counse- ors. Teach, advise & show in vour $375 INTERVIEWING WOMEN With high school diploma & work background or some college with work background or college srad. with/without employment record. Tull salary while training. Salary !$375 to $433. Company benefits. No selling—office work. • EMPLOYMENT SERVICE $325 AREA 553 N. Old Scottsdale Rd. HOUSEWIVES 17-42 YRS. MODEL PART TIME FASHION & PHOTO ASSIGNMENTS FLAIR AGENCY 277-7601 1714 E. THOMAS_ GENL OFC: Variety Small ofc, Meet Public, Exciting field. $400. Call Nancy Scott, 947-5456, Snelling 8. Snelling, 77 W. 3rd Ave., Scottsdale. MODELS-FASHION SIZES 7-14. JR MISS & ADULT FASHION SHOWS, PHOTOGRAPHY 8, TV ASSIGNMENTS. FULL OR PART TIME FLAIR AGENCY 277-7601 1714 E. THOMAS TRNEE: Claims great lob w/top org. 4, one willing to leam. To $325. call Suzanne, 947-5456, Snelling & Snelllnq, 77 W. 3rd Ave., Scottsdale. GENERAL OFFICE FEE PAID Co. Is expanding, needs gal tor branch office on west side. Gen office duties. To $400. Davis Pioneer Emp, 40 E. Thomas. 264-3477. 5008 W. Glendale. 934-3239. OFFICE MGR-BKKPR' Vhsle food distributor needs man RQBERSPN_&_CP. 3625 N. 16th St. Vj Agency Fee AIRLINE Reserva-exp 375 ATLAS AGENCY 3550 N. Central ELECTRONIC TECH TRAINEE" If you have some electrical or mechanical bkgrd. In school or In the iervice, this national corp. will train 'ou In electronics service. NTERNATIONAL PERSONNEL SERVICE, 1625 E. Camelback, Mrs. Westfall, 264-1191. EDP EQUALS ESP IMMEDIATE OPENINGS EXP. KEYPUNCH OPERATORS 100 W. Clarendon Suite 2226 Townehouse Call 279-7343 Electronic Systems Personnel Agency WELDER (S) Code not necessary. Lots hours w/o'time. No layoffs. IMMED. RQBEJ?SQN &_CQ. 3625 N. ]6th_Si. JOBS UNLIMITED 03 W. McDowell 552-5808 Our office will be closed April 4th, Good Friday SCHOOL_ FROM. .7AM. 607 N. 3rd Ave. .CCREDITtD AS A TW'_ . SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Day, Half Dav or Evening Phone, Write or Visit For F WELL TRAINED DIESEL DRIVERS ARE NEEDED APPROVED FOR VETERANS American Diesel Driver School 2345 W. Thomas Rd 252-6003 686—Schools _ Correspondence 4 Ouf_ot_State HIGH School ""at Home ph! 964-1849 American School (III) Box 655 Mesa. AUTO AND DIESEL MECHANICS AIR COWTIONING REFRIGERATION AND HEATING •, COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL New Classes Start April 21st STUDENT LOANS AVAILABLE Payments Do Not Start Until 10 Months After Graduation CALL 266-2427 For FREE Booklet or Visit LINCOLN TECHNICAL INST. YOUR FUTURE IN THE AIRLINES n the fast growing world of air here are unlimited opportunities, ecurlty, adventure, free travel & personal development for women 8. men. Courses taught by experienced airline and travel personnel In all passenger & air freight divisions, station manager, ground hostess, communications, travel agency operations etc. Both home study and •esident courses available. AP. PROVED FOR VETERANS. Established 21 years. For further information phone 258-8511. Airline Schools Pacific 737. S. Flower Street^ be AIRLINES NEED young men and women. The airlines are calling on us for more personnel than we can -upply. Airline expansions are reating many new lobs; also va ancles due to marriage, etc. mus 1 « filled. Public contact duties in reservations, communications, pas .enger agent and hostess fields, 'rellmmary preparation need nol nterfere with your present lob. H.S. grads, 17 to 33, learn if you can guallfy. Interview by appointment only Write to Box 13571 Phoe- ilx, Ariz. 85002. Weaver Airline Per- ionnel School. AIRLINE SCHOOLS PACIFIC 3003 N. Central, No. 1604 258-8511 693—Employment 121 W. Weldon Phoenix TEACHING POSITIONS Arizona Teacher Placement Agency Covering Ariz., Calif., New Mex., Jev., Wath. & Oregon—23rd Year. 540 W. Jefferson, Phoenix. 254-0114. VETERANS APPROVED HOENIX SCHO OR BUSINESS DAY OR 603 South 1st Ave, 100L OF WEL MACHINE REP, NIGHT CLASSES J DING AIR 252-7304 tnwh,e' wait*™' Professional Resume Service 332 E. McDowell 254-3462 Open til 6 ARIZONA TECH. Modern Training In Electronics Day & Eve. Classes—VA Approve '77 E. Camelback 264-615 RESUME SERVICE 'repared while you wait. Typists Counselors & Printing facilities available. LOCAL • NATIONAL lob campaigns — available for the DURHAM COLLEGE THE SOUTHWESTS LARGEST BUSINESS COLLEGE ANNOUNCES OUR NEW STARTING DATES April 7th IN: -COMPUTER —IBM MACHINES —KEYPUNCH —PBX -BUSINESS MACHINES WE SPECIALIZE IN TRAINING SECRETARIES FOR ALL TOP POSITIONS DRAFTING ELECTRONIC - SPEEDWRITING NEXT DAY CLASS APRIL 7th NIGHT CLASS Jl ENROLL NOW NEXT NIGHT CLASS JUNE 9th Learn Shorthand In 6 weeks, Quick - Easy to learn. FREE LIFETIME EMPLOYMENT SERVICE The only college in Arizona teaching speedwrltlng Is Durham HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS ENROLL NOW FOR JUNE & SEPT. EDUCATIONAL LOANS MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN PLACEMENT SERVICE AN ACCREDITED COLLEGE WE GUIDE EACH STUDENT IN THE For Information about enrolling Call or write: 1001 N. 1st ST. PHOENIX CORNER 1st ST. i. ROOSEVELT ED FORD SCHOOL REAL ESTATE ELECTRICAL SMALL JOBS OUR SPECIALTIES, 24 hr emergency service. Lie, bond, Irk 254-9801, or 277-3800. EXPERT wiring. AN types. rf tes. Prompt service. 947-4477. f tf—~ '«yllng. >r your l«wn, FLOORS _TELeVISION ~06LLAR~"TV~'SERVfCE 275-5368", Guaranteed Serv. Day & Night calls. TREE SEKVICe ' SHIPP'S TREE SERVTCE Est side 955-5440 Wst side 93i-9J8L» TTeu" Tooped trimmed, removed. Prou'sslonal service 252-9207. Shrubbary, Palm trees. 279-4745. U UPHOLSTERY APR. 21 ........ 7 P.M 2859 E. THOMAS 956-0010 MEDICAL ASSISTANTS SOUTHWEST PREP SCHOOL VA APPROVED Owned and Operated bv Maricopa County Medical Society 2025 N. Central Ave. 252-92_01 ^r 252-5671 HOTEL-MOTEL- FRONT OFFICE COURSE NO CONTRACT-PAY MONTHLY NCR 4200— PBX TYPING MACHINE 4 HAND TRANSCRIPT PHONE-WRITE-VISIT Lamson Business College "Arizona's Oldest & Largest" 725 N. Central ________ 25fr7»47 GROCERY CHECKERS CHECKING 2S4-3657 Co. needs exp. man, must have cost estimating in hwy construction. Strong in acctg. To $600. Davis Pioneer Emp., 5008 W. Glendale, 3A3239. 40 E. Thomas^ 264 1 3477_._ RECEPT, fascinating lob, no type (tractive, $75 wk. A VIP Emp Agcy,_4802JW._G|endale. 934-726K _ "OVERSEAS", FEE, TRANSP. PAID I Structural designers to ROUTE SALES TRNEE Tc-p Co In field. Paid trng $130 Wk i comm. — Great fringes top profession. New equip. .--ERSON & CO. 3625 N. 16th St. SECTY for non profit. organization. Must speak fluent Spanish, top skills needed for this worthwhile lob. $425. HOYT, HOYER 8, FARREN, 700 W. Campbell. 264-4811. Los Angeles, Calif. 90 SKY JOBS Services PROFESSIONAL RESUMES LNI ASSOCIATES, Inc. AINTING, Exterior. Reasonable. 936-2992. EMPLOYMENT Classes TOO through 777 700—Situations Wanted—Couples WANT to manage apartment^ references. 956-5494. WORLD^ traveled - semi-retired couple with management experience vish to manage delux apartments 'J/-l/*WJ. ;ouPLE^desIres apartment manag ment position, experienced, refer ences. 947-6961. COUPLE wishes large apt. house nanagement. Husband experlencec n all phases of maintenance, In : udlna all air conditioning systems Have own tools. Excellent refer ences. Jiaye small poodle. 258-1126. 703—Situations Wanted - Female IRONING. 258-31117 IRONING. 946-80427 IRONING, ,2775241, HAIRDRESSER. New in P~hoe~nTx Last lob 5 years. Married, 26 year of age. Excellent references. Crea live. Veronica Coultre, 6130 Norti 7th Street, No. 59. WALLS washed, windows, floors Domestic housecleanlng. 268-0906 276-7905. DAYWOR; K._268.-202Q.J BAYWORK,_27t 1.891. PRACTICAL NURSE, versatile kindly, unencumbered. 277-3021. -ONJNG, 278-4752. ADMINISTRATIVE Secretary. Write Box 40-PK, Republic and Gazette. 707-Situation$ Wanted-Mali CARE of sick. In lured, convales cent, part Time or 24 hour care Hospital and private experience NEW In Phoenix. .Dlsplsv artist Excellent talent a Coul AAALE model. Fashion or photogra phy, married, 27 years of age. Per J,.. Coultre, 613 North .7th. Street, Np.__5i._ PROGRAMME R/A N A L Y S T S7360 Jobol. ALC, with commercial pilot' Icense, SEL, MEL Instrument rat Ings. Desire programming position Involving some corporate flying as slgnments. Resume on request. Write Box 32.JX_._Repubjfei.Gaiftlf. EXPORT Traffic Analyst desire position In Phoenix area. Thorough working knowledge export reaula lions, foreign collection, financing and world-wide export documenta lion requirements. Write Box 36-MA Republic and Gazette. DRIVER: 'Class A "lie. 18 yrs. ex eerience. Want steady work 2J7-0874. MAN 36"desire; permanent rhalnte nanje, motel, hp^el clerk. 252-8238. RELIABLE Aggressive 37-yr-old family man — 2 years college. Me chaiilcally inclined, has the ability 'o learn quickly, desires permanen jfisltjfin w-rellable firm. 956-5121. __ PHARMACIST available. CR 4-4635. RETIRED Master Sergeant, wishes ocatlon out on farm within 25-50 miles o' the city. 272-9000. 715-^Help Wanted Employnmit AaenclM _ Jeso'rT DfshwasW? ~ $225 BlTft Housekeeper, prlist'j horn* . $60 wk Resort COOK $625 mo FULLER "AGENCY AL 2-248 FRONTIER EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 0 E. 6TH ST TEMPE H.S. GRADS 967-2069 We have a number of positions for 'SHARP EAGER TO LEARN" — Shipping a. Receiving, Drivers, Jr. Business Trainees, Clerical,.!' ' ' aries $350-$450. B & ~ '~NT, 3550 N. Central. GENERAL OFFICE-$400 Varied Interesting duties for H.S.G. 5ood location. Good future. INTERNATIONAL PERSONNEL SERVICE 625 E. Camelback. Call Mrs. Ryan TIME KEEPER 743—Help Wanted Matt Commissions, Bonus, etc. 947-4381 SECRETARY FEE PAID Do you have 3 yrs. exp as a secty? Type 70, S-H 80. If so top Co. needs you. Sal $450. Davis Pioneer Emp., 5008 W. Glendale, 934-3239. 40 E. Thomas, 264-3477. MISS LEE'S AGENCY 1836 E. THOMAS 864-0564 CHARLIE LOVE'S AUTO DEALER'S AGENCY 105 E. McDowell Ofc Mgr, acct. auto exp Open Parts Del, B-Lic $350 (6) Station attendant: to $500 Credit Mgr to $500 F/C Bkpr, auto exp $500 Service Cashier. $375 GENERAL OFFICE TRAINEE": Need 8< greet, busy phones, typing & train. S325-S350. Snelling & Snell< Call Mary,_264-9955, 3424 N. Central GEN Ofc, good w/figures, lite type, neat. S325. A VIP Emp Agcy, 4802 W.j3lendale. 934-7261. IBR YD FOREMAN" EXD in lumber to builders & contrs Take charge of yard 8, sales, willing to work. $600 After. 30 days. ROBERSON & CO. 3625 N. 16th St. CLERK: Composed gal who enlovs heavy phones + st $347. Call Sue 'arnings. Excellent fringe benefits ft wrk ing conditions. ADplv.Tn person erv-us Bakers. 1502 East Buckeya. MaL Opportunity Employer. """REWARD YOURSELF ales Masicall. Hear our recorded message about an outstanding sales pportunity. Call 266j.823JL 2J7-5493 JSnelllng & LN. 1940 E. CAMELBACK anitary (water supplyJE. drologist 20 K Arc'h'fiect 'also" hydrolb'g'ist' UK Soils E. and Electrical E. 21K PACIFIC NORTHWEST, FEE PAID Subdivision computers to 12K Civ. Engr. draftsmen sev. to 9K Structural designers to 17K All ensrs. & draftsmen for designing pulp & paper mills. 2 Arch. 2 yrs. xp. or new grads 10K Arch-Spec. Writer (2) UK NATIONAL PERSONNEL SERVICE 1331 Third Avenue, Suite 707 Seattle, Washington 9B101 CABN MAKR: Exp shop man fam w/self edge formica. Expanding co. $5-7200. Call Kathy Rav, 969-9751 Snelling & Snelling, 13 N. Macdon- aid, Mesa. ___^ BOTTLE water Co. needs gen warehouse man to load trucks & carry out warehouse duties. $325 to start. Contact Ken Hauser. HOYT, HOYER & FARREN, 700 W. Campbell 264^311. ADMINISTRATOR man with at least 3 vrs. exp. in hosp. or nursing home, $1000/mo. - Resume required. CENTRAL EMPLOYMENT SERV 40 N. Center, Mesa 969-7219 OFFICE Mgr. woman full charge Bkpr. nice personality, nursing home or hosp. $500+ Resume required •ENTRAL EMPLOYMENT SERV. ICE ;0 N. Center Mesa WAREHOUSEMAN his is a combo warehouse & serv ce man w-exp on air tools. Or good mechanic exp. St. 52, good advancement. Davis Pioneer Emp, 40 E, Thomas, 264-3477, 5008 W. Glendale BKPR-cashiers, 40 hrs, St. SI .75 hr A VIP Emp Agcy, 4802 W. Glendale 34-7261. MANUF TRAINEES 'hyslcally fit men - Service comp jheet metal fabric. Immed! St $1.61 ROBERSON & CO. 3625 N. 16th St IECEPT, mature minded gal .. iZ ofc. Hvy phone wrk 8. public contact, lite typing 45-50, lot* O action here! $346 to start. HOYT HOYER & FARREN, 700 W. Camp^ bell. 264-4811. PHOENIX EMPLYOMENT 55 E. THOMAS 264-0447 CIVIL ENG^tf Jr SHEET/Mefal Air Cond DRIVER OHN FOR $700 $300 to $4 hr SI.75 hr $100 wk EVE FOR CASHIER will tr GROCERY Checker SECTYS PBX Oprs !5 Hr INTERVIEWERS Many More Positions Available $2. hr To $600 CAMELBACK EMPLOYMENT 100 W. Camelback 274-3535 PERSONNEL COUNSELLOR Open SALESMEN Open KEYPUNCH-exp & trnees to $445 This office will be closed Friday, April 4th, Good Friday. WESTERN PERSONNEL (Formerly Acme-Southwest) 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 3800 N. Central Suite 604 279-5301 Papago Plaza Scottsdale 947-/40: Chris-Town Center S. Mall 279-4148 EXEC Secy Pub Contact 5450 EXEC Secy Communications $460 LEGAL Steno Trnee S285 LEGAL Secy $400 BKPR G/O $433 COLLECTIONS Clk $490+ F/C BKPR $400 BURROUGHS Opr $350 REPO TYPIST $390 TYPIST G/O • $325 KEYPUNCH Oprs PRODUCTION Control Deg L NE Foreman BUYER SENIOR Programmer JIVIL'bes rECH Wril ~j|gn Draftsman 'rlter Elect MEL Mgr to $400 $600 $651 $13,500 $8700 to $90 jjjl to $12,OC OPEN Eves & Sat. by Appointment S 8. H GREEN STAMPS PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT 112 N. Central 5800 N. 19th Ave. SECY-TRUST DEPT EXEC SECY SECY-TRUST DEPT SECY-NO S/H SECY-CHANDLER F/C BKPRS (Many) ACCTS REC CLK NCR BKJ»RS (Many) INVENTORY CLK BILLING CLERK GEN OFC-Collection GEN OFFICE SERVICE REP DICTAPH TYPIST ACCOUNTANTS (Many) ADM TR N DRAFTSMAN T BLDG INSPECTOR RNEE FE FE| p_D-lnvest. Stei PD-Order" Desk -- PD- nvest. Steno Ell fP-Secy../ Lt Bkpr to $50 FEE PD-Reg'Nun PAR" 3 '" ISTINGS $«0+ «ACTT3ETSTYOO VVORKING PROGRAMMER ADJUSTER TRAINEE ..::::: RECEPTIONIST FA E S%§^ OFFICE STOCK CLERKS HYDRAULIC MACHINISTS .. to- ...-.fIVE MECHANIC JNG MAINTENANCE .... ; MAN ER TRAINEE '''' m BROILER MAN '.':..'.'.".'.".' CONTACT EMPLOYMENT ..... 231 N,.C5ntraL__Rrn. 112A 252-56211 26 YOUNG men needed as car J WJ!5,. A^^pnp A«cy, 4B02 969-7239 726—Help Wanted TELEPHONE solicitors wanted Salary plus commission. 258-6701 3136 North 29th Avenue. 735—Help Wanted Male/Female Commissions, Bonuses, ttc. ED THIRKHILl RTAITY icottsdale office has opening for tw sxperienced real estate salesmen 'hone Andy Anderson for .confiden ial interview. 947-4266. R.E. SALES FHA Property Manager needs help Member_MultlDle.Ustrn|i A ^ervice. GEO. STIKA R 4228 W. Indian School 278-559 MAJOR COMPANY BUILDING COMPLETE EXECUTIVE AND SALES FORCE IN ARIZONA EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH INCOME IF YOU QUALITY. NO INV. Call 959-2539, between 2 and 4 p.m Weds., Thurs., Friday, Saturday. R U A GOOD HUNTER? (Need real estate license) VUiltl - million dollar mortgage co is changing from lending to proper ly acquisition & sales. We will pa $175 finder's fee for each propert we buy or that the "Hottest Sale Staff in town" sell. Only 6 a mont will get you $1050. Inland western Inland Western Bldg., 200 E. Thomas 264-6231. REAL ESTATE SALES HOME SPECIALISTS 40% For listings— 40% For sales- Equals 80% when you sell your ow Isting.— Example, sell $20,000 horn & make $960. PLUS " M p S rlva? new desk & phone, all your rea estate materials, answering service member of Multiple Listing Service Realtor membership & all the hel t, training you will need to sell, Us or close tfi ;.~ A sharp refrigerated, carpeted offlc in an exlnt location. Plenty of floo lime & loads of customers—P.S. Th sales have been very good & yo should maVe exlnt money here. As for Bart. Evenings phone 277-4019. BARTELS REALTY 264-707 1600 W. Camelback Call 24 Hour DTSPLAYlD SALES PEOPLE Young or elderly, for good public: tlon. Good percentage. 956-6090. HELP We need an exp'd personnel inter viewer & placement counselor. JOBS UNLIMITED 303 W.. McDowell _ _252-580 Licensed sales associate. Prlval ads, desk, etc. Excellent opportunlt For future. ARISTATE, Realtor, MLS & Traders "H E. Thomas ,956-531 _ , SOLICITORS - work outside. Fou hours dally. Make appointments Guaranteed salary, $1.75 hourly 265J37£ SALES men and women needed b new company, 30% to 50% commls slon, no door to door. Call 966-5027. Si HAVE you lived In Glendale-Pnoenlx area.flve ye pnger, and you're still loqkli that opportunity to earn. $lO,i that opportunity to earn $10,000 o more annually, then call the onl authorized factory office In Gfenda for details. 934-4951 calf B a.m. onl and ask for Mr. Willis. th rs o li SEMI-retlred ilcensed real, estat to work with seml-retire« £3R. 943-71 ifcl ^ LD you like to sell soups, tea ee, hot cocoa, cola drinks, e wholesale? 959-5410. 739-Help Wanted Female We are looking for 10 special wome to train as make-up artists. $4 nou avera^Ca^ll MYSTjQUE OF BEAU ,.ILL train 2 ladles to help .wit increasing need for beauty counse ors. Flexible hours. No canvassin PC parties, call Cherl 946J76.37/ _ HELP wanted. Ladies earn $4CT$6 weekly showing new line of horn care products. No cash. Fun, excl Ing. Two-four hours dally. Call Mr Church. 966-6608. AVON CALLING" $40 to $50 weekly. Full or part time Your neighborhood. For home Inter View call 266-2914 or 277-4296. W| F,NAM°S ECH UR,TY wl M^T i l n E 9 e s . a fa eser TNT .. EMPLOY School. 3801 E. India 743-Hilp Wanted Mat* ctivimmions, Benin, «te. EAUTY Counselor with a. fabulous v before you buy plan. Has great e* sales opportunity, unlimited in- ofrie possibilities, why not have a obby that pays well and at the ame time lets you be a housewife. . •ee time. ch, .advis . 934-7279. LIVE TH^BEAUTIFUL LIFE ut some PIZZA In your life,ft lAONEY tool Leam ft teach latest rofess'ionai makeup technglues. call /ilss Bridge. 277-7685. WHAT DO YOU WANT High Income? Permanent lob? Sense of value? Pleasant work? We have all this for you and more too. If you were successful selling in the home, come see us. Interviews 9 to 12, 444 W AGENTE MUEBLERO Speak Spanish and English. Earn big moneyl If you know your stuff, come see us .quick. Globe Furn. 3333 S. Central GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR arge National Ins. Co. Js In rocess of opening oft ee in Phoenix rea. We have positions open for alesmen, supervisors, branch mangers 8. state managers. Call M~ jrant for appointment, from 9:—1 ,.M. 947-0289. REPAIRMEN. 266-8209, . _ ART-TIME drivers, Ice cream opslcle truck. 18 over. 864-1093. Pe_rm»: ETAIL route opportunity. . lent employment: .A6ove t averasa EXPERIENCED FURNITURE SALESMEN Need one more good closer. Make lotsa money. Big! Big Paychecks! Call 268-0266, Globe Furn. for interview. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$U$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JBER wanted! Monte Vista Bar- 450~TO"reL^ate7~S1l5^ornmTssioifi $$$$s$s$$$$$$$$$$ls$$$$'$$$$$$$$$$$$$t' ATTENTION! ALL EXPERIENCED FURNITURE SALESMEN now working for peanuts! Come to work for us. make M-0-N-E-Y Call 268-0266 and we'll talk It over. We want YOU! Globe Furniture. 3333 S. Central. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$s$$s$$u$$mtu WANT TO SELL SPORTS CARS Over 21, ambitious, neat & clean In appearance. We will .provide you omplete training. Possibilities up to 900 per month. Inquire In person Iger Imports 4539 W. Glendale Ave. J I14 wk. Before 2 p.m. 2: LECTROLUXWILL HlftV Men for sales department, apply 446 W. Washington or phone 252-6529 or appointment. /i/RITE 100% total cost hospitallza- lon. Apply 550 West Indian Schoo EXPERIENCED commercial tlr« alesman with fleet and commercla contacts. Write resume, P.O. Box 757, Phoenix. BOOK men, we need crew manag^ rs, high commissions, plus over ides and bonus, no reserves, no charge backs. 266-4360. 9-12. DRIVER TRAINING TEACHER $260.60-50 HR.WEEK >Jo charge for training. Apply in person only, 301 East Roosevelt 1:30-5 p.m. MAJOR OIL CO. Has opening for college trained pe- roleum salesman with 2-3 yrs. prior sales experience. Growth company Excellent benefits program and ao vancement potential. Send resume to Box 2471, Phoenix. An egual opportunity employer jTOCK MEN - Mutual fund men - nsurance men - real estate men • mortgage men & other good sales- nen. New deal going. Lots of $ 1ISTORY & SUCCESS $35;000 a "ear & up. A-l leads. Advancement vlthln 90 days. If you are the right nan, $80,000 • year 4 up — no >rag, lust fact. Call 264-3573, Mr. lOnnett. AUTO PARTS & HARDWARE Curt s Industries, division of Curtis-Noll Corp, Is looking for a married, career minded salesman with serviceable car to sell automotive & industrial parts, fastners & hardware specialties in Phoenix area. This position is open to an ambitious man who can work without constant supervision, assume responsibility & work into management. Established accounts. Over 10,000 items; Protected area. No money to invest, nothing to buy. $8000 to $10,000 first years earnings, $1500 annual increase. Draw plus commission. Paid field training. Group insurance. Paid profit sharing & other fringe benefits. For personal interview call, Lon Huff, 254-6321. ESTABLISHED Watklns Route, ful or part time. 253-2048. YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST MANAG CALL 258-0261 TWO vetrans. If you want a career ages 22-48, usually successful $50 salary. 964-2062. WANTED ! SALES ASSOCIATE SALES (N FOR SALES ARIZONA' FQR..SALES fyNrTV-BROKl^llio-FFIC.. LEADS GIVEN FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS. A REAL OPPORTUNITY FOR AN ENERGETIC SALESMAN. OUR MEN ENJOY FOUR TIMES TH~ PHONE MR. JONES WALTER POCOCK ASSOC. 1137 E. Camelback 279-956 BOOK men this is a winner. A good specialty salesman $125 to $17 per deal. Appointment 265-0648. selling TOP COMPANY REP - $7-900 Salary -1- Comm For Sharp Col leg Type. Move On To Mgmt In Area FEE PAID. Call Mr. Peel, 254-515' Snelling & Snelling Emp, 11 W. Jeff. WANTED 2 HARD HITTING SALESMEN Best pay plan in the Valley, mus be capable of closing own deals. See Jerry Ferer or Bob Wilson ,at Ram bier Town, 1444 E. Camelback. imelt Ivlsli CREI Home Study division McGrav Hill Book Company has opening fo commission salesman enrolling stu dents in advanced electronic pro grams. Pleasant, dignified work Good man should exceed $1000 pe month. All company,. benefits. Replies confidential. Write Regie Manager, P.O. Box 296, Los Alam tos, Caljfgrnja_90720. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ii$r EXPERIENCED FURNITURE SALESMEN' Earn UP to $2000 per month and more. Globe Furniture. 3333 S. Central. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BE A MILLIONAIRE 966-4436 CHEVROLET SALES TRAINEE Looking forward to the greatest new car sales year In the history of the automobile business/ we art expanding our salts force. IF YOU MEET THESE QUALIFICATIONS 1. Excellent character 2. Marrle^ ii Interested In Improv Ing your family Income. 25-50 years of « WE OFFER 1. Thorough sales training Inclw Ing schooling at the GENERA MOTORS TRAINING CENTER. 2. Brand new '69 Chevrolet to drive. 3. Excellent opportunity for advancement. PLEASE CONTACT HARRY J. LAFRENZ MIDWAY CHEVROLET 7th Ave & Grand. Phoenix, Arizona EXPlRlpjClB „,.-. man. Official p ,„._.,._., ^Jyertlslng,, sales Official monthly puiiicaton Mexico Sheriff's and Pollc iciatlon. Give complete resume 3. Box 3249, AlbuquerQue, New Mexico 97110. ambitious local men. Excellent com -'sslon plan. Intervleyylnj n.-noon. Magic Motor*, Wei NEED 2 Incpme Property Salesme jxcelfent advertising budget. Goo location. 4014 N. /th St. W C8 XPERIENCED route salesman for stabiished laundry and dry cleaning oute. on commission basis. $90 eekly guarantee. S day work week. "4:30 P.m. ry Cleaning - me. oply fii person ftoenix Laundry ompanv. 333 North part time. _.. , v . _..„ 18-JX, Repub azette, stating qualifications. issipns. Box 18 sampler WANT TO MAKE MONEY? o ,vou like sport cars and tti« fast el ng Subaru? Learn the . art of elllng Imported cars, financing, ap- raising. If you are well groomed, mbltious, over 21 and ready to ""'" and earn up to $1700 per M.°- ,_f<E sales. Repeat sponsor, op commission. 274-6548. COLLECTOR es, collect the money with the ,ale. We will do your iob for you rom that point on. If you are » alesman call Mr. Dante today. 49 smi j851 . . From 9 to 11 a.m. . . _XP. PHONE SALESMAN _. 3 to $4 hr. Permanent. 264-4997 ROUTEMAN alley Spring Bev. 8101 S. 15th Av S253/WEEK .PERMANENT CAREER pportunity with expanding company "GUARANTEED INCOME Phone Mr. Sperling, 275-7550 TODAY! AR nd overlde. Automatic lead system •orker? This Is your winner. 761-Melp Wanted Mtle/Pemait Salaried Jobs WAITRESSES, full time and barf time. Part time dishwashers. Full time quick service help. Apply In person, McCrery's Store. 4519 East Thomas Road, Thomas Mall. An equal opportunity employer, COUPLE. Hotel maid and relief clerk. 715 North Central. JANITORS TRAY GIRLS KITCHEN HELPERS COOKS LAUNDRY WORKERS APPLY IN PERSON PERSONNEL DEPT. GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL 1033 E. MCDOWELL ROAD An Eoual Opportunity Employer COUPLE, exp. Malm, i Mae. apts'. No child, nj Pets. Apt. 8, salary. references ,3? COUPLE middle aged to maintain and care for business and home. Private quarters plus salary. Great opportunity for right party. Call Mrs. Bowers, 273-7311. Evenings and APPLICATIONS ""Being taken for warehousemen and sales floor per- sonei. Totem Dept. Store 3100 E. Thomas Rd. i iwiiioj r\u. , COOK .wanted. Apply at Jack* Coffee Shop. 2350 West McDowell. HULL AND PART TIME, looking for responsible .young people to work In drive - In restaurant. Con- tactjredJyjadge,_265-5994. COUNTER helpwanted, night shift. Apply Taco Bell, nth Avenue and OUPLE for service station and 'altress. Wages plus room and pard. No facilities for children. Call 1, Dateland, .. 1 . ^aieidiiu, Mrnuna. Upholsrery, seamstress, upholsterer wanted^825 N. 7th St. 253-5451. EXPER IENtED"7esk"~cierkF~ioofcliig for future In national motel chain. Good pay & complete benefits. Apply in person, 2247 East Van Buren. -XPERjEN.CED 'couple to" "manage and maintain 40 apartment complex. Furnished apartment and good salary. In replying give age. experience EARN $1000. PER MONTH 4o exp. necessary. Age 25-30 years. ell Toyota, sports cars & used im- prted cars. Scott Toyota, 7520 E. McDowell, Scottsdale. KEEP YOUR PRESENT JOB And make $350 a month extra. If you I ke selling a, have some spare time, and a desire to make some extra money, call James, 264-5073 between 9 a.m. * 5 p.m. /Monday thru Friday. rw..* 7902 E. MCDOWELL EQUAL OPPORTUNITY 6MPLOSER NEW HOME SALESMEN 2 Young men needed for expanding builder, Openings for May 1st. Excellent opportunity, highest commission. Call Jean for appointment, 266-8463 Universal Homes. _ . LEADS LEADS LEADS Lest deal in town 266-8631 300K and encyclopedia sellers >rand new deal, top commissions, no charge backs. 944-OM4. ^OTOROLA 'inc. Semiconductor ProductsjplvJ320_N^ 52nd St. COUPLE as caretakers. Man for ight ^ardwork. Nice apartment. \Aust have car. Write Los Olivos, _02_Egst McDowell. COUPLE to manage apartments. Apartment, utility & salary. No ex- periencejjecessary.^ 997^4534. CLERK steno, }',' $338 - $390 monthly. Two CEP-aldes, £324 - S370 monthly. Preferably Spanish speak- ng and residents of CEP area. Ap- glv SER skills bank, 912 North 24th TrssT. MANAGEMENT TRAINING AT $200 WEEKLY with 9th largest insurance company in America.266-4431. :AIN AT $150 WEEKLY with 9tl. argest Insurance company In Amer- >"• ^mj-^^Jl. ilEED 4 men who have to earn over $750 monthly. Apply Franchise Showcase, 1418 North Central. JSED car salesmen, 125 car Inven- ory, guaranteed salary. 3111 East McDowell. Leads homas No. 19 —-,— tjj WIHT . t.11.^ i,. i liuinaa I1U. 17 MEED two men, part time, college "jen preferred. $66 per week 1o start. 966-0963 after 6 p.m. $265 That is what our men average per week. Good men over age 21 will exceed S15,00o first year. Prestige sales position with 39 year old company. We will program your day with quality leads. $125 per week salary & commission to start. If this sounds interesting, see Mr. Tom Smith, 1528 E. Missouri, Suite A-122. Sat. April 5th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or call 264-6337 to schedule Interview. AUTOMOBILE salesman, make up o $2500 per month and more. We Day up to 50% commissions, and the best inventory In the Southwest. See errv at Darner Chrysler Plymouth 837 West Main, Mesa. 747— Help Wanted Company Ko EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY BULLETIN JXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - Hop! ribal Headquarters, Oraibi, Arizo- * <a. Salary to be negotiated depend-f ng on qualifications. "L. Supervision and Guidance Rev- he position of Executive Director ? s under the direct supervision of • the Tribal Council Chairman. This is 1 i permanent.salaried position within- the framework of the HOP! Organ!-, zation. He Is responsible for coordinating and giving executive dlrec- on to the overall program oblec- wes of the HOP! Tribal Council. B. Duties and Responsibilities The encumbent of this position Is 'esponsible for organizing and car- 'f'ngoyt assigned functional res- ' sensibilities within the authorities oet forth m the constitution and by- aws. Within the above framework he serves as an assistant to the Tribal Chairman in the implementa- lon of the policies and directives' prescribed by the Council. He is' responsible for overall adminlstra-- tion of day to day activities of the Tribe which do not involve policy determination. He organizes, directs, coordinates and executes the TribaI, program including budget control, sersonnel, property and supply and * urnlshes advice and assistance to^ he Tsibal Council in the functions and relfted matters. =• Applications will be accepted on' Standard Form No. 57 until 5 p.m. April 8, 1969. Address all correspondence, to the Hopl Tribe, Box 123,_0raibl, Arizona 86039. sl p ln ,?I, r i ctor ', W 6 month. Must be certified. 21-55 years of age Must, reside In CEP target area! cations accepted through April Apply at 300 West Monroe. Direct SALE'S, OR CANVASSER* Pull or Partlme Phone 252-5656 761—Domestic SPEND summer on Lake Wisconsin as cook-housekeeper. Winter In Phoenix. Excellent salary to highly :ompetent person. Two adults-mus like, dogs. Reply to Box 37-PK Re pubic and Gazette full details References. HOUSEKEEPER, $250 - $350 month Experience required. Mrs. Field ^43-9146. JOUSEKEEPER: Live-in. Mature Pleasant, happy home with non working mother, two children. Prl vate. room and bath. References 274-" re ro L-5859. HOUSEKEEPER Live in. Light housekeeping. Private room & bath. Dependable, pleasant. 2 children ages 4 & 6. Must have references. Salary open. 275-5426. 9-5. LIVE-IN woman for lady In Tempe compani and E-IN woman for lady In Tempe panion,, light housework, room board plus $15 weekly. 967-2973. COUPLE preferably 45-50 yrs. old. Wife t help in adlolnlng residence — Ugh housework, no heavy cleaning, ver little cooking. In return for tnl service, couple will have year-round rent ,free, lovely 1 bdrm home completely furnished, all utllitle paid. Husband may continue presen occupation. Box SfkHX, Republic & WANTlB~Tlv?ln working motr,.. leljer. Call after 5 P.m. 969-4658. BABY sitter. 2790471. HOUSEKEEPER, live-In, 6 days sense of humor, fond of boys HOUSEKEEPER, baby sitter want ed. Over 20. Must live in. 946-8177. TRUSTWORTHY girl to live -, beautiful home, aide mother expect Ing first child with housewor 948-3311. Reference preferred. HOUS"E"ke"EPER half day, cook — •' 277-1733. ,_. , with references. Avail *&&.&>**» *"«""• and RELIABLE slttar for 1 three nights Mr week, < ^""P/lJOSl references, 11-ytar-old own trans northeas GRANDMA type to lpy« and car for our 9 , month ofd son T whlli m SL ht f i!*Sl!J l St< n / rl X Bte room am AAN for light h'ouitkeisplng am Ing. Congenial. $25 WNkly. Mus i .driver's license. Calf anytime children age 3, 5. General ho work, own transportation. Immed -...BYSITTER lo live-In. 277-057 after t p.m. All day Sunday MATURE woman, baby sitting, ernoons and .Saturdays. 151} Paim Lane, after 3 p.m. .Jtt ElS MATURED lady to care for 1 y old. my home, must be dependa and have transportation. M ar aryva ea ab] vai lusework. $175-$225,pe ice needed. Mrs *fiyf par wee 4, and ( , ir ' r«i, .]qi^iKl¥PlEP.r>rlMt? _. , ??<! salary ^•.'•tyif.'.jjwwv' 1Sv ! to stay j saturi on Sundays w __ K MART SCOTTSDALE NOW HIRING REGISTER OPERATORS WAITRESSES SALES CLERKS RECORD CLERK CAMERA SALESMAN for truck stop. Woman for hort order and waltresi work. Man or truck service. Room and board lus salary. Call Richfield Truck ^op-.Florence Junction No. 2, for nreryjew, 9 B .'^ E too??, operators. Experience lpful. 3770 West Whitton. '— •• v-. or short order cook, halimar Country Club, 2012 East Southern, Tempe GOODYEAR AEROSPACTT LITCHFIELD PARK. ARIZ. imn. MPOIV ar juo vyesi Monroe. BILL Johnson's Big Apple RestSf? rant Incorporated now hiring waV tresses, bus boys, and hostesses.' Apply after 2 p.m., 3757 East VanBuren. MAINTENANCE MAN fer - wife-good position^ 1 " Jc* ' starts end of April until Oct. 1st " annually Some experience need- ' ed in light plumbing, electric, 'small appliance repair plus gen- — .maintenance. Hotel located on ' beautlfu-Macklnac Islind, Mich. Excellent salary, room & board furnished. Phone 946-0652 In r 5clt?g3a'le ment '° r '" terVleW MUSIC TEACHER Lady or gentleman with free time who plays Piano or organ well " enough to start beginners. Apply Arizona Piano Stores, 500 W. Indian* School. _____^ . .,LADIES SHOES Full time permanent position. Experienced only. Excellent salary plus benefits. Apply to Mlsi Mlnardo. HANNY'S FIRST ST. «, ADAMS Join UtoleM's growing independent contractor's group now. Operate Arizona's finest drive-In grocery stores. Train to be a contractor within 6 monthi. Ideal man 4 wife operation, tor right people. Must be mature wfth willingness to work. Ages over 25, under 40. APPLICATIONS 8-4 need talented^HAIRSfYLTsT, very good opportunity, _guarante r round salary year HEIAA .SA Scottsdale R EIAA .SALON, SOB Nor cottsdale Road. 945-848*. ant B< AIRESEARCH MFG. CO. PHOENIX, ARIZONA NEEDS ENGINE LATHE OPERATOI Sat UP t op»rat«. TURRET LATHE OPERATOI, Sat UP & operate. GEAR GRINDER Set UP & operate Egual Opportunity Employer Employment OHIct WON. Tftfr'toTO fra^fisTSlTC^: i_..m, (or Appointment. Mt. Can R U A GOOD HUNTER? : d a real estate license) , , on dollar mortgagt co. is, ! from lending. f» property , *, saes. TfVt w ( pay^ Wn."""B98clru]jney""lft"es.Mgrant7" fJor[h Black Canyon Highway.

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