The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1954 · Page 23
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 23

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1954
Page 23
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MONDAY, MAY M, 1954 BLITHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER PAQ1 NIN1 . HEATS AND COOLS — York's Model B75MR room air conditioner heats as well as cools and modulation control automatically regulates the amount of cooling. This large capacity York air conditioner is especially designed for large bed- rooms, living rooms, offices and small businesses. All York air conditioners feature a hermetically sealed refrigerating system backed by York's exclusive 5-Year protection plan. York Line Offers Both Cooling And Heating, Sealed-ln Units York's new lin« of room air conditioners—which includes-, capacities for heating a* well as cooling in sime models—features a refrigerating system that is hermetically sealed to make it trouble-free. The York Corporation backs up their trouble-free assurances with a five-year protection plan. In addition to cooling, filtering, circulating and dehumidifying the hot. muggy air of summer, some of these York room air conditioners also are useful during those first days of spring and last days of fall. York's Model M100MR also provides heating to take the edge off any cold snap. Its' simply a matter of setting the dual control dial on j top of the cabinet. j This model has a heating rating of 10,800 BTU per hour. The compressors in all York models are gas cooled with external J starting relays. A capillary tubej type of refrigerant control assures] maximum efficiency because there j are no moving parts and no ex-1 pansion valve problems. A resiliently-mounted motor and a multiblade^ centrifugal evaporator fan provide quiet operation. ' The cabinets are designed and color-finished to harmonize with any decorating scheme. Models B100M and B100MR offer a fan exhaust switch setting which exhausts air to the outside. A modulation control on these mo- ! dels keps the temperature at a J desired levei so chat over-cooling | never occurs. ' Chances Are Sen. McCarthy Stage a Successful Walkout By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (#)—If Sen. McCarthy should change his mind and walk out. the senators investigating his fight with Army officials would have the choice of trying to make him testify or of doing nothing about it. The Wisconsin senator says he will be available for testimony unless something unforeseen turns up. V Because the Constitution says a member of Congress can't be arrested during a session of Congress except for treason, a felony or breach of the peace, the senators might feel they could not legally subpoena him if he refused to testify. Because he's a senator, they might be reluctant to do anything anyway, although a plain citizen who refused to answer their questions would be nailed with a contempt of Congress charge in a hurry. Senators have never been eager to use extreme measures on one another. They jaw at one another. Sometimes they campaign against one another, but it's a rare day when a senator is expelled or even rebuked. Self-Preservation This kind of consideration for one another is probably a form of self-preservation. Whatever they do to any one of their number today might be done to any one of them tomorrow. This kind of regard which senators have for senators is more a matter of you-scratch-my-back- and-I'll-scratch-yours than it is of ! senatorial courtesy, a phrase which gets thrown around a little carelessly. Among political scientists "senatorial courtesy" has a very special meaning limited to a case like this: The President nominates a Cal- iforriian for a government job but fails to consult one of the California senators beforehand. The nominee cannot have the job unless the Senate approves. But one of the senators from California objects, and the Senate does not approve. Senators, being politicians with a normal appreciation for the value of patronage, like to have a hand in naming a home state man to a government position. For that reason, they like to be consulted, at least, when the President does the picking. The objecting senator can let his feelings be known without using the traditional phrase of objection: "This nominee is personally obnoxious to me." Sometimes the other senators go along with him and withhold their approval, sometimes they approve over his objections. Senatorial courtesy is not an ironclad rule. When It Started Senatorial courtesy started in the first session of Congress. George Washington named Benjamin Fishbourne to be naval officer at the port of Savannah, Ga. But the two Georgia senators had a candidate of their own in mind and objected. The Senate did not let Fishbourne have the job, although Washington pretested. It may seem like a lack of senatorial courtesy when, during the McCarthy-Army he a r i n g s. McCarthy says two of the investigating senators are trying to block j his hunt for Communists and one J of them snaps back that in effect a crack like that is just about what he'd expect from McCarthy. That may be discourteous, but it has nothing to do with senatorial courtesy in the technical sense. The Senate, which has no rule on courtesy, has rules on decorum. For example, a senator is not supposed to speak in a derogatory way about another senator or even about his state. But the worst punishment he can suffer is being j made to sit down and stay quiet I a while, if the other senators vote for that. They don't always do it. Still, that rule applies only on the Senate floor. It does not apply to senators in committees. Some committee rules of decorum are pretty loose. A great meteorite swarm, the sound of which was heard nearly 1000 miles away, fell in Siberia in 1908. FACES TRIAL - If found physically fit, William Foiter, head of tht U. S. Communist Party, facei an Immediatt trial for advocating the violent overthrow of tht government fhe Juttiot Department baa uktd a Federal Court to appoint a doctor to examine him. He was Indicted in 1948, but tidn't itanci trial because of a AIR CONDITIONING NEEDED! See Your Appliance Dealer Today! 1/et him show you those beautiful new automatic ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS—En joy the cooling: comfort and convenience of Air Conditioning en low monthly or weekly paymentc. Ark-Mo Power Co. 3BE comfort AIR CONDITIONER! Irillwni ntw I?M York 3/4 horMpoww moM IHMt It cools without chilling, warms without fuel —it's the miracle York Heat-Pump Room Air Conditioner ^^sS^sts-ss ssi-s 'NEW BEAUTY! Deluxe models mount almost flush with window sill, taking up practically no space in the room. And York wipes clean with a damp cloth. NEW KIND OF COMFORT FOR PROFESSIONAL OF- FICES! IDEAL FOR WAITING ROOMS AND CONFERE- NCE ROOMS. PHYSICIANS FIND THE YORK HEAT- PUMP AIR CONDITIONER A BOON TO PATIENT COM- FORT IN EXAMINING ROOMS. AUTOMATIC COMFORT BALANCER Keeps cool comfort where you set it! No ups and downs of room temperature—no extra power drain. SUPER QUIET because noise is engineered out. For extra protection, cushion mounting and heavy insulation are added. CLOTHES AND ROOM FURNISHINGS STAY CLEANER! York's big Million-Air filter effectively traps dirt and hay-fever pollen particles. REMOVES DAMPNESS! York wrings up to 33 quarte of water from the air a day, even in just average humid weather. NO DRAFTS! Exclusive Rotary Grille on most models lets you set air circulation in a great variety of directions—even several directions at one time! CONCEALED CONTROL PANEL on many models puts heating, cooling, ventilating, circulation, stale-air exhaust at your fingertips! DEPENDABLE AS THE MOST MODERN REFRIGERATOR! Completely hermetically sealed cooling-heating circuit has full 5-year Protection Plan. This year York will build its three-quarter millionth room air conditioner! Start enjoying the magic of York Double Comfort Air Con- ditioning now! Wide range of models from which to choose, including special models without Heat Pump or Automatic Comfort Balancer. Quick, clean installation by our servict m en. Phone today! , COOLING V DOLING VENTILATING HEATING The space-saving York CVH unit is highly versatile. The complete unit occupies a maximum of 16.6 square feet of space. The Add-a-package feature is especially attractive to home owners and contractors who may want to start with central heat only. Space for the cooling unit can be reserved, to b« added later. For present homes tht York CVH cooling circuit can be adapted to any situation. If your present home is equipped with central heat only, the addition of the YORK cooling circuit is simple, utilizing present duct work and blower. If your home is not equipped with central heat, don't fear the addition of duct work. This can be done very simply and economically. It is not necessary to tear into walls for installations. For new homes . . . present homes - York's CVH Unit can be installed in attic, closet, garage or basement. \ CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112$. 1th St. (Charley Stalcup—N. P. Marshall—Frank Wtstall) Phone 2-2991

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