Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 8
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 8
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2Black Crows Morut and Mack "Boy. »i«'I babice gtand" yo snid it. we KM got one nt our *n' there nin't no ieeh jist like it." [j ora n--"Our fnmily has dene (on« Phileo since its reception." Mack--"Weil it would be 'Anybody'* War' M our if we bought »ny- thing but i Phllcot" BABY GRAND OECATUR HERACD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 8, 1930. DECATUR HERALD u0t read your attack )flt ueocletlonii of In Sunday '« IUVM. lect tho writer to b* w old line Insurance i business It i* to for the benefit of tmporiles. It la very one who t* familiar overnlnjt mutual* In f. writer hae a very juate knowledge of ihnt his object I* to [rather than to give ie fact*. I am aur* Herald would print ituff without making gallon of the fact*. E* Charter «f Lax noiU of the awocla- your Hit r« ptiylny nil, and within the to ·y law. but undoubted- m are not paying ull. and are not glv fe to their member* ns should be barred ness. The depart* field ehonld revoke n was firat organ- t since tts organ IM- rory los* In full and limit fixed by law, iy of a deceased or hat) to hire * , hltt claim. u ranee company I* corporation. It od as the bunch of 'nagu Ite affair*. If uprUht, honorable buslncM ability, the ' good dorvlo* ftl ut. OtherwlM* not. lot of the Mutual on* will be ,o b«, for th* wi H. B. MINER. bunty Mutual fon. 1 CHAIN BROADCASTS | » p. m -- Tea Timers (NBC) WEAF WHO K8D WWB WOC WJBO WGR. G:«S p. m.--Black and Gold Room orohoitra (NBC) WEAF WRC WOY WOR WOC WHO. :1S p. m.--Huston Ray and Hie orchestra C8S) WABC WCCO WMNO. Whyto'o orchestra NBC) WJZ WKEN WSM WHAS. lOO V m.--The Crockett Mountain- oar* CB3' WABC WMAL KMOX WIBW. The Pepeodent program (NBC 1 WJZ WHAM KDKA WHO. (t;SO ]i, mo-- Phil.Cook (NBC) WJZ WHAM WLW WRC KDKA, :W p. m, -- Tho Yeast Foomois (NBC) WJZ WHAM KDKA KYW WLW. :HO p. in.--Mobil oil program (NBC) WEAF WRO WOR KSD WOW WOT WON WHO WOC WWJ. Sylnmla Foresters (NBC) WJZ WHAM KDKA KYW WLW. H:IM) p, m.--Hutaoy Stuart program (NBO WEAP WRC WQY WQR KSD WOC WHO WOW VVWJ. K:H(» |i. m*--Palmollve piogram NBC) WKA.F WIlC WGR WON KSD WOC WOW WHO. La pallnc Smoker CBS) WABC "WMATj WLBW WOWO WMAQ 1CMOX. ilHi p. m,--Voice ct Columbia (CBS) WABC WMAL WLBW WCCO. 1:30 P nt. -- Coca Cola program (NBO WEAP WRC WGR WOC KYW KSD WSM WOW WSB, 10:l» p. m,-- Bort Lown and HU Bl It snore orchestra (CBS) WABC WLBW W1BW WFBM, . Vluotint Lopes and Ilia orchestra (WHO WB!AP WOC WHO WOW WOY, \l)-M i. m, -- California Melodies (CJBSf WABC WMAL WLBW WCCO WIBW, Jack Alblti aiut Ills orchestra (NBC) WKAP WRC WHOWTAM. 11:00 p. m,-- Hotel Governor orchen- tru (NBC) WEAP WHC WWJ WOC WHO WSB. Bert Lown and Hie orohwtre (C83) WABC W2XE. Royal York orcheshn (NBC) WJZ WHAM KDKA WJK WLWWIBO 11;!M p. m -- Hernia Cummltut ant Hist orchoslva (NBO WJZ WCFL WREN WSB. DEMOCRATIC PRECINCT COMMITTEEMEN MEET our Candidates (or Office Give Short Talks Tuesday Night Forty-seven Democratic precinct icmmltteemen met Tuesday evening n the circuit court room to make ]ans for the forthcoming campaign. *oll booka were distributed. The lommltteemen will' make their poll immediately, Democratic candidate* for offices n the Nov. 4 election spoke In the meeting, Those who made talks were Scott Warnlck, candidate for sher- ff; C A. Thrift, candidate for county treasurer; Mrs, Cora B, Kyman, candidate for re-election ae county superintendent of schools, and How- (trd Doyle, candidate for state representative Charles M, Borchers, candidate for national representative, was out of :he city, Radio Dealers* Daily Directory A dependable guide by which to j) Radio teti and jcrvfce. $49-30 -A tu11-(pifo[itl[[|i electric rwilo in cumpHct foi m. T (ulien, 1 irrtisn gtid, s u por-dy i«i tn lu po4tkor Htin It, hone It ... ttion ytiu'll hiiy It, 1' M »tunu tu Phileo Electric Headquarters 147 Eiut Prairie OltMtd utid 't«\IN, $1.00 III N, M.Ju St. Any I'ln In Gurnuint, ftM VAMJM PLUS! Silvcrtone RADIO See nnd Meat the Now 130 Models Now On Dleplny SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. ItetaJI Store; 141 South Main St DECATUR'S MUSIC CENTER on A HM|T A Wn- lltirt tirnixl I'lainw, Kt,\ Iliwllnlaii-- nnil frtflj^^tlv ItiWIl^t. TtnmHvrtch MIMl Culonilihi nhnnujrniKin, diluinM* * tlninwltli rcriinl*. Unnd tndtroiiimt" -- llrtyrr (tilth-- Mliw* Mnntt -- 6li!m liutrnnifnl* * AowHnrltii. "ttrrrftMnit a Minis" DECATUR MUSIC SHOP «»t 114 B. nillluM Nt, CLARION RADIO "Speak* for Itself." Easy Pay- ininU. Sold cxclualvcly at GEBHART'S ng on and had rteen to attend to t. And then the thought; fupjxwe xe should feel It In the line of hie duty to take B pot shot at the night rldecT She called: St. Teresa's Mothers Organize New Club Trvonty-flvo Mothers of students attending the now St. Teresa's High Bcbool met In the school Tuesday aft srnoon A mother's club lyas organ [zed. Officers were elected as follows: President--Mrt L. Schuerttlan. Vice-president--Mrs. P. J, Cnntonl. Secretary--Mrs, John H. DelAer. Treaauior--Mrs, Ed Brennan. Another meeting of the newly organized club is to ttike place In the near future, to plun a winter's program of business und social events. 1 Evangelist Arrives for Free Methodist Services In spite of Tuesday evening's rain, tbe revival services conducted in UM Free Methodist church drew a gool ciowtl. Kov. R. B. Campbell of Pitts* burgh, Pa^ took charge of the serv Ice:) for the first time. Wednesday evening Rov, Mr. Campbell's topic will be- "My Fnith." The revival will continue through Oct. 20. ' AmuMa "You In the south pasture--look iut Man coming! Gun! The stronger flung a look over Mtt eft ehoulder, a word leu, fleeting uestjon, ' The big black horse, quick to feel, ·nsltlve to understand and inter- Tot, did not have to be told that his Ider'a attention hud been momentarily distracted. All he needed was an opening, and this was It, In a lash he had the bit between htn ,««th, had whirled about and was headed for the stone wall. Too late, Miss West saw what *he iad done. Helpless the could only rind her finger nail* Into the wood f the window still and wait, an unwilling witness, while the man.ahe ad sought to eave from the dep- ity's gun was carried to what took* id like certain destruction. A» for the rider, not until he WM vlthln a stride of the wall did he nap out of the trance Into which ler Inopportune -cry of warning had plunged him. But When 1* did come to, It was with a lively appreciation of the danger that toy ahead. Digging hie kne«e Into the foam- eplashed eldes of hla mount, he brought all the power tn the upper part of hie body to bear on the frail curb bit l Another leap and they had reached the stone barrier. There came one heart-rendering second of indecision, on» IsJt quiver of opposition before the Kilter, unable to escape his heritage of obedience, rose In response to that mighty upward tug, skimmed the wall like a swallow In tnldfltght, and, flattening out on tbe road beyond, disappeared In a welter of rag* and -t- Listening In Two medleys, ono a, group of songs thnt w«re popular when mother was a girl, and the other a collection more recent favorites, open ant close the program which the Bam biers will present over an NBC chain this evening at 6 IS o'clock. The fire gioup will Include such numbers *Jt ''HoBle O'GnwIy" and the second euch numbeiij tut "It I Could Bo with You" and "Pngan Love Song " Virginia Arnold will be featured In two pluno solos during the progiam "Voice of Columbia'' over V^A aitd tho Columbia netwoilc this eve- nine at ' o'clock. Severn) other popular radio stars will be featured In this hour. · Singing "The Song Without Warno," "If I Could be with You" and "Little White Lies", the Chi cagoant will be the featured artists on tho Yeast Foatnaia' piogiam to be broadcast from tho MBC Chicago studios this evening at T o'clock Other popular favorites to bo offerot by tho oichfstia will Include "~ Home and Tell Youi Mother" a.nd "After All You'te All I'm After," Lnucon D Lyman, aviation editor of tho New York Times, will be thi guout speaker during the program scheduled on WABC and the Colum bin network this, evening at 5 o' clock My Lyman hna covered every big aviation story In New York from Lindbergh's tak* off to Cosies' arrival. 9s For Olm nent of two new correctional InMllu- next two year* was the Welfare Advl*- ta it* preliminary nor My*r T. Cooper. on estimated that population of Ohio, rat* of InerttUM, will It WM 333 In with MM !· 1MO A BKASON . FALLS, ir, n year* old la- eopl* her* d*pen4 T blueberry crop to Ivlng, may b* abl* to Tthan jour ftrortt* letor why th* latter eo many blueberry big fro«," John A Red Hot Heater at a Red Hot Price! $ 34 50 All-Porcelain Cast-Iron Circulating Heater Cold Nights Arc Here! But you can laugh at the cold, and keep warm as toast with this console-type circulat- ' ing heater. Heats 3104 rooms; and circulates healthful heat to every corner. Cast-iron construction; moisture pan. Beautiful porcelain in grained walnut finish. Buy it now --on convenient deferred payments, Convenient Deferred Payments... a Year and a Hal/ to Pay DEPARTMENT STORE OF HOME FURNISHINGS 4 IIAlii MAN* A National Institution ... Everything for the Home 306 North Water St. "ASK NO QUESTIONS' (Continued from p«i« 4) West hung limp across thi window sill till the last hoof beat bad been lout In the leafy *tlllne** or the Wood Road. Gradually her llpe parted tn a «mlle. Had her heart not already been given to another, here, right at hand, were all the qualifications ehe had dream ed of aa being necessary for romance, "Youth. Physical attractive- ncfie. Daring," She checked them off one by on*, on her finger*, adding "Mvsteiy" Which last brought the disturbing thought; what wa* a man like thi doing, skulking about the barns o Bride'* House In clothing that would have shamed the average tramp* A bell tinkled sharply In the hal outtfcta brought her back to her eur rounding* with a start--an agitate tinkle re-creating the atmosphere o dread that seemed so much a part o the old Runnels place. She rose, still under the thrall o what she hod Just wltnewed, an moved toward the door. But befor she had taken a dozen steps thunder ouo detonation* shook th* flooring under her feet. A shot, exaggerated a hundred times because It had been fired hi doors, And almoat Instantly, ther come another sound, a »ound who** elgnlflcanc* her mind dtd not gra*p until ratoutn later--th* muffled roar of a high-powered automobile engine getting under way, In the turioctttleg etillnee* which followed, looatned piaster crackled from 'the walla. Behind her, a picture felt, icattcrJng broken glace. Shot wltti Hto Own Gun Tbe deputy 4iad fired. Hod be tilled anything? And If *o--what? Thank* to her warning, Dr«cu)e, and lie rider had got clean awayT But ~ an* the ghost had 1 been lee* for- unite. The nameless, formless shad ow she had seen in the hall a mo nent or two after Otto had left her Jv* night before--could It have be come material enough to be caught happing? "I'm awake," Thl* to Abby who wasj pounding on th* door. "What'* happened?" "For the love of God, Miss Ann, et me In," and the faithful Old Mr- stumbled Into the room, a aiidl* dripping hot wiuc, unheeded, ver bar* neck and bosom, For a moment the two women tood and ,stared at each other, tared like strangers. "If you don't ay something soon," Ann said at act, "I will go and sea for myself." At that Abby began to scream, Dont go down. Stay where you re. We may be the next" "Tell me what's happened," There wae that in th* girl's tone which rought the feat-maddened Scotch- woman to her senses. "The watchman, Mlie Ann. Ob, tie poor creeturl" "Ye*, yes! Go on!" "Someone 1 * ehot him--shot him wle hi* own gun!" Mechanically, Annaea Wett took he candle from Ml** Berth's hand. ·Stand aside," she said. "I must see r ther* 1* anything I can do for him." (T* B* Continued) (Copyright, 1930, by The Bed Syndicate Inc.) ' - ..--*- . . .-.. - BHAVEBS FUNERAL CLINTON--Funeral service* foi William Shavtrs will be, conducted In St, John's A. M. E. church Wed n*iday afternoon at 2'30 o'clock bj Rev, Mr, Johnson of Sprlegfleld Burial will be In Woodlawn cemetery. FAY ICKES ELECTED V. F. W. COMMANDER '. E. Hendricks Chosen Senior Vice-Commander Tuesday Night Pay Ickesj wu elected commander of Herbert D, Ryman post, veteraa* of {Foreign War*, In ft meeting Tn**day erenlng. Mr. lakes, who ha* ie*n active In ex-wrvlt* m*n'* ac- tlvlU** for years, *ueee*d* I*, 8. Orlfnth, Other new officer* of tho poet follow; Senior vice-commander -- P. IE, Hen rick t, succeeding Ray Trimby. Junior vice-commander -- Anton Novak, succeeding A, J, App*nMII*r. Quartermaster--Dr. H. M. Parrott, succeeding Earl V. Smith, Judge advocate--Byron M. Morrl*, succeeding Charle* E. l*e. Chaptnln~H. R. Bridges, *noe*ed- IR O. O, MeKlttrick. Surgeon-- Dr. John J, Hopkin*, RUcceedlng Dr. E, P. McLean. Trustee--L. E. Griffith. Officer of day --' P. J. O'Connor, succeeding Anton Novak. Appointive position! will be announced by Commander Ickes in the next meeting of the poet Former Katt Teacher Returns to Texas Hone C. C, Walsh Tue*d*y left for hi* boms In Daltae, Tex., after a vlelt of several days with friends In Cerro Qordo and nearby place* In Platt county. Mr, Walsh Is president of th* federal reserve bank In DaDae. During tbe day* of hi* young manhood h* taught In the run! school of Flatt county. Later he ctudled law and wai graduated from University of Michigan and practleed hie p*W*a- ·Ion for a period, but rile growing Interest* led him to banking. "I believe that hi* greatest thrill now 1* to come back to Platt county where ha taught school," declared one of his friends who came to the ·tatloa to wUh Mm * pteuut Journey horn*. The (Memory of tbt wui to m* to a marvel, I rod* about with 'him two toy* whlk h« vMUd oM aequalaUncM Hli pupil* Of the runt acbotit we married folk ago, but he rutember* th* MUM* ·ad whom ttuy married. ·- -+- Poniu Break Loo**, Warier Thwwffc Strttto Recttmt*. ol th* northeart end fhottfht Tueiday moratof that cue bad eonta to towa. Pontoi wet* wandering idly about the etreet*, It developed that nto* of th* Uttte u- Imale had Heaped from a corral on the ground* of UM HMI Community ueoclatlon. J, L. Buohen, owner of the ponl**, wa» operating a pony- ride conception. Mr, BuctMn paeted the fteatetr put of Tuaday ecourlng th* itrteti for hie poal**, Junior Hunutte Groqt of Boody EntertiiM Member* of th* Junior Humane toclety ot Boody tcbool enlerUlned friend* with an Indoor wiener rout Tuesday afternoon In the Mhool. The eodety, which ie on* of the mo*t active in the county, pnmrted an Intereating program for the gueetn. lira, O, D. Steele, prwMent of tb* county organisation; Mr*. O, Caldwcll, aecretary of the body, and Mr*. Cora B. Ryman, county ·upet* InUndent of school*, war* gne*t* of the Boody club. TO ASK FOR MM ONNEWWUMM LIBRARY BY NOV. 1 Refuse Substitutes TKert U nothing **Jwt« good" « "SALADA" TEA ·53 dwMhe COM, curved to Frank Curtis Co.'s Great Annual TRADE-IN SALE Get a New Watch far your Old One/ Otd Man Opportunity to knoeb» Ing at yovr door to Ml yow abowt ew MO %ad»*i Sok. Now you can hod* In rovr 0(0% fat hfomd, ovM^at* Hm«pl*M WOVA. Yovr old-forftten*xl rlmiplm hat a r*ol, coih vahw ourlng M§ Trad*. In SoW , We'll male* you a Rb*raf adowone* on It toward yovrMtocHM of a MW, wp-ro-doN HUOVA. Com* In,., today I Thte «ok It far a floNtai nnw onfy w No Matter How Old and Bent your present watch mhy be--brlnf It In and w* will make you an allowance lor It on the purchase of a new Bulova. Bid* oft OMtttnwUM wwk ·! n*w Janw MWUdB Bt bruy pratabtr wfll IM MhiC Nov. t Md, MtiMl aimnum b* ttuud by TbutafflvMf to *· oploton of Afetawr * Wijuin, ri DrawlMff* of plan* ft* th* brary ar* pfogMMtoff «B Every point hu mtt wttk of official* an« only tb* of th* pUai *a main*, Large Crowds AttinrBnf Cborck ofChmt Rtviral DMpIt* th* ntay wMtttr, · totff* crowd attended Uu r*vrnl Ntvlm of Chunh of Chrift Tuiwtoy tJtW. Bmtg*U*t B. H. **rr ta**d UlUlk on tb* third chapter of PMHypto*. Th« meeting* will eontlMM for tfcr** week*. HEAD COLDS emea, Tfc»e*»l*ee ant ··*4y»llk« The **»e»|t UMM drow at n-NOKeaU* rear ·eawttlea eletr* **4 »nr ·* a tfH, mt*, n eeMM*a. nnmiii tit awn? rwr went* akeu «v*r "Mete* raw lib* to t****W i*ll*f fron Ml* Sensational Offer! Women's New $5 Jersey Dresses Forth* 0UIUWM Woman For Spartawar for th» CotttgtGtrl $O98 In HIM, Brown Wbwta*w Bhdn in «Wvw oolor Her* to on* of the most thl* **a*on! Jtrsey Drew**, and In a rang* Of *l*e* U to 42, A typical trample of Ju*t bow Miuh nor* WWgJfcW f+ buy thto Fall, In all tbe new Vail wlon, «M trimmM t» *)* tTMtlog (hade* that add d*c(d*d martnen. Wld* nap «f ·tyl**. Travel Print Dresses $4*98 A Smart N*u Selection of ... A popnUr aelMUen *f travel print*, In a eoupM* nun o ·He* aad the *n*arte** at itftM. !«·· r*r oftomoom wear. of 2 NEW YORK'S NCWf IT IADIO IN IVtRV KQOM $' FRANK CURTIS CO JEWELERS WAITER PLOBA, SuooWMor ··or Seventy-three Year* »t 156 EaH W»'» Strert StKHf DOUUI fOMl «WMeMIOHIkM,M*JM|ir · m. HOTIL V I C T O R I A 7th Av*. at 51*rST.* · -N«w YoU

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